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all the way from northern parts of spain, across the pyrenees and the alps, and heading for the east. it's going to intensify as we get into some day. and if we take a closer look, it's not just going to be more than parts of it. and that once again are inundated with heavy rain, but also switzerland and austria as well. as slovakia, we could see some flash flooding where those rains for heaviest to the south though the heat is on. we have got some heat advisories out for parts of the balkans and for turkey. those hot and dry conditions are continuing to fuel those wild fires in the south west and the heat continues for much a grease and fi, christmas scene. the temperature edge up into the early forty's. for much of the weekend the the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions, finding young and keeping his cultural tradition,
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nurturing the musical islands as his community had been playing to dream music from monday morning to outside world tenzing, his families land, the most quality thing that club brought to my mind, you actually start doing this. hector began the music man, mice and bob, we own our just the euro. cut out one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i won a contract, needed to open and develop it for international shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade in money, skillfully enough re key is up to about filling up from the connecting the world, connecting the future got cut to gateway to whoa trade. oh,
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i welcome back. the main stories now, the escalating wine is now gone. it's done. this triggered a mass exodus from the country, which the united nations, as could see one and a half 1000000 people leave by the end of the year. in the latest fighting, the u. s. main compound in western afghanistan came under attack was at least one person killed. meanwhile, president joe biden is walking the 1st plane out of africa who worked on fight american forces in the united states. 221 people on board that flight. and around the top story, this out of the monsoon range triggered more landslide, sweeping away bridges and rows in northern india and killing at least 7 people. 160 people have died across the country in the past week because of torrential downpours. now unicef is warning that more than
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a 100000 children integra could suffer a life threatening acute malnutrition in the next 12 months. and less aid is allowed into the e. c o p region. the u. s. children fonda saying half of all pregnant and breast feeding women into grier, acute, malnourished, leaving them in their babies, prone to sickness. fighting between the philippine government and the 10 great people's liberation front is intensified since the tpl. i've captured much of the region last month. most of the ages now blocks and agencies, or warning of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis. 20 tens of thousands of people have been displaced. food stores have been looted without sufficient humanitarian assistance . child malnutrition will rise beyond the already alarming levels leading to increased risk of mortality. amount of honorable population unit that is ditch this bashing supplies now to meet new emergency needs in a fire and i'm horror. a convoy of over 200 tracks, easel needs we now from fair mirror to mckelly. this is
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a drop in the ocean. we need at least 100 trucks to be matching the away every day degree. if we understand a chance to the fact the catastrophic situation, which we had to day to his private and has issued a statement saying that he will not be come a dictator. this is officer security forces arrested a member of parliament. it described the president, seizure of government powers, as a co usury is also investigating for members of the an after party, over violence outside parliament on monday, after president chi said, announced emergency powers for include the bodyguard of russia. if i knew she party leader and speaker of the now dissolved parliament and party members also describes that. it's actually cuz they held a fishing outside parliament, which then descended into crashes with support of the presidents. and now the funeral procession is turned violent in the occupied west. bankers,
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mourners and israeli soldiers clashed security forces, fire rubber coated steel, bullets, don grenades, and tear gas. people mourning the death of show, cut out. some of the mourners could be seen throwing stones 20 year old show cut, died on 1st day off. of course in similar scuffles at the funeral of a 12 year old boy. hundreds of syrians have demonstrated against civilian deaths and the south of the country. these protests have been across the northwest including enabling 15 as well. they want the government to stop at bombing campaign in apartment 18 people killed in the latest on thursday. the series military is trying to crush your belly. and by attacking the form of physicians from hold with missiles and artillery shannon, the family of multi investigative journalist, daphne kajuana, galaxy as wealth and inquiry, finding that the multi state has to bear responsibility to murder. the independent
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inquiry said the government write a culture of impunity, but it stopped short of directly blaming it, killing the family says it isn't enough to stop my campaign for justice. under simmons reports, daphne kajuana, kelly c. a shook the state of malta to its foundations with her revelations of corruption and government business, the banks and the police. while she was silenced by a car bomb in 2017, murdered for what she knew. and now, after a tireless campaign led by her family, a public inquiry has concluded that the state has to bear responsibility because it created a culture of impunity. it also said there had been a breakdown of law order. the inquiry actually found this to be the case, they identified a network, a web, both control not prevented state or dorothy is from protecting my mother and from acting on the findings of corruption in the government under the pressure
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of protests prime minister, joseph moscow resigned. but denied any wrong doing before her murder carolina had effectively calls to know the election. she hated powerful figures in government, big business in the panama paper, scandal exposing use of tex nathan's by the rich. she also published allegations of links between business and government, allowing criminal deal makers into the country with passports and residency. the families legal team, say the whole of molten should be grateful for her actions. it has to be the assassination of a brave journalist to stop this country from becoming an entrenched mafia state. this isn't the end of the story by any means. one of 3 men charged with murder has been jail for 15 years, but the others have yet to go on trial and prosecute, say, the bombing was financed and organized by this man. you're going finnic, a business man alleged to have government contracts. he's pleaded not guilty to
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complicity in the killing. my mother's death wasn't just painful for my family. it was a trauma inflicted on the entire country. and i think it's, it's essential that that trauma be transformed into something meaningful, something positive in an emergency parliamentary session. prime minister, robert a baylor, who took office last year, has apologized for what he called the serious shortcomings of the state. but while daphne carolina got e c as family accept the apology, they say that campaigning won't stop unless a non partisan panel is set up to implement reforms recommended by the inquiry. they don't trust this country's political system. andrew simmons, which is 0 now to peruse and you hard left prime minister as try to calm invest his worries. after the president petro castillo, gave key cabinet post to members of his marxist party. g. do. a beta told report
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says that everything's going to be fine, but that fail to reassure the markets as castillo celebrates of the countries independent and military parade. currency weekend to an old time closing low against the dollar. a steel pledge to distribute wealth more evenly during his election campaign. marianna sanchez joins is live now from lena and obviously present castillo is only been in office for a few days already. many people, they're not happy, especially off to do baby does appointment. now why is he so controversial? that's right, marianne, just 48 hours since presidents of the year was over the government and there is a lot of problems coming up. if you look in the you appointed, get over. you asked the prime minister, a man who is very controversial because he's
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a massage honest and homophobic. and he has given an apology for terrorism, which is a crime in proved if there is a sensitive issue in peru, it is anything related to the armed conflict that took place with the shining past year between the years in 1980, and 2000 and an apology for terrorism is a crime in so much, so that's a be, you know, who is on the next. it's congress and now was banned just hours before he was appointed as prime minister, as from participating in the defense, unintelligence committees of congress. now being a prime minister or cabinet chief us, as we call it, call this post inter room. she has access to that information and also it is his party. he is a member of this left wing extremist, the freebies party that just, you know, represents. and he has been appointed in a very important post. now, the question is, who is going to rule?
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what happened to castillo, with all this, talk about being a moderate, that he was going to have an inclusive government. and then what happens is this man is appointed and who is calling the shots, is will it be a garcia? will it be the leader of the party? like you said, ron? or what has happened with garcia? did she lie to peruvians about what he was going to do for his next government? mariam? so how people responding to that was just hearing or just we know that the currency is suffering and weakening and that's a sign of invest concerns and continued financially. economic uncertainty, how to peruvians feel about this? well, i think per williams are very, very worried about what is happening is there is like you were saying before the markets half is half dipped. is it the stock stock exchange market for the price of the dollar?
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has increased in the past few weeks, nearly $12000000000.00 have left the private bank check out to people who are afraid of what may happen in peru if, if they will. the government will respect private property. so there is a lot of uncertainty and political crisis in the making that is really deepening by the hour. marianne, thank you very much from nina marianna sanchez. thank you. arm vigilant group say they're being forced to step in and provide security for communities in sullen mexico that is being ignored by the government. one group is saying that it's the only protection they have against to massive drug cartels by your rapid reports. now, from mexico city, tensions are high in the village of by the law in southern mexico. local see violence linked to drug cartels is worsening. and with no effect of police presence, it's given rise to an armed vigilante collective who called themselves l. much it
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like that. there is no security here. no peace, no tranquillity. there's only fear crying and fear, extortion, and intimidation. and let's not start with corruption. this week, government office buildings, businesses and homes in the area were set on fire. local say the arsonists were protesting. what they say is a lack of action by the government to address the worsening violence. in recent days, members of l much it, they also reportedly kidnapped 21 people who they say belong to criminal organizations operating in the law. and we entered the municipal seat of all the communities and neighborhoods that make up the municipality and bring justice ourselves to raid the houses of the murderers of the drug traffickers and not the people who are innocent, melodic so called self defense. collectives are not unique to us. we're sitting violence in many parts of the country has led to the creation of armed self defense forces in states like get a to and me chicken as well. experts say the rise of vigilante groups in mexico is
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muddying the waters of an already difficult fight between security forces and organized criminal gangs. making it even harder to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad. it's unclear who the leader of l much it is with the activities of the armed collective have attracted the attention of top mexican officials. remember a can. so to the starters, we do not agree with these self defense groups. under no circumstances do we accept that groups are being armed and calling themselves self defense. it's the government's responsibility to guarantee peace. and that's what we're doing. but indigenous communities throughout mexico say that's not the case. pointing to successive governments, they say, have ignored their concerns for generations. since june of this year, confrontations involving vigilantes have become increasingly common and she others where the sin low in lisco. cartels are said to be buying for control of territory . considered prime for drug smuggling and human trafficking. human rights observers
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in the region see thousands of people have been internally displaced by localized fighting in recent months. with no obvious signs of government support the vigilant who say they are alone in defending them and their livelihood maneuvered up a little al jazeera mexico city. now to turkey, wildfires have killed at least 4 people have been burning all week long turkey's mediterranean and g and coast. more than 65 report's had burning down homes. enforcing the evacuation of villages and beach resorts sam conceal new reports from istanbul. terrifying and destroying everything in their path for the 2nd day firefighters, have them best thing. blazes in the coastal town of marbury homes, hotels in an area popular with taurus, all evacuated as the fires continue to rage in mono. got some 6 to 5 kilometers. is the fun salad. yeah. in fair no, has been edit that lives claiming the lives of an 82 year old men and
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a married couple who died in their home. dozens of fires that cross 17 provinces have been burning across southern turkey in the past few days. stokes, by soaring temperatures and fears, when a hoot challenge for the more than 4000 firefighters hoping to engage in the fight to control the place by international effort. unions you can little to stimulus will were fighting the fires were 45 specialized helicopters, and 5 planes we bought from russia and ukraine, following a telephone conversation with us by john. i will send another plane that will be very useful and we'll work powerfully and quickly to extinguish fi as young drones also being used for reconnaissance facilities. office will say the lasers are gradually being brought under control. investigations are now under way into how these disastrous fire started. the authorities have not ruled out to sabotage. the
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wildfires are one more natural catholic ro for the country, which has already had to contend with drought. and marina waste clogging a part, so the cost this year and other environmental blow that will require a swift and serious solution center console to 0. now iraq relies on rivers for water to drink and to keep crops and animals allies. but after decades of dining and rerouting by its rousing bites neighbors, many watercourses on now dry up. and it's not one of the wide reports from de la province, it could change ancient ways of life. this is not a field, it's a league except there is no water. so grass is growing and feeding the sheep lake other water streams in eastern iraq. henry lake has been drying up since iran has started diverting with the river flow near its border with iraq. now live in
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the yellow province is all about drought cannot that were once full of water now filled with rubbish. nearby orchards and farm's auto withered, dislocated landscape. about 65 percent of the yellow resident, 3 light on agriculture. many of them have now left dead roots are all the remain valley middle eggs orange and pump greenage orchard. he says some of his neighbors have had to take on construction jobs and pay daily land. um, connie had been cutting in the a few farmers managed to dig wells to irrigate the land. we buy underground water for household use and it's too costly because we've lost our farms. only source of income tankers now provide the water supply for many areas. but in some remote villages, water from wells is disseminated and sold for drinking. officials say that cannot
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be sustainable off guy, but he we can't rely on well water for a long time. we have suspended all agricultural activities. the 2 countries must start negotiations and come up with an immediate solution to the crime. iran and iraq had a 975 agreement for shared water. but that fell apart when the 2 countries went to war. in the 1980s henry lake used to hold more than 2000000000 cubic meters of water. though because of iran's dam program, it is lost much of that capacity. it is resulted in the yellow river drying up seriously, affecting one of iraq's 2 major river sources. the tigris iraq has been suffering significant water shortages in several other regions with the flows of the tigris and euphrates rivers. the country's life lions also obstructed by dams built by turkey, expert se, unless a deal can be achieved on water supplies. hundreds of thousands of hector's of
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agricultural lands could disappear and that could cause a major population shift in the region. abroad had al jazeera india or province eastern, a iraq arching the news ally from london still ahead. ah, i'm the richardson up the tow carolyn pigs organizes has said some people working on the games have been breaking strict cove at 19 safety rooms. ah ah
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ah ah ah with me ah ah ah,
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i'm his fault with peter. man, thank you so much. tennis will nimble another chunk of it's his quest for a golden flam is over the 3rd was defeated by alexander of germany in the semi final thing. so kid, chuck, of which was aiming to become the 1st man for when all 4 grand slam titles and the limpid gold in the same year. make that worth you also lost the semi final of the mixed doubles. the 1st track and field gold medal of the games has been one that's going to is a cell him on that i got the 21 year old winning the men's 10000 meters. he finished the hate of will record, hold a joshua chip, the gay of uganda in what was an all african podium. so i forgot i came there for the gold medal of these games. tatiana school market winning the women's to underneath the brick stroke in woo, ricker time. 24 year old who will really succeed over in the 100 meter break stress
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on tuesday. finished point 97 seconds ahead of her american women's will champions the usa of the real scale earlier to reach the olympic football semi's. they scrape past the netherlands with a 4 to penalty. she said when the game finishing to all of the extra time, the u. s are looking to win a 5th and then pick title. ellen pig organizes acknowledged for the 1st time that people within the protective bubble have been mixing with the why the japanese population. but they insist there is no link between the games and the record, spike and current of ours numbers in the japanese capital. and richardson reports from took care. this was a day when fans should have been keeping up at so close national stadium to watch the 1st track and field events. instead, a view of the olympic rings outside the venue is the best they can hope for future concerns over the spread of corona virus. the japanese public is being kept away from the athletes organizes insist,
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these competitors attested more often to covey. 19 than any other community in the world and say, there is no link between the gangs taking place and inspection rates hitting record levels in this city. but olympic officials have the 1st time admitted not everyone connected to the games is following the rules about minimizing contact with the white population. there has been some cases that the, those accreditations were temporary suspended. we are not keeping specific numbers today, but there has been a certain number of cases we have other est tokyo is officially under a state of emergency as dramatic as that sounds. it's a request rather than a law or an order and it relies on public corporation government critics carrying on with the games is sending the wrong signals actual the hampering the message of staying at home by the government by making the leap again. so it did,
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so don't be producing at the most of the up up, the reason that nothing is going on. and that if i were happy here, 80 linked to the current increase of the infection, i think 27 new eliminate related cases of covey 19 were reported on friday. 3 australian athletes remain in isolation. after coming into contact with american po, voltage at some kendricks who's out of the games after a positive test, i believe those a mixture of maybe a brief hug and handshake from some others. but i haven't done all the details except that it was brief and but you know, again it's, and we can understand how these things occur. but what's a reminder that we, this is a games that's different than we just can't afford to take that sort of risks. it all means a once in a generation sporting event has the most japanese being reduced to
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a brief photo opportunity. and the richardson al jazeera, tokyo, england crickets. the ban stokes has become the latest high profile that's the, to prioritize, mental health of the competition. won't get winning. all rounder is taking an indifferent break from crickets to focus on his mental well being. and also to fully recover from a finger injury sticks as news follows us gymnast simone bio pulling out of limping events and they are mia socket. taking a break from tennis for mental health purposes. barcelona rel, madrid and you vent a so i'll say to continue their pursuit of a break away. european super league on friday, a court ruled that the continents governing body wafer terminate disciplinary proceedings against the founding members of the breakaway league. fos rail and uva were among a group of 12 clubs that 1st announced the new super league in april. however, the other 9 teams quickly withdrew following a backlash off and all have completed. one of the english families biggest transfer
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deals of the summer. so far they find england defend, been white for a reported $70000000.00 from brighton. the 3, the 3 year old joins on a long term contract with the gun is looking to rebuild because of texas side finished 8th in the last season. and embarking on the 1st campaign out of europe for 26 years. that's where we'll leave it for now. more sports needs coming up a little bit later. marian back to you in london. the thanks pizza. and i just, one of the stories to bring you nasa saying the international space station was briefly thrown, of course on thursday, off the annuity arrive russian module malfunction. 3 out of the now, camacho lashed onto the space station and jet thrust is inadvertently fired, causing the station to pitch out of position. more than 400 kilometers above us. malfunction force the mission flight directed to declare a spacecraft emergency that the crew was not in any danger. russia has blamed it on a software fatally. i think we've all experienced that in some shape or form.
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that's it for the news. i'll see you in a couple of minutes. ah, news news. i told him, sir, it should be about lazy crisis and harley down to the time we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in time in that says, i don't have the baby has the task of fixing a war torn economy. counting the cost on al jazeera, the journey to work can be
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a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages, traversing one of the world's most dangerous way is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get to survive. risking is all peruse allergies, 0 me be the hero, the world needs right now. i wash your, ah, with energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your bill. ah, a deadly attack on the main un compound in west and i've got to st on as taliban fighters advanced into harass 50. this is the 1st afghans who works with american forces a given sanctuary, the united states, along with their families.


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