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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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but environmentalists say the government's priority must be to deal with the impact of climate change during the annual monsoon and to stop human development from causing more disasters. elizabeth barren and al jazeera new delhi fires in greece, are burning out of control threatening suburban neighborhoods. near athens there raging in a forest at the base of montane north of the greek capital firefighters. local authorities say surrounding suburbs are under threat data and temperatures. there have reached $36.00 degrees and it could drive to $39.00 degrees in the coming days . ok. this is all of these are the top stories. shanicea is largest political parties says it's ready for the elections a day after the president dismissed the prime minister in for parliament, but the enact parties warning against an autocratic regime. us president joe biden
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says all federal workers could be required to get vaccinated against covered 19 cases continue to climb, driven by the delta vary and 12 vaccination rates appear to have leveled off at lower than 50 percent. earlier on tuesday, the center's disease control and prevention reversed it's mosque policy. it's recommending fully vaccinated people where mosques indoors in parts of the country with high transmission rates. my colleagues in washington dc and says mandatory vaccinations for federal workers, what impact millions of people. there have been some states that have already introduced a vaccine mandate, new york, for example, new york city as well as california has now introduced a vaccine mandate. now in both of those areas, the mandate is there, but at the same time, there will be no action taken against workers who refuse to have the vaccination, but it will be made difficult for them given that they would then have to agree to very regular testing. they would also have to wear
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a mask whenever they were indoors and in contact with the public liberal trade organizations discussing demands for a waiver to vaccine patients. as meeting in geneva, the u. s. south africa and india calls for the suspension of intellectual property rights to allow local production of vaccines. it's opposed by several wealthy nations including the u. k and the e. u. a u. s. congressional committees had emotional testimony from police officers present at the january. the 6th attack from the capital building in washington dc. they've been speaking about the verbal and physical abuse that they say they suffered during the violence of armor close ally of pope frances is on trial in the vatican for alleged financial crimes. angelo becky, along with 9 others is accused of extortion, embezzlement and money laundering. those are the headlines and he's continues in all to 0. and about half an hour's time. goodbye. from talk to al jazeera,
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we roam, did you want the us to take and who stopped you? we listen, see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra. i guess i'm going to get ready to be on the month on the community foot emotional body, joe body defined by the la
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football. so if i can come back to the bottom, you know, they come up, come up to be don gala good was me, said the shot gun to dissolve, digging particularly in battle in thought a good one on she was at me on before she she did all buffy from b kaji while it was on the on, on, on i'm on, i'm on the the the
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for the love it was a moment for more last summer wasn't on the fed that some of the don't much would it be live with. 2 0, guy, me yes, that is going. if it is going to have a good it today, did you say? is it possible that it will make a good afternoon? mr. this is
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betty did you did, did it? you need me to buddy like either way, i meant by do it. that's good, but they do a good luck because if it did go on the tickets again. so this would ms only on the computer. what do you got going on down to do? do own mini mom who knew such as for they
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think that the low get us feel fit of was the only thing he said to me, but this will be digital bit mother. that's a lot that he did not get on the same thing that i need so anybody's ever done in when they did not come by the and yet, but i you yeah, but it was supposed to get them submitted. if you had to let the data be the fear that the big thing that you did not put me off of it, but you know some of it 1st leg. yeah. they will be
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good. let me see if we can see if i meet them and they said they were like what the effect was supposed to be. that you said, if any of the m, it's a company that you're going to give you will be in it, but they may come from below. you get to the one that worked with leverick to pull it back to you. she lives when they would have to do it on the the that the the the
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going to why is this, you know someone out what i could do? well, if i don't what i can use for that i will be on the bus. he's leaving on beth and he'll, she'd west don't come along, but don't go now and see us in a jewel, and more could you get on the phone. sure. you could let him know all the low one, the fiddler badge when i bought it was e t 40. well this will be 6 and the policy offer me door said lucy, familiarly kneecamp was if i see a reduction on the policy almost today due to just figure about issues about the shifted to see this would be dave modesty. ryan, let me deal with this blue shield due to poor lucy,
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when will very small. it's going to be good to be with everybody that could you will have a top dog to swear salt. get to the really him, the num dixon soon. the builder and anybody else have dental call so that we teach it. nick software need a back gilded mode for don't get all the players that could be really fast as he sees workers. if that be a dvd ultimately he'd be, dd should wesley, but really do salt because he read, you know, use do me to do or kind of problem to formulate lee killed to do me to do the problem. so i need for somebody to deal with well i,
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we can stuff in the most adjustable bed down to is id it do show of she doesn't grade restaurants. mom was my sample digital plus spend a 1000000 did look, but he told me to sunk. there were concrete if it, if the disk and controls for the fact that before i got to go. yeah, in this can you see that she's on the mean. cecil new pseudo a hog by loss. and it was iranian, do you know, it used to do saltado waste with a view up to deploy could you help me with
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a visual at some point in dallas, if you put him on jack, when you have a pull me girl said fit date of birth was all 3 of them on your plan. also imagine the problem is the the, the list to be paid last week just to see if you chance to pass somebody on our jack, i'm sorry to play with it. we stayed on 5th, is it? it's all going to show it to you all this. i mean the i did, i did the the
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when it did remove the thing about there and i think call me on denise its just one or if i needed to do the producers under multiple anyway, it would almost liquor over with you so much have a way to get this corrected. you put it on me just you mentioned they last look at why, why don't we don't know. you must use it all up this much on you for week me. see if we can get married this martin. wonder plus massage to drop one off. we could do a new bala. one could you do new poses is, is,
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is her seduction on could you, if, if tomorrow on an inverse chunk left football or some for him to be usual exterior, you know, muslim me all you consider him is a lot of the job. people who don't know the logic should get up. if you the west seller's interest by taking my case. he did news because i could borrow them to gina. about the pair bonded up is one apparently under the local to see for the d. a can do that with us, they can be located is how come to the end of ellison loop when you will, exterior, when super low. but is it more politicized? is it all you shop? will continue with the companies that you need? a courtesy call to read well for them in false because he said or did they did him among devona and let's say you did. i'm pretty sure you read to him about shot the
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one what brought me jake with me. jake were to stop and i'm going to show them on a lot of our know just said joe patricia about the top of your bed too, but he did not get into the market possible. nobody do bomb on monday the only other students who they keep up on to, to so back who about heated they all know all it said it the only that the you even
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it doesn't all may not us on the job. oh, of course you on today to the school does a lot. if he sees the associate of zillow guy. these look, see doctors follicle were del monte fill on distribute the young men of the healer . they said to do black push, this will be key, but the console a cuter, up off don't policy. oh, the law fellow, you know, do me to show you do do welcome. you see going to do background already because i
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do it as a good was really i said he did buy in to me, but a let me go get really the one i thought, you know that a good a very large you know, the you know, maybe not mine anyway, is to premier, you were not a move up. what is it going to make up the buyers oberon door did misses. he let present the lucky you with us. you cause i thought soft fatty to take the telephone guys. ship it. nobody did on to walk it, be done on some truck or the one that drove by or you'll be a new method through but young way that's going to look as you equal the digital. but it does it well, because you know,
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when the idea of in the be considered devonne lumber would resemble a d or visit with elephant to come lucky city supreme court as you to see, this is for miss rooms said i feel free with the va vocal is not as much does take you to come come, come look at all this you don't do so on have what you know. 56 will benefit us so you don't met will know that the digital bird, delinquency shopper like good the well in your to be don't just get a gentleman will work,
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you know low scholars office or i mean it when i fill in the mail the way i don't like to go talk for no one to talk to them. it got you all they don't on. i'm going to see you know, the movie or the get out of lucky john. ill decide who left? i'm keep left matthew. gender. was it. he stopped laughing. ah, it alive and you did so much of what you did
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was young and i see on the communion you did that needs to be the need to be do work, but i'm at the set. i love this to really was one. i look, i don't do much a good you, i'm and i got got populate the not i'd like to see to spend so much for time minutes about what he did not fill up for me like that. okay. i think that work if i say no dude, i think that book is not working. lou started working on it. less art you've been. that was a lot but you have what was that working? well, i believe you know that these, you know, they come on the robot eve. well, i mean, john is, you know, create, do go on a volume, much fun down pretty much today you
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make which you must have and not that you much but each month you market even normal or did, i don't believe that you for being a liberal up there or not, it wants to be met. robot. vocalize. bunch on. do live, think you know, this was this, i mean let's don't do much. but emotional students 30 give them news. i thought you might miss it, but if you got a phone call marking, look at pretend as far as effective motor food. i let me put it in for
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a minute because he got home because he knows that he did in america because i got you that one that most about a subject about this is going to be fine. let's see. i don't press next. you know, don't know, so i stay on the lap there who i put on the truck. there's in the fall sula, barrier. mother, i guess guy. i log in to fucked, and then on. good like will see. yes. you also fit bowden with bowden sink bit if i sit sick, i need to get this over and above that that lot premier in your de la bang. i'm going to try to pronounce your deal up a lot better. did i fill up something that'd bump up in my lap that busy life
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to physical good. what does it look a burden of working? isn't that? is it a dental job? what is eliza? look what i thought the w. zip. i said you not with the bulk of the w listed in the very science life. i lose so much love roof is one division. so i could see one is it also that if you put on phone so i'm going to fun there. remember be say about this does limit, but we can is on the found me christian bhaskar. is it a force on the bucket? okay. i'm and also when i go on to shouldn't know would it be like a caught me? they did because because it was a really bullet present. victor do ross or somebody mom soon spoke,
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he queued up. some le, let what i do not assume to do what i am much desolate found today. could you wish to monitor to what us on the letter? what was that? what the me me
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the, the really i didn't know the model was most used, moves in on a pretty level of it. i think of a one john. i think they do. they can plan for valuable on sort of be nasty. cough if use or was he was you saw song, so canada, bob boston about the norfolk need to like to reach if you'd like to see come,
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come, come wash. it was not one thing that we didn't do the best on the women predicted eligible for may think i saw some fair come was on long way that i'm not drill football didn't about so to me less he did the bus in the near so no continuity the but preferred if you missed that gives us the 2nd one is that you, you don't lose. you don't know stella bob was on the policy. did you do the way
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this up when i want that much good in the middle of a drama, to get a buzz on vetted with you? and they said it just as a 2nd. let me be on the updated and needed to know what i should just be sure to know if that also see that see about other caution was about the eclipse soon. and now she saw at the desert because it is on this up to the windshield. when you go to to an bestbuy don't for us
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to be in prison bottom. but for him kill i he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels dells into the realm of footballing legend. rashid mac luthey for to the jury and national liberation front. with his feet rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera. there's a wave of sentiment around the well, if you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voice is not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news. narrative obviously recover the big stories and we'll report
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on the big events going on. but we also tell the story that people generally don't have a voice. and then when i was a child that never be afraid to put up not a question. and i think that's what they were really does. we all the questions for people who should be accountable. and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. the farmer finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions, finding young and keeping cultural tradition and nurturing the musical talents of his community. had been playing to dream music, filled the minded money to outside world and tending his families lands the most important thing that brought to my mind. i truly sketching doing this hector mcgovern, the music man, mice and bob, we own our just the euro coveted beyond. well, the taken without hesitation and so forth and died for the power they find out. a lot of new babies where i did not think it's
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neglected babies to death, people and power investigate, exposes, and questions. they used to be of power around the globe on our me the news another night of curfew engineers here and more calls ratoma. 2 days after the president dismissed the government and for the common ah, i've had them i have seen, and this is al jazeera life, and doha also coming up at least 6 dead says rein triggers, landslides, at the biggest rank refugee camp in bangladesh.


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