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while the rain is back for summer, never went away. the center of pivots more or less going to be of us gotten to the next 24 hours with the cloud extends all the way down north. literally the been pretty big thunderstorms. there is encouraging the hot air is still around in eastern europe and persistent rain is going to be along this line. i think here in the southern part has got a navy and scuttle. it's right there you are. that's the big circulation taking place. during wednesday the dr. blues would suggest biggest showers and usually they don't extend down seriously. don't go through the balkans and they're not really that much evident in spain or portugal. either. in fact, by the time we get to 30 more or less a north sand spit if you ignore what's disappearing out of eastern europe into russia, which has dropped temperatures a bit. so all round the edge of what's currently revolving, it's quite hot. in fact, the heat warring guide for hungary to serbia, the bits of italy, for example. and the reason for that attempt is on record breaking. they went above normal. the average is $29.00 in belgrade got about $38.00 on friday. if it shines
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the record, you can see very quiet sunshine with little wind as well because his houghton hot in north africa, but seasonally we get the big raises tom the there they're in chat, nigeria. and more especially down in the far west of molly, the in 2001 fear, friends around the world. are australians accused of being enemies with them and attacking the way of life? treated like we were all suspects. we were all under suspicion, struggling to adapt to the new found home. out there, explore history of the lebanese community in australia. once upon a time and punched on our era where total technology can help tackle the spread of coven 19. but our tech solutions,
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the best solutions we are starting to something that seems like it's in public health, very quickly becomes about measuring people what date is being collected. whereas it being stored highly re, looks at the limits of the potential of other creative ways to deal with the issues we face, track it when tech to go viral, episode 3 of all hail the locked down on algae 0. 0, i a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, tennessee, as civil society groups have warned. the president case said not to expand the emergency measures that he imposed just 24 hours ago. the groups which include the
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country's powerful labor union have called on the president to establish a roadmap, out of the present crisis. us politicians have heard dramatic testimony from police officers concerning the january 6 attack on capitol hill. one officer said it was a clear plan to disrupt democracy, another like when you diva battle, and feared he would die. and the 1st person charged on their hong kong as national security law has been found guilty. tony and kate was convicted of inciting succession and have a result after riding a motorbike into a group of police officers and displaying a banner. is that called hong kong liberation? a former, a close ally of pope francis is on trial accused of financial crimes. he and 9 others are being accused the federal offenses, including extortion, embezzlement, and money laundering in the biggest trial ever to take place within the vatican.
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andrew simmons reports from london on the links that the case has to the u. k. what has the vatican? the heart of the roman catholic church and chelsea, one of the most exclusive and desirable parts of london got in common isn't religion, it's money. lots of it. then add to that murky deals. extortion and fraud, revolving around a central figure. not a godfather, a catholic, cardinal angelo bachelor. he was a close adviser to pope francis, who fired him last year, accusing him of nepotism. but this scandal is far bigger than favors for friends and family. bet you and 9 others face charges including embezzlement, extortion, money laundering, and abuse of office. it was here in london that market chelsea the but you became involved. it's alleged with a major investment of $412000000.00 in this real estate. but
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the church money was wasted because of a scam and over evaluations, prosecutors say to london based italian finance, he has received vast sums of money from the vatican for reckless speculative investments. the form of vatican financial regulators swiss loyal ran a broo heart was also involved. bet you is said to have been involved in other fraudulent schemes too much of it using money donated by the catholic faithful. pope frances has made reforms in the vatican's justice system. this trial is the 1st to see a causal indicted by criminal prosecutors, or the churchmen used to be in judgment. he was one of the most powerful figures in the vatican, and for him now to be facing trial is, is really extraordinary. it is, i think, a sign of the seriousness with which pope francis has taken the task of cleaning up the vatican. finances bet you who had once considered becoming
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a candidate for the papacy. denies all charges and says he's the victim of that. a can conspiracy. andrew simmons, al jazeera, warring factions of a major drug cartel in mexico north have reached a truce. police in the state of family bus confirmed the gulf cartel truth. it was originally announced on professionally printed banners which appeared in several cities. the banners were signed by 3 main factions in the decade. all the per for manuel rapids joins me live now from mexico city to talk about this further, someone will, 1st of all, how significant is this piece agreement? mexico security ministry announced the validity of this truce of this piece, deal on monday between at least 3 different drug organizations in the state of demo leap. as we should know, that this is quite significant because specifically this region of north eastern
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mexico for lack of a better term, has been caught in the crossfire of a deadly ter, for between these 3 different groups. over the past 10 years, we're talking specifically about the metro, the scorpions and the reds we have yet to confirm whether or not a 4th group last week. loaners or the psych loans have signed into this piece agreement. but to give you a little bit of context behind why this is so significant, these 3 different drug gangs because we, it may not even be fair to, to refer to them as cartels. they were at one point, all members of a single criminal organization known as the capital. the goal for the gulf cartel. but i've since splintered off into the smaller groups who are not only dedicated to smuggling drugs, but also because of their proximity to the us border. they're also involved in human trafficking that are involved in kidnappings. they're involved in migrant smugly. so they really have diversified, some splitting off from that larger cartel. the gulf cartel in its moment in its heyday, would have rivaled in terms of size and reach and influence. the sinaloa cartel is
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one of the main most influential cartels here in mexico. and there was a theory running, we spoke 2 or press contacts on the ground in time, a leap us who tell us about this theory, that the announcement of this piece deal the way that it was announced by way, these very professionally printed banners almost in the style of a political campaign could be signalling a reunification of the gulf cartel, so there are concerns of potential reprisals of a counter offensive from other cartels in the region who may be taking exception to this piece agreement, specifically the north east cartel, which also is hoping to control those areas of the us mexico border that are popular crossings among migrants. they're also popular among human smugglers. so, so they're concerned that the buy may not necessarily be over in the long term, but in the short term. certainly, there is a lot of of welcomed feelings to this piece deal among the local population who may be seen the end of 10 years or, or, or the violence of the past 10 years may finally be starting to subside. definitely
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hope so. my daughter apollo with the laces from mexico city and i don't wanna thank you now political rivals in ivory coast have met for the 1st time since the disputed presidential election led to widespread unrest. 10 years ago, president ellison what tara and his predecessor lauren poe, had not come face to face since a power struggle led to rest in which 3000 people were killed by bull recently returned to ivory coast after being acquitted of committed war crimes by the international criminal court, the potential for reconciliation, raised the pensions in the country before the meeting committee addresses following the meeting from the jury and capital of buddha. judging by reception by got at the presidential palace, it was an icebreaker. there were all smiles back go and pressed him more time before this mile before the cameras. before i should in learning my boy's progress
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us into the building that he was occupied before the 2 started their own crisis or start to be sick. and i've gotten crisis in 2010, just the post election violence you're talking about earlier. now a lot of people are watching closely to see how this meeting and a lot of people expecting both leaders to come out strongly with strong what it statement to unify the country. because this is a deeply divided country. both leaders come on very large following in ivory coast bible and lots of water. they are well respected and well sort of supported by i've audience across party lines. so lots of people will be watching closely to see this huge, unusually severe flash flash floods have displaced the thousands of people in sedans gathering region. this year's rainy season is particularly destructive, partially because land that water should flow through is now used for farming. as
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the displaced sea shelter and help more floods are predicted, heber morgan is with some of the affected families in south it's the 1st time in 5 days that neither can enter this room in his home. he says he and his family were asleep when the waters came cascading his now trying to salvage what he can. and if i knew his other more than we escaped with the clothes on our back and left everything behind the waters came from a valley in the east and kept rising quickly. it's only this morning that some stream that were blocked was open and the levels have gone down a bit. but water keeps coming. more than 60 houses in that neighbourhood have been partially or completely destroyed by the rising water as the result of heavy rain coming off the mountains and swelling rivers. people say it's the worth 15 years. i've been with them and marty. this used to be part of my home,
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but the walls and ceilings have collapsed. my savings were in this room as well as important documents. all have been washed away along with some things i brought to cell people. the official fear at least 10000 people have been affected and more than 2000 have been displaced for them. government says more floods are expected in many parts of the country during the annual rainy season in august. and has urged those risks to take the necessary precautions. while some families have up to stay in their homes as by the floods. others had no option but to leave the state authorities have been criticized for not acting fast enough. and as it's only this part of the rainy season, it's feared that more houses are in danger of collapse and that's more people will suffer. this school is where some families have sought refuge. many are still waiting for 8 days after the floods. and concerns are growing over lack of basic necessities that there are elderly people here with us. and there are kids who need
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urgent care. they need food and medicine. the government needs to act immediately at the food here with my id in the food. the pros with snakes and scorpions, and we need and even in the trucks, we need international organizations to step in and help before things get worse. as the rain season continues. the fall is one of the underdeveloped, rural areas in sudan. and now do worry. it will take too long before they get the help they need. he will morgan onto 0 and follow the bodies to dan. the united kingdom is carrying out its most expensive name, naval deployment in a generation, the aircraft carrier, h m, as queen elizabeth, is being accompanied by a flotilla of navy ships and its presence in dispute. parts of the south china sea is causing concern foreign st. louis reports me, the british navy, biggest and most powerful war ship, the h m,
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as queen elizabeth aircraft, carrier is leading a pillar of navy ships on its maiden deployment, the largest concentration of british and maritime power in years. prime minister boys johnson says that deployment will help to strengthen what's known as british soft power. the term used to describe a belief in democracy and the rule of law. analysts say, joe politics is at play. it's also doing it because their attention was over taiwan . and britain like the you and other major powers have an interest in not seeing that become an armed conflict. and so they have to demonstrate that their country is willing to stand up against the use of force against it. and i also feel that early signals of the biden administration, that britain is a player, an ally, no longer trapped in europe, but able to act independently. flotilla will sale through the south china sea. a large part of which china says is its territory. tonight, malaysia,
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the philippines, taiwan, and get non contest that the u. s. which is not a claimant, has consistently dismissed china's claim. regimes claim to the vast majority of the south china sea has no basis and international law that assertion treads on the sovereignty of the states in the region. we continue to support the regions coastal states and holding their rights under international law. the chinese government views freedom of navigation operation, often conducted by the u. s. navy, as a provocation. in recent years, china has increased its military spending and grow more assertive in its claims over the south china sea entrance already height them seems to me even when china begin island building activities in the south trying to see what i'm worried now is that we've the collection of so many military accessing this region. that's going
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to be the higher chance of miscalculation you told recently announced a permanent be deployed to warships in asian waters after the flotilla sales to japan in september. the deployment is part of the british government tilt towards the endo pacific, much like the us pivot to asia and the former us president brock obama. it is in part a response to china's growing influence. and that makes the south china sea more of a potential flashpoints, florence louis al jazeera qualify for filter, come on al jazeera, this news our, the sport we're going to hear from santa goals that javelin metal hope, who was urging others not to hide behind their disability. ah ah
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ah ah, i'm having a town area or landmark on the unesco world heritage list is a highly sought after status. the world heritage committee is in the process of deciding which site will be added to or removed from the list. truly angela reports now on one area of unspoilt natural beauty and both in her governor to receive the special down along bumper track lies. one of you nest goes newest sites, the young primeval forest, and indigenous forest of beach. fer spruce trees, some stretching 50 meters high, protected locally since 1954. this ecosystem is part of a sprawling ancient woodland. almost 12000 years old. covering almost 300 hector's
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ecologist kirsten stuck has been guarding the forest for years, preserving the landscape and preventing man may damage. he considers unesco decision recognition of his team's work, but i was near those was the sin odyssey. all are, even in these turbulent times, park administrators did not allow the structure of the reserve to be disturbed, so that it as such, survived, and became interesting for further studies. this is the newest part of a growing world heritage site without borders last extended in 2017 to encompass 78 primeval beach for us across a dozen countries. rare areas on the content, almost unaltered by humans. however, unesco status does not always offer the protection it deserves in poland, protected trees under continuous threat from illegal logging in an area so vast. it's almost impossible to police. in yan forest,
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scientists have discovered an ecosystem almost untouched. rich in flora and fauna or below sphere. the mom was from the plant world, we have the protected species, lilly, and martha gone from the animal world, also protected quiero and beds which are protected from hunting in the nearby town of pover. their hopes, the new forest status will help attract more tourists. which number only 20 last year me said not only is current. we hope that this new unesco status will be like opening a window to the world to show off a natural treasure. so that we can reveal how nature regulates itself and solve certain challenges and problems. our vision, one problem is helping to solve is climate change. with the forest storing millions of tons of carbon in the soil and biomass as unesco acts to preserve its future. it helps to preserve oz charlie angela al jazeera. ok, i think it all the sports news now. here's peter. what we're thank you so much
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multiple olympic gymnastics champion, some and bio is she is not injured but pulled out of the u. s. t finally event earlier because of her mental health. earlier the 24 year old american left the fool with a team doctor after hurting her right leg following her 1st vault. the u. s. teams to manage a silver metal competing without balls for the rest of the rotations. the event was won by the rational olympic committee for 1st gold medal in the event since $992.00 . it's been really stressful. this olympic games, i think just as a whole, not having an audience, there are a lot of different variables going into it. it's been a long week. it's been a long olympic process. it's been a long year. i say put mental health 1st. because if you don't, then you're not going to enjoy your sport and you're not going to succeed as much as you want to. so it's ok sometimes the even set out the big competition to focus on yourself because it shows how strong of a competitor
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a person that you really are. biles is not yet decided whether or not you will continue to compete the genetics of installed to come al jazeera is and the richardson is inside care and has more on what's been a difficult game. so for, for the american now in the building, this final things haven't gone. absolutely personally for bile. she's made some uncharacteristic mistakes during qualifying. she posted on instagram in the build up to this final that i truly do feel like i have the weight of the world on my shoulders at times. song which expectation for biles coming in to these olympics. but let's just remember why we talk about so much. she's a 19 time world champion. no female gymnast is everyone more than the for a limpy gold medal. she won in re our 2016. so even if she never competes again, she's already one of the all time greats of her sport. she's due to compete for 5 more models here in tokyo on thursday, she set to go in the individual all round event. but of course,
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that will all now depends on if she's fit to go ahead and compete. japan still a tennis plan? i me a soccer has been eliminated from the 30 lympics, the world. number 2 was knocked out in the 3rd round form of friendship and finalised, marketable and that also of check republic, winning in straight sets and just an hour that crushes those talking streams of winning and limpid gold on home soil. she struggled in an area of strewn display that last had 68 minutes. the tropical storm that caused some olympic events to be postponed, has created great condition. so the 1st of a sort of thing, metals to be handed out brazil's, the taller ferrera broke his board with the 1st way before winning gold. alpha will number 2. terrific. is the 1st women's surfing and the big champion? benita has claimed it 1st ever limpid gold medal, 33 year old flora duffy winning the women's triathlon of the dominating the running league of the race. any other middle awarded to the island nation was
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a boxing bronze at the material games in 1976 fulfill unclaimed all the thoughts on the podium in the women's cross country mountain bike event. it's the 1st time the managed a clean sweep. in 1953. germany's recada food, one a shock gold middle in the women, kayak slalom. she beat out a straight and favorite jessica fox, who finished in 3rd the u. s. a. the men's basketball team. my aiming to bounce back off losing the opening game in the rainy champions was stunned by france, 8376 on sunday. that was the 1st the limbic defeat. since the 2004 games in athens next up for them is iran on wednesday. just bounce back, you know, kind of again, there is
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a little bit of the france games on about now, just when every session just came in tonight, we got that. now when i think preparing to compete in the paralympic thing, toko, which starts in late august for through keenan g, i got polio at age 5 and developed bode legs considered him out, standing javelin throw. she's just into the international stage this year. now she's cynical hope for a gentleman middle his, her story in her words. my, my name is far too can n g i. i'm representing senegal in the 2020 paralympic games in tokyo. when i for this spear, all i want to do is when i was 10, when one day i woke up and couldn't walk anymore. i had polio for me, my disability is no obstacle. i believe in god,
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this is what i got. i started javelin only some months ago and already won some competitions. it takes a lot of effort. i have to wake up early in the morning, get the kids ready for school, go to train and take care of the household. my coach had to me a lot and he motivated me to continue training after the death of my mother. there it is. thanks to him and all the people who supported me that i am going to tell you what i believe in myself. i don't let my disability get in the way you see me speaking softly now, but at the competitions, i become another person. i take pride in representing my country abroad. and because i want to tell others like me not to hide behind their disability, go out there, do whatever sport you like, it will be good for you and your house. when i 1st started sports, my friends were marking me. they wouldn't believe that it was taken abroad to
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participate in competitions. they couldn't imagine that a disabled person could be an athlete. my family thought i was brought to those countries to beg, because that is what many disabled people end up doing, begging on the streets. it was only after they saw my success, but they started to understand and support me. my hope is to win the gold medal in tokyo, bring it back here to senegal. that when i'm training for. and finally in football and israel madrid defend the raf l. ron, who join english club, manchester, united, the fringe international still needs to complete a medical bucks. an agreement between the 2 clubs has been reached. 28 year old to fit to make the move in a $46000000.00 deal. ron won the world cup with france in 2018. okay, we're going to leave it there for now. that's all the sport things more on the way later. barbara back to london. peter, thank you. and that is it for this news? our member, you can get the latest on our website,
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our 0 dot com or just stay tuned. i'm going to be back in just a few minutes more face. ah ah, ah. ah, energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity,
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we can make it work for you and your business. the sandy beaches. gigi, free shopping and low taxes could probably go island of high non become china's new hong kong. 11 east investigate on just iraq. the latest news as it breaks agriculture production across the north, nigeria, greens, a serial for if, if the decline with detailed coverage that demands or not you've been made, i know many times before. now that allowed a death because they say that situation is much work from around the world. and these external facebook systems is the government is following the process and the case and that authorities act against violations of law. ah,
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when ever you ah ah, me and i need to become the friends in canoes here with the president because urge to consider political dialogue after sacking, the prime minister and freezing parliament. ah, hello and barbara sarah, this is al jazeera life from london, also coming up the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful anger. and this to me from police officers passed.


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