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to go island of high non become china's new hong kong. the one i want to investigate on al jazeera, the holding the powerful to account. as we examine the us, his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, we are very much focused on making good obligations to those who stood with us in enhanced us media report. se washington has gone, relocating afghan interpreted to health. true steering years of conflicts. ah vanelle, this is ellen. they're alive from don't also coming up. fennic all has just received a new shipment of vaccines, but many say it's not nearly enough. as hospitals are full capacity. those who is
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taking a more leaf, a taxi rivalry that's causing chaos that can use it in the south african city from . i'm the richardson at the tokyo olympics, find out why we decided to turn a shoe that looks like this into issue. looks like this. me us media are reporting the evacuation has begun of thousands of africa and who helped the united states in the past 20 years. it's part of a special immigration program that will also see their family members move to america. but thousands more. i still waiting to hear when bell leave charlotte bellis reports from cobble for 3 years, ali was a translator for the u. s. army in his home province at home, and in may, he took a bus to cobble for an interview at the us embassy. and his waited since then at
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this guest house last week he was approved for evacuation. but he has heard nothing more. when i wake up in the morning in the morning to check it again. but there was nothing. so i called to my other friends, but nothing happened. and he said they be patient. ali is one is about $20000.00 africans who replied for a special immigrant visa. those who worked for at least 2 years for the us government or military eligible. the process has been long and advocate to say, increasingly confusing. a lot of people have received offers to relocate them and evacuate them safely out of the country. the problem we're seeing is that these people are responding to the letters. and at this point, there are some that are saying it's been a week, it's been 7 days and it had no response back as the telephone take more territory.
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the stakes arising from many of those who worked with foreign forces, all of my relatives and other people who are living in our area. they know me like this guy was interpreter and they will tend to talk about like, there are some people that they were like. he was a linguist. so i will not go never to that again. are you a mattie worked as a translator for the us department of defense and state she 1st applied for a visa in 2017. her application is under review. it's really difficult survive here . and every down way thing if, if i gave any, even for the location and evacuation. but unfortunately, we don't have con approval yet, so it's making me hopeless. who knows? i will get it or not. in a statement the taliban seed africans who have worked with foreign forces should not be skewed. it sees it, hopes, interpreted, stay to serve their country. and if they do,
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they will not be threatened by the group interpreters we spoke to found that hard to believe is not a threat to thrash on thought of them. we cannot guarantee our lives for them. they cannot trust them. security is tight with the u. s. embassy refusing to release any information about who is on the flight when they willing or arrive in the united states in order to protect those who are leaving us going with these might expect them to continue for the next month. the word, any information, further evacuation, and showing that bella sarah fisher, has more on the resettlement from the white house. well, we know that the 1st flights are on their way the 1st one left camilla round lunchtime. they are heading to dulles international airport, which is just south of washington. and the 2nd flight is on its way to london. they will probably land part once they arrive here in the us. they will be taken to fort lee, which is an army camp in southern virginia,
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that is where they will be process for their s i v, as they call a special immigrant visas. now initially was around for thousands of guns and their families who would expect to go through this process. other countries have taken some of those numbers. so it's expected that the us will be dealing with somewhere in the region of $2500.00. i do can process them and get this done quite simply because they don't have the resources, the able to do it here and 20, blinking as well as your bike has acknowledged that the u. s. does or debt to these people and has to treat them properly. the united states as committed to helping those who helped us during our time in spanish and over the last 20 years. and indeed, we've had very brave afghans who stood with with us, with our soldiers, with our diplomats, mostly as translators and interpreters. and as a result of that service benefit from the possibility of securing
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a visa to come live in the united states were actively engaged in that process. and notably in relocation planning for those brave afghans and their families. some of the us wanted this to be a managed process. we know the deadline, we know that the us troops are going to be off gonna stand by the end of august. your bytes said he wanted to be by september. the 11th that has been brought forward. what the didn't want was a desperate rush at the last minute. everyone remembers the famous scenes of the u . s. embassy, inside going at the end of the vietnam war, where people were being lifted off the roof by helicopters. we wanted this to be much more managed, much more dignified, and that is why these flights are starting to arrive in the u. s. to new he is president his own to crack down on corruption in demanding the return of billions of dollars. he says will stolen from the public and is offering the settlement. the
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money stolen from the tunisian people must be restored. a decision will be made to take measures against the perpetrators who have taken these public funds. we will deal with these people in a proportionate manner. cy, it has also dismissed the chief of the national tv station. earlier we spoke to robbie pathology, the head, the global outreach for the international press institute. he says to news you have had very limited access to information since the recent political upheaval after the revolution, what we witnessed was that need done to me. she had great freedom, enjoyed a lot of freedom and could report on all issues including politics. but, and that was much better than elsewhere in the region. and in the middle east, north africa region where like in egypt it's the media style has been completely stifled. but now this hard thought through the media got, is that risk? because of the changes that are taking place and the for the president really wants
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a change, he should allow the media to function. he should allow independent weiss's to be heard. otherwise he'll be denying to nations the right information. and at this stage, it's really crucial for them when the country is going through a turmoil to get reliable, unbiased, and independent information from the media. we do need independent media into nisha at this moment and we need the support of the international community and pressure on the government to stop harassing the media. allow me to organizations like alters, you know, which are highly refuted. and i've done wonderful studies from different parts of the world, including to nice to function and get the news to the people. because people sometimes do not rely on information that comes from the national media because they feel it's biased. therefore, they look for and by sources like i'll read up and also as the most prominent channel in out of the in the region, it should be allowed to function. they should immediately lift the blockade against
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al jazeera and allow the journalist function and resumed equitation. in senegal was mostly spared by the 1st and 2nd wave of covert 19, but the 3rd one is proving to be catastrophic. hospitals in the capitol. dakar overwhelmed andrew chappelle reports. it's a long wait in an uncomfortable chair, but they've decided to day is the day. mary, i'm as receiving the vaccine despite her earlier reservations. i didn't trust the doc seen at 1st. that's why i didn't take it. when i saw my parents were vaccinated and everything went well for them, i decided to get the vaccination points are getting closer to people's home. near the local mosque or sports stadium, hundreds of thousands of doses arrived and cynical this week. the end of the day, it's important to note that this strategy, which is a proximity strategy,
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allows us to bring the vaccine close to the population. it will allow us to considerably accelerate our role out because we know today that the pen demik is gaining grounded. we must move faster than the delta variance. the delta variant is fueling a 3rd way and more cynical leaves. see the writing on the wall. the pandemic is in their neighborhood. nearly 1000000 people have been vaccinated, but there aren't enough doses to go around in millions more. are needed to me on a la on said to me and not everyone is here. we're moving now because before we used to say it was for the elderly, but now we see 13 year old kids getting sick. we see younger people in their twenty's dying. it's a total panic. now. hospitals into car are overflowing with new arrivals. the ministry of health says its facilities are already operating at 100 percent capacity for severe and critical patients. meaning every bed with oxygen available is taken. the head of infectious diseases and hospital says it's just the tip of the iceberg. funny to tell you the truth,
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the situation is catastrophic. we are a bit overwhelmed. doctors would like to take care of the patients, but the main issue is the lack of equipment and available places. ah, when family members began to fall ill addressed to return to synagogue only to begin counting the number of loved ones last, this time a cousin only 40 years old. i we're going to similar daddy, yesterday in one day, a lot of it is usually very about 34 people yesterday a long day. but he 35 people. so there is something going on in the world crisis. i'm sorry that my people here. they kind of figure out little bit too late. i was able to figure out a little bit sooner. but now we're just trying to catch up less than 2 percent of the senegalese population has been fully vaccinated and with hospitals overwhelmed . doses are in high demand. and pakistan is about to introduce sweeping corona virus restrictions which will ban on the nation's people
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from most venues, from the 1st of august will be borrowed from government offices, schools, restaurants, air travel, and shopping malls. a recent surgeon case. his bill is being blamed on the more infectious delta various pakistan reported nearly 4 and a half 1000 new cases on thursday. a correspondence come on hide it, islam along with more. this is for the 2nd day running that we have seen over $4000.00 reported in a single day that did the highest in the 1st of may also not to forget that burger's done had just come out of a holiday season because of age. and those are government advice, people to stay in doors and to restrict their movements. people have been moving across the country. the larger number of infections, of course, are there for days from project on larger karachi. and of those 4000 large miners over 2500 just in that city, a loan that up got
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a golf for the concern because the government said that it does not have the luxury of exercising the option of loading down in diet date and therefore it is something that is a measure of concern. we've also heard that back in june. they were less than 2020 later renewed. but right now that would 3000 patients on renter later. and now the government saying that they would have 1000000 jobs far day. now earlier there were the larger reservation as far as many people were concerned. but because now the government has and now and restrictions after august, the 31st people, anybody always will not be able to fly on the national carrier or any airline. also, hotels, off the law enforcement agencies. it will be mandatory for everybody to obtain a certificate and to have that back to the nation. israel will be the world's 1st
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country to begin offering a 3rd shot of the covered 1900 vaccine. the israeli media says the find the booster shots will be for those over the age of 60. we got the 2nd dose more than 5 months ago. it's an attempt to curve infections fueled by the highly contagious delta there. and still ahead on al jazeera 7 on unprecedented economic crisis for hundreds of thousands of children to go to bed hungry. and a battle getting more intense by the day. the rebel region being bombarded by korean government. ah hello, thank you for tuning in here sir. weather forecasts for the middle east. we've got some brisk winds at times for kuwait and boxed into that humidity for cats are on
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friday. if we go around the array be and see where it's that southwest spawn soon, that we're dealing with really whipping up the waves. and so for coastal sections of oman could see wave heights around 4 meters high. those winds are also swirling around the sand and dust across much of oman. so the risk of dust and sand storms is in the forecast on friday. also a fierce wind for a southern areas that pockets done impacting karachi. so the risk of sand storms here as well, but toward the north we've got rain falling so long for a high, 33 degrees for you on friday. as we check in on turkey, we've been keeping tabs on the wild fire burning in antalya profits still high heat here. 41 degrees in toward the northeast corner of turkey. heavy rain once again in the forecast for our hobby, which is still trying to recover from devastating floods in central africa storms where we would expect through ethiopia, sudan, south sudan, due by high of 33 degrees. further toward the south for madagascar,
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the northeast corner of the island. we've got some heavy rain in the forecast for you that sure weather update. catch you later. the weather bag, energy and changes to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah
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ah no watching all does there her monitor about told stories this hour to new z as president is accusing politicians of corruption and demanding the return of billions of dollars. he said was stolen from the public site has also dismissed the head of the national state television. the west african nation of senegal is struggling with a 3rd way the covert 19 infections. hospitals operating at full capacity vaccines are in short supply. delta, very, it is behind the reason spike in cases us media reports. i am going to interpret it to help us horses on their way to america, along with their family members. the 1000 more still waiting, and i've gone on to see if and when dealt become eligible for the special program on the sidelines. if you guys take a trio state antony blankets visit to caraway. sel 0 spoke to him to get his thoughts on the future. off of got a phone with regard to a canister 1st,
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it's important to remember why we went to afghanistan in the 1st place. we were attacked on 911. we were determined to bring to justice. those who attacked us and to make sure to the best of our ability that that couldn't happen again. and we've largely succeeded in accomplishing those directors are solid and latin was brought to justice 10 years ago. and al qaeda in terms of its abilities to attack us, or anyone else from afghanistan has been vastly diminished and we will keep a very close eye on it to make sure that it doesn't reemerge. and if it does, we will do what's necessary to prevent it from attacking us or from attacking anyone else. we were there for 20 years, a trillion dollars more than $4500.00 americans lost their lives and it is time for afghanistan to shape its own future. having said that, even as we're withdrawing our military forces, we remain very much engaged in afghan. instead, with a strong embassy with support for afghanistan's economy, humanitarian support,
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development, support support for security forces, as well as very active diplomatic engagement to try to bring into the conflict at the negotiating table with the taliban. and with the afghan government, there is no military solution to the conflict. now, if an afghanistan emerges, that does not respect the basic rights of its people that abuses the rights of women girls that does not respect the basic gains of the last 20 years. that afghanistan will be a pariah in the international community. at least 9 people as dead as the battle intensifies themselves in syria. government forces have surrounded a neighbourhood and devil which has been besieged for more than a month. it's home 240000. people have been cut off from food and medicine, wash and back to government troops, one opposition fighters to surrender their weapons. and it all meant re, checkpoints to be set up, has an update from crystal soda and it's tumble and neighboring turkey. now just early in the morning, we have seen that the student government have initiated
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a massive military operation on the toner of that which is a part of the greater district. and so far, the reports of the casualties are just coming where one to be the place that is that way, the more to shutting from the regime is confirmed. and 9 of the region, 14 members also being killed by the rebel forces. on the other hand, the rebel forces claims that they have to the control of several checkpoints, in the eastern and western side of dera, and also at tank belonged to the regime has been fears. and beside that 25 members of the regime forces also had been kept captive by the by the rebel forces. so far, also the rebel forces and the people of there are trying to block the roads and burning the car wheels to stop regime advancing into the city. so the how the
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clashes are still going on. but so far it seems that the massive attack from the regime has been re power for now. a massive forest fire and turkey coastal city of antonio has killed 3 people and injured 50. 8. authorities have evacuated, people in 20 neighborhoods and villages. turkey has experience several extreme were events recently including flash floods last week. the killed 6 people from the black seen region. hundreds of thousands of children are going to bed hungry 11 on report. my favorite children found more and more parents are unable to pay for food and medicine. it's worse for theory and refugees, 11 on 9 out of 10 families living in extreme poverty. the reporters, the gap and finance is needed to buy base of goods has grown by 550 percent. in the past year. earlier we spoke to up at bottom from save the children. he paid the grim picture of what thousands of children endure and have been on. it is
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a tragic situation for thousands and hundreds of thousands of children and by the way, from all backgrounds, we're not talking about just one with group or one nationality. one background we are talking about to graphically, demographically, an overall dark and very, very tough situation. just to give you an idea of how these children are living take today. and just to give you a breakdown of meals, for example, for any ordinary charles now and, and for breakfast, the children do not have the basics. they cannot afford things like cheese, for example. now i hear from parents that they children now mixing water and time to have breakfast for for lunch. for example, these children are relying on a bowl of boiled potatoes and a small dish of solid even grains, lentils rice are out of reach for these families. dinner simply doesn't exist for many families. baby milk doesn't exist for many, for many babies. now i hear people are mixing water and little sugar because sugar
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is also on affordable. these pieces, i mean, you would be forgiven to think that i'm reading your passage for much of because a story and 19th century. this is 21st century lebanon, a country that has been, you know, used to be a middle income country. now, particularly these families that have been and middle income category are falling down and done. and now we are talking about people who need 550 percent more money just to survive. more people have been killed, attacks and turf war in the south african city of cape town. rival come news of fighting for control of a busy route, violence who spoke fair among communities and dr. it's robin smith spoke to some of them with millions of south africans dependent on public transport. the government is not taking any chances. rival,
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taxi associations have been fighting for ownership of a busy route. confrontation have raged for years. and it's got worse. with more than 80 people killed so far this year. 24 of them in july alone. among those injured a 5 month old baby, i can eat his drivers and bystanders say they are living in fear. we can't exactly drive like the way we used to shoot because you go there we go, the way they go to shoot the poor guys. so 3 guys came out on the corner and then with just enjoying the sight of sight, the container where we know mine and those guys came to us, ending with guns. and then they came,
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shoots. one of our colleagues piece talks of so far failed prompting authorities to close the notorious route for the next 2 months and to make buses available to commuters as an alternative. and this is taken by government have helped to kuala violence. now, at least, but commuters are still being severely affected every evening, thousands q 4 hours before making the journey home by bus. for many, it doesn't stop failed and for the walk long distances in the dock in order to get home. last full, no, i have to take the next. was it in a book, you know, i'm what i'm thinking with lives and livelihood at stake, commuters effectively help hostage by the taxi was
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a desperate for inclusion to the violence. robinson and al jazeera have told me australia's entire limp track and field team went into isolation after an american athlete tested positive. if it covered 19 us poll, walter, sam kendricks has been ruled out of the competition which starts on saturday. had been training with streaming and home because it's marshall, all members of the extraneous team with testers and none were infected or the number of positive cases of corona var is also reaching record levels and the host city tokyo is reported more than 3800 new infections on thursday, and it's the same story across the country with the highest number of davy cases since the pandemic. again, just to sort of still get the good to and the number of newly infected people is increasing not only in the tokyo metropolitan areas, but also in the cons. i area,
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and many other areas of the country and the number of newly infected people is increasing. we have never experienced a spread of infection like this. movement of people is limited but is not prevented . the spread of infection on the delta variant is spreading rapidly like never seen before. evaluation analysis is being conducted on the think. this is the 1st, the lympics when many track and field athletes will be wearing so called soup issues to help improve their times. critics describe the technology being used as mechanical, doping, but the sports governing body and says no rules are being broken. and the registered reports from tokyo out with the old and in with the new i haven't just bought a fresh pair of running trainers. these are so called super shoes, using technology that can make even a middle aged man run with a renewed sprint get his step thought running with a pair of mini trampling strap see fi. normally when you're running, you lose a lot of energy. when you foot hit the ground, and obviously the longer your foot on the ground, the slower you go with the shoes,
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return that energy to you very quickly and spring you forward into next dried identity. she will be both of my legacy. when kenya's elliot kit shogi became the 1st man to break the to our barrier in the marathon obits in an unofficial race, he did it in super shoes. since the arrival in 2016 times run by top male, marathon runners have improved by 2 percent. it's slightly more women. what we're going to see in the sport is going to be a race between the manufacturers, vol. are all in the race between the athletes. an analogy could be formula one racing. if you're comparing to teams a $1000000000.00 teen versus a $100000.00 teen, if such a thing, you know the, the drive is no longer important. what's more important is the car athletics world governing body rejects. that's all humans saying what's inside the shoes is strictly regulated. so after a highly scientific shoe destruction experiment here in the main press center,
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this is what we're left with. full t millimeters of phones is allowed in a road running shoot. and then this, the carbon fiber plates here, and it's the scoop design of the carbon fiber plate. that's the key that directs the energy back to the runner. the scoop ship of the place essentially gives you a propulsive falls in the right direction. every time needed to when you go to your strength. and there's the where the shoes with salt lake rival shoes around about underneath 7 crumbs. all of these factors combine to around vol folks and improvement when economy are reduced cost ever negative space. the head of the world outlets expressed in co has a vested interest in making sure the rules are followed. early this year, the coast british indo $800.00 me to record was broken by run out wearing a truck version of the super issue. look, every few that's going to be utilized by the athletes has been checked and evaluated. we have a working group,
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but it's done that the broader discussion is always about the balance between innovation and mechanical advantage. but for the very 1st time, we do now have a system to be able to evaluate that. what's in no doubt is that this technology is changing top level athletics. and the speed of my early morning joke. andy richardson, algae, sarah, tokyo, ah, kimbell, and, oh, how the headlines on al jazeera to new z as president is accusing politicians of corruption and demanding the return of billions of dollars. he says was stolen from the public purse chi psi. it has also dismissed the head of the national stake television. the west african nation of senegal is struggling with a 3rd wave of covert 19 infections. hospitals are operating at full capacity. vaccines are in short supply. the delta variance is behind the recent spike and.


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