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making a healthy, a world for you. everyone. oh, be the hero world needs ah washer. in. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hi there. i'm kim vanelle. this is the new, the all law from up coming up in the next 60 minutes. proved whereas in the new president's federal kasteel valves to make big reforms, but he faces the fear, position. security forces, keep the peace into new z as it's revealed the because the political party is at the center of an investigation and the intense public pressure. you can say is
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a lift, quarantine restriction. so fully vaccination people from the u. s. and the e u, it rides group the queue, the palestinian authority of cracking down on the media song on, on the richardson at the tokyo olympics, west star gym. now simone biles has pulled out of a 2nd event in order to focus on her mental health. ah. after weeks of uncertainty following a disputed election, petro castillo has been sworn in as proof, new president. before my union leader and rural teacher took a surprise, lead in the 1st round of the presidential election, then in june because they are narrowly defeated cake or food. you maury, the runoff, she alleged irregularities bought the electoral body rejected her complaints. feels left one party wants to rewrite the constitution and address inequality said i will,
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that amount of gum. this is the 1st time that our country shall be governed by a peasant, a peasant, like many of the peruvians, and is from the suppressed classes. it's the 1st time that a popular party formed in the interior of the country are here. democrats on either castillo, comes from outside to room for the school establishment until a few months ago, he was a little known union activist and teacher from a rural region. in the north, he had to family now leave the mud brick home for the presidential palace. he was elected on the back of several years of political instability, marked by protests against corruption. castillo is the 5th president in 3 years. opponents accuse his left wing of free peru policy of having historical links to the shining path armed group. he denies any such thing. it is promised to seek consensus by the other. joins us now live from li ma marianna sanchez. that is marianna. there's a lot of pressure on this incoming presidential this now president to live up to
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his promises. what exactly has he promised? well, he had promised a lot of things during the campaigns. kim ramos that went from changing the constitution to nationalizing industries and expropriating some industries as well . he tone down. he changed his narrative as he was getting closer and closer to the run of election. and he has completely changed this so far in his speech as it is really the 1st time that we hear him after the run of election. when he talks about the main issue, he has been addressing throughout this more than half hour that you've been speaking in congress about the pressing issues that the forgotten people's from peru chase a he has talked about giving a bonus to the poor people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic,
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he talked about creating a 1000000 new jobs in she's, in his 1st year of his precedence. he, he also talked about in declaring education in the state of emergency. children improve, have not gone back to school yet because of the pandemic. it will be 2 years before they go back and then he talked about waters for everyone, which is very important because millions and millions of peruvians live in the capital. we're more than a live 11000000 through peruvians live on the up from the hills. they don't have water, they don't have to, which he has promised water for everyone. people have to wait for water tanks to go up the heel and they have to pay a lot of money to have water. so this is a very important issue that he has mentioned. and another of course, credits for a for poor people to buy homes. and also another very important thing that she will
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support the popular kitchens. these are the kitchens that draw the women that joined together in poor neighborhoods to cook together to feed their families because they don't have enough money to feed it to feed their families themselves. so there are only 2000 popular kitchens here in lima, but they are throughout the country. and this is a very important way for people to be able to eat something of crucial her stops. now, how will he do that? how will he do all these changes? well, it will be difficult not only with, with an appeal, it will it be an uphill battle. i think he will have to to go through road blocks because the congress, which is needed to pass all these reforms he wants to do is led by the opposition. the opposition has one. he was unable to form a coalition to direct congress. and so he will have to deal with the right
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wing opposition congress with many people from those legislators and, and, and politicians from those ranks who have in the past few weeks, even called the for a kuda top. this is the strong opposition that he will have in congress. so all these promises we will see if he will be able to deliver him. all right, thank you. marianna sanchez across developments there from lima. was jason ma. zach is director of the electric account souls. adrian, osh, latin america center, he joins us live from washington, d. c, via assume that. thank you for your time. as a correspondent, marianna was saying the congress is fractured. no single party has a majority, but rather an opposition lives has control. what do you think that's going to mean for the new president pedro casteel? well, i think today is of course, historic day and group, of course,
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because you're ticked officer presidency less than 10 days after he's actually declared, president elect and the proving congress. as we've seen over the course of the last couple years, the last years specifically has really found its power shortage muscle. and so far as we're moving presidents had the state of which we didn't agree with with him not having any type of majority of the opposition coalition, leading the proving congress. it's really, i think, force present castillo tap to try to temper some of his messages. some of his plans because of the opposition, he's going to run into, into the proving congress not only for his implementation of the agenda, but also to ensure the continuation of his presidency. the he doesn't fall victim as many of his predecessors have recently to being thrown up by the caribbean congress and the casino gave his his maiden speech just in the past hour. what were your sort of main takeaways from what he had to say? what kind of door does it tell us about how he plans to approach his presidency?
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why i think he's approaching this presidency his campaign page, because he was a political nearby. nobody knew who the name pedro castillo until a few months ago. he has to approach his presidency from a who, as his campaign was doing what he can for the peruvian people. approving people who feel forgotten for quite some time in peru. but that's only been magnified because of code. i think it's pretty important for your viewers to know the crew has the world's highest cobra death. rich people are suffering tremendously from coverage in peru is vital, or he was just as it, his challenger to the campaign for more vaccination or vaccination, improved by the new year. that is going to be fundamental important that the us centrally a few weeks ago to billy dos, the pfizer and i was to my supervisor vaccine. approve is getting back in some other places. well, those vaccines are fundamental distribution. those vaccines are fundamental and it's, it is critical that those vaccines reached not just the wealthy,
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whether they reach the poor, the forgotten, the ones who have been suffering the most. and the most of the panoramic some have had, you know, quite serious fear is that the new president is so far to the less that he may in fact be communist. why a people worried about that? and how was he tried to lay those fizz? well that, that was going into the 1st round of voting. his message was much more on the extreme elements talking about your correspondence. noted talking about nationalization of different firms, talking about wholesale remake, the proving constitution. now in order to gain those necessary, the 2nd row, he moderated his message to appeal to a border group of previous a question now is how he actually governed who will actually be pulling the levers behind him. that is, that is unclear without a long standing political career. how will he govern what,
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who will be influential and making his decisions that is all going to then figure into what his actual plan of action and that, and again, to your earlier comments, what happens with regards to proving congress? what can you actually move forward and the congress, but he knows the history of his country. he's seeing what's happened to heads of state that came at loggerheads with approving congress. and i hope correspond to avoid that. all right, thank you very much for your, for your time, for your analysis there. jason mazacco. there is a new turn into new z as political crisis with revelations 3 parties are being investigated. the judiciary investigation was opened almost 2 weeks before president said used emergency pals to dismiss the prime minister and freeze parliament, though the case doesn't appear to be linked to size actions. it puts more pressure on the president's main. opponents judges are looking into with it in order the largest party in the governing coalition and others wrongly received phone funds
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before elections back in 2019. he was reco new. she is a spokeswoman for another. she says her party rejects the allegations of receiving foreign funds. these are not the new applications. these have been raised by rival policy many years ago and repeatedly and being responded to him and not has always submitted the financial report to the court as required by law to do this quite strict inside the funding and, and not the his we comply with the rule and has always been the policy to submit all the financial records and account within the legal deadline of the many policies, including the puppies, making allegations who have failed to do the thing and never been any
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evidence of such for funding a number does not receive any for funding funding is from a member and we continue to call on the president to rebut the legal and unconstitutional measures the the they all agree danger, democracy and security. and this is the position of not thought a new political party, the junior and the organization who have all going to that the move on constitutional and have called for a return to respect of the constitution as soon as possible. thank you. my head on the news all, including trying to find a way out by land or by sea. you look at the increasing number of africans fleeing the fighting. thailand's king is hoping to reconnect with the people on his birthday, but many want to move beyond the monarchy and its force. how releasing social media
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helps this women break and live his record in on the intense pressure, england has decided to allow fully vaccinated european union and us travelers into the country without the need quarantine. the restrictions will be lifted from next monday. the local media have been reporting that british prime minister boss johnson with keen to relax the meshes the u. s. has also been under public pressure to live restrictions for some people coming into the country. we're going to don't hendrick in a moment, football on that, but 1st let's go to john la jonah, rather haul, who's in london, jonah, so the tourism industry and the asian industry must be very happy about this news. i think it's a very big deal for them. they put a lot of pressure on the government to make these changes to open up travel more widely. that it had been opened up in the last couple of weeks telling the government that they were thousands of jobs on the line that they were sectors of
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the industry that faced bankruptcy. if they didn't, it is a big deal for tourism. the majority of inbound tourism to this country comes from the you and the united states. and so yes, that will be very please bars. johnson will be pleased as well. he was worried that the, the u. k. risk losing out in the flow of tourism from the united states to its neighbors in the people prefer to go to capital capital like a roman parish because they weren't able to travel here without warranty. well, that's all changed now, u. s. and e u citizens can now escape quarantine at traveling in to england. the other nations of the u. k. will likely follow suit in due course quite apart from the issues that he raises in terms of the potential import of new and dangerous variance is a great paranoia here about that. and the loose thing a board is, will raise some questions there. there is a course, the question of reciprocity. does it mean that travel is therefore opened in both
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directions with the e. u. it pretty much does. most european countries now are allowing brits in without too much difficulty with the u. s. though that he's not the case and as much as this may have been a sort of olive branch and attempt to engender some goodwill with the, by the ministration on opening up travel. i think we're going to hear from john in a moment. that is not immediately anyway. likely. thank you for that. jonah, however, and london, and we are now going to go to john hendrick, who is in washington dc. john, is there any pressure in the us to make this a 2 way deal with travelers from england? well, joe biden would like to do that. he recently declared the virus on the run. he's been under a lot of pressure from airlines and from international leaders to loosen those restrictions, which are outright bands for many countries, including in europe in the u. k. the virus hasn't cooperated and neither have
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a number of americans. the number of cases in the past 2 weeks has risen. a 145 percent. the number of deaths have risen in the u. s. a 6 percent in the past couple of weeks and 83 percent of those cases are the new delta variant, which is said to have originated in india, which not surprisingly, was the last country the u. s. added to its travel band in may, is a matter of fact, things seem to be largely going the other way. the veterans administration just became the 1st federal agency to require people to be vaccinated within 8 weeks or potentially lose their jobs. and that's what's happening all over the country. the us house of representatives now has a masked mandate. biden is now considering a vaccine mandate for all federal workers. and there are states california new york that are requiring people to either be vaccinated or to have regular testing. i believe it's on a weekly basis. companies,
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private companies like google or requiring their employees to be vaccinated. and of course mask restrictions are increasing. now the centers for disease control here in the u. s. is recommending indoor mask wearing in hot spots across the nation. and i can tell you right here at al jazeera in washington dc. when i leave this isolated booth, i'm going to pop this on. so we, we seem to be going the other way here, and it looks like those travel restrictions aren't going to go away anytime soon. all right, thank you for that. it's john hendrick in washington. d. c. a mass covered 19 vaccination drive has been launched in tanzania, and a shift of policy president saw me a solution. ha san got her. johnson and johnson, jeff predecessor, they john mega foolish skepticism had played down the virus. he died in march of heart complications. catherine sawyer reports many times, and he and watched this moment with mixed feelings,
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that presidents amused who has been getting how covet 19 johnson and johnson injection a clear departure from the policies implemented by how predecessor john munger fool who died in march from heart problems was one of the handful of wild leaders who downplayed the threat of the pandemic and shined world health organization coals for masks and social distancing. he also rejected vaccines, insisting the disease could be dealt with by prayer and local remedies. when president hassan was warning, she said things would change. mean me man, i am a mother of 4 children, a grandmother, a wife, and a president, and commander in chief of townsend. you know, i would not take the vaccine and sacrifice my life if it was harmful. when i have all these responsibilities and people who depend on me, the countries in its 3rd wave of the disease officially has so far recorded only 29 deaths and 858 cases. this is the beginning of
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a national vaccination campaign. health workers, the elderly, and boost with underlying conditions are on the priority least tons. india has received more than a 1000000 johnson and johnson. those is the native by the us through the world health organizations. callbacks initiative. not only we are not late because even other developing nations like europe, usa, still vaccinating. so i think we all came to me if you got more of a cleaning and the others will be said to take it and those who will not like everyone else. it's a personal decision. now in africa only every track and balloons are not vaccinating, but fewer than 2 percent of the african population has been jobs and it's highly unlikely the continent will meet a w to target vaccinating 10 percent by september. this is partly because of a shortage of accents blamed on western nations holding millions of doses and anti vaccine sentiments often fueled by conspiracy theories and mistrust. i'm not 20th
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on my site because they both go to the side effects. so the like in, in the menu room of the modem. so i think i'll dread the look and see what happens to them. and that's, and i'll be ready. all be willing to panza near is while behind many countries in vaccination, rape by the government said it has set aside $470000000.00 to secure more duties and hopes to inoculate 60 percent of its population. as soon as possible, captains only algae 0. ah afghan president ghani has been outlining his vision for the future of the country . the speech was light on detail about how our government plans to counter territorial gains by the telephone, which haven't continued to be significant. charlotte bellis results from campbell.
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the northern city of telecom is surrounded by telephone fighters, but more than one month, it's people have withstood waves of attacks residence now armed and afghan security forces are united in trying to keep vices out of the city. well, maybe if i want to go to the making us, i hope i'm not captured. we've been attacked more than 10 times here and we've beaten them and push them back. don't lose your morale, and it is governance the telephone no control lodge areas of rule less ghana stone, including more than half of the countries districts as africa, security forces attempt to slow the televisions. momentum in a nationally televised address. president ghani, had a message of diplomacy with articulated a widely supported program for a bridge from an all out war to judge and lasting peace. to a political setting. we do not see
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a military solution. we firmly believe in a political solution ghani, the former finance minister, and a former world bank economist, spoke extensively about the economy less about the war than ravaging his country and about a 3rd of the government's revenue comes through border crossings. it is loss more than $33000000.00 in the past month after the taliban seized 7 crossings. the largest is here in spin bolduc. after 2 weeks, it is just reopened to trade. naturally, we are scared because conditions are bad. we are afraid of going into afghanistan, but there is no other way out for us. there are no other jobs for us here in the border region. 2 hours away in kandahar city residents have had enough. there has been fighting and a strike from the cities outskirts in the last week. these people were demanding both sides agreed to cease by. the growing insecurity is leading to an
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increase in the number of africans who are leaving the country the you in to 20 to 30000 to sling every week. there are also thousands of africans who worked with the us government who wait to hear if they will be on a vacuum ration flight. in the coming days. charlotte bell is on $20.00, couple the conflict and have gone to san is driving hundreds of people to make a perilous journey to europe for safety and shelter. turkey has detained a boat, carrying more than 230 refugees in the g. and c. officials believe the group is mainly african refugees were on their way to italy. and recent weeks, many africa and migrants have been reaching turkey through iran. same console reports from the city event near the border. going to the 76 african boys were caught by turkey soldiers trying to cross the border from iran into turkey. they had walked for weeks relying goes smugglers to take them,
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forced the rug monitoring. they were desperate to escape the bombings and fighting in afghanistan. they now face being deported to iran, but they have no regrets and they said they'd do it all again. if they had a chance of reaching turkey's big cities and then maybe on to your, for those who manage the lead, the turkish forces on the border and the police in the city. it's time to move on. they split up into smaller groups, so as not to draw attention to themselves, but all have a story to tell the hello, polished college and came here. if i stayed, i had to join the war. then my parents leave the country, not the taliban recruits young man and you get killed him. although most of these young gas gas have been caused by the smugglers. they paid to help them leave afghanistan and now they have no money left on it. we agreed on $750.00 with a smuggler and already paid $500.00. the rest was to be paid when we reached
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assemble, but i had no more money. so they left me on the street. kirk is now ramped up security measures that a border with iran. these migrants are station in so called safe houses. the police called them shock houses waiting for the right moment to continue their journey. the smugglers take money every day. if the afghans don't pay, they get kicked out. there's no escape. doors are locked. that is totally, i left up kind of stand because of war and misery, the taliban, a beating and forcing my parents to cook royal food for them. and here we are of 2 meals a day by the smuggler. i get there about 35 people in this one house, including women and children. there is little air and no privacy. families are reluctant to talk on camera. my shirt moment came to turkey to work until the board is get open, then moved to europe to support our family. i worked in iran for 6 months and have been here for 10 days. normally the smuggler says we need to wait here until the
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security measures 30. all of us was tolerable. it is not safe anymore. there is poverty and misery. people cannot pursue their normal lives anymore. enough gone is done. last year, 6 to $1.00 asylum seekers on board. a fishing boat died after they both capsized in lake van and other 40 migrants has died this year. this is the cemetery of the nameless, the migrants who wanted to escape bullets and butchery in their own country. but who fell victim to whom and traffickers, the spice, all vis, ventures he is growing an afghan, his son, there will now be many more people who are prepared to risk their lives in the hope of finding something better elsewhere. see now because solo al jazeera von turkey, a group of former u. k. defense officials has written a letter to the government, asking it to do more to help relocate scan interpreters and all the stuff who helps the troops and your 7th has more from london. they have have
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a hitching words as well for the u. k. prime minister barak johnson. they talk about interpreters in particular as being people who stood shoulder to shoulder with soldiers in the battlefield and saved many lives now being treated in a really bad way. talking also of this implied threat has to be a review on the numbers being brought to the u. k. to seek sanctuary. this is part of the left. any former afghan interpreters who were murdered by the taliban because they've been left behind the behind because of the withdrawal would be a dishonor which would fall squarely in the feet to the feet of the u. k. u. in other words, the government's fault. now among the signatures, with letter for former members, chief of staff to form a heads of the british army, a former national security adviser, and also a former defense minister who served in helmand. the,
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the issue isn't just to do with interpreters, but also other civilians working for the army such as gardeners such as cooks a number of other and their families as well because there's no doubt about it. their lives are endangered now. so the head on al jazeera, pouring more misery on the live rang killed in landslide, to the world's biggest refugee camp. and in sports, great persons rose, find themselves in trouble forces. they head off course. during the final special menu for south korea's olympics, team of leaving a bitter taste for the japanese health. the me hello from della here's your forecasts for the middle east. them. we're in the thick, the heat look at some of these temperatures. q $849.00 degrees, but
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a bit of a shame all going on. nothing major, but you will start to feel the impact and don't just a bit as that when moves to the northwest and then to the northeast. talking about when for southern areas of pockets, don, karachi, the risk of sand and dust orange in the days ahead be well toward the north rain will be the stories to the hor, hiv $29.00 degrees. some heavier downpours can be expected as well. after turkey, we've got to talk about our javion, the flooding going on there more than 200 people force from their homes. turkey has declared this a disaster and there is some more rain in the forecast on thursday for the northeast corner of the country. not falling at the same intensity as it has over the last few days, but still more rain to come off to central africa. and we're seen our storms flare up, where we would expect over the ethiopian highlands through sudan, south sudan, juba high of 32 degrees on thursday. further to the south, sam, we're talking about some brain pulling into the western cape. so that's going to
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impact keep town with a high of 15 degrees. elsewhere for botswana habit are only a high of 23 degrees on thursday. the a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blasts in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want to compute just how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support. let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing alone there was any move in one way or another membership in an illegal way before join me for their, for the full report. on else with the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we.


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