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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 7:30am-8:00am AST

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one day residents forced to flee their homes as authorities release water from nearby dams that are at risk of overflowing. the rains are reminiscent of a similar catastrophe that struck the region back in 2005, killing more than a 1000. but resident save the tragedy this year is worse. gordon robinson ultra 0 during sprint, her blessing, aka barry, has been suspended from the tokyo lympics out of filing a drug test. the 32 year old who one long jump, silver i in 2000 and i tested positive for growth hormone. she had qualified for the 100, made a semi final on friday, winning her hate in comfortable 1st place. 10 track and field athletes were ruled as ineligible for the child care games 3 days ago for filing to make minimum testing requirements. ah,
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this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. more than 200 afghans brought to the united states from cobble on and evacuation flight have begun. there. we settlement process. president joe biden says their arrival is an important milestone around 20000 others waiting to be relocated. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it, even in our dream and all of us. we have a jewish flag on our shore there. and we were fighting for 2 years for that flood. and we thought we were american, we considered our self as an american because we were, we were serving this country to museum security forces have arrested a member of parliament who accused the president of staging occur last week earlier, president chi said issued a statement, promising he would not become a dictator. did you dish or is investigating for members of the countries,
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the biggest party over violence outside parliament on monday when members were locked down? us president joe biden has warned further guidelines all restrictions could be introduced after a surgeon covered 19 cases. it comes a day after rules were tightened for unvaccinated government employee peruse, currency has commented after the countries in you president pedro has feared appointed members of he's left his party to k cabinet jobs. there is concern over the direction of his government. that's up to he named a prime minister sympathetic to a rebel group that waged. a long running conflict with the states and monsoon range have triggered more land lives and swept away bridges and broads in northern india . at least 7 people died in a landslide in human child pradesh. date more than $200.00. i'm a thing that's all for us here at al jazeera state. you now for talk to al jazeera, teach, you know, you can watch or english streaming live,
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and i get 2 channels. plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries. and you get to choose to scribe. you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english, me. the brazil considered one of latin america most influential countries and for many years seen as a model of economic turnaround despite government corruption scandal. but now we can miss the political crisis. many brazilians have taken to the to demand right when president, also now to step down at the same time former, you and your leader and left wing, the le le seems to be making a come back or he'd be looking at a 3rd term. empower the question will be down to brazilian voters where they look
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left or right. the election is next year. one man who may shed some light on what the future might hold is brazil's former precedent for him and when we get out of awful at 90, got of also has experience much of brazil's modern history, the ups and downs. for a man going to get got it also talks to other iraq ah, preston, ford number for thanks so much for talking. 12 to 0. brazil. is it the middle of an enormous crisis over 500000 people have died because of covert 19 presidents. i even want to nano, has ignored scientists who were talking about the risks of coven 19 in the country. what do you think of the situation that's happening right now in brazil? well, no. we're adjusting to the pen damage here. but the fact that john ross of brazil
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is lying and some of them i have been affected by the virus. so i think is dedicated to asian is a differential and do what occurs in other countries, parts of the world. but then how i see you have to be have to maintain precaution, that's my case. i try to be at home. it took to of why the contact with other people is appliances by reading newspapers and by listening tv. it's easy to understand how dramatic is efficient and reserve. but in brazil, the president, as i said before, ignored the warning he was against wearing faith masks, against locked down. do you think the president should be impeached or you know, the president has his behavior. it's a bit uncomfortable. he say something that are not appropriate to my for my mind, he does have a bid for a present, but then how i think that the population has to be foreman and the media in brazil . the crucial phenomena is a crucial phenomena. day and night,
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i allow alerting people about what's going to court if you don't use mask shar, looking with other with your mouth. and i can see people using masks they are using less. so the decline of it derek is due to the effort by brazil and people itself, not by government, but the president is currently being investigated in congress because of mishandling the pandemic. it's show that the president it has i, how can i put was not prefer to have to face such a situation. his name, it seems to me that he is not well suited in india. any house in the share of president? is this trying to do? what's, what's physical in this situation, but you are concerned about the situation in the country and you've met a former president lula silva in an attempt to, to unite in the,
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in the coming elections against president board tonight. or is this the case? could you tell us a little bit about what this alliance is all about? i said, though, if this is our case or the case of the present of cause, the discussion in congress is always kind of trying to of the man as the president attract to the present president has the to deal with the congress and, and what now, what is important to my mind is to take into account the public opinion to stress, so to areas with those who are suffering from the current virus. this is more important than the political issues. that's not the normal vision of someone's in power. they are much more concerned with the small political struggle then with the big national struggle. the thing you did is a big mistake to my my i don't want to be hyper critic in that in that sense. but then how i have for why the that to dissertation it seems to me that the lack of
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the sense of a pass and so desire doing that is the deposition of this momentum is necessary for the country. do you think the president is a threat to brazil? democracy? well, i hope and i think, but i hope to the democracy. brazil is well planted. the router, the main residence society is not. it's the independent from the day the. the behavior was the presence of the behavior of the boxes. you see the population has it did, did they prove it? freedom for j important. i remember the time when we have time regimes in brazil, in my own case, i was afraid i have fear of fearing every night when some proposal came talked of to my house housing which i leave that at the time. i was little bit so you know,
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i was that group, we police, that's not the case. the misery we have not did this. it seemed as if says or fear . we are not feeling. we are feeling that it is something lacking direction. but not, we are not in personal terms which fear, i hope that this will be enough to produce in the future a better situation. let's say to keep the easters walking, the still are walking to one very important. see the pres is free. in brazil we, i'm speaking here to you without any appeal compassion. the tv is free, and every one knows what's gonna happen. because if the presence say something immediately the public opinion will be very critic. as far as the public opinion, keep some resistance. if this is good for the future, i me, democracy, democracy, it will be in continuity. i hope. and i do my best to try to keep
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a democracy in continuous chambers or given the current situation in the country. when you talk, when you think about politics, i mean, would you support the former president? did it to the presidency or you think it's necessary to find a 3rd option that will help solve the pool or a station that exists in brazil today? that's to say to you, very frankly what is happening now in brazil is again an attempt to transform lula into kind of the demo. and, you know, say all the, the best thing because it was represented by that stopped by you. i see i prefer to have a candidate on my partner, which is a pass to be or another more. how can it put oriented toward democracy then lula would be. but lou is not attractive democracy or prove that he's not a competent. so he's not that tragedy or the country, he's closes
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a candidate. i met him some time ago. after some years. the months of having no dialogue seen the pencil has very good did. but the more recently was more difficult because it's very peculiar and is a man of power. i decide no more, no more be a police electro back muscles lose is a man who has the capacity to continue not the cap as has the desire to continue in active it political activity in. he's, well, there's a character is another itself, something that depends depends. so that's my view paul. so that he's the best candidate to defeat both an arrow in next year's election that would lead to fall or thing. would you say to that love boss or not? please let the say, becky, really, i think that someone who has been elected will have to respect because he has had votes. well, i think that wilson,
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i have more capital couple to keep their votes. hazel's not capable, probably he will. you is a, it will be a loser if he competes in the case they demand candidate against viruses. i'm our by now is lula. but if you look, the data is not clear yet who will be the candidate and who has capacity to really to touch the feed into the heart of the population. i hope someone will be capable to talk to that you have and the interest of the president of a population in which could avoid me at least wherever just the magic stress between both on our and lola. yeah. which is a radical size to say, i would prefer to have more modern, more graphic kind of candidate both. so we have to respect them opposite some of them, lola has more sense that they're more important missy. it seems to me. but then how
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to put more marco size with i think this is really for his is that he's the situation to by the 3rd time become present. i was 2 times. i know how difficult is it. it is the 2nd time was, which was also for the why it is to try to, to be again candidate the repetition. brazil is a new country, and that is impossible not, not to see the loss of, of the shot youngers and why not to put all f one in promoting a young candidate for the present corruption. it is a big problem in brazil and in latin america. we've seen lots of irregularities committing in fighting corruption. we're seeing that the judiciary in many cases is used as a political to what you think needs to change in order to solve this politics. in
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brazil, this is a risk of business risk and business and ever more prevalent in using the distance. it's kind of of award the new to to, to blame that. wow, mr. x. correct. because it says everything is more complicated than that. and in some case, the problem is when corruption is organized by, by a, by a government. well, there are some elements in the governing current, current government, in which it's possible to see some, not the vision, but some assistance of reality is i think is the present has to to, i think i'm saying is, is now is easy. but the bread has to, to rip, to do rhetoric, to say no, i'm again, again say repeat again. and again, because that's the sense of the common person in brazil. as it says that the
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political men, they have power and out trying to use the power to extract more. busy profit for themselves. i am not to what extent it is true, but that's the mere fact that this is sentiment is enough to motivate the present and those via but also the bread to, to rec, again, that this is missing now in missouri, the sentiment that the government is acting directly against corruption, not the fact that these vote with in but the sentiment of the lack of a more. busy active, you know, reaction against corruption when you were president, you spoke about re founding, brazil. but in the past fear the situation is so dire for many people, you know, poverty rates on the rice unemployment. it seems that in many cases, brazil has gone back 20 or 30 years. what do you think needs to happen to help the come to recover from what is happening now?
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now what's really wars us in brazil, as in different countries will, is the current of iris. this is a while, but this is a necessary and ent well, and then this population did take into account the fact that they have no income because the walk is not abundant. on the contrary, the date of the hour repeating every every day, practically producing rapidly, you more or less, less your employee, the prime. it's so this will be difficult, difficult for, for vision. and also the ever want to look off the present. why do you do the direction? do you have hope or not? the sense that you have no in a bad situation in terms of inc. and in terms of job, every, the, the sense that this is possible to be, you know, in the future better well, is a complicated situation. this is,
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i think i'm more word with this kind of seeing that day by the situation rizza. do you think that at least on the economic front, the government of was not always doing the right thing? no, i don't say that it depends on what you have in your my medicaid of resume the president . it can be forces in such as in a society are strong enough to go ahead. we have in to say we have a good culture. we're exporting a day by day is occupied by those who have interest in you make their jobs and make did you have success measuring suckers by profiting perfect ability? well, i think this is okay. this is going to be like that the development is bad, where it cannot mclean in bad shape. but i don't seem to the people is blaming the government because of that. that's not the main main question. i think
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that they had the origin of liberal is in a rooted in visiting society. so they believe that they each one, each response for what happens with them. so it's not the government, but the government has a place to also. and it those who are out of the benefits of a can amex, aside to look after the, after the government, not looking in the positive way or looking at the negative ways. because what, what i see occurring nowadays, does some subsidies done by government even now even today, they're discussing the continuity of this subsidies. well there's, there's a sorry, but not the horizon to open up the eyes of the people to say, well, this will be momentum and then we'll have jobs. so that's required. and i think also in terms of the economy,
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i would say maybe the government isn't too much confident. it says that the democracy capable by themselves to solve the situation. i have are more dollars about that. i think that taking that on the uniqueness of the brazilian society, well, if the government is not capable to well to, to behave as a lift to help people be difficult to recover. do you think that in countries like brazil and many other countries around the world, is it possible to implement long term plans of growth to help the people when you have immediate needs to resolve every day needs like poverty? among other things, i mean, how do you find balances to that you tried to do that while you were precedence? this is, you know, there is a hope in busy, busy in a culture model and putting political cultural identity. but the national quarter, in the sense that well in the future will be imbedded,
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shape better shape. this is this sense. this is not necessarily true. we are traverse in our bed moments in the world, not just in brazil, but in the world. so i think that maybe government has detected it into cancers. iteration is like off. i don't want to give my my own example because it is difficult for me to, to speaking terms of the past, but then health. i try a place to be as frank as possible, have a front of difficult situations. the situation now is difficult, not because of the presence only of mainly, but because of the destructor over of the economy international economy in our days . and also because of the fact as it brazil, brazil is, is being, is performing quite well and the culture but not so well. and the manufacturers
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in our badge was in the press the manufacturers. so if you look why do i leave here is some place in which it's supposed to see people without drop when i walk in the same applies with more intensity. so the number of people without jobs, as seen, this is a big preoccupation. not enough to transform the sentiment that brazil has done the best known up. we believe that there was a point in t v to those who have the the good to believe that brazil the future would be better. this is a believe, but the reality is in contradiction with what do we want to desire? i'll wish to see. so i think the president has to be a kind of breach linking it was not denying was one aside to honor the other size but to be kind of thinking otherwise would be no more credible . and i think that for those in power, what political people,
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the important characteristic is to be capable to, to realize what is said, is there to be, consist and devils of credibility much more than another area. when we are losing curriculum video to embed shape. i'm not saying that the president is losing credibility maybe. but if he lose credibility in a while, this will be difficult for him and also want to what people, both poor, we favor in favor. so one capable to express the sentiment and interests of people . i said before, i'm repeating, but i think this is crucial important scott, life. we suppress your fuel or just so why do you still are what my question is, why do you think so many countries?
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i mean, we saw what happened in the united states in your bill and other countries in the world where you see populism, this polarization that takes over society. why is this something that we're the harding to see more often now, but in the past, or maybe it happened in the past, but we were not so much aware of it. i mean, what is your explanation to what is happening in the world right now? you know, times in each year the structure of productive is sort of society transact quickly . this is a moment in which in the present productive structure is changing very quickly. and the capacity of people to deal with the new address. i mean technological instruments to produce is not comparable. water has been before before we had less form in training, but you have less also expect the ice dictation in terms of the, of those who are you receiving
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a job. so this is the balance between the so very quick have just formation in technology and the lack of good people prepare repeats again. and again, the same situation. i mean those which are excluded. so there's a bed. a bed says kid derives from the kinds of production we are we have. and if you add to these guy dollars, you in the sense that what is important. so look for those. got capable to do because victoria is a c was because they said they're not capable, not because they don't what, but because they don't have the instruments to perform. so i think we are leaving a moment very difficult the world, not the 1st one from time to time it, some similarities can be can occur. but then how looking after our life. so they buy their life. what is really oh,
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would you figure to get to took my case if i said to them so, so i was the sellers in terms of rid cable to do resist or the now i can write, i have some formation of training. but when they weigh, i start to be profess of an inverse of so far. when i was 20, is those, this is the more repeatable competition and now is very, very consistent, much for the in the past. so this is normal, the people, what's more, been really received less. this is the uneasiness of our situation. there was not much of them resume in several parts of the was, is like that. even america. do you think the world politics, the world's economy is going to work different? want to spend democrats over? do you think that something is going to change is difficult to change to do the economy. but there was a result by itself responsible for the situation. that's why i think he's
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already there. so to look after the how is it, how policies are implemented? because again, the woman being has to get faster change and to, to put some resource in the ends of those who need to have to receive some inputs. i think the to depend on ideology, this as it's as a say, how division you have to face the situation, sir. and any part you cannot be only something which is automatic. it depends on to believe in end. that's why when i refer to the situation, i said, well, it is who needs to have someone who symbolize the witches off people. i see this is i'm so shots. i know that structure is very important, but not the, it's not enough to look after sectors isness and also to look up what to be living
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. how do you are playing your, your job or your, your vocation as it depends on human capacities. but they are human capacities, so even being in the business iteration, suspicious despair. i have, i was a, i remember in the past 30 years, it was when much more difficult during the war was terrible. you in england, not to speak about you, which was really terrible. and it's better for who what was important. resiliency kept best of believe it's supposed to do better. well, i think that if you knew it was very say resume, is this not just a resilience about hope? so believe that it's supposed to move or some objective and, and to share your thoughts as eyes with people that way you think them right. then. thank you for talking to iraq. thank you very much. i
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a year ago, one of the largest nuclear blasts in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want to compute just how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support. let's be professional. it was not invented for me was on and was a whole stockpile unloaded from the ship, the missing. i'm all and it wasn't. it was in one way or another. ship in an illegal way before join me then a for there for the full report on algebra. theda london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage. because we know that all audio who's interested not just in the mainstream news,
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but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. joined the debate, do not have back scenes reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community how an array of different stories, no topic. it's of the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays or new wasted. this dream where a global audience becomes a global community. on al jazeera, we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, because of all sides, no matter where it takes a police fan here, guys my empower in pasha. we tell your story. we are your
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