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fishing and diving words, main sources of income in this film, we go back over the last 500 years of all money, history of tribes, boars, rebellion and colonization, and explore how and why all mine still plays an important regional role. today. the news. ready well, again, featured over here indo, how you top stories from al jazeera beach and as the unprecedented demand in the return of billions of dollars of stolen public money. he says 460 individuals are being investigated on sunday. in fact, the prime minister unfroze parliament, the key will be what we're looking for for a penal reconciliation. and i call upon the business men,
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particularly those who own big and small businesses. the money that are taking by these people must be returned to the tune as you and people. and we would want to make reconciliation under pain of law with these people. those who are responsible for taking the public funds and we will list days in order of those who are most culpable to those who at least culpable. i'm not one of those who prefer putting people in prison, but i wanted the money to come back and be returned to the people. the bytes administration's $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure bill has cost a major hurdle in the us. senate members voted to bonds. the funding package by 67 boats to 32. it follows the deal between senate republicans and democrats on key sticking points. the bill includes $550000000000.00 in spending on public works projects. i think this is a incredible opportunity for us to both improve our infrastructure, which is badly needed make us more competitive. but 2nd, to show that bipartisanship can work, we can get things done in this town. so i'm very pleased with our ability tonight
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to move on to legislation and continue to demonstrate them. petro castillo has been sworn in as peruse, new president. the left, his new comer is promising to tackle the corona virus pandemic, which is the economy and increased poverty. it follows weeks of uncertainty after custio's narrow victory was disputed by his conservative rival, marian sanchez, now with more from lima. the most important thing he mentioned at the very beginning of his speech was that the top priority of his government will be to tackle the pandemic. peru has been very hard hit by depend make nearly 200002 reveal peruvians have died since the parameter had to make it last year and bought them 3000000 people lost their job. so it is indeed a priority. an opinion polls just a few days ago said that,
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peruvians believe and think and want the new government tackle the pandemic as the 1st priority. 75 percent of for ruby. i think of this as the most important thing now. he spoken about many of the things he said he would get bonuses and credits to the poor people. he would bring water to poor people who live in, in the shanty towns who don't have water have to pay a lot to the water tanks, which is so important for them. but one of the very important things that he said is that he will respect private property during the campaign. he had said that he would expropriate business, as we would nationalized gas companies or energy companies. he was unable to form a coalition in congress. the opposition lead parties have made that coalition and now they are the ones who are in control of congress. so it will be very, very difficult, not even difficult. i think you will face road road blocks ahead in order to pass those were forms that he has so much promised poor peruvians. june. all this
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campaign took his coast guard has intercepted a boats carrying more than 230 people and g, and heading for europe. many of them are escaping the escalating conflict in afghanistan. the number of micro refugees trying to enter turkey is rising. 1500 people were detained last week. from monday, england will allow fully vaccinated visitors from the us and the e. u to enter without the need to currently move, being welcomed by airlines and the travel companies. tense and he is president, has received her cobit 19 bank, seen officially launching the countries immunization campaign. the mia lou, who has some, says she wants to reassure the public. her late predecessor john. michael fully repeatedly dismissed the threats of the pandemic. dozens of people have been injured by a wildfire and southern turkey. strong wind sent the flames towards the resort town of man. i've got homes and 4 districts in the town were evacuated. those are the
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headlines. the news continues after allison world news in 30 minutes. see the oh i i use that. does it near the southern libyan city of what done that you were buzzing in november? 2018. mm hm. so the 10 years before leave, you had a big international car and buy credit. but the 2011 revolution put us up to that.
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and petro head had to survive in the water country without demo this for me. you can do myself or, you know, look at some of there's not gonna me then in 2013 rallies started up again and in 2018 fans made their way to the what the for a fees of car and bike action but events like this in today's libya a fraud with difficulty and the jews, but the real kind of them as a matter of the sort of of how to, how to you know, how, how, how much do we owe them?
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not whatnot. oh, the other 2 wanted, he thought, obvious in asking, you know, i said that this will be cool with him having fewer equally much so we don't have to be an allow sima. what are we, i mean, you know, a panel matina tpr, my m p t l e y a t p other 211, hold on this thing katie. how will she be sure that my lips are to last year or when will how and it sharing was wanting so happy though, i thought obviously cobra had our candidate to share towards allows him as to where they are. they didn't mean to be willing to work out still wrong. ah, this film follows a group of riders and drivers of all ages from sermon in northern libya led by
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mechanic. but how much isn't their preparation for their rally? journey through hostile territory, to what done and the length they'll go to enjoy their favorite sport, a symbol of hope, in the ruins of the country, still torn apart by conflict. ah, this is local nerd from the hunt in to get in our community here. sorry. i couldn't watch it and not let me get up on the senate has a can see what some joe lucy was
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stony when there's not another shot for the seminal will see that i didn't know. yeah, i don't play a few room for for the $100.00. and then what more pessimism when i'm a pessimist, we're not allowed to shoot in the way that we're hammered was preparing to lead this group on the 600 kilometers journey from
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sort of man to what done. despite all the problems caused by the continued conflict including getting hold of fuel, he described this as unbelievable in one of the top 20 all producing countries in the world. then though with a constant violent attacks, of course, on the company, when you are, you won't be defeated, but whether helped me, you know, of the love that you have a buddy. that's how we may be working tomorrow . but it will let me know that you get in touch with someone
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who's been in the city of c panel no lives much is the comes to me and much more much more. busy love left more money. which tells you the mercy is soon as the fish williams. my phone. money joy please. when you come back from them, as i mentioned that management issues. hot. the one. 0, i don't know what club? no, i was the man. it was
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a little problem kind of mitchell robinson was me in the lead up to the trip. well, how much talked a lot about how much she and other libyans had suffered in the past and that they continue to suffer today. before that evolution he said it had been at the hands of the good duffy regina, but now he called it his fragile freedom. they could not move around freely, but only by putting the danger they were in out of their mind. he said they never knew if they returned alive as what is the danger of the trip. some of the groups still have mechanical problems. i was hammer . a lot of i would like i said,
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i was little hello for the right and then i'm available, month to month and then it was that has more members of my mom from mac into mac today. and i don't want you from going up with my mom, little little by to a loan of the more cool by the number that i mean, look at my when that's but a lot below, i didn't get that to be slammed into a movie and i'm a fortune, but fortune and mobile our out of the mobile, i get a new manager. when i didn't know what the amount of 30 minutes left or eliminating as i can
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write up the amount of discharge and invite show which i love mine. and above our most book and double machines and parentheses that moment i know both and plant i've been in a lot of like well, had told them as well. i'm not really sure about no yeah, yeah, i would show the telephone on the musician. do you happen to have done that friday? and yet the 1st check was in the initial quote from the book of new to me.
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i asked and the other the colony and jimmy, unless i thought that we can to come but it will and the on. but if, unless i thought for the, the senate thing should at least meet the roger grievance with some of the office the on him to home. we are at home. we did, one of them put on the am in the hottest and into the mature, had a leak and fat. and the man to caution. just before aliya motor deli, how do you multiple them w o r t? i wanna know if i didn't have a cell phone, i need with them if in the name of someone on the there are hello,
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how are looking to have an answer back of the morale roman n within a live out in like in the problem. and we didn't have to leave you had met it on a month in the career get model a kill him. he had the visually mer math. i could send him home somehow some way michelle got to be able to come, you know, didn't go with the movie,
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didn't on more than sure. it's going to be me doing this. i could follow the party. i'm a 4th non don't want to me and let me see if you have them that i'm you know and let me present it me where to miss you because of a cookie about when or not lunch or la fisher may be her mom and thought i was
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moving to man, it all fish math and was home and made america low for you know, for me couldn't new math. i'm sorry about never moran. i'm one of them and i found mama can i go now can, can why you know, took long lunch on the, the i, the plan was to set off on the 600 kilometer trip. at dawn mohammed the group of motor sports fan described being excited as they look forward to meeting friends and taking part in their rally and other driving events. they estimated the journey to what done would take around 20 hours. the 1st leg was the 67 kilometers from the home town of sir, man to the capital tripoli, which had just take over now.
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ah, on the journey mohammed talked about how much tripoli meant to him, and many other libya. he remembered the motor rallies held the the path and look forward to the city returning to peace and glory, one day throughout the internal conflict that followed the revolution triple has been held by the international recognize government. ah, well that's the thing. what about us for them to get them if you will? but i'm asking for, i've been to them about the whole set,
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and then we didn't mission machine for any actually a plea victim. pre after tripoli, the rad would take them to miss rather why and grain old potentially dangerous. and then, of course, into the desert. during the 2011 revolution miss route, that was a strong hold of opposition to get daffy. 9 years later, government troops held off a challenge by the warlord. how the for half the i next water, whose citizens were forced out by good duffy forces fighting the opposition in the office. it remained goes down until reconciliation with the router in 2018 allows people to finally return home mohammedans group
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to corrode 5 pit stop right here. ah. the threat to the group's ready success however, came not from a roadside device or factional violence, but from maloof car breaking down. soon after leaving 122 thirds of the way into the journey mohammed anathema were no longer sure if they actually were able to take part in the don t t right. out of this year, she had a long walk from about how to get in and her new local the local. if you wouldn't upland, madam. that no new fish had the
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seal apple and my name and your me i me ah, now when but i'm sure let's go on with with any higher offline when you have the fema shaken screen for she give them to me. michelle, you don't complete mr. met, i think that them she'll, i'm very, the work of in a can give that kind of reward will be a fault with the one certain industry and she, we're going to add them in a more mobile and mobile. plenty of different show of eddie in one place from be sure to go there. will show bubble food for them on hold on one second please were with them for the and it's going to be. busy
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for the finally, well, how much in his group, i'm sir man, reach what don city, and does it can ready for 3 day rally and surrounding event. they said they hoped to meet not only rally drivers and fans from all over libya, but also members of the own group who set off from different locations in libya. and they were supposed to take part in all the riley categor car, motorcycle and 4 wheel club bikes. but because of ice of attacks in the what done region, some of the best drivers couldn't get that added to the car break down. they would not be able to enter the official rally that have to be content with taking part
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inside of doing legal illusion of them and have them to me. it can be had a lot of money. you know, my mom and i'm an older woman doesn't mean that we're not going to atlanta when i i i oh, i don't know
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. i thought about my mom i'm in the right stuff. i'm at the movie channel and they put it in layman's wisdom. teeth pulled up my presence of him. i never saw lima so much. that will be something more than the 1st thing someone can see
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over the summer about the shop. i mean yeah, but i don't know how i've been lit up. the many do not know already been on the bus and i see that's about the look at that. can you give me a matilda? you get that if you and then we sit and get rid of and not even coming up and it will be given to me if you
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had something that was not a lesson about the money i live in there's there's a medicine for the captain. i know it was for the others that would come out and see other other but he's going to be there to mr. danielson. i'm in mind that i'm with them and sit on one
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the ask you about well, how much idea of motor sport as a unifying force, welcoming libyans from all over the country? regardless of the origin, all political affiliation was shared by many of the fans. he met the blood was seen hovered, copy, copy c t, v general. sort of the work that we have about the and so that was done, roddy was up and running. i the new generation of young people and making demand to the balance society. welcome to generational change, a global theories, the attempt to understand and challenge,
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the idea that mobilize you around the world in london to activate tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people die perpetuating violence again, the young people themselves also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me, design and shape this generation change on al jazeera, coveted beyond. well, the taken without hesitation and died for the power to find out a lot of new babies, which i did not think it's neglected. babies to dec, people and power investigate, exposes, and questions they used to be of our around the globe on al jazeera, for hyper english for, for lies in elicit market for the rich and powerful. i'm one of the leading specialists under cover just years investigative unit exposes the inner workings
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and key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he's a part you need to sell some people in addition, has been said that you can make an elephant disappeared. i have many of the 6 brazen example i've seen the men who so football coming soon on, i was just ah hello again, peter will be here and you top stories on al jazeera chin as he his preference demanding the return of billions of dollars of stolen public money, he says $460.00 individuals are being investigated. on sunday, he sank the prime minister of pros, parliament lipton can be what we are looking for as for a penal reconciliation. and i call upon the business means, particularly those who own big and small businesses,
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the money that are taking by these people must be returned to the tune as you and people. and we would want to make reconciliation under pain of law. what these people, those who are responsible for taking the public funds and we will list days in order of those who are most culpable.


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