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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm AST

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and our focus is not just on the suffering, but also on the more realistic and inspiring story people trust to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and i'm biased and that's an african. i couldn't be more proud to be autumn . you ah, this is al jazeera ah other give it out. this is the news online from coming up in the next 60 minutes. we are very much focused on making good obligations to those who stood with us. us begins relocating, ask an interpreter who helped troops during years of conflict. i'm charlotte bell,
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us outside cobble airport where security is tice. the evacuation begins of thousands with the united also head to new z as president says, billions of dollars of being stolen from the country. the facts, the president of the national television station overcome with rising covered 19 cases of pakistan prepared for tough new restrictions. and he'd a similar to the sport code, 900 skin took, it was the entire strain, athletic team into isolation. it comes off to time champion. sam kendricks is ruled out of the games of the testing positive for corona virus. ah, the evacuation has begun of thousands of afghans who assisted the united states over the past 20 years. 2 and a half 1000 task guns are expected to depart cobbled by sunday 1000 more still
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waiting to hear when bell leave. charlotte bellis reports from cobble. the 3 years ali was a translator for the us army in his home province at home. and in may, he took a bus to cobble for an interview at the us embassy and his waited suits thing at this guest house. last week he was approved for evacuation, but he has heard nothing more. when i wake up in the morning in the morning to check it again, but there was nothing. so i called to my other friends, but nothing happened. and he said they be patient. ali is one of about $20000.00 africans who replied for a special immigrant visa. those who worked for at least 2 years for the us government or military eligible. the process has been long and advocate the se, increasingly confusing. a lot of people have received, offers to relocate them and evacuate them safely out of the country. the problem
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we're seeing is that these people are responding to the letters. and at this point there are some that are saying it's been a week. it's been 7 days and it had no response back as the taliban take more territory, the stakes arising from many of those who worked with foreign forces. all of my relatives and other people who are living in our area. they know me. like this guy was inter printer and they will tend to talk about like, there are some people that they will tell like he was a linguist. so i will not go never to that again. i do a medi worked as a translator for the us department of defense and state she 1st applied for a visa in 2017. her application is under review. it's really difficult survive here . and every the way thing if, if i gave any mean for the location and evacuation, but unfortunately, we don't have con approval yet,
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so it's making me hopeless. who knows? i will get it or not. in a statement, the taliban said, africans who have worked with foreign forces should not be scared. it sees it, hopes, interpreted, stay to serve their country. and if they do, they will not be threatened by the group interpreted. we spoke to found that hard to believe it's not a threat to threat on thought of, and we cannot guarantee our lives with them. they cannot trust him. security is tight with the u. s. embassy refusing to release any information about who is on the flight when they will call them or arrive in the united states in order to protect those who are leaving us. with these might expected to continue for the next month or at any information further evacuation and shown that bella 0 was go 9 not to ellen fisher who is on the white house. allen for the secretary of state. and the blinking in kuwait has given an update on this evacuation once he
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had to say, well, we know that the 1st lights are on their way. the 1st one left camilla around lunchtime they are heading to dulles international airport which is just south of washington. and the 2nd flight is on its way to london, they will probably land, but once they arrive here in the us, they will be taken to fort lee, which is an army camp in southern virginia. that is where they will be processed for their s i v as the call and special immigrant be that now initially was around for thousands of guns and their families who would expect to go through this process. other countries have taken some of those numbers, so it's expected that the us will be dealing with somewhere in the region of $2500.00. they can process them and get this done quite simply because they don't have the resources, the able to do it here and 20, blinking as well as your bike has acknowledged that the u. s. does or debt to these people and has to treat them properly. the united states has committed to
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helping those who helped us during our time in afghanistan over the last 20 years. and indeed, we've had very brave afghans who stood with with us, with our soldiers, with our diplomats, mostly as translators, and interpreters. and as a result of that service benefit from the possibility of securing a visa to come live in the united states were actively engaged in that process. and notably in relocation planning for those brave afghans and their families. some of the us wanted this to be a managed process. we know the deadline. we know that the us troops are going to be out of afghan. it's done by the end of august your byte and said he wanted it to be by september. the 11th that has been brought forward. what the didn't want was a desperate rush at the last minute. everyone remembers the famous scenes of the u
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. s. embassy inside gone at the end of the vietnam war, where people were being lifted off the roof by helicopters. we wanted this to be much more managed, much more dignified, and that is why these flights are starting to arrive in the us know, just one other thing 20 blinking while he was in. can we obviously discussed iran. it's a topic you can ignore in that neighborhood. interesting, the language he used, he said that talks are ongoing in geneva. but the story in vienna, but those talk can keep going on forever. and he said the iran must come back into compliance. just a reminder, it was the us that pull the of iran nuclear deal under donald trump, jewel bite and said he wanted to go back in, but he hasn't done that yet. there's apparently a problem over one sentence, and that sentence to the u. s. wants to introduce, according to the needs, is that the iranians will continue to discuss other issues, such as ballistic missiles and its influence in the region. iran not terribly keen to have that included in the nuclear deal as far as they are concerned. they had
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a deal. it was walking international observers were there. so if anyone has got to come back in compliance, the belief should be the united states are at. thank you very much for alan fisher at the white house. well, let's take a look now at that operation to relocate those african interpreters we've been telling you about the u. s. launch to operation allies refuge to evacuate around $800000.00 interpretive contracting and security guards. thousands of their family members have also applied for the special immigrant visa program. on friday, canada announced a similar scheme. several 1000 people are expected to be eligible party, slightly different story in the u. k. former defense officials wrote a letter to the government, asking it to do more to relocate afghans who helped british forces. they say a number of applications for relocation have been rejected. now in charlotte's report, which we had only as she spoke, quiz the r who a midi who worked as
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a translator for the us army in afghanistan, she joined us now on scott from cobble, thank you for joining us. so obviously you're still trying to get out of the country, tell us about your experience. thank you so much for a question of this clear. and we are all aware that the by and by the minister has promised a vac with thousands of eligible against. and the visa pipeline, by the end of august 1 damn a cancer jaws from afghanistan will become pleated. exactly who is included in this plant, which is still unclear and future. and due to my experience, we have not received any email on feedback from them yet. so what, when they get the application and how long have you been waiting for? i have applied in 2017 in been more than 2 years that i have applied for ivy and the cell. i don't have come approval for that. so it looks like i'm and the 1st
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stage of the i v and the quick tend to like taking too long on the just to get approval. and at this point would be while they are doing evacuation. so they're the question, am i going to be in that list or not? and not only me and other applicants who are waiting for the call come approval. and to do to have a peut and they are still waiting for approval. are you going to be included in did and next evacuation list are here to me. i mean, worrying for you what this thing and if going to start mean for you and for your security everybody's aware and you can be witness to the social media. the security is not good at all, and living conditions have become very difficult for life. and at least to be 100 african allies or family members have been killed to did. and some enterprise, those who are outside the call the and they are more, you had to high risk. and we are all in total if you can feel them. and if,
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even if they're inside and father, they are not safe. and you can see all didn't trust social media. so at all, all be set up. you can to all these african allies who served and ended the youth government doing their mission. and again, it's done. so now they're all left behind and dear and healing. so fair and big, big, big cannot survive here anymore. so not only them and their family and everyone, they're just bearing that want to be turned to die or to be hunted down. what about you, are you worried about your own safety and the safety of your own family? exactly. why not. since i started working with the youth government, i've been, i've been facing lots of trade and stem, so i do. and that's only not the case for myself. it's for my own family, kids, husband and everyone. so at least i would blame for everybody if anything happens
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to him, the family, the, everybody would blame me for that. so that's why we expected by then administration at this point to help us as soon as we can and do the evacuation should be not only for business here at the last the steps since we don't have any mis jackman. so everything gets completed. why? why just it's bothering it's bothering guess, because we've helped them a lot. now it's the time they help us at the situation because half of the country is under the control of the tiles on right. now, as you can see, and they never gave up all the distractions, of course you had to hire right now. and the, all the applicants, they have family, they have kids. and i'm sure they're all worrying about dear life. absolutely. just quickly, before we go, what message would you have for those who are organizing the evacuation of people like yourselves who have worked for the us army and honest on what would be your message? yeah, the every question is really good process and i'm really happy for that. and i have
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seen and the social media that deal with the star and after noon the 1st flight for the vac, which and that would be like $250.00 people at really good for them for the future once they get there will be just for a week there, then they can do it, they can go for their final this to me. but for those who are selling, depending in like me, not like other applicants, we are just worrying about our situation. so are they going to take us to the county or to some military business and they use? so it's not clear yet, so nobody can tell them we are not receiving any excuse and any man from the embassy or from any other parties. so my message is for them and i wish them really good luck and i will be can survive there and i'm sure do with half safely with along with their children. so still be cancer for the youth. government wants to get deer. and as you know, they're all educated people, all these translators, and we know there are only 2 gated along the family, and the kids can be a good generation to the us government. all right,
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thank you very much for your time. we appreciate the re, there for the translator for the u. s. army and of cornerstone. thank you, ma'am. plenty, morehead, on the news all including we look into the prognosis for what people battling long coverage live in on the unprecedented economic crisis for the conference, the thousands of children to go to bed hungry. and in for china, put on a world record performance. the limpid food, fun story, coming up later in the program. ah, your new z as president his vowing to crack down on corruption and demanding the return of billions of dollars he says was stolen from the public purse. the money stolen from the turn is young people must be restored. a decision will be made to
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take measures against the perpetrators who have taken these public funds. we will deal with these people in a proportionate manner. president chi aside has dismissed the chief of the national tv station, dave after freezing parliament fact the prime minister and assumed executive powers and sla, go live now to tunis, where we have journalist sam kimball, sam. so more people have been dismissed from their jobs. their concerns now about freedom of speech, particularly as the person who was at the top of the tv station there has been dismissed. yes, these are significant dismissals on wednesday came out in the statement that the that the head of the national tunisian television station had been dismissed. this only hours after 2 very significant people had been blocked from entering the national television building, who had both been originally invited for on their interviews. now while they were
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original, while they were sorry, eventually allowed into the building to give their their honor interviews. the now former head of the national television station said they were blocked from entering from an order from the military. the military had since come out and denied giving such an order and the presidency office has also denied given such an order. the presidency office has also expressed support for freedom of expression. we spoke earlier to one of those people who was not allowed entry into the chinese national television building. here's what he had to say. son of the i'm of my he had of we will deal with this exceptional situation with caution was yesterday we issued a statement that we won't accept any infringement on our liberties. the ones we gained in 2011, whatever the explanation of what happened at the state television. civil society is
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aware of any attempts to affect our freedoms, the liberties acquired through the struggle that changes in people when we are watching where all of this is going carefully. sam, it was sunday that the president sacked the prime minister and for the parliament wondering what for days on what's the feeling there in tunis? yeah, that's an excellent question. while one can walk around most streets of the capital tunis, things on the surface appear to be business. as usual, most shops are open, cafes are open, people are to be found on the street. and there had been no protests. unlike the protests that you just saw on sunday after the president took the deferred entering measures and also on monday, particularly in front of the juniors in parliament building. however, under the surface tunisia is experiencing overlapping crises. and it's worth
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noting also that some of this business as usual look, may also come from the fact that there's a now earlier curfew starting at 7 pm since monday, as well as the presidential decree, banding gatherings of more than 3 people on the street. in addition to that, there's been a recent poll done, which indicates very high support among tunisians for the president's actions on sunday. and since now the country is also suffering multiple crises at the same time. and those include a prolonged economic crisis with high unemployment and few opportunities, as well as severe health crisis powered largely by the the cobit pandemic. where now 2 needs, it has the highest or if, or one of the highest per capita death rates and all of the africa due to cobra 19 as well as a prolonged, in political crisis out of stalemate and inaction. so there's
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a lot of anxiety among people wondering what the next political steps will be and if and when the tunisian prime minister, who is, will be replaced. alright, thank you very much for that up. the sam kimball robbie process is head of global outreach for the international press institute. he says to ms. hughes have had very limited access to information after the revolution, what we witnessed was that need done to me. she had great freedom to enjoy the lot of freedom and could report on all issues including politics but, and that was much better than elsewhere in the region. and in the middle east and north africa region where like in egypt, ex, media style has been completely stifled. but now this hard thought through the media, god is that risk because of the changes that are taking place. and if for if the president really wants a change, he should allow the media to function, he should allow independent weiss's to be heard. otherwise,
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he'll be denying 2 nations the right information. and at this stage, it's very crucial for them when the country is going through a turmoil to get reliable, unbiased, and independent information from the media. we do need independent media into nisha at this moment and we need the support of the international community and pressure of the government to stop harassing the media. allow me to organizations like alters, you know, which are highly refuted. and i've done wonderful studies from different parts of the world, including to nice to function and get the news to the people. because people sometimes do not rely on information that comes from the national media because they feel it's biased. therefore, they look for and by source was like, i'll read up an alternate id r s the most prominent channel, the not a big in the region. it should be allowed to function. they should immediately lift the blockade against al jazeera and allow the journalist to function and resume to
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accreditation. ah, australia's entire and limpid track and fielding, went into isolation after an american athlete tested positive for over 19 us poll. volter, sam kendricks has been moved out of the composition which bounce on saturday, is in training with a stray lee and a pole. vaulter. curtis marshal, all members of the australian team were tested. none were infected. on the number of positive cases of corona virus is still reaching records levels in the host, 50 tokyo's reported more than 3800 new infections on thursday. it's the same story across the country with the highest number of the cases since the pandemic began. lympics reporter and richardson has more from tokyo. let's just take you through what happened some kendricks, and not just another athletes. he is making up the numbers here. he is a 2 time world champion in the poll volts. you want to bronze at the rio games that
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he would have been a, a gold medal contained here in tokyo. he was training, obviously with other poles, isn't because of close contact with one of the australian team. it meant the entire australian track and field team briefly went into oscillation in their rooms. now the 3 athletes who had the closest contact with kendrick's have had to follow a p c office today. they have come back is negative. so well the rest of the truck and feel the same have now being released from isolation in their rooms. those 3, they will be allowed to train, but in between time they will be isolating in their rooms. and really it just shows you how difficult it is for all the participants at these games that they know within a 2nd. a finding out that they're negative or close contact of 5 years of build up to these games can go up in smoke for kendricks. unfortunately, his olympics, his over pakistan is about to introduce sweeping corona virus restrictions which
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will ban on that makes people from most venues. from the 1st of august, i'll be back from government offices, schools, restaurants, air travel, and shopping malls. recent surgeon cases is being blamed on the more infectious delta variance focused on reported nearly 400000 new cases on thursday. a correspondence qual, honda isn't as i'm about with more this is for the 2nd day running that we have seen over 4000 reported in a single day. that is higher than the 1st of may. also, not forget that bug is done has just come out of a holiday season because of age. and those are government advice people to stay in georgia and to restrict their movement. people have been moving across the country . the larger number of infections, of course, are there for days from project on larger karachi and of those $4000.00 plus minus over $2500.00 just in that city, a loan that have got
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a golf for the concern because the government said that it does not have the luxury of exercising the option of closing down in diet date, and therefore it is something that is a matter of concern. we've also heard that back in june. they were less than 2020 later that renewed. but right now that are all with 3000 patients on rental acreage . and now the government is saying that there is 1000000 jap bar day. now, earlier there were the large reservation as far as many people were concerned. but because now the government has, and now it's restrictions after august the 31st people, anybody always will not be able to fly on the national carrier or any airline. also, hotels, off the law enforcement agencies. it will be mandatory for everybody to obtain a certificate and to have that back to the nation. at least 5 people are dead as
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the battle intensifies for revel controlled, neighborhood and southern syria. government forces have surrounded an area and dera which has been besieged for more than a month. it's home to 40000 people have been cut off from food medicine. rushing back to government troops won't opposition, forces to surrender their weapons and allow military checkpoints to be set up. has an update now from russel, sir dahl and stumble, and neighbour and turkey. now just early in the morning, we have seen that the student government have initiated a massive military operation on the toner of that which is a part of the greater district. and so far, the reports of the casualties are just coming up the one to be the place that is that why the motor stalings from the region was confirmed and 9 of the region, 14 members also being killed by the rebel forces. on the other hand, the rebel forces claims that they have to the control of several checkpoints,
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in the eastern and western side of, of dera, and also at pan belong to. the regime has been fears. and beside that 25 members of the regime forces also has been kept captive by the by the rebel forces. so far. also, the rebel forces and the people of there are trying to block the roads and burling, the car wheels to stop regime advancing into the city. so the how the clashes are still going on. but so far it seems that the massive attack from the regime has been repaired for now. hundreds of thousands of children are going to bed hungry and live and on report by safe children found more and more parents are unable to pay for food and medicine. it's worse, a syrian refugees, 11 on 9 out of 10 families and living in extreme poverty. the report says the gap and finances needed to buy basic goods has grown by 550 percent. just the past year
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. earlier we spoke to ned bite on from save the children, he paid a grim picture of what thousands of children endured lebanon. it is a tragic situation for thousands and hundreds of thousands of children. and by the way, from all backgrounds, we're not talking about just one with group or one nationality. one background we are talking about to graphically, demographically, an overall dark and very, very tough situation. just to give you an idea of how these children are living take today, and just to give you a breakdown of meals, for example, for any ordinary charles now and 11. for breakfast, the children do not have the basics. they cannot afford things like cheese, for example. now i hear from parents that make sure they're all now mixing water and time to have breakfast for for lunch. for example, these children are relying on a boiler of boiled potatoes and
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a small dish of solid, even grains, lentils rice are out of reach for these families. dinner simply doesn't exist for many families. baby milk doesn't exist for many. for many babies. now i hear people are mixing water and little sugar because sugar is also on affordable. these pieces, i mean, you would be forgiven to think that i'm reading your passage for much of because it's tory and 19th century. this is 21st century lebanon, a culture that has been, you know, used to be a middle income country. now, particularly these families that have been in and middle income category are falling down. and john, and now we are talking about people who need 550 percent more money just to survive, to the head on algebra. being called south africa taxi war. the armies called them to protect drivers and their customers who fear for their lives and on change phase and family, and normally seen as the safest problem. and i've got a son, but in recent weeks it seemed tens of thousands of people playing conflict. i'm
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under richardson at the tokyo olympics, find out why we decided to turn a shoe that looks like this issue looks like ah hello, thank you for tuning in here, sir. weather forecasts for the middle east. we've got some brisk winds at times for kuwait and boxed into that humidity for cats are on friday. if we go around the array be and see where it's that southwest spawn soon, that we're dealing with really whipping up the waves. and so for coastal sections of oman could see wave heights around 4 meters high. those winds are also swirling around the sand and dust across much of oman. so the risk of dust and sand storms is in the forecast on friday. also a fierce wind for
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a southern areas of pocket st on impacting karachi. so the risk of sand storms here as well, but toward the north we've got rain falling so low hor, a high 33 degrees for you on friday. as we check in on turkey, we've been keeping tabs on the wild fire burning in on talia profits still high heat here. 41 degrees in toward the northeast corner of turkey. heavy rain once again in the forecast for our harvey, which is still trying to recover from devastating flooding. central africa storms where we would expect through ethiopia, sudan, south sudan, juba. height of 33 degrees. further toward the south for madagascar, the northeast corner of the island. we've got some heavy rain in the forecast for you that your weather update catch later the.


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