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culture across the world. so no matter what, i'll just go around will bring you the news and current affairs, the matter. dizzy. ah, getting out for their own safety, the 1st flight of afghans who held american forces arrives in the us. many others are looking for an exit to i'm charlotte bell is outside the office here in cobble where there's been a huge surge and application violence increases across i've got i hello and welcome. i'm peter w, watching out to 0 live from headquarters here, and also coming up to new jersey as president defends his moves to grab power. as
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the judiciary opens an investigation into violence outside the countries parliament in the us nearly release document shed fresh light on donald trump's efforts to reverse the 2020 election result. ah. okay, let's get to the 1st slide, carrying more than 200 afghan evacuees from cobble has not arrived in the united states. they represent a small fraction of the 20000 afghan contractors and their families who helped the us war effort in afghanistan. the rest are still waiting to leave the country desperate as the taliban makes territorial gains out. 0 is heidi joe castro has more now from fort lee virginia. neal washington, the buses carrying former afghan interpreters and their families, including 57 children and 15 babies,
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arrived at the fort lee military base in virginia on friday morning. this is the 1st place they'll lay their heads in the us safely away from the taliban, possible retribution for having worked with americans now leaving the war in afghanistan is completely like, i mean, starting new life here. mohammed knobby mohammed, he is preparing to welcome his cousin, who was on board the flight and will likely spend a week at the base for 5 immigration processing. both served as u. s. military translators, enough janice dan, in fact 5 brothers from the mohammed family all signed up for the job. now 3 are in the us while the 2 youngest remain in hiding in cobble. we love to work with the us government and can government be low over countries so we wanted to serve or the people, janice, and worry said he feel the same. he worked for 9 years as a translator on the front line against the taliban. was that he was granted
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a special immigrant visa in 2013 and now lives in virginia. all of us. we have a view with luck on our shoulder. and we were fighting further toward you for the flood. and we thought we were american, she worry, is credited with saving the life of his assigned us soldier, army, captain, mat zeller during a fire fight. if he those reunions take place, makes all of this work worth it. now, seller worries, the us will break its promise to save the remaining afghans who helped us troops were not doing what necessary to save these people. and every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban, because it gives them just that much more time to hot down these people and killed them. reports of taliban killing, come daily. this translator in cobble is afraid to show his face. he says he's been waiting 8 years for an american visa. i'm scared but you know, the have the don't get me the visa,
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so i know one there. i'll be target of the bad guys in here. maybe i will, or some we're of. so i feel like now at least handed us evacuation flight a day would be required to get all special immigrant visa applicants out of afghanistan before the end of august. those were fighting to get them out here. that time is not on their side. heidi joe castro al jazeera or li, virginia. well back in afghanistan, uncertainty and violence dominate everyday life. the un says one and a half 1000000 may leave the country by the end of the year. is charlotte bella from cobble? before you reached the passport office and cobble you pass the stores of administrative passport applicants, pay them to do the paperwork. in the 5 years mohammed s of has done this. he's never been busy. i don't want to get john. go over to them, since there's been
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a lot of violence and the american forces are gone. people don't trust the security situation. that's why a lot of people are applying yet most of them are families. they come in, apply with their children. 26 year old samuel at heading isn't leaving years, but he sees everyone he knows is preparing for that day. for the jango. there's conflict in war and every district, so we're getting passports ready in case of situation gets worse. so we can go away to a safe place. he's not alone at dawn, this is the queue to apply for passports, thousands a here every day. but the number of people leaving is even more. there is a constant stream of african refugees crossing into turkey near the iran border. the un says in the 3 weeks to july, the 15th up to 40 percent more african split without passport. so visas some using smugglers. turkey detained, 1500, mostly african migrants in one week to make the journey and set up
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a new life. they need money. so as many prepared to leave, they are selling their assets. the un migration agencies is 223-0000 people know escaping abroad every week. and at this rate, $1500000.00 africans could be headed towards europe by the end of the year. for 8 years now, mohammed naughty and his best friends have meet outside the sky. yes, they sit and talk for hours. says you remember? good morning. we don't know if we'll be alive the next 2nd. so that's why every person right now is in the process of trying to get out of the country. there is no place for afghans in this country anymore. 30 years ago nother fled to denmark as refugee. he only returned in 2001 when the us invaded the doctor. when the americans came and brought their forces, we thought we are saved. we thought, oldest misfortune is over. but now we think that was the start of our misfortune.
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most prized possessions passed on through families are also being left behind. hum, mohammad faces a conflict of interest as a 2nd hand dealer. he profits from the goods that come his way, but he knows what people are giving up in order to flee. yes, gonna stone. he wishes they didn't have to charlotte bellis o jazeera cobble chin is he has political shake up, his continuing with the president, firing another member of parliament, but case i. e has also been defending his use of emergency powers to seize control . gillian wolf picks up the story more moves into niecy, a political game of chess president. can you say ye dismissing a top foreign ministry official while also ordering the arrest of one of his critics for comments made on social media, said has insisted he won't be a dictator and says a seizure of power was necessary. critics call it a qu,
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saudi arabia has offered its support with a visit on friday by the foreign minister to i could remember sophia, that the kingdom confirms its confidence in the 2 news you need to ship and its ability to overcome the current conditions in a way that achieves the dignified living and prosperity of our brothers into his ear. when he was sent out to several new york times, journalists had been detained and then released creating fears over free speech. they later met them, insisting on to dedication to openness, the middle as despite the cross this, that to nicea is living. it still operates with freedom of expression and with human right. that built on the constitution and faced with some difficulties in some areas or with some administration other than these are intentional obstacles. the parliament has been suspended for 30 days, which means there's time for deeper divisions or discussions. but there are rumors about national dialogue court. so rumors that maybe we're heading toward a kind of
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a change, whether in the next or low, whether it's consistent, whether in part or in, on the, in the constitution may be in the upcoming hours or the upcoming days with no the leader of the country's largest political party and nafta has called for talk, but says his offer isn't open ended, he will madison. equally with him, we're going to try use all peaceful means dialogue, negotiation st. pressure, pressure from organisations, internal and external pressure to bring back democracy. our early goal today is the return of democracy to, to his. yeah. and now come many to niecy and seek gillian wolf al jazeera, peruse, new monks is prime minister, has tried to reassure investors after the currency fell to a record low against the us dollar. guido, belinda, is among a number of leftists appointed by the new president petro castillo. they attended the military parade after being sworn in on friday. castillo has pledged to
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distribute wealth more evenly during the campaign. he is a peruvian journalist in london, he explained twice. he thinks cassius cabinet is creating uncertainty for the markets. the problem of the moment is that they call the minister all coming to mean it's just on top of justice and economy happening. sonya but no economy need to sit there has created should uncertainty in the market as you explain very clearly at the beginning of the report. look, a carbon property, the relation to the dollar stock market, close 3 percent low to date was based on certain who is one to run your call will be mr. christie solomon. now your room was a physical frankie being he, we advisor until now was going to be the economy minister. but bobo, he seems to know whether he's actually going to take the position he had caused the market. the for, you know, that was after the lecture. he had met the private checked and said, when was the magic patient,
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we were not going to take any money for it. but he has torn up at the moment and we don't really know who's going to be running a column in purple at the moment. that is the problem. what, what does he through at the moment? is that the most? why? because it will give it a pre approval party on the home, at least you run the race. you can be putting pressure on you to try to find somebody more radical to the lip to run. you probably that will be very, very intense or how the private sector heaps in your government. now after the type of com. com, the private sector and said that everything is going to be fine. they shouldn't expect any markets for patients. not yet. but i thought he self big diverse, you either call me when she's suffering already. as a result of cold, i g president trump pressed his justice department to declare the 2020 election corrupt and the bid to overturn results. according to the new documents, the handwritten notes by the acting deputy attorney general show he told top
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officials to back his unproven fraud claims and codes leave the rest to me, the department rebuffed his efforts. thing they had no power to challenge the results from republican allies named in the memos have denied involvement. she had her tansy has more now on those memos from washington. these are supporting to be verbatim things, adult trumps. and so for example, having go over all the things that drum says went wrong during an action, you would say quite, you guys may not be following the internet the way i do. and quite, for example, you know, in his way of saying like you just said it, what's going on, you've got to say you got to stop challenging the election results. and then it leads to that, that that statement which, which is preceded by the attorney general in the deputy the general saying they have the power to overturn the vote that they have. they don't see any evidence to suggest. and then thing was rigged. and donald trump says, just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me, laser and commas and his congressional allies, to work,
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to use that then to add to his, his case to be that the election was, was rigged up until this point with the or j under donald trump had been saying that this is an issue of executive privilege. and it's true the director has ordinarily been very reluctant to hand over verbatim notations, alter conversation between officials and a president. because once it's clear that the officials accounts will perhaps be made public one day, then how can you expect them to give candid information? we have to keep keep candid records of the sort of advice that they've given to the president. but in this case, the d o j says it's, it's an extraordinary circumstance executive privilege, that right to secrecy is meant to protect the country, not any individual. and because it's extraordinary, this circumstance off a sitting president being investigative or wrong, doing them executive privilege has to be waived. and congress and all the rest of us immediately leaked. everyone have have these documents. jennifer, victor is
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a professor of political science at george mason university. she says the memo show how explicit mr. trump's efforts to overturn the election were when democracy is die, they tend to not die in spectacular fashion and over some significance big event. but rather they degrade slowly over time. and so what we're seeing here is more evidence of this idea, the administration under the presidency of donald trump, having engaged in significant number of practices and behaviors that are frankly just plain anti democratic. to some extent, i think many of us suspected that this type of thing had gone on. donald trump did not accept the results of the election in november or december. and of course, there was the capital insurrection that he played some role in an effort to overturn the election results. and so his campaign of not believing in election results not wanting others to believe the election results. this,
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this evidence that has been presented today helps us to understand that this was very explicit from, from the beginning. really, there were clearly some actors around donald trump in the white house or whatnot who sort of had enabled this behavior had contributed to it, have help him magnify that, that faulty false message. there are others, such as the acting attorney general's the time who's notes. we are seeing today who clearly acted as the guard rails of democracy who other other essentially state level, county level and federal bureaucrats and federal appointees who in fact did do the right thing regardless of their partisan affiliation. lots more ground still to cover for you here are now to the or including as casey surgeon, bangkok we see how the cities dealing with a shortage of hospital beds. and we'll look at how n t faxes in the united states, the threatening president, biden's cooper,
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19 strategies. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there. let's look to east asia and is more wet weather on the way for china. in particular, for that se in coast and up in the north east, we've got the remnants of that tropical system working no way up across those north east provinces. and we could see some flooding from those torrential rains, but bay she manages to stay dry. the korean peninsula will see some of that wet weather and no showers are set to intensify as we go into sunday. for japan, it stays rather wet for much of the island on han shoe thinks some of those heavy showers across central areas. but her kinda, we'll see the weather kick in on sunday though the heat will remain and they'll be
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thunderstorms as well. for shanghai as we move to the south eastern coast of china . hong kong will also see wet weather for much of the weekend. as we go into sunday, it'll be taiwan that's inundated with those heavy rains and we could see flash flooding here as it moved to south asia. those monsoon rains are continuing to fall in northern pakistan and this is the scene in our lum about where those flash floods caused cards to wash away. we could see more of this as those rains are expected to continue, particularly heavily. when you see those rains for across central areas of india, sponsored pay cut on airways a year ago, $1.00 of the largest nuclear blast them, history killed more than $200.00 people and injured 1000, the victim. families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for it was
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a big and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship. the missing amal and it wasn't. it was in one way or another in italy. good way before join me for their, for the full report on. oh, the me watching else is, here are your top stories this half hour. the 1st group of afghans who helped american forces has now arrived in the united states president bison called it an important milestone. around 20000, more people are waiting to be reset. the currency through has plummeted after left, his cabinet members were sworn in. they were appointed by the president petro castillo, his pledge to redistribute the country's wealth,
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and documents have him as revealing precedent from pressed his justice department to declare the 2020 election corrupt and a bit to overturn the result, the handwritten notes by the then acting deputy attorney general showed he told top officials to back his unproven fraud claims. the ty government has ordered an additional $10000000.00 pfizer corona virus bank seems the battles of forth ways of infections driven by the delta variance close to 1. 900000 new infections have been confirmed in the last 24 hours. yet another dandy record. tony chang now from bangkok tie health officials set out on a cove at 19 test and treatment mission. although close to bangkok, some of these areas are only accessible by boat, especially during the rainy season. urban centers has seen the highest infection rates, but increasingly suspected cases being reported in remote and rural districts and health services being stretched to the breaking point. the new that bar who is
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currently i'm worried because we don't have enough health officials to take care of patients. even though case numbers and those a waiting to hear and keep rising with government services under strain. sometimes it taking matters into their own hands. this group of volunteers going door to door testing oxygen levels for those to show curve at 19 symptoms. with many impoverished communities suffering from high levels of infection. they're learning to look after themselves. one of our friend, ny he couldn't get any help. he could call anyone, and we don't want that to happen to anyone ever again. hospital beds in the tie capital a now so scarce to the health services outfitted a special coven train to transport patients for treatment elsewhere. more than a 100 patients can be transported to 7 provincial capitols where there are still beds available on the transfer of patients. these patients are from bangkok who
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haven't receive treatment in hospitals. we want to bring them to doctors in their own home town. and the traveling process is controlled all through the journey. with infections still hitting record highs. many expect tough, locked down conditions to come. the last 2 weeks communities migrant labors like this one behind me have been completely locked down with gods on the gate to make sure no one can get in or out. now many people in bangkok, a concern, those strict measures could be applied. everybody at the airport a congo warehouse has been converted into a temporary field hospital, 1800 cardboard beds ready for new cove at 900 patients with nearly 3000 new infections in the capitol every day. even this went whole back. the tide of the 4th wave, toni chang al jazeera bank of the world health organization says corona virus
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infections worldwide have increased by 80 percent over the past month. in africa, the number of deaths is doubled over that period. the w h. o is warning countries against the big spread of the delta variant. it's not been detected in more than 130 countries or regions on our risk. but none more so than africa. on current trends, nearly 70 percent of african countries will not reach the 10 percent vaccination target by the end of september. around 3500000 to 4000000. those are adams that weekly on the continent, but to mid september, try to get this much tries to $21000000.00 at the very least it week. many african countries have prepared well to roll out vaccines. but the buttons have note around the us has more sanctions against cuba in response to
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a crank down against protest as their hundreds of people have been arrested after taking part in anti government demonstrations. earlier this month, us president joe biden says the sanctions will target leaders of cuba, police and security forces. united states is taking a concerted action to bolster the cause of the cuban people we. we brought to bear the strength of our diplomacy rally nations to speak out, increased pressure on the regime. and we're holding the regime accountable. last week we sanctioned, has the cuban armed forces and the government. and again, the government only call the blackberries for their involvement. and suppressing protesters, and today we are adding sanctions against the revolutionary national police, as well as individual sanctions against a chief and deputy chief, the chief and deputy chief. and we're going to continue to add sanctions on individuals to carry out that carry out their resumes, abuses,
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and mr. vice and says close in all probability, new guidelines or restrictions would be imposed in the united states in response to a resurgence in covey. 19 casey's research to say it's the only way to get vaccine hesitant people into receiving a job. but as rob rentals reports from los angeles, there are some people who will likely never get the shots. in this los angeles park, people are frustrated with the millions of americans who won't get vaccinated. i think they are very selfish and unaware and ignorant in the only thinking about themselves. they don't care if it affects other people. that's the thing. research shows there's a hard core group of anti factors who just won't budge. there's something like 16 to 18 percent of americans who are not knowledgeable. they're recalcitrant. they don't want to get it. and they're in without direct policy,
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any sort of mandate or something specific. that's a much stronger than in urging. they're going to say unvaccinated until very recently, policymakers and public health officials have been relying on the carrot, not to stick to convince hesitant americans to get the vaccine. when you get your 1st dose, you will get a $100.00 incentives, cash payments and other freebies have nudged some procrastinators, but not the most adamant. they tend to be younger. they tend to be less educated, less affluent, and much more republican, the democrats. and so they typically are receiving their information from more conservative news outlet. now more institutions are applying the stick in the form of vaccine mandates to make life a little more difficult for the vaccinate. well, announcing that 240000 california state government worker will soon be required to
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get vaccinated or face on earth testing and social distance and rules. governor gavin newsom blasted right wing t v. networks like fox were exhausted by the right wing echo chamber that has been perpetuating misinformation around the vaccine and its efficacy and safety. more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide, including the half 1000000 students and staff in the university of california system must get jabs before classes begin. google, twitter, and facebook will require all employees to be vaccinated. when offices reopen and there's more planning to take in a broadway show, better get your shots 1st know on vaccinated patrons allowed. how about a cruise? you won't be setting sail on most lines until you're fully vast. research shows that private sector and government mandates do help convince all but the hardest of
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hard core vaccine resistors. and with the delta variant spreading across the country, it seems there will be more mandates in the weeks to come. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, the interior in sprint blessing o cogburn, a has been suspended from the took your lim picks after failing a drug test. the 32 year old who won long jump silver in 2008 tested positive for growth hormone. she qualified for the 100 meter spring semi final on friday, whitting, her heat uncomfortably in 1st place 10 track and field athletes were ruled as in eligible for turkey games 3 days ago for failing to meet the minimum testing requirements. olympic organizes have acknowledged the 1st time the people within the protective bubble have been mixing with the white a japanese population, but they insist there's no link between the games and the record. spike in the virus numbers in the capitol and richardson now from tokyo. this was
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a day when fans should have been keeping up at so close national stadium to watch the 1st track and field events. instead, a view of the olympic rings outside the venue is the best they can hopeful due to concerns over the spread of corona virus. the japanese public is being kept away from the athletes organizes in 5th. these competitors attested more often to koby 19 than any other community in the world and say there is no link between the gangs taking place and infection rates hitting record levels in this city. but olympic officials have the 1st time admitted not everyone connected to the games is following the rules about minimizing contacts with the wider population. there had been some cases that the, those accreditations were temporary suspended. we are not keeping their specific numbers today, but there has been a certain number of cases we have addressed. tokyo is officially under
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a state of emergency as dramatic as that sounds. it's a request rather than a law or an order and it relies on public cooperation. government critics say carrying on with the games is sending the wrong signals. so the hampering the message of staying at home by the government by making the leap again. so if you, so don't be producing at the most of the up, up the reason that the nothing is going on, and that if i were happy here, 80 linked to the current increase of the infection, i think 27 new limpid related cases of covey. 19 were reported on friday. the 3 australian athletes remain in isolation of the coming into contact with american po, volts at some kendricks, who's out of the games after a positive test, i believe those a mixture of maybe a brief hug and handshake from some others. but i haven't done all the details
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except it was brief and but you know, again it's, and we can understand how these things occur. but with a reminder that we, this is a games that's different than we just can't afford to take that sort of risks. it all means a once in a generation sporting event has the most japanese being reduced to a brief photo opportunity. and the richardson al jazeera, tokyo, ah, recapping your top stories at 230 g. the 1st group of afghans who helped american forces has now arrived in the united states president by it and called it an important milestone. around $20000.00 more awaiting to be resettled. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it. even in our dream and all of us we have a jewess flag.


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