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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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the pipeline giving voice, the voice here in california, almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program that open your eyes. you know, if you, well today, this is what the picture looks like. see the world from a different perspective on houses, there's ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hi there, i'm doing vanelle. this is the new the law from coming up in the next 60 minutes. the 1st group of afghans who assisted american troops arrive along with their families in the u. s. we thought of a special relocation program last i'm charlotte bell is outside the passport office here in cobble where there's been a huge surge and application as violence increases across. i'm going to say my
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responsibility for my mother's mother. i'm not. she should be alive. the son of a multi journalist, murdered in 2017, says the government needs of what happened. taking masses into their own hands, dantes in mexico, picking up the government flag to protect their communities and similar level sports, another chunk of which is hopes of a golden flam over at the loses against alexander that is in the semi finals effort tokyo games me a new life is beginning for hundreds of afghans who worked alongside us led forces during the war. the 1st group and their families touchstone, and the united states. having left their homes worried about taliban retaliation.
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in total, $221.00 people including $57.00 children and 15 babies being taken to the fort, the military base of virginia. hundreds more argues, follow $20000.00 others have applied for the special immigrant visa. i've got to work for the u. s. government or military for at least 2 years are eligible. but it's a long and complicated process and it's getting even harder for those still in afghanistan who being forced to leave their homes because of recent fighting. more on that from a diplomatic editor. james base a little bit later on, but so this is go live to how does your cache, who's outside the military base in fort lee, virginia, heidi kim. so these families arrived here on the military base early this morning after a 16 hour flight from cobble. they were processed at an airport near washington d. c, and then bust here, and they will remain here for some 7 days or so according to the u. s. government,
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or they will receive their final health training before resettling across the united states. i spoke with one man living in the us who is looking forward to receiving his cousin who came aboard this flight, along with his wife and 3 children. and both of these men served as translators for us forces in afghanistan. and in fact, one of them comes from a family we're all 5 brothers have stepped up to perform that job. re, of those brothers are now living in the united states. having brothers are still in cobble and factor in hiding fearful taliban retaliation and waiting for their these us to still process on average, it taken more than $800.00 days for one of these these as to be issued. and i spoke with another afghan translator who has been living in this country in the us for a while, who is credited for saving the life of
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a us soldier. and i spoke to the 2 of them earlier. we're running out of time and we're not doing what's necessary to stay these people every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban because it gives them just that much more time to hot down these people and kill them. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it, even in our dream and all of us we haven't us flag on our shoulder. and we were fighting for 2 years for the flood. and we thought we were american. we considered our self as an american because we were, we were serving this country and they are $20000.00 plus translators in afghanistan right now, in that man's shoes waiting for an evacuation out of the country. you add to that their family members, and there are more than 70000 people who feel that their lives are to mediate
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danger as the taliban advances. if you do the math there, it means that flights, like what happened today will need to continue. in fact, it needs to be at least 10 flights a day between now and the end of august when the u. s. military complete withdrawal . i thank you for that. how did your castro there? thank you for that update your. i suppose her joe biden says the groups the 1st of many he'll be relocated. he says today is an important milestone as we continue fill our promise to the thousands of africa. nationals who served shoulder to shoulder with american troops and diplomats over the last 20 years and have gone to stone. most of all, i wanted to thank these brave africans for standing with the u. s. and today i am proud to say to them, welcome home. as i mentioned earlier, there's been a rise in the number of attacks and flashing across the stone, and that includes an attack on the un office and help province and diplomatic editor james base isn't couple. the security situation is not going the way the
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african government or the americans would like you like, well, have interpreters who are in parts of africa on a son who would find it very hard to get to cobble. let me tell you about the latest on the security situation around. can the ongoing flashes in helmand also in the south, the neighboring province to canada, clashes that we understand there's been as strikes again, we believe those might well of the u. s. s strikes, but the real focus of attention in recent hours is actually on the west of afghanistan, herat, the regional capital, the part, the big city in afghanistan closest to iran. well, we understand the taliban. i've been pushing around herat in a number of places. a number of different security instance, and most worryingly, i think for the african government, according to local reports. is this fighting on the road between herat city and herat airport? we believe the airport is currently closed because of that fighting. we're also
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hearing the un compound which is old, that road from the city to the airport has come on the attack. i'm hearing from local sources that no un stuff had been killed or injured. but there were guards working for the african government around that compound. and there are reports that some may have been taken injured, the reports been taken hostage. there also reports that some been injured and i got one report that at least one has been killed. the uncertainty and violence has made many more afghans desperate to escape the country. the un says at this rate one and a half 1000000 may lead by the end of the year. his charlotte bells from cobble before you reached the passport office and cobble you pass the stores of administrators, passport applicants pay them to do the paperwork in the 5 years mohammed s of has done this. he's never been busy. i don't want to get john, go over to them, since there's been a lot of violence and the american forces are gone. people don't trust the security situation. that's why
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a lot of people are applying yet most of them are families. they come in, apply with the children 26 year old samuel at heading isn't leaving years, but he sees everyone he knows is preparing for that day. for the jango. there's conflict in war and every district, so we're getting passports ready, in case of situation gets worse. so we can go away to a safe place. he's not alone at dawn, this is the queue to apply for passports, thousands a here every day. but the number of people leaving is even more. there is a constant stream of african refugees crossing into turkey near the iran border. the un says in the 3 weeks to july, the 15th up to 40 percent more african split without passport. so visas some using smugglers. turkey detained, 1500, mostly african migrants in one week. to make the journey and set up a new life, they need money. so as many prepared leave,
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they are selling their assets. the un migration agencies is 223-0000 people know escaping abroad every week. and at this rate, $1500000.00 africans could be headed towards europe by the end of the year. for 8 years now, mohammed naughty and his best friends have meet outside the sky. yes, they sit and talk for hours. says you remember? good morning. we don't know if we'll be alive the next 2nd, so that's why every person right now is in the process of trying to get out of the country. there is no place for afghans in this country anymore. 30 years ago nother fled to denmark as refugee, he only returned in 2001, when the us invaded the doctor. when the americans came and brought their forces, we thought we are saved. we thought, oldest misfortune is over. but now we think that was the start of our misfortune. most prized possessions passed on through families are also being left behind.
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hum, mohammad faces a conflict of interest as a 2nd hand dealer. he profits from the goods that come his way, but he knows what people are giving up in order to flee. yes, gonna stone? he wishes they didn't have to. charlotte bellis o jazeera cobble. trinity of president is defending his use of emergency pals to seize control of the government class the i, it has appointed a new interim and terry administer. it comes days after he suspended parliament and facts. the prime minister, critics have labeled the eye is actions accrue, but he says a dire economy, a surging pandemic and bad governance justify his actions. the, the state is not a public moved by strings. there are lobbies and corrupt individuals who have been pulling the strings from behind the curtains. the conditions at this historical moment forced me to take such exceptional measures turn. la sam kimball is in tunis . he says, oh,
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if you oppose president quiet the i a are on the increasing pressure the independent parliamentary member. yes. seen i yadi was arrested from his home in the northern suburbs of tunis. i've spoken to his wife, who said that a group of cars arrived with civilian clothes, officers who she said called themselves security, who she said removed him forcefully and violently from his home. his lawyer had suggested that his arrest could be because of his outspoken criticism of the action of president science, which include freezing a parliament, the dismissal of the prime minister, and the removal of parliamentary immunity on sunday night. that the bar head on the news all including ah, will be live in tenure were covered $900.00 cases and death arising. government is extending restrictions to prevent it from getting worth running dry. rock finds
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itself short, water is around the very well it's reliable supplies for the 1st metal is awarded as track and field competition gets underway. tokyo ah, the son of a top multi journalist says the government must take responsibility if it's roland, her murder. daphne retail was killed in a car bombing in 2017, prosecutors believe a leading businessman organized the murder. he denies any involvement and re simmons reports from london. daphne kajuana. kelly c. a shook the state of malta to its foundations with her revelations of corruption and government business. the banks and the police. she was silenced by a car bomb in 2017, murdered for what she knew. and now after a tireless campaign led by her family,
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a public inquiry has concluded that the state has to bear responsibility because it created a culture of impunity. it also said there had been a breakdown of law order. yeah, under the pressure of protests prime minister, joseph must get resigned, but denied any wrong doing. before her murder carolina glitzy had effectively calls to know the election, she indicated powerful figures in government big business in the panama paper, scandal exposing use of tex nathan's by the rich. she also published allegations of links between business and government, allowing criminal deal makers into the country with passports and residency. the families legal team, say the whole of molten should be grateful for her actions. it has to be the assassination of a brave journalist to stop this country from becoming an entrenched mafia state. this isn't the end of the story by any means. one of 3 men charged with murder has
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been jail for 15 years, but the others have yet to go on trial. and prosecutors say the bombing was financed and organized by this man. you organ finnic, a business man alleged to have government contracts. he pleaded not guilty to complicity in the killing in an emergency parliamentary session. prime minister robert abella, who took office last year has apologized for what he called the serious shortcomings of the state. but while daphne kajuana galaxy is family accept the apology, they say that campaigning won't stop unless a non partisan panel is set up to implement reforms recommended by the inquiry. they don't trust this country's political system. andrew simmons al jazeera well, i spoke to the murdered journalist, saw him a little earlier. andrew cut on the quality says, were it not for his mother's death, multiple would have turned into a mafia state. in the lead up to my,
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to my mother's assassination. what we saw when the patterns of organized crime, capturing staple authorities. so it appeared that organized crime had taken office through the den, prime minister, joseph scotts. and the inquiry actually found this to be the case. they identified a network, a web, both control that prevented state for use from protecting my mother and from acting on the findings of corruption in the government they found. and this is one of the most tragic aspects of the inquiry they found they found out where is not for my mother's the fascination more that i would have been transform completely into a mafia state. and that it was my mother's death. and the reaction in society about to provoke prevent the most up to date from being a mouth. yes, she was aware of the dangerous she pays because it was cleared out with evidence that she published. the lack of response from responsible authorities,
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like the police, made her realize that they were captured by an organized criminal web. and when, as a journalist, when you're in that situation, you know that there's nothing standing between you and the criminals that you're reporting on. so that allows them to retaliate against recording without the fear of consequences. and this is exactly what the inquiry phone. my mother's death was just painful for my family. it was a trauma inflicted on the entire country. and i think it's, it's essential that that trauma be transformed into something meaningful, something positive, which is a strong democracy with a different way of doing politics, where journalists are safe than and where my mother's assassination will hopefully be the 1st and the last assassination of the journalist them all me
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a corona virus crisis in the lympics host country is getting more worried by the day japans expanding a state of emergency and restrictions will remain in tokyo until the end of next month. by mistake. she, he's so good says the virus is spreading in an unprecedented speed. and it's mostly because of the delta vary and has rob mcbride with cases spiking tokyo, it seems, has no choice but to extended state of emergency through to the end of august. because then you're going to deal with unprecedented speed infection is spreading in the capital and can cy area the delta variant of spreading with strength. and if this doesn't slow down, it will potentially lead to a medical health system crisis. japan is struggling with competing trends. the increasing spread of the more transmissible delta variant accounting. now, for nearly 3 quarters of all new cases in tokyo versus growing pandemic fatigue. with noticeably more people failing to stay off the streets than they did off the
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state of emergency announcements. in the past with the seat of emergency being enforced so many times i think people are starting not to take it so seriously. and because of that there have been more cases at this point. i think there's not much you can do, even if you get the corona virus, i don't want to get infected, but there are a lot of people who can't avoid it. states of emergency are expected to be extended to 3 more prefecture as neighboring, tokyo, as well as o. sucka, which was badly hit by an earlier wave of the pandemic in the spring when its hospital resources were stretched to the breaking point. the fear is unless this wave can be brought under control of the prefecture as will suffer a similar strain country. it has been recognised that both the infection situation and the pressure on the medical care provision system is extremely severe. and
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still, even as these games finish their 1st week, protest is continue to demand that cancellation, taking their message to the office of the prime minister. ja shahida suga. in this election year, suga may find pushing ahead with these games will cost him politically, with still deep uncertainty over what price japan will bear in terms of public health. rob mcbride al jazeera and will have more on the situation in japan and its impact on the olympics with peter in sport, kenya is extending it's not time curfew and banning all public gatherings as it struggles to contain a search in covered $900.00 cases. the health minister is warning the hospitals are overwhelmed and people who fall thick will not get a bad candy has been under some form of curfew since march last year. it's now recorded more than 200000 cases, at least 3900 death and neighboring uganda. the death toll from corona
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virus has gone up 6 fold since late may only around 1000000 ugandans out of a population of 45000000 have been vaccinated. so far. the president is about to address the nation on the outbreak shortly. i'll come, webb joins us now live from no. rosie malcolm. first let's talk about kenya. will, can you tell us about these extended measures? well, the curfew, as he mentioned, has been in place in the panoramic ridge, kenya, in march last year. and the minister of how speaking earlier today was just saying that he is going to continue. and actually in some parts of kenya in western kenya, where over the last 2 months, they did have relatively high number of the cases. the cut was tight and they're not being relaxed again today, but nationally, the numbers, the daily average has gone up for the last 7 days in the row row. and for that reason that the health minister said that religious gatherings now have to have
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reduced numbers of people once again and conferences and other such meetings aren't allowed to take place for the meantime. but otherwise, there aren't any changes to the existing restrictions. ok, malcolm, and in terms of uganda, i believe were expecting an update from the president on the situation there. he's speaking right now, but he hasn't stated yet whether the heavy restrictions that were introduced there 6 weeks ago are going to be relaxed or not uganda. only had to waves, less waves than other countries in this region, at least according to the data that published by the government and enormous region . people are skeptical about government data even in normal time. and especially in the pandemic. uganda, 6 weeks ago, found himself appeared to find himself in a severe 2nd wave heavy restrictions introduced. not allowing people to move around,
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although these kinds of restrictions are applied very inconsistently. and a lot of people have party or work around. and the numbers were waiting to find out if they have gone down and if those restrictions are going to be listed in 70 speaking right now. so we'll let you know as soon as we find out what is what he said. well, thank you for that. for now, welcome web nairobi, an indigenous vigilante group in southern mexico says it's stepping in to provide security to community is ignored by the government. the group says it's protecting people from the threat of 2 big drug cartels man euro palo reports. the pensions are high in the village of by the law in southern mexico, local say violence, link to drug cartels is worsening. and with no effect of police presence, it's given rise to an armed vigilante collective who called themselves as much. it would be that there is no security here, no peace, no tranquillity,
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there's only fear crying and fear, extortion, and intimidation. and let's not start with corruption. this week, government office buildings, businesses and homes in the area were set on fire. local say the arsonists were protesting what they say is a lack of action by the government to address the worsening violence in recent days, members of l. much at the impulse reportedly kidnapped 21 people who they say belong to criminal organizations operating in the law. and like i said, we entered the municipal seat of all the communities and neighborhoods that make up the municipality to bring justice ourselves to raid the houses of the murderers of the drug traffickers and not of the people who are innocent. my love it so cold, self defense, collectives are not unique to chiapas were sitting violence in many parts of the country has led to the creation of armed self defense forces in states like get a little and me to account as well expert say the rise of vigilante groups in mexico is muddying the waters of an already difficult fight between security forces
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and organized criminal gags. making it even harder to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad. it's unclear who the leader of l much it is with the activities of the armed collective have attracted the attention of top mexican officials. remember a can no. so to the starters, we do not agree with these self defense groups. under no circumstances do, we accept that groups are being armed and calling them self defense. it's the government's responsibility to guarantee peace. and that's what we're doing. but indigenous communities throughout mexico said that's not the case. pointing to successive governments, they say, have ignored their concerns for generations. since june of this year, confrontations involving vigilantes have become increasingly competent jobs, where the sin low and holistic cartels are said to be buying for control of territory. considered prime for drug smuggling and human trafficking. human rights observers in the region see thousands of people have been internally displaced by localized fighting in recent months. with no obvious signs of government support
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the vigilant who say they are alone in defending them and their livelihood maneuvered up a little al jazeera mexico city, still ahead on al jazeera, the 1st person jails on the hong kong. national security law gets 9 years. the sentence activist, so use me to send a message and you research on the corona virus. delta very appears to show as contagious. checking in for a massive announcement about crickets stop in stock systems, national future. ah hello, good to see you. an abundance of sunshine and high heat, that's the name of the game as we head toward the middle east temperature in kuwait
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. about $47.00 degrees. but let's go in around the re, b and c, because you know, for oman, a huge swath of the country is that risk of seen sand and dust storms just because of brisk winds, as we had towards southern pockets and same story here, i got about 50 kilometers per hour in karate, some showers for the hor, and as long as we head toward saturday, take you to the mediterranean now and we've got to talk about this deadly wildfire in northern lebanon. cruz trying to get the upper hand, but it has spread into neighboring syria conditions have been dry. it's also been windy in this part of the region as while there you go. bay route up to 31 degrees on saturday. look at some of this heat. also a forest fire burning, just east of antalya for africa. storms are bubbling up where we expect toward ethiopia, south sudan into the democratic republic of congo on saturday. the darker the color, the more intense the rain. you know, 4 areas of zimbabwe, temperatures have come up. finally, bill a while we've got
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a high of 20 degrees showers for central and northern areas of most and peak on saturday. that sure weather update the, the hyper english for, for lies and elicit market for the rich and powerful leading specialist. under cover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell. some people in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many of the exciting brazen example i've seen the men who so football coming soon on, i just joined the debate and do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allowed a diverse community and how in array of different stories, no topic it off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic
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discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new voices. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. oh, a reminder of our top story. this on an evacuation flies carrying afghans who worked with us led forces during the war has arrived in the united states. president joe biden called it an important milestone. thousands more. awaking to be re settled. the us main compound and western up on the farm has come under attack. at least one
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person was killed. it's been intense fighting between government forces and the taliban in and around. pick up the phone of a top multi john la says the government must take responsibility for its role, and stephanie retail was killed in the car bombing in 2017. an inquiry found the government failed to recognize the risk of his his life as take reasonable step report suggested drawn may have been responsible for an attack on an israeli managed oil tanker in the arabian seat. 2 crew members on the empty most the street were killed. the us and european governments are investigating who's responsible. the reuters news agency says that according to its sources, iran is the leading suspect. several demonstrations that taken place in northwest and syria against violence in the southern province of all, protest is a denouncing the military campaign launched by syrian government forces. at least 800 people have been killed and thousands have been displaced at the worst violence
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since the government. we can't see the area 3 years ago. israeli soldiers have attacked the funeral possession of a 20 year old palestinian man who was killed on thursday. and the occupied west bank. i fired rubber coated bullets, stone grenades, tear gas, and through sewage, watered with people mourning the death of shell counselor was a while was hit with live ammunition in the head and stomach during the funeral of a 12 year old, also killed by israeli gunfire. and $200.00 palestinian protest as were injured during attacks by israeli forces in the village of beta and south of nablus in the occupied westbank. it happened after friday prayers when palestinians were marching against the construction of an illegal settlement. all posts. they say those are designed to capture palestinian land in the occupied territory. israel has started offering a 3rd shot of the covert $900.00 vaccine president. as i closed again, his wife the 1st to receive the booster. the extra.


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