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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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those winds are also swirling around the sand and dust across much of oman. so the risk of dust and sand storms is in the forecast on friday. also a fierce wind for a southern areas of pocket st on impacting karachi. so the risk of sand storms here as well, but toward the north, we've got rain falling so low hor, a high 33 degrees for you on friday. as we check in on turkey, we've been keeping tabs on the wild fire burning in on talia province. still high heat here, 41 degrees in toward the northeast corner of turkey. heavy rain once again in the forecast for our harvey, which is still trying to recover from devastating flooding. central africa storms where we would expect through ethiopia, sudan, south sudan, juba. height of $33.00 degrees, further toward the south for madagascar, the northeast corner of the island. we've got some heavy rain in the forecast for you that your weather update catch later. the
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weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your bill. ah ah, you're watching al jazeera romando, paul tories this all to the president accusing politicians of corruption and
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demanding a return of billions of dollars. he says the stolen from the public post side has also dismissed the head of the national television cover 19 cases in big games hosted in tokyo, continuing to search and reported more than 3800 new infections on a record high us media reports, they ask an interpreter to help us forces are on their way to america, along with the family members with thousands more also waiting on the phone to see if and when they'll become eligible to the special program. saying and i've gone a sound with violence and the territorial advances made by the taliban of forcing people to leave their homes. as senior us official is told elgin's era that if there is no ceasefire, the situation could become the world's worst humanitarian catastrophe. of diplomatic editor james bay's travel to beyond where 47000 people have been displaced in recent weeks. travelling with the un took by me and it should
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take just over 4 hours to drive to this mountainous province. but the route is far too dangerous. now. once seen as the safest place in afghanistan, recent violence has seen the un recording over 47000 internally displaced people in recent weeks. dameion without doubt has one of the best hospitals in the country funded by the aga khan. ah, but the hospital has been overwhelmed by people suffering. after walking for days through the mountains. wonder i left because the taliban had captured more districts. when we came here, all the people were on the run. they were fleeing. my husband works for the police and wasn't able to come with us. i took all 3 of my children to get some help, but i received no help. these are among 300000 people displaced across. i've got to stand since may the un humanitarian coordinator. fears if there's no c spar,
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things could get much worse. my fear you unfortunately something which gives me trouble to sleep. i think we will be looking at some of the war stretching this, which we have seen in the recent history. we traveled in the u. n. convoy out of town towards the mountain to school, built by the un refugee agency, you and hcr. it was constructed to educate children returning from outside africa. understand. instead these kids all recently fled their homes inside the country. music opposite, quickly spread out that the government coming here, these women desperate for help. after abandoning their villages. one of the fear that more than they told us that the taliban are coming. so we fled from our homes . what could we do? we were in the barbara mountains and walked all the way. it was freezing there, there was no food. so we were obliged to come here. there's
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a reason people here are so fearful. there's a long history of persecution, of the hazard, of the larger the sheer ethnic group that make up most of by me and population. they remember the taliban harsh rules in the 1900 ninety's. when they blew up the giant buddhist statues that had stood for centuries in the sandstone cliffs, the united nations can only provide food and shelter when people 1st flee. we met this group of families who left their homes 3 months ago and then now struggling all living into small rooms. one of the problems is un humanitarian appeal is desperately undefended. they receive just 37 percent of the $1100000000.00 they need this year. what we've seen here, and by me, and it's just a snapshot of what's going on in many places in afghanistan, people on the move, fleeing conflict, human misery, that the un is warning, could soon turn into humanitarian catastrophe. james space, ouch is era, bobby,
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and province. i've got us on the sidelines of usa tree of state and the blinking visit to kuwait l j is there a spoke to him to get a thoughts on the future of cost on with regard to a canister. first, it's important to remember why we went to afghanistan in the 1st place. we were attacked on 911. we were determined to bring to justice those who attacked us and to make sure to the best of our ability that that couldn't happen again. and we've largely succeeded in accomplishing those directors or solid loudon was brought to justice 10 years ago and arcadia in terms of its abilities to attack us. or anyone else from afghanistan has been vastly diminished. and we will keep a very close eye on it to make sure that it doesn't reemerge. and if it does, we will do what's necessary to prevent it from attacking us or from attacking anyone else. we were there for 20 years, a trillion dollars more than $4500.00 americans lost their lives and it is time for
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afghanistan to shape its own future. having said that, even as we're withdrawing our military forces, we remain very much engaged in afghan instead, with a strong embassy with support for afghanistan's economy, humanitarian support, development, support support for security forces, as well as very active diplomatic engagement to try to bring into the conflict at the negotiating table with the taliban. and with the afghan government, there is no military solution to the conflict. now if an afghanistan emerges, that does not respect the basic rights of its people that abuses the rights of women and girls. that does not respect the basic gains of the last 20 years, that afghanistan will be a pariah in the international community. a massive forest fire and turkey coastal city of antalya has killed 3 people and injured 50 eggs, already of evacuated people in 20 neighborhoods villages. turkey has experience
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several extreme weather events recently, including flash floods last week that killed 6 people in the black sea region. me senegal was mostly spared by the 1st and 2nd waves of covert 19. but the 3rd one is proving to be catastrophic hospitals and the capital doc are, are overwhelmed, entry chappelle it's a long wait in an uncomfortable chair, but they've decided today is the day, marianna is receiving the vaccine despite her earlier reservations. i didn't trust the doc seen at 1st that why didn't take it when i saw my parents were vaccinated and that everything went well for them. i decided to get the shot. vaccination points are getting closer to people's home. near the local mosque or sports stadium. hundreds of thousands of doses arrived and cynical this week the end of the day. it's important to note that this strategy, which is
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a proximity strategy, allows us to bring the vaccine close to the population. it will allow us to considerably accelerate a roll out. because we know today that the pandemic is gaining grounded, we must move faster than the delta variance. the delta variance is fueling a 3rd way and more cynical leaves. see the writing on the wall. the pandemic is in their neighbourhood. nearly 1000000 people have been vaccinated, but there aren't enough doses to go around in millions more are needed to me on a law. and not everyone is here. we're moving now because before we used to say it was for the elderly, but now we see 13 year old kids getting sick. we see younger people in their twenty's dying. it's a total panic. now. hospitals into car are overflowing with new arrivals. the ministry of health says its facilities are already operating at 100 percent capacity for severe and critical patients. meaning every bed with oxygen available is taken. the head of infectious diseases at fan hospital says it's just the tip of
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the iceberg. funny to tell you, the truth situation is catastrophic. we are a bit overwhelmed. doctors would like to take care of the patients, but the main issue is a lack of equipment and available places. ah, when family members began to fall ill, the dresser returned to cynical only to begin counting the number of loved ones last, this time a cousin only 40 years old. i was in a cemetery yesterday in one day alone, as it is usually very about 34 people yesterday a long day. but the 35 people. so there is something going on in the world crisis. i'm sorry that my people here. they kind of figured out little bit too late. i was able to figure out a little bit sooner. but now we just trying to catch up less than 2 percent of the senegalese population has been fully vaccinated and with hospitals overwhelmed. doses are in high demand. and millions of people in the u. k. are
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living with long coded, which can affect their ability to live in normal life. the symptoms is so wide ranging that its actual diagnosis is proved. difficult until now. turn a whole, the polls in the u. k. a load almost a 130000 people have lost their lives to covered 19, many more have lost their quality of life. they've been awful. why describe this as hell? on the best day, i probably feel 30 percent of my pre cove itself on the worst days. it can be, you know, 5 percent or less things like brain folk would feel like i have a constant concussion eyesight, difficulties float in my eyes, all the time. constant tinnitus, i get all sorts of rushes, bleeding problems, and purple toes. shanie, right, is one of those living with long cove, it, 16 months after catching the virus. i've had a number of scans, i've seen a number of specialists,
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and none of them can give me any answers when it comes to doctors. i'd say at worst, you know, you get doctors that simply don't levy, they don't believe that long period exists. and at best doctors they kinda shrugged shoulders and they say, well, it's a new, a new illness. we don't know what to do. studies are under way to understand the damage to the lungs, heart and brain that lead to long cove. it with researches in katara reporting a breakthrough away of diagnosing the condition by looking for nerve damage in the i know piper loss is as a consequence of multiple newer degenerative diseases. but there is a peculiar pattern in here, which is that we are seeing this immune cells, which we don't see in a lot of other new degenerative conditions. so there is something additional that we're finding here, which is nerve loss and activation of immune cells which may be more specific to long coded. as the pandemic goes on, this memorial wall on the banks of the river thames in london,
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will continue to fill up with the names of those who lost their lives to coven 19. what isn't remembered here? of course, all the more than 3000000 people in the u. k, who say they're living with the symptoms of long coded for which they're currently is no cure. but for which there may now be the important 1st step of diagnosis or anything that can be used as some kind of biomarker for long kind of it is massively helpful because not only does it give some insight into what is going on and potentially down the line the, the treatment because that's what we want, if effective treatments the in this nightmare. but also it says to those doctors that deny the existence of long code that the thing of course it, we'll look at the science a glimmer of hope in an ordeal. so far without end jona whole al jazeera london online investment pad for robin hood who's now valued at $32000000000.00 off to making its debut on wall street with its initial public offering. the app has
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introduced many of people are investing and has re shapes the brokerage industry, but not without controversy and played a role in the frenzied trading of this year. which inflated the value of down beat companies like games told the stocks like collapsed womanhood founder. they faced questions about the company business model, which includes selling customers trading information to hedge funds. open hood app uses were allowed to buy up to 35 percent of its initial public offering shares before they began trading. name awesome is a chief market analyst at a trade. he says robin hood has essentially changed who gets access to the stock market. robin hood is a very, very different company in comparison to factor broker or in comparison to charles rob, or many other brokers. the unique string commission free and then the really 1st other brokers to adopt this particular strategy. however, i think the area that investors and traders should be very much mindful of the regulation. waste of the earnings. most of the revenue shows the site is coming
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from 2 major business areas. number one is auctions, trading, which is completely synthetic and trading. and secondly, correct. we know that these 2 areas are going to under immense regulation pressure in the coming courses. now every single person on the street can really get access to it company very easily without having big data affair walls to climb through. in order to, to have that, remember back in day, the minimum account of the requirement is about $25000.00 to do that too. if you want to become a day trade, in addition to that, the settlement of those securities for anywhere between $5.00 to $7.00 days. so robin hood has changed all of those models. in south africa, the army has been deployed the cave down to help deal with what local is a calling a taxi war. dozens of people have been killed over the past 3 months. would rival
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taxi association battling about the ownership of a hotly contested route from cape town? robin smith reports with millions of south africans dependent on public transport. the government is not taking any chances. rival, taxi associations have been fighting for ownership of a busy route. confrontations have raged for years, and it's got worse. with more than a few people killed so far this year. 24 of them in july alone. among those injured a 5 month old baby, i can eat his drivers and bystanders say they are living in fear. we can't exactly drive like the way we used to this is because though the with the, with the got a suit with 2 guys,
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3 guys came out on the corner and then just enjoying that fun side of the container where we know mine and those guys came to us, ending with guns and then the shoots. one of our colleagues piece talks of so far, failed prompting authorities to close the notorious route for the next 2 months and to make buses available to commute her as an alternative. and this is taken by government have helped to kuala violence for now, at least, but commuters are still being severely affected every evening, thousands q 4 hours before making the journey home by bus. for many, it doesn't stop fail then for to walk long distances in the dark in order to get home last night in the food. now i have to take the
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next. how was it? then? i know i'm what i'm thinking with lives and livelihood at stake. commuters effectively help hostage by the taxi wall, are desperate for lucian to the violence robinson and i'll just 0 paper still ahead on al jazeera, all of the posters are pretty, pretty spooked out right now. in sports concern from the world record holder as a coolant of ours, throw the pole to them through uncertainty. ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the
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news with me brought to you by extension that there would be change. oh,
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i found that 40 peter can. thank you so much. as you heard earlier this hour has been a major karone of our escape. hit the start of the track and field events in so if you double will champion american po, both the sam kendricks is now out of the games of the testing positive cove. 19, as is an origin, time pole vaulter will record hold on. do plants. it says the whole field is spooked. it's hard to, to react to because it's still doesn't really feel real right now. because i mean, as far as an hour ago, i was still preparing myself for, you know, a, a big battle with sam. because, you know, i feel like come in here that he's of course, one of my, one of my main rivals and somebody that's definitely going to was going to push me in an entire file. all of the posters are pretty,
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pretty spooked out. right now. i was, i mean i was going to possibly meet up with sam yesterday, but i got a phone call from his my girlfriend, and then i ended up not mean up with him. so that was a, i think that was a, that was a pretty lucky, lucky dodge. right there. and yes, so right now i've been good and so we're all pretty spooked out right now. this is the 1st, the lympics in many track and field athletes will be wearing so called super shoes to help improve the times. critics describe the technology being used as mechanical doping, but the sports governing body insist no rules are being broken. and the richardson reports from to care out with the old and in, with the new i haven't just bought a fresh pair of running trainers. these are so called super shoes. using technology that can make even a middle aged man run with a renewed spring, get his step thought running with a pair of mini trampling strap see fi. normally when you're running, you lose a lot of energy. when your foot hit the ground,
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and obviously the longer your foot on the ground, the slower you go with the shoes, return that energy to you very quickly. and spring you forward into next dried timothy. she will be by the my legacy. when kenya's elliot kit shogi became the 1st man to break the to our barrier in the marathon obits in an unofficial race, he did it in super shoes. since the arrival in 2016 times run by top male, marathon runners have improved by 2 percent. it's slightly more women. what we're going to see in the sport is going to be a race between the manufacturers, vol. are all in the race between the athletes. an analogy could be formula one racing. if you're comparing to teens a $1000000000.00 teen versus a $100000.00 teen, if it's such a thing, you know, the driver is no longer important. what's more important is the car athletics world governing body rejects. that's all argument saying what's inside the shoes is
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strictly regulated. so after a highly scientific shoe destruction experiment here in the main press center, this is what we're left with. full t millimeters of phones is allowed in a road running shoot. and then there's the carbon fiber plate here, and it's the scoop design of the carbon fiber plate. that's the key that directs the energy back to the runner. the scoop ship of the place essentially gives you a propulsive false in the right direction. every time you needed to, when you go into effect strength and the way the shoes with lighter than rival shoes around about underneath 7 crumbs. all of these factors combine to around both focus and improvement in economy or reduced cost or negative speed. the head off will doubtless, ex vashti and co has a vested interest in making sure the rules are followed early this year. coast british, in $800.00 me to record, was broken by run wearing a truck version of the super issue. every few that's going to be utilized by the
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athletes has been checked and evaluated. we have a working group, but it's down that the broader discussion is always about the balance between innovation and mechanical advantage. but for the very 1st time, we do now have a system to be able to evaluate that. what's in no doubt is that this technology is changing top level athletics and the speed of my early morning joke. and richardson al jazeera, tokyo american sydney for lee has won the women the all around gymnastics, gold medal, the 18 year old is the 5th american in a row to win the title in the category. competition was missing. simone biology with 3 d. some mental health issues above looking competing, she was there again, supporting a team, a china stand both astray in the united states in the elliptic pool on thursday. they won the women's 4 by 200 meter freestyle relays fitting a new roof record. united states finished in 2nd,
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new zealand and ireland have both when they 1st go middle of the games in rowing. the new zealand women's pe, if they will, best time in the semi final finishing head of the russian olympic committee and canada. the irish winning, the 1st ever rowing gold medals, the main light weight double skulls. the winner of the philippines, very 1st olympic gold medal has returned home triumphantly weightlifter high dylan lee. d as one a long awaited gold on monday. but it didn't come without political struggles as jamila and doug and report from manila. she bore the weight to her because she is expectations and lifted the spirits of embattled weary filipinos idle in d. as is the 1st filipino to ever win an olympic gold medal. i didn't speak 3, it's more than it's a we in gone. it came at the time that this country truly is beyond being on. it's
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nice. it's the pros of there, but she was not always revered by this administration. 2 years ago, she appealed in public for more financial assistance for her olympic bid. links later on. hi, dylan's name was included on what is now known as the ouster plot matrix. a diagram, linking journalists and activists to a conspiracy overseen by drug lords to our president rodrigo detective from office . now she sees an administration that profusely congratulates her and yet refuses to apologize. gold is gone. by god, we begun solely on the on victory. since the philippines joined the modern games of the olympiad in $924.00, it had only won a total of 10 olympic medals for decades, full of bein sports has been held back by neglect and misplaced priorities.
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corruption is seen as another problem to mechanics, or my advice to sports bodies is to listen and study what athletes need and the needs in the 1900 eighty's or different to now we're talking about winning more metals in the olympics. expert said the philippines should focus more on combat. sports or filipino sub always exult like boxing, anti quando, and not just focus and sports that measure time and distance like swimming and track and field. many here believe highland victory will reignite support for filipino athletes, but are inclusion into their drug lift matrix has also put your alongside other women. what stood their ground against the charges administration despite repeated attacks and threats. people here see that's because in this country, sometimes the last one standing is a woman. jim l as in dog and al jazeera manila. okay,
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that's all i have you for now. i'll be here again in a couple of hours with another school sneeze up. they can thank you very much. feta . all right, that's good for me. kim vanelle for this news. our phone go away though. i'll be back in just a moment with plenty more on today's new. ah news news. news. news. news. a year ago, one of the largest, clear lots of history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in
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baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim. and was a whole stockpile unloaded from the ship, the missing alone? was it all in one way or another membership in an illegal way before join me for their, for the full report on our award winning programming from international. so make it one quick. so it's right on the back side of the global discussion, what guarantee debility the right, typically life giving voice. the voice here in california is almost everybody's a paycheck, away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view. well, today, this is what the picture looks like. the the world from a different perspective on houses, mira's motor sports is big news in libya. but staging cholera by credit here comes with his own particular room. our club couldn't take part in the 2016, rallied because we were fighting a war. and i'll just do
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a world travel to the libyan just to see how we can be a unifying pull war till the country. lydia. a rallied for home on al jazeera. oh be the hero, world news ah, washing in the news. we are very much focused on making good obligations to those who stood with us in afghanistan. the u. s. begins relocating africa and interpreters to help the truth during years of conflict. ah,
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i'm kimbell. this is eleanor, they live from doha, also coming up trinity as president says billions of dollars have been stolen from the country.


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