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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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for economy counting, the cost on al jazeera, a lot of the stories that we cover highly complex. so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can, as all just correspondence. that's what we strive to do. mm mm to nas is present and moved to reassure the country. he won't be a dictator off the m p. 's and political officials are detained. ah, sam is a dan. this is al jazeera lie from the hall, so coming up at least 4 killed. and while 5 burning and southern turkey were entire villages and coast to result been evacuated,
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the us president hints the more come a day after announcing new corrode of iris rules and restriction. and i'm holding a camera one on the cleaning on the day life with the other. and we're in kenya where right as a putting electric mike through their paces fail overtake petrol, power. ah, the president has promised not to turn into a dictator as to members of parliament were arrested high side lifted parliamentary immunity, nearly a week off the seas in control of the government stoffers from the largest political party. another are also being investigated, shooting wolf reports, more moves into niecy, a political game of chess president. you say ye dismissing a top foreign ministry official while also ordering the arrest of one of his
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critics for comments made on social media. said has insisted he won't be a dictator and says a seizure of power was necessary. critics call it a qu, saudi arabia has offered its support with a visit on friday by the foreign minister to i could remember the filthy, the kingdom confirms its confidence in the 2 news you need to ship and its ability to overcome the current conditions in a way that achieves the dignified living and prosperity of our brothers into nicea . one is the north side of the pool. several new york times journalists have been detained and then released creating fears over free speech. they later met them, insisting on to just dedication to openness. but middle as to spot the cross this that to nicea is living, it still operates with freedom of expression and was human right. built on the constitution and faced with some difficulties in some areas or with some administration, then these are intentional obstacles. the parliament has been suspended for 30 days,
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which means there's time for deeper divisions or discussions. there are rumors about the national dialogue course room, or maybe we're heading toward a kind of a change where they are in the next low. whether it's consistent, whether in part or in, on the, in the constitution may be in the upcoming hours or the upcoming days would know the leader of the country's largest political party. and nafta has coal for talk, but says is offer isn't open ended. he will not us if you can with we are going to try use or peaceful means dialogue, negotiation st. pressure pressure from organisations internal and external pressure to bring back democracy are only goal today is the return of democracy to tunisia and outcome many to niecy and seek children wolf, al jazeera, emergency crews and turkey are still trying to control the biggest fires in the
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region which have killed at least 4 people. they've been burning for a 3rd straight day off the dozens of villages and hotels were evacuated. cruise numbering more than 1000 have been involved in the operation. at least 14 wildfires of burning for more than 70 that broke out in the aegean and mediterranean coast and inland areas. the satellite images show the extent of those walls 5, at least 5 planes and 45 helicopters are being used, put out the flame spreading across more than 1005 the u. s. and you, nations have extended their support turkey center because all the reports now deadly terrify and the throwing everything in their path for the 2nd day firefighters. have them best thing. places in the coastal town of marbury homes, hotels in an area popular with taurus, all evacuated as the fires continue to rage in mono. got some 6 to 5
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kilometers this. the fans salvia in fair. no, has been added. that least claiming the lives of an 82 year old men and a married couple who died in their home. dozens of fires that cross 17 provinces have been burning across southern turkey in the past few days. stokes, by soaring temperatures and fierce winds, who challenged for the more than 4000 firefighters hoping to engage in the fight to control the flames. aided by international efforts, you can please tell me, was we'll, we're fighting the fires. we 45 specialized helicopters and 5 planes. we brought from russia and ukraine and following a telephone conversation with as a by john, i will send another plane that will be very useful and we'll work powerfully and quickly to extinguish fire. drones also being used for reconnaissance officer fe the blazes are gradually being brought under control investigations are now under
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way into how these disastrous fire started. the authorities have not ruled out sabotaged. the wildfires are one more natural candidates row for the country, which has already had to contend with drought and marine waste clogging a part. so the cost this year and other environmental blows. that will require a swift and serious solution. sienna, because solo on 20 me now the us presidents is warning further guidelines. all rules could be introduced after a surgeon covered 19 cases. it comes a day off the he announced title rules for unvaccinated government employees. joe biden was asked if americans can expect more restrictions. all probability, why we had a good day yesterday, almost a 1000000 people got back about half
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a 1000000 of those people for the 1st number of our 2nd jobs. and so i'm hopeful that people are beginning to realize how it sent the roof. the world health organization says current of virus infections worldwide of increased by 80 percent in the past month. in parts of africa, the number of deaths has doubled in that period. the w h o is worn in countries against the spread of the delta vary, now detected a more than a 130 countries for regions on risk, but non more so than africa. on current trends, nearly 70 percent of african countries will not reach the 10 percent vaccination target by the end of september. around $3500000.00 to $4000000.00 are administered weekly, on the continent, but to mid september, get this months tries to $21000000.00 at the very least it week.
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many african countries have prepared well to roll out vaccines. but the buttons have not arrived. kenya is extending its nighttime curfew and battling old public gatherings. its health minister is warning, hospitals are overwhelmed and people who fall sick won't get to bed. kenya has been under some form of coffee since march last year. i know jerry and sprinter blessing a body has been suspended from the tokyo olympics after failing a drug test. the 32 year old to one long jump silver in 2008 tested positive for growth hormone. she'd qualify for the 100 meters semi final on friday . 10 track and field athletes were ruled ineligible to compete 3 days ago off the
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failing to meet minimum testing requirements, as crossover live to correspond, and the richardson his line for us from tokyo. so how big of an issue is this becoming? it is an issue and the repairs, as you mentioned, that to be a wider issue within nigeria and not just a positive test for a bar i who was a metal contender in the 100 meters, which will be decided later tonight. but the athletic federation in nigeria has just simply failed to comply with what was requested of it in terms of pre competition doping test. and that meant that 10 athletes who are actually here in tokyo withhold that the last minute they wouldn't be allowed to compete. because they're flex, federations had not done the required tests, almost athletes, and the build up to these games. and it's a huge blow for nigeria. where 13 of the 25 metals they ever had a one in the lympics have been in athletics. so it's, it's
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a huge blow for them for the truck and fail team. $5000.00 tests approximately will be done here in tokyo, on athletes. more importantly, perhaps, the international testing agency has done $25000.00 tests in countries all around the world and in all and picks for not just truck and failed in the build up to these games. and often the, the out of competition tests that return more positives in the actual test that take place at an lympics. also worth mentioning that for the 1st time it's in lympics. the anti doping program here is not organized by the host nation. it's organized body international testing agency, which is independent and in terms of sanctioning again, taken out of the hands of international olympic committee, put in the hands of the court of arbitration to sports. it's all an effort to be politicize, the whole issue of doping and make it making it as fair as possible for all athletes. and then be, was also got simone biles, pulling out of more events. are we going to fear again, the game?
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it's looking ever more likely she's pulled out of 2 more finals. there are 2 more events still to come that she could take place could take parts in later in the games. the us olympic team saying that they'll continue to evaluate some i'm balls on a daily basis. somewhat weirdly. she was, she was very active on social media yesterday talking to fans about the issue she's going with. a lot of people chosen at these games just shuts off social media to try and focus on that particular sport and that particular mental health. but she's chosen to engage with people and talk about what she's going through talking about what she's described as the twist. these as the non engine gnostics, basically where your mind and body is not insane can. that's why she says she is the moment she poses, from video footage of her landing on a back when she was dismounting from the uneven bars. clearly not in a good place, but it has res, once again, the issue of mental health which more and more athletes fail able to talk about
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what we've seen today. the england international character benz folks choosing to take an indefinite break from his sport to focus on his mental well being. and i think all the athletes coming to these games have been on the unprecedented stress already. the gains were delayed by one year, which affected their preparations, and of course, the living in this covered 19 by secure bubble where at a moment's notice, their games could be over because of a positive test. and inevitably, it takes a toll on, on a number of athletes. or i will leave it there. thanks so much. and the richardson the weather is next, then i'm hydro castro, outside of port leah, u. s. army base in the state of virginia for the 1st wave of afghan interpreter who aided us courses had safely been evacuated. ah
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hallo, there it's on selecting picture weatherwise across europe. we've got wet and windy weather, dominating in the west, but in the east it's all about the heat. but 1st, let's look at that unsettled weather that's been plaguing the north west. that's thanks to storm a but that's now swirling east away from the british sheil. so that's bringing wet and windy weather to northern parts of germany and denmark. we've got low pressure dominating scandinavia, and that's keeping things cooler and wetter. but what we are really watching is this band of cloud and rain stretching all the way from northern parts of spain. across the pyrenees and the alps and heading for the east, it's going to intensify as we get into some day. and if we take a closer look, it's not just going to be more than parts of it. and that once again are inundated with heavy rain. but also switzerland and austria as well as slovakia, we could see some flash flooding where those rains for the heaviest to the south.
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though the heat is on. we have got some heat advisories out for parts of the balkans and for turkey. those hot and dry conditions are continuing to fuel those wild fires in the south west and the heat continues from much grease on fi christmas. see the temperature edge up into the early forty's for much of the weekend the a year ago, one of the largest nuclear blasts in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims, families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing amal and it wasn't all in one way or another. and a legal way for join me for their, for the full reports on l. o
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. the me back to watching out a time to recap on headlines now to new z as president has rejected accusations of a coo and says he will not turn into a dictator to opposition politicians who detained on friday off the president. i cited vote, their immunity from prosecution firefighters and turkey is still trying to control 14 far as 5 optimized genes without more than 70. in the past few days, least 4 people have been killed off the wall on the rock as a prospect g and mediterranean coast and inland areas. us president joe biden is wanting further guidelines or restrictions could be introduced after
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a surgeon covered 19 cases becomes a day off the rules with types and for millions of federal employees i scans and that families still waiting for a special visit to settle in the usa they're getting increasingly worried about tyler bond advances, and some of the lights is fighting un office came on the phone western scanners done well. and then shortly 1st, i did jo, castro reports more than 200 afghans who arrived in the us state of virginia. the buses carrying former afghan interpreters and their families, including 57 children and 15 babies, arrived at the fort lee military base in virginia on friday morning. this is the 1st place they lay their heads in the us safely away from the taliban, possible retribution for having worked with americans now leaving the war in afghanistan is completely like, i mean,
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starting new life here. mohammed knobby mohammed, he is preparing to welcome his cousin, who was on board the flight and we'll likely spend a week at the base for final immigration processing. both served as u. s. military translators, enough kiana's stand. in fact, 5 brothers from the mohammed family all signed up for the job. now 3 are in the us while the 2 youngest remain in hiding in cobble. we love to work with the us, government and government below over countries. so we wanted to serve or the people, janice, and worry says he feels the same. he worked for 9 years as a translator on the front line against the taliban. was that he was granted his special immigrant visa in 2013 and now lives in virginia. all of us, we have a view with luck on our shoulder, and we were fighting for 2 years for that flood, and we thought we were american. should worry,
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is credited with saving the life of his assigned us soldier, army captain, mat zeller during a fire, fight the cedars. reunions take place makes all of this work worth it. now the seller worries the us will break its promise to save the remaining afghans who helped us troops were not doing what necessary to save these people at every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban because it gives them just that much more time to hunt down these people and kill them. reports of taliban killing, come daily. this translator in cobble is afraid to show his face. he says he's been waiting 8 years for an american visa. i'm scared, but you know, don't give me the visa. i know one of the target of the bad guys in here, maybe in trouble or some of so i feel that now at least handed us evacuation twice
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a day would be required to get all special immigrant visa applicants out of afghanistan before the end of august. those were fighting to get them out here. that time is not on their side. heidi joe castro al jazeera or li virginia. diplomatic editor james base joins us now live from cobble. and james, we have recent fighting and had what's the situation in the west of the country now? yeah, will clash is all over the country, but you're right. so, i mean, let's focus on the west because i think that is the main area that we should look at right now. the major, major regional city in the was the one that's closest to be radian border and flashes that continue going on for several days. now, we've seen in the last 24 hours the un compound in herat, coming on the attack and condemnation of that attack in the strongest terms coming from the us that could general and tony a good terrorist saying that it may be
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a contravention of the geneva conventions and may constitute war crimes. in terms of the current situation, we have very different information coming from the government side and from the taliban. and let me 1st tell you what the government is saying. they say they recaptured the road between harass city and herat airport. we understand the flight system. i would just still not going to her at the airport that his paused for now the government saying that turning the tide and they're also claiming that in goes are a district which is quite close to the city. they have killed or injured 100 taliban . a very different picture though, coming from the taliban side where they say they are still making progress. the taliban, claiming that they have killed 2 important officials. the police chief chief of engine, which is one of the districts right next to the city and also an army commander involved in the battle that colonel abdul hamid. and we have
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a statement from the taliban from the spokesman curry use of the saying enemy, soldiers and officers in the area have the last chance to lay down their arms and not lose their last chance at life. so that's tell about statement for now, was also telling you is mel com, who is the former governor form of which i, dean commander, some would say in recent years the most powerful figure in herat. he is now back at the front line with some of his own fighters on the side of the government. we know he's at the front line right now, or i will leave it there. thanks so much. james days. wildfires are burning across parts of italy, destroying several homes on the southern island of sicily. 5 for hundreds of people to leave their homes. the city center of catania has been worst hit. italy has registered nearly $13000.00 more wild 5 than last year. a land slide is
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killed at least 7 people in northern india. it's the latest and a growing number of deaths caused by this year's monsoon rains. gordon robson has more within moments the mountain road gives way. heavy rain, so hit the himalayan region hard, causing flash, flooding and landslides playing the lives of dozens of people. the national disaster response force and into to bitten by the police are carrying out the rescue operation. so you, people are still missing and rescuers are looking for them. all roads and bridges swept away in genuine kashmir emergency. teams have been called to the st. comes with all i am 58 years old and i've never seen such a severe flood in my life. the flood, of course, a lot of destruction earlier. we did not even have a bridge. now it has been constructed, has washed away by the floods within 7 years, over on the west coast, the country. so more than $58.00 centimeters of rain in just one day residence,
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forced to flee their homes as authorities release water from nearby dams that are at risk of overflowing. the rains are reminiscent of a similar catastrophe that struck the region back in 2005, killing more than a 1000 but resident save the tragedy this year is worse. gordon robinson al jazeera pakistan's government is allowing registered african refugees to get covey 19 vaccines. and only half of the $3000000.00 in the country meet that requirement on registered refugee. se afraid they'll never receive a job. come on. hi, the reports for my camp and to shower budget on it in the grip of a for the rest of the corona, wireless spread dam make. delta radians have already been detected across the country. the fear that the forward wave could wreak havoc, get, garage budget on most water, bella got it on refugee population,
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have millions of refugees in focus on 1500000 of them have already been registered. the national come on an operation center said that they really be registered on. we have a lot of people coming to get back to it, who are foreigners and refugees as well for you that are related to the unregistered people who resist can get back to normal. mechanism as normal times do and for others who are not registered auditors to ad lexus center. right. and they get the code and they are uploaded details uploaded against foreigners data. so we give them access to any cause. and anybody who walks into the center not refuse to any kind of escalation. however, that still live the significant number of people out. almost 1500000 refugees, as well as 500000 been golly migrant workers living in raji without many
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austin, there aren't any arrangements for vaccinations for us. our lives are risk to what it costs for you and hcr in the government of pakistan. provide defax issues or refugees living it backs down. my grades were good and dogs refugees who are not registered on north coming forward. there are some of the problems that when some of them do not want to show up to get back to it. and we are actually planning to planning as well as we are doing already, that we are sending out our teams to get them vaccinated. everybody like be focused on these foreigners or anybody, or if you just, we are recreating them endorsed as well. and our team's committed to ensure that everyone gets thanks and without any discrimination, the fear that nobody is safe until everybody a save. the government has to come out with a package to go, doctor doff in order to be able to read the people. most of the people who are not
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registered are afraid that lived at a border the charter days back to nature. they may be 40 and god is a measure of great concern nor judge for the refugee populations, which still remain in august on but also for the august sunny public at large. security has been tightened and strangely as largest city sydney to prevent people gathering for an anti locked down protest. nearly a 1000 officers have been deployed cordoning off the downtown area. they want to stump any repeats of the violence seen during last week's demonstrations. sidney and other areas of the state of new south wales are in locked down to contain an outbreak driven by. the delta vary and the state reported more than 200 new infections on saturday to the north suburbs in and around the city of brisbin. i have been put into a snap lockdown. just 6 new locally transmitted covered 19 cases have been detected,
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but the government says it's acting to stamp out larger clusters. people have been told to stay inside their homes unless absolutely necessary. now motorbike sound affordable way to get around in many developing countries in can near about 200000 new bikes, hit the road every year, nearly all of them run on petrol. but that could be about to change. malcolm web went through the town of homer bay were recently developed electric motor bike is creating a bars low to like use in kenya is exploding because much less to buy and run the car. good on the roads. they can carry almost any kind of cargo or about 2000000 bikes on the roads. most of them are used to serve paying customers. the numbers, doubling about every a. yes. with that carbon emissions. it's
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a similar story in much of the developing world. all right, as we spoke to in this town in western, kenya, they, they tired of coming here to the mechanic. most of the motor bikes made in china and india had designed for better roads. the petrol power engines where route fast, these people are not bringing the order. and if you find the, you know, the little bit expensive. so we will go for about that. i'm to, well ladies who are not so gentle, nuka, he's one of a handful of writers here. he's been given an electric motor like for try it as few moving parts requires little maintenance and no fuel got come back in my care when i used to petrol driven motor bikes, i could save $20.00 a month. now with the electric bike, i can save about $80.00, changing batteries, costs less than half of what i spent on fuel. john says the cost savings make
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a big difference to him and his family. the buy he's riding comes from this workshop is in the capital nairobi, the sweetest company called opi birth has developed the flights here. lucy miguel is one of a team of engineers who designed them specifically for the rough roads. and for the growing motorbike market, the biggest challenge will be making the price is competitive compared to the fucking feel bus. so we know how affordable that to ideally working to us to invest and making sure that despite a bill here, design engineers over will make the much cheaper well, the ride is here. say they want to try the electric bike. the big question is which kind of bike goes faster? and the best way to find out is with a race the, the electric like quick off the go much better extended rate and as i got is feed
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the field, thoughts with them holding again very well. not clicking on the day life with the other, but all of the riders we've spoken to glossy. how quickly can these bikes available now, only to test the new technology. one of us says it plans to start mass production later this. yeah, malcolm, web al jazeera home a bay kenya. ah, let's take a look at some of the headlines here. now, just theory. now to news is president is rejected accusations of a coo and says he will not turn into a dictator. 2 opposition politicians were detained on friday. of the president, i cited revokes their immunity us president joe biden is warned. further guidelines or restrictions could be introduced after a surgeon cove with 19 cases.


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