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ration front with his feet. rashid mackenzie and the f. l. n. team. on al jazeera. we understand the different cultures across the amount of what moves wilson, news and current. does that matter to you? oh, i it's $1200.00 g m t on come all santa maria. these are the top stories on al jazeera. he was president joe biden is called the arrival of the 1st evacuation flights carrying afghans. an important milestone. $221.00 afghans, including children, landed in virginia early on friday. thousands more afraid of taliban retaliation are still waiting to be resettled. what's your message to those that have no choice but to stay? a 1st, i want to reiterate. we're through this action. seeking to meet our commitment
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to those who made commitments to us and acted on that 2nd to the larger population. here, i would say 1st, we continue to to provide strong support to the afghan defense and security forces into the government to defend the people of this country. and to provide the necessary security in which in which they can live in a safe and appropriate manner. jones, by asking the question there, he has more now on why the u. s. is undertaking such a huge mission. let's look at the context of the big picture. the u. s. have been in afghanistan for 20 years. they had many, many partners here. they had all of the nato allies, that 30 countries and all plus many other countries who were involved fighting alongside nato in the ice f coalition. remember, they were also n g o z here, security contract his media. so many people. so many afghans, particularly,
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and cobble, have been working with the international community. clearly the u. s. now feel their security is at risk. my pocket sounds prime minister has strongly denied that fighters from his country of cross the border to fight alongside the taliban. and my con was pressed about the allegations during an interview with us media. like just one was more like a hired gun. the u. s. is that we paid you gave you aid, and that's why you were fighting this. so called war on terror. by august on, on the other hand, felt that here was a country which had no need to be part of this war. it loses the $70000.00. i mean, where, which other country has lost 70000 people fighting for some someone else is war. so pakistan is felt that here we were fighting us his war. i caught me devastated edwards minuscule compared to the amount of money we lost in the economy. and yet
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we will blame for the failure upon is done. this is the pakistani point of view of a headlines. the 1st person to be tried on debating national security law in hong kong has been sentenced to a total of 9 years in prison tongue. young kit was convicted of inciting, succession, and terrorism was arrested last year for writing a motorbike into a group of police officers applying a flag calling for hong consideration. the philippines is restoring a defense packed with the u. s. that allows for joint military exercises. the move was announced during a visit by the defense secretary, lloyd austin, in a big house counter. japan has expanded its state of emergency after reporting a record number of code. 19 infections. restrictions will continue on to the end of next month in tokyo, with the games are being held. the organizers say there were $27.00 new infections linked to the event, which is the highest so far more china is battling its 1st major cove at 19 outbreak. in month, hundreds of thousands of people are in lockdown in junky province. a cluster of
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cases was 1st detected in the regional capital, non ging, but has spread to 5 provinces and the capital aging. only 200 people have been infected since early this month. officials believe it is linked to the delta variance. normal israel is offering a 3rd shops of the find the curve at $900.00 vaccine president issac hertzog and his wife for the 1st to get the booster. the extra job will be 4 people above the age of 60, who got their 2nd dose more than 5 months ago. it's an attempt to curve infections caused by the delta variance. and an internal report from the us centers for disease control says that variant is now as contagious as chicken pox. a copy of the document shows the variant is more transmissible than the viruses that cause a bowler, the common cold, and even the seasonal flu. they go, you're up to date with the headlines here and out of the next, once upon a time in punch bowl, looks at the life of lebanese migrants in australia. ah,
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ah, i came to us from live on to get away from the war that was happening at the time. and they came to restart a life as a migraine, when i was trying to i, i struggled. it was very difficult. i wanted to give us every data that was at the beginning. i'm like my parents for the last 2 decades. lebanese families come to australia to build a better life and escape the destruction of war. but many
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a demonized in the new land only live in it. rid of this multi culturalism, because that is dividing a full service. and then after 15 years of immigration from lebanon, anglo, and arab australia is divided by the 1st gulf there being confronted with a choice between being either arab or restraint. it's up to now the multicultural story is when you 1st i already answered this question or when i was trying to present all these doors trailer. and i shouldn't just join my odyssey chip is talking about the about this in as well. in the 1990, a tiny criminal minority become drug dealing gang to define the law. these games will be wiped in
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2001 kara rhythm raises b is that arab australians are an enemy within 35 years. and he, our pension explodes into one of the most infamous, right? try it, trying to be a little each week and a 1000. we have been in fisher effect for 30 years. the people converged on chronology. what happened on that sunday and chronology? is it black or 3 countries in am i live in a garage. what am i am a stallion? i am living. i am movement. i'm a mother. i'm a georgia. i'm a child. i'm old. anyone. this is a story of what it's like to be living. and call a trailer at home. we are
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a strategy and, and this is our highlander is where we belong. and this is what we have me i read that insights, part of an outbreak of violence here, which they blame on local gangs. growing up in principal was very ugly. i didn't know her read or didn't how to write and i was born in australia. ah. ready as a young teenager in the late 19 ninety's, that email is knowledge of a stranger is confined to a suburb, demonized by the media as a center of middle east and crime. when family came from level on
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them to the punch bowl area, they couldn't find work because i look while they looked arab, they looked different. they sound different. the water strange would, would be like you guys don't understand language. bugger, off. go by time we don't want you they thought secluded, isolated, segregated, for a brief period that he goes to punch bowl boys high. when many of lebanese is trailyn background, feel outsiders in the country of their birth or so excluded or so away from the standard of society for me. but i was a rebel because i didn't know what it meant to be on you that i was an arab on you the roles and listened on your work
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when he 13 years old that he's confidence is shattered by the death of his mother. i didn't acknowledge, but my mom passed away even though she was dead and confronted by the doctors and nurses didn't sinkin this is my mom, this is my mother is the one that brought me to this world. she gave birth to me. she looked after me. she said, and she gave me milk and everything. and now all of a sudden she's gone. and i said to myself, when i was looking at her, looking at her on her deathbed, take with you. then leave me in this cooled 4 years later, his father passed away and on you, that was all on my own. it's just leave us the world. and that's the truth.
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emotionally isolated, suffering from the date of his parents. zacky mella is on the path to becoming the 1st astronomy and charged under new laws to combat terrorism. the every nation in every region now has a decision to make. either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. the enemy in the war on terror, was to be radical islam. and very quickly, the word radical disappeared. and in the popular mind,
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tara was associated with islam and muslims, most of whom in australia were lebanese muslim sydney will have been eyes were therefore potentially a direct and immediate enemy. treated like we were all suspects. we were all under suspicion. i remember i was walking home from school, from the bus stop, and this was just around when september 11th happened. and i remember a man about me, but i really did a good face by that it didn't affecting anyway. i just thought that was his issue. when he was ignorant, but us the daughter of community lead a general re fi name at co, boatley is soon aware of what the attacks mean. lebanese is trailing and all of a sudden we are being victimized, vilified, and marginalized due to the actions of somebody. some way, who believe the sort of thing and has a grudge against a certain nation and all of
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a sudden that impacts on me and apparently what i'm supposed to think and the type of person that i am an adult. why getting that negative perception from the water community also makes the question, what is it them to be in a stroke? ah, we become very paranoid about our neighbors. we start questioning, we start interrogating them as possible threats and di, inches. and in the process we distance from, from ourselves. we say to them, the thing that's important about you now is you will live in these not so much when that's not your strain in us. that's no longer a parent, no longer important. what we feel to be and fear turn to aggression is encountered by actor and film director george bash on his way to work the morning after 911. when putting more van
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to fill up fits your m gonna pull that in front of me and just cut me off the pitch basil and he mutually still look at any tourist good at a cows hemming. you know, really, i want to rip him out of the car and just believe in dow academy. i just thought that's what he wants. i'm not going to get going to give him the satisfaction of it . so i might see you on the picture. well, you can have, it doesn't bother me, but i'm a terrorist said almost john, as much as you are champ, branded feet enemy within the loyalty of lebanese astray and is questioned like never before. and jackie mellor begins to see the bill if occasion as
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one more reason for his unhappiness or loss, but my parents won't let me those no one else around sitting at home mind the pressure trying to figure out what to do tomorrow. and i feel compelled to be a part of the so called war on terror. you can call radicalism, you can call it fundamentally ism extremism, or call it someone calling for help. the effect on our community was very intense. after september 11th over the young people have been under different kinds of fluid. it's no longer the get rich, quick no longer drug, no longer her would. it's even worse than that was religious radicalization.
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jackie manna is one of many vulnerable young lebanese australian men in punch bowl . but one of the very few who sees extremism as the answer to the despair and isolation. he spends long hours in a random search for enlightenment. when he doesn't find what he's looking for at the campbell mosque, he seeks out radical cleric for advice. i wanted to find out why we have muslims more kind engaging in acts of violence, whether it's hijacking applying, whether it's blowing up an embassy, whether it's blown yourself up and killing others with you on it. know where are they getting this audiology from? where is it coming from or
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a lot of these newly found religious leaders who have no formal teaching. i have no formal training, have no qualifications whatsoever. their way of playing on vulnerable young people and a lot of people with mentally unstable. right then i was just pretty much did in the brian i didn't head. ringback on the to dances on a, some concert there was no warning, just a massive explain the bomb told us killing and my being young to one me own from 91188 a trailer and lose their lives in the bali bombing. once again, the lebanese is trailing communities,
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feel demonized by the media. but volley bombings. bring that home global violence home to a strong hands. for many young australians, kuda beach is almost like an extension of bondai granola to have been attacked and destroyed. there is extraordinarily shocking. there is a sense in which anger about islamic cher is now domesticated. now it's at home and people are really angry. that's when we felt it, tara has a time. we galvanized over the efforts and support officers, victims, and we did a lot of good work at that time. now unfortunately, the media again and again did not see us as a victim. they saw us also at the same time as part of the problem rather than the
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solutions i went through. the september 11th the bali bombings london attacks. we are the generation of news headlines. we are constantly reacting and being poor under the microscope, constantly having to justify ourselves, place ourselves in boxes, change ourselves from the mold data from the back for convinced the world a few. we are all that while trying to maintain a normal stress in lifestyle in this climate of fear. zacky mallow chooses the wrong moment to play the part of g had warrior he applied for a passport to fly to the middle east saying he wants to make perspective bride in lebanon. alarm bell, stop ringing at the estrella and security service. i saw that one day to give me a phone call to call me up and say, listen, live form, discharge insecurity, intelligence organization. we want to speak to you about your passport application
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. didn't know what it was. i s i. while you guys never heard of use, i said i've heard of the c i you the c o a we are this julian security intelligence organization, and when to speak to you immediately. and then an agents waiting for me, i thought size one, i'm zacky mella. this was locked wall. this is hollywood. this is what i want. and here it is. new sort of begins. a lonely teenager has finally got the attention he craves. beyond malice, fantasy fear, the spreading that it's trailing on terrorists could threaten the nation. as wild suspicion spreads, the lebanese community field under attack of the
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war on terror rages as trailing born. becky miller is depressed and stacking shelves in the local supermarket. but to the intelligence services. he's a potential terrorist. i was dumb, stupid, on educated, all the full, rebellious. i'm sitting and then all these questions or to view the annoying 11. or to view about some of been loudon. do you support terrorism? a thinking of participating in environments? i said no, i'm not part of it, but on the other hand, if you had is declared, then i have to take as one teenager enjoys his 15 minutes of fame. the lebanese community feel the brunt of new anti terror with laws as part of the war on terror at hon. a strain to enact something like 14 different pieces of
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legislation, which i geared towards increasing the power of government to prevents and control terrorist organizations and taro. sex, we were quite a freight of the implication of such laws on over daily living. we also were afraid that or young people might have been influenced one way or the other. there may say you wrong things. there may do the wrong thing or even there may thing the wrong thing with i, except that there is a feeling in the community that forts we're going to be punished. but that's not the reality. we count the race and charles people for thinking something, but not acting on it in any way. we have to have solid acts committed by people before we would act in terms of charging them the criminal offenses. but the new
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laws make the community feel as if they are being targeted. we suffered that they do, we could not trust that due to new legislation will be inactive properly. they rushed them through the security services were in fact identifying small numbers of people who were thinking about planning terrorist attacks. but the scale of that behavior and the scale of the response were totally different . so the atmosphere becomes much more paranoid, not simply amongst government, but also amongst the community at the start of the 2nd gulf or the lebanese australian community is increasingly accused of being sympathetic to terrorism. after the $9011.00 situation. and he was probably 2 to 3 years after that i had
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a situation where a couple of undercover police struct up at my workplace. and i said, we need to speak to you after growing up in punch bowl. sal l can, is a proud lebanese, a strong leon. now working in management. so he sat inside and, and apparently somebody suggested that i was supporter of terrorism. i funded terrorism. i was, i, my 1st reaction was a laugh because i was very outspoken against the war against iraq and so on. and i did call the radio many times to profess that somebody apparently had made the complaint and they come out to investigate it. but also it was laughable. the new legal powers and increased police activity inevitably target becky mellow. they started such a place, not a model, and they gave me a piece of paper from the farm. asked alexander dana, who said,
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we have formed the opinion that you are likely to engage in conduct. the more prejudiced the security officers of a foreign country. and i read that. i still don't know what it meant. the malice passport is withheld because the therapy is believed. he could see terrorist training in the middle east and the federal government seizes the opportunity to promote its anti terrorist credentials in the media. it came to the point where every time i walk out onto the streets, people come to me and say you other terrorist, you are the hardest. you're the fundamentalist or the extremist. go back home, your walk where i want you. he where you want me to go. i was born. he, this is my country, this is all on me. isolated and increasingly paranoid zacky mella is getting attention beyond his dreams.
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but now his job had fantasy is starting to scare him. of this threat of this little model saying, j course as your lord is your god get out of this country. go back. i'll purchase the gun. those moment to look after me. and within 24 hours, the new stuff falls counter terrorism unit right at my house and charged me for the position of a legal fire and me then becky makes the biggest mistake of his life. i thought, well, what the hell? i'm a little girl amaica video and target asia threat on them. why is that? have been approved and has the wrong night,
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the decision to help in the more still in the way i see that the theory in the video when you listen to it, it makes clear threats that if you're thinking about my passport, i'm going to take you hostage on a q, u, etc, etc, was of threats out of the job and running out of money to try to sell the video to an agent posing as a journalist or took the $3000.00 off in on, on that afternoon in condo park. and he said, i don't know where the 2 issues and good luck with bias. in other words, are now with all the see you seeing you again or dispute is going to get you shot. taken out of place. cars are with you under wrist obtaining a terrorist attack and sidney low. the main screen
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charged under races commonwealth legislation with acts in preparation for a terrorist act. zacky is locked up in golden, maximum security, jail awaiting trial, charged with 2 counts of planning and active terrorism. also, this is all a dream that these what is happening to me right now. they ties in orange roles, chuckled padlock, handcuffed with, i mean number attached to me sitting in a maximum security. so this is a movie. i'm going to wake up some thompson, something was going to change. anything really change? this is systemic violence that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the variance, know what to say until we are all saying we're looking at the world as it is right
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now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line. i'll just era coveted beyond, well, the taken without hesitation. fulton died for the power to find out. a lot of new babies were dogs. i didn't think it's neglected. babies to death, people empower, investigate, exposes, and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe on al jazeera play. an important role checking in with. ringback face in energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue
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the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you. and your bill. ah, ah. part 2 of once upon a time in punch bowl is coming up. first, i would check on the headlines and you as president joe biden is called the arrival of the 1st evacuation flight carrying afghan interpreters and their families. an important milestone to the $21.00, afghans including children, landed in virginia early on friday, thousands more, who were afraid of town retaliation awaiting to be resettled. james bay is not explains why the u. s. is undertaking such a huge commission. let's look at the context of the big picture. the u. s. have been enough. got us on.


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