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how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby supports? let's be professional. it was not invented for me was i'm big. and was a whole stockpile unloaded from the ship, the missing? i'm all and it wasn't. it was in one way or another in an illegal way before join me then a footer for the full report on i was with me . ready please, getting out for their own safety. the 1st flights of africans who helped american forces arrives in the us. many others are looking for an exit to ah, logan. peter, they'll be here also coming up. soon as he, as president defends his moves to grab powers, the judiciary opens of investigation into violence outside the countries parliament in peru and you left wing prime minister tries to come financial markets,
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worried about the country's new government. and in the u. s. newly released document shirts, new lights on donald trump's efforts to reverse these 2020 election result. ah. the 1st slide, carrying more than 200 afghan evacuees from cobble has now arrived in the us. they represent a fraction of the 20000 afghan contractors and the families who helped the us war effort in afghanistan. the rest are still waiting to leave the country that desperate as the taliban does make territorial gains out to 0 as high to jo, castro has more now from fort lee virginia, near washington, the buses carrying former afghan interpreters and their families, including 57 children and 15 babies arrived at the fort lee military base in virginia on friday morning. this is the 1st place they'll lay their heads in the us
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safely away from the taliban, possible retribution for having worked with americans now leaving the war in afghanistan is completely like, i mean, starting new life here. mohammed knobby mohammed, he is preparing to welcome his cousin, who is on board the flight and will likely spend a week at the base for final immigration processing. both served as u. s. military translators, enough can stand. in fact, 5 brothers from the mohammed family all signed up for the job. now 3 are in the us while the 2 youngest remain in hiding in cobble. we love to work with the us government and government over countries, so we want it to serve or the people janice and worry says he feels the same. he worked for 9 years as a translator on the front line against the taliban. was that he was granted a special immigrant visa in 2013 and now lives in virginia. all of us. we have
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a youth flag on our shoulder. and we were fighting for 2 years for the flood. and we thought we were american. should worry, is credited with saving the life of his assigned us soldier, army captain, mat zeller during a fire fight to see those reunions take place, makes all of this work worth it. now the seller worries us will break its promise to save the remaining afghans who helped us troops were not doing what necessary to save these people at every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban because it gives them just that much more time to hunt down these people and kill them. reports of taliban killing, come daily. this translator in cobble is afraid to show his face. he says he's been waiting 8 years for an american visa. i'm scared, but you know, don't give me the visa. i know one of the target of the bad guys in here,
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maybe i will or some of so i feel that now at least handed us evacuation twice a day would be required to get all special immigrant visa applicants out of afghanistan before the end of august. those were fighting to get them out here. that time is not on their side. heidi joe castro out to 0. fort lee, virginia. well, meanwhile, there's been a rise in the number of the tax and the amount of fighting across afghanistan. that includes an attack on the un office in the province of herat, diplomatic as a james bay's is incapable. the security situation is not going the way the african government or the americans would like. you might well have interpreters who are in parts of africa. song who would find it very hard to get to cobble? let me tell you about the latest on the security situation around can the ongoing
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clashes in helmand also in the south, the neighboring province to canada. clashes that we understand has been as strikes again, we believe those might well have been u. s. s strikes, but the real focus of attention in recent hours is actually on the west of afghanistan and iraq, the regional capital, the part, the big city in afghanistan closest to iran. well, we understand the taliban. i've been pushing around herat in a number of places, a number of different security instance. and most worryingly, i think, for the african government, according to local reports, is this fighting on the road between herat city and herat airport? we believe the airport is currently closed because of that fighting. we're also hearing the un compound, which is all that road from the city to the airport has come on the attack. i'm hearing from local sources that no un stuff has been killed or injured. but there were guards working for the african government around that compound, and there are reports that some may have been taken injured. the reports been taken
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hostage. there also reports some been injured. and i've got one report that at least one has been killed. june is in security forces arrested some member of parliament who described the president, seizure of govern powers as a qu, that came out to the president case said if he had a statement saying they will be no dictatorship. the judiciary is also investigating for members of the another party, over violence outside the parliament. on monday, after members were locked out, they held a citizen which descended into classes with supporters of the president, journalist sam kimball's. ingenious, he says those who oppose precedents aid now under increasing pressure. the independent parliamentary member. yes, seen i yadi was arrested from his home in the northern suburbs of tunis. i've spoken to his wife, who said that a group of cars arrived with civilian clothes, officers who she said called themselves security,
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who she said removed him forcefully and violently from his home. his lawyer had suggested that his arrest could be because of his outspoken criticism of the action of president pe side, which include freezing a parliament, the dismissal of the prime minister. and the removal of parliamentary immunity on sunday night demonstrations are taking place in syria against the governments offensive. and there are hundreds rallied in several northwestern towns controlled by the opposition forces. the government intensified its bombardment after on thursday. doesn't have been killed. thousands have been displaced, it is the worst violence since the government recaptured that area. 3 years ago. the u. n is very concerned about reports of civilian casualties and displacement due to hostilities and they're all valid and the risk of further escalation, the u. s. has also confirmed the displacement of $2500.00 people due to violence
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and insecurity over the last 72 hours. and we have received reports of the displacement of over 10000 people. un and humanitarian partners are working to scale up to humanitarian response to people in need and dara all valid. and in the areas of temporary displacement, peruse new monks is prime minister, has tried to reassure investors after the currency fell to a record low against the us dollar. guido, the lido is among a number of leftists appointed by the new president petro castillo. they attended the military parade after being sworn in on friday. castillo has pledged to distribute wealth more evenly. he made that promise during the campaign. mariana sanchez with more from lima just 48 hours since president garcia was asked to go over the government and there is a lot of problems coming up. if you look in the, you are pointed over you as the prime minister, a man who is very controversial because he's us massage dentist and homophobic.
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and he has given an apology for terrorism, which is a crime in proved if there is a sensitive issue in peru, it is anything related to the conflict that took place with the shining past year between the years in 1980, and 2000 and an apology for terrorism is a crime and who so much, so that's a be, you know, who is on the next the congress and now was banned just hours before he was appointed a prime minister from participating in the defense, unintelligence committees of congress. now being a prime minister or cabinet chief us, as we call it, he called his post into a room. he has access to that information and also it is his party. he is a member of this left wing extremist free, b 2 parties senior representative. and he has been appointed in a very important post. now the question is, who is going to rule?
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what happened to deal with all this talk about being a moderate that he was going to have an inclusive government. and then what happens is this man is appointed and who is calling the shots, is will it be a castillo? will it be the leader of the party? like you said, ron? or what has happened with garcia? did she lie to prove yields about what he was going to do for his next government? if he is a peruvian journalist in london, he explains why he thinks custio's cabinet is creating uncertainty on the markets. the problem of the moment is that they might call the minister all coming to mean it's just a powerful justice and economy happening. sonya, but no economy. the step that has created should uncertainty in the market as you explain very clearly at the beginning of the report. look, i'm talking fast. plummeted in relation to the dollar store. mike, as close 3 percent low to date, was based on sir,
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who is one to run the call will be mr. christie solomon. now you remember what the physical frankie was being he. we advisor until now was going to be the economy minister but, but he seems to know whether he's actually going to take a position he had come to market before you know that it was after the lecture. you have met the private sector, say, where was the magic location where we're not going to take any money for pick one, but he has more turn up at the moment and we don't really know who's going to be running a column in purple at the moment. that is the problem. what, what does she improve at the moment? is that the most? why? because it will give it a pre approval party on the home. at least you run the race. you can be putting pressure on you to try to find somebody more radical to the live toronto, probably that will be very, very intense on how the private sector keeps in your government. now, after the type of comp. com, the private sector and said that everything is going to be fine. they shouldn't
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expect any markets or visuals not. you know, by itself big diverse, you either call me which is sort of a reading as a result of cold. i g still ahead on out to 0, we'll look at how a remote colombian time became part one of the busiest migration routes in the world. plus ah, can use government takes action is kirby cases in depth search for 7 consecutive day? ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there. let's look to east asia and if more wet weather on the way for china in particular for that south east coast and up in the north east, we've got the remnants of that tropical system working their way up across those
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north east provinces. and we could see some flooding from those torrential rains, but beijing manages to stay dry, the korean peninsula. we'll see some of that wet weather and no showers are set to intensify as we go into sunday. for japan, it stays rather wet for much of the island on han shoe thinks some of those heavy showers across central areas but had kinda we'll see the weather kick in on sunday though the heat will remain and there'll be fun. the storms as well for shanghai as we move to the south eastern coast of china, hong kong and also see wet weather for much of the weekend. as we go into sunday, it'll be tie one that's inundated with those heavy rains and we could see flash flooding here as it moved to south asia. those monsoon rains are continuing to fall in northern pakistan. and this is the scene in of lama about where those flash floods cause cause to wash away. you can see more of this as those rains are expected to continue, particularly heavily when you see those rains for across central areas of india.
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sponsored cattle airways in 2001 in french around. well, arab australians accused of being enemies within and a checking or the way of life were treated like we were old suspects. we were all struggling to adapt to the new found home out there explored the history of the lebanese community and australia once upon a time and punched on out era. ah, the me looking back, you're watching onto 0 live from headquarters,
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here in your headlines. one more time being 1st group of afghans who helped american forces has not arrived in the united states. president biden called it an important milestone. run $20000.00 more a waiting to be resettled. the u. n. is calling for an immediate cease fire in series. there are problems, demonstrations have taken place against the government, offensive. hundreds rallied in several more question, towns and the currency through has plummeted, also left his cabinet members were sworn in. they were appointed by the new president petro castillo, who has pledged to redistribute the countries with us president donald trump pressed his justice department to declare the 2020 election corrupt and a bid to overturn the results. that's according to new documents, the handwritten notes by be then acting, deputy attorney general show he told top officials to back his unproven prod, claims and quotes, leave the rest to me. the department rebuffed his efforts,
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saying they had no power to challenge the results. mister tom's republic allies named in the memos have denied any involvement she pretends he has more now on the memos from washington. these are supporting to be verbatim things donald trump said . so for example, having go over all the things that trumps has went wrong during an action, he would say quite you guys may not be following the internet the way i do. and quite, for example, you know, in his way of saying like you just said, what's going on, you've got to set this up challenging to be election results. and then it leads to that, that that statement which, which is preceded by the attorney general and the deputy the general saying they have the power to overturn the vote that they have. they don't see any evidence to suggest anything was rigged. and donald trump says, just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me. those are about comas and his congressional allies to work or, you know, to use that to add to his, his case that the, the, the election was,
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was rigged up until this point with the j under donald trump had been saying that this is an issue of executive privilege and it's true. the dierdre has ordinarily been very reluctant to hand over verbatim notations after a conversation between officials and a president. because once it's clear that the officials counts, will perhaps be made public one day. then how can you expect them to give candid information? we'll keep keep candid records of the, the sort of advice that they're giving to the president. but in this case, the d. o j says it's, it's extraordinary circumstance executive privilege. that right to secrecy is meant to protect the country, not any individual. and because it's extraordinary, this circumstance off a sitting president being investigative or wrong, doing them executive privilege has to be waived. and our congress and all the rest of us, it was immediately leaked over. how have these documents she had pretends he's talking to us? let's bring in jennifer victor. she's a professor of political science at george mason university. she turns on skype
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from fairfax, virginia. jennifer, great to have you back here on out to 0. if we were talking about a precedent or a prime minister who said, just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me. and that president was based in a south american country. one of the many african countries it might sound like the beginnings of a qu. so what's the difference here? yeah, certainly peter, your spot on about that. the technically the political science term for a leader who is already in power, who seeks to remain in power through some sort of practice such as nullifying an election is called an article. but it effectively is like a cool. it's just less violent and it's more self centered in defense of maintaining power for an existing meter. the problem here, and i'm glad you brought up the idea of other countries, is that when, when democracies die, they tend to not die in spectacular fashion over some significant big event. but
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rather they degrade slowly over time. and so what we're seeing here is more evidence of this idea of the administration under the presidency of donald trump, having engaged in significant number of practices and behaviors that are, are frankly just plain anti democratic. what does it tell us about the trump mentality, the mentality of the people surrounding him in the, the dying days of his presidency? i mean, clearly there seems to be a classic donald trump clay, but one ones that dynamic going on here, which is if you shout louder than the guy or the woman next door, your message gets out. but because it gets, it doesn't get out completely. it stays within that political file. oh environment . if you will, the people who you want to respond positively to what you are saying. they can respond positively any way. yeah, i mean, to some extent, i think many of us suspected that this type of thing had gone on. donald trump did
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not accept the results of the election in november or december. and of course, there was the capital insurrection that he played some role in an effort to overturn the election results. and so his campaign of not believing in election results not wanting others to believe the election results. this, this evidence that has been presented today helps us to understand that death was very explicit from, from the beginning really from, from the period right after the election. and, you know, yes, i agree with you that it's, it's essentially part of donald trump's play. but, but i think it's important to recognize that while there were clearly some actors around donald trump in the white house or whatnot, who sort of have enabled this behavior had contributed to it, had helped him magnify that, that faulty false message. there are others,
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such as the acting attorney general to time who's notes we are seeing today, who clearly acted as the guard rails of democracy who other other essentially state level, county level and federal bureaucrats and federal appointees. who in fact did do the right thing. regardless of their partisan affiliation, jennifer priestly, can i just get your closing thoughts on? i guess what we're going for here is tax returns as a function of transparent democracy. he's the only us president not to go come clean with his tax returns. is this now the beginning of the final chapter of that saga? gosh, i think it's really hard to say, you know, we've, we've had some drip, drip drip of sort of teasers of what might be in these tax returns over the years. and there is, you know, i think always for, for those who are interested in seeing donald trump go to jail, i think there's that scintillating kind of temptation or, or teaser that,
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that perhaps there is something in these documents that will just reveal a level of illegal behavior that might produce that result, but i think we just, we just don't know. and perhaps more of that information will come out now slowly as these tax returns get, get revealed and get come through. you know, donald trump seems to be very good at hiring. excellent. lawyers who seem to keep him out of jail. so i think it's hard to know what the future might be in terms of whether or not these these tax returns will be some sort of final say on his legacy . jennifer always great to get your analysis on us politics here on out to here. thank you so much, jennifer victor. the talking to us from fairfax virginia. thank you so much, peter. the you has find amazon a record $880000000.00 for breaking privacy rules. regulators accuse the tech giant of unfairly processing personal data and information. amazon denied the claims and
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plans to appeal several big tech companies, including amazon and google, and facing similar cases. again, this president is easing corona virus restrictions following a drop in infection rates and deaths over recent weeks, a strict lockdown was imposed to may offer search and death fuel by the delta variance. it included a ban on travel and the closure of new businesses well neighboring kenya, extending its nighttime curfew and burning all public gatherings. the health minister is wanting hospitals are overwhelmed, and people who fall sick will not get a bed. malcolm web reports now from nairobi, has been a curfew in kenya. since the pandemic 1st reefs here in mars last year and health minister a said to data that curfew will continue. except in some parts of western kenya, where they've for the last 2 months, had tightened. few hours because of a high number of cases in that part of the country. the hospitals had got full. but
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the health minister did say today that they will be returning to cash in that part of the country because it seems that the numbers in that region regional outbreak, bank break seems to have subsided. but nationally, the daily average number of cases has been going up for the last 7 days. and for that reason that the health minister said that few people would now be allowed to attend religious gatherings and conferences and other such meetings can't be held for the meantime. but apart from that hasn't been any other change to the rules that the data does suggest that possibly kenya is at the beginning of a 4th wave. israel's foreign minister is blaming iran for an apparent attack on and he's really oil tanker off the coast of mine. at least 2 people were killed. julia le pete called for a quote harsh response, but provided no evidence that iran was responsible. the company that owns the ship, described the incident as suspected piracy. tens of thousands of migrants from the
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caribbean and africa are converging on a remote town in columbia. they gathering in nicole coley with the aim of crossing into central america, but their final go, the united states is still fans of kilometers away the sea. in human reports, the tiny colombian town of the copley has few attractions except strategic locations. just to ferry right away from the panamanian border on the other side of the gulf would have exhausted migrants from haiti, cuba, and as far away as the gout governor and kina, fossil are converging the town by the thousands. this is one of the ladies routes for caribbean and african migrants desperate can reach the united states. like stay by my boy. and we all know now it is my turn to start a new life and i'm going to do it together when my wife thing got together with
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these cubans were focused on the same thing where a group of least 2 of human from and many more are coming on, this is not the end, or are we the last, almost. every day more arrived from mothers health american countries were to easier to obtain a visa, getting a seat on the ferry with a $50.00 ticket can take days. but that's the easy part. once they reach panama, they face a treacherous trip, usually by foot through the daddy in one of the world's most dense jungles. many will be preyed upon by snakes, insects, criminal gangs, and hunger as they make their way north. this year alone, estimated 33000 migrants have passed through here on their way to panama. from here they had to mexico an equally dangerous journey. in photo. i'm me get out. today alone, we have seen approximately 700 migrants according to the boat operators. we see
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keys in the large crowds, which draws our attention, and we have to report it to the local departmental and national health authorities . so that we can address the situation together. at the height of the pandemic columbia as borders were closed and the flow of undocumented migrants had diminished sharply. but now that measures have been somewhat relaxed. these uncertain journeys are again on the rise fanned by even worse conditions in these migrants home that the sea and human al jazeera and indigenous vigilante group in southern mexico says, stepping in to provide security to communities ignored by the governments. the group says it's protecting people from the threat of 2 big drug cartels. here's manuel republic. tensions are high in the village of by the law in southern mexico . local see violence linked to drug cartels is worsening. and with no effect of police presence, it's given rise to an armed vigilante collective who called themselves l. much it
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like that. there is no security here. no peace, no tranquillity. there's only fear crying and fear, extortion, and intimidation. and let's not start with corruption. this week, government office buildings, businesses and homes in the area were set on fire. local say the arsonists were protesting. what they say is a lack of action by the government to address the worsening violence. in recent days, members of l much it, they also reportedly kidnapped 21 people who they say belong to criminal organizations operating in the law. and like i said, we entered the municipal seat of all the communities and neighborhoods that make up the municipality and bring justice ourselves to raid the houses of the murderers of the drug traffickers and not the people who are innocent of it. so cold self defense, collectives are not unique to us. we're sitting violence in many parts of the country has led to the creation of armed self defense forces in states like get
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a t o and be chicken as well. experts say the rise of vigilante groups in mexico is muddying the waters of an already difficult fight between security forces and organized criminal gangs. making it even harder to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad. it's unclear who the leader of l much it is with the activities of the armed collective have attracted the attention of top mexican officials. remember a can. so to the starters, we do not agree with these self defense groups. under no circumstances do we accept that groups are being armed and calling themselves self defense. it's the government's responsibility to guarantee peace. and that's what we're doing. but indigenous communities throughout mexico say that's not the case. pointing to successive governments, they say, have ignored their concerns for generations. since june of this year, confrontations involving vigilantes have become increasingly common and she others where the sin low in lisco. cartels are said to be buying for control of territory . considered prime for drug smuggling and human trafficking. human rights observers
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in the region see thousands of people have been internally displaced by localized fighting in recent months. with no obvious signs of government support the vigilant who say they are alone in defending them and their livelihood. monroe up a little al jazeera mexico city. and whenever you want to, there's always lots more news for you, of course, on the website, how to 0 dot com. ah, midnight 30 g you. these are your top stories. the 1st group of afghans who helped american forces has now right in the united states, the us president job. i've been calling it an important milestone. around $20000.00 more are waiting to be resettled. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it. even in our dream and all of us we have a us flag on.


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