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in london to activate the tackling the root causes of youth violence. many young people that perpetuate and violence, again of the young people themselves have also been victim multiple times. my generation can try me design and we shape this generation change on al jazeera. ah, another quite nice on the curve you fulton is, is capital of the largest party warms against violence after the prime minister's dismissal. ah, lo and sammy say them, this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, a warning from us president joe biden that cyber attacks could lead to a war. the refugees are killed in a landslide, triggered by heavy rain on the camping bangladesh,
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and special menus for south korea. as elliptic athletes leave a bitter taste for the japanese on the streets of tennessee as capital have stayed largely quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next steps in an evolving political crisis and not is the largest party in the coalition government. it's pushing for elections off the president, i side dismiss the prime minister and froze. parliament, tennessee is foreign minister, is phoned allies in turkey and european capital, telling them extraordinary matches are only temporary law above manly reports. happy board gave avenue in the heart of 2 nieces. diplomat, guerria has long been the stage for protests on political change. and this week with no difference or security forces, lying the streets and the army, his setup,
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barricade locking people and politicians accessing governments building. president chi said sucked the prime minister of the prominent capital members and announced a freeze on parliaments with 30 days. he says the decision was taken after following the process laid out by the constitution. but the move was divided opinions. and i'm only local. if the people see that kind of said wants to become a dictator and work against the revolution, of course the people rise up against him and overthrow him. i don't know how it is really a rescue operation because lately alternation have seen that the economic and social situation has deteriorated. a lot under the government's policies, the biggest political group, the another party is calling the president's move accrue, but says it's open and ready for dialog. we reject the
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unconstitutional announcements and we welcome all the rejections that have come from news of the political party as well as some of your patients. and we call the changes in people to the com and vigilant and you ready to defense visible. christy really, really, really must protest were held on sunday with many, focusing at the not the party. a long struggle with cove at 19 and an economy in decline has become a perfect recipe for unrest. the then on monday, a face off in tunis between those for and against the president. the same streets were filled during the 2011 jasmine revolution that led with decades of democracy with the people now in power of being accused of corruption and incompetence.
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and the president is accused of establishing an authoritarian governments, the many people here so hard to read of a decade ago. for now, what is important is that the decision for all of the political acts up to fit together, that we are no longer within return. and resume into needs yet, but we're in democratic are you into an epic and has to happen within the mac graphic process and democratic framework for now to mrs. com. many don't know whether it's fragile democracy can be phased by dialogue or whether the street once again become a stage for nation demanding change lower but manly out to 0. me thailand has counted a record number of new current of virus infections for the 3rd day running. more than $16000.00 cases were reported over 24 hours. its biggest outbreak since the
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pandemic began is being blamed on the delta variant. it was 1st identified in india and is more contagious. tony chang has more. from bangkok we're getting record numbers every day. we pretty much seen them everyday for 2 weeks now. and the government despite clamping down with tighter and tighter restrictions doesn't seem able to stem the flow. certainly they are doing more tests now. but they are uncovering more clusters at the same time. we've seen the government come out the input, the prime minister, himself in the last couple of days with a fairly fiery response, saying that the, the reason the infections that climbing so quickly is because people weren't following the directions properly. but we've also seen a lot of people who, who are going out in the daytime, which is still permitted under the current regulation. thing we have to go out for our business is we had to keep up as this is a life. even if it means risking health and catching cove at 19,
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if our businesses fail, so to we kind of course at the moment that said the curve at 1900 response team is meeting today. it's probably going to introduce more strict measures at this stage . it's hard to know whether we're going to return to the very hard lockdown we are in at the start of the pandemic. but the government is running out of choices. health services, other under real strain here, hospital beds would be running. in the last couple of days, the government has asked the international airport to open up a new terminal in an emergency hospital and they didn't even using a train carriages to treat a symptomatic covered patients. so they really are looking hard for a solution, but at the moment until they can get the vaccination program fully functioning. it doesn't look like they'll get things under control. now the white house is considering requiring employees of the federal government to show proof of vaccination. otherwise, they may have to submit to regular koby 900 testing and where are mosque cases in
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the us continue to climb, largely driven by the delta variance and tuesday, the centers for disease control and prevention reversed it's mask policy saying even vaccinate people should wear them indoors, joe biden is warning that significant cyber attacks could trigger a war for us. president made the remarks on speaking to intelligence personnel. cybersecurity has become a top priority for the biden administration. of the hackers are getting ever more sophisticated and brazen in may. a so called ransom where a tack on a u. s. oil pipeline disrupted fuel supplies, company paid millions to get it systems back though much of that money was recovered. an attack on a u. s. technology company impacted business is worldwide including a swedish supermarket chain which had to close its stores. and earlier this year, hackers broke into the software company solar winds compromising u. s. government agencies. officials blamed russia. you know,
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we see how cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, increasing they're able to cause damage and disruption in the real world. i can't guarantee this, and you're as informed as i am. but i think it's more likely we're going to end up when we end up in a war i real shooting more. when the major power it's going to be, as a consequence of a cyber ridge, of great consequence is increasing exponentially. through the capabilities, monsoon reins and bangladesh have triggered land slides in the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people, mostly children, could prolong camp and cox's bazaar is home to more than a 1000000 rang refugees from neighboring me and mar alex. here brian reports in the pouring rain. people come to see what happened or salvage what's left.
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the makeshift homes built from plastic sheets and bamboo pole had no chance when the muddy hillside collapsed into rachel rains. but one of you left and my sister went to the bathroom and after she returned the side of the hill came down. well, i have one nice and 2 nephews and my sister. my brother in law, along with the other family members, managed to get out of the shelter, but the clothes came down on the floor and the entire shelter was damaged. 2 of them died and 2 others were injured like the powerful monsoon range caused a flood that reached roof height and some areas of the kuta column camp. more than 100 teens to see, to be washed away by the water. good of how long and bangladesh is the world's biggest refugee camp and the most densely populated. it's home to more than 1000000 wrangler who flayed a crick down by the military and neighboring miasma. it's overcrowded, basic and prone to landslides and flooding. somebody can have informed the people
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at least to be able to not comply with the request of the we will take alternate steps, not so much as we hope the population will be willing for the government says all the ra hanging will be received, felt as soon as possible, and that measures are being taken to minimize casualties caused by the annual rains . but right group say it's not enough that the flood prove once more how vulnerable to ringo refugees to the impacts of climate change. many and now sheltering and mosques in school. and facing the prospect of having lost their homes again. alex here brian al jazeera, peruse president, he liked pedro castillo has suffered a set back a day before being sworn in opponents in parliament of block 2 parties. candidates from forming the new leadership in congress, members of custio's free peru party were ruled out on a technicality. fears left wing party wants to rewrite the constitution of prospect
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that is concerned opposition. politicians, like millions of peruvians castillo, grew up in poverty, is promising change. but it's not an a sanchez report from lima delivering on that pledge will be a challenge. the 200 years for republic. wednesday pedro commemorates a landmark anniversary, the independence from the spanish colonial. now, for the 1st time, a former and rural primary school teacher takes over the presidency. castillo comes from one of the poorest districts of they do. and he, peruvian, see, they feel represented by jessica, who says her community on the outskirts of the capital, lima has little to celebrate mothers in the summer. the republic is 200 years old. but these inequality everywhere were rolling in the same mud, and we can gape, we wish our children could have it better. we always have needs,
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and there's no work. we wish for changing, but we can't do better. big claim, the state has forgotten the poor members of this community build the roads themselves. the reef animals eat together in a communal kitchen. many families here at the algorithm. a community live on less than $8.00 a day. millions like them have come from remote places for decades. people have been migrating from the and this to the capital, looking for a better life and ended up living in shanty towns where they continue to live in poverty. maddie del go was, as she doesn't have any hope that the new president will bring change away a lot. but he's my grandparents, my parents, we've always been poor. i was brought as a child to escape poverty and look, we did poor will always be for no one remembers us. glenda breastfeeding bizell garcia has promised that there will not be any more poor in a rich country. but analysts say the road for him will be up hill em tough. though
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. few samuels in 200 years, we have learned to survive rather than to lease our hardships are severe. we have gone from being one of the countries with the highest level of development to where we are now. at the end of the scale. from being almost unknown, pedro castillo rose to the presidency, offering change for millions of peruvians. and while many hope he delivers on his promises many are wary that he will be in a sentence. i'll just see that enough a to fill a head on al jazeera, the indifference shown to my colleagues is to grace emotional testimony from police officers who are attacked during the january 5th, captain ryan, ivory coast presidents, and previous that's a whole talk for the 1st time since that rivalry pushed the country and the civil war years ago. ah
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ah hello, good to be with you. you know western australia is dealing with some of the most severe whether it has seen so far this year and we've got another system swooping in here. it's going to stir up the winds to about 75 kilometers per hour, just the other day. the suburbs of per southern winds about 85 kilometers per hour, appealing a roof off homes. now for new zealand, this looks a lot more threatening than it is toward the tasman. see, it's going to spread some rain towards the southern elves, but all of the major city centers. we've got an abundance of sun, christ, church, wellington and auckland, in the forecast. next, for se, asia, some heavy rounds of rain towards southern and central parts of indo china, all part of the southwest monsoon. and we can also focus on the philippines where luzon island is just getting hammered with this for lent with rain. ok,
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i want to take you to be jing, because already we have seen heavy rain here as while leading to scenes of flooding . and we are tracking leftovers of what was tropical storm info as it's starting to surge rain further toward the north. so this will impact beijing, beijing not as much rain as we saw in shanghai, but still more to come and leftovers of what was tropical storm, the party giving us some rain for central and northern areas of hunt you on thursday. the with energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your
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ah the ah. back you're watching. i'll just time to recap, all headlines down the street. so today is capital. i stayed largely quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next steps in an evolving political crisis and not the is the largest policy in the government coalition. it's pushing for elections after president high sky is dismissed. the primary highlanders reported a record number of kind of virus infections for the 3rd day in a row, it registered more than 16000 new cases in 24 hours. i some restrictions are in
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post last week in the capital bank and other region. joe biden has warned significant cyber attacks could trigger a war. the us president made the remark, small speaking to intelligence personnel, cyber security is become a top priority for the bike ministration. after a series of high profile, american top diplomat has arrived in india, secretary of state antony blinking is bad to meet his counterpart as well as the prime minister. talking points include the response to the corona virus pandemic, regional security and climate change. lincoln is due to fly on to quite next. elizabeth for them has more from new delhi that is being seen as the latest attempt . the ongoing attempts rather by the us administration to line off the allies in asia with china's growing influence in the regions as the blanket,
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as the 3rd us official to visit. and the year after the us secretary of defense and also the u. s. climate on boy earlier in the us, secretary of defense, lloyd austin's in fact on a tour of asia right now, visiting cinnapool, philippines and vietnam too. but just as importantly, this visit as being seen by both countries as the us seeking to reassure india, a key partner in asia as they would draw the military out of, of gone, a sort of gone on is set to top the agenda. in fact, for both countries, because india has very, very deep concerns about regional security with the u. s. and nation restore from the sun and u. s. government officials speaking to local media have said that india will be seeking, will be asking us to maintain pressure on pockets on, again what india says, you know, as pockets on providing not only funding but also safe havens to goods.
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as taliban is gaining ground and has gone a song with the u. s. withdrawal. us police officers have described in vivid personal terms how terrifying it was and rises, storm b, u. s. capital building in january. the violence was unleashed one form of trumps. bye for president don trump supporters. john henry reports now from washington. d. c. the whole truth and nothing but the true in sometimes harrowing testimony for police officers detail the coordinated attack on the u. s. capital, and on them. bruce, the washington police officer, michael for knowns. own body camera captured him being pulled into the crowd of donald trump. supporters beaten and shocked with a taser like stay in their body. like it, jimmy, i'm here. and he says the response from republican politicians has been just is
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hurtful. the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful, but nothing truly, nothing is prepared me to address those elected members of our government who continue to deny the events of that day and in doing so, betray their oath of office washington metropolitan police officer, daniel hodges, seen in a viral video being crushed between the capital doors by writers urged congress to act. i need you guys to address if anyone in power had a role in this, we're not allowed to join us capital police officer harry dunn recalled being taunted with racial slurs. no one had ever ever called me and while wearing the uniform of a capital police officer, just 2 republicans joined the panel defying their party to question the officers.
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you guys may like individually feel a little broken, but she has one of you guys l you here the former president, trump say quote, it was a loving crowd. there was a lot of love in the crowd. how does that make you feel it's upsetting? is a benteke excuse for his behavior for something that he himself helped to create this monstrosity. i'm still recovering from those hogs. in cases day the the house select committee saw previously unseen video. some of it graphic, profane and threatening the the my people died on capitol hill on january 6th, but despite the presence of 2 republicans on the committee, the republican party is largely refusing to cooperate with the inquiry in
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solidarity with donald trump, who urged the borders to march from the capital house republican liter, kevin mccarthy says the hearing is nothing but political theater. that becomes a failed committee and a failed report. a sham that no one can believe is the hearings continue the effort to investigate. the insurrection continues to be matched by an equally aggressive campaign to discredit it. john henry and al jazeera washington, ah, us olympic gymnastics champion, simone biles, is withdrawn from a 2nd, the limpid competition to focus on her mental health. 24 year old says she'll take it one day by day to decide if she ends up competing and remaining events. other athletes have offered support and spoken of their own struggles with the immense pressures they face. and richardson has the details from tokyo. will think time and
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time again through her career shown her scale, her brilliance and her determination. and we sent another aspect of her courage over the last 24 hours speaking so openly to the world's media about her desire to, to maintain her own mental health. and didn't want to jeopardize the chances of a see might winning a gold medal also now pulling out. so that event on thursday, i think the fact we've seen such a positive reaction from both her teammates, from the u. s. limbic committee and from athletes all around the world, this give some indication that attitude towards mental health are changing. i mean, some of the pressures the athletes arrived here in so care with quite incredible, unprecedented social media scrutiny. and obviously, the, the ongoing concern that a covey 19 positive tests could end your interest in these games at a moment's notice. i was still waiting now to find out if files will compete. next
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week, we'll get an official statement on that in the coming days. understandably, what happens is simone biles, last night, was mentioned at the daily international olympic committee, media briefing, and asked folks to mock out and said that they're all psychologists attached to most of the olympic teams. now, they're of psychologists employed by the i. c. inside the athletes. village to assist, there's also a hotline in 70 different languages with an athlete just feels that they need to talk to somebody out of their immediate bubble and wants to do it in a confidential manner. no army or sacker, of course, is, is the huge tennis superstar of the home country. she took a break from high level tennis a couple of months ago saying she didn't want to be press conferences anymore in order to protect her mental health. now she came back to these olympics, she got knocked sounds somewhat unexpectedly. what are the 1st question that she gets asked about her mental health and about how she's dealing with the pressure. so you can see just how difficult the situation is for athletes these days. but i
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think what we're seeing from, from bio and from our sac is that it is ok on a global stage to talk about your supporting highs, but also to talk openly about your mental lows as well. japan's newly reported corona virus infections have risen to another record high of more than 800-3200 of those cases are in tokyo. the growing case load is putting pressure on hospitals in the olympics host city. on tuesday, the prime minister shahid again urged people to watch the events from home, the south korean and then pick squads, decision to bring in its own team of chef to the tokyo gains is promot control the see in japan. some people see the move as an insult, added to already phrase relations between the 2 neighbors. but mcbride reports from sol, taking over a small hotel close to the athletes village in tokyo,
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south korean chefs prepare meals for their entire elim pick team. it's aimed at keeping the more isolated during the pandemic, but also to make sure no local ingredients carry radiation from the fukushima nuclear plant disaster 10 years ago. that we have put more effort in this time because of the corona virus concern. and because people are quite sensitive over the origin of ingredients, such as those from fukushima, certainly the team members are all in favor of the special menu. because they screen the ingredients, i preferred a more of this as i think it's safer. but the food program has irritated many in japan, which insists all its food is safe. given the long and troubled relationship between japan and south korea, it doesn't take much to bring goals animosities to the surface. and the lympics is offered ample opportunities to do just that. starting with the torch relay month,
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they got the official map of japan with the relay route showed a tiny group of eyelids which are disputed by the 2 neighbors as being japanese known as dr. in south korea, a banner proudly proclaiming them to be korean, hangs prominently opposite the japanese embassy. and so before south korea is winter olympics in 2018. the same islets were initially shown as being part of the korean peninsula than a possible bridge. building visit to tokyo by south korea as president moon jane was ruled out amid a contract to see over insulting remarks made by a senior japanese diplomat. i'm back in the olympic village of bana, apparently evoking a 16th century korean victoria with japan had to be removed following complaints to old adversaries, proving they are happy to go head to head whether a limb pick. metals are involved or not. public bride al jazeera,
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so now political rivals in ivory coast of bet for the 1st time in the decade, president out of san juan. and his free to set the long back bow hadn't come face to face since the disputed election tip the country into violence and chaos. i'm going to trace explains the after decade of bitter rivalry, their 1st meeting was an icebreaker. both leaders smiled to the cameras rather than president allison water. i invited to desa into a palace. he was forced to leave 10 years ago. at the end of the meeting, that lasted an hour, the 2 liters came out, relaxed, and with words of hope for a deeply divided nation retinal. central said, now the meeting, we've been eagerly waiting for has happened. we should all congratulate each other . there's been crises and divisions in our country, but that's all behind us. the most important thing is piece for our country. as lauren said, it is important for us to move forward. it's good for our future. on his part,
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lauren bubble asked that i vote in jail for that roles in the countries political crisis, beset free history. pres, deceptive. i'm very happy with our meeting because it was very relaxed and i'm very proud about it. and i requested that we should have such discussions from time to time to reduce the tension in the country. the partisan between the 2 foes parked to civil was that cost thousands of lies and the country's political stability. bible was still commands a light following despite his tenure absence from ivory coast is keys, future stability, also other exile. politicians like former speaker of parliament gum soto, once our ally the meeting you've seen as an important foster. i think they realize that it's time to figure out the future. we cannot face was not what we saw in 2011 . but my voting is a skeptical of a quick reconciliation. these victims and families of those killed during the
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countries was gathered to lay a read hours before the meeting will feel even if they want to reconcile, they can. but that should come at the expense of the victims of their political rivalry. victims are not involved. and are not happy, they might as well expel us from the country. 10 years of national reconciliation driven mainly by civil society has so far failed to hear words. yeah. one meeting. want immediately change that it reese algebra. ok. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now just are now the streets of tennessee as capital estate largely quiet on the curfew as people waves the next steps in an evolving political crisis and nava is the largest party in the government.


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