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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2021 2:00am-2:31am AST

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been a implement here, some of access points shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered the listing post on oh, i was case numbers rising. the us president makes a new appeal to americans who resisted getting vaccinated. ah, hello, welcome on pizza w, watching al jazeera ly from our headquarters here in dough. how also coming up? a startling warning within 2 weeks, half of me and miles 54000000 people will be infected with cobit 19
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tennessee. as president moves to take greater control of the security services appointing, a new interior minister and the battle getting more intense by the de, the rebel district. the 40000 people that's being bombarded by syrian government forces ah, almost 35000000 americans have either had or they have corona virus and now with the delta variance of the virus spreading across the united states. the american president joe biden today announced a list of incentives and restrictions, trying to get more americans to take the vaccination. federal employees who aren't inoculates, it will need to wear masks and get regular tests while the government will reimburse small businesses that give paid leave to employees to get vaccinated mister by and also called on states to give $100.00 to those people getting the job
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work to get more people vaccinated. and i hope all americans who live in areas with substantial or high case of rates will follow the mass guidance as being laid down by the cdc. i certainly will. i have because this is one of those areas in washington. in my decision, my direction, all federal personnel and visitors to federal buildings will have to do the same thing. now it says, here's correspondence, she had returns, he joins us live. this are from the washington bureau. she had hi there. what was mr. bite and central message you don't have to die, i think was, was the central message. you don't have to die. and if you get vaccinated, you won't die in the extent. but, but i mean, to the extent of vaccines to protect, to protect abroad, at least give you a formal minor,
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a minor code infections and without a vaccine. but was interesting that one of those, i was just thinking, he started off with a defense of vaccines. been quite specific, actually he was saying for some of you who think that's the, the, the vaccine was rushed through. and that's why your suspicion actually wasn't, it was based on decades of work into credit viruses both thinking about did some familiar. i just looked up some surveys, you know, we often, we often focus on right when trump supporters and so on who aren't getting vaccinated. and there is a correlation between right wing and transport getting boxes. but there actually lot of african americans and latinos. and in recent surveys that actually have been conducted, one of the reasons that has been cited was a suspicion that the vaccine was rushed through and he seemed, and joe biting seemed to be specifically saying don't get that. i did the sort of, we knew that according to virus, might happen one day and lead to a pandemic. do we already have the research research in place, which i think was interesting. i mean, the other reasons why a lot of african americans, latinos,
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and others are getting vaccinated is also because of the general inequality of health care system because of language barriers, transportation barriers. and because, because a lot of them say that we just called a 40, we believe in the signs of axioms, but we can't afford to have the side effects which might have problems for us, you know, for a living wage. and that's why it's interesting that the other thing that here now is the, the bite and was announced was that employers getting reimbursed for paid sickly, if given to employees to get vaccinated. i think when you can see that in the context of some of the also from some of the surveys that we've had of african american and latino communities, that seems quite significant to me. and the good news is actually in recent weeks, we have seen more and more african americans, latinos got vaccines, the rate rate has been going up. but as you said, yep, $100.00 incentives, he's emerging local authority use emergency funds for bad. and then not vaccine mandates the federal employees, but a requirement for federal employees to, to disclose whether they've been vaccinated and if they haven't. and clearly their working lives are going to be a bit more difficult. ok,
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briefly she had for the biden administration, is the problem here. regional variables and regional variations because when it comes to the vaccination rate, it's not the same with one. compares say, florida with california, california with oregon, oregon with maryland. and that's why when we, when we talk about the statistics, 63267000 cases a day, 300 deaths a day off 25 percent and so on. then you look a bit close and you see about is being driven by just a few states and tosses in just a few states. so missouri, arkansas, louise out of florida where there is that resistance, often from the top down from states, governors and politicians who are making this an issue of government overreach. so that is yep, that's you're quite right. actually, i will. the overall numbers are still way down from the peaks we saw 6 months ago, sir, but that is clearly the case. yeah. it's a, it's a tale of different americans rac vaccinated and i'm back stated as, as dr. watson. okay. she have many things. she have returns on his life from washington. let's bring in at all for franco. he's
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a republican strategist. he joins us from alexandria, virginia adult for franco. welcome back to rock 20. why is the vaccination rate across the country falling off a cliff to pick up on that point? she was making them mid april 3 point 2000000 people per day. and now it's down to a kick in the backside of a $1000000.00 people per day. well, i think what's going on, i think this is a continuation of some model messages by this president. i think the, the focus is of course, trying to get people vaccinated because the problem is the unvaccinated. those are the deaths that are taking place, not the vaccinated, and the mask mandate is going to be now a disincentive to get facts needed. so if you have to not wear a mask whether you are vaccinated or not, there's not much of an incentive to do so. obviously it's a free country and your report is correct. no matter what the excuses and it's funny to do with health care system. these are free vaccines are widely available
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at grocery stores and pharmacies throughout the country is a large segment of the population. that is not trop, that is a hard core democrats, supporters and minority groups just don't believe and the efficacy. they believe in side effects. and that's that, that's their prerogative. i think the campaign that we need to have the co pays to convince people to get vaccinated and the reward is you don't have to work for a mask. there is absolutely really little evidence to show you that to show that vaccinated people on mast are transmitting this, this is among the unvaccinated. so i think again, this will politicize the process. it was the 1st time the president, at least president by recognized president trump's efforts and the previous administration of up into vaccines. but remember both he in september of last year and vice president harris question, taking the vaccine when it was being pushed by president trump. you can't have
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a go. ok. but mr. frank, if you were trying to sell courses, essentially a slightly different message. how would you do it? because they can't surely be any one any place on the planet with an i q of more than 3 on a good day with the following wind. who thinks if you 6 and 8 said you shouldn't have to wear a mask. and if you're being forced to wear a mosque will, why should i get vaccinated? point number one, point number 2, nobody 18 months into a global pandemic that has killed millions and millions of people. nobody surely can also believe that the vaccine does bad things to the human body. while of course, there's been vaccination resistance to a host of other diseases previous to cobra. this is, this is nothing new in a free country in the 1st place. second way to your point on this. yes. again, the vaccination rates in terms of death, for example,
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in washington dc where there is not a mask mandate for vaccinated, people has been one in the last 6 weeks. now remember when this and demick started, we were supposed to flatten the curve, have this health care system under control. this is not a get to 0 test scenario as it is with any disease, quite frankly. so the question is those resistant populations to vaccines? yes, that should be promoted, but i think he's making a colossal mistake with mandates. and i think this is a slippery slope to locked downs eventually that are coming down the pike. and i think the democratic party really wants to continue to exert this control over the american people for the sake of trying to tell the country through the election, at least that there is still an emergency. and there's a political equation here that i don't think can be discounted as well. okay, but they're all clearly 2 issues here. issue number one, i guess,
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which is what the entire planet wants to get towards, which is we've got to live with cove it corona virus despite corona virus, despite cove. it. but this issue number 2, which is the trends miss ability, the way that the delta variance can still get you. it can make you properly seriously ill. it probably won't kill you, and it probably won't probably would mean that you're hospitalized. so that's 2 messages that any precedent, any prime minister has to get out there. if what your saying is true, it is an impossible circle to square when it comes to either keeping people alive or keeping them in a situation day to day, week to week where they don't get the delta variant. well i again, i think we're mixing things up. i absolutely think that the delta, very, and among unvaccinated people is a huge threat. that's a problem, but it's not a problem for vaccinated people. they're just no data to show that,
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and you're absolutely right vaccinated people who come down what they call outlier cases with cobra after being vaccinated, it's flu like symptoms. the idea here is not the perfect. it's a manageable disease. the way we manage of wednesday or any anything else. so it goes back to one simple fact. how do you get unvaccinated people vaccinated? one message you don't want to sand is what the president just did today. you're going to wear a mass for your vaccinate or not. what is the incentive for that? we've seen the resistance to that in france, in europe and other places, and i think you're going to see it in this country as well. i think it's a colossal mistake, so i think that we'll try to walk back adults with frank there in alexandria, virginia. good to talk to mr. franklin. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. half of me. in mars, 54000000 people could be, in fact, he recovered 19 in the next 2 weeks. that's the warning from the u. k. ambassador
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to the united nations. now the health care system in that country collapsed when the military took pow on february. the 1st there was a qu, there of course, medics have been attacked and detained. many are on strike and they've been treating people in secrets. kristin salumi has more now from the united nations. this was a chance for security council members to hear directly from a representative of me in march national unity government as well as ethnic minorities. in fact, this was the 1st time that a kitchen representative, briefed the council, and he described the situation in me and mar, as bordering on state collapse. he and the other briefers described, rising food insecurity, ongoing violence, and rapidly spreading corona virus infection. and while there are many calls for help from the international community, including on arms embargo and no fly zone, clearly not all council members were on board. russia did not even participate in
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the meeting saying at a separate event that me and mars government with the help of countries in the region need to take the lead in finding its own political solutions. so i think we should, the not so step in at this stage. we are against any drastic measures. we're against any, any provocations in this regards. including, for example, the so the 2 days already a formula meeting on the on law, which i see as clear publication. these steps do not contribute to any to finding any solution. young man, mars neighbor, china attended the meeting but also oppose the sanctions. in the meantime, human rights watch points out that ozzy on the regional group has called for a cessation of hostilities, but that was 3 months ago and little progress has been made. the us congress has passed a bill, increasing the number of visas for afghan allies who faced taliban retaliation. now it allows an additional $8000.00 pieces and $500000000.00 for emergency
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transportation and housing. the 2000000000 dollar emergency funding bill was passed unanimously by the u. s. senate. this also includes legislation loosening some. these are requirements for those african allies. well, the 1st group of afghans who helped the international force, his arches arrived in the united states, soon thousands of others still haven't been approved to leave. and they are awaiting confirmation. charlotte bellis picks up the story from cobble 3 years. ali was a translator for the us army in his own province at home, and in may, he took a bus to cobble for an interview at the us embassy. and his waited since then at this guest house. last week he was approved for evacuation, but he has heard nothing more. when i wake up in the morning in the morning to check it again, but there was nothing. so i called to my other friends, but nothing happened. and he said,
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the patient ali is one of about $20000.00 africans who replied for a special immigrant visa. those who worked for at least 2 years for the us government or military eligible. the process has been long and advocate to say, increasingly confusing. a lot of people have received, offers to relocate them and evacuate them safely out of the country. the problem we're seeing is that these people are responding to the letters. and at this point there are some that are saying it's been a week. it's been 7 days and it had no response back. as the tele bond take more territory, the stakes arising from many of those who worked with foreign forces, all of my relatives and other people who are living in our area. they know me. like this guy was interpreter and they will tend to tell about like, there are some people that they will tell like he was a linguist. so i will not go never to that again. i mean,
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he worked as a translator for the us department of defense and state she 1st applied for a visa in 2017. her application is under review. it's really difficult survive here . and every down way thing if i gave any email for the location and the question, but unfortunately, we don't have com approval yet. so it's making me hopeless. who knows? i will get it or not in a statement the taliban seed africans who have worked with foreign forces should not be skews. it says it hopes, interpretive, stay to serve their country. and if they do, they will not be threatened by the group interpreters we spoke to found that hard to believe it's not easy threat to thrash on thought of, and we cannot guarantee our life with them. they cannot trust them. security is tight with the u. s. embassy refusing to release any information about who is on the flight when they will call them or arrive in the united states in
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order to protect those who are leaving us. with these mikes expected to continue for the next month, due, or any information. further evacuation in charlotte bell is there a trinity, as president said, has appointed a new interior minister days after sacking, the prime minister and freezing the parliament rid gusta louis is the latest appointment following the dismissal of a long list of senior officials and science. opponents of labelled his actions as coo, but at the swearing in ceremony, president said once again dismissed, those accusations the wood lay set the me to state is not a public moved by strings. there are lobbies and corrupt individuals who have been pulling the strings from behind the curtain us between asian state is made of institutions and national facilities who work for the service of all according to the law and the constitution. while the conditions at this historical moment forced
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me to take such exceptional measures, sam kimble, then tunis with more while one can walk around most streets of the capital tunis. things on the surface appear to be business. as usual, most shops are open, cafes are open. people are to be found on the street, and there had been no protests unlike the protest that you just saw on sunday after the president turkey's extraordinary measures. and also on monday, particularly in front of the juniors in parliament, built under the surface tunisia in cruising overlapping chrisy. and it's worth noting also that some of this business as usual look, may also come from the fact that there's a now earlier curfew starting at 7 pm since monday, as well as the presidential decree banning gatherings of more than 3 people on the street. in addition to that, there's been a recent poll done, which indicates very high support among tunisians for the president's actions on
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sunday. and since now the country is also sufferings, multiple crises at the same time. and those include a prolonged economic crisis with high unemployment and few opportunities, as well as severe health crisis. howard largely by the, the cobit pandemic, where now to need to has one of the highest per capita death rates and all of the africa due to cobra 19 as well as political crisis out of stalemate and inaction. so there's a lot of anxiety among people wondering what the next political steps will be. and if and when the tunisian prime minister, who is, will be replaced still to come here on al jazeera, the olympic champion who's giving the philippines a huge lift. we look at the political battle, she faced on the way to winning gold. ah. accompany that one ship at wall street is doing it again as it goes public.
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ah. the who's? hello there. let's thought in north america and severe storms are stealing the show in the south west. we've had heavy rain caused flash floods in areas of utah and nevada, as well as new mexico and arizona. and those thunderstorms are going to continue into the weekend. it's not any here. we're also seeing the threat of severe storms in the mid west. we're talking powerful winds of up to a 100 kilometers per hour as well as hale and the possibility of a tornado to ranging all the way from south dakota down to indiana, we could see those storms kick in the great lakes that have dry up a bit and is the head to the east coast. it is looking rather dry for new york city this weekend has plenty of sunshine coming through the east of canada,
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though it will remain rather wet and windy, which is in contrast to the west. we are expecting another wave of intense heat to kick in, and temperatures in british columbia are expected to continue to climb those hot and dry conditions on not helping the wildfires that are raging their further south though it is a wet picture for the coastal areas of texas, and as we move to central america, it continues to be a pretty wet picture for mexico around the bay of cam petrucci. the weather bag in energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity,
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we can make it work for you and your business. ah the a welcome back. you're watching 0 life from how you top stories this hour. the us president joe biden has an answer list of incentives and restrictions, trying to get more americans vaccinated. federal employees who aren't inoculated, we'll need to wear masks, and get regular tests. you can pass it, it's the un is one in half a 1000000 miles 54000000 people could be infected because it land teen in the next 2 weeks. the health care system has collapsed the military to power in, in february. and the change in president case said, has appointed
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a new interior minister days after 2nd, with prime minister and freezing the parliament. he's got the load, it's the latest appointment fall in the dismissal of a long list of senior officials. syrian government forces are intensifying the bombardment of their off at least 18 people have been killed and thousands have been displaced. rebels of north attacks on checkpoints, it is the worst violence since the government retook the area. 3 years ago, russell said, explains more. i children were among those small town. just thank you don't with there's not of cities in south syria also followed the old valid 30 on thursday. the student government and its allies began a large scale military operation of the afford to reach an agreement with locals fell through rebel forces rejected the government's proposal to lay down. there
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were the sons of hold on from the north to the south and east to the west. if the decision is for war than we are ready for it. if it's for peace, then we support it. our preference is to do what preserves our honor. that a sultan district of a city has been under siege for one moment with the government preventing the delivery of food and madison cutting out of the rebels to turn down. so scant. whoever picks up weapons against the armies a traitor and traitors should be killed. whoever they are, send this message to all the people of durham, whether they agreed to a reconciliation deal or not. there had been years of relative court in the district after a russian broker, the conciliation agreements raised with honorable forces and locals in 2018, granting amnesty to those who fought against the government. in previous years,
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rebels are trying to ease the pressure in that al ballard, by launching attacks against the government forces in other areas across the province of running dozens of government checkpoints, in just a few hours of what we've captured 70 of the regime soldiers. now we are headed from the town of sierra to 9 to take control of the silos rights group. are concerned about the escalation of wayland describing it as the worst in the province since the government took back or throw in 2018 crystal saturday. l. jazeera it stumbles, the mobile stock trading app. the promise to shake up share markets is now listed on wall street. shares in robin hood slumped more than 8 percent on the 1st day of trading. the app is introduce millions the world of investing, but it's raise questions about regulation is practical hand ah. the company that pride itself on shaking of wall street is now part of it. the mobile
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stock trading at robin hood unveiled it stock at $38.00 a share, giving it an initial value of $32000000000.00. and really the company offers mobile users free access to buy and sell star. in their promotional videos, they say they are democratizing wall street for a whole new generation who were previously unable to trade. we built a mobile 1st product that didn't charge commissions or require account minimums. we didn't build robin hood for the rich or those with decades of experience. we built it for everyone. we're humbled to be serving over 22000000 people. the critic say that can also be a bad thing. the gamification has become an issue because it's a little bit like using a virtual credit card. it detaches you from what you're doing. right. so it detaches you from the serious financial implications of the decisions you make, right? because we're used to getting our balloons and confetti when we sent each other a text message on our phones. now, when we make
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a potentially of financial decisions, the company has had several controversies over recent years in june last year student alec current committed suicide. after thinking that he owed more than $700000.00 on risky investments through the ap, his family later sued the company for negligence. in january of this year, thousands of customers were blocked from buying game stop shares at the height of its price search. the company faces a class action lawsuit, and in june this year, u. s. financial regulators find robin hood record $70000000.00 for outages and exposing customers to what they called risky trading tools. andrew mo is a data scientist and host of the youtube channel. i'm a stock market. he and his subscribers have deserted robin hood over those controversies. i think that robin hood has more inexperience traders, and therefore, as a proportion encourages riskier trading without the full disclosure of the responsibility. when you have that many inexperienced henderson, robin hood, his racing increased scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers. but with his debut on
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the nasdaq stock exchange, it will now have the money to fight back 6 years. cattle have al jazeera on washington, the triumphant wait list. highland diaz has arrived home with the olympic gold medal. the philippines has been waiting nearly a 100 years for and she's returned with a message for philippines, politicians who made it a struggle to succeed jamila elling doggone has that story. from manila, she bore the weight of her cuz she is expectations and lifted the spirits of embattled weary filipinos high berlin d. as is the 1st filipino to ever win an olympic gold medal. i didn't speak to the, it's more than it's a we in goal. it came at the time that this country truly is beyond being on. it's nice, it's pros, but she was not always revered by this administration. 2 years ago,
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she appealed in public for more financial assistance for her olympic bid link later on. hi, dylan's name was included on what is now known as the ouster plot matrix. a diagram linking journalists and activists to a conspiracy overseen by drug lords to our president rodrigo from office. now she faced an administration that profusely congratulates her and yet refuses to apologize. gold is gone. that by god, be begun solely on your own victory. since the philippines joined the modern games of the olympiad in 1924, it had only won a total of 10 olympic medals. for decades, full of bin sports has been held back by neglect and misplaced priorities. corruption is seen as another problem to mechanics,
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or my advice to sports bodies is to listen and study what athletes need and needs in the 1900 eighty's or different to now we're talking about winning more metals in the olympics. experts say the philippines should focus more on combat. sports or filipinos have always excel like boxing, anti quando, and not just focus and sports that measure time and distance like swimming and track and field. many here, believe highland victory will reignite support for filipino athletes. but your inclusion into there is drug matrix has also put your alongside other women. what stood their ground against the charges administration despite repeated attacks and threats. people here say that's because in this country, sometimes the last one standing is a woman. jim l as in dog and al jazeera manila ah.


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