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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2021 1:30am-2:01am AST

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isn't likely to be much this year with cobra restrictions in place. official celebrations of beginning birthday, likely to be very muted. but many people think once those restrictions lifted protests is tolling for reform of the monarchy could hit the streets once again. in recent months, the king has stayed out of the public eye when he's been seen, he's relied on the queen the support. despite his position of power, he appears to be a monarch. unsure his relationship with his subject. tony ching al jazeera thank me. stories are 0, trinity as president case i, it has accused petitions of corruption and demanded the return of billions of dollars of public money. he energy was stolen from the chinese in people made the claims of an interview book cost on june into vision, science, sax,
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the prime minister, and key members of the candidate on sunday. all of this time, the country, whether a political crisis, as well as a, as well as i and there's a nationwide curfew in place. now. the money stolen from the tune is young people must be restored. a decision will be made to take measures against the perpetrators who have taken these public funds. we will deal with these people in a proportionate manner. federal castillo has been sworn in as peruse. new presidents after weeks of uncertainty following a disputed election, is the country's 5th president in just 3 years before the union needed. an teacher takes office after several years of political instability and protest against corruption. it's party wants to rewrite the constitution and address inequality said i will that amount of gum. this is the 1st time that our country shall be governed by a peasant, a peasant, like many of the peruvians is from the suppressed classes. it's the 1st time that
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a popular party formed in the interior of the country i hear democratically on an afghan president who presented his vision for the country's future. in a televised policy speech shotgun, the again called for a political solution. even as the taliban continues to make gains on the ground, this is america's top diplomat called on all sides to take the peace process. seriously warning, afghanistan could become a pariah stage. and tons and he is president, has received a co 19 vaccine in public officially lot during the countries immunization campaign . some yes, lou, her son says she wants to reassure people about the safety and efficacy of the jobs . a late predecessor had repeatedly dismissed the threat of the pandemic. government says it's working on a public education campaign to counter vaccine misinformation. to stay with us. people in power is up next. thanks for watching bye. for now. a year ago, one of the largest nuclear blast in history killed more than 200 people and injured
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1000. the victims, families still need answers. we want to justify how did dangerous chemicals end up and they would support. let's be professional. it was not invented for me was on big and was a whole stockpile unloaded from the ship, the missing. i'm all and it was a move in one way or another. and the legal way before join me for their, for the full report on else with me most military regime entities flirtation the democracy in early 2021 is celebrated by killing several 100 anti cooper testers and detaining thousands more. so some activists now thinking beyond street protests, they've joined forces with the ethnic insurgents who have been waging the own on a whole the firm. he's giantess, we've been behind the scenes of
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a secret training camp to find out more me the . ah, it's a secret location near me and most chinese border we've gained access to a training camp run by ethnic insurgents. the
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but the trainees are not hard and gorilla 4 inches. the ordinary young men and women, students activist, some as young as 17 who got themselves organized on social media to come and train for a war against the military june to now to know the like. to know me, mon notice in the see and as a move them can fit your while young me. oh yeah. you go the outward don't chip calling. don't get paid. i don't isn't. are holding not being gathering on this. i need you. i love it. being trained by the
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ethnic nationality could chain independence organization with an army of 8000 and its own de facto government. controlling almost half the kitchen state. the k i o has been fighting successive fermi regimes since 961. no longer aligned to how long changes or not so many criminal law at high nor why not. i'm a connie that will know from kong alumnus another. so rami we buy was one, not up when i was going to jokers go to rubbish, which is fine. and they can pull all the money from money where they will go. we're not deny something that would enable new cook only
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to cut them from one grow law under it. i didn't give me just one comment and did it to one, but it was the name. c on february, the 1st, the bernie tell me, abandoned this experiment with a partial democracy and re took power in a moment. hundreds of thousands to, to the streets, to demand, to return to civilian rule. but the only responded with a brutal and bloody crack done. the new and the not the i s i'm i going to do i get the value and they don't mean your tv
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and so on here. nobody and who i learned share name a few where kind of one of the protest is now getting training with a farm worker from central mamma. as with many people in this film, his fear of the rest and torture is so great. we've changed his name and hidden his identity. me out. so the annuity run maybe to, to come i said i will, i will tell you they might have to do the loaner going to have it all $100.00. get that money. i will my medicine and i don't want to i don't know bonnie longer don't don't go on them. so good can the on. c the dollars on the know me and i'm going with when we're done on the new come under gilbert and my goal. so we are going i,
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it's not as if i woke up water come when she was long, 119 year old wind tint, volunteered as a medic in the protest. let it be. okay. i'd be glad to know latan that i'll need to get a new korea here, the chinese lanes and biting money. dorian baldwin, a nuclear general, general good ankle, they and i, she enjoy my generate the newton county, the nuclear ugly, and yolanda fargo man, i'll fail will be at issue i am only international media will bank on human knowledge and america. com. okay. i mean, she don't, he's a little girl there. and she in 3 months, the army has reportedly killed over $800.00 unknown for testers, including at least 50 children and arrested thousands more men with a civil servant who'd never been involved in politics before the qu,
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and even the feeney, i li i own and then am i being the guy out? now? i don't know when i not be a new mom you. if you will, will be less. you don't. if you mostly and body under time. i try, we are lonely. will a allow the living the on the same of the old, my dog would rule pm. you don't want to be and why the or not the lender guy. now if you get, you don't want to be on my yahoo may. so when you are my only mom and she, i came to dollars and i, we don't want to go live, we'll do the chase. we're not going to need a lateral trial. i will do. i don't care like travelling across the front line to insert and control territory was a huge personal risk loankey or fabian nunez, over 1000000, wilma human. okay, and i, i mean, i don't, i don't know if i need a general re, i mean, i'm going a lot like unless you know how much notice when i'm having him with i'm, is there no limit to when can you call me when
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a lot but you know line yet the despite the risks, the volunteers keep coming civilians from the majority burman population starting their 3 week training with the ethnic rebels. i'm in. okay. i think it's okay. i will no longer because i'm a low, low to louis. i'm not all the you, i've been down there to do it for me out table for do you live general and she died and we need the local guy by moving ation the ro, payment fee. in this bench there are 400 trainees coming at 10 again.
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saying has just 3 weeks to turn the civilians into soldiers. why, why you room alone machine. i was only, don't know what do it and go mean when we're doing it. and i know when you come so long when i don't want to pay a single zone in don't what and charlotte conway my gotten their critical consumer dump image on the vehicle. no, not long, long time. young john. well, i'm not saying what it and loony. why over in the in between is it from a generation that grew up under civilian rule military life is new and dumb. familiar before the protest would knowing run an intern cafe in
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a provincial town, a beer. when i'll go and a manager be men of the day, do i know to get em and he's been amended, casually, j lead, you know, that might be below it or do you mind us you know you and that she would die baby? oh, well oh no, no. this is the 3rd group of trainees to come through this camp alone observed to say that could be 10000 more in similar camps across the country. got it. yeah, i don't know what trinity and label on the gym from the lawn live or not and i don't know if you will get lunch longer. oh no one upon schanzer lived on a sunday or other, but i want to get around the saw talk to jerry long. i
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wouldn't have a, do you read all under quarter to version that country and that will change them as the last one or you can do it all. i mean, how chinese over my lord allowed people not then that by and the on the i the they while i'm a little tim, i'm older i'm the the the training also prepare them for urban warfare that these young men and women with just a few weeks preparation will have to face a battle hardened dummy of 300001, all was merely judgment with another guy,
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john level help me the nephew doesn't dig in my yeah, well no shame on me. i give you the time. call me okay. and he was going to be a damn b o y and i don't know what you do decide that you wanna have you do that by me? no, she gave me out my name in the household. so like, you know, i don't, i love watching are you, i don't like them either get body while or less no, down in the food. oh this
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oh, i don't i oh, wow. ah, but the camaraderie of camp life lives, the crisis unfolding in the country. they're over a dozen ethnic in search and mamma sofa on the most vocal of the john nick griggs, in their support for the pro democracy movement, have been the kitchen independence organization and to the south. the correct
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national union. oh i see that resistance has come to cost. ah, me directly and launched a campaign of air strikes against villages under the control of the kitchen. correct? this was a gold mine, partly owned by the k r t i traveled into the air strikes in east me and most current state. ah.
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when in doubt, you don't want to talk to you or watch capital. i just want to call my lucky my daughter lydia. queer. when i, when we on the la, they mail it back to me. i the career village of dave, you know, even the school was a target. the students had already evacuated when it was hit but since the air rates over 20000 children had been in hiding in the forest, unable to return to their lessons for
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her good. no, no, no. were drunk or hello. hello. hello. hello . hello, hello. and i will be doing a little concerned for you today. oh, i need a call when they wanna let me know go for the property in florida for a little local lawyer kind of a new loan. it may apply on, on monday from now, can you tell me about runaway jailer job for going in
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a whole lot of se lily to lower okay. no job any the delivery at the beautiful move in i according to independent human rights organizations. since the case, dozens of civilians have been killed and injured in air strikes across qur'an and kitchen states. me over 70000,
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to let their home, to hide out and make ship shelters in the forest. mm . with the surveillance drone above them. it was time for the team to leave before more air strikes were called in yeah, these are shattered a long standing sea spot between the regime and the k and you since the k, the regime has also rounded up and arrested dozens of democratically elected politicians . susanna le, so was a national lead for democracy, m p and young gun. she's now living in hiding as a candidate the military tried to arrest me. and so they, the came to my place,
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broke the door. and so i have to flee from the back door. i even don't have my shoes. i have to flee. and, and some of our friends, the rescue me from pitt area. and then the next day i trouble to ethnic area and escape. so the experience is so bad and when, if i got arrested, i do know my future. yeah, i my god be kill or torture me. me a great politicians launch the national unity government as an alternative to the military, gunter. formerly a medical doctor, doctor saw it best spokesmen on international affairs. but like most national unity, government ministers have been forced into hiding in fear for his life. or i believe
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the change was seeing in the country is realizing of the, the nation's greatest strength, which is, ah, on the diversity of the country of the people, the military generals, for many the gates have been afraid of united people. me. uh huh. but i tend to be with them. i have showed that we are united regardless of you know, all political parties and we put everything behind. and then our is the time for us to put all our differences behind. and, you know, struggle only for calm on gold and come on publishes that our children deserve. and roger and in the future. and the new memo the uniting,
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the mainly berman city based pro democracy movement and the ethnic insurgence may be the key to the throwing the military june to but for some ethnic leaders, the failure of the previous national league for democracy, government to negotiate peace undermines their statements in support of federalism now put to tad to move is the general secretary of the current national union. the previous times of the government they have showed their commitment on the federal is very rare to b. c. you know, but only though the bible commitment, it's difficult to see the commitment practice. so now we are, we have a chance with some of the entity leaders and sit in, you know,
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come on ground and walk together for the past. i think that the urban community did till understand the suffering of ethnic area. they don't understand the feeling of the ethnic area. now they come to know why did something in their area because they were caught kill torture, arrested. now we had to come and go to and the military coup and to have the real democracy living alongside the chin, the burning chinese get a new perspective on the ethnic struggles. or actually, you know, i don't want all the good i go when he died. i imagine i would be and not all the social media, the city. i thought it was up on the job. it was up any job. i'm not leeway. boy, i'm going my new people my be another fit that got you got your
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or did i wouldn't be able my walk through the, the guy that we through or the energy needs be dot com. martin id. yes i, i machine you will be on the line that will go by valley with the medium on the mobile mobile kayak. my dot b e r d dot com and how long will the wheel mom? she be the boy at the one watching the at all. i have not the boy auto plan. got all i need. i need mileage real mom. oh again, lillian and the new young de la younger. why do you think that they would not let him know it was short on tundras. when it did not go there was done an inclusion in johnson that she the wrong a and in the state then find the rudy was showing up. good rob,
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we've gone to a min and a so we oh no, i don't show wearing over. there was it hasn't gone. gone now then, isn't it well, comes how i don't assume that we're not. we're normally humorous, dong auto along short and suckle or numb's are going to long as jerry one. i don't know if it was all there. was it in 100 camry warned under can run a pin. they was and we didn't was 100 on it, but i've seen him. i don't know why the we put the allegations made in this film to a representative of the birmingham regime, but received no reply. oh no, no you want to do on the phone with the tenant that comes out with the hood and the as the trainees graduate,
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an army join is spotted over the camp and it's shut down and relocated to a boy day. strikes me generally at that age and i cannot go to the and in a night i need to read over generators and 800 to turn out. okay, i'm going, i'm in general quarantine and she knew when i'm having finished the course, this batch of recruits returns to barracks for the last time. a miss to join a nationwide network of people's defense forces fighting the june to the with just 3 weeks training. no overall leadership, very few weapons. they face an uncertain future or any i'm up. how do you lose? i think i thought, i think you don't know jolen on your machine. i don't know. dolly you are me. diamond l, mom lucian, john the louisiana and tomorrow. while the load them,
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our economy will not be that in the reggie. like when he got him on the light devion, all the loan and below miles were all hole down on the jungle. no. by no, not when you were on the my name is my my manager is on my job, my plan a view to branch to that point if you will, if you can usually just just grab a manager, i've only got mine on mine idea on i'll just use ah,
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al jazeera ah, ah, all, ah june as he is president, promising a crackdown on corruption but also consolidates power sacking the head of the state tv channel. ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching l 20 life from our headquarters here and also coming up us senators say they've agreed on the outlines of a i partisan infrastructure bill a key test.


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