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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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have improved back home, they say to grass, continue to be targeted because if they have and many problems are being reported and all becomes taken refuge conditions here. last time. oh, peter, they'll be in your top stories on al jazeera, the us president joe biden has an i'm say new push to get more americans vaccinated against cubic 19. as the highly contagious delta barian spreads. federal employees who aren't inoculated, we'll need to wear masks, and have regular tests need to wear mass to protect each other. in the stop the rapid spread of this virus, as your work to get more people vaccinated. and i hope all americans who live in
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areas with substantial or high case of rates will follow the mass guidance as being laid down by the cdc. i certainly will. i have because this is one of those areas, washington and my decision, my direction, all federal personnel and visitors to federal buildings will have to do the same thing. the theory and military has stepped up its bombardment of the southern province of drop off the rebels, launched attacks on army checkpoints, 18 people have been killed. thousands displaced. it is the worst violence in government forces. retook the area 3 years ago. tennessee, as president case said, has appointed the new interior minister days after sacking, the prime minister and freezing the parliament rid garcia. leo is the latest appointment following the dismissal of many senior officials. the u. s. congress. as pastor bill boosting the number of visas for local allies who worked alongside us forces in the war and the canister on its fear. they could face retaliation from
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the taliban. as us forces withdraw, the 1st group of afghans are on their way to america. but many a still awaiting approval. japan's government has proposed introducing a corona virus state of emergency informal regions, including 3 near the olympic coast city took you the capital and a reco daily number of infections on thursday. the un security council has heard appeals to intervene as me and mass health system collapses. you can baset a one half the population of 54000000 people could be infected with cupboard 19. in the next 2 weeks, protest calling for guatemala president to resign. our growing after an anti corruption prosecutor was fired, traffic was blocked across the country. special prosecutor, one francisco thunderbolt was investigating people close to the president. up next is witness. more news in 30 minutes. see about
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the learning center thing when and i say sion records and no one knows. okay. a personal one. ok. because ms young can role calling. it was to me to go to sufficient interest and i'm looking at i'm janice no, no, no my number is put in. it's just gotten a good day dependent on monday way. i don't know the people here a boat from the young nelson to me sir. and if they do dare to break for the past
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and vote for the opposition with zoning, to least shuffle off and allow that vote to stand. how can you guarantee these elections will be created, where there's been such a history of cheating and beating that? no, no, we don't to talk about that the election to be different from any election which is being held in because they will be free and will be free. me me
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controlled. i refuse to let them to find my life. i refuse to let them decide why m and white want to. so i will keep on coaching. i will keep on pushing. i will keep on fighting. i will keep on representing. i still make all things, all right, until i make them understand my reason until i make them understand that i am the voice of britain until i mixed up understand that i will keep on pushing without feeling for defeat. myfi's been the won't leave. my reason for the on the out of this prison, the followed my reason, let us watch for that. even the reason enough of the me ah ah
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permission to expedite the announcements of full results and eventually create manipulation of us. gives you know what people are doing one participants taking my voice. when i can fit them with no interest in this, in this case, what what happens is to make sure that
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you make if, if there is a piece of shit, there will be something that will come out. you're free to give getting this piece of gives you said you interest only. we did that. yeah, that's why when you bought your voice into choices, really just be i think you're going to use in a way to play me. but the
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the the with the commission be so that we can do that. but i've been told that some of the agents tend to be locked into serious. so in leases until they do that, and they go through the issues that they will not have for you because it has been taken. feel the genuine. you know
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i a crime that shook japan or people get killed on one occasion in as bloody a massacre as this was attracts a lot of report. there was just a current drum. who did it? we did it. we did it. a hasty conviction that led to the world's longest hell, the throw prisoner and his sisters, 47 year long battle to save him from execution. witness. how come adam? japan's death row on a jazzy ah,
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ah, ah ah, ah, hello there, let start in north america and severe storms off stealing the show in the south west. we've had heavy rain caused flash floods in areas of utah and nevada, as well as new mexico and arizona. and those thunderstorms are going to continue into the weekend. it's not any here. we're also seeing the threat of severe storms in the midwest. we're talking powerful winds of up to a 100 kilometers per hour as well as hale and the possibility of a tornado to ranging all the way from south dakota down to indiana, we could see those storms kick in the great lakes that have dry up
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a bit and is the head to the east coast. it is looking rather dry for new york city this weekend has plenty of sunshine coming through the east of canada, though it will remain rather wet and windy, which is in contrast to the west. we are expecting another wave of intense heat to kick in and temperatures in british columbia are expected to continue to climb those hot and dry conditions on not helping the wildfires that are raging their further south though it is a wet picture for the coastal areas of texas, and as we move to central america, it continues to be a pretty wet picture from mexico around the bay of cam petrucci. the coveted beyond well taken without hesitation, so forth and died for power. they find out
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a lot of new babies were dying. i did not think it's like them babies to death. people and power investigate, exposes, and questions. they use them to be of our around the globe. on al jazeera, a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blast them, history kills more than 200 people. and injured 1000, the victims, families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not invented for me was i'm big. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing? i'm all and it wasn't, it was in one way or another in an illegal way before join me then a for there for the full report on algebra, theda the native names as it breaks the government. so have the population will be affected. that's millions of people who live on the river for their was supplied with detailed coverage. not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the
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flux. they also overwhelmed government surfaces from around the world. this, the nation will help us side for a short from the global sell. the wealthy nations were holding too many of the vaccines for themselves. the. ready news with case numbers rising, the us president makes a new appeal to americans who resisted guessing vaccinate ah, hello again and peter w. a watching out of your life and also coming out startling warning within 2 weeks . and half of me.


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