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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2021 3:00am-3:31am AST

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we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in time in that says, i don't have made it has the task of fixing a war torn economy. counting the cost on al jazeera ah another night have a few engineers here. i'm more calls for talks 2 days after the president sees power and it was parliament. ah madison. this is the 0 live from doha also found the help us president joe biden's considering compulsory vaccination for federal employees with more mosque wearing advise, even for the vaccinated in high risk areas. 10 people, including
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a former close aid of pope frances, go on trial and the vatican accused of extortion, embezzlement and money laundering. a motorbike writer who drove into police and hong kong becomes the 1st person convicted under its national security. i am going to begin to put a constitutional crisis is reckoning the country's decade old democracy. the largest coalition government party says it's ready for elections after the president froze parliament who sacked the prime minister in after part. he says the move by ty side is unconstitutional. and civic society groups say they are opposed to emergency measures or burden. manny reports. happy boy gave a avenue in the heart of 2 nieces, diplomat, guerria has known in the stage for protests and political change. and this week
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with no difference or security forces lying the streets and the army has set up our case locking people and politicians from accessing government buildings. president case said site, the prime minister of the prominent capital members and announce of fries and parliament's 30 days. when he says the decision was taken after following the process laid out by the constitution. but the move was divided opinions. and i'm a local. if the people see that kind of said wants to become a dictator and work against the revolution, of course the people rise up against him and overthrow him so that you know cause and cause it is really a rescue operation. because lately alternation have seen that the economic and social situation has deteriorated. a lot under the government's policies, the biggest political group, the another party is calling the presidents, move a cou, but says it's open and ready for dialog. we reject the unconstitutional
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announcements and we welcome all the rejections that have come from most of the political party as well as some of my patients. and we call the changes in people to the com and vigilant, and you ready to defend that democracy really, really must protest were held on sunday with many folks at the inactive party. a long struggle with cooper 19. and an economy in decline has become a perfect recipe for unrest. the then, on monday, a face off in tunis between those for and against the president. the same streets were still during the 2011 jasmine revolution, but left with decades of democracy with the people now in power. a being accused of
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corruption and incompetence. and the president is accused of establishing an authoritarian governments. the many people here. so hard to read of a decade ago. for now, what is important is that the decision for all the political action to fit together that we are no longer within to return and resume internees yet. but we're in democratic review. and everything has to happen within that democratic process and democratic framework for now to mrs. com. many don't know whether it's fragile democracy can be saved by dialogue or whether the streets will once again become a stage for nation demanding change lore about and manly out there. are wrongs yet it is a senior fellow and middle east on a list of the arab center. he says the president has only made the economic crisis and to nicea worse, the best thing they can do right now to undo what's he's done before. and i'm sure
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i'm not sure he has the character to do that because he's clear, he's stubborn. he is not all been asked you to hear the article, the but he's got parties invited also, organization part the parties. he has such an attitude against a politician's as a corrupt, and this is the same attitude for popular leaders. we have seen in europe and eating our says during administration. i think this is a dangerous more i should hearing lies and understand that this is being a part of a democratic process. you have to accept the current situation. i knew hoster accept other players be part of the move, but they're probably better than having an all countries around the world. even there are more wars and situation in india or in united states and other countries . very spawns not actually to crush the democratic or situations. the democracy
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sometimes has no answer to everything, but the democratic process it can allow for also you sharon, to be bart, i'm to be discussed and debated within. now what, what, what are sorry you had done? actually, he added political unconsciously 200 crises to the economy and to the hills problem into nature. me as president joe biden says, all federal workers may be required to get vaccinated against the corona. virus. cases in the u. s. continue to climb largely driven by the more contagious delta variant. elio and tuesday, the centers for disease control and prevention reversed. it's not policy, it's not recommending fully vaccinated. people wear masks in doors, in parts of the country with high transmission rates. i've got a consideration right now, but if you're not actually,
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you're not nearly as smart as i thought. i should be back by the vaccinate. more we learn more, we learn about as fires in the don't. variation more, we have to be more concerned and only one thing we know for sure. if those other 100000000 people got vaccinated, we've been a very different well, let's go out to my canada, who's in washington dc for us. like if this plan gets worked out, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of federal workers and they're going to be statistically, of course, those amongst those workers who don't want to get vaccinated. one would imagine there's going to be pushback from those people about the vaccinations. yes indeed. well there are some 4000000 federal workers within the united states that to that the contract tease,
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and that raises the figure to some 10000000 people. now we understand that president biden is going to be announcing new vaccination guidelines or new attempts to increase the amount of vaccinations on thursday. this is expected to include a mandate for all federal workers to be vaccinated. now already in some areas there has been structure, mandate put in place, new york city, the state of california. in each of those cases there has been a complete mandate for vaccinations. however, those who still refused to be back to mated will either have to come to regular testing as well as where mosques at all times when they are indoors. a official within the white house saying that this is likely to be the line that president biden will follow to mandate vaccinations for federal workers, but at the same time to allow some room for exceptions to be made need. but there will be some pushback, no doubt. many of those who have not been vaccinated are doing so for whatever
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reason, say might have perhaps political reasons, perhaps some other reason. but to look at the stock statistics just over 50 percent of the country are vaccinated at this point in time though, the, the vaccine is freely available. so the vaccination rate has plateaued at this particular point. and we hearing all the health experts saying that it's these non vaccinated people that are driving this new spike in the fictions, october 19th. yeah, this is coming as the centers for disease control and prevention. and as we mentioned, has reversed it's mask policy. just talk us through what the background to that is . well, the cdc has now issued new guidelines. basically what it says is that in areas with a high rate of infection mosque wearing must happen again in doors. now,
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previously back in may, the cdc had recommended that those who are fully vaccinated need not be wearing motzkin doors. this is now being reversed. it will be done on a case by case basis depending on the region and the infected rate. infection rates in the region, but here in washington, d. c, for example, the increase of coven infections has risen by some 4 times over the past month. and within the last hour, we've heard that the white house is becoming the 1st to act on the cdc guidelines must have been ordered to be warned within the white house. once again, that despite the fact that for months it was a muscular environment. one said vaccine was rolling out, this is something that we are going to be seeing around the country we expecting here in d. c. that there will be a more mandate issued incoming ours. mike, thanks very much indeed. that's mike hannah in washington dc. the world trade organizations discussing global demands for a waiver, a vaccine, peyton set
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a meeting in geneva, the u. s. south africa and india of live coals for the suspension of intellectual property rights and several jobs. they say it would allow local production of vaccines and end the pandemic more quickly. but it's being opposed by some wealthy nations including the u. k. and the european union. last cabinet visiting professor of law and director of the global health policy and politics initiative at georgetown university is joining us live on zoom from washington dc. good to have with us on al jazeera. just if you can clarify one thing for me to begin with. when we talk about a waiver, what exactly do we mean? so 1st it's, it's important to remember what this wouldn't do, right? this is not a move that would cancel any patterns or prevent any country in the world like the united states or switzerland from implementing patents on covered vaccines. instead, it would give countries back the policy making decision. they would be able to
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decide if they were india or south africa or thailand not to enforce patents on cobra vaccines. and that would allow the scientists and companies to make copies of those vaccines for their own populations. you know, they wouldn't countries that wouldn't face a threat of w t o sanctions. and that would give legal certainty to invest in factories and new lines, et cetera. no one's going to that hundreds of millions of dollars. if they might be sued and stop tomorrow because of an ip violation. and so the idea here is waiving that gives countries the ability to recruit people who know how to makes vaccines without worrying about whether they're trade secrets and even better if companies would actually share the technology. but look, they're not doing so. so at this point, we need to move that actually compelled countries, companies to share their technology. when it was covering the story in the early days, it became very upon very quickly that one of the key things was the sharing of information . and it strikes me that that would, there's a waiver of vaccine patients would go
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a long way to do that because it would speed up the whole process in the event that we face a similar situation in the future. is it too simple to think about this as governments essentially being pressured by large pharmaceutical companies with leverage in those countries? no, that's exactly what's happening. that's 100 percent. what's happening? we look, we should remember that these are publicly supported technologies, right. bio and tech got huge investment from germany in the european union, mendera and i got $2500000000.00 from the united states government. after that investment, these companies are saying we have to also have global monopolies over the production of them. and so what we're seeing is countries that have real investments in pharmaceutical companies really dragging our feet at the world trade organization preventing low and middle income countries from being able to access the technology to move ahead. far better would be if the by to ministration,
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for example, were to turn to madana and say, we will share this publicly supported technology with south africa with india, with every country in the world. so that we can make as many vaccines as possible. but short of that we have to allow countries to go about their business and do so without facing trade. sanction, that's the core of the issue here. it seems this meeting in geneva is pretty much at a stalemate, given your experience in this area of law and health. what do you think will be a way forward for where for the for this? so look, this is in my estimation, are pretty shopping failure, both of the global community end of the world trade organization. right? since it was tabled 10 months ago, the pandemic gotten far worse. we've gotten millions of deaths in africa, asia, latin america, and yet less than one percent of vaccines of actually reached arms of low income countries. the w 2, it works on consensus. so what's happening right now is that you've got over $100.00 countries that support the waiver. it has the vote to pass,
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but it's being blocked by the u. k. in germany and switzerland and a few others were using a set of bureaucratic maneuvers to do it. the core here is going to hinge on the united states, the by the ministration says it supports a move to have a bilateral, to have a truck waiver. but it's not actually doing very much to make that happen. if the united states were to say, were behind the following proposal, this is what it looks like. we're going to move the ball that could actually move it, move ahead. but look, we should also know that this is only one piece of the puzzle. we need the trip flavor, but we also need investments in technology. we also need the technology transfer and we need to happen a f, a p, but there's no more time to waste this point, especially the world trade organization space thing i would, i would argue, is that a long term question about its relevance, if it can't be useful in the neck, it's really good to get the benefit of your expertise in this matthew, kevin, we appreciate your joining us and i'll just a thank you very much. say thanks so much for having me. so ahead and i'll just 0
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with the indifference shown to my colleagues is crazy. emotional testimony from us police officers who were attacks during the january, 2nd capital riots. we find out what they want congress to dues ah, it's time for the journey to wither. sponsored by kettle airways. we've not yet said goodbye the in far, the both the typhoon that may land fall is no longer a typhoon. it's still a revolving storm and it can be seen as that. there's not a smaller one here. that's but do you some trouble, some of the venues in tokyo, but basically as a much smaller storm of northern hum, shipping wind and rain with it. so this is the place to focus and his rain. it's a problem now, not strong winds anymore. would it be with us for a couple of days?
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this arc and think of the size of china, of heavy rain is already over an area. this was been flooded in the last couple of weeks, and that's going to move slowly. north was probably eventually reaching beijing by the end of thursday, leaving dry weather behind which is being filled in by thunder. stole some feather size, the seasonal range, trying to return once more and those season reins. basically, the southwest monsoon, shown in the philippines are producing yet more rain in manila, the south and the north causes suffered studying from this. the same is true and minima, thailand, and cambodia. whereas borneo and most of indonesia is looking readily dry. and relative of course, to this rather wet stuff further north, the monsoon rains in india have done this stuff is you know, a lot of flooding in her astra is becoming dryer here. but with her southern north sponsored call cut on airways besieged by a violent crime and drugs confronted by racism and integration.
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0 traces, a history of 1st generation lebanese australians, exploring the conflicts and the struggle for acceptance. once upon a time in punch bowls on our just 0, ah ah, ah ah yours, you know, does it remind them and help stories this afternoon. the largest political party said this, ready for elections a day after the president dismissed the prime minister and froze parliament. but
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there knocked about his warning against an autocratic regime. us president joe biden says all federal workers could be required to get vaccinated against tolbert 19 cases continue to climb, driven by the delta of variance. while vaccination rates appear to have leveled off with lower than 50 percent of the world trade organization discussion demands for a waiver of vaccine pager. instead of meeting in geneva, the u. s. south africa and india and lead colds for the suspension of intellectual property rights. rollo, local production of vaccines, the january. the 6th attack in the us capital building was our clear plan to disrupt democracy according to one police officer present that day. he's been one of several officers testifying before a congressional committee, john hand and reports from washington, d. c. the whole truth and nothing but the true in sometimes harrowing testimony for police officers detail the coordinated attack on the u. s. capital,
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and on them. the washington police officer, michael for knowns, own body camera captured him being pulled into the crowd of donald trump. supporters beaten and shocked with a taser like stay in their body. like it, jimmy, i'm here. and he says the response from republican politicians has been just is hurtful. the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful, but nothing truly, nothing has prepared me to address those elected members of our government who continue to deny the events of that day. and in doing so, betray their oath of office washington metropolitan police officer, daniel hodges, seen in a viral video. being crushed between the capital doors by writers, urged congress to act. i need you guys to address if anyone in power had
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a role in this, we're not allowed to join us capital police officer harry dunn recalled being taunted with racial slurs. no one had ever ever called me. and while wearing the uniform of a capital police officer, just 2 republicans joined the panel defying their party to question the officers. you guys may like individually feel a little broken and she got his line. you guys, hell you hear the former president, trump say quote, it was a loving crowd. there was a lot of love in the crowd. how does that make you feel? it's upsetting? is a pathetic excuse for his behavior for something that he himself helped to create this monstrosity. i'm still recovering from those hogs. in cases day
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the the house select committee saw previously unseen video. some of it graphic, profane and threatening the the i people died on capitol hill on january 6th. but despite the presence of 2 republicans on the committee, the republican party is largely refusing to cooperate with the inquiry in solidarity with donald trump, who urged supporters to march on the capital house republican liter kevin mccarthy says the hearing is nothing but political theater. that becomes a failed committee and a failed report. a sham that no one can believe. the hearings continue the effort to investigate. the insurrection continues to be matched by an equally aggressive campaign to discredit it. john hinder and al jazeera washington us president joe bivens warning that a significant cyber attack could lead to war. he's been speaking to intelligence
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personnel in virginia. cyber security has become a top priority for the by the ministration, after a series of high profile hacks, some effective fuel and food supplies, and parts of the u. s. washington says that our growing cyber threats posed by russia and china of our close ally of pope francis is on trial for the alleged financial crimes he, along with 9 others, is accused of extortion. embezzlement and money laundering is the largest trial ever to take place within the vatican under simmons reports from london on the case on home london links the case with the vatican. what has the vatican? the heart of the roman catholic church and chelsea, one of the most exclusive and desirable parts of london got in common. it isn't religion, it's money. lots of it. then add to that murky deals. extortion and fraud revolving around a central figure. not a godfather,
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a catholic cardinal angelo bachelor. he was a close adviser to pope francis, who fired him last year, accusing him of nepotism. but the scandal is far bigger than favors for friends and family. bet you and 9 others faced charges including embezzlement, extortion, money laundering, and abuse of office. it was here in london that market chelsea that but you became involved. it's alleged with a major investment of $412000000.00 in this real estate. but the church money was wasted because of a scam and over evaluations, prosecutors say to london based italian finance, he has received vast sums of money from the vatican for reckless speculative investments. the form of vatican financial regulators swiss loyal ran a broo heart was also involved. bet you is said to have been involved in other fraudulent schemes too much of it using money donated by the catholic faithful pope
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frances has made reforms in the vatican's justice system. this trial is the 1st to see a causal indicted by criminal prosecutors. the churchmen used to be in judgment. he was one of the most powerful figures in the vatican, and for him now to be facing trial is really extraordinary. it is, i think, a sign of the seriousness with which pope frances has taken the task of cleaning up gotcha. can finances that you, who had once considered becoming a candidate for the papacy, denies all charges and says he's the victim of a vatican conspiracy. andrew simmons, which is their peru, is celebrating 200 years of independence with a change of power and a new president who like millions of peruvians, grew up in poverty. federal castillo has promised change as marianna sanchez reports from lima. that could be a challenge. the 200 years of republic.
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wednesday pedro commemorates a landmark anniversary, the independence from the spanish colonialist. now for the 1st time, a former and rural primary school teacher takes over the presidency. they look a feel comes from one of the poorest districts they do. and you prove, you'll see the feel represented by jessica laguna says her community outskirts of the capital. lima has little to celebrate money in the summer. the republic is 200 years old. but these inequality everywhere were rolling in the same mud, and we can gape, we wish our children could have it better. we always have needs, and there's no work. we wish for changing, but we can't do better. they claim the state has forgotten the poor members of this community build the roads themselves. they rece animal to eat together in a commune of kitchen and the families here at the algorithm. a community live on
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less than $8.00 a day. millions like them have come from remote places for decades, people have been migrating from the and this to the capital, looking for a better life and ended up living in shanty towns with a continue to live in poverty. he was, as she doesn't have any hope that the new president will bring change away a lot. but he's my grandparents, my parents, we've always been poor. i was brought as a child to escape poverty and look, we the poor will always be for no one remembers us. glinda breastfeeding is august . you has promised that there will not be any more poor in a rich country. but analysts say the road for him will be up hill em tough. though . few samuels in 200 years, we have learned to survive, rather than to lease our hardships of severe. we have gone from being one of the countries with the highest level of development to where we are now. at the end of the scale. from being almost unknown, fatal gosti arose to the presidency,
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offering change for millions of peruvians. and well, many hope he delivers on his promises. many are wary that he will be in a center. so just enough, a to once in reins in bangladesh have triggered landslide of the was largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people. it happened. they could have a long camping cox's bizarre. it's home to more than a 1000000 years refugees from neighboring me and law. most of the victims with children. more rainfall is full cost in the coming weeks. the 1st person to be charged under hong kong national security law, has been found guilty tonguing kits was convicted of inciting, secession and terrorism. after riding a motorcycle into a group of police officers and displaying a banner that called for hong kong liberation, adrian brand reports july the 1st 2020. and one of the last big protests in whom comb
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a gathering held in defiance of social distance rules and a sweeping new national security law. the same law under which tonguing kit has now been convicted. it was the day disobedience accelerated, these images capturing the moment tongue drove his motorcycle towards a group of policemen attached to his machine, a banner proclaiming liberate hong kong resolution. about times that was a cry heard constantly during the unrest. tones repeated no guilty to both charges on which he was convicted. his trial happened without a jury. instead, the verdict was delivered by a panel of 3 judges, appointed by hong kong chief executive carry, alarm. the reasons the judge gave their verdict runs to more than 60 pages, but in essence, they say the tongue fully understood that the words on its protest, spanner acquainted to
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a call for independence and that the slogan was capable of inciting others. he'll be sentenced at a later date, but faces a lifetime. more than a $120.00 people have so far been charged under the national security legislation, including the publisher, jimmy ly, who was also in court on tuesday. like tongue he to face is spending the rest of his life in jail. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. ah, this is all, these are the top stories trinity as largest political party says is ready for elections a day after the president dismissed the prime minister unfroze parliament. but the enact party is warning against an autocratic regime. yes, president joe biden says all federal workers could be required to to get vaccinated against.


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