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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers, is already made large, sweeping promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations. but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promise . ah, me, this is al jazeera ah other dividend. this is the news all law from bill hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. security forces keep the peace into lizzie as it's revealed, the biggest for the school party is at the center of an investigation, an influx of africa and fleeing the fighting a rescue to see. while the president outlined his vision for the future of the
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intense public pressure, you cases a lift warranty research and fully vaccinated people from the us. and the you saw i'm on the richardson at the tokyo olympics. west. gymnast simone biles has pulled out of a 2nd event in order to focus on her mental health. ah, there's a new turn into new year's political crisis with revelations. 3 parties are being investigated. judicial inquiry was opened mid this month, week and a half before president chi, cited used emergency pals to dismiss the prime minister and freeze parliament. so the case doesn't appear links to sites actions. it puts more pressure on the president main opponents judges are looking into whether and not of the largest party in the governing coalition and all those wrongly received foreign funds before elections in 2019 yes me that was as a whole. is
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a visiting fellow at the brookings, doha center, and the european council on foreign relations. she explains what could happen next goes. nato and carson young should biggest party in parliament had a huge presence. the president of want couldn't talk after you 1st was a minister and this is what you are wondering. get off the timing of it. however, i would say that since we know that investigation started on july 4th, and because the tooth to sherry has always say and dependent there is no reason i believe to think that they're being biased right now. mother has called for elections and i think the way to election for, for a train of takes over and who were talking about really legislative as well as conventional action. however, and also demanding that resume activity before an election takes place. actually,
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i think will happen. i think we can consider several scenarios, 1st, dependent. maybe i will point to you from here. we don't know who that would be right now. and then he would allow us to follow, or he may attempt to constitutional settlements. and he may attempt, if we know he's in february this, and this means that she would implement a sort of presidential system that will limit the power's role. and then he would follow this up through the referendum on the constitution as was to a different election. and this was consolidate the powers and i think the 3rd scenario is that he may very well bring in other political actors beyond the parties, for example, the powerful issues and the general labor union. and they may start a dialogue when start fresh and decide on the new compromise. well yes, reco. no, she is international spokeswoman for the and all the policy she joined us on scott
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from london. thank you for your time. so it's been revealed today, but judges are looking into whether an order and all this wrongly received foreign funds before elections in 2019. what's your reaction to that? not united asian. these have been raised by rival policy, many and repeatedly, i have be responded to action and not has always submitted financial reports to be required by law to get into quite the strict inside of the funding and, and not the has. we comply with the rules and has always been the policy to submit all the financial records and account within the legal deadline to many, including the policy making these allegations who have failed to do the same.
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never been any evidence of such for funding a number does not receive any funding funding from its members and supported. okay. these are all, these are not new allegations, but this investigation was opened on july, the 14th just a few weeks before this move by the president said freezing, freezing parliament and dismissing the prime minister, what do you make of the timing? i'm not showing me anything because this was before the recent unconstitutional and who on the 25th of july. and he went forward by the president himself, by the full night. but one of the
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engineers who was in a government and had a re allocation in the past and thought of the 2 instruments alive, the judiciary, and again to political arrival and had failed to bring any evidence. allegation ok as we, as we all know the president has. 5 frozen problems 30 days and has dismissed the prime minister. he chichi, as of right now, it's been a few days since this is happened. what does not want to see happen from here on out we continue to call on the president to rebut the illegal or unconstitutional measures the, the they all agree danger to democracy and security. and this is the position of thought a new political party. and the organization who have all going to that these
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move unconstitutional and have pulled full return to respect of the constitution as soon as possible. ok, do you think needs to do some reflecting on itself as a party to look at whether it has been serving the people. i mean, when you look at the people who's been out on the streets, a lot of them feel really let down. indeed we found people, the satisfaction, the transition to democracy has not been easy and has been complicated by a difficult regional situation and by the political crisis invalid due to the lack of cooperation between the institution and now being health situation. we understand people faction and anger and then it should take that into consideration. but none of it shouldn't be exploited or use
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justification for, for, for giving back on, on our freedoms and game and doing a constitution that was written by the unanimously approved that respects. and in trying all power respect for human rights and freedoms, these are on demand on demand and must be locked in to get to back back light into one man authoritarian rule. and that seem to be to ship that through again. it's 11. all right, thank you. very much for your time. you're welcome to see their international spoke comment for the party. ah, i've got a president. connie has been outlining his vision for the future of the country. that the speech was life or detail about how the government tends to count the
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territorial gains by the taliban, which have and continue to be significant. child balance reports from coupled the northern city of telecom is surrounded by telephone fighters, but more than one month, it's people have withstood wave. the tech's residence now armed and afghan security forces are united in trying to keep vices out of the city. oh, maybe if i want to go to the making us, i hope i'm not captured. we've been attacked more than 10 times here and we've beaten them and push them back. don't lose your morale and get it governess. the telephone no controls, large areas of rule less ghana stone, including more than half of the countries districts as ask and security forces, attempt to slow the televisions. momentum in a nationally televised address. president ghani, had a message of diplomacy with articulated a widely supported program for a bridge from an all out war to judge and lasting peace, to
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a political set. and we do not see a military solution. we firmly believe in a political solution ghani, the former finance minister, and a former world bank economist, spoke extensively about the economy lace about the war that ravaging his country. an african, about a 3rd of the governments. revenue comes through border crossings. it is loss more than $33000000.00 in the past month after the taliban seized 7 crossings. the largest is here in spin bolduc. after 2 weeks, it is just reopened to trade. naturally, we are scared because conditions are bad. we are afraid of going into afghanistan, but there is no other way out for us. there are no other jobs for us here in the border region. 2 hours away in kandahar city residents have had enough. there has been fighting and
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a strike from the cities outskirts in the last week. these people were demanding both sides agreed to cease by. the growing insecurity is leading to an increase in the number of africans who are leaving the country the you in to 20 to 30000 to sling every week. there are also thousands of africans who worked with the us government, who waiting to hear if they will be on a vacuum ration flight. in the coming days. charlotte bell is on to 0 cobbled. america's top diplomat has reiterated that the only pulse of peace and gone on is through negotiation, secretary of state and me. lincoln made the comments in india where he's on his 1st visit since president joe biden took office message counterpart, s j shakana, and is expected to meet private setting to render moody in the coming els. a group of former u. k. defense officials has written a letter to the government asking it to do more to help relocate afghan interpreters and other staff who help their troops in the letter they say
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a number of applications for relocation have been rejected despite promises made to the public as cross live now to enter simmons who's in london and andrew, this letter is signed by those who were at the top of the military. that's right. heavy hitters indeed and they have have a hitching words as well for the u. k. prime minister barak johnson, they talk about interpreters in particular as being people who stood shoulder to shoulder with soldiers in the battlefield and saved many lives now being treated in a really bad way. talking also of this, this implied threat. but there has to be a review on the numbers being brought to the u. k. to seek sanctuary. this is part of the latter, any former afghan interpreters who were murdered by the taliban because they've been left behind the behind because of the withdrawal would be
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a dishonor which would fall squarely in the feet to the feet of the u. k. in other words, the government's fault. now among the signatures with the letter for former members, chief of staff to form a heads of the british army, a former national security adviser, and also a former defense minister who served in helmand. the. the issue isn't just to do with interpreters, but also also other civilians working for the army as such as gartner such as cooks a number of other and the families as well because there's no doubt about their lives are endangered now. now also you have to bear in mind that when any me pulls out of a war, there is a lot of damage left behind and k off. but we're talking here about human lives and the alliance that is pulled together these protests and, and got the, the top bras involved. busy to, to protest says that recent initiative by the defense ministry to
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improve the numbers, i have not been sufficient. but something like a 3rd of 3000 promises of relocation to the u. k. have not been on them. the conditions of service are being quoted as a reasons for this, but often these are invalid. according to the alliance, you got on a couple of examples here. one man who only did a year of service, that wasn't, he said sufficient to guarantee safety. he has fled of his own accord to india. another case here with a man who worked in hellen province a translator. he was disciplined for refusing to clean the latrines when he got back from 3 back to back patrol. so having been dismissed, he doesn't qualify for getting out, but he says, look, or do you have to do is work for the british army. that's a death sentence if you have to stay behind. this doesn't just apply to the british
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. of course, the united states has the vast number of troops withdrawing from afghanistan. similar situation. there are lots of complaints and promises that things will be speeded up. but the situation is this that fell about making advances and moving quickly, this situation with those under threat civilians left behind is not moving ready quickly enough. as you sentence. thank you. the conflict then of calling us don, is driving hundreds of people to make a perilous journey to europe for safety and shelter. turkey is detained, a boat, carrying more than $230.00 refugees and the g and c. officials believe the group of maybe african refugees were on their way to italy. and recent weeks, many ask migrants have been reaching turkey through rome. cynical field reports from the city of van, near the border. the 76 african boys were caught by turkish soldiers trying to cross the border from iran into turkey. they
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had walked for weeks, relying go smugglers to take them across the rugged monitoring. they were desperate to escape the bombings and fighting in afghanistan. they now face being deported to iran, but they have no regrets and they said they'd do it all again. if they had a chance of reaching turkey's big cities and then maybe on to your for those who managed to lead the turkish forces on the border. and the police in the city, it's time to move on. they split up into smaller groups, so as not to draw attention to themselves. but all have a story to tell the hello college college and came here. if i stayed, i had to join the war. then my parents leave the country, not the taliban recruits young man, and you get killed him. all the most of these young gas gas have been conned by the smugglers. they paid to help them leave afghanistan and now they have no money left on it. like we agreed on $750.00 with
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a smuggler and already paid $500.00. the rest was to be paid when we reached assemble, but i had no more money. so they left me on the street. kirk is now ramped up security measures that a border with iran. these migrants are stationed in so called safe houses. the police called them shock houses waiting for the right moment to continue their journey. the smugglers take money every day. if the afghans don't pay, they get kicked out. there is no escape. the doors are locked. that is sir. i left canister because of war and misery, the taliban. a beating and forcing my parents to cook royal food for them. and here we are. of 2 meals a day by the smuggler. the robot. 3rd 5 people in this one house including women and children. there is little error and no privacy. families are reluctant to talk on camera mot shush moments came to turkey to work until the board is get open, then moved to europe to support our family. i worked in iran for 6 months and have
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been here for 10 days. normally the smuggler says we need to wait here until the security measures 30 with all of us with taliban. it is not safe anymore. there is poverty and misery. people cannot pursue their normal lives anymore. enough gone is done. last year 6 to want asylum seekers on board. a fishing boat died after they both capsized in lake van and other 40 migrants had died this year. this is the cemetery of the nameless, the migrants who wanted to escape bulletin, butchery in their own country, but who fell victim to whom and traffickers, the spite obvious ventures he is growing in afghan. his son, there will now be many more people who are prepared to risk their lives in the hope of finding something better elsewhere. c, noncustodial al jazeera von turkey, moore, head on the new vall, excluding roosevelt, wherein a village school teacher is president. of the deal is already facing opposition,
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offering more misery on their life. a kill the land line, the biggest refugee camp and enforce how to be social media. help this with a break and the record in england will allow fully vaccinated european union and us travelers into the country without the need to quarantine. the restrictions will be lifted from next monday. local media have been reporting that british prime minister bras johnson with keen to relax the meshes on a home, joins us now live from london and joan. this will be welcome news for the travel industry. absolutely. look, the big change here is that since the 19th of july, when travel restrictions began to be in this country, along with the wider reopening people who received their vaccines in this country were allowed to travel out to you countries and elsewhere,
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and travel back without having to quarantine, if they had received the vaccines in this country, those who received vaccines elsewhere on the other medical authorities still have to undergo quarantine. the big changes i say is that they are now the government recognizing people who've had their vaccines in the u. s. and e u countries and allowing them all except those in france for the time being to come into this country and escape quality. it's a big, big deal for the tourism industry. it effectively is the foreign gotten on the resumption of international tourism. the vast majority of inbound tourism to this country comes from the u. s. and the e u. it's also of course, a game changer for you and us citizens living in england for the time being the other nations of the u. k. will follow suit who focus since the beginning of the pandemic really haven't been able to. welcome into this country that friends and family from abroad to reasons for this next stage in the reopening process, effectively weakening border control even more at
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a time when this huge paranoia about the import of dangerous variance into this country. those 2 reasons. one, you mentioned it, that bar is johnson. the prime minister desperately worried that the u. k. was losing out to the you in terms of us tourism people heading to cities like paris and rome in europe because they couldn't come here to london. he was worried about squandering the so called vaccine bonus and enormous pressure applied on the government by the travel industry, warning ministers in recent days that there were thousands of jobs on the line with sectors of the industry facing bankruptcy. if they didn't open and didn't open very quickly. the big question of course is reciprocity. does this mean that travel gets to resume openly in both direct well with the e u, it more or less does most the countries are allowing britson without too many difficulties. the us very much not, so there is no immediate sign of the u. s. lifting restrictions on u. k. travelers or the u. k. on a very long list. indeed,
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most countries in the world under restrictions entering the u. s. and that despite a much loaded travel task for set up last month to try and come up with a travel corridor, transatlantic travel corridor between the 2 countries. and indeed, not only that, but the cdc, the, with the health protection body in the u. s. is in fact warning us travelers against coming to the u. k because of this country is still very high infection rates. i thank you for that. of that. there's a hole in london. japan, newly reported corona virus infections have risen to another record high of more than 800-3200 of those cases are in tokyo. the growing case load is putting pressure on hospitals in the olympics host city. on tuesday, prime minister, your heat is still good. again, people can watch the events from home. the head of the us olympic team has prayed simone bowels decision to prioritize mental wellness. over all else, the champion jim, this is withdrawn from another event and says she'll beside day by day about her
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participation in the rest of the games. and richardson reports from tokyo as one of the gymnastics all time, great simone biles has repeatedly demonstrated her termination and sporting excellence at different aspects of that strong character has been in evidence during these olympics, 1st withdrawing in the early stages of the women's team final and then pulling out of her next gold medal competition on thursday bowels instead choosing to prioritize her mental health. i was just like, shaking could barely now i've just never felt like this going into a competition before. and i tried to go out here and have fun and warm up in the back when a little bit better. but then once i came out here, i was like no mental is not there. so i just need to let the girls do it and focus on myself. all athletes arriving at the delayed olympics faced unique external pressures from dealing with unprecedented levels of social media scrutiny to the
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fear of a positive cobit 19 test boils had also set a self, a task of becoming the 1st female gymnast to win 5 gold medals. at a single games, the athlete normally doesn't have a voice, nor does an athlete trust their voice. she not only has a voice which i love, but she also trust your voice and she knows she's going to get a little bit of backlash from fans. and, you know, people are like, how could you let your teen down or whatever, but the best thing she can do is shut off all this outside, chatter. anything that's not coming from her own head or from her support system need not need not be hurt. early this year, japan sporting simply start naomi. i 2nd took a 10 month right from playing top level tennis. he said she no longer wants it to the press conferences in order to protect her mental health. she also admitted the having prolong bounce of depression ever since winning her 1st grand slam title in
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2018. it brought a temporary help to her career, but did start an important conversation in her home country. think in japan, we don't. we still don't talk about mental health. and when now, meal soccer came out with the issue. there's been lots of comments, negative comments on her, and i believe that was also kind of exaggerated with the gender issue. after her unexpected loss at these games or soccer admitted to ceiling, weighed down by the pressure of playing in a home or lympics biles may yet compete in next week's individual event finals. regardless, this pair of champion athletes a leading the way in showing the world, it is okay to talk about mental lowes as well as schools in highs. andy richardson, al jazeera, tokyo prosecutors in germany have towards the theory and doctor with crimes against humanity allow mussa is accused of torturing people in military hospitals. from the
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cane has bought from berlin. it is alleged that this individual, this defendant, as we can there, call him, was responsible for one murder and numerous cancer, torture against numerous individuals during his time. as i say, working in those hospital specifically in the last few months of 2011. in the 1st few months of 2012, what makes this case particularly interesting is that this individual went on in 2015 to come to germany. as many syrian states, no more than a 1000000 syrians came to this country as refugees. and indeed, the defendant concerned claim refugee status and underwent procedures to certify himself as a doctor who could work in this country. and indeed was working here as a doctor in germany until the middle of last year when he was arrested. and the allegations were put to him, mouth is worth making the point that the individual concerned this defendant has
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the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in this country. and as yet, we don't know how he intends to plead, nor indeed do we know when a potential date for his trial will come. so the head on al jazeera, a tiny kingdom high and have a layers that says effects. i don't against one week. for the usa man possible 1st when the game and pretty big story coming up and later special menu for some reason the team and leaving this is chastity. ah hello from della here's your forecasts for the middle east. them. we're in the thick of the here, look at some of these temperatures, q 849 degrees, but a bit of
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a shame all going on. nothing major, but you will start to feel the impact in don't just a bit as that when moves to the northwest and then to the ne, talking about when for southern areas of pakistan, karachi, the risk of sand and dust storms in the days ahead be well toward the north rain will be the stories. the hor, hiv 29 degrees. some heavier downpours can be expected as well. off to turkey we've got to talk about our harvey and the flooding going on there. more than 200 people force from their homes. turkey has declared this a disaster and there is some more rain in the forecast on thursday, a for the northeast corner of the country. not falling at the same intensity as it has over the last few days, but still more rain to come off to central africa. and we're seen our storms flare up, where we would expect over the ethiopian highlands through sudan, south sudan, juba high of 32 degrees on thursday. further to that, so say we're talking about some brain pulling into the western cape,
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so that's going to impact keep town with a high of 15 degrees. elsewhere for botswana habit are only a high of 23 degrees on thursday. the who's a year ago, one of the largest nuclear blast in history kills more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims, families still need answers. we want to compute just how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support. let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing amal and it wasn't. it was in one way or another in an illegal way before join me then a for there for the full report on the latest news as it breaks. agriculture production across the north nigeria, greens, a serial production about a 50 decline with detailed coverage that you've made. and you know many times
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before or now that allowed was desperate because they say that situation, this much work from around the world. and these external, the 5th person, since the government is following due process in the case, and that authorities act against violations of law. ah the ah, give out reminder about top doors. now, there are more trivial. judges have gone investigating 3 political parties or suspicion of receiving foreign thumbs among them and halter. it is all just faulty in the coalition government if pushing for elections after president car side dismissed the primary.


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