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ah, for monday top stories 0. that's heavy fighting continues across. i've got to stone evacuation of interpreters who worked for the u. s. over the last 20 years is finally begun. thousands of people will eventually be relocated to the united states. off of minimum, 54000000 people could be infected with coven 19 in the next 2 weeks. according to the british ambassador of the un, the country has been in chaos and some military asked the government 6 months ago, resulting in the near total collapse of the health care system. and us government workers will have to prove they've been vaccinated for where mosque part of a range of new guidelines and by the present to find the spread of the delta area. millions of people in the u. k. are living with long coded, which affects their ability to live a normal life, months after surviving current of ours itself. the symptoms is so wide ranging,
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but its actual diagnosis has proved difficult until now. but you study is giving some answers as to how reports from london in the u. k. alone, almost a 130000 people have lost their lives to cove at 19 many more have lost their quality of life. they've been awful. why describe this as hell on the best day? i probably feel 30 percent of my pre cove itself on, on the worst face. it can be, you know, 5 percent or less things like brain folk would feel like i have a constant concussion. i site difficulties floated in my eyes all the time, constant tinnitus, i get all sorts of rushes, bleeding problems. purple coves, shiny, right, is one of those living with long cove. it, 16 months after catching the virus. i've had a number of scans. i seen a number of specialists none of them can give me any answers when it comes to
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doctors. i'd say at worst, you know, you get doctors that simply don't levy. they don't believe that long period exists . and at best doctors, they kinda shrugged shoulders and they say, well, case a new, a new illness. we don't know what to do. studies are under way to understand the damage to the lungs, heart and brain that lead to long cove. it with researches in katara reporting a breakthrough away of diagnosing the condition by looking for nerve damage in the i know piper loss is as a consequence of multiple newer degenerative diseases. but there is a peculiar pattern in here, which is that we are seeing this immune cells, which we don't see in a lot of other new degenerative conditions. so there is something additional that we're finding here, which is nerve loss and activation of immune cells which may be more specific to long coded. as the pandemic goes on, this memorial wall on the banks of the river thames in london, will continue to fill up with the names of those who lost their lives to coven 19.
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what isn't remembered here? of course, other more than 3000000 people in the u. k, who say they're living with the symptoms of long coded for which they're currently is no cure. but for which there may now be the important 1st step of diagnosis. feeling anything that can be used as some kind of biomarker for long kind of it is massively helpful because not only does it give some insight into what is going on and potentially down the line, the, the treatments because that's what we want is effective treatment. the in this nightmare, but also it says to those doctors that deny the existence of long coverage that the thing of course it, we'll look at the science a glimmer of hope in an ordeal so far without end jona whole al jazeera london to his years lurching further into political uncertainty, as the president consolidates his power days off, the sacking, the prime minister and freezing parliament guys. so it is appointed to
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a new interior minister after vowing to crack down on corruption is also pledged to protect rights and freedoms. charlie angela report on the streets of genus, where the mood is largely calm and public approval. the president case said remains high. the debt that unity is multiple crises may be difficult to discern. still a sense of unease lingers, and mac. and we're following the situation of day by day. there is no blank check. true that we have faith in him and we believe in his good intentions, but the implementation. my name's an obstacle on sunday said sacked the prime minister for his parliament for 30 days and lifted the immunity of lawmakers. the president insisted action was were in line with the constitution. the members of the opposition accused him staging a kid. for now, no one is quite sure what we have been on. on wednesday, the head of the national television station was replaced the presidential
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announcement coming just hours after journalist and human rights activists were barred from entering the building. eventually they were allowed on whatever the explanation of what happened at the state television. civil society is aware of any attempts to affect our freedoms, the liberties acquired through the struggle, that unity and people we are watching where all of this is going carefully. others watching carefully oppressed freedom advocates have grown increasingly worried since monday, when out there is bureau and tunis was rated and workers were told to leave immediately. in an interview with al jazeera us secretary of state antony blink and said, the rights of journalists need to be upheld by cheesy as government. my comment is that we stand resolutely for freedom of the press and for the ability of journalists to, to do their jobs. including tenicia and we look to the, the government of seizure, to uphold and respect the rights of journalists. and that's one of the things that we expect to them. the president has tried to reassure the country his acting to
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saved his ear from corruption. but for a population exhausted by political turmoil, fed up with economic crises and increasingly alarmed by the surging number of coded 19 cases. the current uncertainty is only deepening their collective sense of fatigue. charlie answer al jazeera, the west bank office of charity, defending the rights of palestinian children has been rated by the israeli ministry . computers and laptops were confiscated from the defense for children internationals main palestinian office, as well as the files of their child detainee clients. the raid comes a day or 2, the organization reported on the killing of 11 year old maria budget. i was sarah who was shot by is ready for susan ma purchase, calling for guatemala, the president to resign a growing after the fact of an anti corruption prosecutor. traffic was blocked, major junctions across the country to put pressure on the other hand, who dramatic
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a and his attorney general special prosecutor, $100.00 sco sandeval was fired and forced to feed a country last week after he began investigating people close to the president. he helped to bring down a former leader on corruption charges. more protests are expected. i go to you as the director of legal studies at the liberty and development foundation, he joins as far scott, from guatemala city. thank you very much for joining us. can you tell us what the scale of these protests is so far? well, so far pro this are nationwide. you know, probably not them. what am i the city? what city they are, but the medium size, i will say bottom. the curious thing is that if you look all over the country nationwide in almost every town and they were city, you can see people protested and i haven't seen anything like that. probably since 2015 when the credit from our previous auto. but as molina was forced to refine,
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what are the main demands of the press is, is it just about the president or is it why does that mean that it's on age to the destination was the the sack of course, on the one the special prosecutor again the corruption, most of the people are demanding the resignation of the attorney general. and some of them are also demanding the president's recognition. but i will say that the, the main demand remains the, you know, there is ignition of the attorney general because she was the one who fired the special procedure and decided that the prison doesn't have the authority to remove the attorney general. so almost all the demands are targeted at the attorney general right now that the u. s. has been fairly critical and they have a decision to remove sandeval. they've said they said that we've lost confidence in the attorney general and her intention to cooperate with us government and fight
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corruption in good faith. that was, is that something that you think will book will have an impact? you got a margin. ok. what the usaa saying about this? absolutely, you know, you have to keep in mind what a mullins relationship with us are very, very close tight. we have 3000000 people, leave him there, you know, migrant. and we also rely on the cooperation from the us, especially from, you know, combating crime that drug dealing. and of course, the said is news. were, you know, a huge factor right now in the country. you know, most people are angered at the u. s. decision to pause, he's cooperation with the attorney general and that's why they're demanding the resignation. but you say that, you know, it's a sign that the us is probably putting more pressure in what amount of government, and we will see what else they do because they announce they are willing to take
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some more critical measures against what among government, the, the, anything doesn't change and go to thank you very much indeed for your expertise. thank you. my pleasure. an independent inquiry into the 2017 assassination of a maltese investigative journalist. as found that the state should be held responsible. daphne carried on a year whose work focused on exposing corruption, was killed by a car bomb outside her home. inquiry conducted by 3 judges, found that there was a culture of impunity in the government at the time. they called for immediate action to rein in and regulate the links between politicians and big business. everyone glitches killing led to mass protests against corruption in motor. 3 men suspected of setting off the bomb were arrested in december 2017, one since pleaded guilty as part of a plea bargain. and to serving a 15 year jail term. the other 2 who have brothers are awaiting trial. former taxi
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driver and self confessed middleman melvin's humor, turn state witness, and was granted to pardon his evidence implicates talk. businessman yoga fanatic. the alleged mastermind of the mad fennic is awaiting trial for association to murder and denies all responsibility. the former prime minister, joseph mascot, resigned in january 2020 following for next arrest. and last protest and accused muskets, chief of staff, of being behind the murder. neither were charged but close things have since been revealed between finnic ministers and senior police officers. the former us cardinal, who was defrauded by pope frances has been charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boy at a wedding in the $970.00 court. documents obtained by the boston globe shows here. the mckerick is charged with 3 counts of indecent assault and battery on a person as a 14. he was dismissed from the clergy in 2019. after about
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a good investigation confirmed decades of rumors that he sexually molested adults and children. john henry has more from washington d. c. former cardinal theodore mckerick has been charged with the sexual abuse of a 16 year old boy. mckerick was the former archbishop of washington dc, and that makes him the highest ranking catholic priest ever to face sexual abuse charges in the us. the alleged victim says the salt happened at a wedding in wellesley, massachusetts, in 1974. mckerick is 91 years old and was well respected within the church until accusations of sexual abuse surfaced in 2018. a year later, the catholic church diffract him and expelled him from the priesthood. he has faced civil lawsuits in new york and new jersey, but he has not been expected to face criminal charges because the statutes of limitation had expired in those instances because they happen so long ago. well,
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now, officials in massachusetts, according to the boston globe which broke this story say he can be charge because he wasn't a resident of the state of massachusetts. and therefore those statutes of limitations ended. when he left the state, he now faces 3 counts of indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 14. and no ball stock trading up. robin hood promised a shake of wall street, but now it's listed there instead shall fall more than 10 percent on opening, but losing money is a lesson some of its uses. it already learnt. it introduced millions of 1st time traders to the investment market, picking up questions about regulation on the way that you go ahead and report the company that pride itself on shaking of wall street is now part of it. the mobile stock trading at robin hood unveiled its stock at $30.00 a share, giving it an initial value of $32000000000.00. and really the company offers mobile
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users free access to buy and sell star. in their promotional videos, they say they are democratizing wall street for a whole new generation who were previously unable to trade. we built a mobile 1st product that didn't charge commissions or require account minimums. we didn't build robin hood for the rich or those with decades of experience. we built it for everyone. were humbled to be serving over 22000000 people. the critics say that can also be a bad thing. the gamification has become an issue because it's a little bit like using a virtual credit card. it detaches you from what you're doing. right. so it detaches you from the serious financial implications of the decisions you make, right? because we're used to getting our balloons and confetti when we send each other a text message on our phones. now when we make a potentially of 10 to financial decisions, the company has had several controversies over recent years in june last year, student alec kerns,
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committed suicide after thinking that he owed more than 700000 dollars on risky investments through the ap, his family later sued the company for negligence. in january of this year, thousands of customers were blocked from buying game stop. shares at the height of its price serves. the company faces a class action lawsuit. and in june this year, us financial regulators find robin hood record $70000000.00 for outages and exposing customers to what they called risky trading tools. so andrew moe is a data scientist and host of youtube channel. i'm a stock market here who subscribers have deserted robin hood over those controversies. i think the robin hood has more inexperienced traitors, and therefore, as a proportion encourages riskier trading without the full disclosure of the responsibility. when you have that many inexperienced rangers, robinhood is facing increased certainly from regulators and lawmakers. but with this, they view on the nasdaq stock exchange. it will now have the money to fight back years ago. have al jazeera on washington with
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a mission cruise new president has appointed a member of his own marxist party as prime minister, a move that could spook investors where the countries knew left his government. edward castillo also took part in a symbolic, swearing in ceremony to mark 200 years of independence from spain. it says colonial era divisions continue to separate class and race before me. a union leader has taken office 2 weeks after a dispute election. we then had the news. all of the publishers are pretty, pretty spooked out right now. as for concern from the world record holder as a career of our outbreak, throws the pole vote event into uncertainty. and after 14 years delays a rush, lab maggio finally docs international playstation. ah
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ah ah, ah. ah, me
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o. r g. time who was born and his peter thanks. lauren is been a major current of our escape head of the start of the track and field events in tokyo, double champion american poll. both sam kendrick is now out of the game to 15 positive because 90, as is an origin time poll, voltage will record holder on the planted, the whole field to speak. it's hard to, to react to because it's still doesn't really feel real right now. because i mean, as far as an hour ago, i was still preparing myself for, you know, a big battle with sam because, you know, i feel like come in here that he's of course, one of my,
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one of my main rivals and somebody that's definitely gonna was gonna push me an entire file. all of the publishers are pretty, pretty spooked out. right now. i was, i mean i was gonna possibly meet up with sam yesterday, but i got a phone call from the history my girlfriend, and then i ended up coming up with them. so that was a, i think that was a, that was a pretty lucky, lucky dodge. right there and yes, so right now i've been good and so we're all pretty spooked out right now. the number of positive cases of current of ours, the still reaching record levels in the host city. so kids reported more than 3800 new infections on thursday. it's the same story across the country with the highest number of daily cases since the pandemic began. well, this is the 1st olympics when many track and field athletes will be wearing circle soup issues to help improve k times. critics describe the technology being used as mechanical doping, but the sports governing body and snow rules are being broken. and richardson reports from out with the old and in, with the new i haven't just bought
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a fresh pair of running trainers. these are so called super shoes. using technology that can make even a middle aged man run with a renewed sprint. get a step, a thought running with a pair of mini trampling strap see fi. normally when you're running, you lose a lot of energy. when your foot hit the ground, and obviously the longer your foot on the ground, the slower you go with the shoes, return that energy to you very quickly, and spring you forward into your next dried identity. she will be by the my legacy . when kenya's elliot kit shogi became the 1st man to break the to our barrier in the marathon obits in an unofficial race, he did it in super shoes. since the arrival in 2016 times run by top male, marathon runners have improved by 2 percent. it's slightly more for women. what we're going to see in the sport is going to be a race between the manufacturers, vol. are all in the race between the athletes. an analogy could be formula one
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racing. if you're comparing to teams a $1000000000.00 teen versus a $100000.00 teen, if such a thing, you know, the, the drive is no longer important. what's more important is the call athletics world governing body rejects. that's all humans saying what's inside the shoes is strictly regulated. so after a highly scientific shoe destruction experiments here in the main press center, this is what we're left with. full t millimeters of phone is allowed in a road running shoot. and then this, the carbon fiber plate here, and it's the scoop design of the carbon fiber plate. that's the key that directs the energy back to the runner. the scoop, ship of the play. it's essentially a propulsive falls in the right direction. every time i needed to when you go to the trunk and there's the where the shoes for salt lake arrival shoes around about 187 grams. all of these factors combine to around vol folks and improving
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economy or reduce costs when they get in space. the head off will let expire, in co, has a vested interest in making sure the rules are followed early this year. coast british indo $800.00 me to record was broken by run out wearing a truck version of the super issue. look, every issue that's going to be utilized by the athletes has been checked and evaluated. we have a working group, but it's down that the broader discussion is always about the balance between innovation and mechanical advantage. but for the very 1st time, we do now have a system to be able to evaluate that. what's in no doubt is that this technology is changing top level athletics and the speed of my early morning joke. andy richardson, algy serra tokyo soviet talk a bit of a step closer. 3 1st olympic main singles, title. the will, number one is into the semi way he'll face alexander that if you got a by beating home play kaneisha, korean straight fits brockovich,
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also into the mixed double semi finals. american city for li has won the women's all around gymnastics gold medal, the 18 year old is the 5th american in a row to win the title in the category competition with missing some and violence with you due to mental health issues, well buys were not competing she was again affording, as he lay china, some both astray and the united states in the olympic food on food they. they won the women's food by 200 meter fees. so really fitting a new will record the window of the philippines very 1st and then big gold medal has returned home triumphantly weightlifter high dylan d as one a long way to go on monday. as an organ reports from manella, she bore the weight to her cuz she's expectations and lifted the spirits of embattled weary filipinos. i believe d,
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as is the 1st filipino to ever win an olympic gold medal. i didn't speak 3. it's more than it's a we in gone, it came at the time that this is kind of the truly is beyond being on. it's nice. it's the pros of that. but she was not always revered by this administration. 2 years ago, she appealed in public for more financial assistance for her olympic bid link. later on, i didn't name was included on what is now known as the ouster plot matrix. a diagram, linking journalists and activists to a conspiracy overseen by drug lords to oust president rodrigo detached from office . now she sees an administration that profusely congratulates her and yet refuses to apologize. gold is gone. that by god be begun.
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good solely on your own victory. since the philippines that joined the modern games of the olympiad in 1924, it had only won a total of 10 olympic medals. for decades, full of bin sports has been held back by neglect and misplaced priorities. corruption is seen as another problem to mechanics, or my advice to sports bodies is to listen and study what athletes need and needs in the 1900 eighty's or different to now we're talking about wanting more metals in the olympics. expert said, the philippines should focus more on combat sports, where filipinos have always exempt like boxing, anti quando and not just focus on sports that measure time and distance like swimming and track and field. many here believe high inspectors will reignite support for filipino athletes, but are inclusion into their drug list matrix has also put your alongside other
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women. what stood their ground against the charges administration despite repeated attacks and threats. people's your say that's because in this country, sometimes the last one standing is a woman. jim l as in dog and al jazeera manila. okay, we're going to leave it there for now. most thoughts coming up again later. lauren . peter, thank you very much. now, after 14 years of delays, a russian of archery module that will provide more room for experiments. so successfully docked on the international space station. you know, cur. module launched 8 days ago from the russian space launch facility and bike renewal because that's done. and the speed and free flight since it will take several months and multiple space walks to integrate it fully with a space station. the modules launch was repeatedly delayed because of technical problems, and i oca has been a long time coming, but i was now pulled into port of the international space station graduations that it was not an easy doc in or as it for me. don't tell me back with more news in
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a minute. ah, me. news news. news, news. news with energy to every part of our universe. or small to continue the chain all around the same shape my technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you. and your business something was going to change as anything really changed. this is systemic violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the barrier. know what to say. we are also looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just there on the health of humanity, is it the stake? a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across the board as to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. now more than ever the world needs w h. making
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a healthy a world for you everyone the . ready morning, half of midnight's population could be infected with co, 19 in the next 2 weeks after the near collapse of the health care system. ah, taylor, this is out there in life from london. also coming up, president biden ramps off efforts to get all americans.


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