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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2021 12:00am-12:31am AST

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last thousands of our program award winning documentaries. and you get to choose subscribe to. you choose dot com forward slash al jazeera english. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i am mariam demising watching the news our life from london coming up in the next 60 minutes doing it dawned to get out of afghanistan, surge, and violence as foreign troops withdraw, triggers an exodus house of the country. this is the 1st africans who works with american forces, a given sanctuary in the us, along with their families. more landslide, sweet boy,
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bridges and roads after torrential downpours across northern india and a double set back for donald trump and the justice department. health, treasury, to hand over his tax returns, and releases a damning number. and i'm he to send it all that all your sports, no back joker, which is hope for the golden flam over the news is against alexander, that it's in the semifinals of tokyo again. ah hello, welcome to the news. our top story at taliban is taking more territory in afghanistan and violence is sweeping the country rowing numbers of people doing anything they can to leave. the un migration agency is saying 223-0000 afghans and now escaping abroad every week. that rate, it believes one and
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a half 1000000 people might have left by the end of the year, based as the 1st $200.00 also of what could be $50000.00 afghans who worked for americans of arrived in the united states. charlotte palace reports now from the afghan capital combo on the many people leaving everything behind in order to escape. before you reach the passport office and cobble you pass the stools of administrators, passport applicants pay them to do the paperwork in 5 years. mohammed s of has done this. he's never been busy. i don't want to get john, go over to them, since there's been a lot of violence and the american forces are gone. people don't trust the security situation. that's why a lot of people are applying yet most of them are families. they come in, apply with their children, 26 year olds, w letting isn't leaving years, but he sees everyone he knows is preparing for that day. for the jungle. there's
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conflict in war and every district, so we're getting passports ready, in case the situation gets worse. so we can go away to a safe place. he's not alone at dawn, this is the queue to apply for passports, thousands a here every day. but the number of people leaving is even more. there is a constant stream of african refugees crossing into turkey near the iran border. the u. n. c is in the 3 weeks to july, the 15th up to 40 percent more ask and split without passport. so visas some using smugglers. turkey detained, 1500, mostly ask and migrants in one week to make the journey and set up a new life. they need money. so as many prepared leave, they are selling their assets. the you ins, migration agencies is 20 to 30000 people know escaping abroad. every week and at this rate, $1500000.00 africans could be headed toward europe by the end of the year. for 8
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years now, the mohammed na city and his best friends have meet outside the sky. yes, they sit and talk for hours. says you remember we don't know if we'll be alive the next 2nd, so that's why every person right now is in the process of trying to get out of the country. there is no place for afghans in this country anymore. 30 years ago now, the fled to denmark as a refugee, he only returned in 2001, when the us invaded the doctor. when the americans came and brought their forces, we thought we are saved. we thought all this misfortune is over. but now we think that was the start of our misfortune. most prized possessions passed down through families are also being left behind. hum, mohammed faces a conflict of interest as a 2nd hand dealer. he profits from the goods that come his way, but he knows what people are giving up in order to flee. yes, jenna stone. he wishes they didn't have to. charlotte bellis
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o. jazeera couple. and diplomatic edits. james bay's reports now from the afghan capital campbell on fighting across the country and a deadly attack on a un compound in the west. the security situation is not going the way the african government or the americans would like around can off ongoing crashes in helmand, also in the south, the neighboring province to canada. caches that we understand that as strikes again, we believe those might well have been us as strikes. but the real focus of attention in recent hours is actually on the west of afghanistan and iraq, the regional capital, the part, the big city in afghanistan closest to iran. well, we understand that taliban have been pushing around herat in a number of places. a number of different security incidents and most worryingly, i think for the african government, according to local reports, is this fighting on the road between harass city and herat airport. we believe the
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airport is currently closed because of the fighting. we're also hearing the un compound, which is all that road from the city to the airport has come on the attack. i'm hearing from local sources that no un stuff had been killed or injured. but there were guards working for the african government around that compound. and there are reports that some may have been taken injured, the reports been taken hostage. there also reported some been injured and i've got one report that at least one has been killed. meanwhile, us president joe biden has welcome the 1st plane load of afghans who worked alongside american forces into the united states. 221 people including 57 children and 15 babies were on the flight. they were taken on buses to for a military base in the state of virginia, so far, 20000 others of apply for special immigrant visas. and what's been a long and complicated process. many of them are interpreters who are considered
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a major target for the taliban. we're running out of time and we're not doing what's necessary to save these people. and every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban, because it gives them just that much more time to hide down these people and kill them. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it, even in our dream and all of us. we have a us flag on our shoulder. and we were fighting for the year for the flood. and we thought we were american. we considered our self with an american because we were, we were serving this country or neural how can i see me fled to afghanistan and 999 with his family and founded the african on central asian association, which helps refugees here in the u. k. joins me now from london. you must be in touch with many afghans in the country. we're seeing a taliban increasing that control of territory around big cities and
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provincial capitals. what are people in afghanistan telling you about their plans now as well? what i go see? i have to tell you that people have gone on the inside and outside of the country. they are very, very anxious to see the situation is the 3 thing. mississippi asian is getting wars the told that after that tooth after the need to intervention into though the one that is your community will have an obligation to bring peace and stability to suspend the peace and security in the country infrastructure of the country by then suddenly in 2020 the us up ministration and all of that, we do our troops. a problem i've counted on by the september 11 this year the
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people have gone to something they still haven't. let us use content. they don't know what's happening in the next few months. there is a city of uncertainty within the people who have its own outside and inside. i was hearing that, you know, in coal people, they just want to find a way how they can leave the company all do. there are some program brand boy, the whole office to being some of the translators and totally from i've got a song, but the biggest problem is not just the most translators and turkey. it has been working with a really big enough gunner song. there are millions of people who doesn't have any choice tonight. can i ask you, have you been, have you been contacted by anyone inside the country? we have already received number of messages through the social media to see
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hundreds of emails for the fall. one month, they are asking us a little bit into how we can help those people to contact the unit or to contact the some of the embassies. but the problem is that, that you and normally they have their own policy. there are only a camper built to support people in the country and order them for insight. i've got a song to forgive me. does that mean that i mean we're already seeing an exodus or anything? many people trying to flee the country? does that mean that we will see a large proportion of africa and fleeing to places like iran or pakistan and then they might try to to make plans further plans for man the migration. how lydia is started to eat on a focus on that or over 5000 my going on for me. i've got to sell all
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ready and enter in total kid from total care of the people who are trying to get to lead to italy. and then from italy to you key. but then looking at the new bill introduced by the home figure, the patel which makes everyone very concerned in the human rights organizations saying that people, they are funny to ever even get a companies because of torture, diffusion and the new bill and interviewed by the homesick that they make their life all new people, buddy, buddy, buddy, thank you very much hack and i see me for joining us from london. appreciate it. thank you. watching the news, our life from london. more still ahead on the program. united nations is wanting more than 100000 children, could die of hunger in ethiopia to grow region in the next 12 months and convicted
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under hong kong security, lower jail for 9 years, and a case which could define the 15th future. and in for the 1st metal is awarded it's track and field competition gets on the way that the total and ah, one soon reigns of triggered more landslides and swept away more bridges and roads in northern india. at least 7 people died in this land slide. and be much pradesh state with others still missing. and then in the indian administered territories of gentlemen kashmir. this was the damage cause when a bridge collapsed and roads caved in. 160 people across the country have died in the last week. the cause of torrential downpours. media comes on premier caller 15
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years old and i have never seen such a severe flood in my life. it has caused a lot of distraction. we used to live without a bridge and now it's been billed. the flood is washed away. news from hong kong now or 24 year old activist has been jailed for 9 years under the territories controversial national security rules, tongue in kit as a 1st pass and tried under the law imposed by bay ging last year. the day after it came into force, he wrote a motorbike into a group of police officers while flying an independent flag has been found guilty of inciting succession and terrorism. china says it has a right to secure, seen out of the terrible, just like any other country. emily allows the chair woman of the international affairs committee of hong kong as democratic party. she says, this won't stop the fight for civil rights. of course, it's a very, very heavy sentence, and if the chinese government wants to send a signal to the home, people about not reaching the national security law,
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they have really done it quite successfully. and i think many people are being in jamaica ages and, but i just wanted to tell you the game is not over and we will continue to fight for civil and political rights. and what do you say you're stressing that in the judgment, there was little mention of the protection of civil and political rights, which i in fact in the national security law. so now people just don't know whether these rights are protected at all the boundaries. i'm not very clear, and hence it make people even more vehicle and all the stories of falling. the corona virus crisis in the lympics house country is getting worse. japan is expanding its state of emergency with restrictions remaining in place in tokyo until the end of next month. the prime minister says the virus is spreading is unprecedented, right? and it's mostly because of the delta variant,
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rama brian reports. now with cases spiking, tokyo, it seems, has no choice, but to extend its state of emergency through to the end of august. how soon are going to deal with unprecedented speed? the infection is spreading in the capital and can cy area. the delta variant is spreading with strength. and if this doesn't slow down, it will potentially lead to a medical health system crisis. japan is struggling with competing trends. the increasing spread of the more transmissible delta variant accounting. now, for nearly 3 quarters of all new cases in tokyo versus growing pandemic fatigue. with noticeably more people failing to stay off the streets than they did after state of emergency announcements in the past with the seat of emergency being enforced so many times i think people are starting not to take it so seriously. and because of that, there have been more cases at this point. i think there's not much you can do,
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even if you get the corona virus, i don't want to get infected. but there are a lot of people who can't avoid it. states of emergency are expected to be extended to 3 more prefecture as neighboring, tokyo, as well as o. sucka, which was badly hit by an early wave of the pandemic in the spring when its hospital resources were stretched to the breaking point. the fear is, unless this wave can be brought under control of the prefect, yours will suffer a similar strain. and because it has been recognised that both the infections situation and the pressure on the medical care provision system is extremely severe . and still, even as these games finish their 1st week, protesters continue to demand that cancellation, taking their message to the office of the prime minister. ja shahid, a suga in this election year, suga may find pushing ahead with these games will cost him politically,
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with still deep uncertainty over what price japan will bear in terms of public health. rub, mcbride, al jazeera. elsewhere, china is battling its 1st major covered 19 outbreak and months honoring the 84 cases have been diagnosed hundreds of thousands of people and now in locked down in ginger province. costa was 1st detected in the regional capital, non ging, but as spread to 5 all the provinces and to beijing. officials believe the surgeons linked to the delta variant. and then thailand is bonding domestic travels, the tourist hotspots of cat next month after but foreign is vaccinated against co that they will still be welcome. the resort island, is it a center of efforts to revive the tourism industry, which was devastated during the past 18 months? thailand itself was mostly on the scale by the pandemic until only recently. but on thursday, it reported more than 17000 infections. and $165.00 deaths, which are both rec, or daily highs. and as those cases rise,
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time government is warning people against spreading what it calls damaging information. honors there is tony chang has more than this now from bangkok. well, this is, i think, some of a shock to people who are really wishing the gun would concentrate its efforts on trying to resolve the dramatic rises in an infection rate and that we've seen over the past 3 weeks. nonetheless, the government has published new regulations saying that it will have people who publish misinformation. they're using the term fake news financially as it's described in the law. it says anyone who creates panic amongst the public, by publishing information regarding the coven 19 crisis. now they've actually had these pounds since they introduced the lockdown measures 2 weeks ago, but they've decided to tighten them up. the prime minister and the person in charge of the digital ministry said they would be enforced. they've asked internet service
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providers to shut down the eyes piece of any one they feel is guilty of doing this . but i think basically there is, it's an indication that there is a lot of criticism out there about the government now living to africa and in uganda. the president has extending restrictions to contain the virus off to the countries death toll increased 6 fold since the month of may. a nighttime coffee will be enforced in places of worship or main close for the next 60 days. schools are also stay closed until the country complaints at vaccination program. only about a 1000000 of uganda is population of 45000000 have been vaccinated so far. and then in canyon, the government there is extending its nighttime curfew and binding all public gatherings as it struggles to control a surgeon curve. at 19 cases, health minister is warning. the hospitals are overwhelmed and people who get sick will not have access to
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a bed. kenya has been on the some of the some form of coffee since march last year . now recorded more than 200000 cases. and nearly 4000 death. we go to italy, now. the country is fully vaccinated, more than half of its population over the age of 12, but not collecting hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants is proving a challenge as adam rainy reports now from just outside run the night on a recent evening in room a couple of dozen people get their jabs had a pop up, cooper 19 center. some are homeless. others are immigrants, clinics like this are the only chance they have to get vaccinated below final thought and you can't get it vaccine appointments, a health card or visit a doctor if you'd like me and your residency isn't sorted out for medical media. but i'm wondering in, across italy, there are more than 600000 people who live in work without documents,
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many of them migrant farm workers from asia and africa. and for month, italy has struggled to find a way to reach these communities. it was made more difficult because the delivery of care is handled by italy's 20 regions. so each region has had to come up with its own plan. i want to feed us, i need audio. i don't have feet anchor political it say public health and political challenges. the goal is to provide the service to the last one in line on the migrants who have been totally exploited content. at the same time, we help our sales by vaccinating them on can see the next not sure. now, regional health officials are partnering with agencies and charities and going directly to these communities, making appointments for people, whether they have national health insurance or not. they're also setting up mobile vaccines centers like this one on the edge of a large immigrant community. and 3 days officials have vaccinated more than 1100
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people here, all of the migrant farm workers and 20 percent of them have no legal work papers. some here, if those without documents, were afraid of being caught out and sent home just by taking the shot out through a job, the translator one and documented worker told us he wasn't scared. he just wanted to be safe from coven 19. but not many migrants are given a single johnson and johnson dos and acknowledgement that they are hard to track down for follow up appointment. some officials though are hoping this is a turning point for italy at the pop up clinic in the room. temporary national health cards are issued. so the vaccination become an entry point to give some form of health assistance to people that do not have the opportunity to. italy relies heavily on foreign workers to pick its fruit and vegetables. although regions are
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trying to vaccinate as many people as they can, there is no national database of how many undocumented migrants have received the shot. that poses a risk both to the migrant themselves and italians, adarine algebra, rome will israel has become the 1st country to offer a 3rd shot of a coven, 19 vaccine president isaac huts, oak, and his wife. for the 1st received a booster shot will be people over the age of 6 who received their 2nd dose more than 5 months ago to attempt to carve infections caused by the very contagious delta variance. or in other developments, israel's foreign minister is calling for a harsh response to an attack on an israeli managed oil tank off the coast of oman, which killed 2 crew members. zodiac maritime says the partition remain in work has died in an incident, a cold suspected piracy on the vessel. liberian flag tanker is wrong by
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a company owned by the wealthy israel ofa israeli over family. the u. s. navy is escorting the vessel to safety. donald trump has been hit with 2 legal setbacks, courtesy of the us justice department 1st could reveal more about his tax affairs. the 2nd shines a light on his attempts to overturn last year's elections. let's get more in this now from shop or town. see in washington, 1st of all what, what are we seeing with the tax returns? specifically, what does the, the treasury department has to do? now? it appears the treasury department is going to comply with an order to hand over 6 years of donald trump's tax returns. when the house ways and means committee in 2019 1st requested them as part of an investigation into donald trump's. and that just conflicts of interest that the department of justice to his office of legal council decided, but the, the congressional committee had overstepped it. it's market didn't have
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a legal right to get these get these tax returns and went to court, try and challenge that. now, the office of legal council under joe biden, has decided, in fact, that congressional committee does have the rights to see, to see those tax returns. it has the rights to does huge leeway. in fact, if anyone's tax returns, if it wants to, that doesn't mean that they're necessarily going to get it there. because once again, donald trump certainly can. if he wants, we haven't heard from him yet. he can now go to the courts and challenge this challenge challenges. that's the order to hand over the tax returns. but certainly another demo in donald trump's attempts for such a long time than to keep his tax return secret. we will circles that the new york district attorney have access to some of his tax returns to, but those are remain secret cuz they're all part of a grand jury investigation. and then what about these attempts to overturn last year's election results? what action might be taken against donald trump on that matter? it's not clear, but the department of justice has handed over. what were,
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what's been presented as contemporaneous notes from the deputy attorney general last december of a telephone conversation between donald trump, the attorney general and the deputy attorney general. it was an immediate relief to the new york times and exhibited for internal use only do not distribute well we habit and the stunning but is that you can see the scan. these are presented as the, the accounts the memorialize. ation of that conversation by the deputy attorney general and it documents over and over again. donald trump basically pleading with the acting attorney general and the deputy did a general to, to look into and advocates that there was plenty of election fraud underway in november. and that both segment mississippi no evidence about actually happening. and we certainly can't overturn the election. and then the a kid aligned, according to this contemporaneous notes by the w 2 in general, is tom says, look out, understand that. but you can't overturn the election. just say that the election
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was corrupt and leave the rest to meet. and the suggestion is also that he would then we'll leave it up to his republican allies and congress them to run with any statements from the d. i. j, about the conduct of the election to try and carry on that narrative that the election was corrupt. it is raising some eyebrows there because ordinarily the d. j wouldn't release notes from officials in any event iteration because it's, that's a precedent. and how could actually any official give candidates, private advice to a president when he thinks of actually what you think. so this will going to be handed over and made public sunday, but the da says this is extraordinary circumstance that the, the right to confidentiality is for the benefit of the nation. and in this case, this is an investigation to the conduct of a sitting president. so therefore it's ok. in addition, the d j is also allowing the deputy attorney general, the attorney general white house officials to give what their cooling and unrestricted testimony to congressional investigators looking at all the dramas conduct after the election. all right,
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thank you very much. you have jabber tansy reporting on that for washington d. c. i just want to bring you a story. developments with amazon the airplane year has hit amazon with a record fine and more than a $180000000.00 for breaking data processing rules. tech giant says it will appeal against the sanction over regulations requiring consent before using personal data . european regulates, taking an increasingly tough line against major online firms, including google and facebook. this case was launched in 2018 by a french privacy rights group. and watching the news, our life from london still ahead, they found out where not for my mother's assassination. malta would have been transformed completely into moscow state family as a murdered. multi journalist welcomes an inquiry, finding that the state some responsibility, but they say that fight will go on. we explore the lakes and rivers of
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iraq and why they are drawing up and for a massive announcement about for kit benson is future. ah hello there, it's on selecting picture weatherwise across europe. we've got wet and windy weather, dominating in the west, but in the east it's all about the heat, but 1st, let's look at that unsettled weather that's been plaguing the northwest. that's thanks to storm a boat that's now swirling east away from the british isles. so that's bringing wet and windy weather to northern parts of germany and denmark. well, we've got low pressure dominating scandinavia, and that's keeping things cooler and wetter. but what we are really watching is this band of cloud and rain stretching all the way from northern parts of spain,
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across the pyrenees and the alps, and heading for the east. it's going to intensify as we get into some day. and if we take a closer look, it's not just going to be more than parts of it. and that once again are inundated with heavy rain, but also switzerland and austria as well. as slovakia we could see some flash flooding where those rain fall heaviest to the south though the heat is on. we have got some heat advisories out for parts of the balkans and for turkey. those hot and dry conditions are continuing to fuel those wild fires in the south west and the heat continues from much grease on fi christmas. seeing the temperature edge up into the early forty's for much of the weekend the the farmers finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions finding young and keeping cultural tradition.


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