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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm AST

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vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, and 20 percent of them have no legal work papers. patient is undocumented migrant struggling to get back in 1900 vaccine. trinity president moved to take greater control of the security services pointed to new interior minister and in for the 1st middle of the ward. it's track and field competition get underway at the tokyo and ah, i am sorry, i should be about raising prices farther down to the time we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in time in that says, i don't have to do the task of fixing a war torn economy, counting the cost on al jazeera. i know why you mentoring is that open
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your eyes. i was guy on our g 0 cut on one of the boston growing nations in the i needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a middle east and trade and money skillfully enough out 3 key areas of filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future you gotta come to gateway to whoa trade o a
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in utah from mountain theory, these are the top stories us president joe biden. it's called the arrival of the 1st evaluation flight carrying after an important milestone. $221.00 fans, including children, landed in virginia early on friday, 1000 more. who are afraid of taliban retaliation awaiting to be recessive. the 1st person to be tried under aging national security law in hong kong has been sentenced to a total of 9 years in prison tongue in kit with convicted of inciting, profession and terror. and japan's prime minister confirmed the current of our state of emergency will be found 2 or more areas outside of tokyo that he's been reporting record daily increases the view infections for the past few days. it's returned to our top story, the arrival of those afghan interpreters and their families in the united states. we've got michael sample with a professor at queens university, belfast, a former deputy e u. special representative to afghanistan on skype from dublin. today. michael,
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good to see you. as always, we are focused entirely on the united states on the difficulties that have involved in getting visas for the afghans and now moving some of them to the us. but this wasn't just the us war. this was a nato war. so i'm wondering about all those other countries are involved. are they doing anything to help out afghan interpreters in their families? yes, a, a parallel program is being launched in pretty much all the major european countries that are involved and maybe may have been less publicity around it. but hundreds of our funds are being relocated from afghanistan to the u. k. and the european countries which participated in the african war, hundreds, yet there are thousands, tens of thousands of people. could european countries could other nato countries do more. you see, i don't actually find the song was difficult, difficult to talk about because here we're talking about this of the, the,
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the duty of care of the, the countries which participated in the military intervention to those afghans who worked directly for them. they're talking about how to, how to ensure that people who incurred increased risk of being targeted by the taliban are taken carols. but the insecurity which are harnessed on currently faces isn't just impacting on those former employees of the, the western countries. it impacts upon millions of africans. so i think that the, the countries that are grappling with this are trying to balance what they do for our, for honesty as a whole. and what they do for the hundreds of africans who worked with each of those countries incredibly dale, had been and it's, it's, i mean, you're describing a real sort of tight road situation almost here in the us. they have realized that this is the case. and if you know there's been bipartisan deal in the senate to,
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to speed things along. but what also strikes me is that, you know, we knew this was coming. it's not a surprise that the day would arrive, and yet the rush came at the end. what absolutely, and i think there is a difference in the, the us perspective and the, the european perspective. and they, the, the time table in the end was set by u. s. concerns. the incoming administration thought it was a political priority to demonstrate that they had kept a promise to remove us troops. and the, i think a lot of this is the, the establishment. they're expected that they would stay on a bit longer to, to try and tie the up to the security situation. but in the end, the administration said no, our top priority is get the troops out and anything else can be dealt with separately. so it's a u. s. priority,
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we're set the time table is being quite easy for the, for the us to get bipartisan support for example, just now to approve another $5000.00 extra fees as not as far as they're concerned, they're not dealt with. but the reason i say that the, there's a difference you perspective is that only hundreds of off guns will be covered by the, the u. k. and e, you schemes to get people out legally. but i know that tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of off guns today in face of increased insecurity and fears of what the taliban will do in the areas they've already taken over in the areas that they currently threaten. and if they take over the whole country, these hundreds of thousands of off guns are contemplating sleeping irregularly, in other words, across the border into iran, heading towards turkey on potentially to, to europe. non. so europe has a possibility, if things really go wrong and on which they might well of facing flows in terms of
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hundreds of 1000, perhaps millions a back to the crisis of 5 years ago. michael st below is a pleasure talking to you. thank you for your time today. thank you. to syria were demonstrations of taken place in the northwest against the recent violence in the southern province of that. our protest is a denouncing the military campaign launched by the syrian government forces. lease 18 people have been killed. thousands have been displaced in the worst violence since the government recaptured most of that area. 3 years ago. i had to know the president said as appointed the new interior minister just days after backing the prime minister and freezing parliament. rita got to louis is the latest appointments following the dismissal of a long list of senior officials side opponents of labelled his actions. a qu, but at the swearing in ceremony, the president once again dismissed those accusations the will lay,
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set them in the state, is not a public moved by strings. there are lobbies and corrupt individuals who have been pulling the strings from behind the curtain us between asian state is made of institutions and national facilities who work for the service of all according to the law and the constitution. while the conditions at this historical moment forced me to take such exceptional measures at sam campbell with us now from tunis, just on baths, note of what we heard. president sighed. say not a massive surprised that he would say this. and i guess also he would point to the fact that there was plenty of celebration when he took his actions, and people actually wanted something like that to happen. yes. this the speech from the president of 2 news, a science comes just during the swearing in ceremony on thursday
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of new into the prime minister. read how to sell louis and into the into the interior minister position salary is not a well known political actor. what is known about him is that he was previously a national security advisor to the presidency. during the ceremony, i cited the president reiterated many of the points that he's been making since he took extraordinary measures on, on sunday, including packing prime minister, his m a. c. t, freezing the parliament and removing parliamentary immunity. he, he reaffirmed his commitment to national unity, also reaffirmed his his claims that the country was being undermined by lobby's and that there were certain elements behind a screen pulling political strings. he also said that that he
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is a protector of rights and fundamental freedoms and, and that and that there will be a, there is a democratic process ongoing and, and only hours after this, there was a facebook statement made by this new seat who was formerly dis, the speaker of parliament and had the largest coalition block party, another he said that none of them ready for any to make any concessions as long as there is a return to democracy and called president sy, it's action a coo. and so that's what we've got on the interior minister and so swearing in as well as the president's responses to the parties are elements that are calling his actions a qu. okay, thanks for that. sam kimball in janice thailand. his banning domestic
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travel to the tourist hotspot a few cat next month. but foreigners vaccinated against coven 19 will still be welcome. the result, islands at the center of efforts to revive the tourism industry, which has been devastated during the past 18 months. thailand was for the most part unscathed by the panoramic. until recently there's a reported reco daily numbers of infections and death. italy has fully vaccinated more than half its population over the age of 12. but hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants have been left out and brainy reports from rome. on a recent evening in rome, a couple of dozen people get their jabs had a pop up cove. it 19th centre, some are homeless. others are immigrants, clinics like this are the only chance they have to get vaccinated. below funnel plot and you can't get a vaccine appointment. a health card visit a doctor if you'd like me and your residency isn't sorted out from anybody. across
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italy, there are more than 600000 people who live in work without documents, many of them migrant farm workers from asia and africa. and for months, italy has struggled to find a way to reach these communities. it was made more difficult because the delivery of care is handled by italy's 20 regions. so each region has had to come up with its own plan. i want to feed us, i need audio. they want to feed anchor politi. it's a public health and political challenge. the goal is to provide a service to the last one's in line, migrants who have been totally exploited. and at the same time, we help our sales by vaccinating them. now, regional health officials are partnering with agencies and charities and going directly to these communities, making appointments for people, whether they have national health insurance or not. they're also setting up mobile vaccine centers like this one on the edge of
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a large immigrant community. and 3 days officials have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, and 20 percent of them have no legal work papers. some here, if those without documents, were afraid of being caught out and sent home just by taking the shot out through a pin job translator, one and documented worker told us, he wasn't scared. he just wanted to be safe from coven 19. but not many migrants are given a single johnson and johnson dos, an acknowledgement that they are hard to track down for follow up appointments. some officials though, are hoping this is a turning point for italy at the pop up clinic in rome. temporary, national health cards are issued. so the vaccination become an entry point to give some form of health assistance to people that do not have the opportunity. italy relies heavily on foreign workers to pick its fruit and vegetables. although
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regions are trying to vaccinate as many people as they can, there is no national database of how many undocumented migrants have received the shot. that poses risk both to the migrants themselves and italians. adarine al jazeera roam. trees have been top, holds transport systems snarl. these wild winds roaring through the u. k right now, the huge storm sweets across the country. jeff has more in your world with hello good tissue. we're going to begin with that nasty storm system lashing that southern united kingdom. this is a name storm everett and the biggest concern here will be those winds whipping up to about a 120 kilometers per hour. so this is going to have a major impact over exposed areas, and that's why we think the biggest threat for this storm will be cornwall. now we track where it's going on saturday. we see it sling into the low countries and southern scandinavia it will be their turn, afford that wild weather. take it back to friday now because we are tracking energy
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around the alps and this could produce some very big storms here. a batch of what weather moves from southern scandinavia into latvia, and we've got some rain for western russia and eastern ukraine. south of all of this. it's all about the heat. heat alerts in play for the balkans, widespread. sophia bulgaria up to $38.00 on friday. now before i show you this, next video, one is set this scene, it has been hot, it has been windy, tender, dry conditions and on talia. so if we look east of on talia, we've got this wildfire burning, 454 street workers are. they're trying to battle back against the flames and 4 areas of africa, we've got some heavy rain toward molly and senate goal on friday. several tornadoes have touched down in the us, states of pennsylvania and wisconsin, killing at least one person, line of powerful stones tore houses apart, prompting emergency declarations, tens of thousands of household waiting to get their tricity. switch back on
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a lake in southern argentina is turned a shade of pink environmentalists. blame it on pollution from a nearby industrial park. they say the lake is not so contaminated, no official, wildlife can survive in it. and iraq is facing a water and potentially a humanitarian crisis because supplies from iran, drawing up iraq usually rely on its neighbor for 3rd of its supplies. but new dam projects have cut that back, made our bill 100 reports now from the eastern province of the dealer. this is not a field. it's a league except there is no water. so grass is growing and feeding the sheep like other water streams in eastern iraq. henry lake has been drying up since iran has started diverting with the river flow. new it's bordered with iraq. now live in the yellow province is all about drought cannot that were once full of water at all
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now filled with rubbish. nearby orchards and farm's auto withered, desiccated landscape. about 65 percent of the yellow resident, 3 light on agriculture. many of them have now left dead roots are all that remain a valley, myrtle eggs, orange and pomegranates orchard. he says some of his neighbors have had to take on construction jobs and pay daily land. um, connie had been cutting only a few farmers managed to dig wells to irrigate the land. we buy underground water for household use and it's still costly because we've lost our farms. the only source of income tankers now provide the water supply for many areas. but in some remote villages, water from wealth is disseminated and sold for drinking. officials say that cannot be sustainable. proper law got, but we can't rely on well water for
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a long time. we have suspended all agricultural activities. the 2 countries must start negotiations and come up with an immediate solution to the crime. iran and iraq had a 1975 agreement for shared water. but that fell apart when the 2 countries went to war. in the 1980s henry lake used to hold more than 2000000000 cubic meters of water. though because of iran's dam program, it is last march of that capacity. it is resulted in the river drying up seriously, affecting one of iraq's 2 major river sources. the tigris iraq has been suffering significant water shortages in several other regions with the flows of the tigris and euphrates rivers. the country's life lions also obstructed by dams built by turkey, expert se, unless a deal can be achieved on water supplies. hundreds of thousands of hector's of agricultural lands could disappear, and death could cause
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a major population shift in the region. by without brewer had al jazeera india or province eastern iraq, a sporting on the way with far and, and then pick law en hopes of a golden plan. the tennis was one of the news news news, news news
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with me. ah ah, just before we get to sport a bit of business news, amazon has reported profits of $7800000000.00. that's just for the 2nd quarter of
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this year. the world's largest retailer has revenue rose 27 percent compared to a year earlier. it was at $113000000000.00. that figure fell short though of expectations. would you believe the company believe sales growth will start to flow with more customers come out of lockdown? i that's good to caught up in sports with bar mall. thank you so much. olympic organizers have acknowledged for the 1st time that people within the protective bubble have been mixing with the wider japanese population. but they and says there is no link between the games and the record spiking corona virus numbers and the japanese capital. and richardson reports from told you this was a day when funds should have been keeping up so close national stadium to watch the 1st track and field events. instead, a view of the olympic rings outside the venue is the best they can hopeful due to
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concerns over the spread of corona virus, the japanese public is being kept away from the athletes organizes insist, these competitors attested more often to covey 19 than any other community. in the world and say there is no link between the gangs taking place and infection rates hitting record levels in this city. but elliptic officials have the 1st time admitted not everyone connected to the games is following the rules about minimizing contact with the wider population. there has been some cases that the, those accreditations were temporary, so offended. we are not keeping their specific numbers today, but there has been a certain number of cases we have other tokyo is officially under a state of emergency. as dramatic as that sounds. it's a request rather than a law or an order and it relies on public corporation. government critics say
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carrying on with the games is sending the wrong signals of the hampering the message of staying at home by the government by making begin. so if you don't be producing at the most of the up up, the reason that the nothing is going on and that if i were happy here, 80 linked to the current increase of the infection, i think 27, you eliminate related cases of covey 19 were reported on friday, 3 australian athletes remain in isolation after coming into contact with american po, volt at some kendricks, who's out of the games after a positive test. i believe those a mixture of maybe a brief hug and handshake from some others, but i haven't done all the details except that it was brief and but you know, again, it's, and we can understand how these things occur. but what's a reminder that we, this is
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a games that's different and we just can't afford to take that sort of risks. it all means a once in a generation sporting event has for most japanese being reduced to a brief photo opportunity. and the richardson al jazeera tokyo tennis roll. number one, novak chalk of which is quest for a golden slab is over. the 3rd was defeated by alexander of rab, a germany and the semi finals in tokyo, georgia, which was mean to be the 1st man when all 4 grand slams titles, an olympic gold senior. if he'll be as solomon bry guy has won the opening, gold metal track and field competition in the 10000 meters, he finished had a world record holder. is joshua watch a peggy of uganda? american swimmer, ryan murphy has said his 200 meter back stroke final probably wasn't drug free or for the claim, the silver metal behind russian swimmer is getting roll off, one in a limping record time fleets for russia participate says the russian olympic
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committee is part of sanctions or pass doping offences. the american says he wasn't directly using any of his competitors, but was talking about the sport in general. well, i think the thing that that's frustrating is that you can answer that question with with 100 percent certainty. and i think over the years that's i mean, that's kind of come now and and so yeah, i don't, i can't answer that question. i don't know if it was 100 percent clean and and that's because the things that have happened over the past. no. yes, to double check. no, i've always been for clean competition. i've always been tested and i always fill out my documents from the bottom of my heart. i'm for clean sport. devoted my entire life to the sport. so i don't even know how to react to that question. south africa claim, their 1st gold medal of these games that piano issue marker when
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a new women's 200 meter retro can world record time. the 24 year old who already took silver in the 100 meter brushstroke on tuesday, finish point 97 seconds. her american opponent for it is bethany shreeve, are produced, a huge ob sites in the women b, m. x rays, the 22 year old dethroning to tom olympic champion columbia mariana home, when the gold medal one of the biggest names in judo has suffered a rare defeat, double mpeg champion teddy vena of france last, the tamar land, bashes of the russian olympic committee. and the men's 100 kilo division, the 32 year old bowed out of the quarter finals after slipping and falling backwards as he tried to throw his opponents. at strickland at the metal table now in china is on top with their 19 gold medals. oh, chapin are in 2nd with 16 golds senior will say have the most overall, but only just all us scored
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a late goal to be cats are one know in the gold cup semi finals. the 2022 world cup house playing in retirement is invited guests and for see what school keeper to make 3 big saves and the 1st half an hour. hi otto's then had a chance to take the lead and the 61st minutes, but missed this penalty. the scoring the winner with just minutes remaining. but late defending champion mexico in the final and the m. b draft has been held with the 1st pick in a 2021, n b a draft, the detroit pistons. k. cunningham. the 19 year old who had been playing for oklahoma state join a team that has the 2nd worst record in the league, and mr. po, season for the 10th time, and the 12 campaign. okay, and that is all your sport for now. come all back to you far. thanks for that. coming back in a couple of minutes. the latest news on out of the picture on the
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from the world's most populated region. and until the story from across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics, ah, one of one eastern on out there are the fuel, the dry change. i bullying the removal of robert mcguffey than bob way with the country. bringing with it one journalist set out to record the voice of the people . instead of telling people what to think with that, give me a chance to speak for themselves and captured a haunted,
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not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera, blue face, most common sight and said, he sent his around britain, but as lockdown, lucid people will still be wearing masks for months or even years to come. an ongoing nightmare for the environment. this video shows stuff at a wildlife hospital helping a bird that's been caught up in discarded later. it's a face monster made of plastic. now a recent survey found 70 percent of people using disposable market. realize that we using single use prospects research as a university college london. so if every person in the u. k. used one, despite almost every day for a year, it would create $124000.00 tons of waste, half of which would be and recyclable. this factory, they're trying to provide an alternative financial borrow coaching like other such mosques can be washed and reuse. the design that we've come up with, ethical, sustainable, and entirely made in the u. k. it looks like face most to be part of many people's
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lives, at least in the short term, whatever. calling the way they're being urged to consider where it comes from and where it'll end up. i bring afghans and their families to a military base in the united states have left their homeland fear in calibre and reprisals for working with american for many others looking for barracks. and now i'm charlotte bell is outside the passport office here in cobb where there's been a huge surge and application as violence increases across. i've got a hello again. i'm come out.


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