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we are blasting, history kills more than 200 people and injured 1000. the victims families still need answers. we want to come to justice. how did dangerous chemicals end up in baby supports? let's be professional. it was not intended for muslim league, and was the whole stockpile unloaded from the ship, the missing alone? it was a move in one way or another. and the league waved for joy meet for there for the full report on a another night of curfew in june, his ear and more calls. he talks 2 days to the president, dismissed the government and from parliament, ah, how am i have been? and this is al jazeera life and joe hum. so coming up thailand records is biggest spike in corona,
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virus infections. since the stores off the pandemic will bring you a live updates. at least 6 people are killed and hundreds are displaced in bangladesh. after being triggers land flights of the world's largest refugee camp. and last minute hiccough for peruse you leader. visual casteel was rivals block his parties, candidates forming the new leadership in congress. ah, we begin in june, his ears were a constitutional crisis is threatening the country's decades of democracy. the largest party says it's ready for elections to the president for parliament. the fact the prime minister, the another party says the move by i said, is unconstitutional. and civic society groups say they're opposed to emergency measures or a burden. manley reports happy bird gave
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a avenue in the heart of 2 nieces, diplomat, guerria has known the stage for protests and political change. and this week with no difference or security forces, lined the streets and the army. his setup barricade locking people and politicians from accessing government buildings. president kyle said sucked the prime minister of the prominent capital members and announce of fries and parliament's 30 days when he says the decision was taken. after following the process laid out by the constitution. but the move was divided opinions and i'm a local if the people see that kyle said wants to become a dictator and work against the revolution. of course the people rise up against him and overthrow him so that you know no cause. cause it is really a rescue operation because lately alternation have seen that the economic and social situation has deteriorated. a lot under the government's policies,
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the biggest political group, the another party is calling the president's move accrue, but says it's open and ready for dialog. we reject the unconstitutional announcements and we welcome all the rejections that have come from most of the political party as well as some of your . ready patients and we call the changes in people to the com and vigilant, and you ready to defend that democracy really, really must protest were held on sunday with many focusing at the inactive party. a long struggle with cubic 19 and an economy in decline has become a perfect recipe for unrest. the then, on monday, a face off in tunis between those for and against the president. the same streets
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were filled during the 2011 jasmine revolution, but left with decades of democracy with the people now in power. a being accused of corruption and incompetence. and the president is accused of establishing an authoritarian governments. the many people here. so hard to read of a decade ago. for now, what is important is that the decision for all of the political acts up to fit together, that we are no longer within to return and resume internees yet, but we're in democratic, are you into these? yeah, and everything has to happen within that democratic process and democratic framework for now to mrs. com. many don't know whether it's fragile democracy can be phased by dialogue or whether the streets will once again become a stage for nation demanding change. lower but manly out there are so in government forces are from bonds in the central district of
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the old that he's had the area under siege for more than a month, counseling, sense of food and medicine rights groups. a warning of 40000 people could face surveys and the government signed it, follow russia wants a for so physician fighters to surrender their weapons. and de la military checkpoints to be set off in thailand has reported a record number of corona virus infections to the 3rd day in a room. it registered more than 16 size and g cases in 24 hours. so to restrictions were imposed last week and the capital bank, coke in other regions. those restrictions include curfews and a suspension of most domestic flights. measures rained containing the spreads, the highly contagious. don't the variance?
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well for more we can speak with their correspondent tony chang, who joins us from bangkok. tony, those infection rates look quite significant, almost as if they're running out of control it does appear to be that everything the thai government is doing. you mentioned those lock downs, the fuse, the measures that have been tightened every week. they don't appear to be having any impact. certainly there is more testing going on at the moment. but there are many more people who want to be tested to. and i think the feeling is here, certainly amongst the general public. there is now so much co 19 out there and particularly with the delta very, and that they are very nervous about going. yeah. the government has stopped short of imposing absolute lockdown as it did at the start of the coven, 1900 epidemic pandemic last year. and that may be one of the tools they'll be considering when the code with 1000 response team meets in bangkok later on today.
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but they're also juggling a very significant economic problem. we've seen businesses really struggling over the last couple of months. and despite the dangers that many people feel there are still people who are trying to go to work their feeling is that if they don't keep that business is alive, it'll be a significant threat to their livelihood as contracts. and kevin 1900. so the prime minister has been pretty defined so far. he said a couple of days ago in a press conference that this spread was because people were coming out and defying the government's low down orders. he was met with pretty strong opposition. certainly across social media. i think many people feel the responsibility for this is the government store. they didn't log down in april when they had the chance and let this spread out of control. and now there seems to be very little they can do. and tony, the timing of this is also quite important because the king's birth date is fast approaching. are these measures to contain the brake in thailand?
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so the, i think it was in back the king's birthday celebrations. absolutely . normally in thailand, on the king's birthday today celebrate his 69th birthday. we would expect to be festivities out. certainly in the royal plaza, outside the grand palace. those have all been cancelled. we saw yes they, there was some festive floral arrangements being put out. it's expected the king will in private go through certain routines as he does every year, like making merit, freeing fish into the river. things that are very customary, but it's also been a very big year for the king in the past 12 months. we've seen protests out on the street criticizing the king in a way that has very rarely happened here in thailand. people i think questioning both the government but also the monic his role and how cruise have been allowed to
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happen and how effectively being ruled by qu, government at the moment. that's broken, an awful lot of booze while those protests have died back. certainly in the last 6 months, i think there's a feeling here that one's curve restrictions are lifted, they're definitely going to come back. and those were for those calls for reform of the monarchy and it come back to also the king is to a certain extent involved in the cove at 19 response, one of his companies, sam, bias sons, is responsible for producing astrazeneca vaccine here in tyler, not just here, but for the whole of the se, asia region, it's a company that has no experience in vaccine production and has fallen very far short of the production levels that are needed. so he's also being pulled in to criticism of the curve at 19 response as well. and i think while he's going to be staying in private this year, something he'll be quite glad of. ok, tony chang that lie for us from bangkok. thank you tony. so korea has also reported
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its highest staley, number of infections as battling its worst outbreak since the beginning of the pandemic restrictions in the capital. so have been extended for 2 more weeks and a strictly as well as popular city is extended. it's covered 19 locked in for months, just phase before it was due to end. state home orders have been in force since june. the faith of new south wales is struggling to contain an outbreak of the delta variance monsoon rains and bangladesh of triggered landslides at the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people, mostly children. the kids have a long campaign, cox's bizarre as homes, more than a 1000000 hanging refugees from neighboring men mar lexi bryan reports in the pouring rain. people come to see what happened or salvage what's left. the makeshift homes built from plastic sheets and bamboo pole had no chance when
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the muddy hillside collapsed into rachel rains. but one of you left and my sister went to the bathroom and after she returned the side of the hill came down. well, i have one nice and 2 nephews and my sister. my brother in law, along with the other family members, managed to get out of the shelter. the clothes came down on the floor and the entire shelter was damaged. 2 of them died and 2 others were injured like the powerful monsoon range caused a flood that reached loose high and some areas of acute problem camp. more than 100 teens to see, to be washed away by the water. good of how long and bangladesh is the world's biggest refugee camp and the most densely populated. it's home to more than 1000000, re hinder, who flayed a crick down by the military and neighboring miasma. it's overcrowded, basic and prone to line slides and flooding. somebody can have informed the people at least to more will be able to not comply with the request of the we will take
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alternate steps. not so much as we hope the population that we will be willing. the government says all the ra hanging will be received as soon as possible, and that measures are being taken to minimize casualties caused by the annual rains . but right group say it's not enough that the flood prove once more how vulnerable to ringo refugees are to the impacts of climate change. many and now sheltering and mosques in schools and facing the prospect of having lost their homes again. alex here brian al jazeera bruce president, select federal casteel has suffered a setback, a day before being sworn in office. opponents and parliaments of blocks has plenty of candidates and form and new leadership in congress. members of kasteel is free for a party will date on a technicality, because he was less than a party to rewrite the constitution. prospects that has concerns opposition.
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politicians. like millions, all peruvians castillo grew up in poverty, his promise and change. but as marianna sanchez reports from lima delivering on that pledge will be a challenge. the 200 years of republic. wednesday pedro commemorates a landmark anniversary, the independence from the spanish colonialist. now for the 1st time, a former and rural primary school teacher takes over the presidency. they look at your comes from one of the poorest districts they do. and he, peruvian, see, they feel represented jessica la, who says her community, i mean outskirts of the capital. lima has little to celebrate mothers in the summer . the republic is 200 years old. but these inequality everywhere were rolling in the same mud, and we can gape, we wish our children could have it better. we always have needs, and there's no work. we wish for change,
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and we can't do better. they claimed the state has forgotten the poor members of this community build the roads themselves. the reef animals eat together in a communal kitchen. many families here at the algorithm. a community live on less than $8.00 a day. millions like them have come from remote places for decades. people have been migrating from the and this to the capital, looking for a better life. and they ended up living in shanty towns where they continue to live in poverty. maddie del go was, as she doesn't have any hope that the new president will bring change away a lot. but he's my grandparents, my parents, we've always been poor. i was brought as a child to escape poverty and look, we did poor will always be for no one remembers us glenda breastfeeding fizzle. gusty has promised that there will not be any more poor in a rich country, but analysts say the road for him will be up hill em tough. though. few samuels in
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200 years, we have learned to survive, rather than to leave. our hardships are severe. we have gone from being one of the countries with the highest level of development to where we are now. at the end of the scale. from being almost unknown, pedro castillo rose to the presidency, offering change for millions of peruvians. and while many hope he delivers on his promises, many are wary that he will be assigned to sell just enough to fill a hands on al jazeera, the vatican corruption trial form recluse aid of port frances and 9 others. these charges of extortion and money laundering, and 12000 years old, and almost untouched by human, look at the primeval beach for us that you next school was trying to preserve. the
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news by the edge of the monsoon range, i think is settled, dyer knows more less. this line here is rain in some parts of pakistan. the money has come from man, then coming out of europe and across the black sea, this more active weather going through georgia and down towards the north of iraq. now that's probably welcome relation the heater. it probably will also be fatty windy on the north side of the mountains upon which to run, sit. if that is all quiet is still quite hot. it was in turkmenistan, and that's the extent of the sherry rain in pakistan. really, iran in the middle east and levant, we're talking about dry weather, which is fairly normal. temperatures have been as high as 51 for a couple of days and parts of eastern iraq. so the coming down little bit about 46 in baghdad. the wind still strong and it's a dusty one that comes out of iraq and down towards sadie martin's fact reaches processes caps from the u. e, which means 45 will be a dry 45 or quite
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a dusty one all the time. this edge reflectance, lala, and exceed a shadow here, means is overcast and drizzly on the coast of among the seas. no rains are suddenly picky up in the for sandstone in the if you, if in highlands and also in southern sudan and further west. this is normal, they go through in clumps. the when a french soldier was murdered in a so called terrorist attack, his mother retaliated with love, speaking out against intolerance and alienation. she travels the world with the result of a grieving mother who lost her son, but adopted a generation latifah. with miss documentary on al jazeera.
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oh, the me. this is al jazeera, quick reminder, all of our top stories for, you know, judith is launch a political party, says it is ready for elections. the day of the president dismissed the prime minister and frozen comments that the enough, the party is warning against an autocratic regime. thailand has reported a record number of corona virus infections and the 3rd day in a row registered more than 16000 cases in 24 hours. title restrictions were imposed last week in the capital bank. coke and other regions,
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monsoon reins and southern bangladesh triggers a landslide at the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people is home to more than a 1000000 range. refugees from me. and like most of the victims were children i focused on has reopened a major southwest and border crossing with a canister that phone to telephone controlled, focused on the official say they delay more than 100 cargo trucks to zoom at transit, the spin bolduc of border crossing was closed earlier this month after the fighting between afghan security forces and the taliban over control of the boards are well, africa and official said the board would remain open for 6 days a week. meanwhile, the african presidents is set to address the special joint coordination board, a platform co chaired by the government and human representatives,
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which reviews development issues in afghanistan or from oscar editor james base is following all this for as in car bu, and joins is now. james base, we understand that donnie is set to speak at a meeting is the un, his government's representatives. so what is he expected to say? well, this is a regular and somewhat boring meeting. normally the joint coordination and monitoring board was set up in 2008. it's a meeting between the afghan government and the international community. on this occasion though, we're hearing it's going to be very important. and the president, god, he's going to be making a very important address. in the next few moments to this meeting, we understand he's going to be unveiling the african government new strategy to counter the taliban. announcing a new military strategy to push back to try and get back those gains that tell
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about the clearly made in recent weeks and recent months. now he's not announce the strategy yet, but i have spoken to senior afghan officials. i've been inside the presidential pilots in the last 24 hours. and the strategy i think is this is the strategy of consolidation of their resources, looking at the key strategic areas they need to focus on. and that i think means initially they're going to pull back some of the forces from some of the districts . and it may mean initially the african government officials are telling me that they'll be for the gains for the taliban. but the african government wants to focus on what they think of the key areas and then from there push back and try and retake some of his ground. i think that particularly concerned about the border areas for a landlocked country, not controlling your board is, is very, very serious. it certainly is james. and of course gonna stand is, is no stranger to security challenges, particularly over the last
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a few weeks and months. just talk us through the why does security situation in the country right now and how much of an impact the afghan president's new strategy. could have connie now, speaking in the presidential palace to that joint coordination and management board . and i'm sure he will be mentioning the border areas most important of all these borders and i've kind of started last borders around the country. but most important is the place where lots of the trucks come into afghanistan, spin bolduc, and that's a border with pakistan that is now controlled by the taliban. pockets on a fully reopen that border. that means that the taliban now taking all the revenue from the border and the amount of revenue, the government is lost in recent weeks from losing its borders, which all by the ministry of finance is 33 point $5000000.00. if you were able to drive in a front line right now from spin bolduc. busy to kandahar that's about 45 minutes.
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the security situation in the 2nd city is really pretty perilous for the government right now that fighting on the edge of the city that's been fresh fighting overnight. hospital officials telling us that overnight 17 civilians have been admitted to hospital injured, including women and children in kandahar for police dead in canada. and clearly the taliban pushing at the edge of kandahar city is also meeting a great deal of displacement and problems for the population that it's worth telling you at this ongoing meeting in the presidential palace. the un special representative. deborah lyons is focused on the humanitarian situation. and she focused on one headline figure, she said, there are now 18000000 people in afghanistan in humanitarian need. that's doubled since this time last year. and it is hope the population of afghanistan and now considered by the us to be in humanitarian need. this country isn't
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a very serious situation, that it is james, based from africa surge on his life from couple james, thank the white house is reportedly seeking 1000000000 dollars to help resettle afghan personnel who works with the us military. recent advances by the taliban have triggered growing concerned for their safety. president joe biden has already approved $100000000.00 in emergency funding to evacuate. ask our translators, other personnel, and their families. the state department says an initial group of 2500 people will be brought to a military base in virginia. although visa applications are processed. the 1st are expected to arrive before the end of this month. roughly 20000 defcon says sign up for special immigrants visas, otherwise seen as a former us marine who went to get this done in 2012. he says the african personnel
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were crucial to the mission, and the u. s. must ensure their safety. they acted both as linguistic interpreters, but also as a cultural bridge between the u. s. patrols and other countries patrolling and off and on and the local communities that were being patrol. so i would say they were absolutely crucial to, to the mission. i don't think, i don't think a lot of the mission crew gone forward without, without their help in terms of their identity being discovered and their families being targeted. that was a risk that day that they were burdened with that. frankly, us soldiers and marines didn't carry with us. and now that risk is even greater, especially for the former interpreters who live in provincial cities. we have to remember that they don't all live in cobble. they also live in provinces, some of which are under the control of the taliban, or surrounded by the tall about. and so i think the risk is quite immediate. and
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every day that they, they're left in afghanistan is like playing russian roulette with their lives. they don't need to be processed in inside afghanistan. in fact, i think it's crucial that they're taken out of august on and preferably placed in u. s. territory but, but at a minimum taken out of afghanistan and processed in an area where, where there, they are safe and i think a u. s. territory is preferred because it's best not to out source, our responsibility to a 3rd country. but in terms of simply getting them out of afghanistan along with their dependence, i think that's very feasible for me. a close ally of pope francis is on trial for alleged financial crimes. angelo bet you along with 9 others is accused of extortion, embezzlement and money laundering under simmons reports now from london on the links the case hugs to the u. k. what has the vatican? the heart of the roman catholic church and chelsea,
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one of the most exclusive and desirable parts of london got in common. it isn't religion, it's money. lots of it. then add to that murky deals. extortion and fraud revolving around a central figure. not a godfather, a catholic cardinal angelo. bet you. he was a close adviser to pope francis, who fired him last year, accusing him of nepotism. but this scandal is far bigger than favors for friends and family. bet you and 9 others faced charges including embezzlement, extortion, money laundering, and abuse of office. it was here in london that market chelsea that but you became involved. it's alleged with a major investment of $412000000.00 in this real estate. but the church money was wasted because of a scam. and over evaluations, prosecutors say to london based italian finances received vast sums of money from
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the vatican for reckless speculative investments. the form of vatican financial regulators swiss loyal renee brew heart was also involved. bet you is said to have been involved in other fraudulent schemes too much of it. using money donated by the catholic faithful pope frances has made reforms in the vatican's justice system . this trial is the 1st to see a causal indicted by criminal prosecutors. the churchmen used to be in judgment. he was one of the most powerful figures in the vatican, and for him now to be facing trial is really extraordinary. it is, i think, a sign of the seriousness with which pope frances has taken the task of cleaning up. gotcha. can finances bet you who had once considered becoming a candidate for the papacy? denies all charges and says he's the victim of a vatican conspiracy. andrew simmons al jazeera, the us cultural agency,
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unesco is decide in which sites will be the latest to receive its prize world heritage status. charlie angela reports on one area of unspoilt and natural beauty in bosnia and herzegovina, which has just received the honor down a long, bumpy track. like one of you nest goes newest sites, the young, primeval forest, and indigenous forest of beach, fur and spruce trees, some stretching 50 meters high, protected locally since 1954. this ecosystem is part of a sprawling ancient woodland. almost 12000 years old, covering almost 300 hector's ecologist kirsten stuck has been guarding the forest for years, preserving the landscape and preventing man may damage. he considers unesco decision recognition of his team's work, but a lot near those roles this in odyssey all are, even in these turbulent times,
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park administrators did not allow the structure of the reserve to be disturbed. so that it as such, survived and became interesting for further studies. this is the newest part of a growing world heritage site without borders last extended in 2017 to encompass 78 primeval beach forest across a dozen countries. rare areas on the content, almost unaltered by humans. however, unesco status is not always offer the protection it deserves. in poland, protected trees under continuous threat from illegal logging in an area so vast, it's almost impossible to police. in yan forest, scientists have discovered an ecosystem almost untouched, rich in flora, and fauna, or below sphere. the human was from the plant world. we have the protected species, lily, a martyr gone from the animal world. also protected warily and bears which are protected from hunting in the nearby town of pover, their hopes the new forest status will help attract more tourists,
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which numbered only 20 last year. me said not only is chron darcia, we hope that this new unesco status will be like opening a window to the world to show off on natural threshold. so that we can reveal how nature regulates itself and solve certain challenges. and problem.


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