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and human trafficking, the human rights observers. in the regency, thousands of people have been internally displaced by localized fighting in recent months. and with no obvious signs of government support. the vigilant who say they are alone in defending them and their livelihood maneuvered up a little al jazeera mexico city. and whenever you want to, there's always lots more news for your course on the websites. how to sierra dot com. ah, midnight 30 g you. these are your top stories. the 1st group of afghans who helped american forces has now arrived in the united states. the us president job, i've been calling it an important milestone. around $20000.00 more are waiting to be resettled. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it, even in our dream and all of us we have a jewish flag on our shoulder. and we were fighting for the soldier for that flood
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. and we thought we were american. we considered our self as an american because we were, we were serving this country. the u. n. is calling for an immediate cease fire and serious there are problems. demonstrations have taken place against the governments offensive. hundreds rallied in several northwest and times controlled by the opposition forces. the government intensified its bombardments on on thursday. the ruse currency has plummeted after left, his cabinet members were sworn in. they were appointed by the president petro castillo, whose pledge to redistribute wealth in the country. israel foreign minister is blaming iran for an apparent attack on an israeli oil tanker off the coast of a man. at least 2 people were killed, jaya le pete called for a quote harsh response, but provided no evidence that around was responsible. you got this president is easing corona, virus restrictions following a drop and infection rate. dest,
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over recent weeks, straight, long time was imposed in may. it included a ban on travel, and the closure of most businesses, neighboring kenya's, extending its nighttime curfew, and banning all public gatherings. the health minister is warning that hospitals are overwhelmed. you documents have emerged regarding president donald trump pressed his justice department to declare the 2020 election corruption. a bid to overturn the results, the handwritten notes by the acting deputy attorney general show he told top officials to back his unproven fraud, claims and quotes leave the rest to me. but department rebuffed his efforts, saying they had no power to challenge the results. the e u has fined amazon a record $880000000.00 for breaking privacy rules. regulations accused the tech giant of unfairly processing personal data. amazon says it plans to appeal up next in 5 story moneys in 30 minutes. see about news
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news, news. news. news, a armenia has called on russia to deploy troops along its border with as a result. and it comes off to renew tension between the 2 neighbors. but will moscow send soldiers and how fragile is the see far between armenia and as john, this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program i'm day. navigate on the origin of gordon care about has been disputed between algebra, john and armenia for many years. it's led to several incidents of violence
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including last year as conflict that killed thousands of people. and that's despite international efforts to bring peace to the region. armenia is now asking russia to deploy troops along its border with us are begun. prime minister, nicole personally and says it's the only solution to allow border demarcation without further violence. russia has not made any promises yet, but the international communities urging all sides to respect the cease fire, that's in place right now. well, on thursday, a number of armenian and as a result were killed in the fighting. it happened in the gourne care back there, disputed region where the countries fought a war last year. as a base on defense ministry accused armenian forces of what it called provocations, and said its army would continue to retaliate. so hostilities involving garner care about go back decades as john and armenia for 6 year war that ended in
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a cease fire in 1994. then in 2016, an outbreak of violence killed dozens of people during 4 days of fighting. and last year as conflict killed more than $5000.00 people, including both soldiers and civilians. the conflict has regional implications as well. russia has traditionally been an ally of armenia and has joined other world powers and calling for com. while turkey is backing as our be john, and it's for a ministry says it will spend buyback, who the, let's discuss all of this and introduce our panel in your yvonne is richard, you're goes beyond is joining us. he's the director of the regional study center. that's an independent think tank focused on strategic research and policy analysis in moscow, stanislaus christian who's a senior research fellow at the center for post soviet studies from buck who we have read chevy, who is the chairman of the center of analysis of international relations. thank you . so much for speaking to us on inside story, richard over to you and your yvonne,
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why is armenia proposing that russian troops be deployed along the border with as there be john? now, what is the strategy there? well, the strategy is necessity in terms of a loss of life in the past, 48 hours, not in the car, off, but in armenia proper and with the incursion, it was over johnny military units. in armenia, we do see a necessity to begin to stabilize. busy the situation and deter, attach her moms or been drawn by turning to watching peacekeepers. the prime minister richard nicole pass on yan says the move would allow border demarcation though to be carried out without the risk of military clashes. i mean, what is the likelihood that this move actually minimizes the risk of classes when it comes to the more cation? well, on the one hand, the real answer to the question depends on how laws are. but john, react the good news. however, on the other hand,
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is that the argona and government is also proposing a bilateral with brawl, a pull back to reduce the risk of possibilities in clashes in terms of a dangerous proximity of forces and to commit to diplomacy. engaging in diplomatic negotiations. busy over order demarcation and not necessarily under force of arms, and we do hope that ours will be drawn, accepts the offer for read. how was, as her baby john viewing this offer by the armenians? i think so. so we should know an underlying that the cost of all these problems at the border between i mean those that are by john bad for 30 years. this area was occupied by armenia and we kind of lost the sense where this goes and after the war there by john proposed to start the process of getting mutation
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and denmark ation. and after that, it will be clear on which exact align, armenians, and those little by jenny should should stay. unfortunately, so far we have not received the response. you know, i mean your side is the, the, what we hear about. yeah, we should be withdraw our troops, you know, for 30 years or by john was appealing to the international community that it's tutorial integrity should be restored. we kept the united nations security council resolutions adopted the $993.00, which by john silver. then over not more than all the regions outside which was occupied. i think we should move towards the piece. and i mean, this is not the easy process,
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but the 1st step is mutation on get medication on the board, right. ok, does this, that does this step that the armenians are asking the russians to deploy along the border? does it forward the prospect of peace? you know, well, the 1st of all, i guess we should mention about the russians over the armenians. more than with george. can iran now it's kind of the 3rd border by john, i'm in the, i mean they can invite russians. it's matt, silver and territory. but i, we believe that 1st should be guilty mutation because where russians exactly will state, you know, we are not in favor of getting some mala, ford and troops. i mean, we have all of the peacekeepers on in current law. but on our border, we would like to guard our, our sales and was capable of that. i think we should start the process of mutation
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and then russians can be deployed on the menial side they want. okay. did you come from mostly just let me finish, did they believe to signal from most will they also urge for for the limitations to start mutation process and they render assistance with that. ok, let's get the view for moscow. status love a person for read was just mentioning and rightly so that there are already some 2000 russian peacekeepers who are stationed in the area. and this was after that november a cease fire agreement that took place. so what will russia get in return this time around? what is the russian strategy? so the rest of the year from the beginning of the conflict, was to, to try to keep produced in the region. seen the early 900. russia played a major role as a mediator within the means group of always see on the literal level. so
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and after the 2nd war, when the meaning of the piece will assign yourself to countries with participation of the report. and the main strategy was to stop the war and try to to keep the peace in the region and to the year. we can see it. unfortunately, these post forms. so the question for the mediation on the border between armenian and john, which was under control during the last 2 years now the most, the whole test. and unfortunately, the most problematic issue in your move all questions which ah, size trying to resolve now. it to him in the agreement and, and yeah, the question of sending russian body guards is an option. but i fully agree with dr. 40 that's,
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it's not clear how to send russian troops to the border where the board, they're exactly goal one. but additionally, it's impossible to start the process of innovation when troops on both sides stand in front of each other. oh, we did heavy equipment and we had a lot of small clashes which now and them leading to the real question. we're using the web on the right side of the game here for the russians. i mean, do you think the russians are looking to stay it will depend on the process of patient all aspects of the p 3 g. because if the question of integration and speed is of what will
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be decided by the next 40 years, by the end of the shows you, the russian deployment there, russia, we degree mental john and media will withdraw with troops from but there are several you would be quite problematic to achieve such results who are in such a short period of time after 30 years. so let's constantly between our men and my job. right. so richard, russia is allied with armenia, but it also has good relations with other vision. is there a risk, however, the rest could be seen as intervening on the side of armenia, and this could undermine the, its credibility as one of the chairs of the men's group. i don't think so because on the one hand it's both much more basic and simple,
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but also complicated in terms of the pirate on russia. through a unilateral military deployment, the peacekeepers in november was able to stop the fight and even the west, even washington and brussels agrees that it is this washing deployment that represents an accidental shared interest in post war stability. and in many ways, pressure is marketing or getting the job which is still an open defiance of the moscow broker. c speier. and it's not just the border dispute. it's prisoners war in algebra, johnny captivity that have yet to be returned to our media, making it much more of a state of war. but i am optimistic. busy over the longer term, because in many ways there is no military solution going forward, the return to diplomacy. and moreover, armenia just accomplished yet another free and fair election. giving
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a rare degree of legitimacy to a democratically elected government at armenia, that has to statesmanship and political will to make this to inspire into a lasting peace agreement. like right. if i read the men's group released the statement and with the co chairs, they said this, they reiterated the need for a negotiated, comprehensive, and sustainable settlement to all the issues. do you think that the mince group established, of course, by the o. s. c and chaired by russia, france as well as the united states could still be the relevant plot form to souls, the standing issues say we have a new situation in they saw horses after the war a lot of last year. you know, mused group cor, chair. we elaborated as so called margaret principles for the food is illusion of the conflict, which by the way, the belief that they were there all troops from other regions outside of home when
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i bought a car. but unfortunately, mothers principal was not implemented and then armenian government, abundance mud with principles in the 2020. now we have completely new situation by john managed to liberate it's occupied territories. and i think the means group would like to be relevant. it should come come up with the new proposals. and these new proposals i think, should reflect the reality. even though the allison but the principles of international law, the basic principles of international law. i think the future of the region life in the to the sort of integrity of both states or 3 states basically georgia department of me speaking come out to state armina mother by job. and of course, it's hard to imagine now, but in the future it's about the regional cooperation about there's some sort of
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relationship so far. unfortunately. nice group cor chairs would like to know why the all sorts of stop us the question on the stock list, which is now irrelevant after the war. and after 26 or 7 years of english, asian lady should come with new ideas. right. and can you just elaborate briefly on what new ideas those are via you talk about proposals like what's yeah, my number one to the total and take it off as a budget. and i mean, yeah, that means, so there is some firms so that any of us that by john, all that our boss as it was stipulated in the united nation security solutions and when charter the 2nd is the opening of the communication lines listed. busy by the agreements, it's been armina by john rooker by russia was to basically documents the flood
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ation basis, november 10th, and agreement signed in moscow on january 11th. and of course, the overall, the original cooperation based again on, on the number of values sets of values. you know, like, mutual respect for more, there are some sort of that. but again, this is i would say free direction, the security tutorial integrity, the communication lines on the top creation. okay, so i think with raise spanish is that something that you agree with the new proposal put forward by for read and also do you think that the mince group is still relevant enough to solve this decade long conflict? which means group. unfortunately, you play active role during their, for example,
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for a short war in 2016 during the 2nd kind of a warm group also was not that player which played the real important role for resolving the conflict. and now we, yeah, we see some activity so these are going to be sion somehow. yeah, it might help or in the future to promote some ideas for for example, trying to build these steps to each other. because of course russia is trying to do it. we team then try later, all governments commission to rule in order to implement economical bars for treaty of c fire. but of course on the ground there isn't need of stamps to each other between societies. and here of course,
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taken into account huge experience of western countries in this here, it might be white, affective additional help and more towards their final p st doing their medium ridge on richard, both sides obviously to each other breaking that rushing back to cease fire. the flare. 2 ups are not new, they've been going on for decades, but what has happened in the last few days to trigger this a particular confrontation? well actually we have 2 separate calls which the war for new brought our car off, which was initiated by algebra. john with turkey support was last year, but since may consistently, we see an increase in my algebra. johnny military forces into the republic, a bar which has little to do with the horrible conflict. what a reasonable way forward is actually
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a return to the soviet borders and the beginning of at least try a lateral negotiations over border demarcation. similar to a precedent that is working. there is a trilateral working group on regional trade in transport that can be replicated where a legal institutional foundation for border demarcation can serve as the 1st step in a word for diplomacy. and again, the danger here is renewed, hostile, what these in, in terms of escalation and expansion. the only way out of this dilemma is a return. busy to negotiation, do you have any concerns, richard, that what's been happening over the past few days can turn into another full blown military confrontation? well unfortunately, yes, because not only doesn't constitute and contribute to a state of war, but it makes this cycle of reddish and retribution. very difficult to challenge for
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read is the political establishment and as are by john right now, right now, willing to compromise is their political will to compromise or is there simply too much at stake for their as our b. johnny's to do so, you know, this political establishment, not on a political, the whole public was speaking about peace and most restoration of president by john to the solar integrity for the case. unfortunately, we have not heard the proper feedback from people from the countries which are involved in the peace process. so we speaking now about the need for our to respectful to all integrity positive by john. my job is not interested in escalation. we need peace, we need to restore totally different spaces, area for the infrastructure, moss, cultural heritage,
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and for me as ever she was foolish on his story. now the international journalist immediately presents this has a chance to see, have a chance to see the what was going to happen every occupied by john and we need peace more than anyone else. but these should come, as i said, with respect to the thorough and figure out what's the most political establishment and why the public wants, you know, sort of by john, astonish law both sides as we're hearing and discussing accuse each other of you know, separate, encourages and incursions into each other's territory. how fragile is the cease fire? how would you describe it? from russia, from moscow? it looks like both ties as rise to acute each other because on the one hand, if we think about me, yeah, probably on the border, the more active player was as john and it was all movie. why?
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because there was some progress in negotiations on a literal basis and because of the parliament parliamentary armenia initiations almost stopped in such circumstances. of course, there by john needed to have some progress and trying to effect or to partner through these offending troops on the border after their victory. oh, nicole, pushing them back to the 20th of june. we could see over the situation when armenia started to, to, to be more pressure on there by john. and to was the source of the prices out, especially it was mentioned after to read it to for example,
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are presented the from, there are some really nations we friends and united states which send me your signal. now that be a really just board, it's ration, and these are, this is a problem because any lashes any violations against their agreement from november last year. this is the reason for their approaches of negotiations. and each such clash influence on their duration of their negotiation process. it's violate of negotiations. unfortunately. no, unfortunately, yes, each you clash its new reason for their final negotiations on the peace between their meeting and as john richard for the prime minister passed in. yeah. how is this playing out domestically for him?
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because he came to power really as a revolutionary that's how he had campaigns. so is this the biggest test of his political career? well yes. what it's a test is already passed by winning reelection and a very widely hailed freedom for election. the real challenge here for se beleaguered and battles, democratic leadership and armenia is the interlocutor, the algebra. johnny's side has been governed by a father and son for. busy a century. so i do think there is a discrepancy here in a contradiction. at the same time. armenia isn't this, they don't war. and whether it's, the prisoners still went over johnny captivity or the president of algebra johnny military for peace on arminian territory. i do expect the situation frankly to get much worse before it gets better. okay, we'll have to leave it there. thank you so much for speaking to us. richard gurgles the on spanish live christian and for read chef. yes,
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thanks so much. thanks for watching. we can see the program again any time by visiting our website al jazeera dot com for further discussion. you can go to our facebook page dots, facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. can join the conversation on twitter or handle is adrian type story for myself in the whole team here. and thanks for watching. bye bye. for now. the news news. news. news on all this on just the
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united states, ending in 20 a military present enough kind of done with what it means for the country. 11 piece showcases use dealing trailblazing, environmental quality. able to read the country of all credit from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest development at the corona virus pandemic continue to spread around the world. witness showcases award winning documentaries that bring work issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension. writing down be a hope to propose a country to define the future. august on i just talked to al jazeera, we wrote, did you want the us to take and who stopped you? we listen, see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on out sierra started
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cheerfully in front of the ex museum in amsterdam. hundreds of protesters scattered to demand. the government is locked down with friction, lift the curfew. the 1st in the country since world war 2, the threat is that we lose our freedoms. the protest us who are not following social distances rule repeatedly order to disperse by police. police is trying very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week, when thousands were rioting and sitting across the after some protect started throwing stones. and that's enough for your work. on horseback moved in to clear the area the fuel, the dry change. following the removal of robert mcguffey and bob way with the country, bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people. instead of telling people what to think, how dread that give them
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a chance to speak for themselves and capture the haunting, not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free whitney on al jazeera. ah, well again, peter, i'll be here until the top stories from al jazeera, more than $200.00 afghans brought the united states from cobble on board and evacuation. flights have started their resettlement process. they represent just the fraction of the 20000 contractors who help the us war effort in afghanistan. those left behind fear time is running out to avoid retaliation from rapidly advancing taliban forces. heidi jo, castro reports now from fort lee virginia.


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