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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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more than one way or another on the ship and league wave, or join me santa, for there for the full reports on i o l. g 0 way as a whole. i through swears in the village school teacher as president pedro castillo is already facing default position. ah, i'm kimbell, this is their law from the home office coming up. security forces keep the peace into nicea as it's revealed the biggest for the school policy is that the center all that investigation trying to find a way out by land or by sea. we look at the increasing number of african sleep
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fighting, and surrounded by more devastation rang, killed and land funds, the world's biggest refugee camp. ah, her new president edward castillo, has been sworn in in the capital lima. these are live pictures from the peruvian congress. kasteel swearing in follows weeks of uncertainty after a disputed election result. kasteel took a supply 1st place in the 1st round of the presidential election in april. then in june, kasteel defeated cape fuji maury by just 44000 votes in the runoff. she alleged to irregularities, but the electoral body rejected her complaints. custio's left wing party wants to rewrite the constitution and address inequality. federal funding is are in the but for the inauguration.
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ok, so as i say, live pictures from the peruvian congress in lima. as we continue watching these pictures i spring in marianna sanchez who was standing by for us also in lima and marianna. this is a big moment for pedro castillo, offer tricky a few weeks after a tricky few weeks. but there's a lot of history behind it. he's fun. he see you're taking over the government's a can because today, march the 200 anniversary of the independence from the colonialist of spanish colonialism, peru and throughout the republic. the leaves have ruled throughout the republic. and now for the 1st time, it is a farmer, a person that comes from one of the poorest, the 3rd poorest district in peru,
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who's thinking over the presidency. we can see how humble his family use. they have come with their house to his parents. are people who don't know how to read and write, he's wife is a teacher like really, to cathy your. he house is one. this in this presidency is because of the clamor of the demands of millions and millions of peruvians who wanted the who want change meals for who younger who feel left behind and who have voted for change. the big question will be, will she be able to deliver on those promises of change, especially now that he has really begun with the left foot here in congress where he is right now. taking his oath, he has promised that he will change the constitution. something that he will not be
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able to do without congress and he has lost this 1st the battle in congress. she was unable to form a coalition that will favor him with people from either the party she represents or dots or parties that are allies with the party. he represents. it is an all opposition leadership in congress that will not accept and have said before that they will not accept a change in the constitution. so there's, there are, there's not only a tough road ahead. i think there are going to be road blocks for this new president to be able to govern kim, but on it's interesting, isn't it? because pedro castillo is now kind of seen as the outsider, but it was his opponent cake or food mores. father. back in 990, he was then seen as the outsider. now keiko is the insider and castillo is the as we say, former teacher. 1 the son of peasant farmers, he's the one who's coming in from the outside promising sweeping reforms. we're now
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just going to listen in as he addresses the nation in dina public. livia or chilly ecuador, this in the finance and his majesty the king of spain. they noticed precedence and told them what might be our people from the present. ladies and gentlemen, but one that are the republican peru randall. i missed him. i was in the i felt by greeting my brothers the my ancestors of this country. my brother, the model of my brothers and teaches us from the catch will be a matter of i want all of their,
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my own drugs. she, we not, my brothers maybe jose, kansas is a through i b as in k, randall in the symbolic day of the 200 century 200 years on the independence of peru. i'm very proud to be here today. they don't big other than what i'm on when i say just don't spite the fact that we commemorate such a state only our history must have been a comes from so long before that for me line us we just want to find out we have 5000 years zation land was
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important, you will state such as the quality were created and it was on the land you maybe during knowing for him and money ancestors found the way to the problem or not. and to live in harmony with the rich, rich and vitally ivy aspect where you got on until they came from cafeteria. more people to really be your domain to the us when you don't know what i'm using, that in a moment of the union to create part of the state and then took over the central andy destruction of the income. you can really not. this is condition that
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different people that sort of exist today in your payment of being let me know interest the lead on the list. that roy, you know, that the kingdom of spain allow the riches to be stolen together with the cooperation of many of us that the one time i didn't know that injustice was not ended in the old man. and i'm, i already a little study in many of the invitation of people what being terminated. 40 years later, the independence of the kingdom of spain, when i'm in 1821 didn't turn those in on the chief a better living for the peruvians. and we were 2nd
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citizens along with time, one of the previous people were one and then came china and japan who helped us to become richer, but it wasn't without pain. and you're in the room for the band on the 20th century with interesting and i'm, i need more to wherever you live in the amazon many people, if it all works in the place and, and violence show you what i mean, you see
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a lot more just in previous is just 7 to many peasants and countable. peruvians continued giving you a save a little trouble ticket that it know are going to all adults could, could express the boat, follow the process. ok. and what is the right which in 1992 was rated by the coupon. they leave them in salary, but a lot of regular leaving us that we've been added until today. we are most some of the regulations are still in for him, but thanks to the popular vote today and the time when i was a government for people and it has it's here to
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take it to rule for the people and by the people that went on the 1st time that our country shall be governed by a peasant little person who like many of the peruvians, is from the suppressed classes modeling any time that a popular party may interior the country head. democratically in my mind, a country teacher is chosen to be the constitutional president of the republic. but i'm just a moment and you know, this is a great honor for me. i want you to know that the reform is in your time being. so he told. busy us that by i'm also
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a country son of this country. and to the swiss of my ancestors. i'm here and shooting opportunity. my parents gave me i to lee any read for you that did my my like a sample code of the country. i'm thinking in the early morning and i don't know the history of just so long has been silenced, is also my history. when i run what i was charged your, you're still, you know, who started in a school in the countryside. and today, you know, in order history, you don't get amy, but i want you to know that you have my word amos,
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i will not afford you and we will not afford, you know, leave me a little line fight against pandemic, of covered 19 maintainable health and life which will be just fine, but will challenge to fight over 19, which is no country hard. and i don't want to forget on this occasion for the many peruvians no longer with us and that we're not able to, my more he miss them. and in, on a month memory, this will be a priority in the virus. they did not finish it, but i'm sure that we will read it was 3 in the move forward. and we will
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construct a 40 and listening to people and putting the women peruvian 1st. they don't have a moment see me where we are going to have to also show that all of the people vaccinated in the, in the different time as possible. last a little earlier on the health in our country will be something fundamental they, they got a funded mental right, which the government will remain up pretty sure on the will be the 1st file she had begun to mention. even if we will not recreate a universal system of health, which will be decentralized when you're applying for medical care in order to help to come to
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a local what am i feel and we will be in your study. and so that 5000 to help 71 a created to no family in the room. it will not have a medical cover. you know, they came to the future in the term of my mandate or into one of the be regional and was in which they'll be the children, hospital, maternal hospitals, tropical medicine and local health. but up on level one, in order to achieve all of the to again have home have we have to work throughout all levels of the government over and for this i
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call on regional government leaders to indicates where these hospitals will be built. and we will start furthermore, with the construction, you know what i hope to so instead of one guy said to me, not them, but i leave in the you. we have to give you the, the centralizing of the message that most people have come to lima for medical treatment. we've actually been run by the menus, women addressing congress having been sworn in. i started by thanking his fellow teachers. he of course, was a, a country teacher himself, made note of the symbolism of the day 200 years since the independence of peru said
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it was a governmental would be a government to rule the people by the people. he said, this is the 1st time the government has been led by a peasant really made a law about his background, being a man of the people and said that the fight against the pandemic would be his 1st big challenge. let's bring in money on a sanchez saw, a correspondent who is joining us now. live from lima for money. what stood out to you from what pedro castillo had to say in his maiden speech? well, so far, he must he steal speaking. it's very interesting. he had this very, the very beginning of his speech, talking about how peruvians for centuries have been left behind, especially the pest and the farmer, peasants of peru, interestingly, that he has talked about spain. and how today is the anniversary of the bison. the bicentennial anniversary of the independence from the colonialists from spanish
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colonialists. and just yesterday, she was having a meeting with the king of spain. king philippe. so it's very interesting, very symbolic, if you will, that he's the, the, the king of spain has come to salute this new precedent who comes from those who are left behind for centuries in the country. that i think is very important for us to you. and also very important for many peruvians who see it that it could be their chance for someone because that comes from one of the poorest districts in the country and knows the hurdles that people have to have every single day to each is mainly a no one understand that he will, will not forget them. another thing, i think that's very important, and he was just mentioning the, is this, is that he's a priority in his government will be the pandemic. it's very interesting that he mentioned this now because he had mentioned this throughout the campaign,
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and in the past few weeks since we were waiting for the electoral commission to decide who was, who had won the presidency. now he has spoken about the pandemic and that it will be the priority in his government. it is very important because he has not only said that the priority number one a but to number 3 has to be the pandemic. as late as opinion poll says about what proved one from this new president and 75 percent of peruvian se if health he has said also, but he will take a lot of care about the health issues. because when we started the pandemic as everyone else in the world, the peruvians found out that there were for 33000000 peruvians only a 140. i see you beds for the whole country. so that is just a show of how. how fragile is the health care system and how important it is for
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the, for god, and for the poorest people of the do to have good health care. so this, this, i think a very to important point that he has that he has said at the beginning of his speech, mariana, we should remind our view is that federal castillo won the election by rays within margins, which obviously a lot of people who haven't bored into his agenda, just remind of you is of the social and the economic context in peru that broad kasteel to power man with no previous government experience. that's right. no previous government experienced and mangy, nearly unknown to most peruvians. although he have been a member of our center right to a party, a few years ago, the leader of, of us national teachers strike 4 years ago. he was mainly unknown to everyone.
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so how was it possible that he has won the presidency? it is because he went from one town to another enough small little towns in rural remote areas of peru telling people that he wanted to bring change that she wanted to bring up. he said in she's modo, no more poor peruvians in a rich country. so he has gone and that message has been very important and has made people who don't, who didn't know anything about him to vote for him. because also there was a huge anti corruption vote in the country. more than 50 percent of peruvians did not want to vote for cake. he morty, her, of his opponent a, his rival in the presidency. she is. she had lost 2 times for the same reason, with nearly the same margin of
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a boat. 42000 votes in the last election of 44000 both in this election. so there was, there was a combination of factors that made for the a wind 1st because take for he, marty is highly unlikely. many among many in the country. and then because you have this, this message of change of a new constitution, which he probably won't be able to do or, or deliver. but that's what people think that people think that if the constitution is changed bay what their lives will, it will change, the laws will help them have a better prospect of a future. so. so this is how they steal from coming from and from from being nearly unknown house for the presidency. ok, all right, thank you very much for that money on the sanchez, they live for us in lima. there's a new turn into new z as political crisis with revelations,
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3 parties are being investigated. the judiciary investigation was opened mid this month, foremost 2 weeks before president car side used emergency pals to dismiss the prime minister and freeze parliament. though the case doesn't appear. links to sites actions and puts more pressure on the president's made opponents judges all looking into whether not the largest party in the governing coalition and all those wrongly receive foreign funds before elections in 2019 you chart. and richie is a spokeswoman for another. she says the party rejects the allegations of receiving foreign forms. these are not the new applications. these have been raised by rival policy many years ago and repeatedly and have been responded to them and not always permitted financial report to the quotes as required by law. to do this quite the strict inside of the funding and,
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and not the has always comply with the rule and has always been the policy to submit all the final records and account within the legal deadline to many policy, including the puppies, making allegations who have failed to do the same and never been any evidence of such for funding and number does not receive any for funding funding from members. and we continue to call on the president to rebut the illegal or unconstitutional measures the the they all agree danger to democracy and dependency security. and this is the position of thought and new political party. and organizations who have all going to that these move
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unconquered usual and have called for a return to respect of the constitution as soon as possible. oh, the afghan presidents been outlining his vision for the future of the country. but i'm sure i've gone these speech with ally home detail about how the government plans to count the territorial gains by the telephone. shala bells reports from cobble the northern city of telecom is surrounded by telephone fighters, but more than one month, it's people have withstood wave. the tech's residence now armed and afghan security forces are united in trying to keep vices out of the city. oh, maybe if i want to go to the making us, i hope i'm not captured. we've been attacked more than 10 times here and we've beaten them and push them back. don't lose your morale. what it is getting is the
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telephone, no control lodge areas of rule less ghana stone, including more than half of the countries districts as africa, security forces attempt to slow the televisions. momentum in a nationally televised address. president ghani, had a message of diplomacy with articulated a widely supported program for a bridge from an all out war to jesse and lasting peace, to a political set. and we do not see a military solution. we firmly believe in a political solution ghani, the former finance minister, and a former world bank economist, spoke extensively about the economy lace about the war, the ravaging his country, and about a 3rd of the government's revenue comes through border crossings. it is loss more than $33000000.00 in the past month after the taliban seized 7 crossings. the largest is here in spin bolduc. after 2 weeks,
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it is just reopened to trade. naturally, we are scared because conditions are bad. we are afraid of going into afghanistan, but there is no other way out for us and there are no other jobs for us here in the border region. 2 hours away in kandahar city residents have had enough. there has been fighting and a strike from the cities outskirts in the last week. these people were demanding both sides agreed to cease by. the growing insecurity is leading to an increase in the number of africans who leaving the country the you in to 20 to 30000 to fleeing every week. there are also thousands of afghans who worked with the us government who waiting to hear if they will be on a vacuum ration flight. in the coming day. charlotte balanced on 20 cobble. and jerry and court has acquitted the leader of a band. she a group of a ross of charges including murder, unlawful assembly, and disruption of public peaks. abraham zach zaki has been
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a detention since 2015. it was arrested off the government forces, stormed his islamic movement of nigeria compelled and killed around $350.00 people . the group was banned and 2019 following demonstrations calling for his relief. 3 armenian soldiers have been killed during fighting with a very forces. it happened in the corner of the region where the countries fought a war last year. as well as john's defense ministry accused armenian forces of what he called provocations that its army would continue to retaliate. england will allow fully vaccinated european union and u. s. travelers into the country without the need quarantine restrictions will be lifted from monday and destroyed a whole explain. this could be an important step and reopening england to tourism. the big change here is that since the 19th of july, when travel restrictions began to be used in this country, along with the wider reopening people who received their vaccines in this country
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were allowed to travel app to post the countries and elsewhere and travel back without having to quarantine if they received the vaccines in this country, those who received vaccines elsewhere on the other medical authorities still have to undergo quarantine. the big changes i say is that they are now the government recognizing people who've had their vaccines in the u. s. and e u countries and allowing them all except those in france for the time being to come into this country and escape quality. it's a big, big deal for the tourism industry and effectively is the firing gun on the resumption of international tourism. the vast majority of inbound tourism to this country comes from the u. s. and the u. it's also of course, a game changer for you and us citizens living in england for the time being the other nations of the u. k. will follow suit who folks, since the beginning of the pandemic, really haven't been able to welcome into this country, their friends and family from abroad to reasons for this next stage in the
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reopening process bar. as johnson, the prime minister desperately worried that the u. k. was losing out to the you in terms of us tourism people heading to cities like paris and rome in europe because they couldn't come here to london. he was worried about squandering the so called vaccine bonus and enormous pressure applied to the government by the travel industry warning ministers in recent days that there were thousands of jobs on the line with sectors of the industry facing bankruptcy. if they didn't open and didn't open very quickly. ah, this is algebra and these are the top stories and the last half hour petrocca theory has been formed in as president of peru. he's a former union leader and rural school teacher who was promised to combat poverty and rewrite the peruvian constitution in his inaugural speech, she emphasized that his immediate priority was to confront the covered 19 pandemic .


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