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for it, let's be professional. it was not invented for me was on the and was the whole soft file unloaded from the ship, the missing amal and it wasn't all in one way or another. membership in an illegal way before join me for their, for the full reports on elsewhere theater. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so now you take, it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. i i mention as he is president promise is a crack down on corruption, but also consolidates power sacking the head of the stake tv channel. ah again, peter w, you're watching. i'll just live from the also coming up. us senators say they've
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agreed on the outlines of a bi partisan infrastructure bill through swears in the new president petro castillo, the best to make big reforms. but he does face via supposition. on the afghan president asked ref, ghani outlines his vision to the country's future and continuing territorial gains by the taliban. ah helps the region as he is president, is demanding the return of billions of dollars in public money. he alleges was stolen from that unity and people in a televised interview case said, indicated a crack down on corruption cases may be coming. he's accused politicians of hiding behind parliamentary immunity, which he lifted on sunday, june as he is weathering up political crisis after the prime minister for the parliament and took over public prosecutions. a nation might curve use in place rod
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lipton. clearly, what we're looking for is for penal reconciliation, and i call upon the business men, particularly those who own big and small businesses. the money that are taking by these people must be returned to the tune in people. and we would want to make reconciliation under pain law with these people, those who are responsible for taking the public funds. and we will list these in order of those who are most culpable to those who at least help them. i'm not one of those who prefer putting people in prison, but i want the money to come back and be returned to the people. my mom at jim, jim now has more on the line from eunice. well, the message really seemed to boil down to trying to reassure citizens that tunisia, that this is the right path for the country. the president said that you need deserves to be in a much better place. he said that the country does have financial pressures, but that we are not a country full of beggars. and he also conveyed
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a message to the people that these exceptional measures that were taken by him that they were imposed by sense of duty. and she added that he doesn't fear any one and he will not oppress any one who talked a lot about the wrong economic policies that have been taken in the past. we talked a lot about corruption, especially by politicians. and he said that those who had looted money, as you mentioned billions in the past, but they were going to be held to account that money would be returned to the community, people by one way or another. now, this is interesting, of course, that these remarks are coming today because we just learned earlier in the day that the 3 political parties, including another part of to news. and i just want to see that investigations had been opened in the last couple of weeks on july 14th, actually on suspicion that these parties were receiving warrant funds during the 2019 election campaign. and of course,
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is the largest critical block in the governing coalition. that's what we heard. what we did not hear was, has there been anybody to perhaps become the next into a prime minister? we did not hear about the meeting that the president had earlier in the day with the supreme council of the armies enter your security leaders. ok, let's bring in the same as chart chinese live on him from washington. he's an associate professor of middle studies at the university of oklahoma. send me a shot. welcome back to 20. how long until june as he returns to being a functioning democracy? well, it's going to be at least 30 days and we will see, and of course, what will happen over the next few days will determine whether at the end of this period that i said as promised to nisha, will return to a better functioning democracy. because that's what this is supposed to be about.
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so i do think in the next few days with what, with what happens, both from the president's statements, as well as what rational and who she and not done others say. and what happens on the street will be able to tell the trajectory of events, but really to assess the kind of long term consequences of this. it's going to be sometime following the president and his actions as you do. why did he take the decision to step outside of the constitution be tagged as staging, some sort of soft qu to then within 30 days? probably slash possibly come back with in the constitutional process. sure, well, i think the way that i would understand this is that the recent protests over the last months and particularly the few days before his freezing of the parliament and so on. in addition to the coded crisis course and the economic
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disgruntlement presented. and in the political stalemate presented an opportunity for hi fi, had to do something that he wanted to do, maybe for some time. and that is kind of an end, this dysfunctional relationship for attempted working where there were multiple heads of state in a way trying to produce functioning government and failing. and so i think the current situation presented a crisis for him to do what he wanted to do. and that is to remove the prime minister and to take these measures. what do you think he feels his options are moving forward and what can he do? that will chime well with everyone? because clearly there are extreme voices trying to get to him, trying to whisper in his ear if you will. while they're not only whispering in his
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ear, they're on the television stations across the air of world. calling for drastic measures like putting people in jail or excluding and not, and so on from the political process. so they're out there certainly. and of course there were also, as we saw yesterday and the day before, people calling for protests and so on. there seems to have been a de escalation. but what since then, but what he can do and again, this is, you know, the proof is in the pudding. whether to do this is to make real progress on the health situation with regard to coven vaccination, roll out some kind of efficiency as opposed to the chaos that we saw earlier with regard to that and then make progress on the economy. now those are paul orders and certainly nothing that can be achieved in a matter of days, little, you know, or months. so that's, that's really a big a big task. but certainly, if things appear to be functioning more efficiently and there doesn't appear to be
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a stalemate and political rancorous dealings between different political parties for their own ends, which i think is how many tunisians experienced the last month and years blaming the political parties and partially and not for that situation, while the economy deteriorated, while the health crisis got more troubling and so on. if things appear to be moving in a different direction, then he will have succeeded, quote, unquote, okay, we must leave it there. some issue out there in washington. thank you so much. you're welcome. less day in the states, us senate in the last hour or so advancing a $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure package by $67.00 boats to 32 earlier senate republicans that they had reached the deal with democrats, of a major standing issues. the bill includes $550000000000.00 in new spending on public works projects. sentences in a bipartisan group have been working with the white house to move forward with the
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plan. i think this is a incredible opportunity for us to both improve our infrastructure, which is badly needed make us more competitive. but 2nd, to show that bipartisanship can work, we can get things done in his town. so i'm, i'm very pleased with our ability tonight to move on to legislation and continue to demonstrate that my kind of following that story for us out of washington might, we heard that from that politician, they're saying bipartisanship works. we can get this done. will they get it done? do we think? well, that's her question. that's going to be difficult to answer in the coming days. but certainly this bill is historic, has president biden, has just described it in the tweet thing. it's the largest infrastructure bill in a century. the president also being vindicated to a degree by his ongoing assistance that even in a deeply divided washington bilateral action is still possible. 17 republicans
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joined the 30 democrats senators in passing this particular motion. what it means is that the debate on the bill will not proceed having got pass that 60 vote stronghold that it needs to get the debate on the bill under way. but here comes the problem, peter. and that is that the book has not been completely written yet. they are still items to be added to be rewritten. and the debate that is going to be happening is over the next few days, is going to center on these issues. and there is the possibility that some who are supporting the process at this point may walk away if something is added or something is admitted that they would want. so it's a long way indeed, before this bill would finally pot the senate and then the next problem is go to the house for approval because the speaker up the house says she will not accept this book for a vote until the senate excepts another infrastructure vote. a massive 3 trillion $1.01 that was passed in the house earlier this month. mike,
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i'm sure you and i must have discussed this infrastructure issue during the election campaign. not the election campaign last year, but the election campaign 4 years before that i remember you remember, i'm sure donald trump and hillary clinton, squaring off against each other to do with the big issue, the bread and butter issue of infrastructure. why does it take so long though to get to the stage that we're seeing, that the point that we're discussing today? well, that is a very good question because administration office administration has made great boasts about introducing a new infrastructure bill. but basically it goes the way up into the 9 argument. it has never really got to this particular point for a long period of time. so this is a massive advance on that. but that being said, is that it doesn't make this bill passage any more. the easier, it's not just a republican best democrat thing either. there are a number of democrats who are deeply upset about this bill being passed because
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they see this as a compromise bill, which waters down the bill. but they want, which also includes social upgrades, putting money directly into people's pocket. so that is always a struggle not only between political parties, but about senators and congress, people who have different interests and wants to see different things. and then of course, as always, the issue is how do you fund infrastructure project like this great debate about that? that debate is going to continue at this stage. and senators are saying that it will not lead to an increase in taxes. well, once again, this is something that will be discussed in the days ahead, but you are quite right. the issue of infrastructure is something about which there is repeated talk, but very seldom real concrete action mike, many things good talk. you might kind of correspond that they're tracking that developing story for us out of washington. now, after weeks of uncertainty following a disputed election,
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petro castillo has not been sworn in as peruse, new president. this form a union leader and teacher, took a surprise, lead in the 1st round of the presidential election, then in june castillo, natalie defeated kick. who would you, maureen? in the run off. she alleged irregularities, but the electoral body rejected her complaints. cathy has left wing party wants to rewrite the constitution and to address inequality that i've all, that amount of all gum. this is the 1st time that i'll come to shall be governed by a peasant, a peasant, like many of the peruvians is from the suppressed classes. it's the 1st time that a popular party formed in the interior of the country i here democratically on an marianna sanchez has more now from lima. the most important thing he mentioned at the very beginning of his speech was that the top priority of his government will be to tackle the pandemic. peru has been very hard hit by depend make nearly
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200002 peruvians, have died since the per i make they make it last year and bought them 3000000 people lost their job. so it is indeed a priority. an opinion polls just a few days ago said that, peruvians believe and think and want the new government tackled up there because the 1st priority. 75 percent of for ruby ubs. think of this as the most important thing now. he spoken about many of the things he said he would get bonuses and credits to the poor people. he would bring water to poor people who live in, in the shanty towns who don't have water have to pay a lot to the water tanks, which is so important for them. but one of the very important things that he said is that he will respect private property during the campaign. he had said that he would expropriate business, as we would nationalized gas companies or energy companies. he was unable to form a coalition in congress. the opposition lead parties have made that coalition and
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now they are the ones who are in control of congress. so it will be very, very difficult, not even difficult. i think you will face road road blocks ahead in order to pass those reforms that he has. so much promised poor peruvians during all this campaign . well, joe murray birthday is an associate professor from the shop school, the policy and government at george mason. she says castillo does face an uphill battle in fulfilling his many promises. he have made some very big promises. he's promised to amplify spending an education to make university is free to create rural rail service north south east to y 2 x to create a constituent assembly that would rewrite the constitution in $993.00. he also, of course, mentioned the co bid pandemic. and his priority and vaccinating all peruvians,
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he talked about moving the country toward 0 climate emission by 2050. he was a little short on how in most cases, right. the big challenges that he faces a fragmented congress. but he also last the majority of congress congress people on his, in his party. so he's going to have a very difficult time building coalitions to enable his legislative agenda. the establishment is almost universally contrary integrated. feel you saw this in the several weeks between the 1st and 2nd round. and then he thought in the 6 weeks before he was finally proclaimed president with the entire, almost the entire a media stablish meant to leave. and many traditional politicians. all you know, pointed against him, he does have this huge establishment against him. and in a part of that establishes and in the congress, the men, members of the,
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the groups that lead the congress are the same groups that removed president the scatter from office in november of last year. so they were very willing to you free of arguments to remove a president. still ahead here on al jazeera, under intense public pressure, the u. k says it will lift quarantine restrictions for fully vaccinated people from the u. s. and the ease and thailand, king is hoping to reconnect with the people on his birthday, but many want to move beyond the moment i i, it's time for the journey with sponsored by cut on airways. he was going to be the case at in farm just makes things worse. this is flooding as
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films just yesterday in him province, which is this part here, north of shanghai, south of beijing. this whole part of ne, in china, seen extensive flooding and not just the remains of infant was there before. this is going to make things worse, is a forecast a thursday. i take you to friday does much the same just casual in the same vein. so more and widespread flooding for japan, the story is a heat, humidity, and daily shower is quite normal, this time the air, but the forecast tokyo, i can give you an example, gives you about 70 percent wrote of humidity that is really quite sticky. 33 and then he 25 at night just doesn't cool down at night. that doesn't help you very much. probably dry, small chance of showers, i think on friday or thunderstorms. and that's not quite the same as in indonesia. so big chance, but the main rain here is going to be the philippines or me and my may be some in borneo, but mainly these showers in indonesia, malaysia, quite well scattered at the moment. that's truth. the next 2 days,
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the heavy rain has been falling him a herrera is that taken back to the coast when the north of india and bangladesh, it is very wet sponsored pay cut on airways. motors is big news in libya, but staging car and bike rather, it comes with its own particular risk or club, couldn't take part in the 2016, rallied because we were fighting a war and i'll just do a world trouble for the libyan. just to see how full don't full wheel can be a unifying pull water country. video, a rally on al jazeera. ah, ah.
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the me. looking back, you're watching al jazeera. my name is peter toby. your top stories this out soon as he is president's, demanding the return of billions of dollars of stolen public money. he says 460 individuals and being investigated on sunday, he facts the prime minister, unfroze, the parliament. the us senate has advanced at $1.00 trillion dollar infrastructure package by 67 to 32 earlier senate republicans said they'd which to deal with democrats. so the major spending issues, the bill does include $550000000000.00 in new spending on public works projects. and after weeks of uncertainty following a disputed election, petro castillo has been sworn in as peruse the president inform, a union leader and teacher, already defeated keiko, which maureen, in a run off in june. he wants to rewrite the constitution and to address in o'clock
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to the afghan president, ash ref. connie has been outlining his vision for the future of the country. but the speech was light on detail about how the government plans to counter territorial gains by the taliban, which haven't continued to be significant. charlotte bellis reports now from cobble from the northern city of telecom is surrounded by telephone fighters. but more than one month, it's people have withstood waves of attacks residence now armed, and afghan security forces are united in trying to keep fighters out of the city. well, maybe if i want to go to the making us, i hope i'm not captured. we've been attacked more than 10 times here. we've beaten them and pushed them back. don't lose your morale. well, it is. the telephone, no control lodge areas of rule less ghana stone,
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including more than half of the countries districts as africa, security forces attempt to slow the televisions. momentum in a nationally televised address. president ghani, had a message of diplomacy with articulated a widely supported program for a bridge from an all out for jasmine and lasting peace to a political settlement. we do not see a military solution. we firmly believe in a political solution. ghani, the former finance minister, and a former world bank economist, spoke extensively about the economy lace about the war that ravaging his country and napkin about a 3rd of the government's revenue comes through border crossings. it is loss more than $33000000.00 in the past. month after the taliban seized 7 crossings. the largest is here in spin bolduc. after 2 weeks, it is just reopened to trade. naturally,
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we are scared because conditions are bad. we are afraid of going into afghanistan, but there is no other way out for us. there are no other jobs for us here in the border region. 2 hours away in kandahar city residents have had enough. there has been fighting and a strike from the cities outskirts in the last week. these people were demanding both sides agreed to cease by the growing insecurity is leading to an increase in the number of africans who are leaving the country the you in to 20 to 30000 to fling every week. there are also thousands of africans who worked with the us government who waiting to hear if they will be on a vacuum ration flight in the coming day. charlotte bell is on $20.00 couple and i during court has a question the leader of the band, shia muslim group on charges including murder and unlawful assembly apr him. zaki had been in detention since 2015. he was arrested off the government forces,
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stormed his islamic movement of nigeria compound and killed around $350.00 people. group was banned in 2019 holling demonstrations calling for zach is release, address has more now from a future. the genesis of this case was when the followers of the movement in niger blockaded a major highway and prevented that. then people start from passing on that road. would that lead to the headquarters of the shia movement in nigeria? later, security forces comprising mainly of been an army defended on the headquarters of the movement. and in a 2 day operation, she, members in nigeria, said hundreds of the members are killed and hardly better buried in mass graves. after the leader lost an eye in the operation and his wife arrested. and for 2 years, his lawyer said they were held in detention without trial when eventually because
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the state government, where the incident happened, took over the case and prosecuted them. mister vicki and his wife were granted bill several times, but the prosecuting, the prosecutors. i refused to grant mister vicki bailed and that has been a major source of contention since is a rest in detention. they've been several protest by members across nigeria in which dozens of people have been killed, including security forces and she, members themselves. now it's not clear whether the federal government will now take over the case because it was security members or federal security member forces who arrested him in the 1st place. it's not clear whether this case will continue now or mr. execute will finally regain his freedom. since he's arrest in 2015, england is letting in fully vaccinated visitors from the us and the e. u without the need to current in it comes into effect from monday is being
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welcomed by airlines and travel companies. the industry had criticized the u. k. government for sticking to strict restrictions, which they say had left the country falling behind the e. u. in attracting tourists as gender holics planes. this could be an important step in reopening england to tourism. the big change here is that since the 19th of july, when travel restrictions began to be used in this country, along with the wider reopening people who received their vaccines in this country were allowed to travel out to post the countries and elsewhere and travel back without having to quarantine, if they'd received the vaccines in this country. those who received vaccines elsewhere on the other medical authorities still have to undergo quarantine at the big change as i say, is that they are now the government recognizing people who've had their vaccines in the u. s and e u countries and allowing them all except those in france for the time being to come into this country and escape quality. it's a big,
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big deal for the tourism industry effectively is the firing gun on the resumption of international tourism. the vast majority of inbound tourism to this country comes from the u. s. and the e u. it's also of course, a game changer for you and us citizens living in england for the time being the other nations of the u. k. will follow suit who folks, since the beginning of the pandemic, really haven't been able to welcome into this country, their friends and family from abroad to reasons for this next stage in the reopening process bar. as johnson, the prime minister desperately worried that the u. k. was losing out to the you in terms of us tourism people heading to cities like paris and rome in europe because they couldn't come here to london. he was worried about squandering the so called vaccine bonus and enormous pressure applied on the government by the travel industry, warning ministers in recent days that they were thousands of jobs on the line with sectors of the industry facing bankruptcy. if they didn't open it didn't open very quickly. thursday marks the 69th birthday of thailand's king. he is one of the
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most protected monarchs anywhere in the world. but protest had been building, calling on the crown to be more transparent and accountable. tony cheng, now from bangkok, a monarch walking freely amongst his loyal subjects, thailand, king harvard, you're a long cone greeting the people at a walk about last year for man who spent much misery, rain outside thailand. it was part of a new engagement to bring him closer to his people. ordinary ties. it's part of the familiar routine. oh my god, how long i've been taught to love the king. since i was young, i grew up with phrases like long live the king or i love the king. i grew up watching news about the monarchy household. i learned about the institution in school, people around me, love the king, but then i wondered, why do we love the king? then just now rejects many of the official histories she was taught as a child. as 2 other young ties who are calling for reforms,
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protest as of taken to the streets, demanding the roll, household be more transparent and accountable. for many times it marked a huge change. i did the early disgust in private and now being talked about in public. but when protest has moved against the crown property bureau, the office that manages the king's enormous wealth, they found the streets blocked with shipping containers. when they moved towards the palace, they were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. protest leaders had been arrested and charged with less majesty the offense of insulting the monarchy that comes with a lengthy jail to. since then, the protest substantially died out that say pro monica, this is evidence that most time people has seen through the protests as an attack on the institution. the protest is want to abolish not reform yellow because they don't forget demands that they've been asking for deliberately aiming to bring down the monarchy. so not to help improve the institution. so it's not surprising that
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not many people come out to support them. on the occasion of the king's 69th birthday, there's unlikely to be much pump for ceremony this year with coded restrictions in play. a special celebration suffocating 1st. likely to be very muted, but many people think once those restrictions lifted, protested calling for reform of the monarchy could hit the streets. once again. in recent months, the king has stayed out of the public eye. when he's been seen, he's relied on the queen for support. and despite his position of power, he appears to be a monarch unsure of his relationship with his subjects. tony ching al jazeera banker ah, recapping your top stories here on al jazeera june, is he as president, demanding the return of billions of dollars of stolen public money?
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he says $460.00 individuals are being investigated. on sunday he sank the prime minister and froze the parliament. yes, for i will asked him to seek reconciliation, which is better than prosecution. i'm not one of those who preferred putting people in prison.


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