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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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to tell some people going, in addition has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many of it takes like the brazen example i've seen the man who so football coming soon on. i just, you know, ah, well, again, peter will be here and how you top stories on al jazeera chin as he has presidents, demanding the return of billions of dollars of stolen public money. he says 460 individuals are being investigated. on sunday, he sank the prime minister and froze parliament lip. them clearly be what we're looking for for a penal reconciliation. and i call upon the business means, particularly those who own big and small businesses. what the money is that are taking by these people must be returned to the tune as you and people have. and we would want to make reconciliation under pain law with these people. those who are
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responsible for taking the public funds. and we will list days in order of those who are most culpable to those who are least culpable. i'm not one of those who prefer putting people in prison, but i want the money to come back and they return to the people that the biden administration's 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill has crossed a major hurdle in the u. s. senate members voted to advance the funding package by 67 bows to 32, and found a deal between senate republicans and democrats on key sticking points. the bill includes $550000000000.00 in spending on public works projects. pedro castillo has been sworn in as peruse, new president the left, his new comers promises faculty corona virus pandemic, which is the economy and increased poverty. it follows weeks of uncertainty after castillo's narrow victory was disputed by his conservative rival, thailand's, the reporting a record rise in corona virus cases for the 4th day in
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a row. more than 17000 new infections have been confirmed. the health ministry says just and a half of all new cases were in bangkok and the surrounding areas. from monday, england will allow fully vaccinated visitors from the us and the e use went to without having to current in the move is being welcomed by airlines and travel companies who have been struggling through another dismal summer season . tons and he is president, has received her cobit 19 vaccine officially launched the countries immunization campaigns, me as one who says she wants to reassure the public. her late predecessor john michael fully repeatedly dismissed the threat of the pandemic. dozens of people had been injured by a wildfire in southern turkey, strong wind, sent the flames towards the resort town of man. i've got homes in 4 districts in the time were evacuated. i'll have more news in 30 minutes. now it's out as you are, will study, shape preventable disease,
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$15.00 to $10.00 children production channels. it will not be delayed me. i with the
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before the libyan revolution in 2011 visit motor rallies were really popular. here, there was suspended by the violence and the conflict, but have now made it come back. in 2018 mohammed for sunny lead, a group of drivers from his home town of sir man in the north, along the 600 kilometers. all the way to what done unfortunately, one of the team is ready, cars had broken down and some of his best drivers never made it to what done, because of isolate tags in the region. ah
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oh. but he and his friends joined dave and regardless, as an escape from olivia's problems, they would take part in some of the many side shows including some of the youngest members i i don't know what i'm doing with the new movie. the fee photo has it should be in the, in the next move on my bob company, give the fish good them if you she had the when you're shipping how much,
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how much when the the the ah
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ah ah ah. the news the
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news i want to call me later she was going to be i gotta catch up too much and i was in 1900. just a moment. just got out my little network la la la. we know it was. do you know where you might
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do now to look at the you know how to flush about real real sure about going to tell you what i mean. got me kind of one of one of our cologne fish rally and the side shows where finding the underway in the desert. ah though a quad bikes racing against the clock. i the, his challenge for 4 by 4 vehicles ready on a course across that you use
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each had its own rule set out by the radi organizers. but not everyone seems happy with the way they were being informed and how much money got caught up in a dispute that it did not come with them this morning and would like to towards the end of that were from dealing with what was left with what when i'm about to jump up. yeah. let's look at you know, what i mean? i didn't,
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i didn't understand what will it hold on one second. heather what what was that again, that would be a limit on my name. i don't remember it was it was my question. no, i don't know what that all ok. what does that i don't i don't want that one, but i thought that a little bit at the end of the way you can give them another way to do that. you don't know what was on the negative. let me look up that, well, there will be i don't have that like why,
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why didn't i didn't i didn't want it for my medical what the you know, and i didn't know that wouldn't dad want to tell me, but what was, what is going to do what the noise question, do you know what was going on? and it wasn't because it was, i was going to get somebody from my home. i want that at this time. i knew that you other than what does that look kind of jose you might look for on the dunes. the driver spoke of their frustration and of the problem is libyans
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face trying to race in the big international rally. the regional libya rally founded in 2008 has not become the morocco. does it challenge this driver said he felt like the right equipment and specialist knowledge. he was part of the nissan owners, grew gearing up for the hilltop. trouble on monday . isn't it funny and that's why i didn't leave them with barbara williams. i'm going to go ahead
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and continue just to kinda deal with it. like the money was gosh awhile down to the handle which i love. so the reason i didn't, i didn't come up there got it, look up with the bus or yeah,
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i'm on the i'm going to be yeah. and the low. no. she was glad to florida for the look of them are going to be the worse lit up dish away in the dark of the moment i was
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just giving you the book of on that. but the thing is that he had to go by the engaging a high gear, seemed to work according to the drivers and found what don ready was about more than just driving. and that doesn't take a little problem with us or go in there isn't a mr. clinical, i'm a little general opinions about the name of bobby you know, with the media to me and i'm in the another. my muslim and i love. yes,
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i do show me miss jordan la added my mother kinda getting caught me recently. ah ah, i know what i thought was mckenna chef and can miss something moment for me, it's not at all, but philip led to that. we're either so that we're not on my phone from the central about the desk at the marginal cost, but then there's lots of money. i'm sending that back
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to me, but you can it be the other one you're getting me what i got when i got
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a little less minutes, but we kinda went with a math and the sort of of how to how to measure and the bloody how it would be and how to do nothing to get what what do you mean? what job, what fema somebody will be. some of the mega was you know much how to look. i me ah
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ah, i mohammed for lonnie brought a group of young boys on this trip. part of his commitment to involve young people as much as he can in his favorite sport. ah, ah! on day 3 of the rally, the plan was for the boys to give a display of the quote by writing what they call an exhibition, right? ah, hello, some of them said that you have to talk and we had
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a form of love. and right, the me, i the ah, ah ah
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me in the last oh, you know what? well, what, what did i i wanted to head the disease this even though i can read it, would have and
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then this weekend to sleep with us and it just on us in terms of when it is, this is the homeless. yeah. let me work because i think i would, but my biggest williamson, a book that i'm on the roof of the role home with them on them and notified them again.
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oh, how does that mean? how many changes left? obviously i'm home with the help for when it has it, a lot of people has to send it there. ah ah, at the end of day 3, it was time to load up the car and start heading home. brenda
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huffington. yeah, copy. copy cc journal hung up sort of do you have about the yeah, yeah, the amazon lum jimmy was yes. be book for the nurse to be put on the room. there was a matter of the one that you will get with him is building up law of a human can apply to the boy that a boy are the best you can do myself. i, you know, like a lot of lenders that we're not going to, the has been a lot of fun. but what dan roger had come to an end, and it was time for good bite. and at the end of the 3 days, mohammed had this to say,
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we will never forget these beautiful memories when we were done, but we hope to meet again in other races, in better circle, in a peaceful and safely be, ah, this is polly. despite being in germany, 2nd tier of football and without a single major trophy to its name, it has become one of the world's most iconic teams. and it's all down to their fans . but for them send poly transcends sport. for then, football is about politics, protests and music. these fancy themselves in the vanguard of a global struggle against
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a phobia inequality and racism with over $500.00 supporters clubs outside germany. they're able to spread their message far beyond their home. but some police history is far from innocent. the club is sending out a warning about the rise in popularity of fall right? parties like the a f d. nazis and fascists have no place in san poly today. ah, ah ah. ah. the father, still burning in the western states. he was nearly stopped. the season is going to be prolong season. this is just one of many dixie fire. a big fire about 30 percent
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contained the problem has been of course, has been very dry. there is a change that taking place, look at the clouds going across the rockies and turning around that is part of the monsoon system in north america. plenty of moisture brought in day time. heat list, the shares you didn't get flash flooding all the way to arizona may be in new mexico beyond and the shelves are reaching north into idaho, not quite into where the dixie fire was, what there's hope in the next day or so. not so much of british columbia, the fires burning here and the smoke is being brought across in that flow you saw on the satellite feature. meaning you can even see as far east as new york, weatherwise showers, and maybe a higher set in the northeast, and new england. fewer in florida. it's not by and dry. here the southern states are seeing a dry spell throughout the gulf, mexico and the caribbean. dady shows all the thing at the moment in the small islands and he has found yoder in cuba to some degree in mexico, particularly southern mexico during thursday and possibly friday that it gets bone
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dry as you move into brazil and quite cold rios, only 16 degrees the who's the he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels, dells into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac, luthey for to the jury and national liberation front. with his feet, rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera, the former finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions finding young and keeping cultural tradition, nurturing the musical talents of his community. had been playing to dream music
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filled in mind, the money to outside world and tending his families land the most positive thing that brought to my mind. you actually got him doing this. hector mcgovern, the music man. my son, bob, we own our just the euro. ah trinity as president promise, he's a crack down on corruption but also consolidates power sacking the head of the state tv john. ah, hello and welcome mind peter w. you're watching al jazeera live from headquarters here and also coming up. the us senate agrees to debate a bipartisan infrastructure bill. it's a big win.


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