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brain pulling into the western cape, so that's going to impact, keep down with a high of 15 degrees. elsewhere for botswana habit are only a high of 23 degrees on thursday. the a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blasts in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims, families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing amal and it wasn't all in one way or another. and they lee good wait for the joint reason for their for the full reports on the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes a police fin here,
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guys my empower in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net back out here. oh, the me. what's your, i'll just a reminder of our top story, is this all, theo has been sworn in as president of proof. he's a former union di didn't, and rural school teacher was promised to combat poverty and rewrite the constitution. been revealed that you knew the judges have become investigating 3 political policies on suspicion of receiving foreign funds among them and not just
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party in the coalition government. and then the left restrictions on travel from the united states and you from next monday. they won't have to contain fully vaccinated the head of the us and then pic team has praised simone biles decision to prioritize mental wellness of all else. the champion gymnast has withdrawn from another event and says she'll decide day by day about her participation in the rest of the games. and the richardson reports from tokyo. as one of gymnastics all time, great simone biles has repeatedly demonstrated her to termination and supporting excellence. at different aspects of that strong character has been in evidence during these olympics, 1st withdrawing in the early stages of the women's team final and then pulling out of her next gold metal competition on thursday bowels instead choosing to
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prioritize her mental health. i was just like, shaking could barely now i've just never felt like this going into a competition before. and i tried to go out here and have fun and warm up in the back when a little bit better. but then once i came out here, i was like, no mental, it's not there. so i just need to let the girls do it and focus on myself. all athletes arriving at the delayed olympics faced unique external pressures from dealing with unprecedented levels of social media scrutiny. to the fit of a positive cobit 19 test, boyles had also set a self, a task of becoming the 1st female gymnast. so when 5 gold medals at a single games, the athlete normally doesn't have a voice, nor does an athlete trust their voice. she not only has a voice which i love, but she also trust your voice and she knows she's going to get a little bit of backlash from fans. and, you know, people are like, how could you let your teen down or whatever, but the best thing she can do is shut off all this outside,
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chatter. anything that's not coming from her own head or from her support system need not need not be heard earlier this year. japan spool thing simply start and i me, i 2nd took a payment right from playing top level tennis. she said she no longer wants it to the press conferences in order to protect her mental health. she also admitted the having prolong bounce of depression ever since winning her 1st grand slam title in 2018. it brought a temporary help to her career, but did start an important conversation in her home country. think in japan, we don't. we still don't talk about mental health. and when now, meal soccer came out with the issue. there's been lots of comments, negative comments on her, and i believe that was also kind of exaggerated with the gender issue. after her unexpected loss. at these games, i saw cr admitted to ceiling weighed down by the pressure of playing in homer.
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lympics biles may yet compete in next week's individual event finals. regardless, this pair of champion athletes a leading the way in showing the world. it is okay to talk about mental lows as well as sporting highs. andy richardson, al jazeera, tokyo, the palestinian authority has shut down a media organization in the occupied westbank thing. the office don't have a license. it's comes amidst a recent crack down on a wave of protest that sol journalists being assaulted. i'm a senior national called it a deliberate campaign of repression to instill a climate of fear. the abraham reports from ramallah palestinian activist pincers and her husband obey aren't sure how to tell their children about their arrest by the palestinian police. early in july, obey was detained, had a protest against the palestinian authority. the police said that gathering didn't have a permit. when he told us that his detention she or soap was faulted and detained
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as he entered my 5 year old boy had always wanted to be a policeman. on his 6th birthday, he asked me for a costume after he saw the police assault me and release me at 3 am. he told me the police are scary, don't get me. that caused him took 14 a wave of protest against the palestinian authority that were broken up using excessive force. some journalists were banned from reporting, others detained and beaten, and a few said, they were section harass. it's unusual for report, there is to be wearing black jackets while covering protest in la city center, the security forces. and that's why it's up as fulton journalists, why they were reporting on demonstrations against the call. when you know for the reasons week the death of the prominent activists, while b as custody has worked. why home for reform paid of the palestinian president.
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apologize to the family of the activists. a good start says activists all my stuff, but he wants justice. he believe the palestinian authority is intimidating critics . you know, where he hasn't seen before, you know, cap, and unfortunately the police authority form to do to all in security coordination with his address. he spoke to federal officials who warned the current movement could be used to be stabilized the political system pushed by for an agenda. they added that some journalists are taking part, improved to these and to show that the dis, toughest faction with the palestinian authority is at its highest levels since it was established. despite the growing anger, the protest aren't expected to expand her mass is refraining from using its base in the us bank in any organized manner to participate. the reason for this, i think that's my own reading of why,
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how math is staying away from the demonstrations. and the expression of anger with the president and the p. i the fear of civil war. many political analysts say a street fight is imminent if there's a vacuum in the political system and seems like the spiral out of control. if plans for president bassett succession women vague. but he manages ita yoke replied with bang. nigerian court has acquitted the leader of a band. she a group of iraq of charges including murder, unlawful assembly and disruption of public peace. abraham zach zach. he had been in detention since 2015. he was arrested off the government forces stormed his vomit movement of nigeria compound, killed around $350.00 people. the group was banned and 2019 following demonstrations calling for success. he's released. i'm an intern has more from a boucher the genesis of this case was when following up the movement in nigeria
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located a major highway and prevented the people on the staff from passing on that road. that leads to the headquarters of the ship movement in nigeria. later, security forces comprising mainly of the german army, descended on the headquarters of the movement. and in a 2 day operation, she, members in nigeria said hundreds of their members killed and harley buried in mass graves after their leader lost an eye in the operation. and his wife was arrested and for 2 years his lawyer said they were held in detention without trial when eventually because the state government, where the incident happened, took over the case and prosecuted them. mister becky and his wife were granted bill several times, but the prosecuting, the prosecutors refused to grant mister vicki bail, and that has been a major source of contention since it's arrest and detention. they've been several
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protest by sheer members across nigeria in which dozens of people have been killed, including security forces, and she, members themselves. now, it's not clear whether the federal government will now take over the case because it was security members or. busy federal security member forces who arrested him in the 1st place. it's not clear whether this case will continue now or mr. execute will finally regain his freedom. since he's arrest in 2015. monsoon veins and bangladesh have triggered landslides in the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people, mostly children. the cooked apollo camp, and cox's bizarre, it's home to more than a 1000000 broken refugees from neighboring the in bar, alexia bryan reports in the pouring rain. people come to see what happened or salvage was left. the makeshift homes built from plastic sheets
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and bamboo poles had no chance when the muddy hillsides collapsed into range range . but one have been left and my sister went to the bathroom and after she returned the side of the hill came down. well, i have one nice and 2 nephews and my sister. my brother in law, along with the other family members, managed to get out of the shelter, but the clothes came down on those 4 and the shelter was damaged. 2 of them died and 2 others were injured like the powerful monsoon range caused a flood that reached roof height and some areas of the kuta column camp. more than 100 teens to see, to be washed away by the water. good of how long and bangladesh is the world's biggest refugee camp and the most densely populated. it's home to more than 1000000 wrangler who flayed a crack down by the military and neighboring miasma. it's overcrowded, basic, and prone to live live, been flooding. how may i have informed the people at least to be able to not comply
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with the request of the we will take alternate steps. not so much as we hope the population will be willing for the government says all the re hanging will be received as soon as possible. and that measures are being taken to minimize casualties caused by the annual rains. but right group say it's not enough that the flood prove once more how vulnerable to ringo refugees to the impact of climate change. many and now shall touring and mosques in school and facing the prospect of having lost their homes again. alex here brian al jazeera thursday marks the 69 birthday of thailand's king. he's one of the most protected monarchs in the world. the protests have been building, calling on the crown to be more transparent and accountable. tony chain reports the monarch walking freely amongst his loyal subjects, thailand, king harvard, you're a long corn. greeting the people at a walk about last year for
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a man who spent much of the rain outside thailand. it was part of a new engagement to bring him closer to his people. the ordinary ties. it's part of it's a 1000000 routine. oh my god, how long i've been taught to love the king. since i was young, i grew up with phrases like long live the king or i love the king. i grew up watching news about the monarchies household. i learned about the institution in school, people around me, love the king, but then i wondered, why do we love the king? then ger now rejects many of the official histories she was taught as a child, as do other young ties who are calling for reforms? protests have taken to the streets, demanding the roll, household be more transparent and accountable for many times it marked a huge change. i did the early disgust in private and now being talked about in public. but when protest has moved against the crown property bureau, the office that manages the king's enormous wealth,
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they found the streets blocked with shipping containers. when they moved towards the palace, they were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. protest leaders had been arrested and charged with less majesty the offense of insulting the monarchy that comes with a lengthy jail tow. since then, the protests of lamps, the di doubt that say pro monica, this is evidence that most time people have seen through the protests as an attack on the institution. the protest is want to abolish not reform. the liber colleagues don't forget demands that they've been asking for a deliberately aiming to bring down the monarchy, not to help improve the institution. so it's not surprising the not many people come out to support them. on the occasion of the king's 69th birthday, there's unlikely to be much pump for ceremony this year with coded restrictions in play, official celebrations of the king's birthday, likely to be very muted. but many people think once those restrictions lifted, protested calling for a reform of the monarchy could hit the streets once again. in recent months,
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the king has stayed out of the public eye. when he's been seen, he's relied on the queen for support. and despite his position of power, he appears to be a monarch unsure of his relationship with his subjects. tony ching, al jazeera bank of sales come on al jazeera and for the usa, men's basketball team get their 1st win of tokyo games. and it's a pretty big one. story coming up. ah, brought to you by accenture, that there be change the use
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with me. ah. duties by extension. let there be change. oh, a
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time now if it's bought his peter. thank you so much. 20 athletes from 7 countries, including athletics, powwows, kenya, and ethiopia, will not be allowed to compete in the trek unfilled events of this year. the lumpy games. 10 of those competitors from nigeria. and on wednesday, they were banned from competing in tokyo because they did not meet anti doping testing requirements in the lead up to the olympics. this does not, however, mean that all track and field athletes from those countries are banned. the head of the us olympic team has praised simone biles is decision to prioritize mental wellness over all else. the champion gymnast withdrew from tuesdays at team final off the one volt, and is now ruled herself out of thursdays. individual, all around events are focused on her mental health. and as of team us, they have spoken out in support of biles. mental health is so important. i encourage everyone to take the time to check in with yourself, and i work with
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a mental coach that i talk to on very frequently. and i think it's important to have that person to kind of be able to have a sounding board to vent, to, to cry, to, to work out, work through things with. we put people in athletes on, on a, on a high stage in so many people know or, but i think when you think about it, people forget about the day to day grind. it demands that all that height takes a toll on a person. it's not just the americans talking about simone biles, australia is ery, on sidmouth. sustaining of social media has helped her focus at the game so much. so she said a new and limping record in the pool in the 200 meters free. so that is her 2nd goal of the games. i don't know much about my bible, it's not for me personally, i've deleted every social media app off my phone. i think it's not just messages
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and everyone is really beautiful and it's good to look at it a little bit. it can sometimes be that overwhelming. so i'm only really speaking to my family a tiny bit, not that much a that, sorry. i just tried to not read anything because i think that adds external pressure. adrian mckenna, mon, is a sports psychologist. he says that needs to be more discussion around mental health in sport. this should have been going on 4050 years ago. shame is taking so long to get to this place. but regardless, it's so important if you of the average international app late. what is the biggest contribute to wherever they went? all they lose. i always say mental. i say the physical preparation is important, but largely there any maintaining the level and what really matters is how this is on the di and for days leading up to the event. and it's just so important. and yet we don't put enough effort into the training of it, but things are changing. you need to take it just as seriously as the physical
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training that take nature training, but tactics, training. if most international athletes will tell you that winning the guy and winning the competition is way more than 50 percent mental, then surely they should be training mentally. every single die. nice thing about mental training. you don't have to do it very long. it can be as little as 2357, maybe as much as 10 minutes. that's what needs to be, be consistent every day and it should be done with a professional. you don't ask an architect to help you make a garden and it's the same thing with mental skills. you should use a mental skills expert and do it consistently. fee. do you have one bath? rebecca lumpy gold medals with a 2712 victory of the new zealand in the rugby 7 final. the batch which is paid in an empty stadium was a reality check for what it's been like. hosting the games, doing a pandemic. and the richardson has more from the stadium in tokyo feet, he will not 1st ever olympic gold medal in 2016 in rio when the 7th game was
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brought into the olympics for the 1st time. and they retained their title incidentally, argentina, winning the bronze medal in that competition. and again, this event, a reminder of what these olympics could have been. this venue where so many games were played at the rugby world cup in 2019 such a massively popular event in japan. but for that final also was, was a few members of the media, a few officials and some pipes in crowd noise coming in through the loudspeakers. but that, of course, is the reality of hosting and olympics in the middle of a pandemic. again, let's go back to the top story now where 20 athletes from african countries. several african countries including a kenya and ethiopia, will not be allowed to take part in the track and field events. that's because they missed doping or n t doping tests. michelle broken is out, gave the former director of ethics and anti doping at u. k. sport. michelle. thank you tom. how surprising is this given that the olympic track and field events
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starting just a few days time? well, i think people will be surprised that an international federation's independent integrity unit has actually taken such really unprecedented and aggressive action in insisting the national federation play their part in preparing athletes for cr games and to be drug tested effectively. ok, how good or bad of a job in your opinion is the athletics integrity unit doing well. i think it's doing a very good job. i mean there is always doubt that an international federation is looking after its own people. but in this instance, it's quite clear that the, the criteria for qualifying for the olympic games was set out to include a level of drug testing. and that was an expectation that has not been forthcoming
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in certain countries. and therefore, 18 athletes of being rude and eligible to have been replaced. so that brings us up to the 20. so as i say, it's pretty unprecedented. and in a climate where there is also a testing program undertaken by the international and pick committee, it shows how strong we have to that extent triggered to unit really is being order with covered 19 doing the rounds. we do live in extraordinary times. how has the pandemic impacted anti doping procedures? well, there's been a significant impact because there hasn't been the level of testing going on. that one would expect, because the pandemic has prevented the face to face contact between testers and athletes. and therefore, that allowed suspicion to grow that somehow athletes must be cheating. and what
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confidence can we have that we're actually seeing drug free performances? so it's absolutely vital that that is that reassurance testing going on that that has been that late program of testing. so even if drugs have been used, we would catch those people who had cheating. so i think we needed that very strong response from sport from national and doping organizations and other organizations to make sure they're delivering. you know that the confidence level 2 s leads or michelle her can just one quick question in terms of the cleanliness of these games . how clean do you foresee them being at this stage? well, inevitably it's, it's the pinnacle of many athletes careers. there will be people who will be cheating. i just hope we're going to catch them and not spoil other people's chances at these games. or we're going to leave it there for now. michelle broken,
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thank you so much for your time. much appreciated. think okay, we're going to leave it there for now. i'll be here again in the $2100.00 gmc out with another sports news update, but that's it for now. him. all right, thank you very much for that, peter. now there's been no shortage of controversy at this years and then pick games. one of them involve the decision by south korea squad to bring its own shift . some people see that move as an insult to added to ready frayed relations added to rather. 5 already frayed relations between the 2 countries, rama brought reports from sol taking over a small hotel close to the athletes village in tokyo, south korean chefs prepare meals for their entire olympic team. it's aimed at keeping the more isolated during the pandemic, but also to make sure no local ingredients carry radiation from the fukushima
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nuclear plant disaster. 10 years ago. we have put more effort in this time because of the corona virus concern. and because people are quite sensitive over the origin of ingredients, such as those from fukushima, certainly the team members are all in favor of the special menu. because they screen the ingredients of it a more of us as i think it's safer. but the food program has irritated many in japan, which insists all its food is safe. given the long and troubled relationship between japan and south korea, it doesn't take much to bring goals animosities to the surface and the lympics is offered and full opportunities to do just that. dancing with the torch relay months ago. the official map of japan with the relay route showed a tiny group of eyelids which are disputed by the 2 neighbors as being japanese known as dr. in south korea, a banner proudly proclaiming them to be korean,
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hangs prominently opposite the japanese embassy. and so before south korea is winter olympics in 2018, the same islets were initially shown as being part of the korean peninsula. then a possible bridge building visit to tokyo by south korea as president moon. jane was ruled out amid a controversy over insulting remarks made by a senior japanese diplomat and back in the olympic village of banner, apparently evoking a 16th century korean victoria with japan had to be removed following complaints to old adversaries, proving they are happy to go head to head whether a lim pick, metals are involved or not. public bride al jazeera, so spot in politics. you really can't separate them. can you? don't forget, you can find much more on our website. and the address for that is al jazeera dot com. that is it from me, kim vanelle and the team here in doha for the al jazeera news. our don't go away
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though, our team in london now european board consent in fact, will be here in just a moment with plenty more of the day. the next time, ah, news news, news, news, news all this on the united day to then it's 20 year military present enough kind of done with what is known for the country. 11 piece showcase. if you're dealing trailblazing environmental policy, able to read the country of all present, bringing awareness conservation. if it hit hard by the pandemic,
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can you hold the naming ceremony for it? magnificent, giant witness showcase of award winning documentary. the bring word issues into focus through human stories with political and economic tension driving down be a hope to the pope as a company to define the future. august on a just commented beyond. well, the taken without hesitation often died for carla. finds out a lot of new babies where i didn't think it's neglected babies to death, people empower, investigate, exposes, and question. they used to be of our around the globe on al jazeera, something was going to change. anything really changed. this is systemic violin that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in
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a race against the area and know what to say. we are also looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details, the bottom line, when i was just there, am i on an unlikely rise to power in peru, where a rural teacher and political outsider has been sworn in as the countries president ah, nor entitle this is andrew 0 life and on the also coming up security forces, keep the peace and to news year as it's revealed, the biggest political party isn't the center of an investigation driven out by war .


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