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added the human rights needed to be respected and that the events at the border would be investigated. ah . the 1st flight relocating afghans who works alongside american forces has arrived in the us. the real life from headquarters in ohio and gauge are also coming up. the 1st person convicted under hong kong national security law center for 9 years in prison. no research on the current of virus. delta variance appears to show. it's as contagious as chicken park. running dry, iraq finds itself sort of water officer wrong diverse. what were once reliable
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supplies? ah, the 1st flight carrying afghan interpreters, their families and others who fear a taliban retaliation has now landed in the us. $221.00 people including $57.00 children on 15 babies were on board. the u. s. congress earlier passed emergency legislation, which includes more visas for afghans who worked with american lead forces during the war. why not just rather balances? joining us from campbell, charlotte, what more can you tell us about this? okay, will these flight cliff? yes. today, the 1st one has just landed in dallas and in washington, we expect about 700 of these afghan interpreters and other people with the special immigrant. these is to get out by the end of this week with their families. that is about 2500 people. this is the 1st wave of people getting in the united states. they are in the last stage of processing for these visas already,
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so they've been able to kind of get out on the plains sooner. there's many, many more people in the, in the wings waiting to get on the slide with talk to the u. s. embassy herron cobble. and they really don't want to reveal any details about who is only slight when they are leaving. and when they arriving in the united states, because they're incredibly worried about the security of these people and their privacy and then these flights are going to continue for another month. so they're worried of logistics. get out about how they're getting these people out of the country. that it will jeopardize the security of africans going forward within this next next month. now, there are about $20000.00 people who've applied for the special immigrant visas. you can get one if you worked for the us governmental military for longer than 2 years. and with their families, because they can take their immediate families, it's about $90000.00 people who've applied and if they get approved, the us would have to get them out. so logistically, this is
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a huge undertaking over the next month. they haven't done the us hasn't done anything on the scale in terms of evacuation since vietnam and charlotte with the deteriorating security situation in the country. presumably there are others waiting to get out as well. what more do we know about them? yeah, there is a security situation to tear rights every day. we hear of more people looking for a way out. you think the people who work with nature forces as well, that starting to move where some other countries are getting on board with starting to evacuate and much smaller numbers. you've got people who worked for media organizations in g o s contractors or well known to be affiliated with americans in the communities or international forces. wondering what happens to us and across the country is as the security deteriorates, the getting really, really worried and starting to leave a lot of internal displacement. and then the un has told us this week. but if the
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situation continues as it is, they believe that about $1500000.00 afghans are going to be trying to leave us, going to stop by the end of this year. thank you so much, charlotte, for that update from trouble. well, the 1st person to be tried under basing national security law in hong kong has been sentenced to a total of 9 years in prison. tonguing kit was convicted of inciting, profession, and terrorism. he was arrested last year for writing a motorbike into a group of police officers law flying a fly, calling for hong kong separation amnesty international condemn. his conviction is the beginning of the end of freedom of expression in the city. emily lau is the chairperson of the international affairs committee of hong kong democratic party. she says the length of the sentence is designed to send a message. it is a very, very heavy sentence. and if the chinese government wants to send the signal to the hong kong, people about not reaching the national security law,
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they have really done it quite successfully. and i think many people are being in jamaica aged and, but i just wanted to tell you the game is not over. we will continue to fight for civil and political rights. and in a way, it's very distressing that in the judgement there was little mention of the protection of civil and political rights, which are in fact in the national security law. so now people just don't know whether these rights are protected at all the boundaries. i'm not very clear and hence it make people even more vehicle. i think nobody like to see mile and chaos. that's true. but we also warn hong kong to be what it was not too long ago of sage by granted and a free city. but that is know, many people, a very,
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very worried in spite of now we have jubilation in the city. about our swimming is our friends is winning gold medals and silver medal in tokyo. but the people are very, very worried. they don't know when they will step on the red line and get arrested and may be sent to jail for many, many years. to pounds. governance has extended the current of our state of emergency in the olympic host, city, tokyo until the end of august. it's also expanding to several other regions, rob mcbride reports with cases spiking. tokyo, it seems, has no choice, but to extend a state of emergency through to the end of august. japan is struggling with competing trends. the increasing spread of the more transmissible delta variant accounting. now, for nearly 3 quarters of all new cases in tokyo versus growing pandemic fatigue.
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with noticeably more people failing to stay off the streets than they did off the state of emergency announcements in the past by the state of emergency being enforced. so many times i think people are start to not to take it so seriously. and because of that, they have been more cases at this point, i think there's not much you can do, even if you get the corona virus, i don't want to get infected. but there are a lot of people who can't avoid it. states of emergency are expected to be extended to 3 more prefecture as neighboring, tokyo, as well as o. sucka, which was badly hit by an earlier wave of the pandemic in the spring when its hospital resources were stretched to the breaking point. the fear is unless this wave can be brought under control of the prefecture as will suffer a similar strain. it has been recognised that both the infection situation and the
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pressure on the medical care provision system is extremely severe. and still, even as these games finish their 1st week, protest is continue to demand that cancellation taking their met. we break out of that report to take your life to couple that is reacting us ambassador to have jonathan ross wilson. speaking about the 1st flight of the afghan interpreters arriving in the us and in the morning east coast time at fort lee for dinners and their families on that flight will arrive later this morning. east coast time. at fort lee, virginia. this white house initiative aims to ensure the safe relocation of afghans who have worked for the united states over the course of the past 2 decades. many public servants at the department of state defense,
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homeland security and health human services. plus many from our mission staff here and are doing wise refuge out standing team. while the relocation aspect of operation allies refuge is new. this is not, of course, a new program. all these travelers qualified under existing legislation for special emigrant pieces and were fully vetted and interviewed by our consular staff. the 2009 afghan allies protection act makes clear our country's commitment to those who served alongside us at great personal risk to themselves, into their families, under its terms, afghan nationals who have worked for or on behalf of the united states government.
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and it were fishing, ongoing, stretched, because of that service can seek to immigrate to the united states in legislation passed yesterday, congress reaffirmed that commitment for which we hear and our afghan partners are grateful for months. we and our colleagues in washington, their work to speed up everything we could in the all right, we apologize for that technical glitch right there, but you were just listening into the acting us ambassador to have gone to san ross wilson and he was speaking about the 1st flight of afghan interpreters who have now arrived in the united states. let's listen in once again.
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our apologies. clearly we're having technical issues with the, with a gun son. but let's bring in charlotte bellis, who's joining us from capital charlotte. so from what we've heard so far from the acting us ambassador, just to just give us the underlying message. well then the us ambassador and every one of the embassy here is trying incredibly hard to i guess, act responsibly with these interpreters who worked with them and, and all the other people who work with them, the military and the government over the last 20 years. so they really want to be seen to be stepping off at this time with only a month left to go until the military mission is meant to aims. but they're in a delicate balance of having to show that they're acting responsibly and acting up to their commitments with these people that work side by side with them and
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protected a lot of their forces. and a lot of the kind of diplomatic mission here and balancing that with the security and the privacy of these people not being able to give out too much information about when they're leaving, how many people are leaving when they're going to touch down and who these people even are all right, carla, stand by just for a moment's we're going to cross over back to the us ambassador and listening once again. all right, we apologize for that. once again. charlotte bellis? joining us once again. charlotte, so you were saying earlier on that this is shrouded in sort of secrecy. what's the biggest concern when it comes to the americans who are relocating the afghans?
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yeah, i think, i mean a lot of these people when we talked to one person yesterday who is from home and proven, he's just a young man. and he was the last 3 years with us special horses in home and, and he had actually fled to cobble 3 months ago for his 1st interview at the us embassy and his wife and a gift house and the tiny the room waiting to hear more information about will he be evacuation? what does he have to do? does he need a medical? does he need to close the test? is he going to get out before us forces actually leave? and we said to him, you know, if you don't hear back, you go back to home and, and he said, actually, no, my parents house is now on the front line, the entire city where i'm from the, surrounded by the telephone, all the provinces. well, the district story around where i'm from the headphone to the telephone, i can get back in, and in fact, i'm incredibly worried about my family who remained there so as, as the security situation worse, and a lot of people, particularly outside of kabul, a well,
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no one who worked with american forces and now they're in quite the predicament of my, my town. my village is surrounded by taliban if it hasn't already been taken by telephone . and you know, i'm on this island if you will. and, and what am i going to do next? and i need answers very, very quickly. and a lot of people are taking this into their own hands. i see the early un told us this week that 20 to 30000 people fleeing going to sun every week. and at this rate, if it keeps going like it is that $1500000.00 ask and leaving the country by the end of the year. and that has huge ramifications, the neighbor, the neighbors and politically for the world. ok, thank you so much, charlotte for that update from campbell, and we apologize once again, but we will be monitoring the press conference to be ambassador is giving right now in capital. and we will bring you all the latest lines right here, and i'll just euro that's so returned sooners of the pandemic and an internal report by the us centers for disease control. and prevention says a delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox. a copy of the documents obtained
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by u. s. media outlets shows the variance is more transmissible than the viruses that cause ebola as a common cold. the seasonal flu and smallpox analysis also indicate people infected with the delta vary and carry large amounts of it in their nose and throat regardless of vaccination status. and israel is the world's 1st country to offer a 3rd shot of the coven, 1900 vaccine presidents, isaac hertzog and his wife are the 1st to receive the booster. the extra shot will be for people above the age of 60 who got their 2nd dose more than 5 months ago. it's an attempt to curb infections caused by the delta variance. australians prime minister has suggested it will be some time before its borders will reopen. scott morrison says the government will only consider letting most people in and out when 80 percent of adults have received 2 vaccine doses. but he didn't set a time table to hit that target. the figure stands at 14 percent at the moment off
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the roll out. that's been criticized as to slow us president joe biden has announced a new post to get more americans vaccinated. there'll be new rules for federal government, employees and cash incentives for others. she returns the reports from washington. just a few weeks ago the white house was counting what it said would be a summer of joy and freedom. things have changed. this american tragedy. people are dying and will die. who don't have to die throughout their own vaccinate. you don't have to die view as president announced a mixture of incentives and requirements. employers will be reimbursed for paid sickly, given to employees to get vaccinated and bite and urged. local authorities use emergency federal aid to offer the unvaccinated $100.00 to get their shots. in addition, federal government, employees, and contract as will be required to disclose the vaccination status if they refuse
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or are vaccinated, they will be required to wear a mask no matter the location. physically, distance from others, be tested weekly or twice weekly, and have travel restrictions imposed. but this isn't a federal vaccine mandate. the presidents that he wasn't clear about the legality of one and federal employees have a choice not to get vaccinated, but clearly their working lives will be more difficult as a result. by didn't made it clear, this was not a partisan issue that actually was developed and authorized under republican administration. and has been distributed, administered under a democratic administration. the vaccines are safe, highly effective. there's nothing political about. we have a country in crisis that wasn't a message on capitol hill, where mosques and mandatory in the house of representatives, leading to statement of outrage from the republican minority leader. the tweeter, the liberal officials, wanted to live in a perpetual pandemic state. which led to this withering response from the
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democratic speaker of the house. the science. it's a very unusual rare event you've been instructions leading virus expert has been trying to explain. this is a dynamic situation. what's changed duties? the virus has changed. the delta variance has a very unusual capability of spreading much more easily than the alpha did. the debate about masking in schools is getting heated across the country. these kids are not affected. please stop the insanity. you have already done damage to his kids by having them mask it. but other parents argue that it's masking up the route and the confusion about safety. oh, tremendously more so comfortable because strategy worked, they proved it work. they proved at work last year. but perhaps there are some hopeful signs that those have decided not to get vaccination so far. may not be firmly entrenched in that position. was still way down from the peak scene in april . the numbers, if they is getting facts they could have been creeping up week on week. she can see
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al jazeera washington, the philippines as restoring a defense packed with the united states that allows for large scale joint military exercises. the move was announced during a visit by the us defense secretary lloyd austin, the philippine president rodrigo the territory said he'd scruffy agreement last year, but had repeatedly delayed going through with it. soon as he has president appointed a new interior minister days after sacking the prime minister and suspending parliament, isis, i is use the announcement to insist that he didn't stage a coup. julian was for the day by day to me as president, is remaking the government on thursday. can you say he'd appointed a former national security adviser to run the interior ministry? it follows the dismissal of a long list of senior officials and the president use the moment to defend his actions. the mere to state is not a public moved by strings. there are lobbies and corrupt individuals who have been
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pulling the strings from behind the curtain us the conditions at this historical moment, but forced me to take such exceptional measures on he invoked emergency powers on sunday, seizing control of the government. critics call it a qu, but i. e says a dire economy surging pandemic and miss governance justify his actions. there are concerns about a crackdown on free speech after said replace the national tv station chief. that came hours after a journalist and human rights activists were temporarily barred from appearing on air. whatever the explanation of what happened at the state, television and civil society is aware of any attempts to effect out freedom. the liberties acquired through the struggle that unity and people we are watching where all of this is going carefully. since the arab spring uprising a decade ago, western countries have applauded to need these political transition. in an interview with al jazeera us secretary of state, antony blinking,
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said he'd urge you to preserve that. tunisia has been a remarkable demonstration of democracy. and it's really, i think, been a strong example, not just for the region but for the world. and we have concerns about deviating from that democratic path. the streets are calm, but people say they need result. and we're following the situation of day by day. there is no blank check. true that we have faith in him. and we believe in his good intentions, but the implementation remains an obstacle for both supporters and opponents of the president to niecy and now appears to be at a crucial cross road. julian wolfe, al jazeera iraq is facing a water and potentially a humanitarian crisis because supplies from iran are drying up. iraq usually relies on its neighbor for a 3rd if its supplies,
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but new dam projects have cut that back. my head reports from the eastern problems of the, you know, this is not a field it's league except there is no water. so grass is growing and feeding the sheep like other water streams in eastern iraq. henry lake has been drying up since iran has started diverting wood. the river is if lou knew it's a border with a iraq now live in the yellow province is all about drought cannot that were once full of water at all now filled with rubbish. nearby orchards and farm's auto withered, dislocated landscape, about 65 percent of the yellow residents, 3 light on agriculture. many of them have now left. dead roots are all that remain of valley middle eggs, orange and pomegranates orchard. he says some of his neighbors have had to take on construction jobs and pay daily land. um connie had end up calling only
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a few farmers managed to dig wells to irrigate the land. we buy underground water for household use and it's still costly because we've lost our farms. only source of income tankers now provide the water supply for many areas. but in some remote villages, water from wealth is disseminated and sold for drinking. officials say that cannot be sustainable proper law got, but we can't rely on well water for a long time. we have suspended all agricultural activities. the 2 countries must start negotiations and come up with an immediate solution to the crime. iran and iraq had a 1975 agreement for shared water. but that fell apart when the 2 countries went to war. in the 1980s, henry lake used to hold more than 2000000000 cubic meters of water. but because of iran's dam program, it is lost much of that capacity. it is resulted in the yellow river drying up
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seriously, affecting one of iraq's 2 major river sources. the tigris iraq has been suffering significant water shortages in several other regions with flows of the tigris and euphrates rivers. the country's life lines also obstructed by dams built by turkey, expert se, unless a deal can be achieved on a lot of supplies. hundreds of thousands of her toes of agricultural lands could disappear and that could cause a major population shift in the region. abroad had al jazeera india or province eastern iraq. several tornadoes have touched down in the u. s. they to pennsylvania and wisconsin killing at least one person, a line of powerful storms for houses apart, prompting emergency declarations. tens of thousands of households are waiting to get their electricity switched back on. a lake in southern argentina has turned
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a shade of pink environmentalists or blaming it on pollution from a nearby industrial park. they say the lake is now so contaminated, no fish, or a wildlife can survive in its well, britain will get warmer, sunny, or much sweater. over the course of the century, the bounced, the prediction of scientists who say the u. k needs to prepare for more extreme conditions in a change in global climate. sonya you go reports the, is this the new normal facing the u. k. a climate warning that is now all to real from severe flooding to more extreme heat, unusual for these isles, a pattern the country is struggling to cope with the shift in the baseline. what we regard as normal, whether that is changing. and we, we say a lot of these examples in data, for example, 34 degrees celsius,
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recorded in 7 to the last 10 years to 50 years before that there was 7 times in the previous 50 years before that. so something that was relatively unusual is becoming much more common. since the start of the last century, the sea levels have already doubled from $1.00 to more than 3 millimeters a year. and in the past 30 years alone, not only has the u. k warmed by point 9 degrees celsius. it is also become 6 percent wetter. on paper that may seem a small difference. in reality, this is the effect. the infrastructure is simply unable to cope. and there is no quick fix incite in the face of the elements. sea level will not be possible to reverse on, on, in short time. so there is a commitment to sea level rise as started, which will consist over many, many hundreds of years. even if we stock c o 2 emissions. it is possible why the
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phenomenon of extreme, whether across the continent, recent floods in western europe have reached the devastation and rivers in germany, search to levels not seen in hundreds of years. the protection of a very clear that we essentially more heat energy system and the water that we are likely storming us more extreme events which are eventually wetter dryer. eventually, i mean dry and predictions around sea level. it's inexorable rise of the races own to find a solution as quickly as possible. the u. k. and italy will host the cop $26.00 climate change conference in glasgow later this year. set against a climate crisis that i've seen all manner of extreme events around the world. the u. k. calls the stomach,
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the world loved best child to repair the damage caused by increased carbon emissions. but there is little detail as of yet what plans the world's 20 major economies have to prevent a further increase in dangerously extreme weather conditions. so when i go out there, a protests calling for guatemala as president to resign are growing after an interruption, prosecutor was fired. the special prosecutor on francisco sandeval was investigating people close to the president. my new overflow has more. it's one of the largest social mobilizations, guatemala, has seen in recent years. citizens calling on the countries president alejandro jemma. take his step down. i know resign. resign. we want the government that protects are right. the tensions have been high across much of the country since the head of guatemalans anti corruption agency. when finance he school sandeval was fired last week. sandeval was said to be conducting investigations into top
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guatemalan officials, including the countries president. over the weekend. sandeval was seen fleeing the country, telling reporters that he feared for his life in value, ma'am, it's a sadly, this is become a situation that many public servants in guatemala, have had to go through simply because we are not useful for the regime. that is, the only thing i can say, and as i've said many times wherever i am, i'm going to continue working. the reaction from guatemala and citizens has been nationwide protests. and on thursday, a national strike, just many has done a because they can. so i am tired and fed up with all this corruption in this country is drowning and incorruption and impunity. i many hear the recent unrest, its parts a larger political crisis in the country. further complicating efforts by the biden administration to deal with the root causes of migration from guatemala, which include poverty, violence, and government corruption with tension still high on the streets. more
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demonstrations are expected in the coming days. manuel ref hello al jazeera. amazon has reported profits, a $7800000000.00 for the 2nd quarter of this year. the world's largest retailer says revenue rose by 27 percent compared to a year earlier. $213.00 bill dollars. that figure fell short of expectation. ah. hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, the 1st flight carrying afghan interpreters and others who fear taliban retaliation has landed in the u. s. state of virginia. $221.00 afghans including $57.00 children on 15 babies were on board. charlotte, bella has more from capital.


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