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watch on country video. a rally for home on al jazeera play an important role checking in with. ringback me in the news. another quiet night on the fulton is, is capital is the largest party warms against violence after the prime minister dismissal. ah, me say that this is al, just they are alive from the hall. so coming out a warning from the us president that cyber attacks could lead to war, bring refugees are killed in a landslide for good by heavy rain on the camp and bangladesh. and us elim pick
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gymnastics champions. simone biles pulls out of another event, focus on mental well being ah the streets of tennessee, as capital have stayed largely quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next steps and evolving political crisis. and not the the largest party. and the coalition government is pushing for elections after the president dismissed the prime minister and froze parliament. soon as he is foreign minister as phoned allies in turkey and european capital, telling them the extraordinary measures are only temporary. laura, but manly reports. happy bird gave a avenue in the heart of 2 nieces. diplomat, guerria has known in the stage for protests and political change. and this week
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with no difference or security forces, lying the streets and the army. his setup, barricade, locking people, and politicians from access to government buildings. president said sucked the prime minister of the prominence capital members and announce a freeze on parliament's 30 days. he says the decision was taken after following the process laid out by the constitution. but the move was divided opinions and i'm a local if the people see that kind of said wants to become a dictator and work against the revolution. of course the people rise up against him and overthrow him so that you know no cause and cause it is really a rescue operation. because lately alternation have seen that the economic and social situation has deteriorated. a lot under the government's policies, the biggest political group, the another party is calling the president's move accrue, but says it's open and ready for dialog. we reject the
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unconstitutional announcements and we welcome all the rejections that have come from news. the other thing is the political party as well as some of your patients and we call the changes in people to the com and vigilant and you ready to defense visible. christy really, really, really, really must protest were held on sunday with many, focusing at the not a party, a long struggle with cooper 19. and an economy in decline has become a perfect recipe for unrest. the then on monday, a face off in tunis between those for and against the president. the same streets were filled during the 2011 jasmine revolution that led with decades of democracy with the people now in power,
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a being accused of corruption and incompetence. and the president is accused of establishing an authoritarian governments, the many people here so hard to read of a decade ago. for now, what is important is that the decision for all the political acts up to fit together, that we are no longer within to return and resume into needs yet. but we're in democratic are you into an epic and has to happen within the mac graphic process. and democratic framework for now to mrs. com. many don't know whether it's fragile democracy can be phased by dialogue or whether the streets will once again become a stage for nation demanding change lower. but manly out to 0 me thailand has counted a record number of new corona virus infections. the 3rd day running more than
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$16000.00 cases were reported over 24 hours its biggest outbreak since the pan down began is being blamed on the delta variant. it was 1st identified in india and it's more contagious. tony chang now has more from bangkok we're getting record numbers every day. we pretty much seen them everyday for 2 weeks now . and the government despite clamping down with tighter and tighter restrictions doesn't seem able to stem the flow. certainly they are doing more tests now. but they are uncovering more clusters at the same time. we've seen the government come out the in fact, the prime minister himself in the last couple of days with a fairly fiery response, saying that the, the reason the infections are climbing so quickly is because people weren't following the directions properly. but we've also seen a lot of people who, who are going out in the daytime, which is still permitted under the current regulation. thing we have to go out for our business is we had to keep up as this is
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a life. even if it means risking health and catching cove at 1900, if our businesses fail. so to we can of course, at the moment that said the cobra, 1900 response team is meeting today. it's probably going to introduce more strict measures at this stage. it's hard to know whether we're going to return to the very hard lockdown we are in at the start of the pandemic. but the government is running out of choices. health services, other on the real strain here, hospital bed to be running out. in the last couple of days, the government has asked the international airport to open up a new terminal in an emergency hospital and didn't even using a train carriages to treat a symptomatic cobit patients. so they really are looking hard for a solution. but at the moment until they can get the vaccination program fully functioning, it doesn't look like they'll get things under control of the white house is considering requiring employees of the federal government to show proof of the vaccination. otherwise,
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they may have to submit to regular cove. it 19 testing and where a mosque cases in the u. s. continue to climb largely driven by the delta variant. on tuesday, the centers for disease control and prevention reversed it's mask policy saying even vaccinated people should wear them indoors. joe biden is warning significant cyber attacks could trigger a war. the us president made the remarks while speaking to intelligence personnel. cybersecurity is become a top priority for the biden administration after a series of high profile hacks. you know, we see how cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, increasing they're able to cause damage and disruption in the real world. i can't guarantee this and you're as informed as i am, but i think it's more likely we're going to end up when we end up in a war. i real shooty more. when the major power it's going to be, as
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a consequence of a cyber reach, of great consequence is increasing exponentially. the capabilities, holla, hackers are getting at a more sophisticated and brazen in may. so cold ransomware attack on a u. s. oil pipeline disrupted fuel supplies. the company paid millions to get it systems back. the march of that money was recovered. an attack on a u. s. technology company impacted business is worldwide including a swedish supermarket chain which had to close its stores. and earlier this year, hackers broke into the software company, solar winds comprised compromising u. s. government agencies. officials blamed russia. joining us from melbourne is mat warren, director of the r m i. t university center for cybersecurity research and innovation. good to have you with us. so does the fact that joe, joe biden is making this warning? does that in itself really reveal how reliant countries have become on this fiber
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infrastructure? it really shows the escalation of cyber warfare, cyber wolf, as being part of what's called hydride. we'll say. so in terms of it's a connectivity, as well as 5 back to the pizza code, like to be an arch light disinformation. now we've seen the possible impact of the massive cyber attack on what is called critical infrastructure of the us and what the governance us government is saying is if these attacks occur, and the attribution can be linked to a nation state that they could be physical retribution for those attacks, while the military, like other industries have become more reliant as well on the cyber infrastructure . how will that also change the nature of warfare going forward,
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which joe biden is warning about? well, it's got to change the profile because. busy in terms of critical infrastructure, it's quickly the structure for the entire population of the union with military. what we're now seeing is the mechanization of. busy cyber attacks focusing on particular parts of government. so down the road particular systems we've seen water supply systems attacked by hackers in florida. since you could have real consequences where the power and water are disrupted for a long period of time in major majors for the capitals, major centers of population. so we really are at a turning point the same time as the rise of crypto currencies, of
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a linked to this rise in hacks. well, what we're saying is the voice of ransomware gangs and what they have after his payment to create so currency, so they can more easily hide those payments and transfer them because of the block chain aspects of it. the, the problem that you have is those that some way, gangs of based mainly in russia and they use in joker p to protect them because the russian government isn't take, it actually gets those ransom madison re, gangs, they are shutting down the appellation. so this is another major point to tension between the us and russia. who's behind the cyber tech side? are we talking about bounty seeking individuals? all state taxes, who actually are seeking more political leverage? well, there's actually a number of entities behind the attacks. there's water called state fed actors like
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china, russia and north korea land, who undertake cyber attacks to stand information or check power. they stay in criminal gangs like we see in the bank somewhere, attacks to adjust attack in systems to try to get money out of that position. so government, and this is part of the issue is there's so many different groups behind these types of attacks, right? good to talk to. thanks mike warren. there also had the news already dealing with rising kevin 1900 cases down people in bangladesh having to deal with skyrocketing food prices. the afghan president outlines his vision for the country's future, mid continuing game by the tale. bon ah
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello, it's thursday, july 28th. here's your weather headlines for europe and north africa. we're going to begin in northern italy, the lombardi region, which was inundated with rain. it led to water gushing down the streets here. we know about 60 people, had to be rescued. we also knew this was where the storms were going to be bad. and once again, that threat continues on wednesday. read through switzerland as we head toward austria, the czech republic, southern and central areas of pulling. but i want to go back now to southern areas of italy because the heat is certainly on their weather alerts in play. not only for here, but also as we had towards serbia, croatia, and hungry as temperature as could push past that. 40 degree mark belgrade, we got you in for 40 and there's those storms, switzerland as we head toward austria and the czech republic. next for go into
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turkey and it has just been continuous rain for the black sea region here. so we're seeing the scenes of flooding. and unfortunately another pocket of rain as we head toward the northeast corner of turkey on wednesday. ok off to africa and the southeast corner of molly, his scooped up 67 millimeters of rain and you know what? on wednesday, we may see some explosive storms toward shad and also rate up long that border with burkina faso and se molly in the forecasts on wednesday. sponsor cut on airways where total technology can help tackle the spread of coven 19. but our tech solutions, the best solutions we are starting something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring what date is being collected. whereas it being stored highly re, looks at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face target when tech to go viral,
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episode 3 of all hail the lockdown and al jazeera. ah, the me welcome back here watching out just there are times when he kept the headlines, the streets of news use capital estate largely quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next steps and involving political crisis is the largest party in the government coalition. it's pushing for elections off the president i cited dismissed. the prime minister thailand has reported a reco number of kind of virus infections for a 3rd day in a row registered more than 16000 new cases in 24 hours heights restrictions were imposed last week in the capital,
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bangkok and other regions. joe biden is warning significant cyber attacks could trigger a war. the us president made the remarks on speaking to intelligence personnel. cyber security has become a top priority for the 5 minute ministration after a series of high profile hacks. monsoon rains in bangladesh of triggered land slides and the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people, mostly children, could prolong camp and cox's bazaar is home. to more than a 1000000 rang refugees from neighboring the unmarked alex hale. bryan reports in the pouring rain. people come to see what happened or salvage what's left. the makeshift homes built from plastic sheets and bamboo pole had no chance when the muddy hillside collapsed into rachel rains. but one of you left and my sister went to the bathroom and after she returned the side of the hill came down. well,
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i have one nice and 2 nephews and my sister. my brother in law, along with the other family members, managed to get out of the shelter, but the clothes came down on the floor and the entire shelter was damaged. 2 of them died and 2 others were injured like the powerful monsoon range caused a flood that reached roof height and some areas of the kuta column camp. more than 100 teams to see, to be washed away by the water. good of how long and bangladesh is the world's biggest refugee camp and the most densely populated. it's home to more than 1000000 wrangler who flayed a crick down by the military and neighboring miasma. it's overcrowded, basic, and prone to live live been flooding. somebody can have informed the people at least to more will be able to not comply with the request of the we will take alternate steps. not so much as we hope the population that we will be willing. the government says all the ra hanging will be received,
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felt as soon as possible. and that measures are being taken to minimize casualties caused by the annual rains. but right group say it's not enough that the flood proved once more. how vulnerable the ringo refugees to the impact of climate change . many and now sheltering and mosques in school and facing the prospect of having lost their homes again. alex here brian al jazeera america's top diplomat has arrived in india, secretary of state anthony blanc and his that means his counterpart as well as the prime minister. talking points include the response to current of iris, regional security issues and climate change thinking has been due to fly on to kuwait. lisbeth from them joins us now from new delhi. so is this being seen as part of the effort to strengthen the alliance against china? very much as it is being seen as the latest attempt,
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the ongoing attempts rather by the us administration to line off the allies in asia with china's growing influence in the region as the blanket, as the 3rd us official to visit and the other year after the us secretary of defense and also the u. s. climate on boy earlier in the us secretary of defense lloyd austin's in fact on a tour of asia right now, visiting cinnapool, philippines and vietnam too. but just as importantly, this visit as being seen by both countries as the us seeking to reassure india, a key partner in asia as they would draw the military out of, of gone, the sound of guns is set to top the agenda. in fact, for both countries, because india has very, very deep concerns about regional security with the u. s. and nation restore on the phone and u. s. government officials speaking to local media have said that india will be
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seeking, will be asking us to maintain pressure on pockets. again, what india says, you know, as pockets on providing, not only funding, but also safe havens to groups as just holler, bond is gaining grounds and has gone to the phone with the u. s. withdrawal. so in issues like china and coven dominating talks will happen to other issues like minority, right, press freedoms, and so on. and they're going to be put in the back seat. now while us officials said ahead of me saying that anthony blanket would be raising issues of democracy and human vice. but what they said was that the 2 countries have more in common on those funds than they don't. and some people can actually began his visit to india by meeting representatives of civil society organizations. but then he also tweeted that you know, that the u. s. and india that they committed to democratic values. they share
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democratic values. and that is part of the bedrock of the relationship that it's reflected in the as society. and so while us officials have said that things that u. s. government bodies themselves have criticize the indian government when it comes to democracy, human rights, minority rights from the public statements. we're here and from the us secretary of state. it doesn't seem like any criticism of the indian government that even if it is any criticism of the indian government, certainly will not be made public. thanks so much, elizabeth. per on an afghan president, i shall money as given a major policy speech in the countries future direction. but as the dress has been line on details about how the government plan, the counter territorial gains by the tommy bon gun, a broadly spoke about having full confidence in local forces as international troops continue to withdraw. our diplomatic editor james base has bought from
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cobble it was a long speech and certainly he's praising the commitment of the afghan security forces in the ongoing fighting, saying that many retired officers joined up for the fight. but he also added that he felt there was no military solution to the situation in afghanistan. and i'm sure there was some observers watching that, wondering whether the taliban agreed with that assessment because it's all about all committed right now to the talks in doha bought, there is a question mark if they don't get what they want, are they going to give up on the talks and then start to try and take what they want militarily. clearly there's been no seas for the conflict continues at this stage. also worth noting, the president is long speech to this gathering of african leaders and the international community focus the lot on economics and development. and i can tell you the privately many senior guns ensued, including some in government of said that i should have gone. he said he's an
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internet intellectually and academic used to work. the world bank is a guy before he came back to us. got a song out of the fall of the taliban in 2001, but they said they'd like to see i should have gone it acting more. as an inspirational leader, perhaps more of a bit of a general rather than the professor that i still see. ah, now us olympic gymnastics champion, simone biles, is withdrawn from a 2nd olympic competition in order to focus on her mental health. the 24 year old will now be assessed day by day to see if she can compete in next week's individual competitions. bowels has been looking to win gold medals in all 6 gymnastics finals to give her a total of 10, which would have made her the most accomplished female olympian in any sports. and
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the riches enjoy us now from tokyo. so what more has come to life about simone? balls withdraw will think time and time again through her career, she shone her scale, her brilliance in her determination, we've seen another aspect of her courage over the last 24 hours speaking. so openly, the world's media about her desire to maintain her own mental health and didn't want to jeopardize the chances of a see might winning a gold medal also now pulling out. so that event on thursday. and i think the fact we've seen such a positive reaction from both her teammates, from the u. s. limbic committee from athletes all around the world does give some indication that attitudes towards mental health are changing. i mean, some of the pressures the athletes arrived here and so care with quite incredible, unprecedented social media scrutiny. and obviously the, the ongoing concern that a coven, 19 positive test could end your interest in these games at
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a moment's notice. i was still waiting now to find out if files will compete. next week we'll get an official statement on bus in the coming days. and i'm the how much of a concern is pressure and mental health for other candidates? it's a growing issue and thing that's been talked about much more, not just to the lim, fixed, but in sports all around the world. understandably what happened to some i'm bios last night was mentioned at the daily international olympic committee, media briefing and asked folks a mock out and said that they're all psychologists attached to most of the olympic teams. now they're of psychologists employed by the i. c. inside the athletes that leads to assist, there's also a hotline in 70 different languages with an athlete just feels that they need to talk to somebody out of their immediate bubble and wants to do it in a confidential manner. no army or sacker, of course, is,
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is the huge tennis superstar of the home country. she took a break from level tennis a couple of months ago saying she didn't want to press conferences anymore in order to protect her mental health. now she came back to these olympics, she got knocked sounds somewhat unexpectedly. what are the 1st question that she gets asked about her mental health and about how she's dealing with the pressure. so you can see just how difficult the situation is for athletes these days. but i think what we're seeing from, from bio and from our sac is that it is ok on a global stage to talk about us forcing highs, but also to talk openly about your mental lows as well. all right, thanks so much. and richardson data current, a virus cases in tokyo, has so as to another old time, high with almost another 3200 infections. in the past 24 hours, it will pile pressure on the government and the limpid organizers who pushed ahead with holding the gains during the pandemic. prime minister shaheed
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a serv allen tuesday urged people to watch the events from home. south careers also report that its highest daily number of infections, its battling its worst outbreaks in the beginning of the pandemic. restrictions in the capital sol have been extended for 2 more weeks. bangladesh is battling not just the pandemic, but soaring inflation to prices of putting basic foods out of the reach of many times. we're chandry as more from the capital becca. kern buzzer is one of the busiest open air kitchen markets in dot com. but there are hardly any shoppers on this day because of a nationwide lockdown to prevent koby. 1900 begum is among the few who came out for groceries, but finds food items are more expensive than usual. so yes, kicking the initial, i came out to buy some green vegetables, the prices of everything has gone up, and the market may be due to the lockdown or because they're not enough buyers,
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but logistics and supplies are open. not sure why. market export se sewing inflation along with rising foot prices in bangladesh and recent month, i put an additional burden on low and middle income household. many here have lost their jobs. the sources of income during the current virus pandemic was the essential food items, price given height. but in comparison, people's income has not risen. so it's becoming hard for middle class families like ours to cope with. it would be good if the government intervenes to stabilize the market. according to data from government agency, nearly all types of daily commodities are now been sold at a higher prices compared to the same period last year. right. and until 2 of the most basic food stable for most bangladesh and recent month, prices are many for the essential have gone up, making it increasingly hard for people to make ends meet. the government has
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announced a number of stimulus packages for different sectors and beneficiaries during this health crisis. but not everyone is getting the help that need. so we've got a lot and i have them, it's very hard on the daily vigilance. they're not able to own enough money or get a full square, mean, estimated class of suffering the most, many are not able to go to work and they are also embarrassed to seek help. they're not getting any kind of help guilt, many are suffering quite at home and some here believe holding of goods and manipulation of the market might be creating an artificial crisis. i'm wondering what do we think? one of the main reasons for the price, like if the desire to make an unreasonable profit by vested business interest groups, and lack of proper regulation and monitoring by the government and their businesses open access to manipulate the market. despite the pandemic bank, this is economy continues to grow by more than 5 percent. but analysts one, the rising inflation and growing full price is, could hamper economic recovery and possibly lead to food shortages in
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a country already heat by severe weather and pandemic related disruption. can be children, just darker and you can find much more on our website. the address for you there is al jazeera dot com. ah and they'll take you through some of those stories. now the streets of tennessee, as capital estate launched, the quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next steps in it involving political crisis. and non law is the largest party and the coalition. it's pushing for elections off the high side dismissed. the prime minister thailand has reported a regular number of corona virus infections for the 3rd day in a row. it registered more than $16000.00 new cases in 24 hours. title restrictions were imposed.


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