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biles may yet compete in next week's individual event finals. regardless, this pair of champion athletes a leading the way in showing the world. it is okay to talk about mental lowes as well as sporting highs on the richardson al jazeera tokyo, adequate monday and catch up with all news and the sport on our website address that is outta 0, dot com ah, or one of the top stories onto 0 frederick su is just being sworn in those peruse, new president after weeks of uncertainty following a disputed election is the country's 5th president in just 3 years. the theo narrowly defeated keiko, who demaury and run off in june. she alleged irregularities in the vote, but the electoral body rejected her claims. the former union leader and teacher
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takes office after several years of political instability and protests against corruption. his party wants to rewrite the constitution, and address inequality said i will that amount of income. but this is the 1st time that our country shall be governed by a peasant, a peasant, like many of the peruvians is from the suppressed classes. it's the 1st time that a popular party formed in the interior of the country i here democratically on an interior report. the judges have begun investigating 3 political parties on suspicion of receiving foreign funds that includes another, the largest party and the coalition government investigation began nearly 2 weeks ago before president case said, fact the prime minister and froze parliament. meanwhile, the streets remain relatively peaceful after nationwide curfew was put in place to use. for mister has phoned allies in turkey and european capitals, telling them the emergency measures are only temporary yes. can i can, president,
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has presented his vision for the country's future in a televised policy, speech or shotgun again called for political solution. even as the taliban continues to make gains on the ground. this is america's top diplomat is called on all sides to take the peace process. seriously warning, afghanistan could become a harass state and times it is president has received could be 19 vaccine in public officially known in the countries immunization campaign. some yes, a knew who her son says she wants to reassure people about the safety and efficacy of the jobs. it's a significant shift away from the policies of her late previous esa, who repeatedly dismissed the threat of the pandemic. the government is working on a public education campaign to come to backseat misinformation, a stream next looking men mas, 3rd wave of covered 19 on the back with more news for you, straight off about thanks for watching. ah,
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ah ah, ah, i answered the ok. you're watching the stream on today's episode, a close look at how me and miles military government is handling the covered 19 pandemic, and descent. i know you will have questions you may will have experience as you want to share as well. if you on youtube, you can get those thoughts. those questions to me very easily. right here in the comment section, i will do my best to wrap your thoughts into today show. let's meet your guess. we have when we have men, i move out in so good to see all 3 of you waiting. welcome back to the stream.
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remind our audience, who you are and what you do. my name is where he was born and i met me. look at the officer at the campaign, u. k. i have been human rights activists working on for the 12 years now. thank you for returning to the stream. min, welcome to the stream. tell our didn't who you are, what you do? hello, my name is minton book, an independent consultant, focus of democracy, human rights, and originally from you more currently based in london, get to hassle with our thank you for joining the stream. introduce yourself throughout level audience place. my name is supposed to be the minutes stuff offering the 1st off the notion because i'm the very nice to get you all. thank you . get to have you get. i'm going to start with volunteers here. working on the front lines of covey. a me, emma, to remind our audience that back in february, there was a military crew that was a huge protest. people were on the street protesting, and then there was
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a huge clamp dial and then protesting became very dangerous. all, wow, there was a covered 19 pandemic volunteers from a few days ago. the, let me just share the experience that we have a look, have a listen. there are not enough fallen tears to carry dead bodies. we are running our service with our resting today. we have already sent 40 dead bodies to crematorium. oh, i don't know what the normal louis wanted to save human lives, and we don't want to see people in this situation. we used to send patients to hospitals and with ask them which hospital do you want to go to? now it's difference. when we receive incoming calls, now we ask which cemetery will you go to me? well, i guess i have family in me and me all right now with him festival for you, your perspective on what is happening with the coated, 19 pandemic, a me and today i would say it's a very heartbreaking and devastating situation for us because we were already going
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through the crew with, you know, ongoing human right cooperation every day since february the 1st and now the close crisis docket. and every day we hear news about relatives and family member or friends dying. and there are more than 5400 political detainees in prison. and we have very worried for their health because there are, there is also a outbreak of clarity cases in prison. and of course, the military has no desire to manage this outbreak at all. and it's media for me at the moment for all of us. what evidence of the scene mean that the military is exasperating the situation rather than trying to alleviate that men story. so for be, there are 3 things i would like to what my weight instead. first of all, you know,
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it means and people can protest health regions. and 2nd country is weaponized the health crisis to target doctors and activists and impose more restrictions. and also it's also another fabulous way to prevent international like accountability because due to travel restrictions, adoptable, terms of limited access from international organizations and government to, to actually witness what is going on in the ground. i'm just looking at my laptop moves our me a mile shadow government forms cove at 19 task force. tell me a little bit more about that and what is possible. as a shadow government, you're not even in power right now. what are you able to do? all of them it is trying to how the people, he's at the county. he was in all ball and networks for the been that was simple than me. so we tried to reach out of the people through some
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some channels, even online channels as well. and we are trying to cooperate with the ethnic health organizations, which also trying to walk on to health care and education program. so that's why we try to form the comedy called to cope it. 19 talks force and walk to get out to deal with this problem. and i'm trying to understand the extent of the coven. 19 pandemic, m. e. m. on it's difficult for me to get my head around because then we were looking to a military government to get those accurate figures from them. and even countries that have a democratic government having trouble getting figures. but this is the government leader, the military government leader speaking about trying to get vaccines, have a listen, have a look. it up, whatever i will when you are at the re requested that we buy vaccines from russia. when i met with our defense minister and chief secretary,
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they have taken attention and given us a commitment to provide the 2000000 doses i requested. russia has no capacity to produce all the vaccine doses at what. because they provide it to many countries worldwide. they said some vaccine doses will arrive this month. it would be more than $10000.00 for us is $10000.00 in a country of approximately $53000000.00 people way in these a, it, it sounded like it was a problem about accessed vaccines. but there's so much more going on. the not, i mean, you know, a lot of arguments or some people say that the military doesn't have the capacity to deal with this cobit outbreak. but in reality, we have seen, for example, they arrested the head of the nation program and the government to call in and she's now in prison and now tested positive for cove it. and they also arrested
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her husband and friend with, you know, they are now released, but it shows, there are, you know, repeated patents showing from the military that they have no desire to deal with it . and as a good man said, you know, they are using cobit outbreak as a weapon against the civilian in the country. and i'm sure the panel it can share more insights on this as well. i am going to go 1st to money who is a human rights watch researcher. and she really focuses in on this idea as using of using covered 19 as a weapon. have a listen, have a look and there, min, please respond immediately of the back. this video, thank you. so under all the human rights situation in your mind is really deteriorating with thousands of people who being truly canes and 900 people have been killed since the king of those. i think 65 has
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been sentenced to death, but the response to that has been really nice is mainly because of the overall invitation that the credit situation is creating right now. and of course, the lack of access to health care that people have because medical professionals are being targeted by the judge into something like 600 medical workers are trying to evade arrest and they have arrest warrant out for them. yes, it was recently. i think last week in the news the security forces, they post as covert patients and they have contacted the military doctors and the volunteers to come to live with. they need help. so the doctors and the volunteer, the medical doctors went there and then the rest of them. so that is just one example. how the military is weaponized in the health crisis to correct on
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activities, military doctors and other military or personal. but it's been in the stadium movement rules our united nations have, i've called for a coven ceasefire. and me and me all. can you explain to us how serious the situation is for the general population? the situation is so the country does sperry very see this because i would say one or 2 people set for the team could be positive. so positive evict is very high, very high. and the depth talk is also very high in the county and in the jungle. and on more than one thoughts and dead bodies have been created in the concrete could be, could be m. so the situation is very studious. then i would have to point out another bit that in the prison, as far as i thought the newsprint presumes,
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almost over all of the prisoners interfaces have been effective with the 19th. so which is also very see yes. so i was very much worried about the situation is that the prince present that we would like to us the, all the political prisoners should be reduced immediately. just going to show our audience this insane prison strike launched this morning. we can hear and feel the awful and conquering dedication of our people locked up in the tories. insane prison it's list. let me just play this for you. you about inside the prison. how now they are and i mean, can you help us remind our audience? who a lot of the, you prisoners, all in insane prison. these are protest is that we saw in february or march,
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correct. these are, these are the 2 testers to an active is human rights defenders, medical doctors, any, any, any protests we've seen on the street? and then yes, they're putting in the only in prison but also in other states and regions as well into a respective presence. this looking hammer, again on my laptop, me and me are going to free the political prisoners and journalists not with the, not all the journalists, not all of the political prisoners. can you explain to us wayne, in what is happening in terms of and military government? now just consolidating their power well, i wouldn't call it a military government because it's still a military crew. and after 6 months they still haven't been able to consolidate the policy at all though with the cobra crisis and ongoing arrest and killing civilians . the protest continue in different parts of the country. you are still coming out
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protesting. i mean, even people insight in prison. older they are being in prison. they are protesting against the military because we all know the, the countrywide, we know that military, the rude course will all the problems and that talk we have in the country of course cove it as a disaster itself. but the military made it way, was by not managing it. and also, you know, keep arresting people. and he is placing ethnic minorities and ethnic ethnic areas and keep committing human rights violations across the country. so i would say the military is not a military government because we have the shadow government. we have the national unity government and we have, you know, people who are still resisting the military crew which started from february the military have, have, have dubbed himself the state administration, counsel mingo ad like you say, like, just like due to a, to
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a few years to support or we do that. so that is true if you will, almost 6 months in after the coo and then the country it is in total kills. you can only shut down, talk about shudder, thousands of people being arrested and then many people lost souls. and then and then broke out of it and then what are, what are they doing? like there was even no such there was not even, not one thing that, that we can say that they can run the government. so there's, so like i said, i don't know, i don't even want to use the word misery, government. it's ability hunter. i don't even get even even in burmese. i don't use the water, for example, like, i'm not sure just so we don't know unless you're not. we are. yes. i wanted to point out one thing that is very important because to chance to pontificate. this possible, nathan, it's a trust trust between the government and the people. so that is gonna cover but
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until like within set. and then that has no trust between the people and the default so, so it would be difficult, very difficult to adjust that kind of content because this time i don't want to pile on, on the, on the list of challenges happening for the people a, me and another one is about how many people being displaced right now because of the ongoing conflict between the military hunter, the state administration council. however, you want to describe who is covering a power right now in mir mall and protest if you want to return to some form of democracy to these displaced people moves our help us understand where they all, how are you able to help them as a shadow government as far as i know, it is estimated that more than 200000 people have been displaced it because of some companies have been in
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a cross country. so they are from the state for on kitchen state from chance state. and even in and shot states. so there are a lot of disputes within different part of the countries. so now we're trying to reach out to these people through about different networks and provide some assistance because the situation, the committee situations up, all of these people are very, very worrying. so they got to live inside the forest, hiding it without any food. and the medical care they did not go to the pope because they afraid of being punished or originated by the media to security forces. so the country, so the situation is very wiring. and just looking here, you choose thanking people on youtube for being part of this program. there's the
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question about the re kinda, what is the situation now? and also i want to bring in another thought from a video comment that we have just lined up just now that you can hear from the representative of the ranger in the united kingdom. haven't even have a look regarding on an energy policy paper. i believe it is positive for what, but much more clarification needed from national unity government. one thing that, you know, i would like to mention here earlier, where we call the night as an ethnic group oberman before 962 military power. i've done, i do says due to military coup, our ethnic groups where taken away. and so now n u d should clearly need you to clarify that
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rowing out will have the same rights like other ethnic groups of burma, any g, the national unity government, the shadow government that is working remotely. right out because of the coo, mike wanted to know more about the perspective for a better future, the prospect to a better future, the behavior will their situation improve. like to concert, we reduced a statement on thought, john, that the policy statement on the rich people. so before we danced that statement, we tried to reach out to the community. the leaders of the range of people is trying to explain our statements. so most of the community leaders of the range of people was kind of stupid in the subject of a student,
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not all of the policies that we laid out. so there are some states, some criticism, the public policy statement, the but i would have to say that what we are going to do is to establish frederick to julia and to bring the boxes back to our country. so together we will be able to solve all of this, all of these problems all together. so 1st of all, we need to be in power to be frank with you. so this tells us use this help, bring it back to our country. then we get to establish it to the federal goods julia and in which all the ethnic groups enjoy equals likes together. when you're doing is you're, you're making an appeal to the international community. and i'm wondering if the international community listening and acting have a listen. how look at this video comment? so what we see right now in me and with the re introduction of death sentences,
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the reposition of martial law, the brutal repression and the weapon. zation of the pandemic is a combination of lethal injustice, lethal violence and lethal neglect. tragically, this is nothing new in me, emma. the military, they kill, they allow people to die, they torture because they can't tolerate descent. the counselor ate disobedience, the counselor in criticism, and they want power. obviously the international community needs to keep its attention on me and ma, but this is not enough. i think regional and international diplomacy need a serious rebuke. we simply can't allow torture and killing to become normalized devontae foreign minister. how, how for you that when you appeal for assistance, is anyone listening? so we have cold fall initiative with the 2 big jennifer dip into passion,
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a based on some duty on ground because the situation that's all the country is very serious. so now i thing that it initiative of entity should consider about the situation very seriously because the market pick up a country that spread the new baby and get 90 to the region. why don't the distributed as well? so it's not an intern for animals. so international media should consider that about the very mean you are sitting in a conversation with the deputy foreign minister of the national unity government, a shadow government. what is the question that you feel is the most pressing one you should be asking right now of him? will like to actually, i don't really have a question to them to the debate administer. my question is more of to the international community and international government agencies. so as the pandemic
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was going deeper and then having more debt on, on a daily basis last last week, it was the some of the embassies in m. i also included some international, wasn't embassies, they close their visa sessions, doors until further notice. so claim time, you know, it is about more about welcoming, you know, people around the wall and then everything refugees and so on. but to me it is, this is the only the only way that basically closing doors for, for me is people and citizens who was trying to leave legally, you know, either as a student or it's the other 2 other countries. but using cobra as a closed door to me, i think that is it's, it's not what i have, you know, seen of the people should do it just, it's of interest for many should do. so it's just a small example that that came to my mind last week and i saw that use when in the interest community, are you still hopeful that they can be pushed, encouraged,
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cajoled into helping the people of me. emma? i am still trying to hold onto the host because there are still so many things that international community can be do a but the problem is they are not doing anything at all. and even with the, you know, humanitarian crisis, they should be finding a cross border mechanism through ethnic areas to support internally displaced people who, you know, using local civil society groups. but they are not doing any of that. and when it comes to accountability measure, when it comes to stronger sanctions, or sanction zone while and get revenue, which is one of the biggest revenue income for the military, they could be putting sanctions on it. but, you know, there are so many meshes that international community can be taking. the problem is they're not doing any of that. of course we keep getting, you know, statements of all we are concerned. we are monitoring the situation,
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but we are way over the point now to condemn missions and everything just don't like it. and it's like for example, m o g it's, it's basically supported by the french and or taught is 992. since i'm military hunters all day since the time that we grew up. and then just finally right now, the sanction a part of the project of many projects. and there it is. so all the statements condemnation, yes. as i'm not representing on on the of anyone. no more citizen, i'm tired of it. if you, if you could phrase a sentence that you fill might actually provoke some action, what would that sentence be waiting? well, people in burn are risking their lives. they actually giving up their lives will freedom and democracy an international community. they don't even need to risk their life to help people in burma and they should be doing that. they don't need to risk their life. all they need to do is take effective action against the
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military who's been committing atrocities for many, many decades. and they should start doing, does deputy foreign minister will be your centers to provoke the international community. you have a platform right now, your sentence would be what it should be a little bit difficult, the nurse and the evaluation based on schuman detailed and ground, because situation in the country is very serious now. so please consider about it. see, that's me, moves out who is the deputy foreign minister as a national unity shadow government. thank you for joining us. mean wayne in really appreciate your take your perspective and your insight on what is happening in the amount right now and watching everybody. i'll see you next time pay can i use
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ah, ah, ah ah, something was going to change. anything really changed. this is the stomach virus that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the variance know what to say. so we are also looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line, when i was just around with sandy beaches,
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juicy cree shopping and low taxes could probably go island of high non become china's new hong kong. 11 east investigates on just iraq merger schools. it's big news in libya, but staging car bike rather. it comes with its own particular in our club, couldn't take part in the 2016 rally because we were fighting a war. and i'll just do a world travels to the libby and just to see how futon or we can be a unifying pull water country. lydia or rally for home on al jazeera with energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity.
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we can make it work for you and your bill. ah, me. hello lauren taylor, in under the top stories around his era, andrew castillo has been sworn in as peruse, new president after weeks of uncertainty following a disputed election in countries. 5th president in just 3 years. the home, a union leader and teacher to took a surprise need in the 1st round of the presidential election. and in june to see you narrowly defeated keiko food, you maury, in the runoff. she alleged irregularities in the vote, but the electoral body rejected her claims. castillo takes office of the several years of political.


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