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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2021 6:00am-6:31am AST

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copiers leave the roof, the embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth reports. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground over 90 to bring you more award winning documentaries and live need on and online. ah ah, soon as he was president promised as a crack done on corruption as he consolidate power, backing a numbers senior official ah, i'm how am i here? and this is al jazeera life and also coming up the door to door monitoring in thailand. corona, virus infections, caution, reco levels for 4th street day. the
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president takes charge and promises big changes to the poor faces a deeply divided nation. the motion upon reconsideration is agreed to the us senate stream lines nearly one trillion dollar infrastructure package bill after receive rare bipartisan supports ah use political crisis has taken and you turn with revelations that 3 parties are being investigated on suspicion of receiving foreign funds before elections. in 2019 amal, the investigation began before president guy said remove the prime minister and imposed emergency law. it does place more pressure on the president's main rivals.
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chilion both reports the streets up to niecy as capital are mostly com. but on wednesday, the president again moved to tightened his control of the government. speaking in a televised interview, president chi saeed. accused politicians of corruption, costing the country billions of dollars. the money stolen from the tin is young people must be restored. a decision will be made to take measures against the the traitors who have taken these public funds. we will deal with these people in a proportionate manner. that accusation is disputed by another. the largest party in the government coalition, donaldson, united nations. these have been raised by rival policy many years ago and repeatedly talking to quite the strict inside the funding and, and not always comply with and will never be any evidence of such
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for funding to me. she is young, democracy faces it's worse, crisis in a decade offered. the president ousted the government and froze parliament for 30 days. the president says he has acted constitutionally, but opposition leaders accused him of staging. a qu, one analyst says phase moves are popular, at least for now. the question is whether this is the core of today or recent ball, showing that 87 percent of donations, they agreed with decisions of by size and 76 percent. they totally agree with him. so as we can see here, the decisions are really very popular. of are these feasible? well, let's wait and see further afield. foreign leaders have been calling for cabinet, changes to be swift. the takeover comes amid crisis. the corona virus pandemic is ravaging the nation, and the economy is in steep decline with the international monetary fond recently
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promised to help to niecy a cope with its growing financial pressure. the president has been calling on traders to cut the cost of goods, but even that these local shop owners say won't do. i have been doing this since the revolution life has become very difficult. the people can't make due. although we still meet with low process. this market is cheap and even in the market, people can't manage and so residents wait to see whether the streets, which witness the jasmine revolution a decade ago will remain silent. gillian wolf, al jazeera, for mary, she is an associate professor of middle east studies at the university of oklahoma . he says, president site has long wanted to ends. what he saw vate, the functional coalition, the recent protests over the last months, and particularly the few days before his freezing of the parliament and so on. in
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addition to the coven crisis course and the economic disgruntlement presented and in the political stalemate, presented an opportunity for hi fi, had to do something that he wanted to do, maybe for some time. and that is kind of and this dysfunctional relationship, or attempted working. what he can do, and again, this is, you know, the proof is in the pudding. whether to do this is to make real progress on the health situation with regard to coven vaccination, roll out some kind of efficiency as opposed to the chaos that we saw earlier with regard to that, and then make progress on the economy. now those are tall orders and certainly nothing that can be achieved the matter of days, little, you know, or months. so that's, that's really a big a big task. but certainly, if things appear to be functioning more efficiently and there doesn't appear to be
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a stalemate and political rancorous dealings between different political parties for their own ends, which i think is how many tunisians experienced the last month and years blaming the political parties and partially and nada, for that situation, while the economy deteriorated, while the health crisis got more troubling and so on, if things appear to be moving in a different direction, then he will have succeeded, quote, unquote me. thailand has reposes a record rise in 2 of our cases for the 4th consecutive day was 17000. you infections have been confirmed. the health ministry says just on behalf of all new cases were in bangkok and the surrounding areas are locked in and around. the capital has been in place for more than 2 weeks. the cases of covered 19 are
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searching in men. laura and the health care system is not only overstretched, but also under fire. according to the un, more than $600.00 metrics are facing arrest warrants. at least 67 have been detained, and many more have been attacked. flores louis has more, and the names in her reports have been changed to protect people's identities. seems like this were common in myanmar until when the crowd of people used to wait for hours to get oxygen for a loved one, suffering from coven 19 killers on people. are worried and scared. there's also been pressure from the military telling people not to keep the oxygen that has now imposed a new rules. people will need a letter from the local administrator to obtain oxygen. like much of southeast asia, myanmar is experiencing its worst wave of corona virus infection. its health care
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system ravaged by decades of military dictatorship is struggling to cope the coo in january and the subsequent cracked down on medical professionals for being one of the 1st groups to go on. strike is turning and already dangerous health crisis more deadly. right? you know, we're going to the military, a closing down charity clinics and arresting doctors who volunteer there. they pretend to be patients and a risk doctors. that's why doctors are on the run. and in hiding the jupiter has denied carrying out such operation. says doctor wants to keep his identity secret, says he and his colleagues have had to resort to using their phones to give consultations. he estimates at least 70 percent of his patients have tested positive for corona virus, on hospitals and not accepting patients. i've heard of soldiers pointing the gun to patients and telling them to go home. they should not be the ones deciding who gets
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admitted to hospital. some patients are also reluctant to go to government health centers, citing a distrust of military run facilities, many end up self isolating at home. in yang on residents hang out yellow flags to show they need medical supplies, hoping volunteers will help. the number of people dying in their homes is increasing. good news, blurry ambulance services normally take patients to hospitals, but these days there are more requests to pick up bodies. funeral services are overloaded. some families have had to wait several days before body can be transported. as corona, virus infections and death saw the un independent expert on human rights in myanmar . tom andrews has called for a covert, sees fire urging the international community to pressure the june to, to stop its attacks on health care workers. so they can do what they are meant to do, deliver medical care,
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florence louis al jazeera england is allowing fully vaccinated visitors from the us and the to enter the country without having to koren, seen, the change comes into effect on monday. it's been welcomed by airlines and travel companies have been struggling through yet another dismal summer season. schools in chile or reopening after being closed for almost 18 months to, to the pandemic. one of the longest closures in the world, many public schools are defying government orders. and refusing to allow students to return to classes the sea in unison santiago and explains why at long last, after nearly a year and a half chilean children are back at school or at least some of them is private school in one of the most affluent neighborhood. has everything it needs to guarantee the pew is, can wash their hands and keep the safe distance during class. 18 year old
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martin palostio says open joy to be back at school. we really, we sent out a wonderful return to class to see each other's bases and again in person, not through a computer screen confident sections are going down, but schools must continue to take necessary precautions, especially since most children haven't yet been vaccinated. you will have to know the the circles are for each child to sit in their snack in a secure manner and outdoors but this isn't the reality in other parts of the capital. and indeed, the country where teachers and municipal councils are refusing to open many public schools like this when you put them in a condition a couple days when, when the conditions here are not even the minimum needed for the children to come here, we had to put up these danger signs of south, because the faucets are broken,
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the toilets are in terrible shape and is mould everywhere. when people, okay, it's winter, but there's no heating and most public schools. opening windows to allow cross ventilation is difficult when temperatures are below freezing. students at some tables, most combative public high school, briefly took over the facilities this week to demand better conditions. schools in chilly have been closed longer than in most countries because of the pandemic leading to depression, as well as it did in academic performance. but the teachers guild argues that the infrastructure and the majority of public schools doesn't guarantee the children will be safe from corporate infections, especially given the delta variant. i don't, but then the majority of our schools are overcrowded with insufficient bathrooms, with not enough room to 8 or exercise. is the 1st world chalet for a minority. another chalet it is said enough and while some children are happily
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returning to class, the gap in choose education facilities is underscoring this country's wide class divide. you see in human al jazeera, santiago, petro casteel has been sworn in as per as you presidents. the less this newcomer is promising to tackle the current of ours pandemic, which has hurt the economy and increase poverty, but he faces an uphill battle as marianna sanchez reports from lima. with his wife, lilia davis. luca steele was at the center of a historic day in the 1st farmer, a primary school teacher from one of the coolest districts in the country. he status new press. he did not premier of a s k. this is the 1st time at our country shall be governed by present appears like many of the peruvians from the suppressed classes. the 1st time that a popular party formed in the interior of the country as he had democratically
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wearing his tweed mark hat from his home region of her medicaid. the north got you addressed congress in an hour long speech located. so we want to, in the abuse of the monopolies of high prices, of basic services and energy and medicines. we want families economy more stable over the you think his priority will be to tackle the pandemic. nearly 200000 peruvians have died of over 19 and more than 3000000 lost their jobs. castillo said he'll distribute bonuses, credits and support small businesses among other reforms, coming from one of the poorest districts in the nation. i see you told poor peruvians, he understands them. you don't get a phone call or who are you. i want you to know that in my veins runs the pride and pain of peru. i am a son of a country founded on the kind of my ancestors and the lack of opportunities of my parents. in the bicentennial anniversary of reduced independence,
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the new leader said he'll break with the colonial past. for now, proceed, and after you have decided not to live here at the presidential palace, the perception is that men who govern from here for got it was poor population. now kathy, you wants to change that around me. peruvians who voted for him, expect a better distribution of produce wealth, a country with one of the highest levels of inequality in the region. and for so many years, the country has been mired in poverty misery due to exploitation of thieving by politicians that a brother, one of ours arrives that the government gives hope to his old many celebrated castillo historic new start. but it will be an uphill battle with an opposition that congress is likely the new precedent will find roadblocks to implement reforms . the question is peruvian. desperate for change are willing to wait at the n s. i'm just to see that lima, beta phil a hands on al jazeera trying to find
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a way by land or see the increasing number of afghan fleeing the fighting. and why rights groups are accusing the palestinian authority of carrying or to deliberate campaign of repression. ah ah the fires are still burning in the western states as nearly starts the season is going to be a prolong season. this is just one of many dixie. a big fire about 30 percent contained. the problem has been of course, has been very dry. there is a change that taking place live at the clouds is going across the rockies and turning round that is part of the monsoon system. north america, 20 of marcia brought in daytime heat lists,
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the showers didn't get flash flooding all the way to arizona may be in new mexico. beyond, on the shelves are reaching north into idaho, not quite into where the dixie fire was with hope in the next day. or so, not so much of british columbia, the father bidding here and the smoke is being brought across in that flow you saw on the satellite picture. meaning you can even see as far east as new york, weatherwise showers, and maybe a higher sit in the northeast and new england. fewer in florida. it's not by dry here, but the southern states are seeing a dry spell throughout the gulf, mexico and the caribbean. daily shows all the thing at the moment in the small islands and he has found yoder in cuba to some degree in mexico, particularly southern mexico during survey and possibly friday. then it gets bone dry as you move into brazil and quite cold rios, only 16 degrees. ah, the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions,
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finding young and keeping cultural tradition and nurturing the musical talents of his community, had been playing to dream music filled the mind, money to outside world, tending his families land. the more formative thing that brought to my mind, i truly sketching doing this hector mcgovern, the music man, mice and bob on al jazeera, all the a watching out. a quick reminder, all the top stories for you know, she dizzy as president, is demanding the return of millions of dollars or stolen public money. he says 460
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individuals are being investigated on sunday. in fact, the prime minister and suspended commons thailand has reported a record rise in crude alarm. cases for 4th street day was 17000 tea infections were confirms. the health industry says just on behalf of only cases for in bangkok i'm surrounding areas and federal kasteel has been sworn in and crucial presidents. lester's newcomer is promising to tackle the corona virus pandemic, which has hurt the economy and increased poverty. ah, the killing of the popular asking comedian by the taliban has drawn international condemnation as our mohammed kasha, who is also a police officer doctor from his full in kandahar and video showing his treatment
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of sciences response. ranking officials in canada and the u. s. have denied the killing. telephone spokesman has reportedly said that will investigate the conflict in ghana, son is driving, move people to make the perilous journey to europe. turkey's coast guard has intercepted a boat carrying more than 230 people in the g, and see many of them are africans in recent links of growing number. i've been trying to reach and turkey through iran cinema crossfield. i met some of them in the city of van, near the border the 76 african boys were caught by turkish soldiers trying to cross the border from iran into turkey. they had walked for weeks, relying go smugglers to take them across the rugged mountain terrain. they would
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desperate to escape the bombings and fighting in afghanistan. they now face being deported to iran, but they have no regrets. and they said they'd do it all again. if they had a chance of reaching turkey's big cities and then maybe on to your, for those who managed to lead the turkish forces on the border and the police in the city, it's time to move on. they split up into smaller groups, so as not to draw attention to themselves, but all have a story to tell. hello, i left college and came here. if i stayed, i had to join the war. then my parents leave the country, not the taliban recruits young man, and you get killed him. all the most of these young gas gas have been caused by the smugglers. they paid to help them leave afghanistan and now they have no money left on it. like we agreed on $750.00 with a smuggler and already paid $500.00. the rest was to be paid when we reached assemble, but i had no more money. so they left me on the street. kirk is now ramped up
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security measures that a border with iran. these migrants are station in so called safe houses. the police called them shock houses waiting for the right moment to continue their journey. the smugglers take money every day. if the afghans don't pay, they get kicked out. there's no escape. doors are locked. that is totally, i left up kind of stand because of war and misery, the taliban, a beating and forcing my parents to cook royal food for them. and here we are of 2 meals a day by the smuggler. there were about 35 people in this one house, including women and children. there is little and no privacy. families are reluctant to talk on camera mot shush moments came to turkey to work until the board is get open, then moved to europe to support our family. i worked in iran for 6 months and have been here for 10 days until monday. the smuggler says we need to wait here until the security measures 30 minutes. all of us with taliban. it is not safe anymore.
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there is poverty and misery. people cannot pursue their normal lives anymore. enough gone is done. last year, 6 to on asylum seekers on board. a fishing boat died after they both capsized in lake van and other 40 migrants has died this year. this is the cemetery of the nameless, the migrants who wanted to escape bullets and butchery in their own country, but who fell victim to whom and traffickers, the spice, all vis, ventures he is growing in afghanistan, there will now be many more people who are prepared to risk their lives in the hope of finding something better elsewhere. see not because solo al jazeera von turkey. the biden administration's $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill has cost a major hurdle in the us sentence. members 40 to advance fee funding package by $67.00 volts. 32. it follows a deal between senate republicans and democrats on key sticking points. the bill
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includes $550000000000.00 in spending on public works projects like canada has more from washington, dc. the decision to go ahead and debate the bowl in the senate, then the cation of president funny didn't, and his argument that bipartisan action is still possible, even in a deeply divided congress. the senate will now go ahead and debate the legislation . and when a final draft is reached and if it's agreed on, it will then go to the house of representatives. many administrations in the past have attempted massive infrastructure projects. but in the political, in fighting few have actually emerged from congress. this time we're going to get it done. we took a 1st important step tonight. there are of course, additional challenges ahead. we recognize it. but go back to where i started. it would not be happening, but for a team effort. everybody behind me, you know the word in this town and all across this country from the naysayers,
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is that bipartisanship is dead. that it doesn't work anymore. and the government is broken. and we're here to say no, but there is another complicating factor. the house has passed its own infrastructure package totaling some $3.00 trillion dollars, and the speaker of the house is on record as saying that if the senate does not debate to this particular project, she will not accept the legislation that is being debated by the senate at present republicans in the senate, adamant that the house of legislation will not come to the senate floor. given all of these circumstances, it's very clear that there's a long and arduous journey ahead for the legislation to arrive on president biden's desk for signature. around 200 work resents us video game joint activision blizzards of walked c protest, sexism and harassments. goal for
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a boy course of the firms products are growing after the state of california filed a lawsuit against the company. it includes the accusations of sexual harassment and on equal pay companies responsible for popular games and couldn't call gc and can be crush. activision says the law, it is distorted, and there's promising a review of workplace practices with s as in hazy, have rallied in front of the u. s embassy keys, washington of involvement, simbie, assassination of his president. i live this month. however, no clear link has been made. it is nearly installed. prime minister has pledge to hold elections as soon as possible. after former president juvenile maurice was shot and killed in his home. the palestinian authority has sharp diana media organisation in the occupied by bank saying the office doesn't have a license that comes amidst the recent cracks. and on a wave of protests,
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the phone journalist being assaulted on this international call that a deliberate campaign of repression to instill a climates of fear needed. abraham reports from ramallah some past indian activist pincers. the and her husband obey around sure how to tell their children about their arrest by the palestinian police. early in july, obey was detained, had a protest against the palestinian authority. the police said that gathering didn't have a permit. when he told us that his detention cheer, soap was assaulted and detained. as he entered a my 5 year old boy had always wanted to be a policeman. on his 6th birthday, he asked me for a costume after he saw the police assault me and release me at 3 am. he told me the police are scary. we don't get me. that caused him took 14 a wave of protest against the palestinian authority that were broken up using excessive force. some journalists were banned from reporting,
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others detained and beaten, and a few said they were section harass. it's unusual for reports to be wearing black jackets while covering brought the end amolla city sensor, the security forces. and that's why and it's, i've been told the journalists why they were reporting on demonstrations against the call when, you know, for the, in recent weeks, the death of the prominent activists, while b as custody has worked. why home for reform paid of the palestinian president. apologize to the family of the activists. a good start says active, it's all my stuff. but he wants justice. he believe the palestinian authority is intimidating critics in a way he hasn't seen before, no cap on duty. unfortunately, the police authority form to do to all in coordination with these are just either spoke to federal officials who warned the current movement could be used to be
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stabilized. the political system pushed by for an agenda. they added that some journalists are taking part, improved to these and to show that the dissatisfaction with the palestinian authority is at its highest level since it was established. despite the growing anger, the protest aren't expected to expand hamas is refraining from using its base in the us bank in any organized manner to participate. the reason for this, i think that's my own reading of why, how math is staying away from the demonstrations and the expression of anger with the president and the p. i the fear of civil war. many political analysts say a street fight is eminent. if there's a vacuum in the political system and seems like the good spiral out of control, if plans for president basset succession women be there. but he manages ita yaki
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pied with bang. dozens of people have suffered smoke, inhalation and burns from a wild. far in southern turkey, strong winds and the flames toward the mediterranean resort. time of man, i've got home in 4 districts of the time were evacuated, as far as trying to contain the blaze. the cause is being investigated. it's ah, this is down to 0. and these are the headlines jean, as he is presidents as demands in the return of billions of dollars stolen public money. he says 460 individuals are being investigated on sunday. he fact the prime minister and suspended parliament lipton can be what we are looking for for a penal reconciliation. and i call upon the business means, particularly those who own big and small businesses. the money that are taking.


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