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hi, how are you just calling thought genuinely about your thoughts toward the bacon government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access points that shift the focus the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister, if it clamped down on the press, covering the waves. the news discovered the listening post on i just i soon as he is president says billions of dollars have been stolen from the country as the facts. the president of the national television station. ah, i'm tammy say that this is just, they're alive. so coming up,
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a covey 19 scaring tokyo would be entire as straightly and mathematics him into isolation. doctors and me and my kids for gender of making a severe outbreak, even worse. teacher turn, president pedro casteel valves change, approve faces of fragmented congress and divide this nation. ah, soon as he is president, is accusing politicians of corruption and demanding the return of billions of dollars. he says was stolen from the public. puss chi side is dismissed. more officials days after freezing parliament and assuming executive powers gillian wolf reports the streets of tenicia as capital are mostly com. but on wednesday the president and again moved to tightened his control of the government. speaking in
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a televised interview, president k say he'd accuse politicians of corruption, costing the country billions of dollars. the money stolen from the tin is young people must be restored. a decision will be made to take measures against the perpetrators who have taken these public funds. we will deal with these people in a proportionate manner. that accusation is disputed by another, the largest party in the government coalition, donaldson, united nations. these have been raised by rival policy many years ago and repeatedly, to talk to quite the strict inside the funding and, and not the his comply with and will never be any evidence of such florence on the tennessee as young democracy faces its worst crisis in a decade offered, the president ousted the government and froze parliament for 30 days. the president
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says he has acted constitutionally, but opposition leaders accuse him of staging. a qu one analyst says phase moves are popular at least for now. the question is not the whether this is the core of today or recent ball as shown that 87 percent of donations, they agreed with decisions of by size and 76 percent. they totally agree with him. so as we can see here, the decisions are really very popular of are these feasible? well, let's wait and see further afield. foreign leaders have been calling for cabinet, changes to be swift. the takeover comes amid crisis. the grown of iris pandemic is ravaging the nation, and the economy is in steep decline with the international monetary fond recently promised to help to niecy a cope with its growing financial pressure. the president has been calling on traders to cut the cost of goods, but even that these local shop owners say won't do. i have been here
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since the revolution life has become very difficult. the people can't make due. although we still meet with low process. this market is cheap and even in the market, people can't manage. and so residents wait to see whether the streets which witness the jasmine revolution a decade ago will remain silent. gillian wolf, al jazeera, go live now to tune as we have journalists, fam, kimble, and sam, the president saying billings have been stone and is giving details on how this funding was started, where it was still from who stole it. what we're hearing is that the president is claiming that close to $5000000000.00 have been looted from the country by a variety of means. he says he's got a list of several 100 people that are accused of,
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of losing the countries wealth. those largely being politicians and members of parliament who, who his, whose immunity he removed on sunday night. and in when he took some extreme measures including the, the sacking of the prime minister, his m a c c. so he's his claim that the while the huge amounts of wealth have been taken from the country without giving the names or exactly how it was done, he said that the country is not a beggar country, and it deserves a better future. so it seems to be, it seems to be a move to reassure those who may have doubts about these extreme measures that he's taken over the last several days along with freezing parliament and dismissing the pm and numerous ministers that, that these, these powers of these actions being taken are for the good of the people and to needs ins for years have been complaining about corruption and,
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and the flight of wealth from the country abroad as well as a deteriorating economic situation. so this seems to be a move to reassure those who had doubts about the options you've taken in the last few days or a to an addition to the allegations of corruption on behalf of some of those members of parliament that he's, he's frozen their work. he's also the boss of the national tv station wants the official reason for that. it's unclear what is the official reason for the the firing of the, the national tv station. but what i can say is that it's been a difficult time for journalists with some media workers and even media. the journalists syndicate. the one of the major powerful media unions in the country
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worried that there may be a crackdown on the press. as you've likely reported before. there was a closure of the al jazeera office here in tunis by police without explanation or without a warrant. there was also new york times reporter stopped in the streets yesterday . here in tunisia, you know, eventually let go. and the though regarding the, the sacking of the, the national tv had the deputy head of the national journalist syndicate, had said that she was actually blocked from being interviewed on the national television station and actually blocked from entering the building. so there's can conflicting issues here of whether the head of the national tv station was, was playing kind of partisan politics and letting certain people in and not letting
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others in. or if this is kind of getting, even with certain political opponents on the part of the news in president. all right, we'll leave it there. thanks so much. pam kimball, serene government forces, are continuing to strike the besieged district of data. the area and it's $40000.00 residents have been surrounded for more than a month, cut off from food medicine. russian bank government troops wanted opposition fighters in the area to surrender their weapons and allow minute re check points to be sent up. go straight out and get more in this with russell sort of the johns us from a stumble. so where does the bombing and siege leaving life in our school? well tommy, just there early in the morning the, the gym house and shaded a full scale assault in the city of bella, which is a southern eastern city, which is one of the few places that is not under the regime control. they're
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installed in the south, syria. so now the regime forces i was trying to add them into the city center back by the that the shelling the do the, the motor showings. so the, for the region, legal to the regime is in charge of taken over the cities. there are the better the reports of the casualty. so far we do not know the exact figures regarding that by by the coming i was we are going to have more details. saw me in 2018. there has been a conciliation agreement led by russia between regina forces and the opposition there, based on that because the issue agreement, the opposition forces were supposed to handle, only did it happen, have the weapons, but in return they were supposed to remain in charge of keeping the security of the city, but recently the regime the, as the opposition to handle all of the weapons and plus also the are some of the
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prominent members also to handle themselves through the regime to the region forces . and when that has been rejected by the people in the regime on june 24 started to take the city under the seas. and since among there's no humanitarian access to the to this to the city. so the food tuition is important to a little bit, focus on that because it is directly under the control of my, her son who is the brother of the syrian president, the shuttle asset. and iran has an heavy influence on that on that division. so in that sense, we can see that seems to a reconciliation agreement was lad, and pay the 4th by the, by russia, by russia. so we can see that there is a growing difference between russia and iran as well. and the iranian lo y'all's, the iranian influence,
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the regions and the groups on little more and more overstepping the, the, the russian interest there. and so the negotiations are still going on. we do not know whether russia is going to sue to ramp up the pressure over the regime to reach another kind of reconciliation. but for now, the, for the region is in a full scale position into the city center. all right, so we'll start from stumble in australia as entire elim picked track and field team went in twice elation after an american athlete tested positive for covey. 19 us pole, vault, sam kendrick been really down to the competition. which thoughts in fact today been training with the streaming pole vaulter. curtis marshall, all members of this training and team with tested and none have been infected. and
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the richardson joins us now from tokyo. so where does this leave the entire track and field event? yeah, it just goes to show you the the high y racks that everyone is performing here at the tokyo games in the international olympic committee. media briefing of the start of the day 24 new cases of covered 19 have arisen in the last 24 hours and that's the highest number we've had since. the start of the games in terms of sam kendrick, the american poll to. he's not just an athlete, he tested positive, he was set to be one of the big stores, a truck, and failed to take time world champion, the one the bronze medal in re i wouldn't be contented for gold again and again would come down to the integrity of competition in other competitions and other sports, if you test positive, covet 19, then perhaps there's an event you can play next week or you've got time to recover . they can reschedule the olympic 15 test positive. that's it around. so that is
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the concern. all the athletes have here in terms of the australian team because of a close contact of 3 of their plates with kendricks briefly for about 2 or 3 hours today. the entire team wanting to sell for installation. those 3 close contacts of subsequent test the negative. after taking pcr tests, it means that they'll be allowed to carry on training, but will so far slate in between the training sessions. but the rest of the team is now free to carry on as normal, or is normal, as can be in the circumstances. and japan, andy is now at its worst stage of coven so far what options are officials looking at for controlling this outbreak? okay, so we're looking at so in terms of numbers, there's $9000.00 plus car cases in japan every day, the moment, 3000 cases every day in the top 10 metropolitan area, those are all time highs. we just had
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a message from the medical advice in japan here saying the needs to be a clear, stronger message from the government to the people about the risks of coven 19. and in particular, the delta variance will be lympics. and the limbic organizes, a trying very hard to do is disconnect themselves from the rising figures in the wider community and in the country mcadams, the spokesman saying, as far as he was aware, not a single case within the wide, it's ok community is because of a close contact with anyone to do with the olympics is that convince the bubble? the athletes and the officials are written is that secure? i think from, from the people's perspective, hey, there is a great deal of frustration and confusion on the one hand, how care for example, is still under a state to emergency that being told to make sacrifices. and yet the government here is saying it's okay for the olympics to carry on this frustration of the slow roll out of the vaccine. and the feeling amongst the people is that the reason
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private cases of been so low. and so now is because of their efforts and nothing to do with the government. so a lot of confusion, a lot of mixed messages depending on who you talk to. but as far as the olympics is concerned, nothing to do with them is causing the rise in cases inside and japan itself. all right, thanks so much, andy, there in tokyo, still ahead in the news on james bays and sammy normally seen as the safest province and i've got to stop. but in recent weeks it seems tens of thousands of people. conflict. ah ah, it was a turn of italy yesterday to get the damaging giants undersold, had been wandering round. europe circulating round bore less scotland. this is the
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lower limit from the outs, helped to push the showers up. indeed, it was just in lake county, north of milan, up in the mountains area, but we saw this sort of thing. this is a big thunderstorm, rushing down the mountains, of course, being bolted and causing you to a massive damage. it won't be repeated. i think the focus on rainfall is no further north in north south, spitting europe's if the british owls more especially for denmark, norway and sweden. rain seems to be a thing to thursday, less soaked to the south. that in fact, the for the south, your less like yours anyway. anything way shares is really wall to wall sunshine from spain. right across the bulgaria. few light shaft may be enormously and slow vignette. but here the thing here and is building not so much in spain, quarterback as may be one of the more prices nearly at 40. but in southern italy, in the balkans we are probably in places exceeding 40, certainly day and night. tempted to close enough to get the heat warning in place for italy and places, lights serbia in turkey, he thought the thing,
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the dakota breeze blowing down across the islands, it was raining in the northeast, recently becoming lighter. the frank assessments and argument for suggesting that by the ministrations are playing a long game, it's very much of a form embrace the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and the politics then that a life has been shape? why vitamin the in depth analysis of the dates global headlines inside story on our jazeera ah,
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the me back you want to now just the right time to recap, i'll headline. news is president is accusing politicians of corruption and demanding the return of billions of dollars. the says was stolen from the public. high side has also dismissed the head of the national state television. on wednesday, the syrian government forces are continuing to strike a besieged district of data in the south. the area and it's $40000.00 residents, been surrounded more than a month, cut off from food, and medicine straight is an entire limited track and field team when did twice elation. officer, an american athlete package covey, 19 us whole boys of sam kendrick being ruled out of the competition which stopped on saturday. all members of the stadium team were tested. none have been effective
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. cambodia is imposing locked downs in provinces bordering thailand. as it tries to limit the spread of the more infectious delta variance, thailand's had another day, the record counting another 17000 infections. half of the new cases are in bangkok, regions surrounding the capital. and that port congo warehouse has been converted into a field hospital to manage the search. and the neighboring me and my, the health care system is not only overstretched, but under fire. according to the un, more than 600 medics so facing arrest warrants, the 67 have been detained and many more been attacked. florence louis has more. the names in her reports have been changed to protect people's identities. seems like that were common in myanmar until when the crowd of people used to wait for hours to get oxygen for a loved one. suffering from coven. 19 sheila,
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people are worried and scared. there's also been pressure from the military telling people not to keep the oxygen. the student has now imposed a new rules. people will need a letter from the local administrator to obtain oxygen. like much of southeast asia, myanmar is experiencing its worst wave of grown, a virus infection and health care system ravaged by decades of military dictatorship is struggling to cope. the qu in january and the subsequent cracked down on medical professionals for being one of the 1st groups to go on. strike is turning and already dangerous health crisis more deadly. going to the military, a closing down charity clinics and arresting doctors who volunteer there. they pretend to be patients and a risk doctors. that's why the doctors are on the run and in hiding, the june has denied carrying out such operation. the doctor wants to keep his identity secret,
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says he and his colleagues have had to resort to using their phones to give consultations. he estimates at least 70 percent of his patients have tested positive for corona virus, on hospitals and not accepting patients. and i've heard of soldiers pointing the guns and patients and telling them to go home. they should not be the ones deciding who gets admitted to hospital. some patients are also reluctant to go to government health centers, citing a distrust of military run facilities, many end up self isolating at home. in yang, on resident hang out yellow flags to show they need medical supplies, hoping volunteers will help. the number of people dying in their homes is increasing blurry ambulance services normally take patients to hospitals, but these days there are more requests to pick up bodies. funeral services are overloaded. some families have had to wait several days before body can be
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transported. as corona, virus infections and death saw the un independent expert on human rights in myanmar . tom andrews has called for a covert, sees fire urging the international community to pressure the didn't have to stop. it's a tax on health care workers so they can do what they are meant to do. deliver medical care. florence louis al jazeera, the killing of a popular afghan comedian by the taliban as drawn international condemnation massage. hum atocha who was also a police officer, was abducted from his home and on the whole province and killed the video showing his treatment of the hands of fighters. the sparked outrage thought of on spokesmen as possibly said dal, investigate the killing. the un says thousands of internally displaced afghans arriving and by me and following intense fighting and surrounding areas. i'll diplomatic out it's jane space. some of those have been forced to flee their homes,
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traveling with the un took pammy, and it should take just over 4 hours to drive to this mountainous province. but the route is far too dangerous. now. once seen as the safest place in afghanistan, recent violence has seen the un recording over 47000 internally displaced people in recent weeks. dameion without doubt, has one of the best hospitals in the country funded by the aga con. ah, but the hospital has been overwhelmed by people suffering. after walking for days through the mountains. wonder i left because the taliban had captured more districts. when we came here, all the people were on the run. they were fleeing. my husband works for the police and wasn't able to come with us. i took all 3 of my children to get some help, but i received no help. these are among 300000 people displaced across. i've got to stand since may, the un humanitarian coordinator. there's, if there's no c spar,
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things could get much, was my fear you unfortunately something which gives them trouble to sleep. i think we will be looking at some of the war stretching this, which we have seen in the recent history. we traveled in the u. n. convoy out of town towards the mountains to school, built by the un refugee agency, you and hcr. it was constructed to educate children returning from outside africa. understand. instead these kids all recently fled their homes inside the country. news of opposite quickly spread. the government coming here, these women desperate help. after abandoning their villages. one of the fear that modem began. they told us of the taliban coming, so we fled from our homes. what could we do? we were in the barbara mountains and walked all the way. it was freezing there,
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there was no food. so we were obliged to come here. there's a reason people here so fearful. there's a long history of persecution, of the hazard, of the larger the sheer ethnic group that make up most of by me and population. they remember the taliban harsh rules in the 900 ninety's. when they blew up the giant buddhist statues that had stood for centuries in the sandstone cliffs, the united nations can only provide food and shelter when people 1st flee. but we met this group of families who left their homes 3 months ago, and then now struggling all living into small rooms. one of the problems is un humanitarian appeal is desperately undefended. they receive just 37 percent of the $1100000000.00 they need this year. what we've seen here, and by me, and it's just a snapshot of what's going on in many places in afghanistan, people on the moon fleeing conflict, human misery, that the un is warning,
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could soon turn into humanitarian catastrophe. james bay's ouch is era, bobby, and province. i've gone to save the children, says hundreds of thousands of children are going to bed hungry in lebanon. reports by the charity group found more and more parents unable to pay for food medicine. it says the gap in finance is needed to buy basic goods is grown by 550 percent over the past year. the value of lebanon's currency has collapse. the country remains in the grip of a political and economic crisis. demonstrators in haiti have rallied in front of the u. s. embassy. they accuse washington of involuntary assassination of papers presidents earlier this month. however, no clear link has been made. have his new and newly installed prime minister pledge to hold elections as soon as possible. after former president jovan annoys, was shot and killed in thousands of migrants from haiti. have been waiting in the
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town on columbia coast, sparking fears of a new humana, terry, and crisis to making the journey north in the hope of reaching the us of their arms enough boats to take them all. columbia and official se 25000 migrants have arrived from january castillo has been sworn in as perused new president. the left, this newcomer is promising to tackle the corona virus pandemic, which is hurt the economy and increased poverty. but it faces an uphill battle. as mariana sanchez reports from lima. with his wife lilia. bye. this is luca steele was at the center of a historic day in the 1st farmer. a primary school teacher from one of the coolest district in the country is pedro's new precedent. premier of a s k. this is the 1st time that our country shall be governed by present appears like many of the peruvians this from the suppressed classes. the 1st time that
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a popular party formed in the interior of the country as here, democratically wearing his tweed mark hat from his home region of america. the north got. you addressed congress in an hour long speech located. so we want to, in the abuse of the monopolies of high prices, of basic services and energy and medicines. we want families, economy more stable governance. you said his priority will be to tackle the pandemic, nearly 200000 peruvians have died of covert 19, and more than 3000000, lost their jobs. castillo said he'll distribute bonuses credits and support small businesses, among other reforms, coming from one of the poorest districts in the nation. garcia told poor peruvians, he understands them. you don't get on killer. who are you? i want you to know that in my veins, runs the pride and pain of peru. i'm a son of a country founded on the kind of my ancestors and the lack of opportunities that my parents. in the bicentennial anniversary of reduced independence,
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the new leader said he'll break with the colonial past. for now proceed in dusty, you have decided not to live here at the presidential palace. the perception is that many who govern from here forgot reduce poor population. now kathy wants to change that around millions of peruvians who voted for him, expect a better distribution of produce wealth, a country with one of the highest levels of inequality in the region. and for so many years, the country has been mired in poverty misery due to exploitation of thieving by politicians that a brother, one of ours arrives at the government, gives hope to his old many celebrated castillo historic new start. but it will be an uphill battle with an opposition that congress is likely. the new precedent will find road blocks to implement with drug by seizing more than 3400 kilograms of cocaine near the capital s, and feel they re did
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a white house where the drugs were about to be shipped.


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