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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2021 7:30pm-8:00pm AST

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1000000000 victory will reignite support for filipino athletes, but are inclusion into their drug list matrix has also put your alongside other women. what stood their ground against the charges administration despite repeated attacks and threats. people here say that's because in this country, sometimes the last one standing is a woman jamal in dog and al jazeera manila. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories, us media report. se afghan interpreters who helped us forces are on their way to america, along with their family members, with thousands more still waiting enough call us on to see if and when they'll become eligible for the special program. the united states has committed to helping those who helped us during our time in ghana step over the last 20 years.
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and indeed we've had very brave afghans who stood with with us, with our soldiers, with our diplomats, mostly as translators, and interpreters. and as a result of that service benefit from the possibility of securing a visa to come live in the united states were actively engaged in that process. and notably in relocation planning for those brave afghans and their families. heavy fighting is continuing across parts of southern. i've gone last on. it's been taking place around kandahar city where 20 people have been injured in the past. 2 of air strikes have been reported since the neighboring helmand province to new jersey as president, his vowing to crack down on corruption. he's demanding the return of billions of dollars he says was stolen from the public and is offering a settlement side also dismissed the head of the national state television on wednesday at least 9 people have been killed as fighting intensive eyes in southern
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syria. government forces have surrounded a neighbourhood and which has been besieged for more than a month. hundreds of thousands of children are going to bed hungry in lebanon report by save the children's old. more and more parents are unable to pay for food and medicine. it's even was the syrian refugees, 9 out of 10 families and living in extreme poverty is well will be the world's 1st country to begin offering a 3rd shells of the coven, 19 vaccine. he's way the media says the find a boost shop will be for those over the age of 60 who got the 2nd dose more than 5 months ago. pakistan is about the interview sweeping corona virus restrictions, which will ban on the excited people from most venues. on sunday they'll be bod, from government offices, schools, restaurants, air travel, and shopping malls was the headlines. i'll have another for you here on al jazeera after witness news.
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news. news, news. news. i. ready been right on top of mine, i'm telling you that i like our time, our video, sean medalie,
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i'm the only magazine then we need to create as we can. we have so many groups and you might as well do you love or love, but with that
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you know this of me and then i can i wish you know me on this or lasting some people in the glow can find place people in the country. one day me to buy so good
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as well. all the fish and all you seem to, we would manage was these us was really to go on the edge of the globe, which we have with the with like like a big community. don't take 25 percent. assume normal. if we now we will pass and we get we take on developmental time, we're not community please. our community, then the community go kalima. you please no problem. not because of the well, no, i did development when i didn't get to anytime you got up to me, i won't get everything for me. so now when i thought it was, i found that i ended up finding about about problem. so you go to
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the event that they're going to me and then is and i will hello will be back from the new google back. i noticed some this is a wednesday and then i decided i so okay, that's and i hope i will like to go over the last i, i guess i'm going to change this. no problem about if you want me to inform them. yes,
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i'll be able to inform them. i'm just wondering when on the ball and what will happen in the club. and i don't get an invitation of the club for the d. c. and then we'll only allow 6 monday for travel and the going to go, what was it was there tell it's got to put another golf. what's you know in america? what you know, what? no, no, go, no, we don't, we don't belong to them. that was my hey, i was i didn't and i got i know i'm not i might just go by roku. what do i see? i know look i know i do,
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i me in my my one team. absolutely. and then that would be, i guess they asked the idea not to the issue of middle, about 2 or more, more than that. i mean go do some act suit without actually down when you go out of the group association. and he said, my question of is, if we may do, he says 50. and as i said, thank you 1111, not the talk like money such as i
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gotta make the credit coming back and then i could come back and get you on the back. well, if you're not in a body to do what you've been done, i've got a new system that's coming up as well as you can make music 100 times. it all depends on what to make mister wonderland. mister personally or to the money made mistake, because now you discuss brit to talk you know, listen to did it off the talk to you and talk, you'll get to me to you wondering as a result, i think we go to dug up and get out of the beaten does in the water. nobody does burger and discipline what not to me. what is reminded me of what you don't can do
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. yes. if somebody i will not know, desegregate what it does. it just does have to. who does that is mr. glenn? i'll be again, if not to hear and i will go look them up as well. that way you don't qualify for that as such a signal was when you get the welcome. it was small as a full fledged member of which will. thank you very much for your apology. very much. yeah, i don't want to do i would want to everybody today,
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i guess at least national we go and now us the names of people over there for travel. they decide that the following 6 will go to about sport b or the fos boss in to any up or seen. i don't know. my call it a deputy manager john small child combat small chevy palmer. i got in the executive board meeting. if i decide to, to take on one sofa extra, i seem to know it was you know,
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more made by the make when i way to go it will make when he's in love with god. bless me on over. i wanna do things now come back with a 4 things which you go go into national you way in which you didn't leave that say are you not you and we'd like to leave for the wheel. i wish i better begin this, make the news when
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the the the in the everybody in the oh, i
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me in i wow. i'd rather me i benjamin mazda is over several times. welcome to relo. welcome, develop food. thank you. follow up to follow up
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. i will be out with oh, all right, well we will go back
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to you. that was the simple because like what like you have you know, before i was, i live very close to the, to the beach like a rabbit said contin. it's true a little bit and me shave where you guys can send them. i think it is going to be in the future the way. no. no. go ahead. well, you know where you live and
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it only with the water. yeah, that's always up and you know, we've got like it in me, you know, like as it does with that, you know like my mom she stiff i know and then i find out to the 5 or less i have time to visit. one was one, you know, and then you know, up and she says they were, would have to live to get you if you need to sleep in terms of use
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the news . ah, i need to make sure it's likely that it's not likely that he's not in
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the guardian, which would take over talk with him. make me happy. go what africa if you want it, it will get you what i mean. maybe you know more than happy for me to them, but even listen gentlemen. i mean, in general, when i said people are going to you guys and my view, robert sport, i mean you got, we got a full, a work on the line and will love the point of surfing and we want to start all passionately. everyone. the stuffing is get is going every day and it's something that requires a lot of town and they're very few people that are wonderful staffing. we want to file with respect to all by job point 3 and our community and our people. today we
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are meeting i was one want to, you know, with your nick country and our follow self. and we have not that no wrong or right and stephanie, you know, just how you doing. i feel good for you. ah, i want to know what the going the it's i oh, i see. okay. in order to be a member of a government has the knowledge that is put in the country. be a member of the ice a has that the benefit. liberia, i've been receiving scholarship for the past 2 years on the eyes. the one is something i educative support that need to pull him up. well, that's our plan. we need to go to good job. possibly. got several, several libraries, several books thought of something like that. and the west african 7 association of
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something that we're going to try to unite the entire west africa. and have you not as african separate the that was food is not going to be was waste because now the way all the people are living or they have been dead and one and one how was this? all right? it was my people were having was all right, we're live each month in the marine when, when it came to our sport, they're brought on a be sh. everybody, if one of the audio. but if one, if you're all wrong, grew up in a just everybody want to be sure one of our the when you think somebody was
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in the valley is what it will be hot and went by for a lively yes. yes. and they would carry you where your hot you that what, what there will be had a body. he will be hard each time down in a good job. if you are going to have on the what were many or found $11.00 were many, you won't go by the free all it for me on by the now less will get what her, what a one year, 50 very ordinary life. that's our yellow breast cancer and our life with all these on can you think about john? read a. we don't know one of our new or the international media. nobody was when i got new knowledge, one way above was already when johnson know a president for the 20. when i saw it is the what you know more
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of a now is every the money is no use when you know use suffering when solving not got no edible. ah ah the eugene in your good to in the room and do we don't jump in the leg also don't come to the news, not the best of it and then ended return back in july and i was going to continue to recruit and went into prefer you just believe the gaudy civil and go to civil does not in and possibly in
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a minute or 2 for the me ah ah, with the the
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because a long time i didn't have enough of that. well, i will go back to the correct if we have like slow because we know the advantage of that. again, i know what i know and it will cook some minutes of it. so when you call it, when you know i'm, i see him when i event
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next month. that is doable. you know that so good. thank you. really. thank you diana. i'm i see, you know, please like i was happy for go back the ah
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ah ah ah, the fuel the dry change. bullying the removal of robert new gobby than bob way with the country. brimming with one journalist set out to record the voice of the people . instead of telling people what to think. how glad to give them a chance to speak for themselves and captured a haunted, not sure of the power and fragility of hope. borne free witness on al jazeera. ah, ah. ah, i gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i want
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a car needed to open and benefit for that international shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade and money, skillfully enough out 3 key areas up to about filling up front of connecting the world, connecting the future got cut to gateway to whoa trade. frank assessments is an argument for suggesting the design and ministrations playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and tell them have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and the politics then, is that a life has been shaped by the vitamin, the in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on our jazeera, with sandy beaches. judy, free shopping and low taxes could at tropical island of high non become china's new
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hong kong. one 0, one east investigate. on al jazeera, the holding the powerful to account. as we examined the us, his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, we are very much focused on making good obligations to those who stood with us in enhanced us media report. se washington has gone, relocating afghan interpretive, who helped true steering years of conflict. ah.


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