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[000:00:00;00] ah, i ah, security forces keep the pace into the air as it's revealed the biggest political policy. is that the center of an investigation? ah, hello, we're gonna come out. santa maria here in doug with the world news from al jazeera, trying to find a way out by land or sea. we look at the increasing number of afghans fleeing the fighting in their homeland. surrounded by more devastation were hanging killed in
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land slides that the world's biggest refugee camp and us and, and pick gymnastics champions. some involve pulls out of another events to focus on her mental being i what's in it is political crisis has taken a new turn. that's been revealed, 3 parties are now being investigated. the judicial inquiry began a week and a half before president, so used to emergency powers to dismiss the prime minister and to freeze parliament . so the case doesn't appear to be linked to sites actions, but it does put more pressure on the main rivals of the presidents. of course the enough, the party that is the largest one in the governing coalition and just looking into whether if or others wrongly receive foreign funds before the elections back in 2019 will yasmina i was a hood as
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a visiting fellow at the brookings data center and the european council on foreign relations. so we spoke to she in fact explain what could happen. next goes and nato and carson is young. should biggest party in parliament had a huge presence. the president of you couldn't talk after you 1st and it was a minister and this is what you are wondering. get off the timing of it. however, i would say that since we know that you medication started on july 4th. and because the tooth to sherry has always and dependent there is no reason i believe to think that they're being biased right now . has called for elections. and i think the way to election for, for training takes over. and here we're talking about really legislative as well. as for the best selection, however, and also demanding that resume to the before an election takes place. actually,
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i think will happen. i think we can consider several scenarios. first depends. it may very well point to you from here. we don't know who that would be right now, and then he would allow us to go to follow. or he may attempt to constitutional settlements. and he may attempt, if we know he's in february this and this means that she would implement a sort of presidential term that limits the powers roll. and then he would follow this up through the referendum on the constitution as was to a different election. and this was consolidate the powers and i think the 3rd scenario is that he may very well bring in other political actors beyond the parties, for example, the powerful issues and the general labor union. and they may start to the dialogue, starts from fresh and decide on a new compromise. the light is now with sound kimball, in june. if is the timing of all this, this investigation, i mean raising
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a few eyebrows. sam, given what's happened in the last couple of days, you know, we were running what's going on now with the the announcement today about the spokesperson of the tennis court of 1st instance that some investigations have been opened to reopen against the parties of eastern c, as well as the, and the heart of tunisia, party, it had certainly raised a few eyebrows and there are questions of whether it is simply a coincidence that this is happening now. simply 3 days after the prime minister is em. she has been in fact and the parliament frozen or if there is, if there is a connection to a larger political conflict, there is also the question of why this is being announced now, when the investigations were opened or reopened. on the 14th of july, a full,
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2 weeks ago. so it raises the question of why was this not around announced earlier, were there some kind of back to our dealings? and also there's the question of why, why now, when they were, when their investigations of numerous state institutions like the national airline, the truth and dignity commission that we're kind of on hold are in status for years . and now all of a sudden these cases are being reopened. as cited the president of tunisia has assumed the role of general prosecutor. so does he have some political motives? are you trying to kind of eliminate or, or malign some, some parties with which he has conflict? this is a question. thanks. i will talk to you again soon. sam kimball is in tunis. ah, well the ask on president shafan is delivered
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a policy speech on the future direction of the country and his address come moves as the taliban of course continues to make territorial gains across afghanistan. shawna bill us reports from campbell. the northern city of telecom is surrounded by telephone fighters, but more than one month, its people have withstood wave. the tech's residents now armed and afghan security forces are united in trying to keep vices out of the city. well, maybe if i want to go to the making us to them, i hope i'm not captured. we've been attacked more than 10 times here. we've beaten them and push them back. don't lose your morale and get it governess. the telephone no controls, large areas of rule less ghana stone, including more than half of the countries districts as ask and security forces, attempt to slow the televisions. momentum in a nationally televised address, president gunny had a message of diplomacy with articulated a widely supported program for
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a bridge from an all out war to judge and lasting peace, to a political settlement. we do not see a military solution. we firmly believe in a political solution. danny, the former finance minister and a former world bank economist, spoke extensively about the economy less about the war than ravaging his country and afghan. about a 3rd of the governments. revenue comes through border crossings. it is loss more than $33000000.00 in the past month after the taliban seized 7 crossings. the largest is here in spin bolduc. after 2 weeks, it is just reopened to trade. naturally, we are scared because conditions are bad. we are afraid of going into afghanistan, but there is no other way out for us. there are no other jobs for us here in the border region. 2 hours away in kandahar city residents have had enough. there has been fighting and
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a strike from the cities outskirts in the last week. these people were demanding both sides agreed to cease by. the growing in security is leading to an increase in the number of afghans who are leaving the country. the un says 20 to 30000 to fleeing every week. there are also thousands of africans who worked with the us government, who waiting to hear if they will be on a vacuum ration flight. in the coming days. charlotte bell is on 20 couple. well, the conflict in afghanistan is driving large numbers to make a perilous journey to europe. for safety and shelter. turkey has detained a boat carrying more than 230 people in the gnc officials believed the group of many afghans were on their way to italy. in recent weeks, many african migrants have been reaching turkey through iran, senate cross jojo report from the city of van, near the border. the 76 african boys were
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caught by turkish soldiers trying to cross the border from iran into turkey. they had walked for weeks relying go smugglers to take them across the rugged mountain terrain. they would desperate to escape the bombings and fighting in afghanistan. they now face being deported to iran, but they have no regrets. and they said they'd do it all again. if they had a chance of reaching turkey's big cities and then maybe on to your, for those who managed to lead the turkish forces on the border and the police in the city, it's time to move on. they split up into smaller groups, so as not to draw attention to themselves, but all have a story to tell by the hello college college and came here. if i stayed, i had to join the war. then my parents leave the country, not the taliban recruits young man, and you get killed him. all the most of these young gas gas have been caused by the smugglers. they paid to help them leave afghanistan and now they have no money left
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on it. we agreed on $750.00 with a smuggler and already paid $500.00. the rest was to be paid when we reach a stem bull, but i had no more money. so they left me on the st. turkeys now ramped up security measures that a border with iran. these migrants are stationed in so called safe houses. the police called them shock houses waiting for the right moment to continue their journey. the smugglers take money every day. if the gas don't pay, they get kicked out. there's no escape. doors are locked. that is her. i left if can stand because of war and misery, the taliban, a beating and forcing my parents to cook royal food for them. and here we are of 2 meals a day by the smuggler. now and there were about 35 people in this one house, including women and children. there is little and no privacy. families are reluctant to talk on camera mot shush moments came to turkey to work until the board is get open,
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then moved to europe to support our family. i worked in iran for 6 months and have been here for 10 day and nobody smugness says we need to wait here until the security measures $30.00 with taliban. it is not safe anymore. there is poverty and misery. people cannot pursue their normal lives anymore. enough gone is done. last year, 6 to $1.00 asylum seekers on board. a fishing boat died after they both capsized in lake van and other 40 migrants had died this year. this is the cemetery of the nameless, the migrants who wanted to escape bullets and butchery in their own country, but who fell victim to whom and traffickers. despite the obvious ventures, he is grubbing in afghan a song. there will now be many more people who are prepared to risk their lives in the hope of finding something better elsewhere. seen ica. solo al jazeera von turkey monson reigns in bangladesh of triggered land slides in what is the world's largest refugee camp,
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killing at least 6 people. most of them children that could belong camp in cox's bazaars, home to more than a 1000000 range refugees from neighboring me, and my alexia bryan has no in the pouring rain. people come to see what happened or salvage what's left. the makeshift homes built from plastic sheets and bamboo pole had no chance when the muddy hillside collapsed into rachel rains. but one of your left and my sister went to the bathroom and after she returned the side of the hill came down. well, i have one nice and 2 nephews and my sister. my brother in law, along with the other family members, managed to get out of the shelter, but the kids came down on the school and the entire shelter was damaged. yeah, 2 of them died and 2 others were injured like the powerful monsoon rains caused a flood that reached loose high in some areas of the crew to follow camp. more than 100 teens to see to be washed away by the water,
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could pass along and bangladesh is the world's biggest refugee camp. and the most densely populated, it's home to more than 1000000 wrangler who flayed a crack down by the military and neighboring miasma. overcrowded basic and prone to line slides and flooding. i'm going to have informed the people at least to more will be able to not comply with the request the we will take alternate steps, not so much as we hope the population that we will be willing. the government says all the ra hanging will be received as soon as possible, and that measures are being taken to minimize casualties caused by the annual rains . but right group say it's not enough that the flood proved once more. how vulnerable the ringo refugees to the impacts of climate change. many and sheltering and mosques in school and facing the prospect of having lost their homes again.
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alex here brian al jazeera. a check on the world, whether it's next and then the u. k. relaxes, quarantine rules for vaccinated travelers coming into england, but only those who got their jobs in the u. s. and the u. y. right scripts are using the palestinian authority of carrying out a deliberate campaign of repression. ah ah hello, good to see you. we're going to start this weather story in india, where westbank all now getting hammered by the southwest monsoon. co cut picked up 68 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. bit of a breather for the west coast. it's still gonna be raining, just not the same intensity as we have seen over the last little while. take you to bangladesh right now, where we have seen deadly land slides as we head toward the south of the country.
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all of this triggered by the southwest monsoon. so we look at the forecast on thursday, and this is not good news. the darker the colors, the more intense the rain falling toward areas of southern bangladesh into the west coast of neon mar. okay, next i want to take you to southeast asia. we've got intense rain for southern incense, central parts of indo china. bit of sunny spells forest and cross into java and that heavy rain being steered into the philippines. once again for manila, tracking what is left of what was once to soon in 5 as that moisture is starting to search further to the north. this will become a story for beijing on thursday with some rain. when this weather report in the middle east, we're getting a bit of a sham all going. so that's going to kick up the sand and dust as we head toward places like q 8 on thursday. the when freedom
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of the press is under threat in, oh, you just because i thought janet, when the about your thought toward the government step outside the mainstream, there has been a implement here just some of access points shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext, the prime minister to clamp down on the fresh covering the waves. the news is covered. listening post on the o the top, sorry this our on our 0, there are reports to you just have begun investigating 3 political parties on
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suspicion of receiving foreign funds. among them is then after the largest party in the coalition government, which has been pushing for elections after president, i dismissed the prime minister for his parliaments and listening conflicts. and i've got this down is driving at large numbers to attempt a perilous journey to europe. turkey has detained a boat carrying more than 230 people in the g and c. officials to leave the group. many africans were on their way to italy, now prosecuted in germany of charged assyrian doctor with crimes against humanity allow mussa was accused of torturing people in military hospitals. dominic cane on scott from berlin. dominic, tell us more about this one. the case against this individual relates to his time working as a doctor in military hospitals into cities in syria, key cities at the start of the civil war in that country named holmes and damascus . it is alleged that this individual, this defendant says we can there call him,
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was responsible for one month and numerous cancer, torture against numerous individuals during his time. as i say, working in those hospital, specifically in the last few months, all 2011 in the 1st few months 2012. what makes this case particularly interesting is that this individual went on in 2015 to come to syria, to syria, to germany. as many syrian states, no more than a 1000000 syrians came to this country as racking, geez. and indeed, the defendant concerned claim refugee status and underwent procedures to certify himself as a doctor who could work in this country. and indeed, was working here as a doctor in germany until the middle of last year when he was arrested and the allegations were put to him, mouth is worth making. the point that the individual concerned this defendant has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in this country. and as yet we don't know how he intends to plead, nor indeed do we know when
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a potential date for his trial will come. we, we know also that the german government and i very key to pursue those who believes are responsible for allocate for crimes committed crimes against humanity committed in the syrian civil war because they believe they can assert the principle of universal jurisdiction relating to war crimes. that's what's allowed them to charge this particular individual. they've also charge to other individuals who are already in court cases. one has been found guilty of acts of torture, enabling torture and other person, their court cases ongoing. so this is the 3rd time that the syrian individual has been accused of war crimes commit during the civil war. in this case, it was started the civil war and against the 3rd time that this individual, such as this claim refugee status has found themselves. the subject of fact use ation put against them. interestingly, this person might be others was identified by other syrians,
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genuine refugees who come here seeking refuge from the civil war. the case is going to continue for some considerable time. thank you. dominant came with that up, back from berlin. the palestinian authority has shut down a media organization in the occupied west bank saying the office doesn't have a license, comes emitter reason cracked on a wave of protests that sol journalists, being assaulted and esteemed. national is called it a deliberate campaign of repression, to instill a climate of fear. it. abraham reports in ramallah passed in an activist pinch raid and her husband obey around sure how to tell their children about their arrest by the palestinian police. early in july obey was detained, had a protest against the palestinian authority. the police said the gathering didn't have a permit. when he protested his detention she herself was assaulted and detained. as he entered my 5 year old boy had always wanted to be a policeman. on his 6th birthday, he asked me for
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a costume after he saw the police assault me and released me at 3 am. he told me the police are scary. we don't get me that caused him took 14 a wave of protest against the palestinian authority that were broken up using excessive force. some journalists were banned from reporting, others detained and beaten, and a few said they were section harass. it's unusual for reports to be wearing black jackets while covering fruit. this end. i'm a city center, the security forces, and that's why it's called the journal. that's why they were reporting on demonstrations against the policy. and you know, for the, in recent weeks, the death of the prominence activists while the be a cost of the sport white home for reform paid of the palestinian president. apologize to the family of the activists. a good start says activist, all my stuff. but he wants justice, he believe the palestinian authority is intimidating critics in
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a way he hasn't seen before on cap. and unfortunately, the police authority for him to do to all in about security coordination with these are josie, spoke to federal officials, who warned the current movement could be used to be stabilized the political system pushed by for an agenda. they added that some journalists are taking part, improved as decent to show that the dissatisfaction with the palestinian authority is at its highest levels since it was established. despite the growing anger, the protest aren't expected to expand her mass is refraining from using its base in the us bank in any organized manner to participate. the reason for this, i think that's my own reading of why, how math is staying away from the demonstrations. and the expression of anger with
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the president and the p. i the fear of civil war. many political analysts say a street fight is imminent. if there's a vacuum in the political system and seems like the good spiral out of control. if plans for president, with our best, a succession, women, vague me that but he manages ita yaki pied with bang. now 3 armenian soldiers have been killed during fighting with a very forces and happened in the going to cut about the region which the 2 sides fought over last year. as of john's defense ministry accused armenian forces provocations and the cobra district and said its army would continue to retaliate. joe biden has warned significant cyber attacks could trigger an actual war. the us president made those remarks while speaking to intelligence personnel. cyber security has become a top priority for the binding administration. as hackers get ever more sophisticated and brazen, for example, in may, a so called ransomware attack on
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a u. s. oil pipeline destruct and fuel supplies. the company paid millions to get it systems back there. much of that was recovered with an attack on a us technology company which impacted businesses worldwide, including a swedish supermarket chain which had to close it stores an early this year. hack is broken to the software company, solar winds compromising u. s. government agencies. officials blamed russia for that on you know, we see how cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, increasingly are able to cause damage and disruption in the real world. i can't guarantee this and there is informed design, but i think it's more likely we're going to end up when we end up in a war. i real shooting more. when the major power it's going to be as a consequence of a cyber reach, of great consequence is increasing exponentially. capabilities pero will, for in a village school teacher, petro castillo, as president, and about 3 hours from now. it follows weeks of uncertainty after
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a disputed election result in june castillo defeated, kicker fouquet murray, by just 44000 votes. she alleged irregularities, but the electoral body rejected her complaints. custio's left wing party wants to rewrite the constitution and address inequality. foreign leaders have now arrived in lima for being okay. ration now, england will allow fully vaccinated european union and us travelers into the country without the need to contain restrictions that will be lifted from monday. shanahans following this one from london. jonah, is there a catch? i feel like there always is what these things well, it inevitably there is a catch. i'll come to that in a minute. probably the fact that the u. s. isn't in any hurry to allow british travelers into the united states. a big deal though, this is full for england in particular. the other nations of the u. k. will likely follow that sort of fires the starting gun on the re resumption of international
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tourism. the vast majority of inbound tourism to this country comes from the u. s. and the use of the government's decision to allow travelers from those places who received the vaccines abroad. that was the sticking sticking point in the past to travel here. this cape poverty is a big deal. so tourism, it's also a big deal, of course for the great many you and us citizens who live here who from the direction of the panoramic have not been allowed to welcome in their friends and family to reasons for taking this step. essentially, we keep weakening border control of the time when there is huge paranoia in this country about the import of dangerous virus variance. the 1st is pressure applied on the government by the tourism and travel industry in this country that has warned that if there wasn't this reopening and if it didn't happen very, very quickly, there were thousands of jobs on the line with sectors of the industry facing bankruptcy, and also bar as jones from the prime minister apparently reported the according to sources decide number said,
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fearing that the u. k was going to lose out in terms of tourism flow from the u. s . to the new to capitals like paris and rome because they couldn't come to london. he was worried about squandering the so called vaccine bonus. so those 2 pressures coming to bear reaching this decision. the big issue that remains of course, is what we mentioned at the beginning. reciprocity doesn't mean that travel can resume in both directions with the more or less does, most of you countries are allowing britain without too much trouble. the us of course not. so. and there is no eminent sign at this point of the biden administration, taking the a, b u k. rather off it's so there's no travel list that includes most other countries in the world. indeed, even despite the lord last month of travel task force, looking at setting up a travel corridor, transatlantic travel corridor and in point in fact, the cdc, the center for disease control in the u. s. it's health protection agency is
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warning u. s. citizens not to travel to the u. k, because of this country's still very high infection rates. catch never sent eliza jonah. thank you so much, jonah, how reporting from london thailand. meanwhile, recording a story recording of another record number of new current virus infections. the 3 days running now, more than $16000.00 of them in the past 24 hours the biggest outbreak since the pandemic began. and it is being blamed on the delta variance. the one 1st seen in india, which is more contagious. and japan's newly reported to current virus infections have risen to another record high more than 8000. and this time with 3200 of them. in, in tokyo alone, the growing caseload is putting pressure on hospitals in the olympic host city. on tuesday prime minister yoshi he does so good again, urged people to watch the events from home. however, you excellent pick gymnastics champions to my boss has withdrawn from a 2nd olympic competition to focus on her mental health. but 24 year old will now
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be assessed day by day to see if she can compete in next week's individual competitions. bars have been looking to win gold medals in all 6 gymnastics finals give her a total of 10, making her would have made her the most accomplished female olympian in any sport. his urging mckennan a sports psychologist who says there needs to be more discussion around mental health in sport. this should have been going on 4050 years ago. shine is taking so long to get to this place. but regardless, it's so important if you of the average international athlete, what is the biggest contribute to wherever they went or they lose? i always, i mental, i say the physical preparation is important, but largely there any maintaining the level and what really matters is how this is on the di and for days leading up to the event. and it's just so important and yet we don't put enough effort into the training of it, but things are changing. you need to take it just as seriously as the 5th training
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that take needs training the tactics, training. if, if most international athletes will tell you that winning the guy and winning the competition is way more than 50 percent mental than surely, they should be training mentally. every single di, nice thing about mental training. you don't have to do it very long. it can be as little as 2357, maybe as much as 10 minutes. that's what needs to be, need to be consistent every day, and it should be done with a professional. you don't ask an architect to help you make a garden and it's the same thing with mental skills. you should use a mental skills expert and direct consistently ah us the, our knowledge of the are, these are the headlines. there are reports that unity as judges have begun. investigating 3 political parties on suspicion of receiving foreign funds among


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