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because we were fighting a war concise, so i'll just do a world troubles to the libby and just to see how we can be a unifying pull water on the country. lydia or rally for home on al jazeera. ah, ah hello, i'm known taylor in under the top stories on how to era evacuation from afghanistan of interpreters who worked for the us is finally begun. it's part of a special immigration program that we'll also see thousands of people who help the u. s. over the last 20 years, move there. but as foreign troops withdraw on the taliban makes major territorial gains. many a still waiting to hear when they will leave the united states as committed to helping those who helped us during our time. in afghanistan over the last 20
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years. and indeed we've had very brave afghans who stood with with us, with our soldiers, with our diplomats, mostly as translators, and interpreters. and as a result of that service benefit from the possibility of securing a visa to come live in the united states were actively engaged in that process. and notably in relocation planning for those brave atkins and their families. and he's 18 people have been killed as the battle intensifies around a besieged town in southern syria. government forces have surrounded a neighborhood in dera for more than a month at home to $40000.00 people who've been cut off from food and medicine. rushing back to government troops want opposition fighters to surrender their weapons. the deepening crisis in lebanon is hitting the country's children hard, with more of them being sent out to work, even as they go hungry. a new report from save the children says the poorest
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families can only afford a fixed of the monthly cost of basic necessities. u. s. government workers will have to prove they've been vaccinated or where mosque. it's under a range of new guidelines announced by the president to fight the spread of the delta variance of corona virus. funding was to be made available for local government to give every vaccination american $100.00. watch for the sunday and focused on it will be impossible to travel by air without a vaccine certificate. as part of sweeping you current of ours restrictions. government offices, schools and restaurants will be out of bounds without a job from the end of august. comes the country, sees a surgeon cases dominated by the more infectious delta variant. those talk stories do stay with us once upon a time in punch, bowl continues. next, i'll be back after that with an usa told me that if you can, bye for now. the focus on just either the united states is
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ending in 20 year military present enough kind of done what it meant for the country. one of the one piece showcases new zealand trailblazing environmental policy. 82 with the country of all presents from a 3rd way to the vaccine rollout. the latest development of the corona virus pandemic continue to spread around the world. witness showcase is award winning documentaries that bring world issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension. writing down be a hope to the pope as the countries to define the future august on a ah, decide these the woods terrorist in waiting. i have been
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approved and has been on the georgia bridge. meteor attention. becky mallor is the 1st astronomy and in history to be charged under the new counter terrorist laws. we've planning acts of terrorism. if found guilty, he faces to live sentences, malice, activities, which are essentially ego boosting provider. rather than anything else. provide a, an opportunity to put the whole structure of criminal war into action. they needed to test. the problem said he did to taste is in new amendment, and religious patients are dan, except than anybody in the police and malakai. so any other case for that matter said, let's arrest and shot someone. just the test a little after one year and 9 months in maximum security. zacky is acquitted of the
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terrorist charges, but pleads guilty to threatening officers is sentenced to 2 and a half years. say is i was guilty, threatened to kill officers only because i took my passport. i hadn't gone in last so it was more words of threat that call me into this whole situation. the 1st place they should have looked at me as someone who was troubled, but not. they treated me as a tourist. for all of his short life, zacky has felt like he didn't belong in the country of his birth. i. i, for the 1st one interrupted all distractions, what occasions trillions asian stallions, aboriginal australians, it wasn't a more inclined so funny not to say it was open,
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that made me understand is all the salient. i actually thank them for this turn around in life by sending me to golden and understanding things on the different perspectives me. becky never loses his taste for publicity and use his tv and social media to record visits to the rebel front line in the syrian civil war. i. 4 years after $911.00 fears of the arab australian terrorism continue to threaten the harmonious ideals of multiculturalism. and here in this
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iconic, all the setting racism is set to explode for decades to will have shared one stretch of coastline in a country. they all call home was like home on the weekends as a kid to during summer. it was as if, thanks down or punch fall, had migrated to the park, ah, growing up in la kanda mohammed, crudely thinks of quintinella as he saw my backyard. ah, it was full of our full of revenue, johns and barbecues, and humbly bobby's again, as we call them full of all the wonderful things that it was that was normal
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to us. and it was great because it was, it was safety, it was and it was fun. was fun as a kid for the kids living in punch bowl. quintinella is their family beach. just as it is for generations of western suburb families. we go play football on this and we went swimming at the age. it was like of age. i've never had an issue going to chronology. did yours interact with the locals? probably not. but who just like any other person on the beach? never an issue. me. while i was just trying from propeller and i've been on the call with over 30 years, and no one's ever set it back to me or looked at me in the wrong way. or i see with my in laws, my sister in law and my brother in law to nowadays and commons and whatever else. and no one's ever said about what to me in any way, shape or form. one of the things that was very clear about was
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nobody knew what was going to happen when they came to power and 9096. how the government specifically got read off the strain in multicultural research program. and that, that had a really quite profound effect because nobody was talking to anybody that was going on. there was no, nobody was actually tracking what was happening and communities. and so there was a sort of unraveling of social knowledge about what was happening in australia. i feel like something was drilling, but in hindsight, you could actually say now that all of those things that were coming into play were building up to the crescendo. like many in the lebanese is trailing community. lebanese born teacher had div is aware of the danger to light. whether you go back to the golf or the mr. timber live, and then again, right in the other things that were occurring, they've been
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a continual said. arabic empties, make these other people. these are others that i want to be striving that to quite somebody honestly. and when can happen to me, i couldn't run it. and i was surprised. i was suppose bullet was possible that it was just a matter of me. and now with the anniversary of the bali bombing just too much in the past, the few fit for quintinella to ignite. there is a clear line between $911.00 and the events of corolla. 4 years later. it's line that fashioned by the increasing tension between the why does society and live in a strain ends of muslim 5 foot wide angler youth
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911 provides a justification for moral outrage about live in a muslims. it's almost as though they are prime to explode. all that's needed is a spark. after months of mounting tension on sunday december, the 4th, a scuffle breaks out between some volunteer lifesavers and a group of teenagers, described as mediterranean or from the mid to late volunteers. lie side is bashed while giving up their weekend to help others push and shove, and that which would have interest. but certain media outlets wanted to raise the ugly racism again, liberal community. we know the more angels like and you got more north than i was any community you got, any community you want, and i can get you
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a lot of tell me from any community, but live in a community news. talking use the min now they know they can still pipe not for the 1st time. over the next few days, the media fan, the flames of racism. the message is clear. arabs are attacking astray, alien culture and values. what grubbs will i tell you what, what ups this like, this level, middle east and grand, we are not allowed to side, but i'm saying that there was a license that came from the agitation of people like alan jones. and there was a license that came from the wide sense that live in a muslims, in particular, were a source of danger and threat within australia society. it's not just to be a middle east and bought into the weekend. it's thousands of dollars,
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a very long beach and it's gonna been taken over by the scum. what is it about us that you have so much for name at car boot, lee. the vitriol is hard to take. the media didn't say anything to positively contribute. oh crit, come to the situation in any way. all they did was promote slander, perpetuate feel for cation perpetuate discrimination and racism. and it was really, really hurtful me. 4 days before the riot announcer alan jones raids out a message sent in by a listener. my suggestion is to invite one of the bike against the president numbers for another railway station. one of these liberties thugs, arrived at the price of admission to watch these cowards scurry back on to the trying for the return trip to the layers. we will really, really afraid the voice of moderation was silenced by the
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views that we were hating on the radio dog by. she was so awful that i felt ashamed to call myself australian at that time. up by newspapers and radio. people fan thousands of text messages all that week was i question them of emotion. we could see them and the hate arising 7 30 am sunday, december, the 11th crowds begin to gather at cornell, a beach. normally they're attend police on patrol today. 160 the i think that was about 270000. as they miss being sent on that day to teach the liberties, thugs listens the
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my 2005. sergeant craig campbell has worked the coronel a beat for 4 years. but this weekend he senses there's something different in the air. was sort of like a village, fair atmosphere, those people have him bobbies and those are the rock ply and that i was, well, the war bumper to bumper. and i saw a woman walking down the full path drinking i a cruise or a while. i was sort of drink, i like 8 o'clock in the morning and i normally say that i actually turned to the boys and i'll send them off. it is going to to ship for lunchtime boys. you watch you watch. yeah, and i also looked many things talking. oh yeah. for for boys. right,
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right, right. i'm putting the corolla rule over the boys went down and caused the problems. what i'm saying is racism in this country is this. it was the very se, carla. grandfather bought for the project this weekend and johnson i was on the i lunch time, the police employ of the street trying to stop the crowd, increasing the wheels. i deployed ride blocks in southern sydney and east and
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sydney to stop people from coming in because we didn't want to add fuel to the fire by simply letting everybody get. yeah. alarm and the thing is so many angry faces so many pushing and shoving through a stallion flag being carried in a way which on thing these charlene flushed ever be carried. yeah, the ah, the the strain in flag has many meanings. people use them as beach towels as bikinis, but in the case of chronology was used as flags of flag should be
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a symbol that unites every one. it was trying to be used as a means of dividing people. it was just a really, really confronting fight to say to fancy, if you have no idea who i am, you have knowledge about my culture and you become the head off that much. what if we done to you? yeah, the 1 pm sunday, december 11th at 5000, right. as many fueled by alcohol have turned the streets into a hunting ground. doing what's going on? any bricks and all grad full at him for now. anyone who isn't white is probably the last thing. image fear of, of a person who's just seems like they're running for their life along the,
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on the boardwalk, at the beach. and i think i think for those who are watching it is how can i get to the least the need divine and primarily fumed by alcohol. but for george basha, the real cause is endemic racism. when you say or laugh, you're laughed. i was just laughing. what a joke, cough you know, i don't know how much would the army and there's no way they could convince me every single person that was drunk. i think a little confusing in the prove that somebody that just to me just doesn't yelling. he fortunately there are only a few lebanese australians on the beach, like most of the nation, the community witness for hora unfold via radio and tv. so having a barbecue at my place, brother sam, his wife, whose from chronology i remember,
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the more information that came out through the radio started to happen on tv. i saw my brother, sammy's face changed. he just couldn't believe what was actually happening. yeah. bergen's isn't going to tell me that on the law becomes women granola, even if i bring my my vital to my my, my mother or whoever i come down with the in the warped version of what it means to be multi culturalism had become some ideal, a threat to the increasingly sinister mob. there was one young man who became iconic. across his chest was written. we grew here, you flew here. it's almost like
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a sort of nazi thing of blood and soil. that unless you emerge from the soil, you have no right to it. we never knew that all these would be flow headphones and had so much height in them, particularly coming from quinoa, particularly coming from the area that we knew so well and we were there. so often, and it was like being punched by enable me at 3 pm room and suddenly that a train load of lebanese is straining use are about to arrive then
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comes the terrifying reality. there are just 2 men on board who are middle eastern . yeah. as we walk through, looked up into the last kerry jumping to the top. dick, you could actually say the 2 young boys getting belted while i got fully up into the carriage, then i could say 3 people. those 2 young boys just curled off in a ball and just taking the hit, yelling at them really had no effect. the only way to move the table was by striking them with my baton. i had 2 people kicked to death trying to wait for
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me. i need to get going out today and some medical attention. so that's when i went down and tried to stop and pay bone. yeah. your head carries for people to young boys was sort of hero. you know, here you just scum, the riot flashes around the world. britain, canada, and indonesia issue traveling, urging the citizen to exercise caution. when visiting sidney de. yeah. the intensity of the
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bombers and the racism. the underpins the violence is what makes this different. it says those something deep and dark inside the strain and psyche that's been there, but repressed by a near civilization has now been allowed to erupt. yeah, what happened on a sunday in chronology is a black country regardless of which side of the poet political fancy sit on, regardless of which cultural background that was not a good day 1st. rather as a nation law on december 11, a nation insured in the following day, 51 right to the charge. yes, a prime minister still sees a strayer in a different way. i do not mean that there
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is underlying racism in this country. c unfortunately, what john, how was said at that time was totally of the mark. he was acting as a statement, probably trying to shield the nation from that, tarnishing the nation as a whole. but andy ality, who was told of the mike. yeah. but the horror has only just begun the angry lebanese of trillion men are about to seek revenge. the we went down to the principal park and there was hundreds of people to 100 the young guys ready for. so for now, i was in the car with a young guy who had
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a very serious weapon on him. and there were guys there who are killed even the most the most articulate and the most intellectual people in our community was filled with outrage. because how much can someone take before that crack next time on once upon a time in punch bowl, every one on the street, the, the revenge response creates a potentially invalid cycle of tit for tat violence. gangs of men, the middle east and origin bank, the roof. we have a lot on this. we step forward, there will be hundreds of rides. what police struggling to hold the pro grid ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah, ah. hello there, let starting australia and there's more wet and windy weather on the way for the west. some pretty wild conditions kicking in for the south west. we're talking powerful winds, large waves and showers in storms. we've also got a severe weather warning out for damaging winds, and so for the south with the path is likely to see those showers and storms lasting through the weekend. and a lot of that wind is going to be felt across southern parts of australia as well. as victoria and tasmania showers and storms he had to, we've got
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a severe weather warning for gale force winds the tasmania. but to the north there it is looking lot finer and dry and the heat is really building in central areas. alice springs could make a new record for july, as the heat continues. those temperatures, climbing on saturday would be well above average and that record could be beaten over the next few days before the temperature does dip down again on sunday, the hop across the tasman see to new zealand. it is looking fine and dry for the north island, but a cloud kicking in, but it's very wet and windy for the south. and as we go and saturday, there'll be plenty of snow on the alps. and as we move to east asia, it's a very wet picture for beijing from the remnants of typhoon in far as it moves north. the sandy beaches using free shopping and low taxes. could the topical island of high
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not become china's new hong kong. 11 east investigates on just iraq. frank assessments is an argument for suggesting that the martin and ministrations are playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions. schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their policy then their life has been shaped by vitamin in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera, a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blasts in history killed more than 200 people and injured thousands, the victims families still need answers. we want to come to justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim league. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship?
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the missing amal and it wasn't, it was in one way or another. really good way before join me for their, for the full reports on i was with me. i me this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm lauren taylor. this is the news i live from london. coming up owning is that half of me most popular.


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