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and detecting the way of life treated like we were old suspects, we were all under suspicion struggling to adapt to the new found home out there explored the history of the lebanese community and australia once upon a time and punched on our era. ah, the 1st group of afghans who resisted american troops arrive along with their families in the us part of a special relocation program. i'm charlotte bell is outside the office here in cobb where there's been a huge surge and applications as violence increases across that kind of stuff. i can vanelle this is al jazeera la from doha. also coming up to state months. their
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responsibility for my mother's mother. i'm not, she should still be alive. the son of a multi journalist, murdered in 2017. the government needs to answer for what happened. and fans remain fence. don't the grown of ours emergency is getting worse inside and outside japan's. the coast city. ah. a new life is beginning for hundreds of africans who worked alongside us led forces during the war. they've been taken in buses, along with the families to the for the military base in the us state of virginia, 221 people in all including 57 children and 15 babies have left the homes out of fair of telephone retaliation. $20000.00 others and their families have applied for the special immigrant visas. right now people who worked for the u. s. government
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omitted tree for at least 2 years eligible, but that threshold may be dropped. were us present? joe biden says, the group is the 1st of many who will be relocated. he says today is an important milestone as we continue to fulfill our promise to the thousands of africa and nationals who served shoulder to shoulder with american troops and diplomats over the last 20 years and promised on most of all. he said, i want to thank these brave americans for standing with the us and today on proud to say to them. welcome home. and hi, jo castro was outside the military base in fort lee virginia. heidi that's right. kim and those 220 was afghan families have now arrived here at lee the rest, the afternoon. arduous journey of lights and cobble than processing of the dulles airport. and finally, a bus ride to this military base. so be here for some 7 days. were told as they go
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through the final health training before receiving their permanent residence cards in the u. s. and settling across the country. and i spoke with a man already living in the us, whose husband came aboard this flight and back both of them served as translators and ask dana san for us troops. and one of them comes from a family of 5 brothers who all stepped up to perform that job. now 3 of those brothers are living in the united states as a special emigrant to others applied a year ago and are still waiting for that visa to be process. and they are in hiding in a cobble. the man who was aboard this flight came with his wife and 3 children and he was lucky that he was still working as a translator. as the u. s. truth, we're withdrawing putting him in the front of the line onto this 1st flight. but we're still talking about 20000 other people in similar situation plus their family members who still waiting for you back. you ation. and i spoke with
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a former translator to move united states in 2013 and also with the u. s. military that was life. he said, we're running out of time and we're not doing what's necessary to stay these people every day that we don't do anything as a gift to the taliban. because it gives them just that much more time to hot down these people and kill them. we were fighting for the country that we have never seen it, even in our dream and all of us we haven't us flag on our shoulder. and we were fighting for 2 years for the flood. and we thought we were american. we considered our self as an american because we were, we were serving this country and a situation in afghanistan, it's growing ever more desperate. as more reports of taliban targeted showing of afghans who had helped us troops are arising each day in order to get everyone out
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before the end of august, which is the deadline for moving all us troops. there will have to be at least 10 flights each day. from now until then, the u. s. government has also said that even after the august 31st withdrawal deadline, you continue to continue with the evacuation. how does your culture? thanks so that update the kim's, the theory is executive director of the association of wartime allies. that's a charity that works toward helping iraq and i've got to tough for those who worked for the u. s. she says the path to the united states can be difficult. the program is, is quite broken in many ways and in some cases so much time has passed that it's all but impossible for these people to gather the required documents because companies may have gone out of business or they've lost contact with their supervisors. and so it can be very difficult for them to do what they need to work. certainly
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grateful that people have started to arrive. i can't express the emotions i felt when i saw their plain land last night. but while, while we're grateful, we're streamline concerned. they're the numbers have gone up and the program is over. $20000.00 applicant still remaining, which equates to almost $90000.00. when you add in their family members. and when you look at only bringing 2500 to safety, you can realize the gravity of the situation that still remains for the rest of those people over there. the president has stated that we will have complete withdraw by august 31st. there is no way humanly possible to process all these cases and remove all these people in that short amount of time. so we're very worried about this and we really don't know what's going to happen for the rest of them right now. on the ground does have gone us down. government troops fighting the taliban in the western city of head off. the armed group has seized several
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districts around the city and to border crossings of the province. i think there thousands of afghan civilians displaced with no aid available and diplomatic editor james bay's reports from cobble on the increasing number of tax and fighting across the country. and that includes an attack on the un headquarters in the west. the security situation is not going the way the african government or the americans would like. you might well have interpreters who are in parts of african son who would find it very hard to get to cobble. let me tell you about the latest on the security situation. around can the ongoing clashes in helmand also in the south, the neighboring province to canada, clashes that we understand there's been as strikes again, we believe those might well have been u. s. s strikes, but the real focus of attention in recent hours is actually on the west of afghanistan and iraq, the regional capital, the part, the big city in afghanistan closest to iran. well,
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we understand the taliban. i've been pushing around herat in a number of places, a number of different security instance. and most worryingly, i think, for the african government, according to local reports, is this fighting on the road between herat city and herat airport? we believe the airport is currently closed because of that fighting. we're also hearing the un compound, which is all that road from the city to the airport has come on the attack. i'm hearing from local sources that no un stuff has been killed or injured. but there were guards working for the african government around that compound. and there are reports that some may have been taken injured. the reports were taken hostage. there are also reports that some have been injured and i've got one report that at least one has been killed. the son of a top maltese john lewis says the government must take responsibility for its role in her murder theft. a great deal was killed in a car bombing in 2017. an inquiry found the government failed to recognize the
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risks to see his life and take reasonable steps. prosecutors to leave a leading businessman organize the murder, but he denies any role exposed cronyism among move as well. earlier we spoke to andrew kajuana lithia, the son of the slain journalist, he says were not for his mother's death. malta would have turned into a mafia. stace, in the lead up to my, to my mother's assassination. what we saw when the patterns of organized crime capturing staples argues. so it appeared that organized crime had taken office through the den, prime minister, joseph scotts. and the inquiry actually found this to be the case. they identified a network, a web, both control that prevented state for use from protecting my mother and from acting on the findings of corruption in the government they found. and this is one of the
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most tragic aspects of the inquiry they found they found out where is not for my mother's the fascination more that would have been transformed completely into a martial state. and that it was my mother's death. and the reaction in society about to provoke prevent the mood today from being off yesterday. she was aware of the dangerous she pays because it was cleared out with evidence that she published . the lack of response from responsible florida is like the police made her realize that they were captured by an organized criminal web. and when, as a journalist, when you're in that situation, you know that there's nothing standing between you and the criminals that you're reporting on. so that allows them to retaliate against recording without the fear of consequences. and this is exactly where the inquiry phone, my mother's death was just painful for my family. it was a trauma inflicted on the entire country. and i think it's,
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it's essential that that trauma be transformed into something meaningful, something positive, which is a strong democracy with a different way of doing politics, where journalists are safe than and where my mother's assassination will hopefully be the 1st and the last assassination of the journalist, them all to new z as president is defending his use of emergency pals to seize control of the government. case, it has appointed a new interim and terry minister becomes days after he suspended parliament. in fact, the prime minister, critics have labeled to its actions accrue, but he says a dire economy, a surging pandemic and bad governance justify his actions. the mere, the state is not a public moved by strings. there are lobbies and corrupt individuals who have been pulling the strings from behind the curtains. the conditions at this historical moment forced me to take such exceptional measures. journalist sam kimball is in
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tunis. he says those who oppose president case the i is are under increasing pressure. the independent parliamentary member year seen i yadi was arrested from his home in the northern suburbs of tunis. i've spoken to his wife, who said that a group of cars arrived with civilian clothes, the officers who she said called themselves security, who she said, removed him forcefully and violently from his home. his lawyer had suggested that his arrest could be because of his outspoken criticism of the action of president side, which include freezing a parliament, the dismissal of the prime minister, and the removal of parliamentary immunity on sunday night. so the head on al jazeera, the 1st person gerald on the hong kong is national security log. it's 9 years sentence activist phase meant to send a message and new research on the course of ours. delta various shows its as
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contagious as chicken ah hello. good to see you. an abundance of sunshine and high heat. that's the name of the game as we head toward the middle east temperature in kuwait, about 47 degrees. but let's go in around the re, b and c, because you know, for oman, a huge swath of the country is at risk of seeing sand and death storms just because of brisk winds, as we had towards southern pockets. and same story here. augusta about 50 kilometers per hour in karate. some showers for the hor, and as long as we head toward saturday, take you to the mediterranean now and we got to talk about this deadly wildfire in northern lebanon. cruz trying to get the upper hand, but it has spread into neighboring syria conditions have been dry. it's also been
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windy in this part of the region as while there you go. bay route up to 31 degrees on saturday. look at some of this heat. also a forest fire burning, just east of antalya for africa. storms are bubbling up where we expect toward ethiopia, south sudan into the democratic republic of congo on saturday. the darker the color, the more intense the rain. you know, 4 areas of zimbabwe, temperatures have come up. finally, bill a while we've got a high of 20 degrees showers for central and northern areas of most than peak on saturday. that sure weather update. the news with bank energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all
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around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah, the me you're watching all jazz era reminder about top stories on the phone to the top. multi journalist says the government must be responsible will be held responsible for throw in her murder death. nicholas was killed in a car bombing in 2017. an inquiry found the government failed to recognize the risks to life and take reasonable and evacuation. fly carrying
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afghans who worked with us said forces during the war has arrived. in the united states, president joe biden called it an important milestone. thousands more awaited to be resettled. un named compound in western style has come under attack. at least one person was killed in attempt fighting between government forces and the telephone in and around. the head of the uncertainty of violence has made many more africans desperate to escape the country. the un says at this rate one and a half 1000000 may leave by the end of the year. has charlotte bellis from cobble? before you reached the passport office and cobble you pass the stores of administrators, passport applicants pay them to do the paperwork in 5 years. mohammed s of has done this. he's never been busy. i don't want to get john, go over to them. since there's been a lot of violence and the american forces are gone, people don't trust the security situation. that's why a lot of people are applying yet most of them are families. they come in,
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apply with their children, 26 year olds, w let heading isn't leaving years, but he sees everyone he knows is preparing for that day. that's how you're jennifer . there's conflict in war and every district. so we're getting passports ready, in case of situation gets worse. so we can go away to a safe place. he's not alone at dawn. this is the queue to apply for passports, thousands a here every day. but the number of people leaving is even more. there is a constant stream of asking refugees crossing into turkey near the iran border. the un says in the 3 weeks to july, the 15th up to 40 percent more african split without passport. so visas some using smugglers. turkey detained, 1500, mostly african migrants in one week to make the journey and set up a new life. they need money. so as many prepared to leave,
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they are selling their assets. the un migration agencies is 223-0000 people know escaping abroad every week. and at this rate, $1500000.00 africans could be headed towards europe by the end of the year. for 8 years now, mohammed naughty and his best friends have meet outside the sky. yes, they sit and talk for hours. says you remember? good morning. we don't know if we'll be alive the next 2nd, so that's why every person right now is in the process of trying to get out of the country. there is no place for afghans in this country anymore. 30 years ago, nozzle fled to denmark as a refugee. he only returned in 2001. when the us invaded the doctor. when the americans came and brought their forces, we thought we are saved. we thought, oldest misfortune is over, but now we think that was the start of our misfortune. most prized possessions passed on through families are also being left behind. hum, mohammad faces
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a conflict of interest as a 2nd hand dealer. he profits from the goods that come his way, but he knows what people are giving up in order to flee. yes, gonna stone. he wishes they didn't have to charlotte bellis o jazeera cobble. several demonstrations have taken place. northwest in syria against violence and the southern province of all, protest is a denouncing the military campaign launched by syrian government forces. at least 800 people have been killed of interest length, the worst violence since the government recaptured the area 3 years ago. israeli soldiers have attacked the funeral procession of a 20 year old palestinian man who was killed on thursday and the occupied westbank . they fired rubber coated bullets. don grenades, tear gas, and through sewage water, 2 people morning. the depth of shall come out a lot with hit with live ammunition in the head and stomach during the funeral of a 12 year old. also killed by israeli gunfire. and 200 palestinian protests were
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injured during attacks by israeli forces in the village of beta. as south of napa in the occupied westbank, it happened after friday, pres, when palestinians were marching against the construction of an illegal settlement, all post. they say those are designed to capture palestinian land and the occupied territory. lebanon's president says he's ready to all the questions about last year's bay report exposure and michelle own was quotient saying no one is above the law. many have been angry that almost a year on no senior officials have been held to account a blast with caused by a large quantity of chemicals that had been stored unsafely at the port for use. more than 200 people were killed. 2 crew members had been killed in a reported attack on it and is really managed oil tank. the re b and c 30 ag maritime says the british romanian work has died in an incident on the m t vs street. on thursday. the tanker is linked to an israeli billionaire. the
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u. s. navy is escorting the vessel to safety. the 1st person to be tried on the hong kong national security law has been sentenced to a total of 9 years in prison tongue. in kit was convicted for inciting, secession and terrorism. he was arrested last year for writing a motorbike into a group of police officers while flying a flag, calling for hong kong liberation, amnesty international condemned. his conviction is the beginning of the end of freedom of expression in the city. emily now is the chair woman of the international affairs committee of hong kong democratic party. she says the length of the sentence is designed to send a message is a very, very heavy sentence. and if the chinese government wants to send a signal to the hong kong, people about not reaching the national security law, they have really done it quite successfully. and i think many people are being in
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jamaica aged and, but i just wanted to tell you the game is not over. we will continue to fight for civil and political rights. and in a way, it's very distressing that in the judgement there was little mention of the protection of civil and political rights, which are in fact in the national security law. so now people just don't know whether these rights are protected at all the boundaries. i'm not very clear and hence it make people even more vehicle. i think nobody like to see mile and chaos. that's true. but we also warn hong kong to be what it was not too long ago of sage by granted and a free city. but that is know, many people, a very, very worried in spite of now we have jubilation in the city. about our swimming is
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our friends is willing gold medals and cuba metal in tokyo. but the people are very, very worried. they don't know when they will step on the red line and get arrested and may be sent to jail. how many, many years me kenya is extending. it's not time curfew and banding all public gatherings as it struggles to control the surgeon cove. at 19 cases, the health minister is warning that hospitals are overwhelmed and people who fall sick will not get a bed. kenya has been under some form of curfew since march last year. it's now record more than 200000 cases and at least 3900 death. malcolm web is in robi. he says, can kenya is at the beginning of a full waive. there's been a caffeine in kenya since the pandemic 1st here in mars last year and health minister a said to data that curfew will continue. except in some parts of western kenya,
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where they've for the last 2 months, had tightened a few hours because of a high number of cases in that part of the country. the hospitals had got full health minutes. it did say today that they will be returning to cash in that part of the country because it seems that the numbers in that region regional outbreak, bank break seems to have subsided. but nationally, the daily average number of cases has been going up for the last 7 days. and for that reason that the health minister said that few people would now be allowed to attend religious gatherings and conferences and other such meetings can't be held for the meantime. but apart from that, the hasn't been any other change to the rules, but the data does suggest that possibly kenya is at the beginning of a 4th wave. israel has started offering a 3rd shot as the coven 19 vaccine president eyes at close,
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oregon. his wife for the 1st to receive the booster. the extra shot will be for people above the age of 60 who received their 2nd dose more than 5 months ago. an internal report by the us centers for disease control and prevention says the delta variant is as contagious as chicken box and a copy of the documents obtained by us media outlets shows the variant is more transmissible than viruses that will cause the boulder the common cold seasonal flu and smallpox analysis also indicates people in fact with the delta, various carry large amounts of it in the nose and throat regardless of vaccination status. meaning they could pass it on. i found a physic is a global health advisor and lecturer at university college london. school, the pharmacy, she says vaccines are struggling to contain the delta variant. although our back mean are still affected. 91 percent preventing hospitalization. the effectiveness preventing transmission from one another,
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fallen drastically 41 percent. we know that filters associated more severe cases of co that and that it is more like to hospitalisation, there been studies that canada, to demonstrate this and in other countries as well as singapore. there is much more need for oxygen as well as, of course in india where this variant 1st emerge. so a lot of that shows that the previous wild strain and other variance of concern are kind of dying out because this is the super variance is the moment if you will. but it's not necessarily going to be the last of the rest of the world on is going to, isn't, has that needed? they don't have too many vaccines. and that's one side that i'm worried about. because while for me to those who are horrible injury off on to get that talk protection on their home workers for the front lines and they are
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double faxing and we see this for and was lose a new variance is the 3rd, this is this is coming from supply that's. ringback too low and middle income countries, the world trade organization, is still not the forward listing patent measures. so it is going to be difficult to meet the supply requirements unless other vaccine manufacturers joining effort to vaccinate world the olympics host country. japan has expanded its state of emergency after reporting a record number of covert 19 infections. restrictions will continue until the end of next month and tokyo, where the games are being held. and limbic organizes have acknowledged the 1st time that people within the protective bubble having mixing with the why the japanese population. but they insist there's no link between the games and the record spike
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and corona virus numbers in the capital had the richardson reports from tokyo. this was a day when fans should have been keeping up at so close national stadium to watch the 1st track and field events. instead, a view of the olympic rings outside the venue is the best they can hopeful due to concerns over the spread of corona virus. the japanese public is being kept away from the athletes organizes insist these competitors attested more often to coby 19 than any other community in the world and say there is no link between the gangs taking place and infection rates hitting record levels in this city. but olympic officials have the 1st time admitted not everyone connected to the games is following the rules about minimizing contacts with the wider population. there had been some cases that the, those accreditations were temporary suspended. we are not keeping their specific numbers today, but there has been
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a certain number of cases we have addressed. tokyo is officially under a state of emergency as dramatic as that sounds. it's a request rather than a law or an order and it relies on public cooperation. government critics say carrying on with the games is sending the wrong signals. so the hampering the message of staying at home by the government by making the leap again. so if you, so don't be producing at the most of the, up, up, the reason that the, nothing going on, and that if i were happy here, 80 linked to the current increase of the infection. i think 27 new limpid related cases of covey 19 were reported on friday. the 3 australian athletes remained in isolation after coming into contact with american po, volts at some kendricks, who's out of the games after
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a positive test. i believe there was a mixture of maybe a brief hug and handshake from some others, but i hadn't done all the details except it was brief and but you know, again, it's, and we can understand how these things occur. but what's a reminder that we, this is a games that's different than we just can't afford to take that sort of risks. it all means a once in a generation sporting events has the most japanese being reduced to a brief photo opportunity. and the richardson al jazeera, tokyo, ah, val, with the headlines on al jazeera us president joe biden has called the arrival of the 1st evacuation flight carrying africans an important milestone. $221.00 afghans, including children, landed in virginia early on friday, thousands more. who are afraid of telephone retaliation awaiting to be resettled.


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