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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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hope in an ordeal so far without end jona whole al jazeera london lots more news comment analysis for you on our website. the address of course 20. don't. com, including the very latest about what's going on in tennessee. ah, this is al jazeera, these are your top stories. the us president joe biden has an unstained, new push to get more americans vaccinated against cobit 19 as the highly contagious delta variance spreads federal employees who until keel h. it will need to wear masks and get regular tests, need to wear mash to protect each other and to stop the rapid spread of this virus as your work to get more people vaccinated. and i hope all americans who live in areas with substantial or high case of rates will follow the mass guidance is being
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laid down by the cdc. i certainly will. i have because this is one of those areas in washington and my decision, my direction, all federal personnel and visitors to federal buildings will have to do the same thing. the syrian military has stepped off his bombardments of the southern province of deborah after rebels launched attacks on army checkpoints, at least 18 people had been killed. thousands have been displaced. it is the worst violence in government forces retook the area 3 years ago. john, as he is president, case said has appointed a new interior minister days after sacking the prime minister and freezing parliaments rid gusta leo is the latest appointment following the dismissal of many senior officials. the u. s. congress as possible boosting the number of visas for local allies who went alongside us forces in the war in afghanistan and see if they could trace retaliation from the taliban. as us troops withdraw. the 1st group of
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afghans are on their way to american al, but many is still awaiting approval. japan's government has proposed introducing a corona virus state of emergency in for more regions, including 3 near the olympics host city, took you the capital and unsafe record daily number of infections. on thursday, the united nations security council has heard appeals to intervene as me and mass health system has collapsed. the you can, basset is wanting that half the population of 54000000 people could be infected with cove. it in the next 2 weeks process calling for guatemala president to resign . growing after an anti corruption prosecutor was fired. special prosecutor, one francisco sandeval was investigating people close to the president when he was dismissed and forced to flee the country up next. here on out to 0, my zimbabwe mon use in 30 minutes from the world's most populated region.
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the an unusual story from across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches. and conflicting politics. ah, when i went on out there ah ah ah, i'm active. and liter player at the college of a farmer, father and my passion in finding and develop mean young and
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also keeping cultural tradition a life. the one of the things waking on is continuing and modernization enough traditional i asked them to move away going on. so that way it wouldn't be sort of a collaboration between my, me and my my name tied any white i don't know d 5th, which was the guys because he
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has been trying to bring music from him. i need to move outside world outside world climate and i just, oh the oh my music meta and drum mice and bob, the farming land, family community and love. oh, the most pleasant thing that's called the drug brought to my mind is actually starting
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doing this was waking is good limitations. but lind and growing is part of my grand thought of the mobile dream with you. you can leave a lot of the land that you're living and the da can make a good bargain and a half of liquid flavor. ah, i think naturally, most young kids live further. so when i was when a label, i had to fight to go in the culture, but at the same time i is passion for
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a brief time. i was a cultural college but and pursued me in the part of the family. i forgot to tell what's what i want to do is to lay drip irrigation keeps for this space. it will make life easier. a reward lengthy man. you might him uncle, move with the local more links the image waiting for him to get a to see what he what enough me to who
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the ok was over. you who was ill speak to them too. when is it? is this more busy? you know, deeper one time is about more than enough to come over and shut down wound cool. no bug, i guess was when english warner 00. no. you examine really? sorry. i got a why noisy articles? what high job? yes. but generally who muslim bins?
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i gave shanda wound, i see that i was shanda. dakota is the scottish of owned in g. my in v o. one a while at the moment i think my buffer did. i say that i got out today i'm going to see me dry. my position is the, the guy who are i haven't actually met, but i've been told the really good, very exciting me send it in and i tell you when
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you finish which mine, mine is from dallas machines anyway, 9 platform which i'm glad he buys quite that much practice went to fix money, money to get into music, or any provision is the support of the community according to what would be in the me when the communities have put in each way. and is it by no means i don't know why i didn't speak to share my my video now when they would have been in my and if you're a producer of, if you been me she and then i know that number i think i think more to to give my
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i'm happy, but also i know what needs to be put into him so that he can become a perfect that but other but me lessons when a big decision was in one but it didn't get, it doesn't mean it's in the know you and jenny paid, she also bid you. he's a boy who will technology any why a by jane for golf for the region. my dad's old pizza
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the this year would be the team of the hybrids who work with them. my money at festival faster boards to refer to the festival so that we can generate more. i've more musician. more with me growing up in my mind. me mind money as fits. what was my springboard? ah, what we plan to do is build a permanent stage on the village. because in the past we would have a wooden structure which could last 2 or 3 years and then fall apart. but no,
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the side planet brought a lot of rock. and we thinking to, to use the results of the veiled by the, to build a permanent age could, can be used to the festival. but even often with, for other events, we need some way he made to put away because somehow my extension yes. and then on in the middle, forget the physical up and going again really will help a lot and the healing process after cycling. i think all of us are traumatized by the cycling in different ways. i my father's land. we've loving putting in a damien crop. i need to go all by searching every one of them your flight. well,
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listen is really helping new new people. so still the baby fees for their big were implant or they were old. so i actually figured out this is he didn't yes. the we started selling our team by my boss will know the guys that a i'm working with on the side. we put in order to get out this friday. i know roosevelt, mom, i got them. i do agree that guy, bobble,
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and we're going to do include you, give me your name and the movie i do work with my music life and passion, all the links me between my, my, me and i i'm in the course in the process of meeting up with young i to you and linking them up with good produces established musicians so that they only at range between the 2. well,
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i've come to see me kayla. one of the leading young producer hinge fund money. i i told you i need to take a warning move in for that we can work on how to improve the rent and the thing i know, i know you know, we need to but i know he does a good movie or anything for money for the money,
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i was getting 15 for the 10. do i do it out by day with the with the cut out by dealing he does have a problem with my g one m a d. i just got to jump on a door on my id. i think that the the one who's after the fake loon and the dynamic, i think the culture becomes a pivotal faith is the pains, enthusiasm,
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and rebuild our community. news news. this is the boy is just come to me when i had to say at the, to deal with the superman kayla. and there was a straight found the nice sound and nice, husky voice miguel is just send him so that we can also work on the fact that we picked. i mean, i've only been ask, i have to find my fix and again. but if it isn't enough that we see in the adul vanessa by cutting the sofa, so that, and fluids. i mean, when we went on the need to mcgee example, was levels up at 591 on
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the you know, the the 100 works, but in it all the little in the room. i was not going to do this in, in an agile. i'm glad you're good.
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you didn't want to do that. i went up. i did this mean you can see it was in the way to do i need, i know, believe and i know the the what do i need when i, when we, when we were going to be seen those pictures wouldn't be but not with my own. i
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actually hearing them being played where they felt happy with the elderly, displaying, they're willing to teach the young ones. so that found continues. my wish is to me 1st the cooperation that will incorporate and to i've been waking in and we're here to test it out and be in with a showing people for more than she thought to be part of the communication with me.
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so it came up with the plan to, to make it to be that not really, but it took the amplification methods that i used to amplify and put them in my, in a d n junior judge exam, one of them with top and the other player i met him while he was still a very young boy and i've worked with him a lot from the youth development project. and one of the young traditional practitioner was also mixing mortality with his tradition.
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ah ah ah ah the machine over to the the ah ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, at the moment my wife and child a thing in natalie crazy. so i'm constantly up and down, waking on balancing out the to well, to be come one out . ruth brown. wow, i love you have
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a good day. today i'm going to morning a studio to see more know with the files from mckayla and to show him my financial status. but i mean it's, it's my money so that we can work together with i don't know which photo will fit it up. it says easy, we need mpg all the at least to get i know and i would have to verify some of the credit
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to go to the the 3 the i lose and i got to see the drum in the pool, but digitize mantle. and i might not be able to use it was doing well, i think we just need to replace some of the stuff to my late financial aid over the phone. so i think the introduction with should be that the anger, i mean it's doing great, but we can we can get a guy from my money to do their pants. they can send you the line then then you can
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play that. they can just make things up. let me give you a picture of what they think about when we do the the billing is what you're getting doing the sound over the phone. the the
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the, the, the, the land in home. my music in the mountain, the river and my my ah, the news news
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news news with me with technology can help tackle the spread of code at 19, but our tech solutions, the best solutions we're starting something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring what date is being collected, where is it being forward?
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holly re looked at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face. target when tech to go viral. episode 3 of all hail the locked down on algae 0. ah as more people get vaccinated, we are better protect as a nation to continue reopening safely responsibly. the us presidents offers incenses and mandate vaccinations of corporate 19 cases search again. ah, i'm how am i and this is out of the life and also coming up the u. s. begins the evacuation of.


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