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tv   [untitled]    July 28, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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alarm the reasons the judge gay for their verdict runs to more than 60 pages. but in essence, they say the tongue fully understood that the words on its post has spanner acquainted to a call for independence. and that the slogan was capable of inciting others. he'll be sentenced at a later date, but faces a lifetime. more than $120.00 people have so far been charged under the national security legislation, including the publisher, jimmy ly, who was also in court on tuesday. like tongue he to face is spending the rest of his life in jail. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. ah, this is all. these are the top stories. chinese is largest political party says it's ready for elections a day after the president dismissed the prime minister. unfroze parliament, but the enact parties warning against an autocratic regime. us president joe biden
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says all federal workers could be required to get vaccinated against covered 19 cases continue to climb, driven by the delta variant. while vaccination rates appear to have leveled off at lower than 50 percent, mike hannah's in washington dc and says mandatory vaccinations for federal workers . what impact millions of people. they have been some states that have already introduced a vaccine mandate, new york, for example, new york city, as well as california has now introduced a vaccine mandate. now in both of those areas, the mandate is there, but at the same time, there will be no action taken against workers who refuse to have the vaccination, but it will be made difficult for them given that they will then have to agree to very regular testing. they would also have to wear a mask whenever they were indoors and in contact with the public. the world trade organization is discussing demands for
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a waiver of vaccine. payton said it's meeting in geneva, the u. s. south africa and india have led calls for the suspension of intellectual property rights to our local production of vaccines. are us congressional committees had emotional testimony from police officers present at the january 6 attack on the capital building in washington d. c. they've been speaking about the viable and physical abuse. they say they suffered during the insurrection of former close ally of pope france. this is on trial for alleged financial crimes. he, along with 9 others, is accused of extortion, embezzlement, and money laundering. it's the largest trial ever to take place within the vatican . monsoon range in bangladesh have triggered a landslide of the world's largest refugee camp, killing at least 6 people. it's home to more than a 1000000 range refugees from me and law. most of the victims were children. those are the headlines will be back in about half an hour. goodbye. talk to al jazeera,
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we roam, did you want the un to take and who stop to we listen, you see the whole infrastructure and being totally destroyed. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on our sierra winner of the shopping competition 1st prize and goes, madeline goes to sending ah job to be in performance and taken the world of classical music. why do from prestigious concert hall to international competition. it was 23 cation from korea, for beta o, and this is where german, ah, who are these young musicians?
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and have a south korea transformed into a classical music superpower, one with a speech. those who are redefining the world of classical music. me ah me, it is 630. i am in salt just a few hours before the vive, recording of one of south korea most popular tv talent shows me among the my guess is solved june. she has come with her mother at only 8 years old. this young violinist is already one of the country's favorite classical virtuoso. ah, i don't like the
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gold chain and young is a riser on the show. she's invited young talent, but today's program, i mean you don't get it. you don't isn't in. in that she told moody in a put into total. get him out on your door. i see your food and i'm a little john who already and i do want to i didn't
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want to let you guys know that he didn't get into the oh in the mm. 2 mm mm, you know, you had to do the humans mother hymns to jesus thinks her daughter did not play well because it was what was for your phone was file because all the cable come with the christmas
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because we will get along to get home on the fall on the phone with him. oh, let's take a little while you don't close. she was 3 years old, young mother uploaded her best performances on the internet. the today use a star with more than 85000 and followers on youtube. videos have drawn as many as 6000000 news office to play a public event and on tv support in since she was very young. but her mother is determined to keep her grounded, pointing it over here,
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or by hall for now. what book since about another to look for you don't want to get poses how get going, the 1000000 to with more to what you don't want home. you know, i was in, you know, how you like football or 2 hours from mom every morning. suji helps her daughter prepare for another jampacked day via the tongue. it all was the one that goes in to this one and had a kitchen and all going to it, it questionable as opposed to help at all plug in and go with all looking for me. it's moving into the door. i go on to the husband and it's a hectic schedule that those mother and daughter i
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also wanted to do would i want anyone one little to us to put up the tie? they went up the time to kill me on cottages to kill. here's will cut suit knowing up, dividing it up the coast. there was a big wooden i . 1 every month you can record a new video for her youtube channel in a studio in downtown. so here to her mother keeps an eye on every day how the movie my
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mom and have them tell us this promoter can get from keel over in group with no man, no, think i'm going to do you got to go to the little town here while i've got all the time. i don't think you should have given him. they did something as long as you got to the london pole bunny. they told me
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there are more than 50000 south koreans under the age of 18, studying music at a professional level. but only a few will ever perform on an international stage or build a successful korea as a content office. ah the ah ah ah ah ah. busy despite these odds, 15 year old chung so has chosen to pursue a korea. as a concert pianist cut, she got caught a tally. i was tired, she had to go to cut you go, daniel told the new get they've already got to know. this is when the piano had
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always put her go to pen, talked to is she going to, couldn't i? when i'm going to talk to nuclear, could you tell us how we can then talk it and pump toggle ah the piano and she didn't sing a combo for then until when the audio well the audio. 2 told me to take it to tell the audio month to get them to, to, to joe, to tell him on the could to be a lot harder than the one out him, the google item down. so didn't go to it and tension one in particular. what if
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i choose. ready to do, young souls is one nearly 50 prizes in piano competition at home and abroad. like young, she's gained fame and public attention at early age. but in this single minded quest for recognition, these young prodigy, the not safe from emotional scars and the possibility of fractured careers, offered him the hit on joking for them. so we'll put that one in florence will. oh mm. i don't. what does that? i'm very clear to him to think of i'm has not done so, and i've got another told to can you could look at that as a couple, couple of questions here. what's his hosting got about when you could on donors,
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or can you haven't got a ticket to come in? if you haven't got the autocad to take it to go to get the ticket hold. i have to come down and take it could only i hadn't done it taking me in a few days young. so i will perform at one of south korea most prestigious concert hall. she is also preparing the 2 piano competition, a busy schedule that includes weekly piano lessons, hundreds of kilometers away from home in oh, he's young so his mother who drives her to the busy capital of soul. each on then
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it isn't she on that as it was i didn't get ah, she's on the credit. back on to, to calling it that i wanted to order quarterly. so in the morning cookie ticket to get them all that i get put on. i get it and i'll come in and i'm going to follow up the abandon and you wanted to tell him that before you go to and you can just because it's not on mental trust a single lawyer, basketball, you know,
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let me know that i did not get to me on, on a parent mr. winter. little put in a cookie and she'll have to go get a moment to make it a talking boring. who turning on at all, i should've left me when i jumped. so goes to the korean national university of one of the most prestigious schools to study music in the country. me chaos was set up about 30 years ago to help south korea achieve greater autistic success on the global stage. a special training program for young
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adults from ice to 18 years old has helped professors discover and train students from a young age like young. so there are about $200.00 young south koreans here to dream of the korea in classical music. so could me talk to the total is globalization. kimberly's or not? professor kim isn't a claim pianist and one of the country's most distinguished teacher. he often judges national and international competitions. me tongue in jargon that nothing to
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be on me and then all the g, g i n s h e. go chung, you know, giving daniel, my next in kim de june believes that talent alone is not her companion, julia julia. i got to go get her. so welcome to the 10 gog in the hedge, catering and how can the different journeyman in the collegiate medical mission and if it could take up to human. but i didn't go in and tend to be stated at west laden and had you learn it, they would have dealing with in any young on the still in the same page and i did it is clean and cool and i ended up teaching cooking video them really bad and tell you to knuckle cold. yeah. this, pliny. cool man. and today. oh good. how cool are you don't. what did you have chose could on cobra?
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now we can maureen, that ation in which with dr. young and to me it is our georgia has its own higgins or would over and competent, and i need to go to the good news. i hope you don't go get any trouble, go hold him and their temperature humble. however, that would kick the toner and then pin joanie kung. joking. how up giving you a call up menu and it on board and on there. so good on counting, jan. shoemaker and jenny he can come, jen. she me hung i'm younger than i just told her last week, but it's my recommendation. it's your con guys in board 10 hanging. i would say man,
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i don't want to kick up a couple more conversation, but getting, getting go. ah, okay. check on the air put on it will all get try total it til wednesday. i'm going to keep you on the another 130 or conclude all you do to the winner of the shopping competition 1st prize and goes, madeline goes to sending ah, international 3 guys. name g, korean is making a mark on the global stage over the last 60 years,
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down to re and musicians have taken out the top of all in more than 150 international competition. ah, to hone their skills and preparation for the biggest event. many students traveled to europe, the traditional home of classical music, and the most sacred nation is sold the fame birthplace of moses at the university named after the virtue, i say, professor gillian is a highly sought after piano teacher. he's especially popular among south korean students to his long experience with international competition. good, good, good. he has 7 staff to me in, in his class. a number that has steadily increased over to you. last
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week i did the press election for battle and competition and born and it was 23 publication from korea. this is really kind of friend, is some feeling ah, and you're all very often the feeling of it. the thing that they know will this i, this is our but it's not really deep knowledge is about this. and this excitement of people coming from make
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this music or octaves or fresh. ah, my last battle and competition. first prize, chinese 2nd prize job on this. sir, prize korean war . and go to this with gentlemen. ah, some journalist was surprising and wore it how it was who is a i say this is also very positive. it's mean that this culture is will lead. this is not
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just on the was says everybody will go ah, ah, kim john, who knew from salzburg from sold to study under professor love 2 years ago. i have no idea how to get along with a total. and i, that's what i was about when you're done, it will get me one moment. we'll go over one time. and since i don't get my current grade and all you want me to do it in europe, totally don't go to superior level. don't you talking to him when i was i think i
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already pulled angel forward. your call from that it's a little hungry because on report done, good. one of them. good. when you get done with that, are you, i'm going to, my mom is all on top of that isn't doing the year. hiring the june. whoa is one of 16 south korean piano. preparing for the prestigious chopin competition, taking place in a few months time. under it on your home, going to church on or course upon toil. she ordered a little or humbling good on it. i'm going to have one motor don't give us a call when and so we don't care about him as a general will help me out
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or all or i and to down her to me. and i, so you know, when you all you saw where, when williams, turn it all on school, it's all to the hallways back in south korea. thanks to her many awards it piano competitions. young so received regular office to play at the country's most famous concert home. today, she's been invited to tom young for a special concert, organized the heads of the korean music industry. an invoice that included tons of money. you don't look to know, we're not going to kill 100
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percent days of money. i don't want to lose that because there's some who have just wanted to cut on me. she don't kish could control you got to take it the money to get onto the only guy could get one to 2000 is done you 100 other for under come today to come in and talk to you on to take the
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i need to dream shared by many south reinsurance including noon tonight, she is real to be performing at her music schools, concerts, panel, please give me a call from the the
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the oh the the the. 2 ah, me with sandy beach is judy free shopping and low taxes. could go island of high non become china's new hong kong. $1.00 0 $1.00 east investigate on i, which is 0. i and i hope i'm sorry should be about lazy harley down to the town down there
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we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the well, we live in prime minister who has the task of fixing a war torn economy, counting the cost on al jazeera ah another night have a few engineers here, more calls for tongs. 2 days after the president sees power and was parliament. ah madison, this is the 0 live from doha also found the help us president joe biden's considering compulsory vaccination for federal employees with more mosque wearing advise even for the vaccinated in high risk areas.


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