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the small change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. ah, a deadly attack on the main un compound in weston afghan. as dawn, as taliban fighters advanced into harass 50. this is the 1st afghans who was with american forces a given sanctuary, the united states, along with their families. ah,
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no, i married marcia watching al jazeera life from london. also coming up on the program more landslide 3 point bridges and roads offered to run, shield down for the cross. northern india and the host country expands its state of emergency to for more areas, following records, spike in coven infection. ah . comes to program our top story as the withdrawal from afghanistan of us slide forces near its completion government troops of battling to whole bank taliban fighters across the country in iraq in the west. the main united nations mission came on the deadly attack, struck by rocket propelled grenades and gunfire. according to the un assistant mission, it's not clear who is behind that assault both the united nations and the u. s.
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i've described it as deplorable and diplomatic editor james bay's reports now from the afghan capital campbell on fighting that continues to rage across the country. the security situation is not going the way the african government or the americans would like around can the ongoing caches in helmand also in the south, the neighboring province to canada, clashes that we understand that strikes again, we believe those might well have been us as strikes but the real focus of attention in recent hours is actually on the west of afghanistan, herat, the regional capital, the part, the big city in afghanistan closest to iran. well, we understand the taliban have been pushing around herat in a number of places, a number of different security incidents. and most worryingly, i think for the african government, according to local reports. is this fighting on the road between herat city and herat airport?
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we believe the airport is currently closed because of the fighting. we're also hearing the un compound, which is all that road from the city to the airport has come on the attack. i'm hearing from local sources that no us staff has been killed or injured. but there were guards working for the african government around that compound, and there are reports that some may have been taken injured. the reports were taken hostage. there are also reports that some been injured, and i've got one report that at least one has been killed. while the uncertainty and the violence has made many more afghans desperate to leave, the country, united nations is now warning one and a half 1000000 afghans might flee. by the end of the year, shall banish reports now from campbell on why so many a choosing to leave everything behind. before you reached the passport office and cobble you pass the stools of administrators, passport applicants pay them to do the paperwork. in 5 years mohammed out of his
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down this, he's never been busier. don't want to get john, go over the status of them. since there's been a lot of violence and the american forces are gone. people don't trust the security situation. that's why a lot of people are applying yet. most of them are families. they come in, apply with their children, 26 year olds, w lead heading isn't leaving years, but he sees everyone he knows is preparing for that day. that's how long you're jango. there's conflict in war in every district, so we're getting passports ready, in case the situation gets worse. so we can go away to a safe place. he's not alone at dawn, this is the queue to apply for passports, thousands a here every day. but the number of people leaving is even more. there is a constant stream of afghan refugees crossing into turkey near the iran border. the u. n. c is in the 3 weeks to july, the 15th up to 40 percent more african split without passport. so visas some using
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smugglers. turkey detained, 1500, mostly african migrants in one week. to make the journey and set up a new life, they need money. so as many prepared leave, they are selling their assets. the un migration agencies is 223-0000 people know escaping abroad every week. and at this rate, $1500000.00 africans could be headed towards europe by the end of the year. for 8 years now, the mohammed naughty and his best friends have made outside the sky. yes, they sit and talk for hours. says you the limit, tomorrow we will be alive the next 2nd. so that's why every person right now is in the process of trying to get out of the country. there is no place for afghans in this country anymore. susie years ago, nasa fled to denmark as a refugee. he only returned in 2001 when the us invaded the doctor. when the americans came and brought their forces,
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we thought we are saved. we thought all this misfortune is over. but now we think that was the start of our misfortune. most prized possessions passed down through families are also being left behind. hum, mohammed faces a conflict of interest as a 2nd hand dealer. he profits from the goods that come his way, but he knows what people are giving up in order to flee. yes, gonna stone. he wishes they didn't have to charlotte bellis o jazeera couple, and why some people are fleeing the 1st group of people who work for the americans have been warmly welcomed to the united states. more than $200.00 afghans who feared that work would make them a target for the taliban. are now settling into virginia from where hydro castro sent this report. the buses carrying former afghan interpreters and their families, including 57 children and 15 babies, arrived at the fort lee military base in virginia on friday morning. this is the
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1st place they'll lay their heads in the us safely away from the taliban, possible retribution for having worked with americans now leaving the war in afghanistan is completely like, i mean, starting new life here. mohammed knobby mohammed, he is preparing to welcome his cousin, who was on board the flight and we'll likely spend a week at the base for final immigration processing. both served as u. s. military translators, enough can stand. in fact, 5 brothers from the mohammed family all signed up for the job. now 3 are in the us while the 2 youngest remain in hiding in cobble. we love to work with the us government and government below over countries. so we wanted to serve are the people with janice and worry says he feel the same. he worked for 9 years as a translator on the front line against the taliban booster. he was granted his special immigrant visa in 2013 and now lives in virginia. all of us, we have
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a us flag on our shoulder, and we were fighting for 2 years for the flood, and we thought we were american should worry, is credited with saving the life of his assigned us soldier, army, captain, mat zeller during a fire fight. if he, those reunions take place makes all this work worth it. now, seller worries us will break its promise to save the remaining afghans who helped us troops were not doing what necessary to save these people every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban because it gives them just that much more time to hunt down these people and kill them. reports of taliban killing, come daily. this translator in cobble is afraid to show his face. he says he's been waiting 8 years for an american visa. i'm scared but you know, don't give me the visa, so i know when the target of the bad guys in here,
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maybe i will or some we're of. so i feel that now at least handed us evacuation twice a day would be required to get all special immigrant visa applicants out of afghanistan before the end of august. those were fighting to get them out here. that time is not on their side. heidi joe castro al jazeera or li virginia ah, monsoon reins of triggered more landslides and swept away more bridges and roads in northern india. at least 7 people died in this land. lion, how much of pradesh state others are also missing. and then in the indian administered territories of john kashmir. this with some of the damage that when a bridge collapse and the roads caved in. 160 people have died across the country
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in the last week because of torrential downpours. media comes on premier caller 15 years old and i have never seen such a severe flood in my life. it has caused a lot of distraction. we used to live without a bridge and now it's been billed. the flood is washed away. 24 year old activist has been jail for 9 years under hong kong, controversial national security rules. tony young kid is the 1st person try down the law and posed by fe jane last year. a day after it came into force, he wrote a motorbike into a group of police officers while flying an independent flag is found guilty of inciting secession and terrorism. china says it has a right to security and anti territory just like any other country. emory lau is the chair woman of the international affairs committee of hong kong democratic party and says, this won't stop the fight for civil rights. of course, it is a very, very heavy sentence. and if the chinese government wants to send a signal to the hong kong, people about not reaching the national security law,
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they have really done it quite successfully. and i think many people are being in jamaica ages and, but i just wanted to tell you the game is not over. we will continue to fight for civil and political rights. and in a way, it's really just stressing that in the judgement, there was little mention of the protection of civil and political rights, which i in fact, in the national security law. so now people just don't know whether these rights are protected at all the boundaries. i'm not very clear, and hence it make people even more be helpful. when i go to the unfolding humanitarian crisis and take rye, the unicef organisation is warmer, more than a 100000 children in the region, could suffer a life threatening acute malnutrition. in the next 12 months and less aid is allowed into that part of the children fondest. saying half of all pregnant
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breastfeeding women into grier acute, malnourished leaving them, and their babies prone to sickness. fighting between the european government and the 2 gripe people's liberation frances intensified since the t p. f captured much in the region last month. most aid is now blocked an agencies or warning of a catastrophic monitoring crisis that tens of thousands of people have been displaced. food stores have been looted without sufficient humanitarian assistance . child malnutrition will rise beyond the already alarming levels leading to increased risk of mortality among normal population units of ditch dispatching supplies. now to meet new emergency needs in a fire and i'm horror watching algebra lie from london more still to bring you on the program. look at dudley fires carney, sweeping turkey, southern coast present, promises fleets of helicopters and plains to fight them. they found out where not
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for my mother's assassination mold, i would have been transformed completely into a marcell state. and we hear from the family of a mother multi journalist saying that fight for justice will go on a hello there. let's have a look at the weather across australia and it's a very divided picture. we've got fine and dry conditions persisting in the north, but down in the south it is remaining rather wet and windy. we've got weather systems working their way in across the south, west, extending all the way to the south east. and we're seeing strong winds showers and storms that can be rain on schedule for much of the weekend for adelaide and melbourne as well as for perth. and with this system we are seeing some very strong
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winds. we've had a severe wind warning out for parts of victoria for damaging winds and coastal wind warning for areas of tasmania as the winds kick in this we can but to the north of this, it is looking very fine and dry and settled a lot of heat building across sensual areas and we could see all time high record for july hit for alice springs as we go into saturday, the temperature edging up to the early thirty's before dipping down again next week . and we hope across the tasman see, can you zealand it's looking fine and dry for the north island. lots of sunshine coming through before the south island. we've got a weather system sweeping in with a heavy rain warning for southern areas of the south island. as we go to sunday, a does clear and there will be some sunshine breaking through the weather bag energy and change to every part of our universe
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or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business oh, with a welcome back and watching al jazeera alive from london. a look at the top stories this out as escalating line now got his son and that's triggered a mass exodus from the country, which is continuing with the un saying it could eventually result in one and
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a half 1000000 people leaving by the end of the year in the latest fighting the u. s. main compound in western afghanistan came under attack at least one person killed. meanwhile president joe biden as welcome the 1st plain load of africans who worked alongside american forces into the united states. 221. people found that flight and the headline is out, a monsoon reigned in india triggered more landslide, sweeping away bridges, and roads in the northern part of the country is killed. at least 7 people. overall, a 160 people have died across the country in the past. week because of torrential downpours. well now the corona virus crisis in the lympics whole country is guessing, was japan's expanding state of emergency with restrictions remaining in tokyo until the end of next month. prime minister says the virus is spreading after unprecedented speed. and it's mostly because of the delta variant from the bride reports, with cases spiking, tokyo, it seems, has no choice,
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but to extend it state of emergency through to the end of august. how soon are going to deal with unprecedented speed infection is spreading in the capital and can cy area the delta variant of spreading with strength. and if this doesn't slow down, it will potentially lead to a medical health system crisis. japan is struggling with competing trends. the increasing spread of the more transmissible delta variant accounting. now, for nearly 3 quarters of all new cases in tokyo versus growing pandemic fatigue. with noticeably more people failing to stay off the streets than they did off the state of emergency announcements. in the past with the seat of emergency being enforced so many times i think people are starting not to take it so seriously. and because of that there have been more cases at this point. i think there's not much you can do, even if you get the corona virus, i don't want to get infected,
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but there are a lot of people who can't avoid it. states of emergency are expected to be extended to 3 more prefecture as neighboring, tokyo, as well as o. sucka, which was badly hit by an earlier wave of the pandemic in the spring when its hospital resources were stretched to the breaking point. the fear is unless this wave can be brought under control of the prefecture as will suffer a similar strain. cancer, it has been recognised that both the infection situation and the pressure on the medical care provision system is extremely severe. and still, even as these games finish their 1st week, protesters continue to demand that cancellation, taking the message to the office of the prime minister. ya, shaheed a suga in this election year, suga may find pushing ahead with these games will cost him politically, with still deep uncertainty over what price japan will bear in terms of public
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health. rob mcbride, al jazeera and hundreds of people in syria have demonstrated against civilian deaths in the south. had been protest across the northwest, including an ellipse 50 as well. people government to stop coming campaign in that province. 18 people were killed in the latest on. so on thursday, the u. n has a nice 2 and a half 1000 have been displaced in the last 3 days. series military is trying to crush rebellion by attacking the former positions from home with miss elton authentic shelling. now, tens of thousands of migrants from the caribbean and africa converging in a remote town in columbia to convenient hopping off point to get into central america. but at the final goal, the united states is still thousands of kilometers away. last america added salisia newman has this report. the tiny colombian town before play has few attractions except strategic locations. just to ferry right away from the
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panamanian border on the other side of the gulf who have exhausted my doings from haiti, cuba, and as far away as the gout, governor and fossil are converging the town by the thousands. this is one of the ladies route for caribbean and african my goods desperate can reach the united states like there by my boy. and we all know now it is my turn to start a new life and i'm going to do it together with my wife. thing got together with these cubans where focus on the same thing with a group of least 2 of human from and many more are coming on. this is not the end, or are we the last, almost every day more arrived for mothers, health american countries were to easier to obtain a visa, getting a seat on the ferry with a $50.00 ticket can take days. but that's the easy part. when to the rich panama, they face a treacherous trip, usually by foot,
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through the daddy in one of the world's most dense jungles. many will be preyed upon by snakes, insects, criminal gangs, and hunger as they make their way north. this year alone estimated 33000 my goods have passed through here on their way to panama. from here they had to mexico in equally dangerous journey. in photo. i'm me get out. today alone, we have seen approximately 700 migrants according to the boat operators. we see queues and the large crowd, which draws our attention, and we have to report it to the local, deport medical and national health authorities. so that we can address the situation together. at the height of the pandemic and columbia as borders were closed and the flow of undocumented migrants had diminished sharply. but now that measures have been somewhat relaxed. these uncertain journeys are again on the rise sand, by even worse conditions these migrants home to see in human al jazeera,
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now on the land group say they're being forced to stack and provide security for communities in southern mexico that are being ignored by the government. one group says it's the only protection they have against to massive drug cartels on rapids has the story now from mexico city. 70. the tensions are high in the village of by the law in southern mexico. local see violence link to drug cartels is worsening. and with no effect of police presence, it's given rise to an armed vigilante collective who called themselves l. much it like that. there is no security here. no peace, no tranquillity. there's only fear crying and fear, extortion, and intimidation. and let's not start with corruption. this week, government office buildings, businesses and homes in the area were set on fire. local say the arsonists were protesting. what they say is a lack of action by the government to address the worsening violence. in recent
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days, members of l much it, they also reportedly kidnapped 21 people who they say belong to criminal organizations operating in the law. and like i said, we entered the municipal seat of all the communities and neighborhoods that make up the municipality and bring justice ourselves to raid the houses of the murderers of the drug traffickers and not the people who are innocent. so cold self defense collectives are not unique to chiapas were sitting violence in many parts of the country has led to the creation of armed self defense forces in states like get a little and be chicken as well. experts say the rise of vigilante groups in mexico is muddying the waters of an already difficult fight between security forces and organized criminal gangs. making it even harder to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad. it's unclear who the leader of l much it is with the activities of the armed collective have attracted the attention of top mexican officials. remember a can no. so to the starters,
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we do not agree with these self defense groups. under no circumstances do we accept that groups are being armed and calling themselves self defense. it's the government's responsibility to guarantee peace. and that's what we're doing. but indigenous communities throughout mexico say that's not the case. pointing to successive governments, they say, have ignored their concerns for generations. since june of this year, confrontations involving vigilantes have become increasingly common and shoppers where the sin, lo and lisco, cartels are said to be buying for control of territory. considered prime for drug smuggling and human trafficking. human rights observers in the regency, thousands of people have been internally displaced by localized fighting in recent months. with no obvious signs of government support the vigilant who say they are alone in defending them and their livelihood maneuvered up a little al jazeera mexico city in turkey. wildfires have killed at least 4 people . they've been burning all week long, turkeys, mediterranean and g and coast. more than 65 have been reported binding down homes
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and forcing the evacuation of villages and beach resorts. sam cassie only reports from sam bo terrifying and the throwing everything in their path. for the 2nd day firefighters, have them best think blazes in the coastal town of mars homes, hotels in an area popular with taurus, all evacuated as the fires continue to rage in mono. got some 6 to 5 kilometers. is the fun salad. yeah. put in. fair. has been added, deadliest, claiming the lives of an 82 year old men, and a married couple who died in their home. dozens of fires at cross 17 provinces have been burning across southern turkey in the past few days. stokes, by soaring temperatures and fears, when a hoot challenge for the more than 4000 firefighters hoping to engage in the fight to control it by international effort unions. you're going to still most
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were fighting the fires. we 45 specialized helicopters and 5 planes. we bought from russia and ukraine following a telephone conversation with us by john. i will send another plane that will be very useful work powerfully and quickly to english fires young drones also being used for reconnaissance melodies. office will say the releases are gradually being brought under control. investigations are now underway into how these disastrous fire started. the authorities have not true about sabotaged the wildfires, are one more natural catholic ro for the country, which has already had to contend with drought and marine waste clogging a part. so the cause this year and other environmental blow that will require a swift and serious solution center console, the ounces you are a family of multi is investigative journalist. daphne kajuana,
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galaxy has welcomed an inquiry. finding that the multi state has to bear responsibility for the independent inquiry said the government write a culture of impunity. but it's so sure says claiming it directly for her killing. and her family says it isn't enough to stop that campaign for justice and resume as reports. daphne kajuana kelly c. a shook the state of malta to its foundations with her revelations of corruption and government business, the banks and the police. while she was silenced by a car bomb in 2017, murdered for what she knew. and now after a tireless campaign led by her family, a public inquiry has concluded that the state has to bear responsibility because it created a culture of impunity. it also said there had been a breakdown of law order. the inquiry actually found this to be the case. they identified a network, a web, both control not prevented state will. dorothy is from protecting my mother and
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from acting on the findings of corruption in the government. yeah, under the pressure of protests prime minister joseph most got resigned, but denied any wrong doing before her murder carolina glitzy had effectively caused annuity election. she indicated powerful figures in government. big business in the panama paper scandal exposing use of tex nathan's brother, which she also published allegations of links between business and government, allowing criminal deal makers into the country with passports and residency. the families legal team say the whole of moultrie should be grateful for her actions. it has to be the assassination of a brave journalist to stop the country from becoming an entrenched mafia state. this isn't the end of the story by any means. one of the 3 men charged with murder has been jail for 15 years, but the others have yet to go on trial and prosecute to say,
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the bombing was financed and organized by this man. you organ finnic, a business man alleged to have government contracts. he's pleaded not guilty to complicity in the killing. my mother that wasn't just painful for my family. it was a trauma inflicted on the entire country. and i think it's, it's essential that that trauma be transformed into something meaningful, something positive in an emergency parliamentary session. prime minister, robert, a bela who took office last year has apologized for what he called the serious shortcomings of the state. but while daphne kajuana galaxy is family accept the apology, they say that campaigning won't stop unless a non partisan panel is set up to implement reforms recommended by the inquiry. they don't trust this country's political system. andrew simmons, i was 0. now one of the story to bring you from southern argentina where
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a lagoon has time, deep pangs causing alarm amongst environmentalists. they say it's all down to pollution from a nearby industrial park. one expert says the color is down to is from so sodium sulfite, which is used by fish farms and that no fish wildlife can now survive in this water . not a 1st time this particular reservoir of the southern city of charlotte has changed color. but this time, the shade is more intense, and people living there by reporting a foul stench. the main stories now and the united states has condemned an attack on the un compound in west and africanist on. at least one person was killed in the attack in iraq. the us ambassadors, the un describe the act as deplorable and said the perpetrators must be found.
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there's been intense fighting between government forces and the taliban in that part of the country and diplomatic added to james bass has more on the.


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