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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 8:30am-9:01am AST

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a drug test, the 32 year old who won a long jump, so vain 2008 tested positive for growth hormone. she had qualified for the 100 megs, a semi final on friday, can track and field athletes, wood road as ineligible for the tokyo games 3 days ago for filing to make minimum at testing requirements. a robot built by researches in the us has crossed and new milestone by completing it 1st run in the outside world. researches say the machine known as cassie is the 1st 2 legged robot to successfully maintain a running position on an outdoor terrain. it finished the 5 kilometer run intellectually 53 minute. ah, this is out there, and these are the top stories. more than 200 afghans brought the united states from cobble on and evacuation fly,
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had begun their resettlement process. president joe biden says their arrival is an important milestone around 20000. others are waiting to be relocated. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it, even in our dream. and all of us, we haven't us flag on our shoulder. and we were fighting for 2 years for the flood, and we thought we were american, we considered our self as an american because we were, we were serving this country. denise in security forces have arrested a member of parliament who accused the president of changing a cood last wake. earlier president chi said issued a statement promising he would not become and dictator did you dish re is investigating for members of the countries biggest party over the violence outside parliament. on monday, when members locked out iraq's military blaming, i saw for an attack at
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a funeral procession. security official say gunman killed at least 7 people in the city of yes, rib i saw was defeated in 2017, but attacks have continued last week. dozens died in a suicide bombing in baghdad. the us president has warned further guidelines or restrictions could be introduced after a search and kind of 19 cases. it comes a day after rules would tightened for unvaccinated government employee. peruse. currency has plummeted after the countries new president pedro castillo, appointed members of his left, his party to keep cabinet jobs. this concern over the direction of his government, that's after he name to prime minister sympathetic. so a rebel group that waged a long running conflict with the state. and those are the headlines here at our 0. i'm emily anglin, a tuned for my son, bob way, bye for now. the fuel the dry change.
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following the removal of robert new gobby than bob way with the country, bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead of telling people what to think. and that gives them a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunting snapshot of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera. mm. i use, i'm active. and liter player at the college for my father and my passion in finding and developing young and also keeping cultural
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traditions a life. the one of the things that i'm working on is being continuing and more days asian of traditional i asked him to move away down to local in order to learn. so we did team foot of a collaboration between me and my my name's had any but i don't know. would you fish? which will because you do you by
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has been trying to bring music from him. i need to move outside world in the outside world, which climate does. oh oh oh. oh, the oh my music meta and dr. mice and bob farming, man, family, community, and love. oh, the most pleasant thing that's called the drug brought to my mind is actually starting
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doing this was waking is good limitations. but lind and growing is part of my parents thought of this mobile dream with you. you can leave a lot of the land that we're living in the . yay! can make a good bargain and a half of liquid flavor. ah, i think naturally most young kids live further. so when i was when a label i had to qualified to go in a good culture. but at the same time, my passion for the time i was
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a cultural college but and pursued me in the support of the family. i forgot to tell what's what i want to do is to lay it a drip irrigation keeps for this space. it will make life easier. a reward lengthy man. you might him uncle, move with the michael more with links the image i'm waiting for and get a to see what he what enough me does
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it ok. lorenzo williams, who was ill speak to them to way the thing is it is the small business to be you know, to buy one time is about more than a typical cumberland shanda wound corner bug is going as was one english warner 00. no geography damage ability to get h y 1900 years age bug in general. who
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commerce robbins i j. shanda wound. i see that was shanda. we took over d. scott, we should have owned in d. my in the order was one a we, while at the moment i think my buffer i said that i got out today i'm going to see dr. my position is he's the guy who i've actually met. but i've been told be really good, very exciting. me send it in and i need
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to do it which mine, mine instrumentalists, machines anyway. platform which i'm glad he writes, quite much practice went to money, money to get into music or any proficient is the support of the community according to that would be in the me when the communities have put in each way. and if i don't get ones, i don't know why i didn't speak to share my my video now when they would have been in my and if you're a producer of, if you been she and then one of the number i've been getting more to to jim
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i'm happy but also i know what needs to be put into him so that he can become evict me lessons when a big decision was in woolforth convenience. i didn't get it doesn't mean listen, no, you actually paid, she autopay and she is a boy folk who are both willing to technology any why a picture by the gene for golf, for the region. my dad's old pizza the
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this year will be the team of the heidi to work with him. mind money at the festival, faster boards to refer to the festival so that we can generate more. i've more musician, more with me growing up in my mind. me mind money as fits. what was my springboard? ah, what we plan to do is build a permanent stage on the village. because in the past we would have a wooden structure which could last 2 or 3 years and then fall apart. but know what
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the cycling brought to little rock. and we thinking to, to use the results of the veiled by the, to build a permanent stage. could can be used in the festival, but even often with for other events, we need some way he made to put away because somehow my extension yes. and then on in the middle, forget the festal up and going again, jelly will help a lot. and the healing process after cycling. i think all of us were traumatized by the cycling in different ways. i my father's land. we've loving putting in a damien crop. i need to go all by searching every one of them your flight well listen is
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really helping new new people. so still the baby fees for where big where implant, where they were. so i actually figured out this is he didn't yes. the we started selling a team by my boss will know the guys that a i'm working with on the side. we put in order to get out this friday . i know roosevelt, mom i got my mom,
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i drive to the bull bull. i we're going to do to get to my, your name and get to do the moody blues. i do work with my music life and passion, all the links me between my knee, my knee and i i'm in the process of meeting up with you and linking them up with good produces established modeling musician so that they range between the 2. well,
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i think i've come to me, kayla, a one of the leading young producer hinge my money. i the tools in the do i need to take one and move in for that? we can work on how to improve the following land. and other thing i need to know he does, he was insane for money for the money i was getting 15.
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do i do it out by day? we would that the would put up by the name he doesn't have to file that with my g one m a d i did, you need to jump on a door. yeah, my dad. they think that the the the news after the fake loon and the dynamics, i think the culture becomes active with whoa. is the pain improve
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and rebuild our community news news this is for you to come to me when i had to say at the, to deal with the superman kayla strain found the nice sound and nice husky voice salome killers. just send him so that we can also work on the trick that we peaked. i mean, i've only been ask, i have to buy me mine 6 and again. but if it isn't enough side of them, we 3 in the be the battle, vanessa. finding that he was so for so that and fluids i mean when we went on to an example was levels and, but think, you know, one of the
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the the ones you don't waste but in all the little in the room i was going to do this and i mean, as you can go mad, you're good,
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you know, whatever you didn't want you don't get like i went up. i mean, you just recently did this mean you can see it was way to do needs i know, believe and a annuity that i don't need. and when i, when we, when we, when we were going to be seeing those pictures wouldn't be but not with my own. i
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actually hearing them being played, what they felt heavy with the elderly, displaying, they're willing to teach the young ones. so that found continuous lay wish is to me 1st the collaborations that will incorporate and to i've been waking in with you to test it out. and be in with a showing people for more than she thought and you have to be on the communication with me.
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so i came up with the plan to, to make it to be that not really, but it took the amplification methods that i used to amplify and put them in m b to move a little less my g e a, d, you know, who would find joining judge one of somebody with a top player i met him, william was still a very young boy and i've worked with him a lot from the youth development project. and one of the young traditional practitioner was also mixing more dignity with his tradition.
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ah ah ah ah the machine over to the the ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, at the moment my wife and child a thing in natalie crazy. so i'm constantly, i've been down waking on balancing out the to well, to be come the one i lose. wow. wow, i love you have
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a good day today i'm going to morning a studio to see more know with the files from mckayla and to show him that i mean it's, it's my mind so that we can wake pages together with i don't know which photo will fit it up so we need mpg all the list to be read. mean get. i don't know what i'm supposed
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to go to the the 3 the i lose and i got to see, let the drum in the fall, but digitize mantle and i might not be able to use it was doing well. i think we just need to replace some of the stuff to my latest financial aid over the phone. so i think the introduction with should be that the anger the main main is doing great. we can. we can get the guy from my money to do their pants. they can send you the line then,
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then you can play the meta, they can just make things up. let me give you a picture of what they think about when we do the the billing is once we get into the phone over the phone, the the
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the, the, the, the land in the home. my music beta in the mount in the river and monday my aah! my name is my my manager is on my my job, my plan due to branch to that point, if you will, if you can usually just we just grabbed
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i've only got mine on mine. i do. on august, the august on the united states is ending in 20 a military presence, enough kind of done, but what it means for the country. one of the one piece showcase is new zealand, trailblazing environmental quality, able to read the country of all present from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest development of the corona virus pandemic continue to spread around the world. witness showcases award winning documentary the bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic content writing down be a hope to propose as a company to define the future. august on our power lines. our wow. the launch new babies were dying. i did nothing there was
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people empower, investigate, exposes, and questions. they used to be of our around the globe, on how to, ah, hello, i'm emily angland live in joe ha. the top stories here on al jazeera, more than $200.00 africans brought to the united states from cobble on an evacuation slide and began their re settlement process. they represent just a fraction of the 20000 contractors who helped me american war effort in afghanistan. those left behind feed time is running out to avoid retaliation from rapidly advancing. taliban forces. heidi joke, hester, reports from fort lee virginia the buses.


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