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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2021 10:00am-10:30am AST

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coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of answer 0. the use another client nighttime, because for 2 years capsule is the largest policy and warns against violence after the prime ministers dismissal. ah, hello, i'm time is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, guy and president outlines is vision for the country's future, made continuing territorial gains by the time the bond for refugees killed in a landslide, triggered by heavy rain that lashed this rolling camp in bangladesh and special menus with south korea is olympic athletes leaving
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a bitter taste for the japanese hold on the streets of tennessee as capital of stayed largely quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next steps in an evolving political crisis and not the largest policy . and the coalition government is pushing for elections after president pi side dismissed the prime minister and froze parliament to new jersey. as foreign minister is found allies in turkey and european capitals, telling them the extraordinary measures are only temporary. laura burden manly reports. happy board gave avenue in the heart of 2 nieces. diplomat, guerria has long been the stage for protest and political change. and this week with no difference or security forces lying the streets and the army has setup, barricade, locking people,
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and politicians from access to government buildings. president kyle said sucked the prime minister of the prominent capital members and announce a freeze on parliament's 30 days when he says the decision was taken after following the process laid out by the constitution. but the move was divided opinions and i'm only local. if the people see that kind of said wants to become a dictator and work against the revolution, of course the people rise up against him and overthrow him so that you know cause cause it is really a rescue operation. because lately alterations have seen that the economic and social situation has deteriorated. a lot under the government's policies, the biggest political group, the another party is calling the presidents, move a crew, but says it's open and ready for dialog. we reject the unconstitutional announcements and we welcome all the rejections that have come from
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most of the political party as well as some of your. ready patients and we call the changes in people to the com and vigilant, and you ready to defend the democracy really, really, really must protest were held on sunday with many, focusing the anger at the not to party. a long struggle with cubic 19 and an economy in decline has become a perfect recipe for unrest. then, on monday, a face off in tunis between those for and against the president. the same streets were filled during the 2011 jasmine revolution that led with decades of democracy. but the people now in power of being accused of corruption and incompetence. and the president is accused of establishing an authoritarian governments. the many
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people here for so hard to read of a decade ago. for now, what is important is that the decision for all the political acts up to sit together, that we are no longer within to return to resume internees yet, but we're in democratic regime continues and everything has to happen within the graphic process and democratic framework for now to this is com many don't know whether it's fragile democracy can be phased by dialogue or whether the streets will once again become a stage for a nation demanding change. lower but manly out there are. now the afghan president is giving a major policy speech on the countries future direction, but his address has been light on detail about how the government plans to counter territorial games by the tale bomb funny i shall on the broad they spoke about having full confidence in local forces as international troops continue to withdraw
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. our diplomatic editor james bay joined us in cobbles. what else has he been saying? it was a long speech and certainly he's praising the commitment to the afghan security forces in the ongoing fighting, saying that many retired officers had joined up for the fight. but he also added that he felt there was no military solution to the situation in afghanistan. and i'm sure there was some observers watching that, wondering whether the taliban agreed with that assessment because it's all about all committed right now to the talks in doha bought, there is a question mark if they don't get well, they won't, they going to give up on the talks and then stop to try and take what they want militarily and clearly there's been no seas for the conflict continues at this stage. also worth noting that president gone is long speech to this gathering of african leaders and the international community focus the law on economics and
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development. and i can tell you the privately many senior guns institute, including some in government of said that i struck, connie said these are the internet intellectually and academic used to work. the world bank is a guy before he came back to i've got a song to the fall of the taliban in 2001, but they said they'd like to see i should have gone acting more. as an inspirational leader, perhaps more of a bit of a general rather than the professor that i still see. and stand out show james, that the pace of us as tribes have been picking up is not having any impact on the tale. bon, advance right now. well certainly there is all going fighting and exactly where the 2 sides are, is always very hard to close that one moment to that one snapshot. but i think the place to look at very, very closely right now is can the province because it's the 2nd city of afghanistan
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effectively. when the taliban run this country and the $990.00, it was the capital. there is fighting very, very close to kandahar city, which has been on getting in recent days overnight were told by the local hospital, 17 civilians, engine including women and children, were told to africa. police officers dead. the government. those saying that in kandahar province, in the last 24 hours, they have killed 10 taliban also was telling you outside canada city about 45 minutes drive to the border with pakistan. spin bolduc. well, let me just one of the border points for probably the most important. that's the time that i've taken in recent weeks around. i've got some very worrying for land country to be losing its borders and we now here that's been bullied at border, is now fully open to trucks focused on fully reopened it. and that's important for the taliban because they get all the revenue for those trucks that are coming in. we hear from africa, ministry of finance,
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that since they lost all these border points around the country, they've lost $33500000.00 in customs revenue. james bay fat from cobble out thailand. his counted a record number of new current virus infections for the 3rd day running more than 16000 cases were reported over 24 hours. it's the biggest outbreak since the pandemic began being blamed on the delta variance 1st identified in india, which is more contagious. go live now to tony chang in bangkok. so does this mean tony that the new restrictions they brought out recently are not controlling the situation but i certainly don't seem to be at the moment, we're getting record numbers every day. we pretty much seen them every day for 2 weeks now. and the government despite clamping down with tighter and tighter
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restrictions doesn't seem able to stem the flow. certainly they are doing more tests now. but they are uncovering more clusters at the same time. we've seen the government come out the impact, the prime minister himself in the last couple of days with a fairly fiery response, saying that the, the reason the infections are climbing so quickly is because people weren't following the directions properly. but we've also seen a lot of people who, who are going out in the daytime, which is still permitted under the current regulation thing. we have to go for our businesses. we had to keep up as this is a life, even if it means risking health and catching cove at 19 of our businesses fail. so to we kind of course at the moment that said the curb at $900.00 response team is meeting today. it's probably going to introduce more straight measures at this stage. it's hard to know whether we're going to return to the very hard lockdown we are in at the start of the pandemic. but the government is running out of choices.
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health services, other on the real strain here, hospital bed to be running in. in the last couple of days, the government has asked the international airport to open up a new terminal in an emergency hospital and they didn't even using a train carriages to treat a symptomatic covered patients. so they really are looking hard for a solution. but at the moment until they can get the vaccination program fully functioning, it doesn't look like they'll get things under control. how is the covered crisis, also breaking taboos and impacting the king? well, today is the king 69th birthday, and usually that would be the occasion for the big celebrations, particularly in the area around the grand palace that's all being cancelled today. we understand that maybe some mine and celebrations within the palace, but very much in private. nonetheless, discovery crisis has dragged the king into a certain extent. he is one of the wealthiest men in thailand and the crown
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property bureau, which controls his wealth, owns of majority share in the company. see, empire sons, which is the sole producer of astrazeneca, not just the here in thailand, but also which is supposed to be distributed around the region. there was a lot of controversy when that was that when that contract was awarded because science and science and she has no experience in vaccine production. and since then has fallen behind severely on the amount of doses it's supposed to be giving. the problem is that because it's owned by the king, any criticism of the company is by association criticism of his majesty an entire and that carries a potential jail sentence of 15 years. we saw a protest is out on the street last year calling for creates a transparency with the crown and for reform of the monarchy. and i think this is a very good example that they're currently using. they say that the huge wealth obtained by the crown shouldn't be used for purposes like this. and when it is,
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it should be transparent. and i think many people frustrated the vaccinations they should be getting on there. and the king is part of the problem in the pipeline. leave it there. thanks so much. tony chang. now the white house is considering requiring employees of the federal government to show proof of vaccination. otherwise, they may have to submit to regular cobit 19 testing and where a mosque cases in the u. s. continues climb, largely driven by the delta variant. on tuesday, the centers for disease control and prevention reversed it's mosque policy saying even vaccinated people should wear them indoors. well, you know, i've got a consideration right now, but if you're not actually, you're not nearly as smart as i thought you were. i started to be back by the vaccinate more we learn more,
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we learn about as fires in the don't variation more, we have to be more concerned and only one thing we know for sure. if those other 100 really people got vaccinated, we've been a very different still ahead. i'll just hear a, a warning from the us president the cyber attacks could lead to a war and peruse. hasn't pharma turned president at castillo for past to take office, struggling citizens share their hopes for the future? ah, ah! while the rain is back to summer, never went away. the center of pivots, more or less going to be ever gotten to the next 24 hours with the cloud extends all the way down north literally have been pretty big. thunderstorms there is
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encroachments the hot air is still around in eastern europe and persistent rain is going to be along this line. i think here in the southern part has got the navy and scotland instruct you. that's the big circulation taking place. during wednesday, the dr. blues would suggest bigger showers and usually they don't extend down through italy, don't go to the balkans and they're not really that much evident in spain or portugal. either, in fact, by time to get to 30 more or less a north south spit if you ignore what's disappearing out of eastern europe into russia, which has dropped temperatures a bit. so all around the edge of what's currently revolving, it's quite hot. in fact, the heat war engaged for hungary, the serbia, the bits of italy, for example. and the reason for that attempt is on record breaking. they went above normal. the average is $29.00 in belgrade, goats about $38.00 on friday. if it shines the record, you can see very quiet sunshine with little wind as well because it's hot, it's hot in north africa, but seasonally we get the big raises tom the,
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there they're in chat, nigeria. and more especially down in the far west of molly the a year ago, one of the largest non nuclear blasts in history killed more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby support? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim. and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship? the missing amal and it wasn't all in one way or another. membership in italy, good way for join me for their, for the full report on l. o .
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the me back here watching without watching out just to recap, headlines the streets of to new z as capital of state, largely quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next step in evolving political crisis and not the largest party in the government coalition. it's pushing 4 elections of the president i cited dismissed. the primary i've gotten president shavani has been giving a policy speech on the future direction of the country. raney's address comes in tardy. bon continues to make gains across gamma stand. last week, the government imposed nighttime curfew. thailand is reported a record number of kind of virus infections for a 3rd day in a row, if registered more than 16000 new cases and 24 hours tied to restrictions were imposed. last week in the capital and other regions. monsoon reigns in bangladesh,
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have triggered landslides in the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people, mostly children. they go up along camp and cox's bazaar is home to more than a 1000000 rang refugees from neighboring men, moth alex o'brien reports in the pouring rain. people come to see what happened or salvage was left to make shift homes built from plastic sheets and bamboo poles had no chance when the muddy hillside collapsed into rachel rains. but one of you left them, my sister went to the bathroom and after she returned the side of the hill came down. well, i had one nice and 2 nephews and my sister, my brother in law, along with the other family members, managed to get out of the shelter, but the clothes came down on the floor and the entire shelter was damaged. 2 of them died and 2 others were injured like the powerful monsoon rain caused a flood that reached roof high in some areas of the column camp. more than 100
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teens seemed to be washed away by the water good of how long and bangladesh is the world's biggest refugee camp and the most densely populated. it's home to more than 1000000 wrangler who flayed a crack down by the military and neighboring miasma. it's overcrowded, basic and prone to line slides and flooding. how may i have informed the people at least to morrow being able to do not comply with the request of the we will take alternate steps. not so much as we hope that population that we will be willing for. the government says all the ra hanging will be received filled as soon as possible. and that measures are being taken to minimize casualties caused by the annual rains. but right group say it's not enough that the flood prove once more how vulnerable to ringo refugees to the impacts of climate change. many and now sheltering and mosques in schools and facing the prospect of having lost their
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homes again. alex here brian al jazeera america's top diplomat has arrived in india, secretary of state anthony blinking is there to meet his counterpart, the minister of external affairs, as well as prime minister. and the modi talking points include the response to current of virus regional security issues. and climate change, lincoln is then due to fly on to quite alright. lizbeth front and now joins us from knew that a elizabeth is this visit also being seen as part of the push to strengthen the alliance? the counter china? yes. hello sam. absolutely. anthony lincoln visit is very much being seen as the latest overture, if you like, by the biden administration to india, but also to other agent countries to implemented strategy of lining off allies if you like,
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against the increasing the growing influence of china and the region as the blinking then the 3rd us official to visit and the, the, the secretary of defense board austin, also the u. s. special presidential envoy for climate john kerry. and just as importantly though, it's also being seen by both countries as the us trying to reassure a key asian pop as it pulls out and pulls its troops out of gone is found. now the u. s. has been seeking to, again to be a show, india off its commitment, have gone, assigned the even despite the true withdrawal. but adam appears say that the officials will be looking for a concrete answer from anthony blinking about the u. s. future course of action and they've got a song because the truth withdrawals will have major regional security and implications for india. and indian government have told local media that the us to be seeking to to ask for us to continue with their pressure on pocket
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fund in regards to have gone on and pocket funding of groups. and also it's providing safe haven for goods as the us food vouchers have gone on. well, given everything you've just said, then lizbeth, does this mean the u. s. is likely to put on the back seat. some of those other issues related to minority rights press freedoms, etc. now, that is a really interesting question. anthony blank and match representatives of civil society groups even before he met the external affairs minister s de schon codle or before he'd meet prime minister. and that ends morty, and his official, when asked about whether he's going to bring up issues of democracy and human rights. and the government officials said that he would, that, that they really believe that the u. s. a. them have more in common on those fronts
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than they don't to ad anthony blink. and his tweeted that, you know, they share a commitment to democratic values of the 2 countries that as part of the bedrock of their relationship. and so, yes one, it seems that as the lincoln will bring up some issues that the u. s. u. s. government bodies themselves have criticize the indian government over that that will certainly be done privately, judging from their public statements, no criticism. there will be no criticism of the indian government in public. i thank so much, elizabeth for on them there. now joe biden is warning significant cyber attacks could trigger a war. the us president made the remarks while speaking to intelligence personnel. cybersecurity has become a top priority for the biden administration after a series of high profile hacks, some impacted us fuel and food supplies. you know, we see how cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, increasingly are able to cause damage and disruption in the real world. i can't
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guarantee this and there is inform design, but i think it's more likely we're going to end up when we end up in a war. i real shooting more. when the major power it's going to be, as a consequence of a cyber ridge, of great consequence is increasing exponentially. the capabilities her room president elect federal castillo, has suffered a set back a day before being sworn in. opponents in parliament have blocked his parties. candidates from forming the new leadership in congress, members of costeo's free peru party were ruled out on a technicality. custio's left wing party wants to rewrite the constitution. a prospect that has concerned opposition. politicians. like millions of peruvians, kasteel grew up in poverty. it's promising change. but as marianna sanchez reports from lima delivering on that pledge will be
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a challenge. the 200 years for republic, wednesday pedro can memory. it's a landmark anniversary, the independence from the spanish colonialist. now for the 1st time, a former and rural primary school teacher takes over the presidency. they look at your comes from one of the poorest districts of they do. and he, peruvian, see, they feel represented. jessica laguna says her community on the outskirts of the capital. lima has little to celebrate mothers in the summer. the republic is 200 years old, but these inequality everywhere were rolling in the same mud and we can gape. we wish our children could have it better. we always have needs, and there's no work. we wish for changing, but we can't do better. they claim the state has forgotten the poor members of this community build the roads themselves. they rece animal to eat together in a communist kitchen and the families here at the algorithm. a community live on
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less than $8.00 a day. millions like them have come from remote places for decades, people have been migrating from the and this to the capital, looking for a better life. and they ended up living in shanty towns where they continue to live in poverty. margarita was, as she doesn't have any hope that the new president will bring change away a lot of my grandparents. my parents, we've always been poor. i was brought as a child to escape poverty and look, we did poor will always before. no one remembers us. glinda breastfeeding, fizzle guest, he has promised that there will not be any more poor in a rich country, but analysts say the road for him will be up hill em tough. though. field samuels, in 200 years, we have learned to survive, to lease our hardships are severe. we have gone from being one of the countries with the highest level of development to where we are now, at the end of the scale. from being almost unknown dated august,
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the year rose to the presidency, offering change for millions of peruvians. and while many hope he delivers on his promises, many are wary that he will be in a santa cell. just see that enough to fire in greece had been burning out of control threatening suburban neighborhoods. near athens there raging in a forest at the base of mount pen, tally north of the capital firefighters. local authorities say surrounding suburbs are the threat. daytime temperatures bare of reach 36 degrees celsius and could push 40 degrees in the coming days, warring drug cartels in northern mexico reach to truce. it was announced on professionally printed banners which appeared in several cities. the banners was signed by 3 main factions in the decade old war. ah,
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us elim pick gymnastics champion simone builds, has withdrawn from a 2nd, the limpid competition in order to focus on mental health. 24 year old will now be assessed day today to see if she can compete in the next week's individual competitions. uh, been looking to win gold medals in old 60 nasty finals to give her a total of 10 which would have made her the most accomplished female and then pin in any sports and japanese tennis. don, i only osaka says she didn't know how to cope with the pressure to win the olympics . psycho was knocked out in the 3rd round of the tournament by check play catch of under a silver on tuesday the number to see struggled in a match. the last to just over now with south korean olympic squad decision to bring its own team of shafts to the tokyo games as provoke control, the sea in japan. some people see the move as an insult. it's added to already
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framed relations between the 2 neighbors. from mcbride reports from sol. taking over a small hotel close to the athletes village in tokyo, south korean chefs prepare meals for their entire olympic team. it's aimed at keeping the more isolated during the pandemic, but also to make sure no local ingredients carry radiation from the fukushima nuclear plant disaster 10 years ago. that we have put more effort in this time because of the corona virus concern. and because people are quite sensitive over the origin of ingredients, such as those from fukushima, certainly the team members are all in favor of the special menu. because they screen the ingredients, i preferred a more of us as i think it's safer. but the food program has irritated many in japan, which insists all its food is safe. given the long and troubled relationship between
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japan and south korea, it doesn't take much to bring goals animosities to the surface. and the lympics is offered ample opportunities to do just that. starting with the torch relay months ago, the official map of japan with the relay route showed a tiny group of islands which are disputed by the 2 neighbors as being japanese known as dr. in south korea, a banner proudly proclaiming them to be korean, hangs prominently opposite the japanese embassy. and so before south korea is winter olympics in 2018. the same islets were initially shown as being part of the korean peninsula. then a possible bridge building visit to tokyo by south korea as president moon jane was ruled out amid a controversy over insulting remarks made by a senior japanese diplomat and back in the olympic village of banner, apparently evoking a 16th century korean victory over japan. had to be removed,
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following complaints to old adversaries, proving they are happy to go head to head where the red, limpid metals are involved or not. robert bride al jazeera, so ah, let's take you through the headlines down the street. so today is capital of state largely quiet on the curfew as people wait for the next steps in an evolving political crisis. and not though is the largest party and the coalition government . it's pushing for elections off the president i cited dismissed. the prime minister thailand has reported a record number of crime virus infections for a 3rd day in a row it registered.


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