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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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and challenging perception, the personal endeavours in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcase it inspiring documentary the change, the one on al jazeera. ah, the philippines is restoring a security package with the us, which president the territory i'm threatening to terminate. ah, i'm how am i here? and this is al jazeera live from home, also coming up. as more people get vaccinate, we have better protect as a nation to continue reopening safely. responsible in the us, presidents office incenses and mandates to step up,
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vaccinations with 1900 cases. surge once again, the u. s. begins evacuations of afghan interpreters, their families, but many are still waiting for their answering and government forces both the rebel held on sarah, at least 18 people are killed. ah, the philippines is restoring a key defense packs with the united states, which allows for large scale joint military exercises. the move was announced during a visit to manila by us defense secretary lloyd, often philippine president rodrigo determined a hands threatened to scrap the agreement last year. relations between the 2 countries of stagnated, under his leadership, often is looking to bolster ties during his trip. over the
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president per day for his decision or visit a worth reading, our february paper, raising the prices that we do a strong resilience us will be alliance will remain vital to the security facility and prosperity. let's get more now from jimmy le allen dog and she joins his life from mon, manila and jimmy. this appears to be a complete turn from the philippine president. what's behind this move, and what does it say about the dynamics in the region? well, how it seems that the arrival of the us defense secretary lloyd austin late thursday
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night. he's personally meeting with president legal therapy shortly after was seen as a booth that was really needed in order for president of the go to the, to the side, to fully restore a visiting forces. the agreement with its oldest partner in asia. and after he unilaterally abrogated it last year, and it's been pending ever and ever since after his former police chief and long time aids was actually denied the u. s. visa, last year for his involvement. also there just drug war today. so that was an announcement given earlier today by us defense secretary lloyd austin and his counterpart, philip in secretary, those interns on them. and jimmy la, what else was up for discussion at the meeting? well, how this agreement, this restoration would actually mean that all of the activities that have been scaled down to the president, the legal office since he decided to pay,
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but the china will be restored. more importantly, these are, you know, us this participation in the modernization of the philippine military, 300 bilateral exercises boosting of counterterrorism. operations in the southern region of mid the now and more importantly, maritime cooperation in the south trying to see involving the philippines specifically because it holds the biggest number of their stories in the south china sea. now being threatened by china's expansion in many islands and reefs in bas bradley's, group of islands. jim the allon's organ there live from manila. jamila, thank you. in thailand is banning domestic travels or the tourist hotspots over to catch next month. but foreigners vaccinations against coven? 19 will still be welcome. the resource islands is at the center of efforts to revive the tourism industry, which has been devastated over the past 18 months. the thailand was mostly
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unscathed by the pandemic, until recently on thursday it reported records theory, numbers of infections and death. so let's go live night. see tony chang, who jones's from bank, coke and tony. despite the dramatic rise in cases the government's threatening. anyone who reports damaging information? why is this? yes, well this is, i think something of a show to people who are really wishing that god would concentrate its efforts on trying to resolve the dramatic rises in an infection rate and death that we've seen over the past. 3 weeks, nonetheless, the government has published new regulations saying that it will have people who publish misinformation. they're using the term fake news financially as it's described in the law. it says anyone who creates panic amongst the public by
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publishing information regarding the cove at 19 crisis. now they've actually had these pounds since they introduced the lockdown measures 2 weeks ago. but they've decided to tighten them out for the prime minister. and the person in charge of the digital ministry said they would be enforced. they've asked internet service providers to shut down the eyes, piece of anyone they feel is guilty of of doing this. but i think basically there is, it's an indication that that there is a lot of criticism out there about the government. now, many people feel the government should have locked down in april when we still started to see the 4th wave start. they didn't, they allowed the allowed to spread. now it is very definitely in the community. people also want more transparency about the vaccination program. that hasn't happened either. and there's a great shortage of vaccines and a lot of misinformation which has actually come from the government about how the vaccines are being distributed. but i think what we had to remember is the tie
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govern is essentially a military government. and this is its reaction when it gets cooler to, to come out fighting and to attack its critics with potential jail sentences and fines. well, the tie government has been taking action in some respects, notably around the tourism sector with places like struggling g to the rising infection rates. but as we mentioned earlier, foreign soon as the welcome but domestic to sons. yes, this is a closing up of the sandbox. this new scheme which the government has introduced to try and allow tourists back in to keep the tourist industry going in places like to kit and some movie on the other side of the coast. now, while people had been coming in on the condition that double vaccinated, and that program seems to have been going okay with relatively few new infections
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coming into the country. meanwhile, and domestically, terrorists have been coming down and infection rates have skyrocketed in pockets. so there was a real concern, they were going to shut down the sandbox program. i think a much needed lifeline for the tourist industry that has been estimated in the past 18 months. they say they're all going to do that, but they're effectively going to close off the island to anyone from inside time and also making it very difficult for anyone to get off the island. and if you come for a holiday from overseas, well now there are no night clubs open. there are no restaurants open. there are no swimming pools. open the whole island is effectively shut down and in lockdown as is the rest of the country. so it's not going to be an awful lot of fun. i think the local authorities are hoping that they can restrict those that can lift those restrictions if the numbers start to go down again. but at this stage, even that ray of light in this covert 4th wave looks to be extinguished very soon.
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ok, tony chang, now life or as in bangkok, thank you. japan governance has proposed extends in the corona virus, phase of emergency until you until the end of august expanded it to several other regions about of experts is expected to agree on the measure before it's formally announced. it will apply to 3 perfect years near the olympic to see and the western perfect year of a soccer and other 27th with 19 infections have been confirmed and took us in the pic. the village is the highest daily number. since officials began in 1000 cases, among people specifically linked to the games to athletes are among those and fax it years. president joe biden has announced you push to get more americans vaccinated against co with 19 is highly contagious. delta variance spreads, the measures include restrictions for federal employees and cash incentives. she
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returns the reports from washington dc. just a few weeks ago, the white house was touting what it said would be a summer of joy and freedom. things have changed. this american tragedy. people are dying and will die, who don't have to die throughout their own vaccinate. you don't have to die. you, as president announced a mixture of incentives and requirements. employers will be reimbursed for paid sickly given to employees to get vaccinated, and biden urged local authorities to use emergency federal aid to offer the unvaccinated $100.00 to get their shots. in addition, federal government employees and contract is, will be required to disclose their vaccination status if they refuse or are unvaccinated. they will be required to wear a mosque no matter the location. physically, distance from others, be tested weekly or twice weekly, and have travel restrictions imposed. but this isn't
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a federal vaccine mandate. the president said he wasn't clear about the legality of one and federal employees have a choice not to get vaccinated, but clearly their working lives will be more difficult as a result. biden made it clear this was not a partisan issue that actually was developed and authorized under republican administration and has been distributed, administered under a democratic administration. the vaccines are safe, highly effective. there's nothing political about. we have a country in crisis that wasn't the message on capitol hill, where mosques and mandatory in the house of representatives, leading to statement of outrage from the republican minority leader. the tweeter, the liberal officials, wanted to live in a perpetual pandemic state. which led to this withering response from the democratic speaker of the house? the science. it's a very unusual, rare event ministrations leading virus expert has been trying to explain. this is
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a dynamic situation with change duties. the virus has changed. the delta varian has a very unusual capability of spreading much more easily than the alpha did. the debate about masking in schools is getting heated across the country. these kids are not affected. please stop the insanity. you have already done damage to his kids by having them mask it. but other parents argue that it's masking up the route and the confusion about safety. oh, tremendously more so comfortable because strategy worked. they proved it work. they proved it worked last year. but perhaps there are some hopeful signs that those who decided not to get the vaccination so far may not be firmly entrenched in that position. was still way down from the peak scene and april the numbers. if they is getting facts they could have been creeping up week on week. she habit, hence the al jazeera washington still ahead its own. i was just 0 fighting intensifies of interfering time. it's been under government speech for move in
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a month. and that company that once she got wall street is doing it again, that was public. ah ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored. my cattle away is hello there. we've seen some intense heat across the middle east, levant and further afield recently. i know it's hot and dry conditions have fueled wild fires across southern parts of turkey. villages have been evacuated in antalya as the weather and those strong winds continue to keep those fires burning. and while the heat is there across the region, the temperatures have dipped down slightly in particular for iran, for iraq and kuwait that they will be sitting in the high forty's for q 8 for the
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south things off feeling a little cooler thanks to a southerly wind that's kicking in across yemen, no me on. but temperatures are where we expect them for this time of year for the la, for muscat as well. for the winter weather, we have to go to west and areas of yemen. there'll be some rain falling on high ground in the hope across the horn to the horn of africa. we can see those showers continuing across the open rift valley. some of those rains affecting eritrea, and joining up with a shout was across that central band, some heavy thunderstorms on schedule for nigeria, we could see them flooding there. but as we had further south things off talking to look a lot dryer in particularly for south africa, we're going to see the temperature pick up in cape town with plenty of sunshine coming through. google sponsored pay cut on airways. motors is big news in libya. but staging car and by credit here comes with his own
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particular risk club. couldn't take part in the 2016 rally because we were fighting a war. and i'll just do a world trouble for the libyan. just to see how full don't full wheel can be a unifying pull water country lydia, or rally on al jazeera. ah, the me. this is just a record right over the top stories. this are the philippines has restored a key defense packed with the united states, which allows, joins military exercises. the move for the 9th, during the visit to manila, buying us defense secretary lloyd austin. yes, president joe 5 has
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a nice list of incenses and restrictions to try to get more americans vaccinated against corporate. 19 federal employees who want to not kill agents, will need to masks regular tests. and other 27 coven infections have been confirmed until cues. and then pick the village and the highest daily number since officials began. and i, and cases among people specifically linked to the game, to athletes are among those and fax it the u. s. congress has passed a bill, increasing the number of visas for african allies in face taliban retaliation. its allies, an additional $8000.00 visas and $500000000.00 for emergency transportation and hi isn't a $2000000000.00 emergency funding bill was passed unanimously by the senate. it also includes legislation loosening some visa requirements for african allies. well, the 1st group of afghans who helps international forces archie arrive in the united
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states, but thousands of others still haven't been approved to leave under a waiting confirmation. charlotte bell is report some couple, 3 years. ali was translated to the us army in his home province at home, and in may, he took a bus to cobble for an interview at the us embassy. and his waited since then at this guest house. last week he was approved for evacuation, but he has heard nothing more. when i wake up in the morning in the morning to check it again, but there was nothing. i called to my other friends, but nothing happened. and he said i be patient. ali is one of about $20000.00 africans who replied for a special immigrant visa. those who worked for at least 2 years for the us government or military are eligible. the process has been long and advocate the se, increasingly confusing. a lot of people have received,
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offers to relocate them and evacuate them safely out of the country. the problem we're seeing is that these people are responding to the letters. and at this point there are some that are saying it's been a week. it's been 7 days and it had no response back as to tell a bon take more territory. the stakes arising from many of those who worked with foreign forces, all of my related and other people who are living in our area. they know me whose guy was interpreter and they will tend to talk like there are some people that they will tell like he was a linguist. so i will not go never to that again. i do immunity work to the translation for the us department of defense and state she 1st applied for a visa in 2017. her application is under review. it's really difficult survive here . and every down way thing if, if i gave an email for the location and evacuation,
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but unfortunately, we don't have con approval yet, so it's making me hopeless. who knows? i will get it or not. in a statement the taliban suit. africans who have worked with foreign forces should not be scared. it says it hopes interpreted, stay to serve their country. and if they do, they will not be threatened by the group interpreters we spoke to found that hard to believe is not a threat to thrash on thought of them. we cannot guarantee our lives with them. they cannot trust them. security is tight with the u. s. embassy refusing to release any information about who is on the flight when they will call them or arrive in the united states in order to protect those who are leaving us. with these mikes, expected to continue for the next month. the word, any information, further evacuation and showing that bell is there a she does, he is president,
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case has appointed and you interior minister days after the fact the prime minister and suspending parliaments read the garcia. louis is the latest appointment for the dismissal of a long list of senior officials. phase opponents of label has actions a qu, but at the swearing in ceremony present said once again, dismiss those accusations. the will, at least the me to state is not a public moved by strings. there are lobbies and corrupt individuals who have been pulling the strings from behind the curtain us. the tradition state is made of institutions and national facilities who work for the service of all according to the law and the constitution. one of the conditions at this historical moment forced me to take such exceptional measures. syrian government forces or intensifying the bombardment of dera, at least 18 people have been killed, and science have been displaced. rebels of loans to tax on checkpoints. the worst
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violence in the government retook the area 3 years ago. russell soda has more children were among those killed in a small town. just thank you don't but there's not a city in south syria. also follow that old valid 30 on thursday, the student government and its allies began a large scale military operation of the afford to reach an agreement with locals called through the rebel forces rejected the government's proposal to lay down there were the sons of hold on from the north to the south and east to the west. if the decision is for war than we are ready for its per piece, then we support it. our preference is to do what preserves our honor that a sultan district of data. a city has been under siege for one moment, with the government preventing the delivery of food and madison, quoting on the rebels to turn down so scant. whoever picks up weapons against the
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armies a traitor and traitors should be killed, whoever they are. send this message to all the people of durham, whether they agreed to a reconciliation deal or not. there had been years of relative court in the district after a russian broker. the conciliation agreements raised with honorable forces and locust in 2018, granting amnesty to those who fought against the government. in previous years, rebels are trying to ease the pressure in that al ballard, by launching attacks against the government forces in other areas across the province of running dozens of government checkpoints, in just a few hours of what we've captured 70 of the regime soldiers. now we are headed from the town of sierra to 9 to take control of the silos rights group. are concerned about the escalation of wayland describing it as the worst in the province. since the government took back whole troll in 2018 crystal started the l
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. jazeera is stumble, or is the president special castillo, has appointed a member of his own marks. this party is prime minister. the move is expected to raise eyebrows among investors weary olson. you left us government and is casting dates on his ability to find political consensus. mariana sanchez, reports from lima. the region is peruvian spring offerings to the pump, which is where their ancestors for the last battle for independence from spain. and it's here where they look at your came to his 1st day as president to take a symbolic oath or i swear to god and the nation for a country that corruption and for a new constitution in several thousands over soak. as to just promised to rewrite the constitution, one of the most divisive issues during his campaign for office and on thursday,
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and also a pretty good giggle, a heel as prime minister. but either is from within the precedence marks is lennon is prepared to party. he's been investigated over and a legit apology for terrorism, but he's appeared to defend people who supported the shiny pass mouth gorilla group, which for the state from 1980 to 2000. and say, it's a pricing that only 24 hours after a moderate integration speech preceded castillo returned to his fiery pre election ways, causing concern for some peruvians at foreign investors. i will fight to the people . so the national gas industries for peruvian and their electricity bills will go down and only think i have begun already making serious mistakes. first, he was unable to form a coalition in congress, enabling the opposition to blog performed. and now, naming a prime minister with a dubious background even allies find it hard to accept his cabinet. but i
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say to you, i think the presence of the congress won't be to back if you happen to, like, the congress can't approve the 1st or 2nd cabinet suggested in congress itself can be solved by the president. now that leads new congressional elections. vito's highly negative for the country. while the president celebrates, there's concern that the countries long running political instability me to return the fun just to see that lead to a former us cardinal has been charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boys from wintering. in the 19 seventy's, he mckerick has charge the 3 can 7 seasons, assault and battery, on a person over 14 units dismissed from the clair june 20. 19 after a vatican investigation confirmed decades of rumors that he sexually molested adults and children, john henry, this in washington, d. c. he explains the legal case against mckerick. former cardinal theodore
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mckerick has been charged with the sexual abuse of his 16 year old boy. mckerick was the former archbishop of washington dc, and that makes him the highest ranking catholic priest ever to face sexual abuse charges in the us. the alleged victim says the salt happened at a wedding in wellesley, massachusetts, in 1974. mckerick is 91 years old and was well respected within the church until accusations of sexual abuse surfaced in 2018. a year later, the catholic church diffract him and expelled him from the priesthood. he has faced civil lawsuits in new york and new jersey, but he has not been expected to face criminal charges because the statutes of limitation had expired in those instances because they happened so long ago. well, now the officials in massachusetts, according to the boston globe which broke his story, say he can be charge because he wasn't
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a resident of the state of massachusetts. and therefore those statutes of limitations ended. when he left the state, he now faces 3 counts of indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 14. croatia who celebrated the construction of a bridge linking its southernmost region to the rest of the country. previously only reachable by the roads through both of you know, as a far work ceremony, the prime minister and frank of it's called the bridge a fantastic achievements. european union provide it runs 85 percent of the funding and it was built by china of state owned rose and bridge corporation. amazon has reported profits of 7800000000 dollars to the 2nd quarter of this year. the world's largest retailers. this revenue rose by 27 percent compared to a year earlier, $213000000000.00, but i figured fail shorts of expectations. company expect sales go see the seller
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rates for the next quarter. more customers leave corona, virus log science shop in person. while there's an online the mobile sub tree stock, treating amps that promised to shake up share markets is now listed on wall street . shares in robin hood slumps, more than 8 percent on their 1st day of treating. the app is introduced millions to the world of infesting bodies, raise questions about regulation as possible, have reports the company that pride itself on shaking of wall street is now part of it. the mobile stock trading at robin hood unveiled it stock at $38.00 a share, giving it an initial value of $32000000000.00. and really the company offers mobile users free access to buy and sell star. in their promotional videos, they say they are democratizing wall street for a whole new generation who were previously unable to trade. we built a mobile 1st product that didn't charge commissions or require account minimums. we
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didn't build robin hood for the rich or those with decades of experience. we built it for everyone. we're humbled to be serving over 22000000 people. the critic say that can also be a bad thing. the gamification has become an issue because it's a little bit like using a virtual credit card. it detaches you from what you're doing. right. so it detaches you from the serious financial implications of the decisions you make, right? because we're used to getting our balloons and confetti when we send each other a text message on our phones. now, when we make a potentially offensive financial decision, the company has had several controversies over recent years in june last year student alec current committed suicide. after thinking that he owed more than $700000.00 on risky investments through the ap, his family later sued the company for negligence. in january of this year, thousands of customers were blocked from buying game stop shares at the height of its price search. the company faces a class action lawsuit, and in june this year,
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u. s. financial regulators find robin hood record $70000000.00 for outages and exposing customers to what they called risk trading tool. so andrew moe is a data scientist and host of the youtube channel. i'm a stock market. he and his subscribers have deserted robin hood over those controversies. i think that robin hood has more inexperienced traitors, and therefore, as a proportion encourages riskier trading without the full disclosure of the responsibility. when you have that many inexperienced anderson, robin hood, his racing increased scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers, but with a view on the nasdaq stock exchange, it will now have the money to fight back 6 years. cattle have al jazeera on washington for the mission. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the philippines has restored a key.


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