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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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well, if you can, by telling us a little bit about your work, what exactly do you do for these interpret is coming into the u. s. i thank you. thank you for having me. you're the association of or time allies currently has over 14000 as the applicants that we help in a private group, we help them learn how to properly prepared case. so, and then they can submit their application and hopefully get their risa as quickly as possible. how difficult is that progress, the pay? i mean, the process, sorry for people to meet the requirements, to prove everything. it's extremely difficult. the, the program is, is quite broken in many ways and in some cases so much time has passed. it's all but impossible for these people to gather the required documents because companies may have gone out of business or they've lost contact with their supervisors. and so it can be very difficult for them to do what they need to ok. and the u. s. has
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said it will bring, i believe it's 2 and a half 1000 people to the us by august, by the end of august. do you think it will be able to develop to that? i think 1st of all, we're extremely grateful that people have started to arrive. i can't express the emotions i felt when i saw that plain land last night. but while, while we're grateful work stream, the concern there, the numbers have gone up and the program is over. $20000.00 applicants still remaining, which equates to almost $90000.00. when you add in their family members. and when you look at only bringing 2500 to safety, you can realize the gravity of the situation that still remains for the rest of those people over there. what is the threshold for people have worked for the us and gone us down to be able to get to the us? how long do they have to have worked for with the us currently as of the moment, it's a 24 months requirement,
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yet we expect president biden to sign into law today, lowering that requirements only 12 months, which is a wonderful thing. and we expect to have a flood of new applicants coming and we hope to be able to help them as quickly as possible. but what will that mean for the timeline? i mean, if you're doubling potentially the amount of people who can come, is that not going to leave a lot more people waiting on the ground in afghanistan? yes, exactly, and i don't know, you know, the, the president has stated that we will have complete withdraw by august 31st. there is no way humanly possible to process all these cases and remove all these people in that short amount of time. so we're very worried about this and we really don't know what's going to happen for the rest of them right now. just finally, quickly, how much danger do those who are left behind face? what are you hearing from people who are on the ground waiting for applications to
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be accepted? you know, how concerned about their own safety? the, the risk level is incredible. in association of war time l, as we have a lot of direct contact with applicants and we routinely receive videos of the most horrendous things of people that have been slain by the taliban of people that have been beaten by the taliban. the danger is very real, it's eminent, it's happening all the time. it, there's no way to escape it anymore. it's just around everyone. all right, thank you very much for your time there. kim, stuffy, their executive director of the association of war time allies. thank you. several demonstrations have taken place in northwest in syria against violence and the southern province of that off. protest is a denouncing the military campaign launched by syrian government forces. at least 18 people have been killed and thousands have been displaced. was violent since the government recaptured the area 3 years ago. the
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israeli soldiers have attacked the funeral procession of a 20 year old palestinian man who was killed on thursday in the occupied west bank . they fired rubber coated bullets, stone grenades, tear gas, and through sewage, water. when people morning the death of shell cuts out a lot was hit with live ammunition in the head and stomach during the funeral of a 12 year old, also killed by israeli gunfire. and $200.00 palestinian protest is were injured during attacks by israeli forces in the village of beta that south of nablus in the west bank. it happened after friday prayers when palestinians were marching against the construction of an illegal settlement of posts. they say they're designed to capture palestinian land in the oak. my territory lebanon's president says he's ready to answer questions about last year's bay report exposure . and michelle owen was quoted saying,
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no one is above the law. when you have been angry, that was to your own, no senior officials have been held to account. the boss was caused by a large quantity of chemicals that had been stored unsafely at the port for use. well, the 200 people were killed. and as the one year anniversary of the port exposure approaches correspondent that hotter has been looking into how it could have happened programs i will search for answers is at $1630.00 g t. it's about an hour from now to philippines is restoring a security packs with the us, which allows american troops to train in the country. this was announced during a visit by us defense secretary lloyd austin. the agreement future had been down south to philippines. president, would we go to 30 abruptly, cancel that last year. jimmy doug has moved from manila. it was a critical 75 minutes, a face to face meeting in manila between the us defense secretary and philippine president. 3 good 30. it resulted in the full restoration over the fence backed
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that governance, and secures the presence of us troops in the philippines. that brought us drove the alliance for vital to the security. and prosperity of the 2 countries signed to visiting force agreement in 1998. but last year president there to cancel the agreement. after lion former police chief was denied that you would be the free involvement in the government's drug war. i don't know the reason behind that is the department before all of the united states have been actually working for the since president do, terry that took office in 2016. he has been vocal about his criticisms of the us and promise to distance the philippines from its long standing. i like to build
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closer relations with china. richey, but china, illegal occupation, and reclamation of territory controlled by the philippines and other claimants in the south. china sea have put pressure on detectives foreign policy. this is a major score for the bite and administration, not just in the philippines, but also in its asia pacific strategy. secretary austin, is the most senior cabinet member to visit south east asia, hoping to increase you as influence in the region aggressively courted by beijing. shamella in dog, and i'll just 0. manila. israel is the world's 1st country to offer a 3rd shelter the coven. 19 vaccine. president isaac has all gone his wife for the 1st to receive the booster. the extra shots will be for people above the age of 60, who got the 2nd dose more than 5 months ago. if an attempt to curve infections caused by the delta variance, or the dummy reports from western to them. for the past few days,
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there been more than 2000 new cases per day and there is a pose of worry for the government, even though the number of people who are seriously remained quite low. now days really have been saying for quite a while now that they had noticed that the effectiveness of the pfizer by and take the vaccine, which is the only one that has been ruled out in this country has gone down to about 64 percent. when it came to the delta various, even though they kept and always insisting that the number of seriously ill patients is still quite low. but on the right now, they had already started that 3rd vaccine about 2 weeks ago. but that was specifically for patients with a compromised immune system, patients with a chronic disease. now what has happened today is that both the president and the
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prime minister, and actually even opposition leader, former prime minister benjamin they had, were filmed, taking this 3rd vaccine, nastily bended, the prime minister, telling people, tell your grandparents to go and take that 3rd vaccine. but they are only available, but people above the age of 60, who had received their 2nd vaccine at least 5 months ago. and until a report by the us centers for disease control and prevention says the delta variant is as contagious is chicken pox. a copy of the document obtained by u. s. media out that shows the variance is more transmissible than the viruses that cause the bola, the common cold, the seasonal flu, and smallpox analysis also indicates people infected with the delta variant carry large amounts of it in their nose and throat. regardless of the vaccination stages . the very it is now
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a primary concern for many countries around the world has come all santa maria with a look at the data. the more infectious delta variant, the highly contagious delta of air. and you keep hearing it all the time, but we want to have a look at how we can visualize that and even compare it to other variance. got a great website here, cool covariance dot org, which does just that tracks all the variance. and there are a lot that we are focusing on the main for they are the top of the hand side alpha, beta, gamma and delta. what i'm going to do is run you through them. we just compare them starting with the alpha variant. this is the one that started in the united kingdom . the reason you'll see lots of lions is because we're looking at as much data as we can from as many countries as possible. but you see a definite trend amongst pretty much all is countries that it went up, it plateaued and it came down again. it's not gone, but it's definitely gone down. compare that with the beta variant from south africa . quite erratic, bear with a lot of countries and it didn't spread to as many as alpha did, but the bulk of them down here quite low as they are with the gamma very. and this
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is the one from brazil, again, not as many countries affected. and the bulk with them quite low again. but look at delta delta which originated in india and using a starting point here of april. all it has done is gone up. and there is no place. i mean, it is still on the rise, pretty much everywhere. in fact, looking at this map from out the are dot com which shows you where the delta variant has spread to over a 100 countries. now, and the concerning thing is when you start looking at the united states, the u. k. russia, singapore, indonesia, even australia, all upwards of 90 percent of their new infections come from. the delta variant looks on pisec is a global health advisor. electra university college london school, the pharmacy, she believes vaccines is struggling to contain the delta variant. oh, or back mean are still affected. 91 percent preventing
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hospitalization. the evac effectiveness at preventing transmission from one another to falling off at 341 percent. we know that more severe cases are covered and more like hospitalized, have been study, se, canada and other countries as well. for there is much more need for oxygen, as well as in india where the previous wild stream and other variance of concern are kind of dying out. because this is the super very into the moment if you will. but it's not necessarily going to be the last of the rest of the world on is going to, isn't, has back needed. they don't have too many vaccines. and that's one side that i'm worried about. because while of course,
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we need to those who are honorable of israel on to get that talk protection on their hope, the workers for the front lines and they're double acting and we see this the end with move new variance. is this the 3rd? this is, this is coming from the why that for those who low and middle in the world trade organization has, is still not put forward lifting patent measures. so it is going to be difficult to meet the supply requirements unless other vaccine manufacturers join the africa back made world. italy has fully vaccinated more than half its population above the age of 12. but hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants have been left out at m. randy reports from rome on a recent evening in rome, a couple of dozen people get their jabs had a pop up cobit 19 center. some are homeless. others are immigrants,
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clinics like this are the only chance they have to get vaccinated until 1 o'clock, another time of visit. you can't get a vaccine appointment, a health card visit a doctor if you'd like me and your residency isn't sorted out from anybody. across italy, there are more than 600000 people who live in work without documents, many of them migrant farm workers from asia and africa. and for months, italy has struggled to find a way to reach these communities. it was made more difficult because the delivery of care is handled by italy's 20 regions. so each region has had to come up with its own plan. i want to feed us, i need audio, and they want to feed on capability. it's a public health and political challenge. the goal is to provide a service to the last one's in line, migrants who have been totally exploited. i don't mean at the same time when we help ourselves by vaccinating them. now,
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regional health officials are partnering with agencies and charities and going directly to these communities, making appointments for people, whether they have national health insurance or not. they're also setting up mobile vaccines centers like this one on the edge of a large immigrant community. and 3 days official have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, and 20 percent of them have no legal work papers. some here if those without documents were afraid of being caught out and sent home just by taking the shot out through a pin job translator, one and documented worker told us he wasn't scared. he just wanted to be safe from cove. at 19, many migrants are given a single johnson and johnson dos, an acknowledgement that they are hard to track down for follow up appointment. some officials though are hoping this is turning point for italy at the pop up clinic in rome. temporary national health cards are issued. so the vaccination become an
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entry point to give some form of assistance to people that do not have the union in italy relies heavily on foreign workers to pick its fruit and vegetables. although regions are trying to vaccinate as many people as they can, there is no national database of how many undocumented migrants have received the shot that poses a risk both to the migrant themselves and italians. adarine al jazeera rome thailand is banning domestic travel to the tourist hotspot of forget next month. but foreign is vaccinated against coven 19 will still be welcome. the resort island is at the center of efforts to revive the tourism industry, which is be devastated during the past 18 months. thailand was mostly unscathed by the pandemic, until recently on thursday it reported reco daily numbers of infections and death of the 1st person to be tried. and the hong kong national security law has been
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sentenced to a total of 9 years in prison. tongue in kit was convicted for inciting, secession and terrorism. he was arrested last year for riding a motorbike into a group of police officers while flying a flag calling for hong kong liberation. emily lau is the chair woman of the international affairs committee of hong kong democratic party. she says the length of the sentence is designed to send a message. it's a very, very heavy sentence. and if the chinese government wants to send a signal to the home, people about not reaching the national security law, they have really done it quite successfully. and i think many people are being injected ages and, but i just wanted to tell you the game is not over. we will continue to fight for civil and political rights. and in a way to get stressing that in the judgement,
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there was little mention of the protection of civil and political rights, which are in fact in the national security law. so now people just don't know whether these rights are protected at all. the boundaries are not very clear and hence it make people even more vehicle. i think nobody like to see mile and you know chaos. that's true. but we also warn hong kong to be what he was not too long ago of save by granted and a free city. but that is know, many people, a very, very worried in spite of now we have jubilation in the city. about our swim is our friends is winning gold medals and silver medal in tokyo. but the people are very, very worried. they don't know when they will step on the red line and get arrested and may be sent to jail for many,
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many years. still ahead on the program. i'm the rich to not be told, carolyn picks what organizes have said. some people working on the games have been breaking strict coven, 19 safety rules. ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use
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me duties by extension. let, there be change the, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w. h. making a healthy, a world for you,
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everyone. ah, i can afford here, peter. ah, telephone little another talk of it's a quest for a golden flam is over the 3rd was defeated by alexander's veteran of germany. in the semi finals in token which was to become the 1st man when all 4 grand slam titles and limpid gold. busy in the same year make matters worse. he also lost in
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semi final mixed doubles. the 1st track and field gold medal of the games has been one that's going to easy. sell him on about i got the 21 year old winning the mens 10000 meters finished ahead of world record hold a joshua chip. take a of that. you can the, in what was an all african podium. so ever going to have claimed their 1st gold medal of these games. tatiana school market winning the women to under me, the breast stroke. and we're reco time 24 year old who already took silver in $100.00 to break the stroke on tuesday. finished point 97 seconds ahead of her american opponent. american so mariah murphy has cities, 200 meter backstroke final probably was not drug free. murphy won the silver medal behind russian. so if getting low, who won in and elliptic rick time athletes from russia participate as the russian olympic committee, as part of sanctions for post doping offenses the american face,
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he wasn't directly accusing any of these competitors, but it's talking about the food in general. i think the thing that that's frustrating is that you can't answer that question with with 100 percent certainty and i think over the years that's i mean, that's kind of come now and and so yeah, i don't, i can't answer that question. i don't know if it was 100 percent clean and and that's because the things that have happened over the past. no. yes. to double check. no, no. i've always been for clean competition. i've always been tested and i always fill out my documents from the bottom of my heart. i'm for clean sport, devoted my entire life to the sport. so i don't even know how to react to that question. i love to go organizes of acknowledged for the 1st time that people within the protective bubble have been mixing with the white a japanese population,
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but they infest. there is no link between the games and the record spike in corona virus numbers in the japanese capital. and richardson is in tokyo. this was a day when fans should have been queuing up at so close national stadium to watch the 1st track and field events. instead, a view of the olympic rings outside the venue is the best they can hope for. due to concerns over the spread of corona virus, the japanese public is being kept away from the athletes organizes insist, these competitors attested more often to covey. 19 than any other community in the world. and say there is no link between the gangs taking place and inspection rates hitting record levels in this city. but olympic officials have the 1st time admitted not everyone connected to the games is following the rules about minimizing contact with the wider population. there has been some cases that the, those accreditations were temporary suspended. we are not keeping
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a specific number today, but there has been a certain number of cases we have addressed. tokyo is officially under a state of emergency as dramatic as that sounds. it's a request rather than a law or an order and it relies on public cooperation. government critics say carrying on with the games is sending the wrong signals. so the hampering the message of staying at home by the government by making the leap again. so if you, so don't be producing at the most of the up, up the reason that the nothing is going on, and that if i were happy here, 80 linked to the current increase of the infection, i think 27 new eliminate related cases of covey. 19 were reported on friday. 3 australian athletes remain in isolation. after coming into contact with american po,
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voltage at some kendricks, who's out of the games after a positive test. i believe those a mixture of maybe a brief hug and handshake from some others, but i haven't done all the details except that it was brief and but you know, again, it's, and we can understand how these things occur. but what's a reminder that we, this is a games that's different and we just can't afford to take that sort of risks. it all means a once in a generation sporting event has the most japanese being reduced to a brief photo opportunity. and the richardson al jazeera tokyo away from the olympics, asian champions cutters hopes of holding 2 continental title similar pena. flea over the usa school to late goal to beat them. one know in the gold cup semi finals . the 2022 world cup hosts were playing in the north and central american tournament as invited guests and take closest going in the 1st half on dos that had
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a chance to him and believe in the 61st minute with misty penalty return. the us schooling the winter. it's just a few minutes remaining. okay. defending champions mexico in sunday funnel and basketball b. n b. a draft has been held with the 1st pick in a 2021. n b, a draft, the detroit pistons. k. cunningham. the 19 year old kid cutting him who had been playing for oklahoma state, doing the detroit pistons who had the 2nd worst recording the league and missed the post season for the pin sons in the past 12 campaign. the still crazy to be in the moment like weren't really playing most everybody's don't have be my family here. you know, to be able to spin his mom with the blessing of her will even for now,
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most for these later him news all over the back and just a moment with me today. ah, news news news. all this on the united states is ending its 20 year military presence. enough kind of done with what is news for the country. 11 piece showcases use dealings trailblazing environmental policy, able to read the country of all present from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest development of the corona virus and
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demi continue to spread around the world. witness showcases, award winning documentaries that bring work issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension. driving them be ahead to the post as a country to define the future august on a job. something was going to change as anything really changed. this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we're in a way against the variance. know what to say. we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line. i'll just era. we're told technology can help tackle the spread of coven 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring what date is being collected. where is it being forward?
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holly re looked at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech to go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down on algae 0. ah, oh, i. the 1st group of afghans who held american troops arrive in the us with their families. many others are still desperate to get. i'm charlotte bell is outside the passport office here in cobb, where there's been a huge surge and application as violence increases across. i've got a l l d is there a lawyer from dough home also coming up the state.


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