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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2021 4:30am-5:01am AST

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firing stories, people trust just to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and i'm biased and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be autumn. you know? oh, i'm not madison and don't have the top stole. his knowledge is in june. it is largest political party, says it's ready for elections a day after the president dismissed the prime minister and froze parliament. but the inactive party is warning against an autocratic regime. us president joe biden says, all federal workers could be required to get vaccinated against coven 19 cases continue to climb, driven by the delta variance. while the vaccination rates appear to have leveled off a below 50 percent, my con is in washington dc and says mandatory vaccinations for federal workers,
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but impact millions of people. they have been some states that have already introduced a vaccine mandate, new york, for example, new york city, as well as california has now introduced a vaccine mandate. now in both of those areas, the mandate is there, but at the same time, there will be no action taken against workers who refused to have the vaccination, but it will be made difficult for them, given that they will then have to agree to very regular testing. they would also have to wear a mask whenever they were indoors and in contact with the public. the world trade organization is discussing demands for a waiver of vaccine. peyton's that are meeting in geneva, the us of south africa and india. how that's kohls for the suspension of intellectual property rights to allow the local production of vaccines. a congressional committee has had a emotional testimony from police officers present at the january. the 6th attack
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on the u. s. capital b. speaking about the verbal and physical abuse, they say they suffered during the insurrection. a former close ally of pope france . this is on trial for alleged financial crimes. angelo bear 2 and 9 others accused of extortion. embezzlement and money laundering is the largest trial ever to take place within the vatican. city and government forces of bombarding the central district of the ballade. the military besieged the area for more than a month, cutting off access to food and medicine. white groups of wanted reckoning, 40000 people with our vision. one soon reins in southern bangladesh of triggered a landslide of the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people, and some to more than a 1000000 hanging refugees from me and law. most of the victims were children. and those are the headlines we're going to be back in about half an hour now. does hear now it's back to once upon a time and punch bowl. goodbye me
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under the orders. if the police commissioner pays brian $200.00 officers. right. hello p. a strange with the meteor in time. we did stuff a lot, but it was only those people who shot killed dealt was a drug. do what again to move. ah, in the coming days in rides across south with sydney, the police crept down on known criminals and their associates. eventually 24 men arrested. the people living in principle, we knew that was happening a couple of years before. before that, it wasn't anything new to us, but you could possibly be the with
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a matter of walking up the police. and i'm glad that he did because suddenly change things a few years after that. so there was a lot of a lot of clean up. i guess him punch bowl straight off i i think incidents like the matter of edward lee fica stuff very intensely, very quickly on having enough of a dialogue and narrative credibility. understanding with that public so that they have faith and can come forward and give you information and talk to you need would lima. and in a series of incidents and staff with sydney around that time. 5 young police stuff . they're still alive after they station was fried with gunfire, but the gangsters don't go down without a fight. 12 days later, they open fire on la came a police station with semi automatic guns. 5 police officers rumble
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a targets in the shooting galleries. me to drive by shooting of light came a police station was a confronting event. probably unprecedented. soapy resonated with me is that it was a direct and very blunt challenge to authority to police and to government generally and to society. i have to say sort of a cowardly way, really of attacking someone and trying to intimidate them and threaten them without having to confront them. certainly the shooting of like him, a police station fitted into that category. ah, a state election length and both sides of politics compete to bang the law and order drum. the small minority of gangs that the focus, but an entire community and culture feel the have more in order will prevail through a strong well resort. probably equipped police force these gangs will be wiped
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rather than framing this as here is a community under threat from its own deviant rump is presented to the community and the water world as this is something that is particular and peculiar to this community. it's their problem, not else. and from then on the basis for the future, the bite is sit in a very nasty and toxic why i'm proud of my use lamp. this cancelled me like, you know, dignity taught me how to respect us as an accept them. and that's the most important part at the height of the as lemme phobia. naughty a sally is employed at a local government family support worker in south sydney. i was always organizing
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on christmas hampers and christmas toys for family and children. i called one client and she said not here. would you mind if i ask you, where are you from? i said, why are you asking me i'm from here. she said, no, no, no. what's your background? i see the only beneath she said, but she won't be muslim. you're not muslim, aren't you? i said thank god i mom was slim. in 2000 after immigrating during the lebanese civil war, cala nadia thought i have saved for the family dream home next to punch ballpark. first. think more thinking about it to have a secure shelter for the family because coming from wool to have a secure shelter is, is very important that they say horrified by what they hear
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unfortunately heating the gunshots in early morning. the 1st shock was, i mean, live, i don't, we move the way from who we came. he said we're looking for safety. and fortunately, as soon as you hear that has gunshots across the right from you, it was not a positive experience. the grandstand is actually, is a meeting point for all the gangs or all over sydney. after 12 o'clock, we got all these gang stand exchange drugs. they fought together. the shoot, shoot together. gangsters will hang out across the in the grand sin at night. will be a haven for drug dealing, a haven for meeting out with prostitute would be just it wasn't
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a place that you would want to raise a family. i'd have to admit all of our 7 year old lawn years old on the real is that police would be, they need every single day call sally has enough. he rallied the neighbors and they take action or write a petition. it's all neighbor sign it sign the petition. i was paid hump out of the police to come and told area and do more lie take as well as close the grants then didn't. and after 6 months, every month it's the problem is in the school to get teased because my dad
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put speed humps in every street and punch bowl. there was pretty funny like nights ago said he stayed home from the bus it's. it's funny, but does wisdom behind me? because my dad started putting speed humps around the streets of punch, both the gangsters, the dogs with the fast cars always want to speed down every street. they let them know, do not welcome in punch. but as the community works with the police, the hope is the media focus on criminal activity will finally die down. but things are about to get a whole lot worse. the me to sidney olympian. celebration of the modern, multicultural nation. just a few kilometers away. the liberty, this trillion community is about to be outraged.
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by my shifts in the morning, there's been a suspected abduction and possibly a sexual assault of a young female and information that we had let us to believe that it could be in one of the parks. in banks down senior constable. danny mccarty is lebanese, it's trillion. he's born and bred in south with sydney. gold at punch bowl boys high in 2008 new comfortable with less than a year on the 4th. and nothing prepares him for what he's about to find me. i'm walking through this park and i can say it's got tissues on the, on the ground. and then i noticed an old gentleman why
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caucasian mile. and he's hunched either something and he seems to be distressed. i can say young came along the ground so i don't know what was happening so i'm really can hold him to keep skipping more from from the young girl. but then i realize it is, it's her father. so unfortunately message was the father is found his daughter 1st and it was clear that had been a sexual assault. it was a very, very, very traumatic experience. very, very hard thing to say. that later on, information came out that it was part of a number of gang groups that have happened and have were sitting very, very upset, very, very sad. and it was to me, one of the most deplorable, actually you can even to commit on someone else and just thinking what that go would have been going through at the time. it's just her and us now being and that
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i've got to, i'm the father of a young girl. i'd say something that i can comprehend and i would never want to be in that and that father's position. and i went out to another me, the park in which happened was only a few houses up from her house being so close to home, the media and the police and the stories. i mean, i have 3 older sisters and it's scary to to know that these things happen so close to home. when the rape occurs. mohammed cub rudely is a student at punch ball boys high. some days later, a new attack is a stark lesson in the cruelty of sex crime. painstaking later police pace together a chilling pattern of crime. a gang of teenagers is raping young girls using unusual and degrading violence. but because most of the accused under
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1810 names are not made public. what is revealed is that they are all lebanese australian, not much happens about them until will after the olympics, when the, when the accused brought to court and suddenly the media or rupture. what happened next is that there was an intense layer of media and public attention about what happened about the as think backgrounds of the use, and they will use that were involved from southwest sidney. i think it really shook the community towards call i think it really made every family question what they were, how they were raising their kids. because it was something that was on foreseen or unheard of unthinkable that people so local, so close to home could do something, not terrible to somebody and think that they had
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a right to do that. when the media storm wraps name at crudely mohammed future wife is a teenager in high school. it was very scary. i think a lot of families became people for their daughters. my carmen, the person, me thinking, i'm never going to marry a lebanese move from god because if that's what they liked, and that's disgusting. the young women still just teenagers. every live they do writing ordeal in the courtroom. hearing again and again, the horrifying crime committed against them in all they were 4 victims. 3 separate attacks in several locations in sidney south waived. the daily telegraph in particular finds the victims and gets them to repeat allegations about the woods that the assailants used against. one of the victims said she was referred to as an all the peak and was told by one of the ripest. i'm
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going to live style the woods lib style flesh around the nation. suddenly, the lebanese is trailyn communities accused. right, the racial reasons, evidence, even though the court demonstrated that is responsible for these vicious and sickening crimes as liberties muslims identify themselves as literally muslims formed in the plan of attack as literally as muslims bellenger and introduces. i new dimension. he moved from the notion which is more widely hill about right, so they are small, minority, often psychotic, sick minded people who at the age of the social world. and he places them in the middle as an exemplar of almost from men across the
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community. they were the threats received. there were mrs. just lifting little boxes. they were threats that muslim women would be dragged from the straits and raped in revenge and walking streets. you absolutely looked at differently. it would look as he could be another another, right? this could be part of that gang. oh, you know. and because all these guys came from the area i was living in at the time it affected me even more. it's it shook my identity to the world. them and i knew who i was, but the world for me differently. we have all the all the right bills in the office. you told that they were christian. catholics will do exactly. yes i did model. okay. we did not go right. anybody. finally, the accused, a convicted and their names released. this is belinda scuff,
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the man at the center of one of the nation's most notorious crimes for gang rape. the listing of the suppression order was welcome. you made it to the name the community needed. the heaviest sentence of all is reserved for the 18 year old gang. later. the message is clear. loud scuff serving an unprecedented 55 year general term for gang rape. on appeal, the sentence is reduced to 31 years and name at coldly believed the convicted did not understand the damage they did to their own community. does not remorse. and i think that was the most awful disgusting thing. and it was an example of what quote was applying, general difference. and i think the example was definitely set. i think there was a strong societies thought, the lebanese muslim community were perpetrators of this type of behavior. when
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really what it said was victim us. individuals in our community even more the guilty behind bows, but for the community, the trial goes on. we were torn apart by the whole event. and the way, the way it was publicized, we felt that we needed to defend ourselves against the media. we need to defend ourselves against a politician. we need to defend ourselves. i don't against old. the hate mail that we received. we went afraid we were just afraid. at that time we didn't know what to do. i wasn't only live in a muscle to experience this many liberties. christians also experienced it because in the wider public ignorant mind, it was simply enough to be arab lebanese from the middle east, irrespective of religion or faith. lack of a community is under media, sage,
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the and his races. tensions increase to the police presence on the street, the drug gangs of the most obvious target. but as the crackdown continued, the underworld drunk supply continues to spread. the cabbage didn't stop. the drug distribution didn't stop. once you take a run around. unfortunately, there's someone there to take the place almost immediately. i can be a straight punch bowl. one time to feed needs most notorious gangs. the street has returned to its old suburban line. most of these people are now in prison or enroll put symmetry. i would like a virus. the drug trade spreads to other areas of the tv ah,
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developed the new process of high visibility high impact pushing through the through the walls, police. so we would get out a 100 police run operations through bank shannon, the streets of punch ball that came by growing acura in those other areas to turn as many criminals as we call me. and punch ball went through stability. and unfortunately, seems to be as a, as a calling process, where the place wake up realize that there's an issue quite a few people are arrested and taken to prison and everything goes back to normal. and then the next generation comes through ah, and a young kids who are influenced by money and the, or of buying a big tang gangster or a criminal who hang around with these flags and they mentor in the board. to do this is a job. and unfortunately they could be school might or family relatives,
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or dropouts, or, or good kids at times me and for wednesday. that's all it is. punishment fails to act as a deterrent. when i got out of jo, within 2 weeks, i was back to doing the same stuff that i was doing because i tried to find the draw blood tried to do something good and i just gave up all was just so used to living the fun lifecycle after a year in prison and still on parole, westy is back into dealing drugs in the city to become a slave to the club, to the customers and to the money and just takes your mind to solve your power, your energy, and you're going to control of it's, you've made the steps to the for make money and fast way and it consumes, you know,
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what i was doing was illegal and on use that more time to get quotes. funding to come. westy is court and his sentence to another term in prison. but while he's in jail, he writes down his life story as a warning to young people not to follow his path in climb. ah, but back in south west sydney, it's a law abiding lebanese is trying and people who are now faced with picking up the pieces of their shattered community. me say, fell disgusted by the way, zeus, criminal element was in the community, have been conducted themselves to communities felt there were victims of all these elements. there was victim of the gang of writers. there were victims of the media
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that were victims of as a politician, there were victim of his harkey at the time that didn't know how to react to it. the over whelming feeling was of disgust was community school and i have no recourse, no protection. so they become cynical, angry, depressed multiculturalism as it were. took this horrendous kick to the stomach already reeling. any hope of recovery is knocked out by world events. nobody could have predicted without warning. lebanese, this trillion suddenly have the greatest challenge. as arabic aliens, a brand of the enemy within and the community faces a new threat. after september event over young people have been under
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different kinds of fluid. it's no longer the get rich, quick, no longer drug. it's even worse than that was put religious, ridiculous ation. next time on once upon a time in punch bowl. why has been the 1st train in history, prosecuted under new law designed to protect the nation from carry them he wanted to belong? someone took him under his wing, taught him the wrong thing about islam. you can call that radicalism, and you can call it fundamentally ism extremism. i'd call it someone calling up a hill and right didn't read it ugly. had as it's training on lebanese, a told to go back to where they came from. the last thing, if it's fair of a person who's just to see why they're running for their life on the boardwalk,
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at that age. i think for those who are watching it is, how can i get to me in 2001 french round? well, are australian accused of being enemies within and attacking the way of life. treated like we were all suspects. we were all struggling to adapt to the new found home out there explored the history of the lebanese community and australia once upon a time and punched on out era. ah, ah
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ah ah. is the time the year when you get thunderstorms in the desert, south west. if you look at the big circulation, they tend to move up then and they're going across the great lakes. so the big circulation around the us, this is the result of those stores and the full con states these 4 here. it happens every year. if you're lucky and you tend to get flooding as a result, but it's probably welcome rain, rain elsewhere rather limited. it's displaying slowly as the southern states into florida, but as a mass here on a cross into the midwest, eventually the rest of the great lakes. if you saw a direction of that cloud with these is also above the smoke from the fires in british columbia in oregon, california now hopefully some of the storms will tend to damp them down, but quite often it's just drive on the storms and they tend to set them off with the lightning is the picture on thursday. the big storm coming down through chicago
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and to the east fencing pennsylvania. they're not that big to be often. it's drive this throughout the caribbean, the gulf of mexico. it's good scattering sees nor showers, but there is also seasonal heavier rain. it's died down a bit in costa rica and panama rather more obvious. i think you'll find in guatemala when liquor argue or hung. judas, but from mexico. so much dr. picture. unless you're in the pacific coast, ah, the august on the united states is ending its 20 year military present enough kind of done with what it means for the country. 11 piece, showcasing new zealand, trailblazing environmental quality, able to read the country of all present. bringing awareness to conservation efforts, hip hop by the pandemic. can you hold the naming ceremony for it? magnificent giant witness showcase of award winning documentary is the bring word
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issues into focus through human stories with political and economic content writing zambia to the whole company to define the future august on the story that need to be told find away and demand to be heard the opening the window into another night and challenging perception and personal endeavors in epic struggle with the colossal sacrifices in individual journey witness showcases, inspiring documentary change. the one on al jazeera motor. sports is big news in libya, but staging car and bike rather, it comes with its own particular in our club. couldn't take part in the 2016 rally
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because we were fighting a war. and i'll just do a world travels to the libby and just to see how full on 4 wheel can be a unifying pull water country video. a rally for home on al jazeera ah another night of curfew in tennessee. i'm more calls for talks 2 days after the president see power and foes, parliament, awe about us, and this is all, it is a lie from doha also coming up us president joe biden says, all federal employees may face compulsory covered vaccination by more mosque wearing is being advised even for the vaccinated in high risk.


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