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who sign a no matter where it takes a police fill in? if you guys were my empowering, impartial, we tell your story, we are your voice. you knew your neck out here. ah, me. getting out for their own safety. the 1st flight of afghans who helped american forces arrives in the us. many others are looking for an exit to. i'm charlotte bellis, outside the passport office here in cobb, where there's been a huge surge and application as well as increasing across ah, hello and welcome on pete adobe. you're watching out 0 live from headquarters here
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in also coming up. soon as he is president defense is moved to grab powers. the judiciary opens an investigation into violence outside the country's problems in peru and you left wing prime minister tries to come financial markets worried about the country's new government. ah, top story. the 1st slide, carrying more than 200 afghan evacuees from cobble has now arrived in the united states. they represent a fraction of the 20000 afghan contractors and their families who help the us war effort in afghanistan. the rest is still waiting to leave the country desperate as the taliban makes territorial gains al jazeera is heidi joe castro has worn out from fort lee virginia, near washington, the buses carrying form or afghan interpreters and their family,
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including 57 children and 15 babies arrived at the fort lee military base in virginia on friday morning. this is the 1st place they'll lay their heads in the us safely away from the taliban, possible retribution for having worked with americans now leaving the war in afghanistan is completely like, i mean, starting new life here. mohammed knobby mohammed, he is preparing to welcome his cousin, who is on board the flight and will likely spend a week at the base for final immigration processing. both served as u. s. military translators, enough can stand. in fact, 5 brothers from the mohammed family all signed up for the job. now 3 are in the us while the 2 youngest remain in hiding in cobble. we love to work with the us government and government below over countries, so we want it to serve or the people janice and worry says he feels the same. he worked for 9 years as a translator on the front line against the taliban booster. he was granted
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a special immigrant visa in 2013 and now lives in virginia. all of us, we have a view with luck on our shoulder. and we were fighting for 2 years for the flood. and we thought we were american. should worry, is credited with saving the life of his assigned us soldier, army captain, mat zeller during a fire fight. if he does reunions take place makes all of this work worth it. now, the seller worries the us, will break its promise to save the remaining afghans. who helped us troops were not doing what necessary to save these people. and every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban, because it gives them just that much more time to hunt down these people and kill them. reports of taliban killing, come daily. this translator in cobble is afraid to show his face. he says he's been waiting 8 years for an american visa. i'm scared, but you know,
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don't give me the visa. i know one of the target of the bad guys in here, maybe in trouble or some of so i feel that now at least handed us evacuation flight a day would be required to get all special immigrant visa applicants out of afghanistan before the end of august. those were fighting to get them out here. that time is not on their side. heidi joe castro al jazeera or li virginia. kim's deputy is executive director of the association of war time allies, a charity that works towards helping iraqi and afghan interpreters who worked for the united states. she says their path to the us can be difficult. the program is, is quite broken in many ways and, and in some cases so much time has passed. it's all but impossible for these people
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to gather the required documents because companies may have gone out of business or they've lost contact with their supervisors. and so it can be very difficult for them to do what they need to work strongly, grateful that people have started to arrive. i can't express the emotions i felt when i saw their plain land last night. but while, while we're grateful, we're streamline concerned. they're the numbers have gone up and the program is over. $20000.00 applicants still remaining, which equates to almost $90000.00. when you add in their family members. and when you look at only bringing 2500 to safety, you can realize the gravity of the situation that still remains for the rest of those people over there. the president has stated that we will have complete withdraw by august 31st. i, there's no way humanly possible to process all these cases and remove all these people in that short amount of time. so we're very worried about this and we really don't know what's going to happen for the rest of them right now. well meanwhile,
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banking canister on uncertainty and violence dominate everyday life. the united nations says one and a half 1000000 people may leave the country by the end of the year. is charlotte bellis from cobbler. before you reached the passport office and cobble you pass the stores of administrators, passport applicants pay them to do the paperwork in 5 years. mohammed s of has done this. he's never been busy. i don't want to get john, go over to them. since there's been a lot of violence and the american forces are gone, people don't trust the security situation. that's why a lot of people are applying yet most of them are families. they come in apply with their children. it's about 26 year old. so beulah heading isn't leaving years, but he sees everyone he knows is preparing for that day. for the jungle. there's conflict and worn every district, so we're getting passports ready, in case the situation gets worse. so we can go away to a safe place. he's not alone at dawn, this is the queue to apply for passports,
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thousands a here every day. but the number of people leaving is even more. there is a constant stream of african refugees crossing into turkey near the iran border. the un says in the 3 weeks to july, the 15th, up to 40 percent more africans split without passport. so visas some using smugglers. turkey detained, 1500, mostly african migrants in one week. to make the journey and set up a new life. they need money. so as many prepared leave, they are selling their assets. the un migration agencies is 223-0000 people know escaping abroad every week. and at this rate, $1500000.00 africans could be headed towards europe by the end of the year. for 8 years now, the mohammed naughty and his best friends have meet outside the sky. yes, they sit and talk for hours. you don't remember. we don't know if we'll be alive
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the next 2nd. so that's why every person right now is in the process of trying to get out of the country. there is no place for afghans in this country anymore. 30 years ago nother fled to denmark as a refugee. he only returned in 2001 when the us invaded the doctor. because when the americans came and brought their forces, we thought we are saved. we thought all this misfortune is over. but now we think that was the start of our misfortune. most prized possessions pass down through families are also being left behind. hum, mohammed faces a conflict of interest as a 2nd hand dealer. he profits from the goods that come his way, but he knows what people are giving up in order to flee. yes, gonna stone. he wishes they didn't have to charlotte bellis o. jazeera campbell, jeanette. the insecurity. forces arrested a member of parliament who described the president,
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seizure of government powers as a qu, that came out to the president. i said issued a statement saying there will be no dictatorship. the judiciary is also investigating for members of the and other party, over violence outside the parliament on monday, after members were locked out, they held a sit in which descended into classes with supporters of the president. general sam kimble's ingenious. he says those who oppose president, they are now on the increasing pressure the independent parliamentary member. yes, seen i yadi was arrested from his home in the northern suburbs of tunis. i've spoken to his wife, who said that a group of cars arrived with civilian clothes, officers who she said called themselves security, who she said removed him forcefully and violently from his home. his lawyer has suggested that his arrest could be because of his outspoken criticism of the action
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of president pe side, which include freezing a parliament, the dismissal of the prime minister. and the removal of parliamentary immunity on sunday night demonstrations are taking place in syria against the government's offensive. indira hundreds rallied in several northwestern towns controlled by the opposition forces. the government intensified its bombardment to draw on thursday. dozens have been killed and thousands displaced in the worst violence since the government recap to the area 3 years ago. the u. n is very concerned about reports of civilian casualties and displacement due to hostilities and they're all valid and the risk of further escalation, the u. s has also confirmed the displacement of 2500 people due to violence and insecurity over the last 72 hours. and we have received reports of the displacement of over 10000 people. un humanitarian partners are working to scale up to humanitarian response to people in need and are all valid and in the areas of
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temporary displacement. there is new marks as prime minister has tried to reassure investors after the currency fell to a record low against the us dollar. guido belinda is among a number of leftist appointed by the new president petro castillo. they did attend a military parade after being sworn in on friday. castillo has pledge to distribute wealth more evenly during the campaign. mariana sanchez now from lee. just 48 hours since precedence a seal was over the government and there is a lot of problems coming up. if you look in the, you are pointed over you as the prime minister, a man who is very controversial because he's us massage in this and homophobic, and he has given an apology for terrorism, which is a crime in proved if there is
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a sensitive issue in peru, it is anything related to the conflict that took place with the shining past year between the years in 1980, and 2000 and an apology for terrorism is a crime in so much. so that's a big, you know, who is on the next, the congress now was banned just hours before he was appointed a prime minister from participating in the defense, unintelligence committees of congress. now being a prime minister or cabinet chief us, as we call it, called his post into a room. he has access to that information and also it is his party. he is a member of this left wing extremist free, b 2 parties senior representative. and he has been appointed in a very important post. now the question is, who is going to rule? what happened to deal with all this talk about being a moderate that he was going to have an inclusive government. and then what happens is this man is appointed and who is calling the shots, is will it be a castillo?
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will it be the leader of the party? like you said, ron? or what has happened with garcia? did she lie to prove yields about what he was going to do for his next government? mariana sanchez reporting there? let's bring in have a far, hey, he's a journalist is reported extensively in peru. he joins us from london. happy. if i welcome to al jazeera, redistributing wealth and irrevocably damaging the economy aren't necessarily the same thing. so what is it? people are worried about worried about depletion at the moment at the moment, dismal economy minister have if al, hey, apologies, we've got some quality issues there on that line to you in london. we will try and go back to have a if we can here on our to 0 still to come all miss program in the u. s. newly
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released documentation sharing new life on donald trump's efforts to reverse the 2020 election result. and we'll hear from the son of demoted martinez, journalists ethnically of the, an inquiry to the government. does their responsibility, bernadette? ah, hello. then let's start in north america. and once again, it is a story of severe heat, not just in western areas, but also in the south. we've had heat warnings and advisories issued for 20 states in the u. s. ranging from washington all the way down to florida. so it is going to be hot and humid around those states in the gulf of mexico. we are expecting temperatures to continue to climb, not just here, but also in western areas of the u. s. and western areas of canada. we're going to
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see those hot, dry conditions persist all the way from british columbia to alberta for the wet weather. we have to head further south to the south west desert states. we are seeing those thunderstorms continue to rumble across this area. we had to the mid east, we also are seeing some severe storms affecting parts of illinois and indiana. and by the time we get into sunday, it will be washington d. c. that sees those thunderstorms and heavy downpours. new york expected to see some of the weather weather by sunday, as well as parts of new england, and it is looking rather wet from mexico. as we move to central america. we've seen some flash floods across sonora state, and we are going to see those rains continue over the next few days. the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more
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small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah, well, come back, you're watching out just on pizza to be your top stories. the 1st group of africans who helped american forces they've not arrived in the united states. u. s. president job. i've been calling. it's an important milestone. around $20000.00
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more are waiting to be resettled. the u. n. is coding for an immediate spot in serious. there are problems, demonstrations have taken place against the government offensive. hundreds rallied in several northwestern times, and through the currency has plummeted down to left, his cabinet members were sworn in. they were appointed by the president peddler castillo, who had pledged to redistribute the countries wealth. let's go back to guess that we tried to talk so a little earlier here on this half hour of well to use. he is hobby a far. he joins us from london, have apologies for the technical issues 510 minutes ago. now you were explaining to me and to our audience what the problem is, as far as the money markets are concerned. and why this new government's last cabinet is raising eyebrows. the problem of the moment is that there's no economy minister all coming to mean it's just a problem just as an economy happening. so need, but no economy, the stuff that has created should uncertainty in the market as you explain very
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clearly at the beginning of the report book and probably that's probably the relation to the dollar stock market, close 3 percent low to date. well, there's a ship who is one to a vehicle we missed across the us government. now the river worth of phil. frankie being he is it, we are biased until now was going to be the economy minister. but bobo, he seems to know whether he's actually going to take the position. he had calmed the market the whole day, but after the lecture, he had met the private sector, say, where was the magic page where we're not going to take any money for it. but he has not showed up at the moment. we don't really know which one to the run the vehicle in peru at the moment. that is the problem was thinking through at the moment is that the most? why? because it only been able to prepare who the party on the home you run, especially the depression. you to try to find somebody more radical to the live,
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to run, to court. that will be very, very intense on how the private sector proceeds in your government. now, after the type of com. com, the private sector and said that everything is going to be fine, that they shouldn't expect any issues, not the ship, but i'd already so thank you very. she usually either call me when she's supple ready as a result of cold i g. okay. just a policy for a 2nd that about 30 seconds ago you used the word radical twice. does that mean that the political classes in the country, the chattering classes, the security apparatus, the pre dates, mr. castillo in the top job? do they feel as an ongoing concept? perfectly comfortable with him in that position? because sometimes in less than america, you know, the relationship between new presidency prime ministers, new governments, and the security structure, the security apparatus can be slightly combustible. absolutely, in the room, but he's got a promo. the mom chair level, the joint use of the chief doctor star again has to be yourself to be your he which
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signed like days ago, the rules where he was again, because he used, you know, in a ration that he's not true. you can clarify that he wants you to type in october and he just wants to leave earlier than usual. he can not be 16. nicer. one, the chief of young forces, choose his title of president until a new chairman of the joint chiefs of his stuff is a point. so at the moment, in terms of security forces, i come, he puts you, she put it today. you need to be shown around this time, or people here. well, he had children, so the multiple food is what they want to be careful. wait a, he wants to talk to the people that cancelled. she could be false. is that the probably use the 80? what was about to be my lead to capital when both needed part of where we got to that mr. got, you got to take away every what you which is actually not actually the case. ok. ok
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. have a we must move on. we've got other stories, but we must cover here now. yeah, thank you so much for your time. so have you. if i talking to us from london banks, the faiths, the former president, donald trump pressed his justice department to declare the 2020 election corrupt in a bid to overturn the result. that's according to the new documents, the handwritten notes by the acting deputy attorney general show he told top officials to back his unproven fraud claims and quotes, leave the rest to me. the department rebuffed his efforts saying they had no power to challenge the results. mister trump's republican allies named in the memos have denied any involvement. she had pretenses life for us in london. so she had to nail this down for mr. trump allegedly seemed to think he could just tell people to make things up. he certainly appears you've attempted it according to this document, which is pretty extraordinary. and extraordinary account of a conversation that occurred on december the 27th. i think that's interesting. no
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good. for example, i mean, you know these, these are supporting to be verbatim things. adult trauma said, so for example, having go over all these things that don't trumps has went wrong during the action, which i quit, you guys may not be following the internet the way i do. and quite, for example, you know, and his way of saying like you just said, what's going on, you've got to set you up challenging the election results. and then it leads to that, that that statement which, which is preceded by the attorney general and the deputy the general saying they have the power to overturn the boat that they have. they don't see any evidence to suggest thing was rigged. and donald trump says, just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me. those are about comas and his congressional allies to work or, you know, to use that to add to his, his case to be that the election was, was rig. it's interesting that the house is released to a congressional committee looking into the trumps donald trump's conduct after the
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election. up until this point. dear j under donald trump had been saying that this is an issue of executive privilege and it's true. the dierdre has ordinarily been very reluctant to hand over verbatim notations after a conversation between officials and a president. because once it's clear about officials, accounts will perhaps be made public one date. and how can you expect them to give candid information? we'll keep keep candid records of the, the sort of advice that they're giving to the president. but in this case, the d. o j says it's, it's extraordinary circumstance executive privilege. that right to secrecy is meant to protect the country, not any individual. and because it's extraordinary, this circumstance off a sitting president being investigative or wrong, doing them executive privilege has to be waived. and congress and all the rest of us it was, you know, immediately leaked everyone how have these documents and she have, we're also getting more developments on his ongoing text affairs too. right, so another congressional committee has been trying to get 6 years old trumps tax
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returns. since 2019, and at the time the department of justice issued a, a legal judgment from the office of legal council saying that about committee was overstepping the mark. it didn't have the rights to have that information. now the office of legal counsel on the joe biden says that was clearly not true. it's very clear in the very statutes that the committees have a great you oversight over the executive, especially if they're looking into wrong doing and conflicts of interest. the and so therefore, the, the 6 years of taxes have to be handed over, but it's clear also that don't on, does have 72 hours to challenge that judgment. we haven't had to sort of, i can see so far and you have any word donald trump yet, but i think we can expect adult drop. we'll challenge that and this might be end up and litigation once again, but yet, yet again, it's another blow for the trumpet keeps trying to keep us tax returns secrets. we know that the manhattan district attorney already has 8. yes,
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i believe it of his tax returns, but we kept secret because of the grand jury investigation. but another blurted old trump as he tries to keep his doctor jonesy group. she have anything she pretends to johnny's life from the bureau in washington. you can, as president is easing corona, virus restrictions following a drop and infection rates there and deaths over recent weeks. a strict lockdown was imposed in may. it included a ban on travel and the closure of most businesses. those measures have been relaxed, but schools will remain closed at night time curfew is being extended. neighboring kenya is extending restrictions a night time curve. he will continue and public gatherings will be limited. the health minister is warning that hospitals are overwhelmed. kenny has been under some form of lockdown since march of last year. malcolm web is in i, roby. there's been a curve here in kenya since the pandemic 1st reefs here in march last year, and health minister and said to data that curfew will continue. except in some
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parts of western kenya, where they've for the last 2 months, had tightened a few hours because of a high number of cases in that part of the country. the hospitals had got full and better health minutes. it did say today that they will be returning to cash balance in that part of the country because it seems that the numbers in that region regional outbreak, bank break seems to have subsided. but nationally, the daily average number of cases has been going up for the last 7 days. and for that reason that the health minister said that few people would now be allowed to attend religious gatherings and conferences and other such meetings can't be held for the meantime. but apart, not the hasn't been any other change to the rules that the data does suggest that possibly kenya is at the beginning of a 4th wave. israel's foreign minister is blaming iran for an apparent attack on an israeli oil tanker of the coast of a mon. at least 2 people were killed. jayla pete called for a quote harsh response,
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but provided no evidence that iran was responsible. the company that owns the ship described the incident as suspected piracy. the u. s. navy is escorting the vessel to safety. the european union has find amazon a record $880000000.00 for breaking privacy rules. regulators accused the tech giant of unfairly processing personal data. amazon denied the claims and plans to appeal several big tech firms including amazon and google on our facing similar cases. the family of the molten investigative journalist, daphne aconia, jalencia, has welcomed an inquiry. finding that the multi government quotes has to bear responsibility for her murder, independent inquiry set. the states brought a culture of impunity, but it stopped short of directly blaming the government is under simmons. daphne carolina kelly c. a shook the state of malta to its foundations with her
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revelations of corruption and government business. the banks and the police. while she was silenced by a car bomb in 2017, murdered for what she knew. and now, after a tireless campaign led by her family, a public inquiry has concluded that the state has to bear responsibility because it created a culture of impunity. it also said there had been a breakdown of law and order. the inquiry actually found this to be the case, they identified a network, a web, both control not prevented state will. dorothy is from protecting my mother and from acting on the findings of corruption in the government. yeah. under the pressure of protests prime minister joseph most got resigned, but denied any wrong doing before her murder carolina got it. had effectively caused an early election, she indicated powerful figures in government and big business in the panama paper of scandal, exposing use of tax havens by the rich. she also published allegations of links
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between business and government, allowing criminal deal makers into the country with passports and residency. the families legal team, say the whole of moultrie should be grateful for her actions. it had to be the assassination of a brave journalist to stop the country from becoming an entrenched mafia state. this isn't the end of the story by any means. one of 3 men charged with murder has been jail for 15 years, but the others have yet to go on trial and prosecute, say, the bombing was financed and organized by this man. you organ finnic, a business man alleged to have government contracts. he's pleaded not guilty to complicity in the killing. my mother's death was just painful for my family. it was a trauma inflicted on the entire country. and i think it's, it's essential that that trauma be transformed into something meaningful, something positive in an emergency parliamentary session. prime minister robert
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baylor, who took office last year, has apologized for what he called the serious shortcomings of the state. but while daphne kajuana galleys, see his family accept the apology, they say that campaigning won't stop unless a non partisan panel is set up to implement reforms recommended by the inquiry. they don't trust this country's political system. andrew simmons, which is era ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, the 1st group of afghans who helped american forces as arrived in the united states . president joe biden called it unimportant milestone. around $20000.00, more awaiting to be re settled. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it.


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