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with staging cholera by credit here it comes with its own particular in our club. couldn't take part in the 2016 rally because we were fighting a war. and i said, i'll just do a world trouble libby. and just to see how fault on 4 wheel can be a unifying, pull water country lydia. a rally for her on al jazeera. ah, i'm, how am i here? d. as in dog with the headlines on al jazeera, soon as he has political crisis, has taken a new turn with revelations that 3 parties are being investigated on suspicion of receiving foreign funds before the actions in 2019 amal. the investigation began before president guy, so you remove the prime minister and imposed immersion. they merge and the law in
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those police war pressure on the president main rivals. julian will reports the streets of denise's. capital are mostly com. but on wednesday, the president again moved to tightened his control of the government. speaking in a televised interview, president k. say he'd accuse politicians of corruption, costing the country billions of dollars. the money stolen from the tin is young people must be restored. a decision will be made to take measures against the perpetrators who have taken these public funds. we will deal with these people in a proportionate manner. that accusation is disputed by a nafta, the largest party in the government coalition, the donaldson, united nation. these have been raised by rival policy many years ago and repeatedly, to talk to quite the strict inside the funding and, and not the has always complied with the rule. never been any evidence of such
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florence on the tennessee as young democracy faces at the worst crisis in a decade offered. the president ousted the government and froze parliament for 30 days. the president says he has acted constitutionally, but opposition leaders accused him of staging. a qu one analyst says said, moves are popular at least for now. the question always knows the whether this is a cor, today or recent ball. showing that 87 percent of canadians, they agree with decisions of by size and 76 percent. they totally agree with him. so as we can see here, the decisions are really very popular. of these feasible while let's wait and see further afield. foreign leaders have been calling for cabinet changes to be swift. the takeover comes a mid crisis. the corona virus pandemic is ravaging the nation,
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and the economy is in steep decline with the international monetary fond recently promised to help to niecy a cope with its growing financial pressure. the president has been calling on traders to cut the cost of goods, but even that these local shop owner, se won't do, has been there since the revolution life has become very difficult. the people can't make do or die. we sell nate with low process. this market is cheap and even in the market, people can't manage. and so residents wait to see whether the streets which witness the jasmine revolution a decade ago will remain silent. gillian wolf, al jazeera thailand has reported a record rise in corona varmus cases for the 4th day in a row with 17 ferguson's you infections where confirms the health ministry says just half under half of all new cases. we're in bang, coke and surrounding areas. multiple members of australia's track and field team at
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the talk you lympics have been put in isolation. it follows a positive corona virus test for us, poor volt champaign. from kendricks, the scare koans just the day before the track and field competition is to, to get on the way. i took a seal, has been sworn in his career. you presidents, the left us newcomer is promising to tackle the corona virus pandemic, which is how the economy and increase poverty. nicaragua was physician alliance. his name's a former right wing gorilla. the challenge president daniel ortega in november's election ortega's government is arrested 7 presidential hopefuls in recent months. the biden administration is $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill has cost a major hurdle in the us. senate members voted to advance the funding package by 67 votes. a 32, it falls, a deal between senate republicans and democrats. and those are the headlines. stay
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with his own al jazeera. once upon a time and punishable is next. ah, i came to live on to get away from the war that was happening at the time. and that came to restart a life. as a migraine, when i showed up i, i struggled. it was very difficult. i wanted to give us every data that was at the beginning. i'm like my parents sick for the last 2 decades. lebanese families come to australia to build
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a better life and escape the destruction of war. but many a demonized in the new land, only live beneath it, rid of this multi culturalism that designing, dividing a full service. and then after 15 years of immigration from lebanon, anglo, and arab, australia is divided by the 1st gulf there being confronted with a choice between being either arab or restraint. it's up to now the multicultural story is when you 1st are staying. i already answered this question, i'm in australian citizen, my ne. stella and i should join my odyssey creature business. i'll talk to the about the, about this in as well. in the 1990, a tiny criminal minority become drug dealing gang to define the law. these games
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will be wiped in 2001. kara rhythm raises fears that arab australians are an enemy within 35 years later. and he, our pension explodes into one of the most infamous, right? try it, trying to be a little each week and a 1000. we have been in the fisher effect for 30 years, the paper converged on chronology. what happened on that sunday in chronology? is it black? all 3 countries in am i live in a garage. what am i on at not? i am is gillian, i am living. i am muslin. i'm a mother. i'm a georgia. i'm
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a child. i'm old. anyone. this is a story of what it's like to be living and call a trailer at home. we are a strategy and, and this is our homeland is where we belong and this is what we have. i i the 180 police. we've done hundreds across sydney, south west, early this morning, 9 people arrested for a string of bond crimes over the past year. admitted nick, having and the single long thing knowing these, there was a lot of creams on the streets. there was a lot of crime with the police couldn't creep
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on the streets except the what the, what the rules, the streets. let's put it this way. and at that time there was no one stop them in sidney, south, west lebanese criminal. the said to be running out of control. punch bow banks town can't re, la, came back. the suburbs are described by law enforcement officials as hot bits of concept cocaine, trafficking, and violence. me sound way. sidney is the center of extraneous lebanese community. ah, the $990.00 deeply religious and conservative community is being terrorized by a tiny minority of criminals from both christian and muslim family. we suffered as a community because over the kids there were dealing with drugs there with drug
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addict, the way of making good money and just kill people. it was so easy for them in such a mentality to kill people. they sold their weird, untouchable. ok. yeah. in the mid 90 ninety's, you got the growth of crime of drug gangs was sort of stuff which is essentially the consequence of not planning for multiculturalism. this is sort of if the race and if you like of criminal delinquency as a preferred lifestyle is the choice you make when access to the normal rewards and normal pathways a society is blocked. i don't really subscribe to the societies to blame, sort of train of thought and i,
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my family arrived here in the sixty's and we probably could have used more of a hand than what we got. but you make 2 and you get on. and you probably make a success of all your efforts and your life. yet egyptian born new south wales deputy police commissioner, nick called us, still recognizing the pressure of growing up arab in wider a strayer. i think anybody who says that there is no racism in sydney, australia as they hit in the sand. there is racism. and that does contribute to some extent to people being united and people go down the wrong path. in fact, with sydney, the wrong path means gang activity. the politicians order the police to use 0 tolerance, the gangsters get personal threatening officers and their families. adults thought
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the environment was significantly boylen live in these games running, destroy it involve public place, shootings, night campaigns, murders it was in the face. ball had grown we're proud of this money and they're proud of the easily gained wealth there with the greatest enemy to what community at that time and needed to make a stand against them. wanted to form a partnership between the no abiding citizens and over a community. and the new south was police again was criminal elements. a lot of the lebanese young gangsters thought our bigger than i thought that they were unbreakable and untouchable. and that's what i tried doing to me like the police, his 18 year old was shot twice in the legs in
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a pockets conch paul up the weekend. the full heat in the area in the and with the rise of the criminal gangs, comes and insidious influence. american gangster culture in music and movie, had the powerful effect on us trailer and lebanese to see when you watch gangster movies in the and you see all the money in the last. all of those sort of makes you want to live life growing up in banks town with them. i you known as westy is like many young teenagers with a passion for gangster rap. when you become a j o is open up to a lot of things and follows 6 drugs and rock and roll and weakens. direct you to different paths rep videos and you like cars and blaine and girls and guns. that's the culture that
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they grew up in the family. okay. it grows up surrounded by a similar culture, but graduates university and worked in management. we are a very mild dominated culture as well. there's no, there's no denying that. and i'm, i guess, to prove your man who did a lot of cases. yeah. you show how much you've earns with your cousin and jewelry and everything else being on the streets and hanging with sort of didn't mean identity where everyone starts to know who you are and they start the few because you and your boys, ah, it's just things that you do and you young and stephen and not really thinking brought up in a conservative catholic family in nearby parameter george basha and his friends also aspire to the glamour of gangster rap. i think it could be seen on tv. oh,
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that's cool. you know, i need to go and you do it and not thinking, ever thinking ahead us thinking in the moment it's always in the moment when he comes from a concert that he's working class family to immigrate during the lebanese civil war . when i was young, i had a very good i had everything offered to me from my mother and father, and i had all the love and affection from them. he does well at school until he and his friends discover drugs. see, we started smoking marijuana 1st thing we started taking alco then went to ecstasy, then it went to illustrate. they went to cocaine, saying that my father decided me. he's still in a shamia mates and i'll tell you future, which is so true. the 3 all in off track because we're all doing the same thing.
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getting on drugs, making money to support a drug habit. and just like in every community in sydney, anglo or not. the drug culture crosses generations many who stray down the wrong path when they're young, turning to worried parents back with in my twenties, when we're in control and a phone call, you can get hands on anything. you know, i mean it hands on from going to marijuana to guns, to whatever, and you want to go fellow cares. little brother, sam had some run ins with the law and he's lucky to avoid jail. but as a father with a young family, he worried about the drug record evolving in southwest sidney. when you get older and momentary, you want to keep you and you have kids. you want to keep your kids as far away from stuff like that as possible. you don't want to say the things that you're saying, you don't want them to do the things that you've done i've had
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a lot of unfortunately interaction with people on drugs and all the dealing all with people actually using. and unfortunately, because on the community and we've drunk come violent i've seen, i've seen people issue. i've seen people get step. you know, i've seen i've seen it all by the early, 900 ninety's. george basha is a panel beating apprentice by day and a d. j at night. but with the gangsters dominating the streets. he's also the son of a worried mom. he worked at t j on all the time. i was writing, i see in the all the time i see some stuff. i look from the window. if george back home line or not. so in his back home i feel comfortable eisley,
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my husband said to me, you're crazy. we solid noise to see in the window to them because i was wondering, he went different places. you know, what's happened day was a some people the wrong some trouble might because i was trying to get in a puff that late afternoon joe went to my mom. do now get to find goals that we're going to find called tommy, all your friends 40 for his lot with me. you want to be and yes, me just being a little more to pull him and nave, lead him up and he's falling. suppose walking up, make it the thought of your friend, the lame hospital. she's come from all over his body. i remember a coin was very way mcroy
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and south turned away and then i went home and closely couldn't sleep 9. i'm thinking if i can demonstrate that's me. what for westy and his teenage crew? the big life lessons are still to come for them. drugs and petty crime go hand in hand with 16 to make money or to to puff of doing crime. majority of those kids, the penance, a 1st generation they came in from lebanon and they didn't have much control overs at kids activity and didn't know what that kids were doing, even though some of them were using their parents' home as a distribution center for drugs and that sort of things, ah,
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but with these parents and not so naive, my parents eventually started to know the rose taking drugs in that i was making money because my mom would find a lot of casual mutual fun jewelry. you'll find, you know, she started uncovering things, big boy be and so should start asking, where did you get found that to make some excuse. but she knew all was doing things. ah, and for with these dad, there's only one response on physical violence with my father tried to discipline me in that form, but it really doesn't work when you hear someone it just makes them rebuild. and in the mid to late 19 ninety's. this is where many rebellious lebanese tains
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find their drug supplies till p. a straight punch bowl. this quiet family enclave become the illegal drug distribution center for south sydney to load the street was renee on for being a violent and organized crime area. there was significant drug distribution taking place on runners. the lower level straight deal is full drugs. so there would be a lot of cars going dental i peace trade looking for dealers to have them supply drugs to people going to the store. it was actually the same as any fast food out there you go. they still put 5 2nd to get to officially it's only a handful of dealers, but they terrorized the strange. they directly linked to formatted and 25 shootings . this was the korea they tried. they
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continued on a tradition of other people who would bring involved in organized chrome, and some of the young men knew nothing kills bought to be criminals. unfortunately, there was a well founded fear at the time that if people went to the police station to give them any kind of information, those criminal criminal element would know about it and they'll come to retaliate. it's difficult for people to stand up and give evidence as a witness against some of those cron gigs, cuz our volunteer. and as we saw later on they would shoot and kill people who they thought were going to give evidence against them. the for the hello p, a straight gangsters. hand guns, a part of everyday life drug drug dealings and carrying guns. do i go hand in hand on people protecting itself? i guess. and unfortunately, a gun culture certainly has come into prominence every on
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the guns are supplied by crooked gun dealers. and it's the beginning of illegal international gun import through the post. so suddenly you've got the capacity of young people to get guns, fuel by money, and they see themselves as likely new drug lords. they're on a short fuse, but i think money is easy and the police will never touch them. there was significant place response to this which, which resulted in police undertaking surveillance coven operations until i p st. buying drugs themselves. making sure that on the cover a pretty good down the street. identifying that as you're responsible for selling the drugs. the police under political pressure to get tough on crime,
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also struggle to keep the community on side. the community policing at that time did not exist. police officers on the street did not communicate as a force, communicated and treated young people in a very bad manners. and at the same times there was the idea was in the community that it is, all of corruption was in the police force itself. i think from a policing perspective, engagement is, is key. it's all important. perhaps in some ways in the, in the ninety's we would not as engaged as we could have been as a relationship with the police becomes increasingly fractured. christian and muslim families a gripped by crime and an epidemic that steals their children. a lot of the young people were buried much earlier than was,
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should have because of their drug habits. a lot of family way to broken at that time because of the drug habits. and they've had and didn't know how to deal with it. they just did not know how to deal with it. i have seen it 1st hand in my capacity as a general practitioner, we had an excess of 80 different families. they were all mother or father or sister or brother of i had a when addict and over community that was staggering. me as to low p. s. street. think deeper into the criminal abyss west. he moved from southwest sidney to pick up the drug trade in kings. cross, when i was certain friends or living in the city and making all the money and living the high life. but when he's high on drugs, it's a robbery that finally brings western world crashing down on the train.
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and there was 3 individuals which started to swear at me in arabic, on them once warned them twice, one of them 3 times they wouldn't listen for full l i and lined up for being all 3 of them, which i really didn't have to do because already making a lot of money in the city, but being off my head, i've done so and stripped them of all the woods. he's arrested and convicted of robbery and served a year in jail with 2 years parole and back on to lo, be a straight punchbowl. the violent drug trade forth of the teenager to pay the ultimate price. ah, school boy, but lee was bashed, stabbed in short, half in the end. it was
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a single knife wound to behalf which killed him. and the people already reeling are about to be demonized. a 14 year old korean school boy is stabbed when he walked into the wrong front yard by mistake. edward and full friends and jobs pulled up their classmates. 15th birthday. a young boy going to a birthday party. it just happened that there's the party antelope. yes street, he went to the wrong house, said the blogs the way he looked se stopped him. it wasn't good for the community, but it's sort of fitting with a pattern of life around punch bowl at the time, the shootings and the capping, whatever you want to call it was, was unfortunately very common. at the time, edward's parents are receiving counseling. he was an only child. friends have told police they didn't know their attackers and there was no reason for the killing was
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done by won't have to find who did it for the, for the dental have me. i think in some ways the minute of edward lee and to live yes, st. focused the whole lot of media and public attention on the street and on the on, on staff where sydney they were murdered women. they were other people who were killed in very tragic circumstances, but they didn't sort of grab the public imagination and the media attention the way the li murder did. and what happens next is kind of main, a disaster for the live in a community. and almost associated with me i live in elicit market for the rich and powerful. i'm one of the leading specialists work undercover. just yours investigative unit exposes the inner
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workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell something like what in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many of the 6 like brazen example. i've seen the men who so football coming soon on i was just, you know, a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blast and history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want to compute just how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing amal and it wasn't all in one way or another. and a league wave for join me for there for the full report on the journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villages,
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traversing one of the world's most dangerous way is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of the people as they get to survive risking it or peruse allergies. era. oh, i'm how am i here did until how would the headlines on al jazeera, soon as he, as president is demanding the return of billions of dollars is stolen, public money, he says $460.00 individuals are being investigated on sunday. he's fact the prime minister and suspended parliaments looked the key will be what we're looking for for a penal reconciliation. and i call upon the business men,
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particularly those who own big and small businesses. what the money's been taking by these people must be returned to the tune.


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