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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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the change is all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill ah, ah, 2 of once upon a time and punch bones coming up. first, i would check on the headlines and you as president joe biden has called the arrival of the 1st evaluation flight carrying afghan interpreters and their families. an important milestone to the $21.00, afghans including children, landed in virginia early on friday, thousands more, who were afraid of taliban retaliation awaiting to be resettled. james bay is not explains why the u. s. is undertaking such a huge commission. let's look at the context of the big picture. the u. s. have been in afghanistan for 20 years. they had many,
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many partners here. they had all of the nato allies, so that's 30 countries and all plus many other countries who were involved fighting alongside nato in the ice f coalition. remember that we're also n g o z here, security contract his media. so many people, so many afghans, particularly in cobble, have been working with the international community. clearly the us now feel their security is at risk. you know the news, the 1st person to be tried on debate james national security law in hong kong, has been sentenced to a total of 9 years in prison. tonguing kit was convicted of inciting, succession, and terrorism. the rest of last year for writing a motorbike into a group of police flying a flag, calling for hong kong liberation the host to come tree of the olympics. japan is expanded its state of emergency after reporting a record number of code. 19 infections restrictions will continue until the end of next month in tokyo, where the games are being held. and china is battling its 1st major coven 90,
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not breaking month. hundreds of thousands of people are in lockdown in junk through province. a cluster of cases was 1st detected in the regional capital, non ging, but a spread to 5 provinces and the capital aging. officials believe it is linked to the delta variance. israel is now offering a 3rd shot of the find the covey 19 vaccine president issac hudson and his wife for the 1st to receive the booster. the extra jap will be for people above the age of 60. he got the 2nd dose more than 5 months ago. again, an attempt to curb the delta variance, speaking of which internal report from the us centers for disease control says the delta variance is as contagious as chicken pox. a copy of the document shows the variant is more transmissible than the viruses, the called the bowler. the common cold and the seasonal flu. you're up to date with the headlines once again on al jazeera, the news are coming up in about 25 minutes. the
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hearing to decide whether these the words, terrorist in waiting why have been approved and has the wrong or men joshua meteor attention. becky mella is the 1st strain in in history to be charged under the new counter terrorist laws with planning acts of terrorism. if found guilty, he faces to live sentences, malice, activities, which are essentially ego boosting provider. rather than anything else. provide a, an opportunity to put the whole structure of criminal war into action. they needed to test. the problem said he did to test is in new amendment and religious patients or dan except that anybody in the police and as i came out. and so any
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other case for that matter said let's arrest and shot someone. just the test a little after one year and 9 months, the maximum security zacky is acquitted of the terrorist charges, but pleads guilty to threatening officers is sentenced to 2 and a half years. so yes, i was guilty, threatening to kill yourself early because i took my passport. i hadn't gone to loss. so it was more word of that call me into this whole situation . the 1st place they should have looked at me as someone who was troubled, but not. they treated him as a terrorist. for all of his short life zacky has felt like he didn't belong in the country of his birth. i, for the 1st one,
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interacted with all distractions. what occasion is trillions asian stallions aboriginal australians? it wasn't a more inclined so funny enough to say it was open that made me understand is all the strategy. and i actually think than for this turn around in life or sending me to golden and understanding things on a different perspective. ah, becky never loses his taste for ability and use his tv and social media to record visits to the rebel front line in the syrian civil war. ah,
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4 years after $911.00, fears over arab extraneous terrorism continue to threaten the harmonious ideals of multiculturalism. and here in this iconic, all the setting racism is set to explode for decades to will have shared one stretch of coastline in a country. they all call home carla was out of town on the weekends as a kid to during summer. it was as if, thanks down a punch bowl had migrated to the park, ah, growing up in la kanda mohammed, crudely thinks of quintinella as he saw my backyard. ah,
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it was full of ours and full of revenues, drums and barbecues, and hobbling dudley's again, as we call them full of all the wonderful things that we know that was normal to us. and it was great because it was, it was safety, it was and it was fun. was fun as a kid for the okay, is living in punchbowl. quintinella is the family beach. just as it is the generations of western suburb families. we go by football and this and we went swimming at the beach. it was a local h. i've never had an issue going to chronology. did yours interact with the likely? probably not. but who just like any other person on the beach? never an issue while i was just driving from crinoline, i've been down there with over 30 years and no one's ever said to me or looked at
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me in the wrong way. or i see with my in laws when my sister in law and my brother in law to nowadays and commons and whatever else. and no one's ever said about what to me in any way, shape or form. ah, one of the things that was very clear about was nobody knew what was going to happen when they came to power, 9096. how the government specifically got rid of the strain in multicultural research program. and that, that had a really quite profound effect because nobody was talking to anybody that was going on. there was no, nobody was actually tracking what was happening and communities. and so there was a sort of unraveling of social knowledge about what was happening and struggling. i feel like something was drilling, but in hindsight, you could actually say now that all of those things that were coming into play were building up to the crescendo. like many in the lebanese is trailing community.
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lebanese born teacher had div is aware of the danger to light. whether you go back to the gulf or the mid september live, and then again, right in the other things that were occurring. they've been a continual seed on arabic empties. i make these other people the others that i want to be striving that quite somebody honestly, i wouldn't happen to click on it and no surprise i wasn't supposed bullet was it was just a matter of time me. and now with the anniversary of the bali bombing, just tune up in the past, the few fit for quintinella to ignite. there's a clear line between 911 and the events chronology 4 years later.
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it's lawn that's fashioned by the increasing tension between the why does society and eliminate the strain ends of muslim faith for white anglo you not to live and provides a justification for moral outrage about live in nice muslims. it's almost like a prime to explode. all that's needed is a spark. after months of mounting tension on sunday december, the 4th, a scuffle breaks out between some volunteer lifesavers and a group of teenagers, described as mediterranean or from the middle a volunteer. lifesavers bashed while giving up their weekend to help others push and shove and death, which would have in this. but certain media outlets wanted to raise
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the ugly racism again, liberally, community when the more angels and you got more north than i was any community got any community you want and i'll get you a lot to tell me from any community but the live in the community news talking use the min net. i can still pipe not for the 1st time. over the next few days, the media fan, the flames of racism. the message is clear. arabs are attacking australian culture and values. what grubbs? well, i tell you what. this law whether slip or middle eastern grand, we got, i mean on the side, but i'm saying it there was a license that came from the agitation of people like alan jones. and there was a license that came from the wide sense that live in a muslims, in particular,
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were a source of danger and threat within australia society. it's not just to be a middle east and bought into the weekend. it's thousands of dollars, a very long beach and it's going to be taken over by the scum. what is it about us that you have so much for name at car boot lea. the vitriol is hard to take. the media didn't say anything to positively contribute. oh crit com to the situation in any way. all they did was promote slander, perpetuate feel for cation petula discrimination and racism. and it was really, really hurtful me. 4 days before the riot announcer alan jones raids out a message sent in by a listener. my suggestion is to invite by the bike against the president numbers that colonel railway station, one of these lebanese thugs, arrived at the price of admission to watch these cowards. scary back onto the
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trying for the return trip to the lay as we were really, really afraid. the voice of moderation was silenced by the views that we were heading on. the radio dog by show was so awful that i felt ashamed to call myself a salient at that time stirred up by newspapers and radio, people sent thousands of text messages all that week. was i cushioned of emotion, we could see was it temper and the heat or isaac 7 30 am sunday december the 11th crowd. begin to gather at cornell, a beach normally they're attend police on patrol today. 160 the i think that was about
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270000. as a miss. be in sent on that day. to teach the liberties thugs, alyssa, the, my 2005. sergeant craig campbell has worked the cornell a beat for 4 years. but this weekend, he senses there's something different in the air, was sort of like a village, fair atmosphere of people having bobbies and those are the rock ply, and that i was well, the war bumper to bumper. and i saw a woman walking down the footpath. i a cruiser eyes, so to drink. i like 8 o'clock in the morning and i normally say that i actually turned to the boys and said to them, i said,
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is going to ship our lunchtime boys. you watch you watch. yeah, and i also looked community, i think so talking, oh yeah. why, why, why, why i go. i'm not putting the crawler rule over there, the boys went down and caused the problems. what i'm saying is racism in this country is very se, carla. the problem for justice johnson was the
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ah, lunchtime, the police had closed off the street trying to stop the crowd and creeping. we also deployed ride blocks in southern sydney and east and sidney to stop people from coming in because we didn't want to add fuel to the fire by simply letting everybody get. yeah, all our members saying is so many angry faces so many pushing and shoving through astrology and flag being carried away, which on i think these charlene flushed. ever be carried. yeah, the the, the the astronomy and flag has many meanings. people use them as
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beach towels as bikinis, but in the case of chronology, they always used as flags of ah, the flag should be a symbol that unites every one. it was trying to be used as a means of dividing people. it was just a really, really confronting thought to think defense. if you have no idea who i am, you have knowledge about my culture and you've become hide off that much. what have we done to you? yeah. the 1 pm sunday, december 11th in the 5000. right. as many fueled by out the whole of turn, the street into a hunting ground. let's go on any breaks and grad fall out in the
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labs. anyone who wants to pray? ah, the last thing, image beer of, of a person who's just seems like they're running for their life along the, along the boardwalk, at the beach. and i think, i think for those who are watching it is how could it get to the least the need divine and to find narrowly fumed by alcohol for george basha, the real cause is endemic racism. when you say or laugh while you're laughed, i was just slap is what a joke. you know, i don't know how much they would need and there's no way they can convince me every single person that was drunk. i think a little convincing. playing to prove that somebody that just to me just doesn't going he fortunately, there are only
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a few lebanese australians on the beach, like most of the nation, the community witness the hora unfold via radio and tv. so having a barbecue of my place, my brother sam, his wife, whose from chronology i remember, the more information that came out through the radio started to happen on tv. i saw my brother sammy's face changed. he just couldn't believe what was actually happening. yeah. the type of burgundy isn't going to tell me that on the left becomes women granola, even if i bring my my vital to my, my mother or whoever come down with me in the warped version of what it means to be multiculturalism had become some ideal,
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a threat to the increasingly sinister mob. there was one young man who became iconic. across his chest was written. we grew here, you flew here. it's almost like a sort of nazi thing of blood and soil. that unless you emerge from the soil, you have no right to it. ah, we never knew that all these would be headphones and had so much height in them, particularly coming from canola, particularly coming from the area that we knew so well and we were there. so often, and it was like being punched by enable
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me at 3 pm room and suddenly that a train load of leather needs a straining use are about to arrive then comes the terrifying reality. there are just 2 men on board who are middle east and yeah. as we walk through, looked up into the last carry, jump into the top. dick, you could actually say those 2 young guys getting delta. well, i got fully up into the carriage that i could see through the table. those 2 young boys just curled off in a bowl and just taking the hit, yelling at them really had no effect. the only way to move the table was by
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striking them with my baton. i wasn't going to have 2 people kicked to death trying august when for me i need to get going out today and and some medical attention. so that's when i went down trying to stop and pay phone. yeah, yeah. i had a carriage for paypal. they got 2 young boys. what sort of hero aya? you know, here you just scum, the riot flashes around the world. britain, canada,
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and indonesia issue travel unions urging the citizen to exercise caution. when visiting sydney yeah. the intensity of the bombers and the racism that underpins the violence is what makes this different. it's is those something deep and dark inside the strain and psyche that spain via but repressed by a near civilization has now been allowed to erupt. yeah, what happened on a sunday in chronology is a black country regardless of which side of the policy political fence you see on regardless of which cultural background that was not a good day 1st. rather as a nation law law on december 11, a nation insured in the following day,
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51 right to the charge. yes, a prime minister still sees a stranger in a different line. i do know that there is underlying racism in this country. c unfortunately, what john, how was said a doctor was totally of the mark. he was acting as a statement probably trying to shield the nation from that tarnishing donation as a whole. but, and he was totally of the mike. yeah. but the horror has only just begun. angry lebanese is dradian, men are about to seek revenge. the we went down to the principal park and there was hundreds of people to 100. the
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young guys are very full. so full was in the car with a young guy who had a very serious weapon on him. and there were guys there who are killed even the most the most articulate and the most intellectual people in our community was filled with outrage. because how much can someone take before that crack next time on once upon a time in punch bowl, the every one on the street, the, the revenge response creates a potentially invalid cycle of tit for tat violence. gangs of men, the middle east and origin by the river. we have
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a lot on this. we step forward, there will be 2 feet. hundreds of brian sport struggling to hold the progress ah, in the wake of the criminal race, right. how much can someone take before they clap? the fight recognition is crucial. we need to coordinate heads to prevail, brothers in the end table with religion. and the thing that was a community wants to be disrespect to al jazeera explores the history and struggles of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time in punchbowl on al jazeera news, news
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ah, ah, it's too late for the journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways, hello, nessie. we had some turbulent weather roll through the us state of wisconsin and pennsylvania. so i want to take your rate to the ground there. tornado tor, through part of the investigation now will be to figure out what level of tornado this was, but several people injured. we look at saturday, we could see more storms rumbling through the midwest. and we've also got rain for the canadian province of newfoundland, and labrador. take it to the desert southwest, and we've really got a cluster of storms popping up here as we head toward nevada, arizona, new mexico, utah, great into colorado. this is all influenced by the north american monsoon. next for go into the u. s. golf state. so i want to show you this because they're starting
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to dry out. in particular, as we head toward the state of florida, which has just been drenched with rain over the last few days, but we're getting some dry spells in there and for central america. we've got some heavy rain. as we checked toward the pacific coast of mexico could see some tropical trouble brewing there. also rain for centuries, nicaragua, costa rica into panama, and you know, a 4 south america cold snap. they produce some snow in priscilla the last time there was a blizzard there. i was about 64 years ago, but temperature is, are starting to bounce back 22 degrees in rio on saturday. sponsored pay cut on airways high lies and elicit the market for the rich and powerful i was needing special work undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell something like what in addition has been said that you can
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make an innocent disappear. i have many of excited brazen example. i've seen the men who so football coming soon on, i just, you know, were told technology can help tackle the spread of coven 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting, something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring what data being collected. whereas it's being stored highly re, looks at the limits of time and the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech to go viral, episode 3 of all hail the lockdown analogy. 0. moses is big news in libya, but staging cholera by credit here comes with his own particular red o'clock. couldn't take part in the 2016, rallied because we were fighting a war and i'll just do a world trouble to the libyan. just to see how full don't full wheel can be
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a unifying pull. war, tillman country, libya, or rally on al jazeera. oh i this is al jazeera ah, the time is $1300.00, gmc hello on come all santa maria because the news now are on al jazeera buses bring afghans and their families to a military base in the united states that left their homeland fear in town abound reprisals for working with american forces and many others looking for their exit to i'm showing a balance outside the passport office.


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