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co status will be like opening a window to the world to show off a natural treasure so that we can reveal how nature regulates itself and solve certain challenges and problems. our vision, one problem is helping to solve is climate change. with the forest storing millions of tons of carbon in the soil and biomass as unesco x to preserve its future. it helps to preserve oz charlie angela algebra. ah. and now reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, kinsey, is a civil society. groups have worn to president k said not to extend the emergency measures that he impose just 24 hours ago. the groups including the countries powerful labor union, have called on the president to establish a roadmap out of the present crisis. on sunday, said the back by the army, fact the prime minister and froze parliament leading to clashes in the capital
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between his supporters and opponents. the january 6th, the pac on the u. s. capital building was a clear plan to disrupt democracy according to one police officer who was present that day. he was one of several officers testifying before a house, select committee in washington, d. c. they told of the verbal and physical abuse that they say they suffered during the insurrection. the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraced by law enforcement career prepared me to cope with some of the aspects of mixed experience. being an officer, you know, your life is at risk whenever you walk out the door, even if you don't expect otherwise, law abiding citizens to take up arms against you, but nothing truly, nothing has prepared me to address those elected members of our government who continue to deny the events that day. thing in the us health officials have
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recommended the people resume wearing masks regardless of vaccination status. in some parts of the country. 2 months ago, the centers for disease control and prevention said fully vaccinated people no longer needed to wear a face covering corona virus cases or climbing in the u. s. has vaccination rates appear to plateaued below 50 percent? find the 1st person charged under hong kong. national security law has been found guilty tonguing kit was convicted of inciting, secession, and terrorism. after riding a motorcycle into a group of police officers and displaying a banner that called for hong kong liberation, those are the top stories. remember that you can get the latest and everything that we've been covering on our website. the address al jazeera dot com while the stream is coming up next, looking at press freedom in india, and i'll have one for you in half an hour. ah,
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ah ah, ah, the i actually ok today on the stream spyware being discovered on the phones of journalists, police room, policemen, going into newsrooms and asking questions. and also tax rates on john, listen high profile people, how much press freedom is they in india right now? that is a question that we will be posing to, i guess in just a moment. but 1st here's the deputy editor of the hindu. that is an english language publication in india, talking about what she felt when she found out that her phone was being wanting to
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have a look have elected. a mobile phone is literally an extension of our life these days . and come to think of somebody sitting in a father has access to your private or to just private emails and just financial transactions. not only that, they kick off a button, they could actually see what you're doing in your bedroom. so it's really unsettled me, and it's disconcerting not only as a journalist, but as a woman i pink, my privacy has been violated. whether you're on twitter or you're watching on youtube, you can be part of this conversation as well. is india war with it's journalists? if you're new to comment section a, wait ca be part of today's discussion next. mean, i guess we have offer. we have may have, we have rada, nice to see, do all 3 journalists talking about the experience of journalism in india office. first of all, introduce yourself to international audience. you are what you do. hi,
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my name is linda. she had bonnie, i work as a senior editor with the news site called the y a dot in. i color politics, policy and issues of social justice. i have been a journalist for the last 2 decades, and i've been using the life of the marginalized communities. but in the last 2 decades, i think the 70, i would say, have been very different for me out of these 2 decades. while come, we'll have more about that in just a moment. nay. hi, welcome to the stream. please introduce yourself. i international audience. hi, my name is me. i'm an independent journalist, deli and other fulton politics, social justice agenda, and south asia. get to have you. run out. welcome to the stream. introduce yourself to our audience. watching right now? my name is, ron, are you? i'm a global opinions writer with the washington post and i am a journalist with club jack. i do what i reported for criminal investigations going
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on to go, or amongst other things. and journalism is a challenge in india and independence, right. not as a backlash against the backlash that paving from the majority regime it's, it's an unpopular job right now, but the right thing to do, i wondering john is at what point that you were very, very aware that your work was be money to do. you were being monitored, or some agile pressure being put on you as journalists run it, you thought well for me does so do the government. everybody has been reacting in already surprised mine and they should because we are in them being a surveillance tv dissembling. actually, we are a civilian beach right now, but here is a government, here is the cim with the prime minister entering into the movie on her own minister . i'm a shop who how during the 10 your as group, and she'll minister and go draw you snooping mcgann. is going on, not just journalists, but also civilians. so this does not come as a surprise,
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but the fact that they have to willingly and reasonably use almost every, every mechanic, every tool that is available with them to get been picked up in june. this with will they do not appreciate and like, i mean i am, i'm somebody was used to this and 2010 when i got the homeless rope in there who now for the stroke which was not on the trip in the artist did i got a full time phase 2 new thing looked like one called up with you being followed around the details of your family members, being out in public intelligence officials coming down to your house and asking you about your bank accounts. all of this is happen. it's happening to me as i speak to you yesterday. i spent 12 hours at the income tax office in mom buying a big question. i was being asked about my affiliation with international organizations. why do i write, but i'm not the y d o speak to the b b c. what is my for the?
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this is piper court, it's not something we chose, but it is something that has been inflicted on us for the 2 that the speak. now you can share with us some of the ways that you have made headlines or, or the way that surveillance is made headlines of u. n. g and journalists. now we see 30 cause break in a cab. this, this is scary. ok. and then we move on to the next story and let me just show you here. this is what it becomes really serious. your di journeys may have the success she's facing, death threats and stalking. they how, how does this happen? what journalism will you doing? where your life is being put at risk. oh, thank you for, for, for giving me the job to talk about this. i do want to say that something like i said that the last 7 years it has me put a lot of independent jordan. and i do want to say,
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thought like any government is fond of doing this, questioning them, they did not like the earlier government did not send us, even though the definition of water change in the last 7 years. is that this, john, the government actually implicates joining us in cream. wouldn't keep the enjoy order really just cases. and which is i the, the punishment, the adage becomes all the more significant because the big bod, long book to actually change in the course. and then i for one also have to be criminal cases against me. theater. you just do the pieces that would not be in, in prison for all 7 years, and they keep on for all of them for my, for dodge. the particular report that i did was one of the major investigation that i did was i dug out documents and i take a testimony and found the how the fund commitment right ring has been shot, taking, choosing between the issue of $3.00 to $11.00 from india to job and which brought
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to the city for the purpose of indoctrination. invalid to do with them. and that is something that got me criminal cases, a bottom that i've also didn't investigate to how to get in which and popular pollution, 1000 popular encounters and how i found out that out of the school many speak, we shoot down more than what i did that most men and people from nice communities like like that. and this is something that has that not only got me thought for my time, but, but also for myself, this john, buddy, after 5 months of being stopped. and i said that somebody would say some people deeply talking my location and telling me how to do after that me and how. 7 i'm
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particularly pointing out, i be fully that i just mentioned somebody actually take a break into my house. and i also want to see that i as a new supposed been living in delhi, i think in english like international my vision. he wouldn't benny for me to even get the district something. so the people who are doing it, i didn't hand in love with the machinery and the machinery actually be kind of the kind of a back on joining that. something i would say again, like i said, i will both and i live in the same kind of situation become all the more different food put you on this wouldn't do wouldn't. what would also be thing with the situation, but they have more often let me show this headline with you. i know you are very familiar with his headline, but i want you to see if you can on packet for our international audience to explain exactly what is going on here. the stories that we are hearing all stories
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of intimidation. here's the headline snoop list has 40 indian john, it's forensic tests confirm, precedence of peck of pegasus spyware, on some, this is by where that is often brought allegedly by governments, in order to keep a check up on what it citizens are doing. it usually via mobile phones, your organization was on this list. what is this telling us about india's government right now and how comfortable they are with publications journalists doing their work? yeah, definitely. as i said in the last 2 decades, the 7 years have been, i will say the most difficult years for me as a journalist and also as a citizen of india, where journalism itself has become a crime. you know, it has become so dangerous to be a political journalists sitting and working out of new daddy and reporting on that
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in the government as to what my friends have already said. the how you know, but being the indian in the media into obedience has already become kind of a project on what the government but even if by its own standards, what's happening now, this whole snooping business. and also income tax reads on newspapers that i would say it kind of sets of scary, a new bar for journalists and in them. but remember when you were talking about the snooping ping, the why it is also part of the consortium that conducted the investigation. and they will friends and family people who are coming, that one is going to be the next grade on your office and you and will you a couple of days ago i was at home, i was about to report my show and i got a call from office from one of my colleagues saying that there is a policeman asking for me asking for my number and my address. it's a trial. he had a list of people he had missed with him, which had people like by
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a former colleague and in the next year, or sort of that is another person who documents you know, these widens against the minorities and me. and he did that. you wanted to talk to me, i'm sitting at home with my family about to go to report my show and i get this call from the man who says, this is nothing madam, this is just run up to independence day. you know, we are just doing the routine check and then we see the deputy police commissioner, he's tweets. he's applies to the wires that it does tweets and he says, this is just a routine check. and this is part of the n t t resume active site. so imagine now policeman walking into unusual for m b m checks and that to before independence day . so, you know, the way the indian government is trying to project journalists who are asking questions of the government was speaking to, to, to power, asked the enemy of the people as the enemy of the states. so you don't, i wouldn't be hesitant in saying that now
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a large part of that section which supports the ruling b, j. b and the artist says, and our prime minister, you know, a notch section i would say actually kind of don't dislike people. they dislike people like me what the last question packet, the has been to a position of some kind of maybe a god that you can be off the question of him for all 3 journalists living here. incidentally, all women in a very patriotic society like in the us, we are the time, but i think it also says a lot about the indian media also, which is already given up to do so let me share with you some of the comments we're getting on youtube right now, this is sophia and for any one that believes press freedom exists in india, just look at the number of journalists that murdered up to i have a case followed against them. another comment here from youtube right now. thank you. audience with taking part in the show, journalists are getting arrested every time they say something or publish fax. the problem with india is the b j. p. government is becoming like
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a dictatorship authoritarian government. let us go to that government. this is the 18th of july. this is the 18 minister pushing back on the allegations of surveillance. take a look in the past, similar pills made regarding the use of frederick both on what can go. they both have vector and this is jessica, equally denied by on part is including in this will be for the president for perfect in july 2021. also appear to be in our lives in democracy in 122 to june. as you can tell, just from the noise level that not everybody was in agreement run. what impact is that having on journalism in india, from your perspective quickly that you found him on the list of you know, potential i was coming to that. so this is the most bizarre thing offer. so that
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was schwinney vachon, who is the t minister, the i t minister with found on the list of people who have potentially pegasus spyware on their phone. that is bizarre. alright, let's move on. when dick to mint scientific vindictive government for him, he does not just keep a job on his enemies, but also keep the job job on his allies and that the class explain it. majority the the g. it's been dictate. majority regina, that they are constantly so railing. people who are giving opinions about them. the gentleman who was just talking about about what's up and what's up seeing that there's not many such evidence the same day. the statement will do it in the into parliament. what's up said that the report about the gases snooping at something's a dummy. i scared them. so i think it's just going to contradict what exactly the
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minutes just sit in the parliament. but like i said in the, in the taking every book that exist particular data, richie and john list, hello, we've been the enemy of the state. i remember since the d i, the governor of the time magazine, the kind of, you know, fullest a lot of tools on to show media start talking about me receiving funding. i might want to just take a little step back because not everybody would have seen this magazine cover. so start at the beginning of the story, but make it a brief story. go ahead, right for doing the 2nd wave of go with 19 the devastating 2nd we will go with 19 i work doing multiple reports for the washington post at the time. not the goal of the day. i know the time i've been going to do plato. mister movies lackey goes on, goes on television channels and call me a y to john lewis with a pretty good with the c i a and 3 days later i get a notice from the income tax that was meant direct read. my father gets a notice,
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my sister gets the motives my brother gets a note from the income tax department. so all, and what did i do? i just wanted the cover story for di, max, the window to regina. this is, and i wanted to say the 2 ladies steeping india's covert 19 crisis. so is it the critique of the government? the got you into trouble. it is a critique. you see what, what happened to denny park. good. another publication deprivation because these are the publications that would images of dead bodies floating on began juice. and then the, the income tax department to be was there's a 70 year old to case a legit case against the publication. it does the same. but john, listen john, let's call for big coupling. has been has been jesus for the last 7 months for just reporting on the gang grip up a lot. got good. he also happens to be
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a muslim who are the what condemned in india. so you're, you're a woman, you're john, you're slim, you're anti movie. you're critical of movie. i mean that takes all the boxes, but this is what we have to based on a daily basis. so big gas is just one more big model of what the government has not done to lead or possibly was playing all the flight with us. it's not the 1st time that india has discovered by just being used to move on john lives 2 years ago. there was a dumpling expose the on how software is being used to monitor the activities of multiple journalists to be our enemies of the state. unfortunately, we should not be living like this, but this is how it has now come about. and that will be, is coming across as a 50 when big man a man will not be going to thing to this conference in 70 years. all of his regime in which he has been leaving the country not doing with the most devastating goal would waive,
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i think his detained for journalists could not be more clear. clear with the 5 rather i he'd, you know, just guess just give me just a little slip of a moment here because i want to bring in the voice of repression because i would, it's around the world may be thinking, well, what's the worst that can happen? your funds are being tapped, you're being monitored. this is ruth hash, telling the story. what happened when he was doing his journalists and it landed him in prison. taking up my in my reporting, i show state oppression against the citizens of this country. that is widely central i. p has put pressure on me to stop my reportage when i didn't listen to them. i was put in jail under the unlawful activities prevention act. they could not file a chart sheet against me. so 6 months later i was really i was talking about reprice, just finishing of his comment there. thank you. reprice,
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appreciate you. i know you wanted to pick up that, but i'm going to focus you in on what i you to audience is also asking, which is india is pretty low down on the press. freedom index. pretty low down, i think is 180 and and it is like a 142 or something has if says, what does india need to do to get a better, a higher press freedom in depth? how do conditions improve the author ahead? you know, whatever gun know they had said, i think i can't be with them. but also to remember, the toll know was this government is and this shows the sign of desperation to when they're coming off to this one of the 2 largest selling newspapers in india. you know, that then in pasco and site says bed, it has the readership of 66000000 readers. can you imagine the size of their leadership? so what i was trying to say is it is like in the newspaper, in the heartland newspaper, which consists of not in the world bank. and this is no small website. this is no
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nice news channel in english speaking the channels. so if the government doesn't even think that these large scale newspapers, the major newspapers are not even giving him and his back in government favorable coverage, which means the government is betty. but he just put it and no, but now you're saying that what we really can do, i think i would like to addict you a little back to what's this whole i do, you do is i do have been in india which now have been implemented the wire in my organization is one of the leading lead petitioners in the port and which says the government is actually, you know, making rules for journalists, which means you know, the government that i am reporting on, on their function. they are the ones we're making for me. so this is, this is hilarious. and this is tragic. and you know, it gets the emergency fall was to even be lead or pull down any news items. now, i did these, i have been contested. not just by this is something called the alternate media or just the nice english speaking new media. but by almost all of these news channels,
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which manufactured this whole image of the more the, the larger than life, you know, a leader who be been waiting for the last 7 decades. so i think what needs to be done is already being done. the journalist who, what client, the journalist, who were almost an extension of the, the more the public relation machine to be, even they have their life, that this is not good enough. they will have to protect their rights. i think this is time for journalists. respectable. who are rich language, which publication which medium the working to come together and see media freedom. and i want to squeeze in a ha, ha ha, i want to play this to you. effect is just give me a moment just so i can get in a hallway before the end of the show me how i'm, i'm looking at what maybe the action should be from the government. have a listen to this video comment and then briefly comment on the other side of it immediately. let's take a look. this is concerning the moment we can get going through right from the start
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to be seen, the federal government issue a large number. and the reason for the foreign land on paid, often targeting generally, and media active. and even if you move to kitty, and now you think the biggest project revolution, where in the heck indian i unity problem a long distance problem. but a hi fi, a company is being used to penetrate my government actors to intrude upon individuals in all our government offices that protect democracy in many others. and that's why we need to see action beyond the spirit. we need to actually responsibility from the federal government in india, as well as the to the back. i want to make sure that this never happens again. ne, how go ahead nay. ha, o i o p o you what is being said. you also want to add that this is not the
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government just creating the template to just to give you an example. the bare minimum reporting that is required is inviting criminal cases, particularly against independent joint. because also like to see the corporate will, it makes sense in mainstream, you know, as part of it as a goal setting, measure the euros have shut down the entire responsibility on independence. turn this into more data to report. and once the cases find against them, it's fine for them to go from bad to having said that, i also want to say that this is also apart from the prime minister, not holding a constant, a cabinet mr. b kissing was both close and coined and not just coined, but normally i was calling to do with john this we're doing their job. so for instance, let me give you an example of following just joined us in mid up or district of innovation and they are going to bring make this a sentence, go ahead,
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go ahead. so i just wanted to say that this is that this, this government is not holding is not interested in being in the thing that them up to see. and the reason why the best we don't in india is limited and falling down is because our democracy has been weakened by the gotten regimen by here, i guess i can tell from what you've been saying and what you've been sharing the even being on the show put you in some jeopardy, i appreciate your commitment to journalism and for appearing here on the stream for our audience. have a look here on my laptop. if you can follow the journalism of offer of ne hall and runner on twitter and, and their various publications as well. thanks for watching. thank you. you too for your comments and questions. always appreciate them. i will see you next time. take everybody, ah
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ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, finding harmony in pursuing his passions, my passions finding young and keeping cultural tradition, nurturing the musical islands as his community had been playing to dream music filled in monday morning, outside world and tending his families land. the most important thing that brought
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to my mind actually i'm doing this hector mcgovern, the music man, my son, bob, we own our, just the euro. he added to the fashion, the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up for the love of his homeland football rebels. delves into the realm of footballing legend, russia mac luthey flor to the syrian national liberation front. with his feet rashid mackenzie, and the f. l. n. team on al jazeera from the pavel as of correct. so the battle fields around most of our job is to get to the true and empower people through knowledge with energy and change to every part of our universe. or small to continue
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the change all around and shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah, ross, sarah london, these are the top stories on al jazeera, tennessee, as civil society groups have warned, the president k said not to extend the emergency measures that he imposed that just 24 hours ago. they called on the president to establish a road map out of the present crisis. laura burton man leave reports happy birth gave an avenue in the heart.


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